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Vol. 2 Number 37 Thursday, March 17, 2011

Workers Repair Waterville

Railroad Crossing

It took crewmen two days to repair the railroad track crossing in Waterville.

The Little Engine That

Could, did again!!

After 2 1/2 days of hard

labor, the MCRHS railroad

crew repaired the Colorado

Street crossing in Waterville.

Andy Bell and Company

using a trackhoe and dump

truck tore out rotted and

rough crossing planks and

reinstalled new salvaged

planks from the Marysville

railbed relocation project.

By Gene Meyer


TOPEKA, Kan. – Kansas

House tax writers on Monday

sent two economic development

initiatives to the full

House for a vote and heard testimony

generally backing a


With deadlines approaching

for proposed legislation to clear

committees, members of the

Kansas House Taxation

Committee voted to send two

bills to the House floor, one

that would expand tax credits

offered to businesses that pay

higher than average wages to

Kansas workers and one that

would allow businesses to

write off investments in production

equipment more quickly.

Committee members also

heard proponents and opponents

of a farther reaching set

of proposed tax changes, called

the March to Economic Growth

Act, argue whether writing a

tax-capping formula into

Kansas law would increase the

state’s competitive position

with its neighbors.

During a discussion of a

Senate bill that would allow

low income Kansas workers to

set up tax-advantaged savings

plans known as individual

Under the supervision of

Larry Moon, track superintendent,

Andy Bell and construction

crewman and 10 MCRHS

members, the crew pulled up

planks, jacked up tracks,

tamped ballast, load and then

unloaded rock and filled the

ties. Sledge hammers were

used to spike the planks and

then tracks filled to level with


Even with big equipment,

Honors Society Carnival

most of the backbreaking

work was done by hand.

The MCRHS would like

to thank Andy Bell

Construction, Gene Harding

for use of his skidsteer

loader, Sandy Harding for

lunch on Friday and other

members for their enthusiasm

and monetary support

that keeps the Little Engine

That Could “Puffin” down

the line.

Panel Recommends Tax Cuts

development accounts, State

Rep. Marvin Kleeb, an

Overland Park Republican and

vice chair of the House tax

committee, offered an amendment

that would also allow

more Kansas business owners

to reap tax credits for paying

higher than average wages to

workers in certain qualified


The credits already are available

to some qualifying Kansas

businesses through what is

known as the Kansas High

Performance Incentive

Program, which offers dollarfor-dollar

state tax reductions

to employers who qualify for

the reductions, which are paid

for with money from workers ‘

tax withholding that otherwise

would go into the state general

fund. Changes in the so-called

HPIP program would allow

smaller employers than now to

claim the tax credits and also

help expand the program

beyond 54 counties where it is

used now, Kleeb said.

But another changed feature

of the program, which would

allow larger businesses that

earn the credits in one area of

their operations to transfer

unused credits to a different

line of their business, drew criticism

from state Rep. Nile

Dillmore, a Wichita Democrat

and the tax committee’s ranking

minority member.

That potential ability for a

corporation to transfer the credits

is unfair to smaller competitors

in other enterprises who

wouldn’t be able to qualify for

the help themselves,. Dillmore


The second economic initiative

that panel members sent to

the House drew little opposition.

That is a plan, outlined by

Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback,

in his economic programs

unveiled in January, that would

allow Kansas businesses to

write off the entire cost of production

equipment when they

buy it instead of depreciating

the investment over specified

numbers of years.

Such a change would provide

smaller tax breaks than

some businesses now receive

under more formal economic

development programs it

would replace, but those breaks

would be available to all businesses

who wanted them, not

just a smaller number that qualify

under the formal programs

now, said University of Kansas

economist Art Hall, whose

work Brownback cited in his

original proposal.

The Valley Heights National Honors Society held a Carnival Saturday at the Blue

Rapids Gym. Khloe (left) and Maecyn Gunn were winners at one of the stands.

Soup Supper

Blue Rapids

Governor Cuts State Budget

By Gene Meyer


TOPEKA, Kan. - Kansas

Gov. Sam Brownback

ordered $56.5 million in

state spending cuts Friday to

balance the state’s budget on

June 30.

Brownback ordered the

cuts after Kansas House and

Senate budget negotiators

reached a dead-end

Thursday night in efforts to

come up with a compromise

version of two different

budget plans each body

passed last month.

Both those plans were

tied to a budget the governor

offered in January that

aimed to create a $35 million

surplus on June 30 that

Brownback said was needed

to help tackle a larger $493

million budget deficit currently

projected for 2012.

Kansas’ state constitution

requires the state to balance

its budgets each year. But

the cuts ordered Friday to

meet that requirement by

law, can only be large

enough to reduce the $56.5

million deficit projected for

2011 to to zero and do not

allow for any surplus to help

fight the nearly nine-timeslarger

deficit expected next


While that means the

state’s budget problems

“will get bigger,”

Brownback said in a press

conference Friday, “to be

able to balance our budget

this year, it is necessary for

us to do allotments now,”

Brownback said.

“I thought we had a shot

at getting it through the legislative

process, which is the

preferred way,” Brownback


Kansas House Speaker

Mike O’Neal, however, said

Friday that House leaders

would take a close look at

Brownback’s ordered cuts,

compare them to the original

budget proposal the governor

submitted in January

and to what Senate negotiators

agreed to before the

impasse, to seek ways to

make additional cuts in an

effort to restore some of the

originally proposed $35

million surplus.

“The House is committed

to a healthy ending balance...and

anxious to continue

working through the

conference committee

process to achieve the

Governor’s goal,” O’Neal


Friday’s cuts include:

—A $50.2 million reduction

in general state aid to

education, which will

require legislative action in

order to coordinate that

change with expected

increases in health and

human services caseloads.

—$2.3 million reductions

each in Board of Regents

system operating budgets

and Social and

Rehabilitation Services

mental health care managed


—A $1.3 million reduction

in State Finance

Council funds dedicated to

assuring Kansas government

salaries are competitive

with the private sector.

—A total $374,000 in

reduced debt service costs

and lowered operating

budgets for the Kansas

Court of Tax Appeals, the

Kansas Attorney General’s

office, the Kansas Art

Commission and the Kansas

Department of Wildlife and


During some occasionally

tense negotiations

Wednesday and Thursday,

leaders of the Kansas House

Appropriations and Kansas

Senate Ways and Means

committees seemed to be

nearing agreement on a

complex web of spending

nips and cuts designed to

provide about $20 million of

the $35 million surplus originally

aimed for while at the

same time restoring $21.2

million in funding for special

education funding for

Kansas schools that

Brownback originally proposed

to cut.

