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Blue Rapids

Free Press

Vol. 1 Number 14 Thursday, October 1, 2009

School District Dedicates Sports Complex

Opening Ceremonies

Valley Heights Sports Complex

By Supt. John Bergkamp

Good evening ladies and gentlemen,

boys and girls. On behalf

of the Unified School District 498

Board of Education, Staff, and

Administration, I want to welcome

everyone to Valley Heights.

We are excited that you are

here to help celebrate this historic

event. This is truly a great

moment for past, present, as well

as future MUSTANGS. Prior to

kick-off of the first football game

to be played in this 2.1 million

dollar facility, we want to pay

tribute to those that have made

this facility a reality, and a place

that will, for many years to come,

bring pride to the Valley Heights

Community. As you can imagine,

it takes an enormous effort to

construct such a facility. We have

had the expertise of local and area

contractors working diligently

getting us to this point. Those

include Schwab-Eaton

Engineering from Manhattan,

AHRS Construction from Bern,

Kansas, serving as General

Contractor, Howe Landscape

from Riley, Kansas, who installed

the irrigation system and the sod,

and CBS Constructors from

McCook, Nebraska, constructors

of the home grandstands. Local

contractors Nelson Construction,

RedLefty Will

Headline Event

RedLefty, a blues band from

Lawrence, Kansas, will headline

Blues, Brews, and BBQ on Saturday,

October 10. The event is sponsored

by the Marshall County Arts

Cooperative, the Waterville Chamber

of Commerce, and the Weaver Hotel.

Organizers of the event want people

to enjoy live music while enjoying

the company of area residents.

“We want people to spend a beautiful

autumn evening in downtown

Waterville,” said Sandy Harding, one

of the event organizers. “We’ve

noticed that when we host an arts

event, it draws a diverse crowd from

several surrounding communities.

We want people to come together to

have good food, unique beers, and

great music while enjoying the company

of others. This is a county-wide


Student Body President Haily Bauman gave a dedication before Tim Laughlin cut the ribbon.

A2Z Construction, and Risdon

Construction have teamed up to

build the concessions/ restroom/

storage facility, as well as the

ticket booth. Tonight’s fireworks

display is a result of the generous

contributions of the Citizen State

Bank of Waterville, the State

Bank of Blue Rapids, Sink,

Gilmore & Gordon, and Blue

Valley Trailers. A special thanks

to the Valley Heights Booster

Club and the Valley Heights

Foundation for assisting with the

commemorative t-shirts. We

would also like to extend a special

thanks to Darrell Claycamp,

Maintenance Director, for his

untiring efforts in assisting this

entire process. Thank you all for

your efforts as we continue to put

the finishing touches on the complex.

The completion of the

entire facility will certainly be a

reality within the next few weeks.

Tonight’s activities continue the

effort towards excellence that has

always been the goal of the Valley

Heights community.

In the forty-three year existence

of Valley Heights, hundreds

of people have helped shape the

academic and activity culture of

this district. Many of those people

served as school board members,

and gave feely of their time

and talent in that role. Current

Board members Terry Roepke,

Joe O’Toole, Stephen

Hendrickson, Chad Parker, Ryan

Woodyard, Kenneth Steinfort,

and current president Tim


Take One

Manley, are here representing all

past Board members who shared

in their vision of making this

facility a reality. I know there are

past Board members in attendance

tonight and we extend our

sincere gratitude to each and

every one of you for your unending


In addition to board members,

we need to pay special tribute to

alumni, parents, patrons, current

students and staff for your continued

support. Without you, there

would be no purpose for such an

outstanding facility to even be

constructed. We thank you all for

your commitment to Valley

Heights. There are so many people

who deserve special recognition

for their efforts in supporting

Valley Heights over the years,

and helping to make this facility a

reality. Because there are just too

many to mention, we want to say

thank you to ANYONE and

EVERYONE who helped make

this happen. YOU ARE VERY


Again, on behalf of the Board

and Administration, we thank you

for making the choice to be here

tonight. We hope you enjoy all

the festivities and first and foremost,

be sure to cheer loud and


NEW BRIDGE: Testing is being done on the east side of the U.S. 77 bridge north of Blue Rapids. This is a

preliminary geotechnical test for the footing design on the new bridge. (Photo by Deb Barrington)


EWS Blue Rapids Free Press - Thursday, October 1, 2009


Behind The Scenes

VHHS Journalism Staff ventured to the KSU Student Union on Tuesday, September 22 to attend a workshop

about newspaper and yearbook. The workshop started off with a couple speakers from National Scholastic

Press Association. One speaker in the opening session was the executive director, Logan Aimone, who

addressed the world of “Modern Journalism”. Aimone encouraged students and advisers to embrace a multimedia

future. When Aimone finished, students and advisors were dismissed for sessions on different topics.

Topics included details about different aspects of photography, newspaper, and yearbook. J-Staff member

Mikala Fuller says, “I came back with a new perspective and ideas about journalism.” (By Megan Wanamaker)

Fair Board Treats Volunteers To Whole Hog

The Marshall County Fair

Board treated their 2009

Volunteers to a whole hog bar-bque

on September 26 at the 4-H

Achievement building. Fair board

member Dan Matson cooked the

whole hog with the other members

providing side dishes and


After the dinner President Bob

Lindquist thanked the volunteers

for their service to the fair.

Stating that without them there

would be no fair.

Bob also told the group about

the Kansas Barn Alliance that

toured Floral Hall and the rest of

Fairground buildings that afternoon.

He was told that the oldest

building that is now used as the

sheep and dairy barn was donated


Fall Mums

by the Hereford Association and

was built in 1911. Floral Hall

was built in 1916. The other

buildings were also built during

this time. The Alliance group

Shop early for


Blue Rapids Greenhouse

805 Pomeroy, Blue Rapids, Kansas 66411

785-363-7300 • bluerapidsgreenhouse.com

Friday & Saturday Night Specials

Fridays: Steak Night

3rd Week Prim Rib

Winter Hours: 7 am. to 3 pm. - Fri - Sat: 5 to 9 pm.

On the square in Blue Rapids - 785-363-7435

also told him that the hog barn is

one of the oldest fair hog barns

still in use for its intended use in


There will be a benefit softball

tournament held this weekend,

Oct 3, sponsored by the fair

board. The proceeds will go to

repair the damage caused by termites

to Floral Hall. The fair

board will have a concession

stand during the tournament so

come on out and cheer on your

favorite team.

$1.75 Bottles on

Suckem Down Saturday

7-R’s Bar & Grill

33 Public Square, Blue Rapids 785-363-7277

Linn American Legion

Noon Specials 11:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.

