July 2011 Volume 2, Issue 3


July 2011 Volume 2, Issue 3

The Universal-UniLink Advantage

July 2011 Volume 2, Issue 3

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Pearl Laundry & Cleaners:

A Story of Family History

& Dedication to Business

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Universal-UniLink Purchasing Association

2 Universal-UniLink Purchasing Association

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Promotional Products Can Increase Business................ 13

Gaining A Competitive Edge In The Industry............... 15

Summer Is A Great Time To Increase Towel Sales........ 16

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Trend Alert: Sportswear & Technology Team Up........ 19

Determining Your Customers’ Hi-Vis Needs................. 20

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“Cord-inate” Your Fleece Garments................................ 22

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Welcome New Members:

American Pad-Ex of N.Y. (Brooklyn, NY)

B.E.T.H. Partners (Virginia)

School Time (Lafayette, LA)

Imperial Textile/Wholesale (Buffalo, NY)

Ionia Mat Rental (Ionia, MI)

Mars Janitorial (Canada)

Universal-UniLink . . . More Important Than Ever

Now more than ever, Universal-UniLink’s portfolio of

business tools and solutions are critical. Our total focus

is to provide lower product costs and innovative business

solutions to help your firm gain competitive advantages.

Through Universal-UniLink, you have access to products

outside your core business. National competitors such as

Cintas, are selling your customers on the savings of “single

sourcing”. Let your key customers know that you can help

them consolidate vendors.

You not only have access to Jan/San, Cleanroom Supplies,

Promotional Products, etc, but also you have experts who

can help fashion a program for selling the advantage of

“single sourcing”. Also, you have the superior service of a

community-based, locally-owned company.

Cost of Goods Savings: Our core focus is driving down

product cost by networking independently owned businesses

into “One” purchasing entity. By working together as one

company, your leverage with key suppliers is increased by

as much as 30%. Savings in product costs alone more than

cover the small annual fee. Time freed by having negotiated

contracts effortlessly appear on your desk; priceless!

Time & Resource Savings: Designed to free your valuable

time, our website and weekly e-mail are your convenient

sources for price updates, products, and industry trends that

impact your business.

Networking: Whether you’re buying delivery vehicles or

seeking a SBA loan, you can bet someone’s recently done

that and can offer a wealth of advice to save you time and

dollars. Members repeatedly report this benefit alone is

worth the annual membership fee.

Having Universal-UniLink working for you is always good

business, but it’s even more valuable in today’s uncertain

economy. By working together as “One Company,” you gain

competitive advantages simply unavailable to the individual


We Are Here to Help Your Business!





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July 2011


4 Universal-UniLink Purchasing Association

Building Business with Product Promotions

Several best practices to consider

prior to your next contest.

These concepts can apply to

many products.

Legend has it that the first sales contest took place the day

after the grand opening of the first industrial laundry.

OK, that may

be a stretch,

but I think we

can agree on a

few things.

First, contests

have been

around for

a long time.

Second, there

are many

ways to run

them. Finally,

the degree of

success you

experience can

vary greatly.

Mountville Mills has been helping customers with their mat

promotions for many years. The purpose of this article is to

provide you with several best practices to consider prior to

your next contest. It is your choice to decide which ones to

enact. As an added bonus, these concepts will work whether

you are selling mats, jackets, soap, paper, etc.

It All Starts At The Top: The most successful promotions

are the ones fully and totally supported by top management.

The companies who are successful with their annual

promotions talk them up year round. It is deeply imbedded

in their corporate culture. If the first time you talk about

a September promotion is August, do not be disappointed

if the results are poor. Consider posting your promotions

calendar every year and making it an agenda item on your

weekly staff meeting.

Consider Adding A New Product: There is nothing like the

freshness of a new product to get your team excited. Last

year several customers did well by introducing a product like

an anti-fatigue mat. Is this too radical for your taste? What

about making a renewed push with logo mats? Mountville

recently introduced a line of wildlife mats that may be just the

thing to get your team excited.

Plan In Advance: The time

to plan for your fall promotion

is a minimum of 6 months

in advance. Get your vendor

involved. They will help you

kick off the contest.

Consider doing an, “All hands

on Deck” day. During this day

you will have every member of

your management team proudly

put on your company uniform

and run on a route for a day.

This includes professional

salespeople, route managers,

sales managers, service

managers, GM’s and owners.

What a powerful team and revenue building strategy. Next,

before going out to talk with the first account, have a road

map. Know who does and who does not carry the product you are

promoting. Have the list in your hands before the first call is


Have Enough Samples: Nothing will kill the momentum of a

contest as quickly as running out of product. You want your

team laying sample mats. All the good work you do can be

quickly undone if the product is not available. Promotions

need to be nothing but positive energy. Let’s eliminate all

potential for any negative.

Joe Rubbelke, Mountville Mills




2011 Business Development


“This was absolutely the best such

event I’ve ever attended.”

-Patrick Whitesides,

Chester Rental Uniforms

July 2011


You’ve probably seen these popping

up everywhere from bus shelter

advertising to the bottom of the new

coffee maker you just bought. QR is

short for Quick Response - they quickly

allow you to transfer data to your

smart phone for immediate viewing.

QR Codes ® can provide information

about your business, contact information, drive traffic to a

specific link, online videos, promotional information, coupons,

nutritional or product information and more.

There is no need to provide all the details in your ad, poster,

or tradeshow display…a simple scan (using your cell phone’s

camera) captures the code and then allows you to view the

information on your phone. Anyone with a smartphone can

scan a QR Code ® and anyone with a computer can generate a

QR Code ® . This is an effective way to add interactivity to any

print media and the possibilities are endless for the promotional

products industry.