Senate Ways and Means

Chair Carolyn McGinn, a

Sedgewick Republican, and

other Senate members said

that funding was needed to

prevent the loss of more

than $26 million annually in

similar federal funding for

Kansas schools.

House Ways and Means

Chair Marc Rhoades, a

Newton Republican, and

other House members initially

proposed withholding

that money until it became

clearer near fiscal year-end

would be needed.

Early Thursday evening,

in what would be the last

attempt at compromise,

Rhoades and the House

negotiators said they would

accept the Senate’s funding

proposal in order to conclude

the negotiations, but

that they would not recommend

its passage when they

presented it to the full

House for a vote.

That pronouncement “is

just a little bit disingenuous,”

McGinn said.

It also may make it harder

for budget negotiators to

work out a plan for what’s

expected to be a much more

difficult budget for 2012, on

which legislators are

expected to begin accelerating

work next week.

“It’s simply more honest

to say up front that I can’t

go back to my caucus and

lie about saying I like it,”

Rhoades said.

A Relay For Life Soup Supper fundraiser was held Sunday at the Community Center.

Kortlyn Roepke (left) and Ali Pishny eyes the crowd.

Valley Heights Recycling March 19

The Valley Heights recycling

day is Saturday, March

19 from 9:30 am to 11:00

am. The collection trailer

will be in Blue Rapids north

of the fair ground barns.

Enter by the church stand.

All typical recycled items

will be collected including

paper, cardboard, cans, junk

mail, glass etc. Plastics are

limited to numbers one (1)

and two (2). Please rinse

food containers to reduce

odors. Pre-sorting material

allows the line to move

smoothly for everyone.

The Valley Heights

Recycling Program will collect

unwanted, out-dated,

left over or unusable prescription


These will be destroyed

according to KDHE guide-

lines. This prevents medications

from becoming a

contaminant or soil or water.

We thank all our community

volunteers for their dedication

to this effort benefiting

the Valley Heights community.

For more information

call Phil Osborne at

363-7949 or Sammy Parker

at 363-2333.


NEWS EWS Blue Rapids Free Press - Thursday, March 17, 2011

Blue Rapids Chamber of Commerce

The Blue Rapids Chamber of

Commerce would like to invite

businesses and individuals

alike to join and become more

involved in our communities


Elizabeth G. McLeod, age

96, of Blue Rapids, passed

away on Sunday, March 13,

2011 at Cambridge Place

Nursing Home in Marysville.

Elizabeth was born February

17, 2915 at Westmoreland to

Warren S. and Mary O.

(Middleton) Plummer. She

graduated from Westmoreland

High School in 1933. She then

attended Emporia State

University. Having received

her teaching certificate she

began teaching in country

schools. She married Leo E.

McLeod on May 19, 1940 at

Westmoreland, he passed away

June 9, 2003. After her marriage

she continued to teach

and during the summers attended

Kansas State University,

graduating in 1962.

She was a member of the

Blue Rapids United Methodist

Church, the United Methodist

Women and was organist there

for many years. She was also a

member of the Blue Rapids

Lions Club and was active in

Kansas Farm Bureau.

Survivors include two

daughters; Myra L. McLeod of

Wichita and Mary S. Green of

Azle, Texas, four grandchildren,

four great grandchildren

and two great-great grandchildren.

Elizabeth was preceded in

death by her husband Leo, two

daughters; Leah M. McLeod in

infancy and Myrna J. Long in

2005 and by two brothers;

Arland Plummer and Chester


Funeral services were

planned for 10:00 am,

Wednesday, March 16, 2011 at

the United Methodist Church in

Blue Rapids. Burial was at

Marysville City Cemetery.

Viewing was from Noon until

The Chamber meets the 4th

Tuesday of every month at 7:00

pm at the community center,

the meeting is open to the public.

Individual memberships are

RSVP Funding in Peril

Recently the U.S. House of

Representatives passed a bill

eliminating federal funding for

RSVP of Northeast Kansas and

many similar volunteer-based

groups. The U.S. Senate must

agree for this action to take

place. This step seems to be an

attempt to repair a large budget

shortfall. It could affect current

older Americans and 77 million

Baby Boomers.

There is little doubt the federal

budget needs repairs. As a

volunteer and past board member

with RSVP, we saw

changes coming. Preparations

were being made to cope with

modified funding. What was

not foreseen was a complete


JoAnn Rauch

JoAnn M. Rauch, 79 of the

Honey Creek Cottage in

Swisher, formerly of Blue

Rapids, Kansas died at Honey



loss of federal dollars. Modest

funding adjustments could be

tolerated; total elimination can


It could be argued that “we

must cut somewhere, why not

here?” The argument fails

because federal funding of nonprofit

volunteer-based organizations

is not where our budget

problems lie. Using total dollars

or percent-of-whole basis,

any measurement of this action

shows a near zero impact on the

budget shortfall.

Elimination of funding for

the affected groups would be

ruinous. The impacted programs

are; RSVP of NE

Kansas, Senior Companions,

Creek Cottage on Saturday

March 12, 2011. Memorial

service will be held at a later

date. Cedar Memorial Park

Funeral Home is in charge of


Survivors include her husband

Jack, two sons, James

(Nicole) of Cedar Rapids and

Keith (Linda) of White House,

Tennessee. She is also survived

by five grandchildren, Kirsten

Gilbert; Megan, Ben, Joe and

Peter Rauch and two great

grandchildren, Layna Rauch

and Noelle Gilbert.

JoAnn was born on

November 20, 1931 in Granby,

Missouri, the daughter of

Joseph and Claudia Hilton

Zehr. She married Jack D.

Rauch on November 18, 1951

8:00 pm Tuesday with visitation

from 6:30 to 8:00 pm at

Terry-Christie Funeral Home in

Blue Rapids.

Memorials are suggested to

the Blue Rapids United

Methodist Church and may be

sent in care of the funeral home

at PO Box 61, Waterville,

Kansas 66548

Condolences may be left on

line at www.terrychristiefuneralhome.com.

Terry-Christie Funeral Home

in charge of arrangements.

Blue Rapids Mercantile

Now Open Monday-Saturday

10 am - 5 pm

Many Vendors - One Store

Free gift wrap & local delivery

Gift certificates available

The best dishcloths - EVER

Jams-n-Jellies, Sugar Shack candles, soaps

& lotions.