Tues. Turkey

Wed. Mexican Cass. & Swiss Steak

Thurs. Fried Chicken

Fri. Swedish Meatballs & Shrimp

Sunday Noon Buffet

September 13 — 11:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.

Fried Chicken & Swiss Steak

Evening Menus - 6:00 - 9:00 p.m.

Sun. Hamburger Specials

Wed. Regular Menu & Breakfast Menu

(featuring Blueberry Pancakes)

Thurs. Chicken-Fried Steak

Fri. Flat Iron Steak $9.95

Sat. Prime Rib

Closed Monday and Tuesday Evenings

For Reservations Call 348-5370

Members & Guests Only

Memberships Available


Well Drinks & Beers - Only $1.75 all Evening!


(Prepared the Way YOU Like Them!)

By Lisa and Rusty

Free Press

Second Front

Vol. 1 Number 14 Thursday, October 1, 2009

Hand It To The Chase Family

It could be called “All in the

Family”, or Let’s give a had to the

Chase Family. Either way the

breaks have been going their way.

The family has gone through

quite the series of tragic medical

events over the past several months

that has now lead up to 4 in the

family unable to use one hand.

Robert Chase was in a farming

accident at work back on the 21st

of August that severed his left

pinky finger. They performed surgery

to repair the finger, and then

he developed a severe infection that

required additional surgery.

Robert travel at least one to two

days a week to Manhattan to see

Dr. Hodges, orthopedic doctor, and

for his therapy. His therapy will

continue into December with no

use of his left hand whatsoever

until after a 12-week period.

On the 16th of September

Robert’s Mother-in-law Carol

Claycamp had surgery to build her

a new thumb socket. This surgery

was also performed by Dr. Hodges

and has left her without any use of

her right hand through December.

On Friday the 18th of September,

Robert’s wife Trinda received a

phone call from the Blue Rapids

grade school saying their son

Hunter, an 8 years old, had fallen

off some playground equipment

and gotten hurt. Hunter received a

cast on his right arm...he broke it in

the fall. He has 4 weeks without use

of his right arm.

On Thursday the 17th of

September Trinda was not feeling

well and went to the doctor and

was diagnosed with severe kidney

infection and was put on Levaquin


Commercials on TV says this

medication can cause severe problems

with tendons in your shoulders,

achilles tendons, and hands.

On Saturday evening Trinda started

having severe pain and swelling in

her right hand. She couldn't recall

having injured it but the pain continued

to worsen and woke her several

times during the night.

Robert was taking Levaquin as

County Influenza Clinics Schedule

Marshall County Health

Department Seasonal Influenza

Outreach Clinics Schedule:

Thursday October 1, 2009

Axtell @ City Hall

8:30 – 10:00

Summerfield @ Fire Station

10:45 – 12:00

Beattie @ The Methodist Church

2:15 – 2:45

Monday October 5 2009

Blue Rapids@ Mesa View

8:30 – 9:30

Waterville @ Community Center

9:45 – 11:00

Bremen @ Bremen Mutual Ins.

1:00 – 1:30

Tuesday October 6, 2009

Frankfort @ Little Timber

All In The Family: Robert and Trinda Chase, Carol Claycamp and Hunter Chase are all using only

one are for the next few days or months.

Nutrition Site

9:00 – 10:00

Vermillion @Library/ City Hall

10:30 – 11:30

Home @ Old Blue Valley

Telephone Bldg

12:30 – 1:00

Oketo @City Hall

1:30 – 2:00

Seasonal Influenza vaccinations

are also available at the Marshall

County Health Department in

Marysville. Business hours are as


Monday, Tuesday and Thursday:

8:00 – 12:00 and 12:30 – 5:00

Wednesday: 8:00 – 8:00

Friday: Closed

well for his infection and he realized

Trinda’s hand pain may be

related to the medication. She

called the doctor on call and he

confirmed it was most likely the

medication and to stop taking it


Trinda saw the doctor in

Manhattan who stated she definately

had developed tendonitis in her

right hand, but the tendon does not

appear to have ruptured. She was

put on a different antibiotic and her

hand wrapped to prevent a tendon

rupture and offer support and comfort

for the current tendonitis. She

has obviously been left with limited

use of her right hand.

This has not been the best summer

for the family. Their 12 year

old daughter Jerrika has a severe

heart condition that caused her

quite a bit of trouble this summer.

She was unable to play outdoors in

the heat and she ended up in the

hospital up in Omaha for a fainting

spell while visiting relatives.

The Chases’ spent a couple days

down in the Ronald McDonald

house while they performed different

tests on Jerrika. She will require

open heart surgery but the doctors

are continuing to try different medications

and treatments to postpone

surgery as long as possible.

Also, while in Kansas City, their

youngest daughter Reilee, 15

months old, was seen by the doctors

as well. Reilee was born with a


Take One

congenital birth defect, which is

what Jerrika's heart condition is,

however, Reilee's involves her kidneys,

ureters, and bladder. Her condition

is abbreviated VUR.

Long story short, Reilee’s urine

in her bladder backs up into her

kidneys enlarging them and making

her prone to infections. She was

deathly ill at only 2 weeks old with

staff infection in her bladder. In

Kansas City they received good

news that her kidneys are growing

and functioning well; however,

they must monitor this condition

frequently because of the risks with

her kidney development and risk of


The problem have made the

family closer now than ever. The

other night Robert and Trinda

cooked supper together, he used his

right hand and she used her left to

drain the spaghettti noodles. And

when she needed to wash her hand

he used his to help.

Trinda said, “That is the only

way my husband and I have survived,

by working together, since

August 31st of 1990.”

Booster Club Contest

Decorating Hometown Foods with School Spirit for the Booster Club

contest. Booster Club had a contest for the best logo for Homecoming.

One company in both Blue Rapids and Waterville receiveed a prize

after voting by the Valley Heights Student Council members. In Blue

Rapids Hailey Bauman donated her time to style one of the windows

at Hometown Foods. She only had 2 days to get this window display

done while working her hardest. “I chose to do Bag the Buffaloes

because it’s a grocery store so it’s suiting,” quoted Hailey. Steve

Gaydusek, manager of Hometown Foods, is happy to stand by the finished

display. (Photo by Ashley Craft)

Editorial ditorial P age

The Baucus Health Bill:

age Blue Rapids Free Press - Thursday, October 1, 2009


A Medicare Shell Game

By Dennis G. Smith

The Heritage Foundation

My colleagues, this is our opportunity

to make history. Our actions

here, this week, will determine

whether we are courageous enough

and skillful enough to change things

for the better.