Put them to almost any flat promotional product. Increase

brand awareness, engage your customers and drive up profits.

Your ad is no longer static and dated, but interactive and

can always be current. You can even track the QR Codes ®

with scanning and web analytics to stay on top of your latest

promotion and learn more about your target audience.


6 Universal-UniLink Purchasing Association

Cu r i o u s Ab o u t Qr Co d e s ®?


Pocket First Aid Kit

Includes 4 pieces: 2 bandages, first aid cream

packet, first aid guide

Product Size: 1-3/4"w x 2-7/8"h x 1/4"d

Decoration Method/Area: Digital 4-Color

Process: Outside Front Cover and Outside Back

Cover 1-1/2"w x 2"h each location;

max. 4 colors

Set-Up Charge: $50(g)

Price Includes:

1 to 4-color

process imprint,

2 locations

Color: White

40011 Below Minimum!

BUY 250 500 1250 2500

$1.27 1.11 0.94 0.81

FREE 250 500 1000 2500

There are many QR Code ® generators available online.

Choose your application and follow the directions to create

your own QR Code ® . For the best results, the code should be a

minimum size of 1.25” square. The QR Code ® should be black

with a white border.

A few promotional ideas using QR Codes ® :

• Imprint a QR Code ® on product samples that includes

pricing, special offers and product information

• For fundraisers and non-profits – put QR Codes ® on

giveaways at events so participants can track fundraising efforts

and be proud of their contribution

• Promote a new movie with tee shirts imprinted with a QR

Code ® that links to an online trailer

• Advertise a new restaurant by passing out cards at events

that include a QR Code ® with a link to the menu.

Norwood Promotional Products has many great products

and tools available to help you incorporate promotional

products in your service offerings. Universal-UniLink members

can use these ideas to enhance their own self-promotions, or

help their customers’ develop marketing plans.


SPF-23 Lip Balm

Product Size: 2-5/8"w x 9/16" dia.

Decoration Method/Area:

Standard: Screen Print:

Front 1-1/2"w x 1/2"h; max. 1 color

Optional: Digital 4-Color Process:

Label 1-5/8"w x 1-1/4"h; max. 4 colors

Set-Up Charge: $50(g)

Price Includes:

1 to 4-color process


40138 Below Minimum!

BUY 125 250 500 1250

$1.35 1.20 1.09 1.04

FREE 125 250 500 1000

Norwood Promotional Products



Effective Date: July 1, 2011

Expiration Date: August 31, 2011

Buy One... GET ONE FREE!

BOGO orders cannot be combined, and are available on catalog quantities only.

Orders must be for the same product, item # and imprint.

and SAVINGS like you’ve NEVER seen!


SPF-30 Sunblock Lotion

Pocket Pack

Product Size:

1-3/4"w x 2-7/8"h x 1/4"d

Decoration Method/Area:

Digital 4-Color Process:

Outside Front Cover

and Outside Back Cover

1-1/2"w x 2"h each location;

max. 4 colors

Set-Up Charge: $50(g)

Price Includes:

1 to 4-color process

imprint, 2 locations

Color: White

40130 Below Minimum!

BUY 250 500 1000 1250

$1.43 1.22 1.04 0.93

FREE 250 500 1000 2500



Example: Pay for 250, get 500 delivered! Example: Pay for 125, get 250 delivered! Example: Pay for 250, get 500 delivered!




Expires 08-31-11

Must be referenced to receive special pricing.


The Kannegiesser PowerDry Series has been designed

and engineered to provide the most energy efficient and

cost effective method of conditioning and drying textiles

today. Advanced burner design, effective airflow, energy

recirculation, and a large volume dryer cylinder are all key

components. The utilization of recovered, heated air during

the drying cycle significantly lowers the drying time and

energy consumed.

The PowerDry incorporates a variable speed drive, allowing

the rotational speed to be automatically adapted during the

drying cycle. Critical to these speed changes is that as the

goods get dryer, the density of the load changes and the

proper “fall” of the goods within the cylinder and air-flow

path must be adjusted.

The dryer basket on the PowerDry has easily removable

cylinder panels, simplifying cleaning and assuring the

consistent high performance. Typical time to change a panel

is less than 15 minutes.

The PowerDry gas burner system utilizes an atmospheric

burner, designed and located to encompass the entire width

of the dryer basket, insuring even heat distribution across the

complete load. No time for pre-purging is required.

The automatic energy recirculation system in the

PowerDry effectively reuses any excess energy that would

otherwise escape into the exhaust. Customers have recorded

consumptions below 1600 BTU per pound of water removed.

Dr ye r In n o v a t I o n s

Each PowerDry is designed with an internal lint screen,

assuring effective removal of airborne particles prior to

exiting the dryer itself. This screen is self-cleaning through

air nozzles, blowing the lint off the screen after completion

of the drying cycle. The removed lint falls into either into

an integrated collection bag or into the transfer piping to a

central lint collection station. A standard fire-suppression

sprinkler system includes water spray nozzles, a separate

electrical supply and functions independently of the normal

dryer control system.

Mike Dreher, Kannegiesser USA

972-602-8766, ext. 3154



PowerDry Heat Distribution

with our atmospheric burner

Typical Heat Distribution

with power burner

July 2011


Gill Korb can still remember the horse and buggy days

when he was a young boy helping his father in the

laundry business. Pearl Laundry & Cleaners has been owned

and operated by family since it was started by Gill’s grandfather,

Daniel Korb, in 1896. The business first began in Evansville,

Indiana as The Rust and Korb Laundry Company; now it is in

the fifth generation of the family. Gill Korb still works at the

plant each day; he represents the third generation of family.