Collectable, Retro and Fun Stuff!

401 East 5th Street (US 77) Blue Rapids, Kansas 66411


A Div. of Blue Valley Insurance Agencies, Inc.

available for $15 a year; business

memberships are available

from $25 a year and are based

on amount of employees. We

are interested in hearing new

fresh ideas, please join us.

Foster Grandparent Programs,

SHICK (Medicare Part D counseling)

and other programs

sponsored by RSVP of NE

Kansas such as TCE and VITA

(tax assistance). Senate budget

debate begins March 18 th. A

personal note to our Senators

will have a great impact.

Sooner is better – act now.

Senator Pat Roberts

444 SE Quincy Room 392

Topeka, KS 66683


Senator Jerry Moran

PO Box 2683

800 SW Jackson Ste 1108


In 2010 RSVP of NE Kansas

in Seneca, Missouri. She was a

member of the Tuesday

Afternoon Club, Eastern Star,

Senior Housing Directors and

the Library Board of Directors

all in Kansas

JoAnn was a homemaker

and enjoyed playing her piano,

reading, collecting thimbles

and especially enjoyed the time

Blue Room at the

Greenleaf Cafe

Pool Tournament

March 18th

Begins at 8pm

$10.00 entry fee per person

Trophy and Cash for 1st

and 2nd Place

Blue Rapids Chamber of

Commerce Officers for 2011


Bob Lindquist

Vice President

Rod Christie

volunteers either returned or

retained $303,299 in actual dollars

for the pockets of our older

population. The amount of

total federal funds for the same

year was $55,694. That is a

tremendous return on the

investment, and does not

include the value of most volunteer

hours. Please do what

you can to assure continuation

of these endangered programs.

Write or call today. Many will

thank you.

Phil Osborne

RSVP SHICK Counselor

RSVP Volunteer

Past RSVP Board of


Jill L. Gray, D.D.S., P.A.

Family Dentistry

107 South 8th Street

Marysville, Ks 66508

Office: (785 562-5323

Cell: (785 556-1487

Recording Secretary

Deb Barrington


Karen Swearingen


Georgena Lindquist

Blue Valley Seamless Gutters

Replace those old gutters and

downspouts with a new seamless

system from Blue Valley Seamless


and Home Improvement

Free Estimates

• Insured

785-363-7414 or 785-268-0236

John & Cheryl Ralph, Owners


First Baptist Church

703 Lincoln

Blue Rapids, Kansas

Pastor Titus Mohler—(785)363-7547

Sunday School—9:30

Morning Worship—10:30

Evening Worship—6:00

All are welcome—Come join us!

If you do not have a church home we would

like to invite you to come worship the Lord with us!

Relay For Life

“Team Attitude”

Bake Sale

at Spring Fling

Shirts, Koozies, Decals

March 19th

9am - 1pm

Blue Rapids

Community Center

If you like the Free Press please tell these Advertisers

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Hunting & Fishing Licenses

Hydraulic Hoses • Saw Chains

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Infrared Heaters

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Mary C.


Mary C. Kenworthy, 67, of

Waterville, formerly of

Frankfort, passed away

Tuesday, March 15, 2011 at

Mercy Regional Health Center

in Manhattan.

Blue Rapids Greenhouse

Take part in our "Living Wreath" class

presented by Kris Gant of Twin Oaks

Nursery at the Blue Rapids Greenhouse.

Tuesday, March 22 @ 6:00 p.m.

Plants and supplies

included in registration fee.

To register, call 363-7300

spent with friends and her

beloved family.

Memorial donations may be

given to the Alzheimer’s

Foundation in JoAnn’s name.

Please leave a message or tribute

to the Rauch family on our

web page, www.cedarmemorial.com

under Obituaries.

Visitation will be Thursday

from 10 a.m. until 8 p.m. at

Padden Funeral Chapel in

Frankfort. The family will

receive friends from 5 to 7 p.m.

A funeral service will be held

at 10:00 a.m., Friday, March 18

at Padden Funeral Chapel.

Burial will be in the

Frankfort City Cemetery.


In the March 10th issue of the Blue Rapids

Free Press an ad ran for the Wagon Wheel

in Marysville. The ad was a coupon offering

a Thursday Special of Buy 1 Hamburger

and get one Free. This ad ran without

approval of the Wagon Wheel and they

cannot honor the Coupon. The Blue Rapids

Free Press regrets the error.

Sports Blue Rapids Free Press - Thursday, March 17, 2011


What beautiful snow on the trees. Looks like mother nature just doesn’t want spring to come.

Karson Roepke eating olives off of his fingers at the “Team Mean Jean” Soup Supper.

Opposing teams can break bread together for such a

great cause

Photos by Linda Brake and Deb Barrington

If you like the Free Press please tell these Advertisers

Blue Valley Nursing Home

710 Western Ave.

Blue Rapids, Ks 66411


“We have a warm friendly home like environment that

you feel when you enter the door.”


Waterville, Kansas


Plumbing, Electrical, General Construction,

Painting, Deck Staining, Remodeling

Home: 785-363-2222 * Cell: 785-713-1414

All Your Ag Needs

See us for range cubes, salt, mineral and creep feed.


411 East Main Street

Dog Food, Cat Food, Water Softner and More

Call 363-2777 SCOTT HEDKE

Winter Wonderland

“Team Mean Jean” Soup Supper

Michael Schrair and Jean “Barker” Gallagher, serve

up some soup at the soup supper.

Spring Fling Open House

Saturday, March 19th

9 am - 1 pm

Blue Rapids

Community Center

Multi-Vendors Available

Route 77 Corner Stores


Odell, Ne - 402-766-8805

Fri. Mar. 18 Night Buffet: Beef Fries and Lasagna

Sun. Mar. 20 Lunch Buffet: Chicken & Mushrooms

and BBQ Meatballs

Prime Rib Every Friday and Saturday after 5:30pm.

Catering & Party Room Available!