--Senator Max Baucus, addressing

the Senate Finance Committee on

September 22, 2009

For all of the bold talk of reform,

the provisions of the Senate Finance

Committee bill are simply more of

the same. This is evident in the way

the committee is evading the systemic

problems that Congress created

with its updates to its flawed

Medicare physician fee schedule.

Since the federal government

apparently cannot ensure beneficiary

access in the current Medicare program--and

since government price

controls like those used in Medicare

do not work--trapping more

Americans into such a system

through a government health insurance

plan does not make sense.

Medicare Payment Update

Medicare reimburses doctors and

other medical professionals for their

services according to a congressionally

created fee schedule that is annually

adjusted by the Sustainable

Growth Rate (SGR) formula.

Enacted in the 1990s, the SGR is primary

evidence of how Congress tries

and ultimately fails to "bend the

curve" of the health care costs in


The idea is relatively simple: If

Medicare spending grows faster than

our overall economy (which is almost

always the case), then payments to

Medicare providers are to be reduced

proportionately to keep expenditures

in line over a period of time. Each

year, the Centers for Medicare and

Medicaid Services estimates how

much the physician fee schedule

update will have to be reduced the

following year in order to meet the

target Medicare expenditures on

physician payment. The 2010 update,

for instance, reflects expenditures

from April 1, 1996, to December 31,


A Political Volcano

If the SGR update goes into effect

in 2010 as planned under current law,

it will result in massive Medicare

payment cuts. But every year,

Congress--under both Democratic

and Republican leadership--routinely

blocks the cuts from going into effect

for a year or two at a time. At the

same time, House and Senate leaders

have left intact the underlying

requirement to keep doctor payment

below the rate of GDP growth.

Subsequently, the necessary cumulative

cut in Medicare payments

grows bigger. Without a change to

current law, payments to physicians

would be reduced by 21.5 percent as

of January 1, 2010, and by an additional

5.5 percent each year from

2011 through 2014 (and a small

reduction in 2015).

The Baucus Proposal

In his opening statement to the

Senate Finance Committee on

September 22, Chairman Baucus

acknowledged the failure to address

the problem: "On one point, I want to

acknowledge up front that we did not

do as much to correct the payment of

doctors under the incredibly misnamed

'Sustainable Growth Rate.'

The SGR needs to be fixed permanently."

But instead of fixing the SGR, the

Senate Finance Committee bill

repeats the prior pattern by providing

a payment increase for 2010 and then

pretending it did not happen. The reason

for this one-year change in the

update is obvious: Fixing the problem

long-term would cost $200 billion

over 10 years. Steny Hoyer (D-

MD), the House majority leader,

rightfully called the Senate Finance

Committee proposal a façade.

Earlier this summer, the American

Medical Association told its members

that Congress would "erase" the SGR

problem. Fat chance.

The Price of Price Controls

The SGR issue should be appropriately

viewed as a microcosm of current

efforts to overhaul the health

care system. The inclusion of the

SGR provisions in the Senate and

House bills is a tactical admission

that Medicare beneficiaries' access to

care is being threatened--potentially a

form of rationing. Two years ago,

when proposed SGR reductions were

more modest than they are now, a

poll of physicians found that 60 percent

would limit the number of

Medicare patients they accept and 14

percent would stop seeing Medicare

patients entirely if these cuts went

into effect.

The SGR does not even accomplish

the objective it was created to

achieve: to bend the cost curve in

Medicare. Payments to physicians

continue to exceed overall economic

growth. Two years ago, Dr. Cecil B

Wilson testified that "spending targets

cannot achieve their goal of

restraining volume growth by discouraging

inappropriate care.

Spending targets apply to a whole

group and, therefore, do not provide

an incentive at the individual physician

level to control spending. In

addition, they do not distinguish

between appropriate and inappropriate

growth because they apply

across-the-board to all services. In

addition, spending target systems are

based on the fallacious premise that

physicians alone can control the utilization

of health care services, while

ignoring patient demand, government

policies, technological advances, epidemics,

disasters, and the many other

contributors to volume growth."

Special Interest Lobbies

In addition to the budget problem,

fixing the SGR poses a problem for

seniors as well. Physicians are paid

out of Medicare Part B, the

Supplementary Medical Insurance

Trust Fund (SMI) portion of

Medicare. Even though SMI is heavily

subsidized by taxpayers, non-disabled

Medicare enrollees are required

to pay 25 percent of Part B costs.

(Originally, beneficiaries paid 50 percent

of the costs.) So if physician

payments go up, the cost of the entire

program goes up, increasing the

amount of the 25 percent share that

beneficiaries must pay.

Congress enacted a temporary

See Medicare page 5

N ews

ews Blue Rapids Free Press - Thursday, October 1, 2009


PEP Grant Brings Rock Wall

Climbing to the top with a little twist are juniors

Nathan Ramsay and Mikala Fuller. The National

Guard brought the climbing wall for Valley Heights

students with the intention to stress awareness of

physical activity. VHHS received a Pep Grant for the

school years 2007-2010. The grant is shared with 5

other schools including Valley Heights. Part of the

Medicare Shell Game _______________from page 4

"hold harmless" provision to shield

most seniors from a premium

increase in 2010 because they will

not receive an increase in their Social

Security benefits. The cost, however,

is passed along to other Medicare

beneficiaries. Of course, now that

that reality approaches, Congress is

considering spending another $2 billion

to pick up the tab.

Central Planning Failures

As SGR and the history of

Medicare demonstrate, the federal

government has constantly intervened

in the payment systems and

increased massive cost shifting. The

classic scenario is constantly repeated:

Politicians over-promise (more

benefits, lower costs to the benefici-

ary), the budget hemorrhages, politicians

apply a tourniquet to stop the

fiscal bleeding, and the short-term

fixes create even greater long term


History, not hysteria, is why so

many Americans (especially seniors)

are skeptical of the political promises

of more while achieving budget neutrality.

Government cannot deliver

more services for less than the value

of what is being provided.

Government surpasses the private

sector only in its ability to hide the

true cost by forcing someone else to

pick up the tab. Someone has to pay,

which means politicians are constantly

trying to pass the burden around

like a hot potato among providers,

grant includes students recording minutes of activity

and the rock climbing wall was an opportunity to add

physical movement throughout the day. This activity

was valuable to the pep grant because it gave non-

P.E. students a chance to get moving. Struggling to

get to the top many students realized the amount of

strength it required. (By Mikala Fuller)

beneficiaries, current taxpayers, and

future taxpayers. Whoever is left with

the unwanted cost protests, and the

contest starts all over again.

