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Blue Rapids, Ks

& Manhattan, Ks

Free Press

Vol. 2 Number 44 Thursday, May 5, 2011

Ryan Bulson is taking over Community Ed from Katie McClellan.

Ryan Bulson Takes Over Community Ed

Ryan Bulson has been

hired as Community

Education director replacing

Katie McClellan who tendered

her resignation effective

May 31st.

Ryan attended Bethany

College in Lindsborg and

Kansas State, graduation in

2007 with a BS in Family

Studies & Human Services

Recreation. He worked at the

Junction City family YMCA

where he supervised youth

participants in flag football,

basketball and soccer.

Responsibilities with this job

included organizing practices,

recruiting coaches and

scheduling officials.

In June 2007, Ryan took a

position as Sports coordinator

at the South Branch

YMCA Farha sports Center

in Wichita. There he supervised

baseball, softball, volleyball,

soccer and flag football.

He prepared and maintained

the fields for play and

was liaison between the Y,

coaches, and parents. He prepared

rosters, schedules and

tournament brackets.

He also served as lifeguard

for the aquatics center and

Katie McClellan will be giving

up her post as Director of

Valley Heights Community

Education at the end of May,

ending her 5 year stint. The

next chapter in her life will

mark the beginning of a career

change into the medical field of

Physical Therapy. She has

accepted a position at

Advanced Physical Therapy in

Newton, Kansas as a Physical

Therapy technician. Katie will

continue to work on Physical

Therapy prerequisite course

work and will apply to Physical

Therapy school in the fall of


Water Park.

Ryan recently was named

Sports Director for the Y. With

this promotion, new responsibilities

were added. He served

as Staff Solicitation Chair for

Next Chapter For McClellan

"This is a bitter-sweet time in

my life right now. I have to say

goodbye to the friends who

have become like family to me

and the community that has

become home, but I am excited

for the adventure that lies


"I would like to take this

opportunity to say thank you to

everyone in the Valley Heights

community. You have all

impacted my life greatly and I

am so thankful and blessed to

have known such a wonderful

place and such wonderful people."

City Wide Limb And Leave Pickup May 9th

The City of Blue Rapids

will have a city-wide pickup

for limbs and leaves on May

9. All items to be picked up

must be at the curb by 7 a.m.

May 9.

The city will not return to

any areas. Limbs must be

parallel to the curb and

leaves must be in bags. No

branches larger than 6” in

diameter will be picked up

by the city.

In addition, the vegetation

dump will be open from

May 2 through May 11 from

7 a.m. to 4 p.m. to encourage

citizens to take their

own limbs, leaves and garden

vegetation to the site. It

is important to remember

the state allows ONLY

limbs, leaves and garden

vegetation at this site and

the city can be fined if other

items are at the site.

All other items must be

hauled to the county landfill.

Call 363-7736 with any


Kansas Economy Grows, Suffers From Fuel

By Rachel Whitten


TOPEKA, Kan. – Healthy

business in the international

market and in agriculture

improved Kansas’ business

economy according to the latest

Business Conditions Index


The Index, which is compiled

by Creighton University

economist Ernie Goss, showed

Kansas’ economy expanded to

a 58.4 in April, up from 55.1 in

March. Anything above 50 is

considered growth. But

because April saw gas prices

approaching $4 a gallon,

expansion in the aircraft industry

slowed, according to Goss.

“Firms tied to international

markets and agriculture continue

to report very healthy

By Kristen Hays

The countdown has

begun! And the class of

2011 has 14 days left of


For as long as this group

can remember every senior

class has counted down the

last days of their senior year

with locker signs – one

locker sign is hung for each

day left at Valley Heights.

Sam Jones orchestrated the

growth,” he said. “However,

aircraft and aerospace parts

producers in the state report

pullbacks in economic activity

as higher fuel prices cut into

sales and new orders.”

April’s index is the eighth

time in nine months the indicator

for Kansas has been above

50. The report surveys supply

chain managers about how various

economic factors are

impacting their business.

Approximately 28 percent in

the survey indicated that their

vendors had raised prices permanently

because of fuel

prices, 14 percent reported temporary

price increases and 48

percent indicated that supplying

firms had added transportation

surcharges. The remaining

10 percent reported other sup-

countdown by finding each

senior to autograph all 24

signs, and then taping one to

every senior’s locker. Each

day at 3:30 P.M. one sign

will be taken down until one

sign remains representing

the senior’s last day at

Valley Heights – May 18th.

In the remaining time left

in their high school careers,

some seniors still have

many upcoming events to

plier reactions.

“As higher agricultural commodity

prices improve the outlook

for firms linked to the

farm sector, we are beginning

to see high energy prices cut

into economic growth,” Goss


The overall score for the nine

states that were survey slipped

to 57.7 in April, down from

61.4 in March. That is the second

consecutive monthly drop

Goss reported, suggesting that

the Midwestern economy still

appears to be growing, but

more slowly than before..

States included in the survey

are Arkansas, Iowa, Kansas,

Minnesota, Missouri,

Nebraska, North Dakota,

Oklahoma and South Dakota.

Final Countdown For Valley Heights Seniors

finish up before graduation.

Some events include golf

and track meets, Spring

Fling, midterms, Awards

Night, and for senior journalism

members, finishing a

yearbook. Tristan Dreith

commented, “[the locker

signs] really made me think

about what dwindling time

we have left at Valley


the Strong Kids Campaign

and managed all financial

aspects of the Center. The

number of teams he was

directly responsible for

increased and he served as

Co-Director for 14 Club volleyball

teams. He was supervisor

for 20 site supervisors

and officials.

Ryan’s recent accomplishments

include increasing the

Y’s winter basketball program

from 40 teams to 180.

He helped initiate volleyball

and basketball clinics hosted

by Wichita State University.