St. Patty's Day March 17th - Ruben Special and Green Beers

Happy Hour Drink and Appetizer Specials 4-6 pm Tues-Fri

Pope Disposal, Inc

Since 1977

Blue Rapids 785-363-7364

Waterville 785-363-2641

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For Blue Rapids and


785-363-7537 Jerry Pope, Owner

Open Mon-Thur 12 - 9 • Fri and Sat 10 - 10


Lilly Pad Daycare

Tracy Lindquist $90 per

Waterville, Ks Week

Full Time Spots Available

Monday - Friday

7am - 6pm

785 268 0560 or


Fundraiser to Help

with Medical Expenses

For: Laura Oldham

March 19th

American Legion

Greenleaf, Ks

Chicken Noodle

Soup Dinner

Begins 4pm


Silent Autcion 4pm - 8pm

Live Auction 6pm - 8pm

Lone Wolf Karaoke

8pm - Midnight

Relay For Life

Button Bling Things

March 27th

1pm - 4pm

Marysville Citizen’s

State Bank Basement

Percentage of the sales goes to

“Team Attitude”

For Sale:

Rings $15 or 2 for $25

Pendants $8 per button

Bracelets $8 per button

Earrings $8 per button

If you bring your

own buttons:

$10 for rings

$5 per button for

the other pieces


Funeral Home

308 West Walnut, Waterville and 302 East 4th

Street, Blue Rapids; 785-363-2627

“A Personal Approach to Service at a Very

Personal Time.”

NEWS EWS Blue Rapids Free Press - Thursday, March 17, 2011

Stay Unreasonable

By Michael D. Tanner

The Cato Institute

Last week, the


House of Representatives

voted to reduce FY2011

federal spending by $61 billion.

Democrats responded

as if Armageddon had erupted.

"Irresponsible," complained

Senate majority

leader Harry Reid. Taking

"a meat axe to the budget,"

offered Sen. Chuck

Schumer of New York.

"Severe and indiscriminate,"

added House minority

leader Nancy Pelosi.

"Dangerous," warned the

New York Times.

A million people will be

thrown out of work, according

to one report. Children

will starve, said another.

What next? "Volcanoes,

earthquakes, human sacrifice,

mass hysteria, dogs and

cats living together ?"

Before we get too far into

worrying that the sky is

falling, a bit of perspective

might be in order. The cuts

were part of a $1.35 trillion

bill to fund the government

for the seven months

remaining in FY2011. The

spending cuts were a reduction

from 2010 spending

levels, the same levels that

were contained in the "continuing

resolution" that

Congress passed in

December to fund the government

through March 4.

In 2010, the federal government

spent $3.46 trillion.

Dane’s Automotive

Stop in and see us for all your

welding supplies and tires.

All Automotive Repairs.

Your Drop and Lock Hitch Dealer

324 E. Front St., Waterville, Ks


Assuming a 2010 baseline

for this year's budget makes

those "draconian" budget

cuts equal to just 1.7 percent

of this year's federal spending.

What part of "broke" do

the Democrats not understand?

Or look at it another way.

The administration just

announced that it expects

this year's budget deficit to

be $1.65 trillion. Thus, the

House's budget cuts

amounted to 3.6 percent of

the deficit. Think about that:

Republicans just cut less

than 4 percent of the spending

that we don't have the

money to pay for. Heck, our

budget deficit for last month

was $48 billion, so apparently

we've covered

January. Whew!

What part of "broke" do

the Democrats not understand?

Even after these budget

cuts, government spending

will have increased by 24

percent since President

Obama took office. And

those spending increases

came on top of the spending

increases during the Bush

administration. By "slashing"

government programs,

Republicans will have

reduced the size of government

from 23.8 percent of

GDP to just 23.4 percent. As

recently as ten years ago,

under President Clinton, the

federal government consumed

just 18 percent of

Carolyn’s Kitchen - Buffet

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Dinner Buffet.

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Roast Beef and Chicken


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Open 6 am to 9 pm everyday


This is like taking a cupcake

away from the world's

fattest man and having

somebody scream that he's


For the most part, this was

a serious exercise in budget

cutting. Sure, some of it was

political positioning (were

five separate amendments to

defund Obamacare really

necessary?) or silliness

(Rep. Steve Womack of

Arizona introduced an

amendment to take away

Obama's teleprompter), and

many of the targets (Planned

Parenthood, the Corporation

for Public Broadcasting)

were easy ones for

Republicans. Still, this represented

the first significant

reduction in federal spending

in many years, with the

cuts spread across virtually

the entire government,

including defense and

homeland security. And to

paraphrase the late Sen.

Everett Dirksen, "Sixty-one

billion here, 61 billion there,

and pretty soon you're talking

real money."

On the other hand, before

Republicans dislocate a

shoulder patting themselves

on the back, they should

realize just how far they still

have to go. To actually bring

the budget into balance will

clearly require much bigger

cuts. Going into the FY2012

budget, Republicans are

going to have to be prepared

to cut even more popular

Fannie, Freddie, and

the Subprime Mortgage Market

By Mark A. Calabria

Mark Calabria is the

director of financial regulation

studies at the Cato


The recent financial crisis

was characterized by losses

in nearly every type of

investment vehicle. Yet no

product has attracted as

much attention as the subprime


What is generally agreed

is that subprime mortgages

disproportionately contributed

both to the severity

of the crisis and to the size

of losses imposed upon the

taxpayer. What remains in

dispute is the role of govern-

ment — specifically, that of

Fannie Mae and Freddie

Mac — in expanding the

availability of subprime

mortgage credit.

Changes in the mortgage

market, resulting largely

from misguided monetary

policy, drove a frenzy of

refinancing activity in 2003.

When that origination boom

died out, mortgage industry

participants looked elsewhere

for profits. Fannie

and Freddie, among others,

found those illusionary

profits in lowering credit


Foremost among the government-sponsored


Blue Rapids

United Methodist Church

Crystal Creek in Concert

March 23, 2011

7 pm

Free Will Donation

Everyone invited, come enjoy

Country Sacred Music

Crystal Creek style

For info or bookings call:

Ron at 785 827-7165


Bud at 785 827-6067

prises' deleterious activities

was their vast direct purchases

of loans that can only

be characterized as subprime.

Under reasonable

definitions of subprime,

almost 30 percent of Fannie

and Freddie direct purchases

could be considered subprime.

The government-sponsored

enterprises were also

the largest single investor in

subprime privatelabel mortgage-backed


During the height of the

housing bubble, almost 40

percent of newly issued private-label

subprime securities

were purchased by

Fannie Mae and Freddie


In order to protect both

the taxpayer and our broader

economy, Fannie Mae

and Freddie Mac should be

abolished, along with other

policies that transfer the risk

of mortgage default from

the lender to the taxpayer.

Mark Calabria is the

programs, including bigger

cuts in defense, and to finally

tackle entitlements.