The very idea that government is

more efficient than the private sector

is comical. Why did so many state

and local governments get out of the

direct delivery of health care services

in the 1960s and 1970s? Because of

government inefficiencies.

Medicare's SGR problem is another

chapter in the big book of government

central planning, an epic failure

and a fountain of unintended consequences.

Dennis G. Smith is Senior Fellow

in the Center for Health Policy

Studies at The Heritage Foundation.

Pope Disposal, Inc

Since 1977

Commercial & Residential


For Blue Rapids and


785-363-7537 Jerry Pope, Owner

News ews

Blue Rapids Free Press - Thursday, October 1, 2009

Kansas Profile - Now That´s Rural

Amy Lund - The Swimming Hole

By Ron Wilson, director of the

Huck Boyd National Institute

for Rural Development at

Kansas State University.

Let’s go down to the old swimming

hole. If this calls to mind a

rope swing over a muddy creek,

think again. This is not your

grandfather’s swimming hole. In

fact, The Swimming Hole is the

name of an innovative business in

rural Kansas which is using

hydrotherapy for treatment of


This week we meet Amy Lund.

Last week, we learned that the

2007 Superhorse at the American

Quarter Horse Association World

Show was trained by Brad Lund.

His wife Amy is also involved in

horse training. Now she has her

own business known as The

Swimming Hole.

Amy is originally from southern

California. As a kid, she loved

horses. She went to work with

horses in Oklahoma where she

met and married Brad Lund. He

took a job in the horse business at

Scott City, Kansas, and then he

and Amy got their own place

where they now live near La

Cygne in eastern Kansas.

Brad is a professional horse

trainer who specializes in breeding,

training and showing horses.

Amy is especially interested in

the soundness of the horses.

Amy says, “I had trained horses

and traveled around, but I have

always been interested in keeping

horses sound and rehabbing them

effectively.” On one dark day,

that interest came to a head.

One of Amy’s horses had a bad

accident and tore a suspensory

ligament, which is a key leg muscle.

The muscle was 80 percent

torn through. Amy sent the horse

down to Texas where they had a

facility to rehabilitate the horse

through aquatic therapy.

Essentially, the horse was placed

in a piece of equipment where he

was allowed to walk in water in a

carefully controlled environment.

Ron Wilson

The horse recovered so well that

he eventually won the AQHA

youth world show in heeling.

Amy was intrigued by the benefits

of equine aqua therapy. She

researched the various types of

equipment, found there was no

such facility in Kansas, and

decided to pursue such a business

herself. In December, 2006, she

opened a horse aquatic therapy

facility called The Swimming


Amy says with a smile, “I was

going to call it the Kansas Equine

Rehabilitation Center or something

like that, but Brad said that

was too boring. He said, `Call it

something fun like The

Swimming Hole,’ and so I did.”

The Swimming Hole features

an underwater treadmill in heated

water complete with whirlpool

jets. There are three sand filters to

sanitize the water. The apparatus

is 45 feet long. The horse walks

down a ramp into the water which

is five feet deep at its deepest

point. The treadmill itself is about

15 feet long, consisting of a continuous

belt and stainless steel

hardware attached to a hydraulic

pump. The operator controls the

speed of the treadmill, from a

walk up to a trot.

The horse walks at a controlled

pace on the treadmill in water

heated to 83 degrees and circulating

like a whirlpool. There are

four water jets per leg. The result

is soothing warmth and pressure.

Aquatred therapy has been shown

to be a highly effective means of

reconditioning injured legs, tendons,

ligaments, and muscles. It

is also an excellent way to exercise

or condition a healthy horse.

Amy says, “Aquatred takes

about 60 percent of the weight off

the joints of the horse.” This

enables the horse to get healthy

exercise without putting undue

pressure on the joints. For example,

one customer brought a

German warmblood horse from

Germany, took it to surgery at the

K-State veterinary school, and

then to Amy’s for rehabilitation.

Wow. It’s exciting to find this

resource in rural Kansas, near the

community of La Cygne, population

1,128 people. Now, that’s


For more information about

The Swimming Hole, call 913-


It’s time to leave the swimming

hole. No, this isn’t your grandfather’s

muddy swimming spot.

This is a modern, sanitary system

for helping rehabilitate and condition

horses using water and

motion. We commend Amy Lund

for making a difference by offering

this innovative system to help

horses work their way back to

health. With more businesses like

these, rural Kansas can make

some waves.

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Blues, Brews, and BBQ

on Saturday, October 10

Marshall County Arts

Cooperative, the Waterville

Chamber of Commerce, and the

Weaver Hotel

Features the Lawrence-based

band, RedLefty

Valley Heights Mustangs Unloads

On Republic County 46-20

By Jon A. Brake

It was homecoming and the

Valley Height School District was

dedicating a brand new Sports

Complex and the Mustangs

responded with a big night on the


Republic County started the

game with a long drive starting

on their own 28 yard line and

ending with a 64 yard touchdown

pass. They did not make the extra

point and things looked good for

the Buffalos.

Valley Height responded with a

44-yard pass from Cody Trimble

to Brody Dobrovolny for a touchdown

and then Dobrovolny ran

for two points and the Score was


Heights scored the next four

touchdowns in the 2nd Quarter.

Tanner Whiting broke loose for a

95 yard run. Then Trimble hit

Whiting on a 13-yard pass play.

Whiting again took to the road

and ran 51-yards for another VH



Currently paying $100 a

ton for scrap iron.



Axtell, Kansas

Free Press Sports

Vol. 1 Number 14 Thursday, October 1, 2009

touchdown. By this time (still in

the second quarter) Heights had a

28 to 6 lead.

Trimble and Dobrovolny

hooked up again on a 49-yard

pass and run, to end the 1st Half

at 34 to 6.

In the Second Half both team

scored two times. Cody Trimble

hit Brody Dobrovolny on a 38yard

pass and then later Trimble

took the ball in from 4-yards out.

In the end Valley Heights won

the ball game 46-20.

It was a good night for VH,

homecoming, new sports complex

and a victory in football, that

is a good night.