He took the initiative and

worked to start a 7-on-7

Passing League and a

Holiday Basketball

Tournament. He was named

South Branch YMCA

Campaigner of the Year in

2010 and chaired the 1st

Annual Farha Sports Center

Golf Tournament.

Ryan and wife Angie will

be moving to the area in the

near future.

Judge Ken Lamoreaux,

Municipal Judge for the City of

Waterville, was presented with

the Michael A. Barbara Award

at the annual Kansas Municipal

Judges Association Spring

Conference in Topeka. Shown

presenting the award to Judge

Lamoreaux is the current

President of KMJA, Judge

James Campbell of Topeka.

The award was established

in 1995 to honor Judge Barbara

for his commitment to the

KMJA. Besides being a former

District Court Judge and author

Blue Rapids

Baccalaureate Is

Sunday, May 15

The Valley Heights

Baccalaureate is scheduled for

Sunday, May 15, 2011 at the

Valley Heights commons at

7:00 p.m. This service is historically

a worship service at

which a message is given to the

graduating class. Parents, faculty,

board members, and community

members are invited.

This year’s inspirational

message will be given by

Pastor Joel Barber, Marysville

Berean Church. Pastors Bob

Whitaker, Waterville and Blue

By Rachel Whitten


TOPEKA, Kan. – The

Kansas House voted Tuesday

to expand penalties on Kansas

businesses looking to avoid

taxes by misclassifying

employees as independent contractors.

Businesses that repeatedly

abuse state regulations denoting

which workers are contractors

versus employees will now

face misdemeanor charges,

assuming Gov. Sam

Brownback signs the measure,

House Bill 2135, into law.

Before they only faced civil

penalties imposed by the

Department of Labor.

According to Karl Hansen,

chief counsel for the Kansas

Department of Labor, employers

looking to purposefully take

advantage of the lack of criminal

charges for repeat offenders

would simply close their business

and open another one. For

example, landscaping businesses

would misclassify an

employee, get hit with a civil

fine, then reopen the next year

under a different name.

“If it’s a different company,

all we can do is hit him with

civil penalty,” Hansen said.

The legislation also aligns

state and federal law regarding

how agencies such as the

Department of Revenue and

Department of Labor can track

down the tax evading businesses.

Mostly, the Revenue

of the Kansas Rules of

Evidence with Evidence

Objections, Judge Barbara

often offered his expertise at

the KMJA annual conference

by providing interesting and

entertaining training sessions.

Previous recipients have

included state Sen. Jay Emler,

Lindsborg; Denise Kilwein,

Office of Judicial

Administration; Kansas

Appellate Court Justice Karen

Arnold-Burger, Overland Park;

and Judge Pat Caffey,

Manhattan. The award is given

Rapids Methodist Church and

Jeremie Vore, St. Mark’s

Lutheran – Waterville, will

assist in the service. Julie

Popejoy will be the accompanist.

In addition, Katie Musil,

so. and Rachel Christie, jr. will

sing a duet and Wendy Hale, jr.

will play the clarinet.

Fellowship of Christian Athlete

students will read the Scripture.

Please join us as we bless our

graduating seniors in this brief

worship service and celebration.

House Passes Penalties

For Misclassified Employees

Department pinpoints businesses

with misclassified employees

in audits which look to

ensure they are correctly filing

and reporting taxes and labor


If during the course of an

audit, the Revenue Department

comes across a business that

might be misclassifying

employees, it can contact the

Labor Department and the two

agencies can work together to

conduct an investigation.

Previously, each agency had to

work on separate investigations,

often resulting in confusion

for the business being


The bill leaves the final decision

up to the Labor Secretary,

who can uphold the employee

classification if the business

proves it meets one of eight

new criteria, which were based

upon a list of 20 justifications

used by the Internal Revenue


“It brings a lot of uniformity

between federal and state law,

which means better predictability

for employers,” Hansen


The bill also sets rules to

guide the two agencies about

the types of information that is

private. Other provisions are

designed to make sure innocent

mistakes by employers are not

punished; doing away with the

previous one size fits all regulations.

Municipal Judge Ken Lamoreaux (left) of Waterville receiving the award.

Judge Ken Lamoreaux

Given The Barbara Award

to a member or a non-member

who has provided exemplary

service to the KMJA.

This year’s recipient is a past

President of the KMJA and

served for several years on the

KMJA Board of Directors as

Director of the Northeast

District. Judge Lamoreaux is

responsible for the development

and maintenance of the

KMJA website at kmja.org and

takes an active role in the

Spring Conference each year.

NEWS EWS Blue Rapids Free Press - Thursday, May 5, 2011


Louise E.


Louise E. Brady, age 95,

passed away on Tuesday, April

26, 2011 at her home in Topeka

under the care of her family and

Midland Hospice.

Louise (or “Weeze” as she

was known by those who loved

her) was born December 15,

1915 at Blue Rapids to

Benjamin Edward and LaVerna

Robert James

“Bob” Carlson

Robert James “Bob”

Carlson, 69, Topeka, died

Wed., April 27, 2011, at the

University of Kansas Medical

Center, K.C., KS, surrounded

by his loving family. He was

born May 2, 1941, in

Marysville, the son of John H.

and Marjorie M. (McCoy)

Leon “Shorty”


Leon A. ‘Shorty’ Myers, age

88, of Marysville passed away

on Tuesday, April 26, 2011 at

the Frankfort Community Care


Shorty was born October 30,

Rose Bruna

Rose Bruna, 88, of Hanover,

Kansas, passed away

Joseph “Goob”


Joseph E. “Goob” Perry, 46,

of Frankfort, Kansas, passed

away Wednesday, April 27,

2011 at the Hospice House in

Topeka, Kansas, after battling

colon cancer for the last 6


Visitation will be Sunday,

May 1, 2011, from noon until

8:00 p.m. at Padden Funeral

Chapel in Frankfort.