Recently, majority whip

Eric Cantor and Budget

Committee chairman Paul

Ryan have indicated that

they may be willing to seriously

take on that challenge.

That's what makes the

upcoming fight over preserving

the $61 billion in

cuts so important. Once the

Senate passes its budget —

which probably will have

far fewer cuts — we can

expect another round of stories

about how "unreasonable"

Republicans are for

insisting on those $61 billion

in savings. But if

Republicans back down

from making these cuts,

there will be no chance of

withstanding the howls of

outrage that can be expected

to greet the next round of


Let's hope they stay


Michael D. Tanner is a

senior fellow at the Cato

Institute and author of

Leviathan on the Right:

How Big-Government

Conservatism Brought

Down the Republican


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NEWS EWS Blue Rapids Free Press - Thursday, March 17, 2011

Marshall County Minutes

March 7, 2011

The Board of Marshall

County Commissioners met in

regular session with Charles R.

Loiseau, Chairman; Robert S.

Connell and Thomas K. Holle

members; and Sonya L. Stohs,

County Clerk present.

The meeting was called to

order at 9:00 a.m.

The Board opened the meeting

with the flag salute.

The minutes and agenda

were approved as presented

upon a motion by Thomas K.

Holle moved, seconded by

Robert S. Connell.


County Attorney Laura

Johnson-McNish met with the

Board. Thomas K. Holle

moved, seconded by Charles R.

Loiseau to go into executive

session for five minutes at 9:01

a.m. to discuss matters of possible

litigation with County

Attorney Laura Johnson-

McNish present. Unanimous.

Charles R. Loiseau moved,

seconded by Thomas K. Holle

to approve the Home City

Sewer bills and pay them from

the appropriate funds available.


Thomas K. Holle moved,

seconded by Robert S. Connell

to approve the Neighborhood

Revitalization applications for

Duane and Anita Anderson,

Frankfort and Fred Lienemann,

Marysville as long as when the

Home Notes -

By Susan A. Latta - CEA

Marshall County Extension




“I don’t feel like cooking.”

“We don’t have anything to


“I ate a big lunch, I’m not


“I don’t have time to cook.”

“Just heat up a frozen pizza.”

Do these statements sound

familiar? Often mealtime

means stress for most families.

Lack of time, lack of preparation,

and sometimes a tight

budget can make planning not

seem so fun. Thankfully it

doesn’t have to be that way.

Whether your family consists

of five people, two, or one,

everyone deserves good food

and dinner at the table! The key

to a consistent mealtime is

Jail Report...

Marshall County Sheriff’s


Jail Activity Sheet

Wweek of: March 7, 2011 to

March 13, 2011

Name: Enneking, Colby

Address: Seneca, Kansas

Date of Birth: 01-22-1992

Charge: DUI

Date of Arrival: 03-07-2011

Date of Release: 03-07-2011

Reason: Court Release

County Appraiser’s office goes

to take preconstruction pictures

that no construction has been

started. Unanimous.

Thomas K. Holle moved,

seconded by Robert S. Connell

to approve the vouchers, as presented,

and issue manual warrants

from the respective funds.


Robert S. Connell moved,

seconded by Charles R.

Loiseau to approve the following

2010 abatements with a

value of 2.220 with a total tax

of $368.45; 2009 abatements

with a value of 2,220 with a

total tax of $380.59; 2007

abatements with a value of 954

with a total tax of $163.06.


Thomas K. Holle moved,

seconded by Robert S. Connell

to go into executive session for

fifteen minutes at 9:16 a.m. to

discuss matters of non-elected

personnel with County Clerk

Sonya L. Stohs present.


Public Works Administrator

Mike Craig and Public Works

Coordinating Supervisor Larry

Polson met with the Board.

Thomas K. Holle moved,

seconded by Robert S. Connell

to approve the following purchase

orders. Unanimous.

J & J Excavating, Axtell, KS

for labor to install tube

$1,040.00-Road & Bridge

fund-P.O. # 106551

planning. Having a consistent

dinner time ensures healthier

eating habits, saves time in the

kitchen, more money in your

pocket, and most importantly,

allows family bonding. So no

more excuses, here are a few

ideas to make planning easier.

Planning your menus a week

or two in advance gets most of

the stress out of the way. This

allows you to buy all the groceries

you will need for those

meals with one trip to the grocery

store. A fun way to plan is

making a theme for each night

of the week. This doesn’t mean

have a party every night, but

just something your family

learns to know and can get

excited about knowing what

foods you will be having. For

example: Monday could be

soup night; Tuesday, Mexican

food; Wednesday, grill night;

Name: Rockwell, Timothy

Address: Marysville, Kansas

Date of Birth: 07-12-1976

Charge: 60 Days

Date of Arrival: 03-08-2011

Date of Release: Still


Reason: Still Incarcerated

Name: Holle, Tanna

Address: Linn, Kansas

Midwest Service and Sales,

Schuyler, NE

for timber planks

$13,201.00-Road & Bridge

fund-P.O. # 106618

Charles R. Loiseau moved,

seconded by Robert S. Connell

to go into executive session for

five minutes at 10:10 a.m. to

discuss matters of non-elected

personnel with Public Works

Administrator Mike Craig and

Public Works Coordinating

Supervisor Larry Polson present.


Agency on Aging Director

Heather Ruhkamp met with the

Board to discuss trading in the

2006 Dodge Magnum that is

owned by the Agency on Aging


Agency on Aging Director

Heather Ruhkamp also discussed

providing Meals on

Wheels in Beattie with food

prepared by Robodiux Café,

Beattie for a possible 12 participates

at a cost of $2,145.00 a

month and to sell them for

$7.55 a meal. The cost to the

Agency on Aging budget will

be $330.00 a month that is not


County Sanitarian Gary May

met with the Board to give a

monthly update.

Custodian Lou Wassenberg

met with the Board.

360 Representative Aaron

Etzkorn met with the Board to

give an update on them on the

progress on the HVAC and

Lighting System replacement.

Robert S. Connell moved,

seconded by Thomas K. Holle

to approve the following purchase

orders. Unanimous.

Xerox Corporation, Dallas,


for copier cartridge

$560.00-County Attorney

fund-P.O. # 3895

Ka-Comm, Inc., Salina, KS

for dual mount electric gunlocks

and mounts

$900.00-Co. General

(Sheriff) fund-P.O. # 3888

Brown County Treasurer,

Hiawatha, KS

for Marshall County share of

4-County budget

$836.68-Co. General

(District Court) fund-P.O. #


Sheriff Daniel A. Hargrave

met with the Board. Robert S.