Bernie Michel (Mr. Korb’s son-in-law) and Andrew Michel (Mr.

Korb’s grandson) represent the fourth and fifth generations.

8 Universal-UniLink Purchasing Association

Pe a r l la u n D r y & Cl e a n e r s

Pearl Laundry & Cleaners has

embraced many changes through

the years, “from horse and buggy

to modern delivery trucks,

steam power to electricity, hand

statements to computer billing,

cash to credit cards.”

A Story of Family History & Dedication to Business

There are many changes that have occurred in the business

through the years, from operating practices to machinery. Mr.

Korb recalls some of the significant differences. According

to Mr. Korb, all the employees were paid in gold when the

business began in 1896. He can “remember his grandfather

going to the bank with a suitcase and returning with gold to pay

the employees.”

He also recalls using a horse and buggy to deliver laundry;

this delivery method was very slow, so deliveries were limited to

the Downtown area. In the 1930’s Mr. Korb’s father purchased

a Model-T Truck, and business increased because they were

able to expand their delivery area. In the 1940’s many supplies

were rationed from the war. He explained that tires for delivery

trucks were one of the most difficult items to purchase. Mr.

Korb states, “I had a soap salesman that lived in Chicago, who

would bring used tires for us to use on our delivery trucks.”

Even though changes have occurred during each decade,

Pearl Laundry still utilizes some of the same equipment today.

They still operate their utility presses from 1945. Many of the

modern technological advances have increased the speed and

capacity of the business; the introduction of flatwork ironers,

automated machines, and washer extractors has significantly

allowed the business to grow.

Pearl Laundry & Cleaners has

remained competitive in the market

throughout the years because they

provide such diverse offerings.

Currently, they offer dry cleaning,

commercial laundry, residential

laundry, embroidery, and screen

printing services. This wide variety

of services has enabled them to

remain successful throughout the

years. Mr. Michel explained that

it is difficult to predict how the

economy will affect each segment

of the business. He states, “It is rare to have all areas of the

business low at the same time, so you can transfer help to other

areas of the business.” This diversification is demonstrated by

Pearl Laundry’s uniform rental business that was operated from

1983-1993. Instead of discarding this segment of the business,

they used their knowledge to open an embroidery service. This

allowed them to expand their business to a wider customer base

and eventually open a screen printing business.

Mr. Korb realizes that his forefathers had to work hard to

keep the business thriving, which has led to the company’s great

work ethic today. Mr. Michel and Mr.

Korb explain they “can always count

on family and you can always trust

them.” Their family has remained

successful because they have the

knowledge of every aspect in the

business and they have a strong work

ethic. Mr. Michel states, “You have to

do anything and everything to survive

in business. If someone is absent, then

you have to be able to fill in for them

that day.”

The first three locations of Pearl

Laundry & Cleaners are shown.

In 1912 the business moved to

the current location in Evansville,


Mr. Michel has many considerations in the daily operations

of his business, but the largest factor he must consider

is payroll costs. Pearl Laundry & Cleaners employees 64

people; the majority are part-time. Each employee is treated

with respect. According to Mr. Michel, “We do not rule the

roost. We work with our employees to show them how to do

everything.” Everyone helps each other to make certain the job

is done correctly, so each day is different for everyone.

The washplant and ironers

from the 1960’s are pictured.

There have been many changes

to Pearl Laundry & Cleaners

through the years, but the

ironers are still in the same

location today.

Mr. Korb states, “We all give and take, just like a big family.”

This positive, friendly atmosphere has enabled Pearl Laundry &

Cleaners to employ great people and remain successful.

After receiving a recommendation from a salesman, Pearl

Laundry & Cleaners joined Universal-UniLink Purchasing

Association about three years ago. Mr. Michel explains, “The

discounts I received from Gurtler were enough justification

to join.” Since joining the group, Mr. Michel has discovered

that he uses many of the other Preferred Suppliers as well.

Recently, Mr. Michel signed into the Universal-UniLink website

(www.universal-unilink.com) to review the updated list of

Preferred Suppliers and found many that he did not realize

were available. He has already contacted other Suppliers, so he

can start receiving additional discounts. He realizes the “right

companies and suppliers” are worth joining Universal-UniLink

Purchasing Association each year.

The main plant for

Pearl Laundry &

Cleaners moved into

their current building

in 1912; the building,

which spans an entire

block, is listed on the

National Register of

Historic Places. Pearl

Laundry has grown

and now operates

six stores; they also

offer delivery services to the entire city, as well as many of

the outlying areas. Pearl Laundry & Cleaners and the Korb

family have embraced many changes through the years.

Mr. Michel describes, “From horse and buggy to modern

delivery trucks, steam power to electricity, hand statements to

computer billing, cash to credit cards.” Throughout all the

many changes, Pearl

Cleaners has remained

a successful, hardworking



A Pearl Laundry & Cleaners step van

from the 1960’s.

Gill Korb, his father, and David Korb are pictured with

the ironers in the 1960’s.

Do you have an interesting story?

Let us know!

We would like to feature your business!

For details, email:


July 2011


A Po t e n t i A l ne w MA r k e t Fo r

FlA M e -resistAnt (Fr) Cl o t h i n g

One of the new emerging markets for Flame-Resistant

(FR) clothing is the oil and gas well drilling, servicing

and production industry. Unlike the oil refineries and chemical

plants, many of these companies have not historically been

in FR clothing. Their move into

FR was prompted by an OSHA

memorandum on March 19, 2010.