Dale L. Latta

Dale L. Latta, 80, of

Marysville, Kansas, died

Tuesday, May 3, 2011 at

Matilda (Woodward) Shaw.

She graduated from Waterville

High School in 1934. On June

22, 1947 she married George

Francis Brady in Manhattan,

KS. Early in their married life,

they farmed close to Frankfort,

KS. Later together they owned

and operated the Brady

Window Cleaning Service in

Topeka, working in many states

until retiring in 1984. She was

also an extraordinary homemaker

who provided a warm,

Carlson. He was raised at

Irving and graduated from Blue

Rapids High School in 1959.

Also in 1959 he was confirmed

and baptized at St. Mark’s

Episcopal Church in Blue

Rapids. Before retiring in

2003, he was a superintendent

for Herrman’s Excavating; and

previously had worked for

Quality Excavating and

Emerson Construction. During

his career he received several

1922 at Greenleaf to Horatio A.

and Marie (Bledsoe) Myers.

After graduation from

Cleburne High School in 1940

he joined the US Army. During

WWII he landed at Omaha

Beach on June 6th, fought in

the Northern Apennines,

Northern France and the

Rhineland. He was also

involved in the relief Bastogne

in the Battle of the Bulge.

While serving he was awarded

the Purple Heart and the

Bronze Star. Upon returning to

the US he attended technical

school to be a Machinist then

attended Kansas State

University for awhile.

Shorty owned and operated

Shorty’s Café in Cleburne until

the town moved due to Tuttle

Creek Lake. He then moved to

Wednesday, April 27, 2011 at

the Atchison Senior Village in

Atchison, Kansas.

Visitation will be Sunday

from 10 a.m. until 5 p.m. at the

Hanover Mortuary.

A rosary service will be held

at 7 p.m., Sunday, at St. John’s

Catholic Church in Hanover.

Mass of Christian Burial will

be held at 10 a.m., Monday,

May 2, at St. John’s Catholic


Burial will be in the church


Rose was born on August 1,

1921 in Marysville, the daughter

of Herbert and Anna

A funeral service will be held

at 2:00 p.m., Monday, May 2,

at the Cigna Center in


Burial will be in Mt. Calvary

Catholic Cemetery, Frankfort.

Goob was born on January

12, 1965 in Frankfort, the son

of Albert and Madeline Hazlett

Perry. He graduated from

Frankfort High School.

He owned and operated

Goob’s Bar in Frankfort for 26

years. Goob very much enjoyed

fishing and hunting. He hunted

Community Memorial

Healthcare in Marysville.

Visitation will be on

Thursday, May 6, from 10:00

A.M. until 9:00 P.M. at Kinsley

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A Div. of Blue Valley Insurance Agencies, Inc.

comforting, safe and nurturing

environment for all who

entered. Louise had a special

gift of compassion and quiet

caring that was reassuring and

supportive to anyone who was

around her. She was small in

stature, but her heart and her

spirit were huge.

Survivors include their two

children, Elaine Brady Rogers

of Topeka and Michael Edward

Brady and fianceé Janet Hunt

also of Topeka, two grandchil-

Seematter Ring. She graduated

from Marysville High School.

On November 6, 1946 she

married George J. Bruna at

Marysville. He passed away on

November 17, 2005.

Rose was a homemaker and

was a member of St. John’s

Catholic Church and Altar

Society. She enjoyed playing

cards, quilting, traveling,

camping, and fishing for trout

and salmon in the northern

states. Rose was also an avid

Kansas City Royals fan and

KU basketball fan.

Survivors include her four

sons, Dennis Bruna, Kansas

Mortuary. The family will

receive friends from 6:00 to

8:00 P.m.

Funeral Services will be held

at 10:30 A.M. Friday, May 6, at

dren, and a great grand-daughter,

her beloved younger sister

Marjory Ann Haecker of

Marysville and by numerous

nieces and nephews, all of

whom she loved dearly and

welcomed into her home

throughout her life.

Louise was preceded in

death by her parents, her husband,

a younger brother

Jonathan Shaw, and her dear

older sister Alice Brady.

Funeral Services are planned

the First Christian Church in

Marysville, with Rev. Jerry

Zanker officiating.

Burial will be at the

Marysville City Cemetery.

Jill L. Gray, D.D.S., P.A.

Family Dentistry

107 South 8th Street

Marysville, Ks 66508

Office: (785 562-5323

Cell: (785 556-1487

for 11 am, Saturday, April 30th

at the Waterville United

Methodist Church with

Reverend Dale Lewis officiating.

Burial will be at Riverside

Cemetery in Waterville. Terry-

Christie Funeral Home,

Waterville is in charge of


Memorials are suggested to

Midland Hospice of Topeka

and may be sent in care of the

funeral home.

be sent in care of the funeral home.

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awards for his outstanding performance

in building streets

and installing utilities throughout

Topeka and Shawnee

County. After retiring he

helped his nephews at Carlson

I-70 Auto Auction. Bob was

married to Terry Riffel Carlson

on Nov. 7, 1987, in Topeka.

Surviving are his wife, Terry, of

the home; children: Robert J. &

Gay Carlson Waterville, Robin

R. Carlson of Houston, TX,

Marysville where he owned

and operated two

Laundromats. On August 11,

1970 he married June O.

Tidwell. In 1974 they purchased

and operated June’s Bar

& Grill in Marysville. They

retired in 2001. One of

Shorty’s passions was for cooking

and spending time with

friends and family.

He was a member of the

SMN&R Post 163 of the

American Legion in


Survivors include his wife

June, their four children,

Tawney Stenberg, Don Taylor

and wife Debbie of Manhattan,

Greg Taylor and Scott Taylor of

Marysville, by four grandchildren,

and nine great-grandchildren

and a sister Doris

elk in Colorado, long-horn

sheep in Tennessee, gators in

Florida, bears in Montana and

Minnesota, and he loved traveling

to Florida and Minnesota.