Connell moved, seconded by

Thomas K. Holle to go into

executive session for 20 minutes

at 11:05 a.m. to discuss

matters of non-elected personnel

with Sheriff Daniel A.

Hargrave and County Clerk

Sonya L. Stohs present.

Unanimous. Robert S. Connell

moved, seconded by Thomas

Thursday, homemade pizza

night, etc.

First, always check your

pantry for what you already

have on-hand. The good thing

about starting this way is the

food is already there. Build

your menus from there.

Sometimes it’s helpful to check

the sale ads or coupons. If

you’re on a tight budget, make

sure the most expensive part of

the meal isn’t the biggest part

of the meal. Once you have

completed your week’s menus,

always make a list and don’t

deviate from it. This will help

keep your budget in check.

While you’re at the store,

keep in mind fresh fruits and

vegetables in season will be a

little cheaper. If you decide to

buy in bulk, make sure you

have the room to store foods

and your family will be able to

Date of Birth: 02-23-1981

Charge: 4 Days for

Washington County

Date of Arrival: 03-11-11

Date of Release: Still


Reason: Still Incarcerated

Name: Perez, Jessie

Address: Marysville, Kansas

Date of Birth: 02-23-1991

Charge: 48 Hours

K. Holle to extend executive

session for 20 minutes at 11:25

a.m. for the same reasons with

the same persons present.

Unanimous. No decision was

made as a result of executive


Economic Development

Director George McCune and

Community Development

Coordinator Juanita McCune

met with the Board to give

them a weekly update.

Register of Deeds Martha

Roesch met with the Board.

Thomas K. Holle moved, seconded

by Robert S. Connell to

approve signing the Annual

Peopleware Agreement with

CIC (Computer Information

Concepts) for software maintenance.


Robert S. Connell moved,

seconded by Charles R.

Loiseau to approve the following

purchase order.


CIC, Greeley, CO

for Annual Peopleware


$8,565.00-Register of Deeds

Tech Fund-P.O. # 3823

County Health Nurse Sue

Rhodes met with the Board.

Charles R. Loiseau moved, seconded

by Robert S. Connell to

go into executive session for

ten minutes at 1:20 p.m. at the

request of County Health Nurse

Sue Rhodes to discuss matters

of non-elected personnel with

County Health Nurse Sue

Rhodes present. Unanimous.

Charles R. Loiseau moved,

seconded by Thomas K. Holle

to adjourn at 1:41 p.m.

Unanimous. The next scheduled

meeting will be Monday,

March 14, 2011 starting at 9:00


The Board went and viewed

bridges in the County after the


March 9, 2011

The Board of Marshall

County Commissioners met in

special session with Charles R.

Loiseau, Chairman; Robert S.

Connell and Thomas K. Holle

members; and Sonya L. Stohs,

County Clerk present.

The meeting was called to

order at 10:15 a.m.

Thomas K. Holle moved,

seconded by Robert S. Connell

to approve the following purchase

orders. Unanimous.

B & W Electric, Hanover,


for HVAC units for Energy



Building fund-P.O. # 3907

Thomas K. Holle moved,

seconded by Robert S. Connell

to approve the vouchers, as pre-

eat any perishable foods before

they expire or spoil.

When you get home, many

dishes can be put together

ahead of time. This is a great

way to get the family together

and assemble dishes for the

week or the night before so

they are ready to go when you

get home. It will be great for

your family to have a hot meal

ready and all the great aroma

that comes along with cooking


Finally, there is no better

time to change your meal planning

strategy than now! Every

family deserves to take the time

to unwind at the dinner table

with a well-balanced meal and

the benefits that come from eating


Source: The Nebline,

February 2011

Date of Arrival: 03-12-2011

Date of Release: 03-14-2011

Reason: Time Served

Name: Stell, Courtney

Address: Marysville, Kansas

Date of Birth: 01-28-1973

Charge: 48 Hours

Date of Arrival: 03-13-2011

Date of Release: Still


Reason: Still Incarcerated

sented, and issue manual warrant

from the respective fund.


Charles R. Loiseau moved,

seconded by Thomas K. Holle


to adjourn at 10:20 a.m.

Unanimous. The next scheduled

meeting will be Monday,

March 14, 2011 starting at 9:00


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Griner, No. 3 Baylor Oust Kansas St 86-53


Offense is a given for No. 3

Baylor, so coach Kim Mulkey

was especially pleased with

the defense and rebounding

effort that advanced the Lady

Bears to the Big 12 tournament


Brittney Griner scored 21

points and Destiny Williams

added 18 to lead Baylor to an

86-53 victory over Kansas

State, holding the Wildcats to

35 percent shooting and outrebounding

the Wildcats 52-


``Those kids come to your

program as some of the best

players in the country, but

those kids have never had to

guard anybody,'' Mulkey said.

``That's the biggest adjustment

and where you see the

most improvement.''

Baylor will meet the winner

of the Texas A&M-

Oklahoma semifinal on


Point guard Odyssey Sims

added 14 while holding

Kansas State's top scorer

Brittany Chambers to 3-of-11

shooting and eight points.

Kelsey Hill led the fourthseeded

Wildcats (21-10) with

14 points.

Williams finished 7 for 9

from the field. The offensive

emergence of Williams gives

opponents more to think

about as they try to contain

Griner inside.

``I just feel comfortable out

there,'' Williams said.

``Shooters just have to keep


The 6-foot-8 Griner scored

all her points in just 29 minutes,

and her intimidating

presence left Kansas State

mainly shooting from the


``She's a phenom and she's

only going to get better,''

Mulkey said.

Griner and Williams left

the game midway through the

second half with Baylor up by

30 points.

The inside-outside combination

of Griner and Sims

sustained Baylor throughout

the first half. Griner set the

tone by posting up and hitting

two short jumpers for the

opening four points.

Baylor rolled to a 22-5 lead

midway through the first half,

but the Wildcats rallied from

long range. Kansas State was

7 of 13 from behind the arc in

the first half and received a

big boost from Hill, who was

3 of 4 from 3-point range.

One 3-pointer by Hill brought

the Wildcats within 28-19

before consecutive 3s by

Sims quickly pushed Baylor's

lead to 15.

When Kansas State relied

on its zone defense to limit

Griner's touches around the

basket, Sims hit four 3-pointers.