Team stats Republic County Valley Heights

First downs 8 17

Rushing yardage 106 321

Pass completions -

attempts 6-15 7-13

Passing yardage 131 181

Pass touchdowns -

interceptions 2-3 4-1

Total plays 51 51

Total offense 237 502

Fumbles - lost 2-2 5-3

Penalties - yards 6-40 11-85

Defensive sacks -

yards lost 0-0 0-0

3rd down efficiency 4 for 12 5 for 9

4th down efficiency 2 for 4 2 for 2

Punts - average 3-34.3 1-44.0

Valley Heights Team Statistics (4 games)


Player G Att Yds Avg Lng TD YPG

BRODY DOBROVOLNY 4 26 308 11.8 69 2 77.0

TANNER WHITING 4 24 257 10.7 95 4 64.3

AARON BOESCHLING 4 48 167 3.5 19 2 41.8

CODY TRIMBLE 4 24 102 4.3 49 3 25.5

MARe WHITSON 3 11 68 6.2 32 0 22.7

REID BLACKBURN 4 3 12 4.0 8 0 3.0

GARRETT ANDERSEN 4 1 5 5.0 5 0 1.3

TANNER TRIMBLE 2 3 1 0.3 8 0 0.5

JOEY AGUIRRE 1 2 -4 -2.0 0 0 -4.0

Totals: 4 142 916 6.5 95 11 229.0

Opponents: 4 148 657 4.4 43 6 164.3


Waterville, Kansas


Plumbing, Electrical, General Construction,

Painting, Deck Staining, Remodeling

Home: 785-363-2222 * Cell: 785-713-1414

Sports ports Photos hotos

Blue Rapids Free Press - Thursday, October 1, 2009

Valley Heights Tops Republic County 49 - 20

Valley Heights Halfback Aaron Boeschling (24) takes off around right end.

Anthony Guzzo (60) and Jake Carlson (66) move in for a defensive hit.


Mustang halfback Brody Dobrovolny (11) takes off for the end

zone and a score.

The Defensive line of Jyland Critchfield (65), Jake Carlson (66),

and Chase Blackburn (80) hold the line.



Jon A. Brake

Dedication Blue Rapids Free Press - Thursday, October 1, 2009



Valley Heights Dedicates New Sports Complex

Valley Heights Principal Don Potter give his comments at the Sports Complex dedication.

Class of 1999 and the Josh Zirger Memorial.

Valley Heights School Board (l to r) Tim Manley, Terry Roepke,

Joe O’Toole, Stephen Hendrickson, Ryan Woodyard, Kenny

Steinfort and Chad Parker.


by Deb Barrington

and Jon A. Brake

Principal Don Potter’s

Comments At The Dedication

Thank you for coming out this

evening to help us celebrate the

opening of the new stadium. On

behalf of our students, faculty and

staff, I would like to say thank

you for this wonderful new facility.

We are very fortunate to have

such an excellent venue for our

students, faculty and patrons.

This is a tremendous supplement

to our current facilities and academic


I would also like to express our

appreciation to the superintendent,

Board of Education and the

many others who contributed to

make this happen. This stadium

The 2009-10 Valley Heights football team.

The Mustangs take the field for the first time.

tells the story about our community’s

generosity and commitment.

So many people have given

so much time and effort to this

project. This stadium is a reflection

of our community who is

strong, built well and committed

to what is best for kids.

Our school has a proud and

strong tradition of over 40 years,

and this evening we are adding to

the tradition and history. Once

again, we are so fortunate to have

such a supportive alumni, community

and Board of Education.

Thank you and GO MUS-


Sports BLUE RAPIDS FREE PRESS - Thursday, October 1, 2009 10A 10



Varsity Team Score Record

9/4/09 @ Onaga 58 - 24 1 - 0

9/11/09 @ Minneapolis 14 - 0 2 - 0

9/18/09 HERE vs. Centralia 14 - 42 2 - 1

9/25/09 HERE vs. Republic Co. 49 - 20 3 - 1

10/2/09 @ Washington Co.

10/9/09 @ Wathena

10/16/09 HERE vs. Bennington

10/23/09 HERE vs. Alma-Wabaunsee (Parents Night)

10/29/09 @ Solomon

VARSITY: (All games at 7:00 PM)

Junior Varsity

Team Score

9/8/09 HERE vs. Onaga

9/14/09 HERE vs. Minneapolis

9/21/09 @ Centralia

9/28/09 @ Republic Co.

10/5/09 HERE vs. Washington Co.

10/19/09 @ Humboldt, Table Rock, Steinauer (Nebr.)

(All games at 6:00 PM)

Blue Valley Seamless Gutters

Replace those old gutters and

downspouts with a new seamless

system from Blue Valley Seamless


and Home Improvement

Free Estimates

• Insured

785-363-7414 or 785-268-0236

John & Cheryl Ralph, Owners


Varsity Team Record

9/1/09 @ Linn (VH, Linn, Centralia)

Linn 2-0 1 - 0

Centralia 0-2 1 - 1

9/8/09 @ Wetmore (VH, Wetmore, Onaga)

Wetmore 2-0 2 - 1

Onaga 2-1 3 - 1

9/12/09 Riley County Tournament

Chapman 2-0 4 - 1

Linn 2-0 5 - 1

Riley County 2-0 6 - 1

St. Marys 0-2 6 - 2

9/12/09 Marysville Freshman Tournament

9/14/09 JV Triangular @ Marysville

9/15/09 @ Axtell (VH, Axtell, Blue Valley)

Blue Valley 2-0 7 - 2

Axtell 2-0 8 - 2

9/22/09 HERE vs. Bern, Frankfort

Bern 2-0 9 - 2

Frankfort 1-2 9 - 3

9/26/09 JV Tournament @ B&B

9/26/09 Wamego Tournament

Nemaha Valley 2-1 11-3

Wamego 0-2 11-4

Riley Co. 2-0 12-4

Rock Creek 2-0 13-4

Wamego 0-2 13-5

9/29/09 @ Blue Valley 5:00 PM

(VH, Blue Valley, Clifton/Clyde, Washington)

10/5/09 HERE vs. Washington “C” team 6:00 PM

10/6/09 HERE vs. C/C, B&B (Parents Night) 5:00 PM

10/10/09 Marysville Tournament 9:00 AM

10/12/09 JV Quad HERE 6:00 PM

10/13/09 @ B&B (VH, B&B, Bern, Hanover) 5:00 PM

10/17/09 TVL Tournament @ Blue Valley TBD

Vintage Charm B&B

Guest House

Relax in this beautifully preserved

100 year old guesthouse. Enjoy

the elegance of the era with all

the modern comforts of home.