He was also a loyal and avid

Kansas Jayhawk fan.

Survivors include two sisters,

Debbie (Alan) Schreiner,

Frankfort, and Cindy (Ed)

Kohake, Silver Lake; and

brother, Mick (Angie) Perry,


He was preceded in death by

his parents.

Kenneth L. Sells, Agent

Gregory J. Carlson,

Christopher D. & Sydney

Carlson, and Candace L. Marr

all of Topeka; siblings: Virginia

Jenkins, Carol Bigham, and

Steve Carlson, all of Blue

Rapids, Sandra Miller of

Frankfort, and John Carlson of

Lamar, MO; grandchildren:

Trisha, Maloree, Jacob, Alex,

Megan, Rylie, Luke, Adilynn,

Ava, Ashlee, Jacob, Cheyenne;

and great-granddaughter:


Shorty was preceded in

death by three brothers; Noel,

Clair and Harold Myers, two

sisters Lois Gendre and Fern


Funeral services are planned

for 1:00 pm, Saturday, April 30,

2011 at the SMN&R Post 163

of the American Legion Hall in

Marysville. Burial with

Military Honors by SMN&R

Post 163 of the American

Legion will be at Marysville

City Cemetery following the

service. Viewing will be from

5:00 pm to 8:00 pm Friday at

the Legion Hall, where

Shorty’s family will receive

guests from 5:00 to 7:00 pm.

Memorials are suggested to

either Twin Valley or

Meadowlark Hospice and may

City, MO, Larry Bruna,

Wichita, KS, Gilbert Bruna,

Ottawa, KS, and Ronald Bruna,

Franklin, OH; eleven grandchildren,

and four great-grandchildren.

She was preceded in death

by her parents; husband,

George, in 2005; infant son,

Thomas; five brothers,

Raymond Ring, Frank Ring,

Justin Ring, Herb Ring and

Aaron Ring; and sister, Carol


Memorials will be designated

later and can be sent in care

of Hanover Mortuary.

Memorials will be designated

later and can be sent in care

of Padden Funeral Chapel in



Kenneth.Sells @fbfs.com

1019 Broadway, P.O. Box 267

Marysville, Ks 66508-0267

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through EqullTrust Marketing Services, LLC. 5400

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Bella. He was preceded in

death by his parents, and 2

brothers: Gary and Richard.

Funeral services will be at

10:00 AM, Sat., April 30, 2011,

at Penwell-Gabel Parker-Price

Chapel, 245 NW Independence

Ave. Interment in Prairie

Home Cemetery. Bob will lie

in state after 3:00 PM, Fri., at

the funeral chapel where the

family will receive friends

from 7:00 to 8:30 PM with a

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Soldiers - crucified Him

Paul - proclaimed Him

You must decide what you will do with Christ. The

most important thing one must do with Him is believe

that He died for your sins and receive Him as

your Savior. Acts 16:31 “...Believe on the Lord

Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved,…”

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703 Lincoln Blue Rapids, Kansas

Pastor Titus Mohler—(785)363-7547

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Morning Worship-10:30 AM

Evening Worship - 6:00 PM

If you do not have a church home

we would like to invite you to come

worship the Lord with us!

All are welcome—Come join us!

prayer service starting at 7:00

PM. Memorial contributions

may be made to Faith Lutheran

Church, 1716 SW Gage,

Topeka, KS 66604 or Hope

Lutheran Church, 2636 SE

Minnesota, Topeka, KS 66605.

To leave a special message for

the family online, visit


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Rapids Free Press can be found at


Dr. Douglas Stigge


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News Blue Rapids Free Press - Thursday, May 5, 2011 3A


Senior of the Week: Mason Walsh

By Mikala Fuller

VHHS Journalism

A typical high school student

at Valley Heights doesn’t usually

write music and songs on a

daily basis. Mason Walsh, sr. is

a unique senior who has a creative

flair and uses his creativity

to write songs. He currently

has composed four songs and

has a bunch of ideas recorded

on his computer. Working with

FL Studio, a recording program,

he records his songs with

synthetic instruments and also

an acoustic guitar that he

played himself.

From hardcore music, to

acoustic, to techno music,

Walsh dabbles with about any

genre. He puts his feelings into

his music, “I try to make the

lyrics best reflect myself and

my thoughts,” said Walsh. “I

also try to translate my experiences

into the lyrics and give

the music as much emotion as

possible.” Most of his inspiration

comes from faith, family

and sometimes even girls.

Walsh’s college plans

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include attending Evangel

University to study the music

industry with an emphasis in

recording technology. After

college he wants to pursue

music and own his own studio.

In the field of graphic

design, Walsh has worked with

Photoshop on multiple occasions

and has designed a

Christian inspired line of tshirts.

He uses Photoshop to

design layouts and edit pictures

for people on Facebook when

he’s asked. A very talented senior,

Walsh has played guitar for

6 years, baritone for 4 years,

and trumpet for 2 years, and

would like to learn how to play


Walsh is the son of John

Walsh and Annie Johnson and

his siblings include Gabe,

Justine, and Madeline Walsh.

He has been involved with

band (4 years), art (4 years),

and golf (1 year). Walsh has

been involved in the youth

group at Marysville Christian

Fellowship as co-leader of worship

team for about 1 year.

Susan Schwartz Andersen shared some words

during the Senior Appreciation Night at the

Blue Rapids Rotary Club.

Photos by Deb Barrington

Blue Rapids

Pool Committee

The Blue Rapids Pool

Committee will be serving

lunch at the Lorna Craft


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Mason Walsh

Left: John Schwartz,

Don Musil and Joe

Warders(behind tree)

dig a hole for the tree

planted at the Blue

Rapids Foutain Park

on Arbor Day.


John Schwartz gives

a speech during the

Senior Appreciation

Night for the Blue

Rapids Rotary Club.