She finished the half with

all 14 of her points, while

Griner added 12 for a 41-26

lead at the break.

``The first half, we might

not have been our best, but I

think we were keeping the

game competitive,'' Kansas

State coach Deb Patterson

K-State’s Alina Voronenko (32) takes a shot and scored

9 points against Baylor.

said. ``The second 20 minutes,

we just failed in our

ability to do that.''

Baylor had 22 offensive

rebounds, tying for the

fourth-most in Big 12 tournament


Kansas State's Jalana

Childs played just three minutes

because of a hip flexor

strain. Patterson is hopeful

Childs will be healthy for the

NCAA tournament.

Baylor's lead swelled to 38

points with 4:20 remaining.

``We knew we had to

defend them all 30 seconds of

the shot clock, and that's what

we did,'' Sims said.

Photos by Tonya Ricklefs

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BLUE RAPIDS FREE PRESS - Thursday, March 17, 2011

Taelor Karr (12) looks for an opening and scored 13

points for the Wildcats.

Mariah White (22) drives the ball around the Baylor


Jim Daninghaus


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Education Director

USD #498 is accepting applications for the

Community Education Director position.

The Valley Heights Community Education

Program organizes and operates after-school

programs for K-6 during the school year, a

6-8 week all day summer program for

grades 1-6, community education programs

for all ages, a GED program and summer

ball programs.

This position requires at minimum a

Bachelors degree preferably in the areas of

Health, Physical Education, and/or

Recreation. Excellent organization and communication

skills are necessary. Grant writing

experience is preferred.

Salary and benefits are negotiable based on

experience and credentials.

Send letter of interest, resume, and three letters

of recommendation to Superintendent

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continues until filled.

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Classifieds BLUE RAPIDS FREE PRESS - Thursday, March 17, 2011 7A


Youth Serving Others

As I watched 4-H ers ring

bells for the Salvation Army in

December, Boy Scouts collect

canned food for the food

pantry, and the Valley Heights

Kays host the 10th Annual

Valentine Dance for Twin

Valley consumers I was

reminded again that our youth

are still willing to give of themselves

for others. They are not

“all about me”.

Bells were rung with a smile




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and enthusiasm. Food was

lugged from our door steps in

grocery bags by young strong

muscles. Both groups knew

their efforts were for someone


To watch the V.H. Kays host

the Valentine Dance for Twin

Valley consumers was one-onone

service to the consumers

by the high school students.

What a treat for the Twin Valley

folks to be invited to a special


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dent repair




Dave or Keith

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742 Pony Express Hwy.

west of Marysville

Owners: David & Christina Hartsook


Tue ups


Engine repair

dance annually where teens

dance the Hokey Pokey,

Country Swing, or Two-Step

with you if you do not have a

partner. To watch those in

wheel chairs on the dance floor,

everyone enjoying the decorated

atmosphere, music, refreshments,

and door prizes on a

Saturday afternoon was so


I appreciate every door that

is opened for me by a young

Blue Rapids Council Minutes

(unapproved) The governing

body of the City of Blue Rapids

met in regular session March 9,

2011 at 7:00 p.m. in the

Council Room of the

Community Center. Council

members present were: Ginny

Bates, Patricia Osborne, Bob

Roepke, and Jonas Smith. Bob

Skillin was absent. Mayor

Nowak presided.

The following items were

added to the agenda: Gun lock

for police pickup, Vance

Brother’s seminar, polka dancing,

and speed enforcement

day. The minutes of the

February 9, 2011 regular meeting

were approved as presented.

Approved Pay Ordinance

#2213 to pay certain claims

against the city.

Approved waiver of the

community center rental fee for

the community Thanksgiving

dinner. Mark DeWalt was present

to inform the council of his

plans to put the mobile home at

700 Pomeroy back on the foundation

as soon as Diamond D

Ranch Contracting can assist

him. No action was taken by

the council.

Friday Specials

Steaks - Shrimp - Menu

5 pm to 8 pm


420 South Colorado - U.S. 77 Hwy

Waterville, Ks - 785-363-2192

Open Tuesday Thru Sunday 7 am to 2 pm

Approved ordinance 2212 to

establish a housing board for

the Department of Commerce

CDBG grant 11-HR-030.

Hired Mandy Hartloff as

pool manager for the 2011 season

at a salary of $3000 for the

season. Hired Gentry Botkin as

assistant pool manager at an

hourly rate of $7.25. Hired the

following lifeguards: Miranda

Tormondson, Bennett Bargdill,

Sam Jones, and Adria Borchert

at an hourly rate of $6.50.

Bates moved the council

recess into executive session

pursuant to the acquisition of

real property exemption in

order to discuss the possible

acquisition of real property for

two (2) minutes. Motion was

seconded by Roepke. City

attorney John McNish asked

Dave Sanner, Ryan Woodyard

and Susan Hass to participate.

Motion to come out of the

executive session was made by

Osborne and seconded by


Hired Charles Ascheman for

mowing and maintenance

assistance for the season beginning

May 1. His hourly rate

Linda’s Insurance Agency

Specializing in Multi-Peril Crop Insurance

Agents Linda Linda Schmitz Schmitz

Agent/Owner Inez Plegge

400 Center Street • Oketo, KS 66518

785-744-3476 • Office

785-744-3477 • Fax

785-562-2902 • Home

will be $8.00 during a 30 day

probationary period. The

hourly rate will increase to

$9.00 per hour after the probationary


Approved moving

Certificate of Deposit numbers

01005721, 01005722,

01005723 to a 12 month term

when they mature in August


Accepted the bid from

Mustang Construction for

repairs to the shelter house in

the amount of $5498.00. The

Lions Club has agreed to contribute

$1700 toward the


Accepted the lone bid from

Ray Hass to mow Fairmont

Cemetery for $5200.

Approved an increase the

petty cash balance to $200.

Donated $100 to the Valley

Heights After Prom party.

Approved the contracts with

Department of Commerce for

CDBG grant 11-HR-030.

Approved the Civil Rights/Fair

Housing Policy for CDBG

grant 11-HR-030. Approved

the Determination of Level of

Environmental Review for

touch. 1-800-528-7825



ING ADOPTION? Love, security,

warmth and devotion await

your child. Let us help each

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deposit is what you need.

Delivered to your land. Trades

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Help Wanted/Truck Driver



OR OTR 22 STATES $1800.00




CARRIER 888-454-2673 corecarrier.com

person and every youth volunteer

at a soup supper who offers

to help me.