Tony & Ann Mann - 785-363-2327

34 West Hazelwood, Waterville, Ks 66548

Blue Rapids Auto & Hardware

NAPA Auto Parts

Do It Best Hardware

Hunting & Fishing Licenses

Hydraulic Hoses • Saw Chains

Corn Stoves • Ammunition

Infrared Heaters

10 Public Square, Blue Rapids, Kansas 66411


Sports ports BLUE RAPIDS FREE PRESS - Thursday, October 1, 2009 11A 11

Kansas State 2009

Football Schedule

Date Opponent Location Time (CST) Results Record

K-State Family Reunion

Sat, Sep 05 Massachusetts Manhattan W 21 - 17 1 - 0

Sat, Sep 12 Louisiana at Lafayette, La. L 15 - 17 1 - 1

Sat, Sep 19 UCLA at Pasadena, Calif. L 9 - 23 1 - 2

Fort Riley/Band Day

Sat, Sep 26 Tennessee Tech Manhattan, Kan. W 49 - 7 2 - 2

Sat, Oct 03 Iowa State * at Kansas City, Mo. TBA

Sat, Oct 10 Texas Tech * at Lubbock, Texas TBA

Harley Day

Sat, Oct 17 Texas A&M * Manhattan, Kan. TBA


Sat, Oct 24 Colorado * Manhattan, Kan. TBA

Sat, Oct 31 Oklahoma * at Norman, Okla. TBA

Sat, Nov 07 Kansas * Manhattan, Kan. TBA

Sat, Nov 14 Missouri * Manhattan, Kan. TBA

Sat, Nov 21 Nebraska * at Lincoln, Neb. TBA

* Conference Games

Wildcats Jayhawks

Open Mon-Thur 12 - 9 • Fri and Sat 10 - 10

Bargains Galore

Last three working days

of the month $5 Clothes

Bag Sale.

Every Tuesday is Senior

day 60 or over 20% off

most items (but not on bag Sale)

2006 Center, Marysville, Ks * 785-562-1070

Kansas 2009

Football Schedule

Date Opponent / Event Location Time Record

Sat, Sep 05 Northern Colorado TV Lawrence W 49 - 3 1 - 0

Sat, Sep 12 at UTEP TV El Paso, Texas W 34 - 7 2 - 0

Sat, Sep 19 Duke Lawrence W 44 - 16 3 - 0

(Family Day, Band Day) TV

Sat, Sep 26 Southern Miss Lawrence 11:00 a.m. CT

Sat, Oct 10 Iowa State (Homecoming) Lawrence, Kan. TBA

Sat, Oct 17 at Colorado Boulder, Colo. TBA

Sat, Oct 24 Oklahoma Lawrence, Kan. TBA

Sat, Oct 31 at Texas Tech Lubbock, Texas TBA

Sat, Nov 07 at Kansas State Manhattan, Kan. TBA

Sat, Nov 14 Nebraska Lawrence, Kan. TBA

Sat, Nov 21 at Texas Austin, Texas TBA

Sat, Nov 28 Missouri Kansas City, Mo. TBA

Sat, Dec. 5 Big 12 Championship Arlington, Texas TBA

Sports Blue Rapids Free Press - Thursday, October 1, 2009 12A 12


Stryker Playing For Kansas State

Blue Rapids Free Press -

Valley Heights product Adrian Stryker (13) made this hard hit on a kickoff in the Kansas State -

Tennessee Tech game Saturday. Stryker has been playing on the special teams this season. (Photo by

Jon A. Brake)

Justine Walsh Helps K-State Set Novice 8 Crew Record

The Kansas State women’s

rowing team opened its fall season

at the Head of the Des

Moines on Saturday and came

away with gold for the Wildcats.

The Novice 8+ crew tallied K-

State’s first win of the season

with a dominating margin of victory

of nearly four minutes.

The crew of Riley Hicks,

Bethany Johnson, Justine Walsh,

Morrisa Rumage, Adria Ley,

Danielle Glynn, Tricia Walker

and Brittany Leathers steered by

coxswain Kaitlyn Arrow finished

the 4.6K course on the Des

Moines River in 18:56 besting the

crew from Nebraska by 3:50.

Justine is graduated of Valley

Heights High School... Played

Boo’s Blue Valley Cafe

End of Season



5 to 9 p.m.

16 Public Square, Blue Rapids - 785-363-7435

four years of volleyball... Helped

team to sub-state championship

title... Three-year letter-winner...

Played four years of basketball...

Lettered all 4 years... Named to

high school Honor Roll all 4

years... Member of NHS, president

2 years... Participated in

KAYs, school play, choir and


Full Family Salon


your news to:


Blue Valley Nursing Home

710 Western Ave.

Blue Rapids, Ks 66411


“We have a warm friendly home like environment that

you feel when you enter the door.”

Government overnment

Blue Rapids Free Press - Thursday, October 1, 2009 13

Marshall County


September 21, 2009

The Board of Marshall County

Commissioners met in regular

adjourned session with Thomas

K. Holle, Chairman; Charles R.

Loiseau and Michael J. Keating

members; and Sonya L. Stohs,

County Clerk, present.

The meeting was called to

order at 9:00 a.m.

The Board opened the meeting

with the flag salute.

The minutes were approved as

presented upon a motion by

Charles R. Loiseau moved, seconded

by Michael J. Keating.


Health Department Office

Manager Mary Weeks met with

the Board. Michael J. Keating

moved, seconded by Charles R.

Loiseau to go into executive session

for five minutes at 9:02 a.m.

to discuss matters of non-elected

personnel. Unanimous. No decision

was made as a result of executive


Agency on Aging Director

Heather Ruhkamp met with the

Board. Michael J. Keating

moved, seconded by Charles R.

Loiseau to go into executive session

for five minutes at 9:15 a.m.

to discuss matters of non-elected

personnel with Agency on Aging

Director Heather Ruhkamp present.

The Board requested that

Dan Hooyer, Hooyer

Construction look at the

Helvering Center roof and report

to the Board of what he finds.

Public Works Administrator

Mike Craig met with the Board.

Michael J. Keating moved, seconded

by Thomas K. Holle to go

into executive session for ten

minutes at 9:30 a.m. to discuss

matters of confidential data relating

to financial affairs or trade

secrets of corporations.


Charles R. Loiseau moved, seconded

by Michael J. Keating to

approve purchase orders.


National Sign Co., Ottawa, KS

for wt limit signs $1,176.54-Road

& Bridge fund-P.O. # 105536

Welborn Sales, Salina, KS for

corrugated metal pipe $1,768.64-

Road & Bridge fund-P.O. #


Register of Deeds Linda

Fincham and Public Works

Administrator Mike Craig met

with the Board.

Charles R. Loiseau moved, seconded

by Thomas K. Holle to go

into executive session for ten

minutes at 10:00 a.m. to discuss

matters of non-elected personnel

with Register of Deeds Linda

Fincham and Public Works

Administrator Mike Craig present.


County Appraiser Janet Duever

met with the Board to request for

Microsoft office and windows

licensing for the laptop and GIS

computers in the Appraiser’s

office. Michael J. Keating

moved, seconded by Thomas K.

