July 2011 Volume 2, Issue 3


July 2011 Volume 2, Issue 3

Promotional Products Can Increase Business

I f you want to maximize your company’s brand exposure

while minimizing your cost, invest in promotional

products. Items such as logo floor mats offer high utility

value over long-term use, add tangibility and longevity to

your branding, and promote an image that lasts. According

to the Advertising Specialty Institute, the cost per impression

for promotional products is .005 cents – much lower than

Primetime TV or radio. So, why sell promotional products?

It’s simple: they make a great addition to your product line,

provide great profit margins, and are easy to sell.

Make promotional products an essential element of your

successful marketing campaign. They are the most effective

medium for promoting repeat business, generating traffic, and

achieving long-term memorability and brand recognition from

a single exposure. In fact, according to a recent study, over

76% of users were able to recall the advertiser’s name on a

product they received in the past 12 months. In contrast, only

53.5% of users could recall the name of a single advertiser in

a newspaper or magazine they read in the past week.

Promotional products are also more effective resources for

developing positive attitudes, message credibility, purchase

intent, and referral value. While the average promotional

product is kept for 5-6 months, this number increases for

more useful and attractive products such as logo mats.

Logo floor mats are an example of an excellent branding

tool that provides invaluable functionality. Mats not only keep

dirt off floors and help prevent accidents; they also provide

a high visibility branding opportunity. Mats advertise your

company while economically providing a cleaner, safer, and

healthier work environment for your customers and employees.

One of Logo Mats, LLC’s most successful and unique

combinations of function and form is our SuperScrape

Impressions mat, which features digitally printed images

molded onto a Nitrile rubber base. Produced with our new

circular surface cleats, this mat offers superior slip resistance

and multidirectional scraping action, all while promoting your

brand in indoor or outdoor applications. As our top-selling

outdoor logo mat, the SuperScrape Impressions is highly

effective in preventing slip and fall accidents, and is certified

“high traction” by the National Floor Safety Institute.

Offering a lifespan of at least 3-5 years in high traffic areas,

the durability of Logo Mats, LLC’s products minimizes cost

per exposure, making them one of the most valuable forms of

advertising media. Bottom Line: promotional products will

add value to the services you provide your customer base.

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July 2011


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