The memorandum was issued to

clarify their policy for issuing citations

to oil and gas well drilling industry,

under the general industry standard

for personal protective equipment

(PPE) 29 CFR 1910.132. They

referenced a history of burn-related

injuries and fatalities due to flash

fires in these operations, and thus

concluded that their employers

are required to provide and ensure

the use of FR clothing. OSHA

stated that “NFPA 2112 and 2113 applies to general industry

workplaces and to drilling, well servicing, and productionrelated

operations”. NFPA 2113 is the “Standard on selection,

care, use, and maintenance of flame-resistant garments for

protection of industrial personnel against flash fire”. This

standard specifies the minimum selection criteria for FR

garments shall be in compliance with NFPA 2112, which is

the “Standard on flame-resistant garments for protection of

industrial personnel against flash fire”. NFPA 2112 provides

the minimum performance requirements for FR garments,

which includes minimum FR fabric performance, labeling

requirements, garment certification requirements, garment

manufacturer quality assurance programs, plus a number of

other requirements. You should note that not all FR garments

in the marketplace have been certified to NFPA 2112.

As of 2011 the OSHA compliance officers were given

citation guidelines that included citing 1910.132(a) for the

failure to provide and ensure the use of Flame-Resistant

Clothing (FRC) in this industry when their operations have a

potential for flash fire hazards. Those operations include:

• Drilling – During drilling operations in gas and

hydrocarbon producing zones.

• Servicing – During servicing operations on wells involving

the accessing and extracting of oil and gas.

• Production – During production operations where well

10 Universal-UniLink Purchasing Association

Oil & Gas Well Drilling

fluids are brought to the surface, separated, stored, and

prepared for delivery.

OSHA feels that although each of these operations typically

has engineering controls to reduce accidental releases, these

controls do not entirely eliminate the possibility of a flash fire.

To better understand why not all FR garments are created

equal and the FR standards and requirements that apply, visit

www.knowyourfr.com. Videos can help you learn the basics for

evaluating FR garments and fabrics plus the requirements and

performance tests for standards like NFPA 2112. There are

video chapters introducing the basic hazards and standards, FR

performance testing and one specifically related to flash fires

and flash fire performance testing.

Industrial Laundries Potential Role:

As this new set of FR customers looks to procure FR

garments, industrial laundries could be an important outlet to

service this market. Industrial laundries have been a player in

the oil and gas refinery market and could also play a role in this

sister market. Many of the big drilling contractors are already

in FR programs, but many midsize and smaller contractors

are scrambling to come into OSHA compliance. A number

of these drilling contractors are members of the International

Association of Drilling Contractors, whose website:

www.iadc.org includes a full listing of their members. The

bottom line is starting in 2011 OSHA will be looking for oil

and gas drilling, servicing and production-related operations to

have their employees in FR clothing.

Mark Saner, Workrite Uniform Co.

1-800-521-1888 ext. 236



After the 2011 Business

Development Conference,

100% of surveyed attendees

rated the conference as

“Valuable” or

“Very Valuable”.

For the greatest profit from flame-resistant

garments, just do the math with Workrite ® .

With our sewn-in quality and use of only proven FR

fabrics, our apparel ensures greater wear life for

your accounts and extended garment rentals for

you. Bartacked stress points, triple feld-lock pants

seams, pockets with extra fabric layers and doubleneedle

lock stitching, stringent inspections – these

are but a few of our laundry-friendly techniques

that result in year-after-year durability.

FR profits 101

Long lasting – for industrial laundries, that’s the

name of the game. You’ll also be putting your

customers into some of the sharpest-looking FR

apparel made by the known industry leader.

For over 30 years, we’ve set the benchmark for

superior garment construction and performance.

Backed by knowledgeable and responsive sales and

customer service teams.

So contact Workrite today, and cash in on

FR leadership.



July 2011


12 Universal-UniLink Purchasing Association

Promotional Products Can Increase Business

I f you want to maximize your company’s brand exposure

while minimizing your cost, invest in promotional

products. Items such as logo floor mats offer high utility

value over long-term use, add tangibility and longevity to

your branding, and promote an image that lasts. According

to the Advertising Specialty Institute, the cost per impression

for promotional products is .005 cents – much lower than

Primetime TV or radio. So, why sell promotional products?

It’s simple: they make a great addition to your product line,

provide great profit margins, and are easy to sell.

Make promotional products an essential element of your

successful marketing campaign. They are the most effective

medium for promoting repeat business, generating traffic, and

achieving long-term memorability and brand recognition from

a single exposure. In fact, according to a recent study, over

76% of users were able to recall the advertiser’s name on a

product they received in the past 12 months. In contrast, only

53.5% of users could recall the name of a single advertiser in

a newspaper or magazine they read in the past week.

Promotional products are also more effective resources for

developing positive attitudes, message credibility, purchase

intent, and referral value. While the average promotional

product is kept for 5-6 months, this number increases for

more useful and attractive products such as logo mats.

Logo floor mats are an example of an excellent branding

tool that provides invaluable functionality. Mats not only keep

dirt off floors and help prevent accidents; they also provide

a high visibility branding opportunity. Mats advertise your

company while economically providing a cleaner, safer, and

healthier work environment for your customers and employees.

One of Logo Mats, LLC’s most successful and unique

combinations of function and form is our SuperScrape

Impressions mat, which features digitally printed images

molded onto a Nitrile rubber base. Produced with our new

circular surface cleats, this mat offers superior slip resistance

and multidirectional scraping action, all while promoting your

brand in indoor or outdoor applications. As our top-selling

outdoor logo mat, the SuperScrape Impressions is highly

effective in preventing slip and fall accidents, and is certified

“high traction” by the National Floor Safety Institute.