Holle to approve the purchase of

licenses for the laptop and GIS

Blue Rapids Free Press -

computers in the Appraiser’s

office. Unanimous.

Charles R. Loiseau moved, seconded

by Thomas K. Holle to

approve the vouchers, as presented,

and issue manual warrants

from the respective funds.


Charles R. Loiseau moved, seconded

by Thomas K. Holle to

approve the following purchase

orders. Unanimous.

Brown County Treasurer,

Hiawatha, KS for share of 4

County expenses $ 636.26-

General (District Court) fund-

P.O. # 3576

Michael J. Keating moved, seconded

by Charles R. Loiseau to

go into executive session for five

minutes at 10:41 a.m. to discuss

matters of non-elected personnel.


Michael J. Keating moved, seconded

by Thomas K. Holle to

approve the following purchase

order. Unanimous.

SHI, Marshall Swift Licensing

Team for licensing for Office Pro

Plus and device server $909.00-

Appraiser fund-P.O. # 3588

Sheriff Daniel A. Hargrave met

with the Board. Charles R.

Loiseau moved, seconded by

Thomas K. Holle to go into executive

session for ten minutes at

10:50 a.m. to discuss matters of

non-elected personnel with

Sheriff Daniel A. Hargrave present.


Economic Development

Director George McCune and

Community Development

Coordinator Juanita McCune met

with the Board to give them a

weekly update.

Michael J. Keating moved, seconded

by Charles R. Loiseau to

approve the voiding of P.O. #

3337 and reissue the following

purchase order. Unanimous.

Hanna: Keelan Association, PC

for 1st half of the housing study

$4,750.00-Co. General

(Economic Development) fund-

P.O. # 3338

Recycling Coordinator Fred

Cohorst and Public Works

Administrator Mike Craig met

with the Board to discuss the

need of an additional stock trailer

for the recycling program.

The Board placed a call to

County Health Nurse Sue

Rhodes. Charles R. Loiseau

moved, seconded by Michael J.

Keating to go into executive ses-

sion for ten minutes at 11:35 a.m.

to discuss matters of non-elected

personnel with County Health

Nurse Sue Rhodes present by

phone. Unanimous.

The Board is going to allow

Hannah Largen, Clerk Floater to

go full-time at the Health

Department until the end of

January to help out with the vol-


ume of work due to the H1N1

vaccination and re-evaluate the

full-time status in the Health

Department at that time.

Michael J. Keating moved, seconded

by Charles R. Loiseau to

adjourn the meeting at 11:50 a.m.

The next meeting is scheduled

for Monday, September 28, 2009

starting at 9:00 a.m.

Dr. Sara Baskerville-Crome





Mondays & Thursdays 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

600 Sharp, Blue Rapids

785-363-7755 - Answering phone Mon.-Sat.

Twin Valley Thrift Stores



Drop off your items at any one of these

divisions of Twin Valley Developmental

Services nearest to you

The Wearhouse

107 Commercial

Waterville, KS

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507 Williams

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Hanover, KS

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Dinner Buffet.

We Specialize in Chicken.

Roast Beef and Chicken


1806 Center St., Marysville, Ks * 785-562-2830

Open 6 am to 9 pm everyday

News ews

Blue Rapids Free Press - Thursday, October 1, 2009 14

Shirley Ball Siddens

A memorial service will be

held Friday, October 9, 2009 at 2

p.m. at the St. Marks Episcopal

Church in Blue Rapids, Ks for

Shirley Ball Siddens.

Shirley Ball Siddens age 86 of

Tulsa, Ok died Saturday August

29, 2009 in the St. Francis

Hospital in Tulsa. The daughter

of Thomas McLeod and Goldie

Monroe McLeod, she was born

on February 21, 1923 in Ida

Grove, Iowa.

In 1948 Shirley married

Eugene Ball. In 1951 they moved

to Blue Rapids. They later

divorced. Shirley married Laury

Siddens and they lived in New

Jersey for a time before returning

to Blue Rapids.

Shirley did many things in her

lifetime. She was a switchboard

operator, managed Sands restaurants,

was an Avon lady for over

Barry Joseph Schmidt

Barry Joseph Schmidt, 62,

died at his home in Waterville,

Kansas on August 21, 2009.

Barry was the son Peggy (Haller)

Schmidt and Paul Hugo Schmidt.

He served in the Army in Viet

Laura “Ann” Bienka

Laura “Ann” Bienka, age 64, of

Linn, formerly of Frankfort,

passed away Thursday,

September 24, 2009 at

Community Memorial Hospital

in Marysville.

Laura, “Ann” to her friends

and family, was born at Bethany,

Missouri on August 20, 1945 to

Anthony C. and Lura E.

(Holcomb) Jennings. She

worked as a Medication Aide in

the Bethany Nursing Home

before her marriage. On

December 6, 1968 she married

Robert D. Bienka Sr. at

Westmoreland, Kansas.

Laura was a homemaker for 33

years. She enjoyed the farm life,

canning, working with her vegetable

garden and her dogs. She

also enjoyed going to the

Methodist Church in Linn when

she was able.

Yungeberg Drug

will be closed the following


sept. 19th

sept. 26th

oct. 3rd

oct. 10th

oct. 17th


Shirley Ball Siddens

20 years, and was an accomplished

tap dancer, and loved to

dance. She enjoyed knitting, crocheting,

baking, and cooking.

Playing bridge and bingo were

her hobbies.

She moved to Tulsa from Blue

Rapids, Ks six years ago. She

had been a member of the Red

Nam, earning a Purple Heart with

an Oak Leaf Cluster. He was a

locomotive engineer with the

Union Pacific Railroad when he

lived in Kansas City. He is survived

by his daughters and an

extended family. He was preceded

in death by parents and his

Survivors include her three

children; Alverta Heward and

husband Tim of Barnes, Ramona

Bienka and Robbie Bienka both

from Linn, a granddaughter

Miranda Heward, two brothers;

Charles Jennings and wife Lynda,

Tom Jennings, a sister Annabelle

Hulet and husband John all of

Bethany, Missouri, along with

several nephews and nieces.

Ann was preceded in death by

both parents, her husband in

2002, a son Henry in 1972, a

grandson Eric Heward last June, a

sister Sharon and brother Cecil.

Funeral Services were held at

10:30 am, Monday, September

28, 2009 at the Barnes United

Methodist Church with Pastor

Sandra Jellison-Knock officiating.

