July 2011 Volume 2, Issue 3


July 2011 Volume 2, Issue 3

Summer Is A Great Time To Increase Towel Sales

Towels leave a quality impression that can last a lifetime.

Everyone loves to receive a towel. Can you remember

the last time you actually discarded a towel? A recent survey

suggests that beach towels have an average life expectancy with

the recipient of well over ten years. If you want your client to

maximize their ROI, then convince them use a towel for their

next event. It will give them more impressions than any other

promotional gift.

Bigger is better: Leaving a quality impression that lasts is the

hallmark statement at Towel Specialties and it should be for you

as well. A beach towel will do just that in that it can provide

a client logo beginning at 26”x48”; this is a WOW factor. In

addition, towels do not have to be measured for the recipients;

“one size does fit all!”

16 Universal-UniLink Purchasing Association

Functionality of a

towel: Beach towels are

wonderful for drying off

and freshening. Golf towels

are used multiple times over

one day. Spa towels and

robes are used to soften

and soothe the mind as they

provide comfort. The most

universal gift anyone can

receive is a towel.

New Selling Tools & Opportunities

Prime Line’s NEW Summer additions add dollars and

opportunities to your selling tools. Some of the new

products include: Curvy Flexi-Bottle and Square Flexi-Bottle,

which are ultra-lightweight and made of BPA-free plastic. They

collapse for easy storage and are dishwasher and freezer safe.

Also, you can give your hard-working cell phone a break with

the Mobile Phone Lounger, available in four colors with four

imprint locations. Prime Line’s Bottle/Gift Non-Woven Tote is

the perfect size to hold bottles of wine or as a party favor bag.

Prime Line has introduced new imprinting

methods as well. These can create added sales and

maximize your customer’s messages. The latest in

artistic expression is VibraTec+, which is a stunning

four-color process imprinting on drinkware. Your

creative imagery can come to life. Imprint photoquality

images and graphics with dramatic effects;

your next drinkware promotion can look like fine art.

Do you have a logo that demands attention or a brand that

needs pizazz? Consider foil stamping. Prime Line offers foil

stamping on leather portfolios and other fine leather products

in the Leeman NY collection, as well as on Sticky Books. A

silver foil stamp on the silver Sticky Book is stunning and

sophisticated. The possibilities are endless. The foil stamps

Going green with towels: In addition

to comfort, towels can actually help

the environment. Give them a

product that addresses concerns about

“going green”. There are bamboo

towels and robes that are made from

bamboo fiber. The bamboo plant is

naturally antibacterial, so it is grown

without pesticides. It can be spun

into yarn without harsh chemical

treatments. Softer and more

absorbent than cotton, cashmere or

silk, bamboo towels are completely biodegradable.

Most buyers do not understand that a towel has become a

top selling category in the promotional industry. The items

used to be known for stadium venues, spring break promotions

and golf tournaments, but they have become fashionable

promotional items. Towels are now chosen for design, style

and comfort; they also receive multiple uses. You are missing

out if you are not selling towels in your next client presentation.

Please contact the factory direct today at 1-800-938-6935 for

samples and pricing.

Shawn Kanak, Towel Specialties



are available in nine different colors and a sparkle foil to create

simply dazzling effects!

When the standard imprint area of a tote

bag is not enough, offer imprinting on the

handles, gussets, or both! For example,

the Metro Enviro-Shopper has a large 10”

gusset available for imprinting as well as 20”

long handles. Multiple imprint locations are

guaranteed to increase your exposure. Samples

are available for Universal-UniLink members

simply by emailing samples@primeline.com.

Prime Line offers Same Day Shipping, and

Prime Express. Ship west of the Mississippi using Prime’s

FedEx account number and we will ship 3-day service and

charge you for ground.

Huge inventories, premier service and quality, 100% safety

compliance, and out-of-the-box ideas are just some of Prime

Line’s commitments to help you grow your business.

Steve Dolberg, Prime Line

1-203-331-9100 ext. 3343



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