Offering a lifespan of at least 3-5 years in high traffic areas,

the durability of Logo Mats, LLC’s products minimizes cost

per exposure, making them one of the most valuable forms of

advertising media. Bottom Line: promotional products will

add value to the services you provide your customer base.

Logo Mats, LLC




July 2011


10% OFF

14 Universal-UniLink Purchasing Association

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GA i n i n G A Co m p e t i t i v e ed G e

Your Knowledge and

Understanding of the Industry

Can Help to Maintain

Customers and Gain an

Edge On Competition

Providing your customer with an outstanding product, at a

great price and with exceptional customer service is not

as simple as it may seem. Behind the scenes, you are relying

on finding a supplier that can provide you with all the same

things your customer depends on from you. Wolfmark prides

itself in maintaining outstanding customer service while adding

new and innovative uniform apparel and promotional product

items. Wolfmark does not succeed unless our clients succeed.

We understand the importance of customer satisfaction and

delivering a quality product, which is sure to please even the

most difficult of client needs and timelines. Maintaining an

open line of communication with your client is essential for

both the supplier and distributor.

With the blurring of

traditional sales channels, it

is more important than ever

to maintain relationships

with your current customers.

Many uniform distributors

have become one-stop

shops for all their customers

internal promotional

requirements that are not

apparel related. They provide many items, from mugs and

pens to umbrellas or specialty food. If your customer holds

an annual golf outing, there are numerous products they will

be looking for. If you already have an established relationship

and you cannot provide the items your customer needs, then

they will look elsewhere. This would give another company

the opportunity to come in and offer similar products to your

customer; suddenly, you may have a new competitor to worry

about. It is important to understand the wide-variety of

products that you can offer your customers. This will allow you

to meet all of their needs, so they will not have to look to other


Wolfmark is available to help you provide many exclusive

items to your customers. Many of our products are specialty

items that we can sell blank or with an imprint. The Art

department can take your client’s idea and create a complete

uniform apparel program. Wolfmark offers complimentary

design services and virtual proofs; this allows you to

in th e in d u s t r y

concentrate on what

you do best, which is

selling products that

your clients will love.

This tremendous

knowledge of the

industry can help

you gain an edge on

competitors. Wolfmark

has many items that are

unique to the industry

available in inventory.

Some of these items

include: eco-fleece

beanies, scarves,

blankets, and bamboo throws. Also, our products include

over 70 novelty neckwear items that are great for food service

and hospitality venues. Wolfmark is your trusted vendor for

delivering excellence.

Bruce Everakes, Wolfmark




Think Wolfmark This Spring


July 2011


Summer Is A Great Time To Increase Towel Sales

Towels leave a quality impression that can last a lifetime.

Everyone loves to receive a towel. Can you remember

the last time you actually discarded a towel? A recent survey

suggests that beach towels have an average life expectancy with

the recipient of well over ten years. If you want your client to

maximize their ROI, then convince them use a towel for their

next event. It will give them more impressions than any other

promotional gift.

Bigger is better: Leaving a quality impression that lasts is the

hallmark statement at Towel Specialties and it should be for you

as well. A beach towel will do just that in that it can provide

a client logo beginning at 26”x48”; this is a WOW factor. In

addition, towels do not have to be measured for the recipients;

“one size does fit all!”

16 Universal-UniLink Purchasing Association

Functionality of a

towel: Beach towels are

wonderful for drying off

and freshening. Golf towels

are used multiple times over

one day. Spa towels and

robes are used to soften

and soothe the mind as they

provide comfort. The most

universal gift anyone can

receive is a towel.

New Selling Tools & Opportunities

Prime Line’s NEW Summer additions add dollars and

opportunities to your selling tools. Some of the new

products include: Curvy Flexi-Bottle and Square Flexi-Bottle,

which are ultra-lightweight and made of BPA-free plastic. They

collapse for easy storage and are dishwasher and freezer safe.

Also, you can give your hard-working cell phone a break with

the Mobile Phone Lounger, available in four colors with four

imprint locations. Prime Line’s Bottle/Gift Non-Woven Tote is

the perfect size to hold bottles of wine or as a party favor bag.

Prime Line has introduced new imprinting

methods as well. These can create added sales and

maximize your customer’s messages. The latest in

artistic expression is VibraTec+, which is a stunning

four-color process imprinting on drinkware. Your

creative imagery can come to life. Imprint photoquality

images and graphics with dramatic effects;

your next drinkware promotion can look like fine art.

Do you have a logo that demands attention or a brand that

needs pizazz? Consider foil stamping. Prime Line offers foil

stamping on leather portfolios and other fine leather products

in the Leeman NY collection, as well as on Sticky Books. A

silver foil stamp on the silver Sticky Book is stunning and

sophisticated. The possibilities are endless. The foil stamps

Going green with towels: In addition

to comfort, towels can actually help

the environment. Give them a

product that addresses concerns about

“going green”. There are bamboo

towels and robes that are made from

bamboo fiber. The bamboo plant is

naturally antibacterial, so it is grown

without pesticides. It can be spun

into yarn without harsh chemical

treatments. Softer and more

absorbent than cotton, cashmere or

silk, bamboo towels are completely biodegradable.

Most buyers do not understand that a towel has become a

top selling category in the promotional industry. The items

used to be known for stadium venues, spring break promotions

and golf tournaments, but they have become fashionable

promotional items. Towels are now chosen for design, style

and comfort; they also receive multiple uses. You are missing

out if you are not selling towels in your next client presentation.