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News Blue Rapids Free Press - Thursday, May 5, 2011


Senior of the Week: Chris Winslow

By Sam Jones

VHHS Journalism

“If you can’t push to the

point of breaking, how will you

ever know what you can truly

be,” says Nick Winslow, Chris

Winslow’s older brother. This

quote inspires senior Winslow,

not only because it rings true

but also because Winslow’s

older brother, Nick, has shown

Winslow the importance of

pushing yourself. Winslow

plans to find out his breaking

point while attending basics in

Fort Hood, Texas for six

months and then deploying to

Afghanistan for a year.

Winslow‘s Grandpa Bob is

the most influential person in

his life. “He has always been

there for me and nudged me in

the right direction,” said

Winslow. Following his

Grandpa Bob’s example,

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Winslow tries to influence

younger Valley Heights’ students

by sharing this advice,

“Keep your head up and if you

have the skill use it. If you

don’t work that much, it’s

much harder to get through


Winslow was part of the

football team his senior year

but regrets he did not go out

other years because his favorite

high school memory came

from playing football. “My first

football game was most memorable

because the feelings and

pressure were indescribable.”

Chris participated in football

1 year, track 2 years, FFA and

VH Club. Winslow lives with

his mother Dana and brothers

Parker, Mike, Nick and Nate.

He was born December 22,


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Chris Winslow

VHHS Track at Marysville

Dani Lockhart winds up to throw the discus.

Cody Trimble prepares for his landing during

the triple jump.

Photos by Linda Brake

Benton Coon gets ready the throw the javeline.




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NEWS EWS Blue Rapids Free Press - Thursday, May 5, 2011

Marshall County Minutes

April 25, 2011

The Board of Marshall

County Commissioners met in

regular adjourned session with

Charles R. Loiseau, Chairman;

Robert S. Connell and Thomas

K. Holle members; and Sonya

L. Stohs, County Clerk present.

The meeting was called to

order at 9:00 a.m.

The Board opened the meeting

with the flag salute.

The minutes and agenda

Home Notes -

By Susan A. Latta - CEA

Marshall County Extension


We can begin to take action

on the Dietary Guidelines for

Americans,2010 by making

changes in these three areas to

help us become healthier. The

following three areas are taken

from the U.S. Department of

Agriculture and U.S.

Department of Health and

Human Services.

1. Balancing Calories

Enjoy your food, but eat less

plate full of food. The total

number of calories consumed is

what is important to body

weight. Although total calorie

intake is ultimately what affects

calorie balance, some foods

and beverages can be easily

over consumed, which results

in a higher total calorie intake.

The best advice is to monitor

what you eat and replace foods

higher in calories with nutrientdense

foods and beverages that

are lower in calories.

Decrease your intake of

Jail Report...

Marshall County Sheriff’s


Jail Activity Sheet

Week of: April 24, 2011 to

May 1, 2011

Name: Jessie Hadley

Address: Norton, Kansas

Date of Birth: 05-13-87

Charge: Case # 2010 CR 148

Date of Arrival: 04-26-11

Date of Release: 04-26-11

Reason: Booked & Released

Name: Jessie Hadley

Address: Norton, Kansas

Date of Birth: 05-13-87

Charge: 5 days

Date of Arrival: 04-26-11

Date of Release: 05-01-11

Reason: Time Served

Name: Tamera Meyer

Address: Frankfort

Date of Birth: 04-29-75

Charge: Case # 2010 CR 156

Date of Arrival: 04-26-2011

Date of Release: 04-26-2011

were approved as presented

upon a motion by Thomas K.

Holle moved, seconded by

Robert S. Connell.


Glenn Claycamp, Blue

Rapids met with the Board to

discuss crossing their vacant

lot on Park Street in Blue

Rapids to help move a lady in

Blue Rapids.

Register of Deeds Martha

Roesch met with the Board to

discuss the lease of a new

added fats and sugars and

increase your intake of lower

calorie, nutrient dense whole

grains, vegetables, and fruits:

Moderate evidence shows that

adults who eat more whole

grains, particularly those higher

in dietary fiber, have a lower

body weight compared to

adults who eat fewer whole

grains. Moderate evidence in

adults and limited evidence in

children and adolescents suggests

increased intake of vegetables

and/or fruits may protect

against weight gain.

People eat and drink more

when they are given larger portions.

Downsize your portion


Eat off smaller plates and / or

serve smaller portions at home.

When eating out, order a

small-sized option when possible,

share a meal, or take home

part of the meal. Consider asking

for the to-go box right away

and put half the meal away so

you can’t see it. Review the

calorie content of foods and

Reason: Booked and


Name: Johnson, Jeremy

Address: Marysville

Date of Birth: 05-04-83

Charge: Driving While


Date of Arrival: 04-27-2011

Date of Release: 04-28-2011

Reason: $50 Surety Bond

Name: Johnson, Jeremy

Address: Marysville

Date of Birth: 05-04-83

Charge: Ossowattomie City


Date of Arrival: 04-27-2011

Date of Release: 04-28-2011

Reason: $3000 Surety Bond

Name: Johnson, Jeremy

Address: Marysville

Date of Birth: 05-04-83

Charge: City of Marysville


Date of Arrival: 04-28-2011

Date of Release: 04-28-11

Reason: $150 cash bond

Name: Wullschleger, David

Address: Home, Kansas

Date of Birth: 09-03-58

Charge: Agg Assault

Discharge of Firearm

Date of Arrival: 04-28-2011

Date of Release: 04-29-11

Reason: OR Bond

Name: May, Joshua

Address: Beatrice, NE

Date of Birth: 01-21-89

Charge: County Warrant

Case # 2010 CR 158

Date of Arrival: 04-28-2011

Date of Release: 04-29-2011

Reason: Probation

Name: Spizzirri, Brian

Address: Marysville, Kansas

Date of Birth:01-17-88

Charge: Failure to Appear

Date of Arrival: 04-29-2011

Date of Release: 04-29-11

Reason: $900 Cash Bond

Name: Stell, Courtney

same nutrients as higher fat

milk, but is lower in calories.