Judy Springer is the pianist

and sang “Amazing Grace”, other

music included a congregational

hymn of “The Old Rugged

Cross” and recorded selections of

Blue Rapids Free Press -

Hat Ladies in Tulsa. Shirley was

a member of the Episcopal


Surviving are two daughters

Pamela Bulson of Blue Rapids

and Debra Potter of Grove and

Tulsa, OK. A son Jeffery Ball of

Venice, FL. A sister Joyce

Rickner of McPherson, Ks and

dauthter-in-law Betty Ball of

Blue Rapids.

She is also survived by 14

grandchildren, 19 great grandchildren,

and 2 greatgreat grandchildren.

She was preceded in death by

her husband Larry Siddens, a Son

Dennis Ball, her parents, her stepfather

Harold and 2 brothers

Leland McLeod and Merrill


Services were held on Saturday

September 5, 2009 in the St.

Andrews Episcopal Church in

Grove, OK with Fr. Phil

Lawrence officiating.

Advertising in the Blue

Rapids Free Press is easy.

Our rates are $3 per column


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DCH Enterprises, Inc. doing business as

Dave’s Body Shop and R&K Service



dent repair




Dave or Keith

562-2338 562-3336

Come on out for a free estimate at

742 Pony Express Hwy.

west of Marysville

daughter, Jessica Anne Fox.

Memorial donations may be

made to the Jessica Anne Fox

Fund at the Mayo Clinic:

Attention-Jim Isaak, 200 First

Street SW, Rochester, Minnesota,

55905. Plans for private services

are pending.

“My Sister” and “I’m Gonna

Take That Mountain” by Reba

McEntire. Casket bearers were

Dr. Randall Brown, Warren Berg,

Frank Berg, Joe Wapp Jr., Jerry

Stowell and Harold Armstrong.

Honorary Bearers were Nancy

Raub, Nadia McWilliams, Sherry

Brown and Sylvia Wapp. Burial

was at Mount Hope Cemetery

south of Frankfort. Viewing was

from Noon to 8 pm, Sunday at

Terry -Christie Funeral Home in

Waterville. Memorials are to be

determined later and may be sent

in care of Terry Christie Funeral

Home at PO Box 61, Waterville,

KS 66548.

Owners: David & Christina Hartsook


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Engine repair

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411 East Main Street

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Blue Rapids Free Press - Thursday, October 1, 2009 15

Blue Rapids Free Press -

Blue Rapids Free Press Classifieds


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Have A New

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Help Wanted

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Play it!

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apply online at

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Mailing Brochures! Weekly

pay + Bonus. Supplies furnished.

Guaranteed Opportunity. Call

now! 1-800-307-7131.

Great Opportunity. Landmark

Structures is hiring a Coatings

General Manager with a strong

background in industrial coatings

and managing/training/developing

industrial coatings group;

experience in tank industry standards


NACE certification are preferred.

Please e-mail your resume to

resumemgr@yahoo.com or fax to


Help Wanted/Truck Driver

SLT-Immediate Openings for

CDLA teams, O/OPs welcome

and paid percentage. $1000

bonus. $1,100 week average pay

for company teams. Hazmat & 2

yrs experience. 1-800-835-9471.

Legal Services

Social Security disability

claims; Saunders & Saunders

Attorneys at Law. No recovery,

No fee! 1-800-259-8548.

Manufactured Homes


($0) Down on New 3-5 Bdrm

Modular Homes Placed on Your

Land or Family Land! Up to $8K

Tax Rebate! Your Land is Your

Credit! Easy Qualifying by

Phone! 866-858-6862

(AAA) $8,000 Last Chance.

Federal Government Money

Program is ending.Nothing down

if you have land or family land.

Easy financing. Call for prequalification!!



Airlines Are Hiring - Train for

high paying Aviation

Maintenance Career. FAA

approved program. Financial aid

if qualified - Housing Available.

Call Aviation Institute of

Maintenance. (888) 349-5387.

Pet Supplies

All New Happy Jack Kennel

Dip II: Kills fleas, ticks, stable

flies & Mange mites without

steroids. Biodegradable. At

Orsheln Farm & Home Stores.


Steel Buildings For Sale

20x8x8; 40x8x8; 48x8.5x9.5;

53x8.5x9.5 SHIPPING CON-

TAINERS. Camlock doors, hardwood

floors support forklift.

Delivery available. 1-785-655-

9430 Solomon. www.chuckhenry.com

complete web listing,

photos, specs, pricing.


Advertising in the Blue

Rapids Free Press is easy.

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Homecoming Blue Rapids Free Press - Thursday, October 1, 2009 16A 16


Yard Of The Week

Blue Rapids Free Press -

Terra Hargrave and Garrett Andersen; Queen Macy Parker and King Tim Laughlin; and Chelsea Marquette and Anthony Guzzo.

Terra Hargrave Queen Macy Parker and King Tim Laughlin Chelsea Marquette

This weeks “Yard of the Week” is at 105 Union St. The home belongs to Mr. and Mrs Harry Johnston.

The home over looks the Big Blue Valley. Drive past 105 Union St. and see why it was named it this

week’s Blue Rapids Free Press “Yard of the Week.”






Realtor/Broker Broker

785-363-2111 785-363-2111

E-mail: parker@bluevalley.net

E-mail: parker@bluevalley.net

www.tparkerrealty.com www.tparkerrealty.com

2293 2nd Terrace, 2293 2nd Waterville Terrace, Waterville

2928 10th Rd., Blue Rapids - Country

Home w/Acreage - A well kept 3 br., 3 ba.

home w/geo thermal heating and air, vinyl

siding, full basement, covered patio, 2 car det.

garage, 42x60 Morton bldg., corral and pasture

This home with a nice setting and outbuildings

has a total of 26 acres.

1846 2nd Rd. Waterville - 4Br., 1 Ba. country

home with new roof, guttering & dormers,

newer kitchen and bath, m. bdrm. & laundry

2 car det. garage, barn and nice corral that sits

on approx. 6 acres.

3 Br., 2 Ba. Victorian home on 3 acres.

608 E. Ave., Blue Rapids - 4 Br, 2 Ba., newer kitchen, det. 3 car gar. on corner lot.

104 E. Hazelwood - Waterville - 3(+) Br., 1 1/2 Ba. home 3 car det. garage/shop.

132 W. Elm, Waterville - 3 Br., 2 Ba home w/formal dining room, det. garage.

810 Chestnut, Blue Rapids - 2+ Br., 1 Ba. home, nice size kitchen, lg. Lr. $35,000

326 W. Walnut, Waterville -1 Br., 1 Ba home w/new kitchen. PRICE REDUCED $20’s.

303 E. Walnut, Waterville - 3 BR., 1 1/2 ba. Vict. home w/4 car garage & carport.

240 M/L acres of Great Hunting/Pasture -

3017 3rd Rd. - SALE PENDING

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