Please contact the factory direct today at 1-800-938-6935 for

samples and pricing.

Shawn Kanak, Towel Specialties



are available in nine different colors and a sparkle foil to create

simply dazzling effects!

When the standard imprint area of a tote

bag is not enough, offer imprinting on the

handles, gussets, or both! For example,

the Metro Enviro-Shopper has a large 10”

gusset available for imprinting as well as 20”

long handles. Multiple imprint locations are

guaranteed to increase your exposure. Samples

are available for Universal-UniLink members

simply by emailing samples@primeline.com.

Prime Line offers Same Day Shipping, and

Prime Express. Ship west of the Mississippi using Prime’s

FedEx account number and we will ship 3-day service and

charge you for ground.

Huge inventories, premier service and quality, 100% safety

compliance, and out-of-the-box ideas are just some of Prime

Line’s commitments to help you grow your business.

Steve Dolberg, Prime Line

1-203-331-9100 ext. 3343





Introducing Dickies Delivered.


• Core product collection

• Improved service delivery

• Customer-focused

• Industry-leading product quality and innovation

• The power of the Dickies brand

Workwear. Delivered.


July 2011



18 Universal-UniLink Purchasing Association

Golden Star Inc.

4770 N. Belleview Ave., Ste. 209

Kansas City, MO 64116


816.842.0233 | 800.821.2792

Trend Alert: Sportswear and Technology Team Up

Historically, employees have not always had a positive

association with the idea of a “uniform”. Recent trends

in uniform design have elevated the standard “uniform” to

“image apparel”. Today’s uniform plays an important role in

the identification of and comfort for the wearer, as well as

functioning as an integral part of the company’s brand.

This shift in perception is driven by the introduction of

sportswear-stylings and high-tech fabrics into traditional

uniform pieces, including those used in the healthcare setting.

You will continue to see retail-inspired designs due to their

popularity in the consumer marketplace. This includes colorblocking,

inset side mesh panels and raglan sleeve accents. Not

only are these designs comfortable, but employees like to wear

them because they mimic what is offered at department or

sporting goods stores. The challenge, which Superior Uniform

Group has tackled, is to be fresh and maintain longevity at

the same time. “We are doing color-blocking with two and

three different areas of bold different hues, contrast stitching,

brighter colors - more creativity with fewer price points,” said

Lisa Stewart, V. P. of Design at Superior Uniform Group.

Paired with this athletic design esthetic is the further

penetration of high-tech fabrics as a standard uniform feature.

“Things like wicking, stain release, Teflon coating - these are

all processes that used to be new; now, they are expected in a

performance garment,” said Stewart.

“We’ve expanded on this trend and are taking advantage

of additional fabric technologies, originally developed by

manufacturers such as Nike ® , and including sun protection,

anti-bacterial coverage and more, as part of the garment.”

Part of maximizing this trend of high-tech fabrics is

education. For example, many people are not aware that while

all fabrics contain some protection from the sun, the exposure

level may still be high. A lightweight cotton garment has an

approximate UPF of 5, while a similar garment with enhanced

sun protection, has a UPF of 50. This means the wearer’s sun

exposure to harmful UV radiation is cut from 20% to about

2%; this is a significant difference, and comfort is not sacrificed.

Many high-tech fabrics, such as moisture wicking mesh, have

been designed to feel soft to the touch but also withstand the

rigors of the industrial laundry process. This means the active

workforce, such as those in the healthcare field, can enjoy the

added range of movement and moisture control these fabrics

offer, but the garment can still be economical and efficient to


Scott Delin, Superior Uniform Group/

Fashion Seal Healthcare




View Our Catalogs here:


Offering cutting edge fabrics

• Moisture management

• Increased comfort

• Wider range of motion

• On trend colors

• Industrial laundry friendly

Contact Info:




July 2011


De t e r m I n I n g yo u r Cu s t o m e r s’ HI-vIs ne e D s

Many companies rely on certified high-visibility workwear

to ensure the comfort and safety of their employees

while on the job. Statistics show that wearing reflective

material increases the wearer’s visibility up to 500 ft, which is

an important consideration when choosing workwear for such

occupations like law enforcement and construction. Wearing

hi-visibility material increases the chances that employees will

be protected in all hours of the day and in a variety of harsh

weather conditions.

In promoting workwear to your

customers, it is helpful to remind them

of the important safety regulations and

advantages to wearing hi-vis items. Studies

have shown that in many instances

safety vests are often the go-to selection;

however, they are not always the best choice for specific job

functions and do not hold up well in all seasons. According

to the National Safety Council, research shows that workers

have a tendency not to wear hi-visibility vests issued from

their employer due to the lack of comfort, flexibility and style.

It is important to consider functionality, comfort, durability,

and image when selecting certain garments for specific

job functions based on different work environments. This

will increase the likelihood that employees will wear their

hi-visibility items, in turn increasing both their safety and


The ANTIBAC Pen Offers

Many New Possibilities

For The Promotional

Products Industry

Camsing Global is proud to introduce the

new ANTIBAC Pen, an extraordinary

and unique product from the recently acquired

Senator Writing Instruments line.

After two years of development, Senator is

now producing a retractable ball pen made of

antibacterial plastic. An antibacterial agent is

molded directly into the plastic and is

even used in the imprint ink, so there is

nowhere on the surface of the pen where

bacteria can live. This also means it is

effective for the lifetime of the pen. You

can keep putting ink refills in it, and it will

continue to kill bacteria, fungi and viruses.

20 Universal-UniLink Purchasing Association

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when determining which

garment works best for your client:

• Does it meet safety regulations? Check to see if the item

complies with the ANSI 107-2011 standards. This means the

jacket meets all the visibility standards required by law.