3. Foods to Reduce

Compare sodium in foods

like soup, bread, and frozen

meals—and choose the foods

with lower numbers. A strong

body of evidence supports that

as sodium intake for adults

decreases, so does blood pressure.

There is moderate evidence

the same is true for children.

The key recommendations

for sodium are as follows:

Reduce daily sodium intake to

less than 2,300 mg., Further

reduce intake to 1,500 mg

among persons who are 51 and

older and those of any age who

are African American or have

hypertension, diabetes, or

chronic kidney disease. The

1,500 mg recommendation

applies to about half of the U.S.

population, including children,

and the majority of adults.

Check the Nutrition Facts label

on foods for sodium content.

Drink water instead of sug-

Address: Marysville, Kansas

Date of Birth:01-28-73

Charge: 48 hrs

Date of Arrival: 04-29-2011

Date of Release: 05-01-11-

11 Reason: Time served

Name: Shortle, Thomas

Address: Marysville, Kansas

Date of Birth:09-08-84

Charge: 48 hrs

Date of Arrival: 04-29-2011

Date of Release: 05-01-11

Reason: Time Served

Name: Wullschleger, David

Address: Home, Kansas

Date of Birth: 09-03-58

Charge: Obstruction of Legal


Date of Arrival: 04-30-2011

Date of Release: Still


Reason: Still Incarcerated

ary drinks. Added sugars contribute

an average of 16 percent

of the total calories in

American diets. As a percent of

calories from total added sugars,

a major source of added

sugars in the diets of

Americans is soda, energy

drinks, and sports drinks.

Strong evidence shows children

and adolescents who consume

more sugar-sweetened

beverages have higher body

weight compared to those who

drink less, and moderate evidence

also supports this rela-


tionship in adults. Sugarsweetened

beverages provide

excess calories and few essential

nutrients to the diet and

should only be consumed when

nutrient needs have been met

and without exceeding daily

calorie limits.

Reduce the intake of sugary

drinks by Drinking fewer

sugar-sweetened beverages,

Consuming smaller portions

Substituting water and other

beverages with few or no calories

for sugar-sweetened beverages.

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Robert S. Connell moved,

seconded by Thomas K. Holle

to approve the following purchase

order. Unanimous.

Total Funds by Hasler,

Tampa, FL

for postage

$2,979.96-General fund-P.O.

# 3928

Brown County Treasurer,

Hiawatha, KS

for share of 4-County budget

$781.11-General (District

Court) fund-P.O. # 3846

Thomas K. Holle moved,

seconded by Robert S. Connell

to approve the vouchers, as

presented, and issue manual

warrants from the respective

funds. Unanimous.

Charles R. Loiseau moved,

seconded by Thomas K. Holle

to approve the Neighborhood

Revitalization application for

Rodney Hasenkamp, Axtell

with the preconstruction pictures

that were provided by the

applicant. Unanimous.

Charles R. Loiseau moved,

seconded by Thomas K. Holle

to approve the Neighborhood

Revitalization application for

Henrietta Holthaus, Axtell

with the preconstruction pictures

that were provided by the

applicant. Unanimous.

Public Works Administrator

Mike Craig and Public Works

Coordinating Supervisor Larry

Polson met with the Board.

Public Works Coordinating

Supervisor Larry Polson presented

the following bridge

material for two 20X20 structures:

Husker Steel, Columbus,

NE - $24,343.86

Midwest Service and Sales,

Schuyler, NE - $25,711.06

beverages offered and choose

lower-calorie options. Calorie

information may be available

on menus, in a pamphlet, on

food wrappers, or online.

2. Foods To Increase

Make half your plate fruits

and vegetables. Eat a variety of

vegetables, especially darkgreen

and red and orange vegetables

and cooked dry beans

and peas. As a general guideline,

your plate should contain

half fruits and vegetables.

Divide the other half between a

protein and a grain source.

Make half your grains whole


Switch to fat-free or low-fat

(1%) milk. Increase your

intake of fat-free or low-fat

milk and milk products, such as

milk, yogurt, cheese, or fortified

soy beverages. If you are

drinking whole milk, gradually

switch to lower fat options. If

you are drinking whole milk,

go to 2% and move on down to

1% low-fat or fat-free milk.

Lower fat milk provides the




& More

Oden Enterprises, Wahoo,

NE - $28,049.06

Husker Steel, Columbus,

NE - $24,403.32

Midwest Service and Sales,

Schuyler, NE - $26,400.54

Oden Enterprises, Wahoo,

NE - $27,354.13

Thomas K. Holle moved,

seconded by Charles R.

Loiseau to approve the low

bids from Husker Steel,

Columbus, NE in the amounts

of $24,343.86 and $24,403.32.


Robert S. Connell moved,

seconded by Charles R.

Loiseau to approve the following

purchase orders.


Husker Steel, Columbus,

NE for steel bridge pkg.

$24,343.86-Road & Bridge

fund-P.O. # 106688

Husker Steel, Columbus,

NE for steel bridge pkg.

24,403.32-Road & Bridge

fund-P.O. # 106689

Koch Excavating, Axtell,

KS for machine hire

$2,312.50-Road & Bridge

fund-P.O. # 106685

Mike’s OK Tire, Marysville,


for tire repair

$1,429.00-Road & Bridge

fund-P.O. # 106690

The Board placed a call to

the Nemaha County

Commissioners to discuss the

possible replacement of a low

water crossing located on 31st

Rd between Tumbleweed and

Utah Roads in Section 13 of

Noble Township.

County Treasurer Linda

Weber met with the Board.

