July 2011 Volume 2, Issue 3


July 2011 Volume 2, Issue 3

De t e r m I n I n g yo u r Cu s t o m e r s’ HI-vIs ne e D s

Many companies rely on certified high-visibility workwear

to ensure the comfort and safety of their employees

while on the job. Statistics show that wearing reflective

material increases the wearer’s visibility up to 500 ft, which is

an important consideration when choosing workwear for such

occupations like law enforcement and construction. Wearing

hi-visibility material increases the chances that employees will

be protected in all hours of the day and in a variety of harsh

weather conditions.

In promoting workwear to your

customers, it is helpful to remind them

of the important safety regulations and

advantages to wearing hi-vis items. Studies

have shown that in many instances

safety vests are often the go-to selection;

however, they are not always the best choice for specific job

functions and do not hold up well in all seasons. According

to the National Safety Council, research shows that workers

have a tendency not to wear hi-visibility vests issued from

their employer due to the lack of comfort, flexibility and style.

It is important to consider functionality, comfort, durability,

and image when selecting certain garments for specific

job functions based on different work environments. This

will increase the likelihood that employees will wear their

hi-visibility items, in turn increasing both their safety and


The ANTIBAC Pen Offers

Many New Possibilities

For The Promotional

Products Industry

Camsing Global is proud to introduce the

new ANTIBAC Pen, an extraordinary

and unique product from the recently acquired

Senator Writing Instruments line.

After two years of development, Senator is

now producing a retractable ball pen made of

antibacterial plastic. An antibacterial agent is

molded directly into the plastic and is

even used in the imprint ink, so there is

nowhere on the surface of the pen where

bacteria can live. This also means it is

effective for the lifetime of the pen. You

can keep putting ink refills in it, and it will

continue to kill bacteria, fungi and viruses.

20 Universal-UniLink Purchasing Association

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when determining which

garment works best for your client:

• Does it meet safety regulations? Check to see if the item

complies with the ANSI 107-2011 standards. This means the

jacket meets all the visibility standards required by law.

• What materials are used to make the jacket? You will want

a jacket that will provide warmth, comfort and safety.

• Does the item come with extra features? Some safety

jackets have extra pockets, detachable sleeves, and are reversible.

Once you have identified the needs of your customer and

chosen the item, then suggest purchasing the garments in a

larger size. This will accommodate for sweatshirts and layered

pieces underneath. A hi-vis sweatshirt is also a great alternative

to the heavier jackets during the fall and spring months. These

sweatshirts can also be used as layered pieces under jackets for

an easy adjustment to temperature. No matter what the need,

you can trust that Charles River Apparel is your one stop shop

for quality hi-vis jackets and sweatshirts. Meeting all safety

regulations of the ANSI standards, our hi-vis sweatshirts,

windbreakers, and jackets are all equipped to keep your

customers safe and comfortable.

Charles River Apparel




Introducing The ANTIBAC Pen

This antibacterial agent

has been proven effective

against MRSA and C. Diff,

which are two of the most

difficult to kill bacteria strains.

It also has been tested to

kill 99.9% of bacteria within


No other pen is using this

non-toxic, safe antibacterial

agent, so do not be fooled

by imposters. Senator is the

exclusive supplier of the

ANTIBAC Pen. Visit www.antibacpen.com for more facts

about this extraordinary pen.

Alicia Bell, Camsing Global

1-800-523-0825 x 5575



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