• What materials are used to make the jacket? You will want

a jacket that will provide warmth, comfort and safety.

• Does the item come with extra features? Some safety

jackets have extra pockets, detachable sleeves, and are reversible.

Once you have identified the needs of your customer and

chosen the item, then suggest purchasing the garments in a

larger size. This will accommodate for sweatshirts and layered

pieces underneath. A hi-vis sweatshirt is also a great alternative

to the heavier jackets during the fall and spring months. These

sweatshirts can also be used as layered pieces under jackets for

an easy adjustment to temperature. No matter what the need,

you can trust that Charles River Apparel is your one stop shop

for quality hi-vis jackets and sweatshirts. Meeting all safety

regulations of the ANSI standards, our hi-vis sweatshirts,

windbreakers, and jackets are all equipped to keep your

customers safe and comfortable.

Charles River Apparel




Introducing The ANTIBAC Pen

This antibacterial agent

has been proven effective

against MRSA and C. Diff,

which are two of the most

difficult to kill bacteria strains.

It also has been tested to

kill 99.9% of bacteria within


No other pen is using this

non-toxic, safe antibacterial

agent, so do not be fooled

by imposters. Senator is the

exclusive supplier of the

ANTIBAC Pen. Visit www.antibacpen.com for more facts

about this extraordinary pen.

Alicia Bell, Camsing Global

1-800-523-0825 x 5575





From the biggest inventory of Milliken Signature napery to the smallest order of specialty product, ADI has what you need. With a full line of product,

ADI carries everything from barmops to top quality kitchen apparel. If we don’t have what you need, our custom apparel specialists will find it or

make it!

Together, ADI and Milliken create table linens and napery that create an inviting atmosphere for your customers. ADI uses Signature Plustm(1) linens

with a soft feel which makes it an excellent replacement for cotton. With technology that releases stains, soils, and colors in the wash, your colors

will stay bright and your whites will stay white. Contact ADI today for all of your table linen needs.

1. Signature Plus is a registered trademark for Milliken & Company for fabrics.

American Dawn Inc. 800.821.2221 www.americandawn.com

July 2011


Why sell a solid sweatshirt,

when you can create

an exciting identity garment

utilizing stock fleece and

decoration options? The new

Cord-inate program from

Vantage Apparel allows you to

choose a fleece garment from

their in-stock collection; you can

customize the garment with your

choice of drawcord colors.

Match the cord to the logo for bold

branding. Pictured here is a full-chest,

multi-layer, laser appliqué logo.

For a limited, we’re offering a free spec sample plus 5% off your next order.



2600 Blank prices through size XL.

1-35 36-95 96-149

$24.00 $22.00 $19.98

22 Universal-UniLink Purchasing Association

“Cord-inate” Your Fleece Garments




The black/white cord is perfect for racing

themes, events or logos. This sporty

fleece features screen print decoration.

With 13 cords available, you

can match your client’s logo or

corporate identity and create

a look that is truly unique.

Vantage Apparel offers this

program without the long lead

times and high minimums

normally associated with

custom orders.



2601 Blank prices through size XL.

1-35 36-95 96-149

$24.00 $22.00 $19.98

The Cord-inate program is available for any stock hoodie

fleece with a drawcord; there is a low 24-piece minimum. To

give your clients a variety of logo embellishment and price

options, you can offer the Cord-inate fleece decorated with

embroidery, screen printing or laser appliqué.


Hard-to-find color combinations, such

as black and gold, are no longer an issue.

Shown here is a custom Cord-inate with

laser lettering design.

To redeem, visit


and fill out the form.

Spec samples are limited to 1 per distributor

salesperson and the 5% discount is valid for

regular-priced orders of 12+ pieces of the style

sampled only. One-time use only. Expires 8/15/11.

You must have a vantageapparel.com user ID to

redeem your free sample.

The Complete Source

Check out the online

“re-cording studio” at:


demo where Universal-UniLink

members can create free instant

virtual samples.

Vantage Apparel

Fast Answer Team: 1-800-221-0020, Option #1



Brands. Decoration. Service.

ASI 93390

se C u r I n g Ca r D H o l D e r Da t a

“As a business accepting credit

cards, it is critical that you follow

established security requirements

to protect your customers’

sensitive data...”

Both Visa ® and MasterCard ® have implemented security

programs to ensure proper safeguards are in place to

protect cardholder data. As a business accepting credit cards,

it is critical that you follow established security requirements

to protect your customers’ sensitive data from hackers and


Follow these recommended steps for securing cardholder data:

• Build and Maintain a Secure Network: Install and maintain

a working firewall to protect data and keep all security

patches up-to-date.

• Protect Cardholder Data: Protect data that is stored. Also,

encrypt data sent across public networks.

• Maintain a Vulnerability Management Program: Use and

regularly update anti-virus software. Restrict access by

“need to know.”

Do You Know

Someone who is

NOT a Member?

Refer Them


Call 1-888-830-7872

• Implement Strong Access Control Measures: Assign unique

ID’s to each person with computer access and track all

access to data by the unique ID. Do not use vendorsupplied

defaults for passwords and security parameters.

• Regularly Monitor and Test Networks: Regularly test security

systems and processes. Implement and maintain an

information security policy.

• Maintain an Information Security Program: Restrict physical

access to data.

If your business uses Third Party Processors (TPP), you

must ensure that your TPP is compliant with these security

requirements. TPPs are those companies that perform

services including, but are not limited to: terminal operation,

authorization routing, voice authorization, call referral

processing, electronic data capture, clearing file preparation and

submission, settlement processing, cardholder and merchant

statement preparation, and chargeback processing.