Thomas K. Holle moved,


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other items

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seconded by Robert S. Connell

to put a new wet kit on the

2000 International Semi trucks

and transfer the old wet kit

from 1990 Ford Semi truck to

Volvo Semi truck and deem

the 1990 and 1980 Fords semi

trucks surplus.

Sheriff Daniel A. Hargrave

met with the Board at their


Robert S. Connell moved,

seconded by Thomas K. Holle

to go into executive session for

ten minutes at 10:20 a.m. to

discuss non-elected personnel

with Sheriff Daniel A.

Hargrave present. Unanimous.

Robert Dallas, Frankfort,

Tim Olmsted, Olmsted Real

Estate; Jeff Sandstrom,

Marshall County Realty met

with the Board to present a

written proposal of questions

to be answered concerning the

proposed change to the

Marshall County Sanitary

Code requested by Rural

Lakes Region Environmental

Protection Program.

County Appraiser Janet

Duever met with the Board.

Thomas K. Holle moved, seconded

by Charles R. Loiseau

to approve the following purchase

order. Unanimous.

Kimble Mapping, Inc.,

Manhattan, KS

for final 2010 maintenance

payment on contract

$6,000.00-Appraiser fund-

P.O. # 3929

Robert S. Connell moved,

due to the fact that the

Appraiser’s office and

Treasurer’s office do not want

to participate in the

Neighborhood Revitalization

program procedures that the

Neighborhood Revitalization

program be cancelled. Motion

dies for lack of second.

Robert, Emma, and Ava

Pechel were present to observe

the meeting.

Economic Development

Director George McCune and

Community Development

Coordinator Juanita McCune

met with the Board with a

weekly update. George presented

a copy of the

Memorandum of

Understanding that was presented

to the City of

Marysville for the Industrial

Park project. Thomas K.

Holle moved, seconded by

Robert S. Connell to approve

the Chairman signing the

Memorandum of

Understanding between the

City of Marysville and

Marshall County to establish

the Sky Trails Industrial Park.


Thomas K. Holle moved,

seconded by Robert S. Connell

to go into executive session for

five minutes at 11:55 a.m. to

discuss matters of potential

land acquisition. Unanimous.

Charles R. Loiseau moved,

seconded by Robert S. Connell

to approve the County’s share

of payrolls and related vouchers,

as presented, processed the

motor vehicle payroll and

issued manual warrants from

the respective funds.

Unanimous. Since the 1st of

the month falls on Sunday the

checks will be deposited in the

accounts on Monday.

Thomas K. Holle moved,

seconded by Charles R.

Loiseau to adjourn the meeting

at 12:35 p.m. Unanimous.

The next scheduled meeting

will be Monday, May 2, 2011

starting at 9:00 a.m.

39 95 The


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I am also currently the Principal Double

Bassist in the Topeka Symphony and play in

the Kings of Swing Big Band

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News Blue Rapids Free Press - Thursday, May 5, 2011


Senior of the Week: James Winkenwader

By Ali Pishny

VHHS Journalism

James Winkenwader, son of

Pat and Kenny Winkenwader,

is a unique individual at Valley

Heights High School. Born on

August 19th, 1993,

Winkenwader has focused his

interests on the military specializing

in military weapons.

Using his mechanical talents he

aspires to join and be a member

of the U.S. Marine Corp and he

hopes to use his mechanics talents

in the future.

Winkenwader has been

involved in a variety of sports,

clubs, and activities during his

4 year at VHHS. Between football,

FFA, and VH club,

Winkenwader has found time

to do what he enjoys most,

competitive shooting. He has

been participating in competitive

shooting for approximately

10 years and hopes to continue

this hobby long after high


One thing students at Valley

Heights will definitely remember

about Winkenwader is his

love for camouflage clothing

and the military, specifically

the U.S. Marine Corp.

Winkenwader plans to take

steps leading to his life as a

Marine directly after high


After leaving the marines

Winkenwader hopes to someday

open a mechanic’s shop of

his own. He credits his

mechanic talents to 4 years of

shop classes under the instruction

of Mr. Dan Palmateer. In

the midst of Winkenwader’s

years in the shop, he successfully

restored and rebuilt a John

Deer 2010, as well as a 1978

Pontiac Trans Am. Most people

don’t know this about James,

but during his years of working

on vehicles, he was actually hit

by his own Chevy.

Winkenwader’s family has

had a tremendous impact on his

life by, “Imposing the importance

of good values and honesty

on me.” Not only does

Winkenwader find inspiration

from his family but also from

Winston Churchill’s famous

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785-744-3476 • Office

785-744-3477 • Fax

785-562-2902 • Home

quote, “Never have so many

been saved by so few.”

Winkenwader is looking forward

to graduating from Valley

Heights and moving on to the

next step in his life, whether

that be military or mechanics,

Winkenwader will undeniably

be doing a job that he loves.

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Jim Daninghaus


Baileyview, KS

James Winkenwader

Lawmakers Spar Over Kansas Pension Proposal

By Gene Meyer


TOPEKA, Kan. - Kansas

House and Senate negotiators

offered sharply differing

approaches Thursday to one of

the biggest changes proposed

for thet state's underfunded

government employees pensions


House negotiators, led by

state Rep. Mitch Holmes, a St.

John Republican and chairman

of that chamber's Pension and

Benefits Committee, are

adamantly backing a House

proposal that would convert

what now is a traditional pension

plan for Kansas teachers,

state employees and local government

workers into what's

known as a defined contribution

plan for workers hired

after July 1, 2013.

Such plans, including the

401(k) plan versions many private

employers offer, provide

retiring workers with pools of

savings with which to supplement

Social Security or other

resources, but not guaranteed

lifetime pensions. That would

limit future exposure of Kansas

taxpayers - who pay the

employers' current contributions

equal to 8 percent or more

of each workers' salary into the

system - to rising pension plan

costs. Those costs, according to

Kansas Public Employees

Retirement Systems projections

presented in February,

could rise to equal more than

21 percent of some workers'

paychecks in two decades and

still leave one group of penson

funds, for Kansas teachers, out

of balance.