I am grateful for and prayerful

that caring adults in the

community will continue to

encourage our youth to share

their talents and time with and

for others. What more important

memories could they have?

Kathy Steinfort


Heels, Soles,

Baseball Gloves


Zipper put in coats

(overalls etc.)

Hours m-f 8-5

Closed Saturday


Shoe Repair

1200 Walnut



Dr. Sara Baskerville-Crome





CDBG grant 11-HR-030.

Approved the Marshall

County Fair Board’s request to

do some electrical work in the

lower campground area after

consulting with Dave Sanner

about pole placement.

May 9 was selected for

spring cleanup. All limbs and

bagged leaves must be at curbside

by 7 a.m. May 9 and the

city crew will make only one

pass through the city. Limbs

must be parallel to the curb in

order for the city to pick them


Approved retroactive

Christmas bonuses of $300 to

all full-time employees and $75

to all permanent part-time


Purchased a gun lock for the

police pickup at a cost of $548


Approve a speed enforcement

day on an unannounced

date in 2011.

Approved Dave Sanner’s

registration for a street sealing

seminar in Kansas City.

Registration fee is $50 plus one

night hotel.



Donald Prell Realty & Auction

1488 Frontier Rd. • Marysville, Ks 66508

785-799-3787 • Cell - 785-562-6787


Located at 1149

Country Place Dr. —

East of the Airport

on North Street

Marysville, KS


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Higgins leads Colorado past No. 19 Kansas St 87-75


When Colorado waltzed in

and beat nationally ranked

Kansas State two months ago,

ending a nine-game losing

streak to the Wildcats, Cory

Higgins sounded a warning.

``It's a whole new

Colorado,'' the senior said.

Indeed, it is.

Higgins scored 28 points,

Alec Burks added 24 and the

Buffaloes made it three in a

row over Kansas State on

Thursday, ousting the No. 19

Wildcats 87-75 in the quarterfinals

of the Big 12 tournament.

Kansas State had dominated

Colorado for years. But

now, for the first time in a

series that began in 1933, the

Buffaloes have beaten the

Wildcats three times in one


``We beat a great team

three times,'' Higgins said. ``It

can't be a fluke all three

K-State’s Curtis Kelly (24) goes up for the net and

scored 18 points against Colorado.


Colorado (21-12) was the

only team to beat the streaking

Wildcats (22-10) in their

final nine games. And the latest

win was a big one for the

Buffaloes as they try to secure

an NCAA tournament bid in

Will Spradling (55) drives the ball down court and

scored 14 points for the Wildcats.



Blue Rapids and Marysville Area

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BLUE RAPIDS FREE PRESS - Thursday, March 17, 2011

their final season as a member

of the Big 12 before packing

up for the Pac-10.

``People will see the results

of this game and see the fact

that K-State's playing at a

high level,'' Colorado coach

Tad Boyle said. ``Those guys

are good and they're playing

very, very well right now. We

beat a good team. We're not

backing into this thing. I try

not to talk about things I don't

have control over. But this is

our sixth top-50 RPI win of

the season. I don't know how

many bubble teams have six.''

Jacob Pullen and Curtis

Kelly had 18 points apiece for

Kansas State, which rode a

six-game winning streak into

the tournament. Kelly also

had 10 rebounds.

``They beat us three times,

so they're just better than we

are, no ifs, ands or buts about

it,'' Kansas State coach Frank

Martin said. ``That's been

proven on the floor.''

Higgins had 19 points in

the second half, picking up

the slack while Burks struggled

with three fouls and

spent much of the time on the

bench. The Buffaloes closed

the game on a 14-3 run, sinking

eight straight free throws

during one stretch. They were

23 of 27 from the line.

``We feed off each other,''

Higgins said of himself and

Burks. ``Throughout the year

we talk to each other during

the game. It's hard for teams

to shut down both of us. We

just pick each other up.''

Andre Roberson had 11

points and 14 rebounds for


Burks, shadowed by

Pullen, picked up three quick

fouls in the second half and

went to the bench. But

Higgins took control and

scored 10 straight points,

keeping Colorado close until

its all-Big 12 guard got back

in the game.

Kelly's tip-in and Will

Spradling's 3-pointer sliced

Colorado's lead to 70-69

before Marcus Relphorde hit

a 3-pointer from the baseline.

After Spradling's driving

layup cut it to 73-72, Burks

went to the line and hit both

ends of a 1-and-1.

With 1:23 to go, Kansas

State inbounded the ball and

Spradling put up a 3-pointer

that missed. Burks batted

away Rodney McGruder's

follow attempt and Devon

Peterson was called for a foul.

Relphorde, with 59.9 seconds

to go, made both foul shots

for a 77-72 lead. Roberson

made a foul shot and Higgins

made two before Roberson's

layup gave the Buffs, a longtime

Big 12 doormat, a comfortable


``We made some bad decisions,''

Pullen said. ``It's the

same thing that plagued us

when we weren't doing well

in the Big 12. We were undisciplined,

we gave up some

easy shots and we made some

bad decisions on offense and

Jacob Pullen (0) moves to block the Colorado offense. Pullen scored 18 points for

the Wildcats.

it cost us the game. At this

time of year, you can't have

those type of breakdowns or

those type of lapses, or you'll

never be able to beat a good


Earlier, with Burks on the

bench, Higgins hit two free

throws, Pullen canned a 3pointer

for a 55-50 lead, and

then Higgins went inside for a

contested bucket and followed

that with a driving

layup that cut the lead to 55-


After Peterson scored for

Kansas State, Higgins

answered with another basket.

Levi Knutson's two foul

shots and long 3-pointer put

Colorado on top 61-57.

The Wildcats tied it 62-all

on Pullen's 3-pointer, then

Higgins hit a fallaway jumper

and followed that with a driving

layup. Burks, with just his

second bucket of the second

half, tipped in a shot and

Higgins made a floater in the

lane, capping an 8-2 run for a

70-64 lead with 3:31 to play.

Photos by Ben Brake

Kenneth L. Sells, Agent


Kenneth.Sells @fbfs.com

1019 Broadway, P.O. Box 267

Marysville, Ks 66508-0267

Registered Repersentative/Securities & Services offered

through EqullTrust Marketing Services, LLC. 5400

University Ave, West Des Moines, Ia 50266, 877860

K-State’s Rodney McGruder (22) jumps high for a shot

and scored 11 points.

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