TSYS Merchant Solutions can help Universal-UniLink

members keep all cardholder data secure. Please contact them

for more information.

Jason Wagner, TSYS Merchant Solutions




“I just wanted to drop a quick note

to say thanks to everyone that works

for Universal-UniLink Purchasing

Association. I just ordered some

supplies from Staples, and I had

both the consumer and the business

side web site up. I ordered the same

supplies and the bottom dollar

came out $37.54 cheaper with the

Universal-UniLink Purchasing

Association pricing.

Thanks for working on getting us the

best price out there.”

-Bill Maloney

Nu Yale Linen & Uniforms

July 2011


Apparel & Caps for sale:

-Black Dress Pants: Men’s & Women’s, flat front & pleated, 70/30 poly/wool.

82 pcs total, assorted sizes. Sell all for $300 + shipping.

-Otto caps, style #22-688, brushed cotton, twill sandwich visor, low profile,

pro-style. Adjustable hook & loop closure, 100% cotton, structured, 6-panel.

Qty: 162, $1.00 ea + shipping.

Contact: Marsha Nash, Itchin’ to bee Stitchin, Inc.



Equipment for sale:

-55 lb. Milnor Washer Extractor, Model #30022M5J, Serial

#651690395106. $3,000.

-100 lb. Milnor Washer Extractor, Model #36026V5J, Serial

#338701. $3,500.

Contact: Kirby Wagg, Wagg’s Services



Equipment for sale:

-Inbro RSC1201 embroidery machine. 1 needle, multiple colors, w/ several

hoops, hat system & tools. Recently overhauled & works great. $3,000.

-Diesel Generator; 30,000 KW, 90 Amp, military. $4,000.

Contact: Jeri or Mark Postma, Bee Kleen Linen & Uniform Service



Embroidery Machine for sale:

Barudan 6 head, 9 needle embroidery machine w/ lots of hoops. Model

BENSME, Serial #961799L. Machine in good working order & regular

svc by Barudan Tech. Currently used everyday, but will not fit in new

facility. Buyer to arrange transportation from Norfolk, VA. Asking

$4,000 or best offer.

Contact: Tom Kinerk, JenessUniform Centers



Embroidery Machine for sale:

Meistergram M800, 1 head embroidery machine. Excellent condition.

$3,000 or best offer.

Contact: Bill Collins, Nyasco Products, Inc.



Gloves for sale:

-Latex Gloves: first quality, industrial grade, powder free.

FOB: So. Cal. $36.60/case (100 pcs/box; 10 boxes/case).

-Nitrile Gloves: first quality, industrial grade, powder free.

FOB: So. Ca. $39.90/case (100 pcs/box; 10 boxes/case).

Contact: Pacific 4



Denim Jeans for sale:

New, relaxed fit, dark stonewash, not branded. All sizes avail. thru 54 waist.

Volume purchases avail. as low as $5.50 ea.

Contact: Harvey Klein, Red The Uniform Tailor



Classified Ads

Hangers & Trouser Guards for sale:

-Hangers: 14.5g x 18”, white shirt, 150 boxes in stock, 500 hangers/box.


-Trouser Guards: 16”, 156 boxes in stock, 2500/box. $24.95/box. Must

purchase all boxes at this price.

Contact: Daniel Tetreau, Polysource Direct



Hi-Vis Coveralls for sale:

Spiewak Visguard Insulated hi-vis coveralls. Ansi Class 3, waterproof,

windproof, breathable w/ sealed seams, HV yellow color. Sizes: Mens

S-2XL, 33 pieces available. $160 ea, take all for $80 ea.

Contact: Hal Jensen, NuCrisp Image Apparel



Mats for sale:

5x8 Floor mats, Mountville Mills, like new, smooth back, 90 mil. Min. order

25 (100 avail.) $65 ea plus freight.

Contact: Bill Muske, Mid City Services



Marine Industrial Wholesale Supplies for sale:

-Mop wringer bucket, 16 LTR. $26.00

-Safety ash tray, special drop & divide design. $5.25.

-Waste basket/dust bin (galvanized) w/ step lid cover. 4 sizes: 5L, 12L,

20L & 30L.

-Disposable paper bags, Biodegradable resin coated. $48 ea.

-Refuse sacks, 33 Gal. $0.43 ea.

-Marine & country code flags.

-Many 220V appliances & tools available.

-Winter Clothing: Insulated coveralls, boots, gloves, socks hats & face mask.

Call for pricing. For pics & details: www.delmarsales.com

Contact: Marcie Doss, Del Mar Marine



Security Ink Tags & Security Shirts for sale:

-New case packs of 500 Sensormatic reusable ink tags. 2,400 available @

$0.75 ea.

-Ink Tag Remover $75 ea. Protect theft of retail merchandise.

-Security shirts, 1st quality, new in bag. Brands: Clifton, Conqueror, Falcon,

Flying Cross, Jayhnlee, Liberty, Vanguard, Unibrand. 4,000 available. $3.00 ea

or take all @ $2.00 ea.

Contact: Fred Daitch, International Uniforms, Inc.



Warehouse Shelving for sale:

Steel grey warehouse shelving. Sizes: 30x42, 30x36, 36x36, 36x48, 48x36.

Designed for 10,000ft warehouse. Sell all or partial for half the cost of

new shelving. Nuts, bolts, legs & cross bars included.

Contact: Fred Daitch, International Uniforms, Inc.



Available FREE For Members of Universal-UniLink Purchasing Association!

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