"What my colleagues in the

House, and even some

Senators, are telling me is,

'don't back down,' " Holmes

said after negotiators met

Thursday to define the broad

outlines of differences between

the House and Senate plans.

"The Senate rejects defined

contributions," said state Sen.

Jeff King, an Independence

Republican and vice chair of

the Senate Select Committee

on KPERS, who is leading the

Senate negotiators.

Senate negotiators want a

special KPERS commission to

study the defined contribution

idea along with other potential

solutions between now and the

end of next year's legislative

session. Critics of the defined

contribution proposal worry

that such a plan would worsen

Dan Gallagher and Cami Schrair sitting with

their turkey.

the cash bind to which KPERS

appears to be heading because

it would reduce what is paid

into the plan for traditional

pension benefits current workers

would continue to earn for

another few decades.

"Defined contributions are a

non starter as far as the Senate

is concerned," King said.

But that is just for 2013 as

the House has proposed, he

said; "Everything would be on

the table for the study commission."

The proposed commission is

the brainchild of state Senate

President Steve Morris, a

Hugoton Republican who

Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback

last winter named as point man

for legislative efforts to deal

with the pension funding gap.

Brownback has been quoted as

saying he thinks some version

of a defined contribution plan

is inevitable for KPERS,

whether it's a relatively pure

version such as private employers

offer or a hybrid plan that

would include some pensionlike


The funding hole that legislators

are trying to fill is an

officially projected $7.7 billion

gap between benefits that

Around Town

Photos by Deb Barrington

Jeff Cook


Hanover, KS


Dave Bures



Odell, NE

KPERS has promised to pay its

approximately 250,000 members

over the next few decades

and the money it is projected to

have by then to pay those benefits.

Unofficial estimates put

the gap in the $9 billion to $12

billion range, based on a combination

of lower market level

of rates of investment returns

than KPERS presumes for

planning purposes and longer

recovery times that will be

needed to recoup market setbacks.

House and Senate negotiators

were agreed Thursday on a

few broad ideas for closing the

gap. Both broadly agree to

offer employees a choice

between increasing workers

contributions to maintain current

formulas for calculating

retirement benefits or leaving

contribution rates unchanged

and reducing the formulas for

future benefit calculations.

Some of these proposed

changes would require Internal

Revenue Service approval.

Both also broadly agree to

accelerate the rate at which taxpayer

contributions are

increased - now capped at 0.6

percent per year - to at least 1.2

percent by 2017.

Joe O’Toole, and Jeff and Jennifer Pishny working

hard during the Pool Committee Clean Up.

Greg Anderson


Waterville, KS

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3 bedroom home to yourself.

•Complimentary country-style breakfast served

• Each bedroom features its own bathroom

Ask about our special rates for parties, showers &

longterm stays.

A break from life that’s close to home.

News Blue Rapids Free Press - Thursday, May 5, 2011


Onaga Golf Invitational Results

Valley Heights Individual Scoring

Rank Player Name Out In Total

5 Kurtis Larson 46 46 92

6 Brenden Dobrovolny 47 46 93

12 Patrick Hale 56 46 102

15 Jesse Medina 51 52 103

21 Levi Berger 55 54 109

23 Mike Clark 59 52 111

DCH Enterprises, Inc. doing business as

Dave’s Body Shop and R&K Service



dent repair



Now Open Evenings!


420 South Colorado - U.S. 77 Hwy

Waterville, Ks - 785-363-2192

Open Monday Thru Sunday 7 am to 2 pm

Monday Thru Saturday 5 pm to 8 pm


Dave or Keith

562-2338 562-3336

Come on out for a free estimate at

742 Pony Express Hwy.

west of Marysville

Owners: David & Christina Hartsook


Tue ups


Engine repair

Team Ranking

Rank Team Team Score

1 Linn 361

2 Onaga 389

3 Valley Heights 390

4 Washington Co. 409

5 Vermillion 410

Junior Varsity Results

Onaga Golf Invitational

Individual Scoring

Rank Player Name

3 Alec Doner

4 Megan Wanamaker

5 Treg Argenbright

6 Brooke Claycamp

7 Mikala Fuller

10 Lexi Hartloff




Doublewide or singlewide. Our

home, your land, and $0

deposit. It’s Easy. Ask how??




Train for high paying Aviation

Career. FAA approved program.

Financial aid if qualified

- Job placement assistance.

CALL Aviation Institute of

Maintenance. 888-248-7449.


BRANSON, MO Thousand

Hills Resort. The longer you

stay the more you save! Inquire

about 10% to 35% discounts on

nightly rentals! 888-658-2051




ONLINE from Home.

*Medical *Business

*Paralegal, *Accounting,

*Criminal Justice. Job placement

assistance. Computer

available. Financial Aid if qualified.

Call 888-220-3977


Dr. Sara Baskerville-Crome







Donald Prell Realty & Auction

1488 Frontier Rd. • Marysville, Ks 66508

785-799-3787 • Cell - 785-562-6787


Office Hours: Monday, Tuesday,

Thursday, & Friday

Mondays & 8:30 Thursdays AM - 9 5:30 a.m. PM to 5 p.m.

600 Sharp, Blue Rapids

785-363-7755 Located at - 1124 Answering Pony Express phone Mon.-Sat. Highway

Marysville, Kansas



Have You


Internet a mystery to you?

Frustrated by e-mail?

Need help with your

home theater system?

Call Ken Lamoreaux -

40 years of experience

waiting to help you.

By appointment only.


If you like the Free Press please tell these Advertisers

All Your Ag Needs

See us for range cubes, salt, mineral and creep feed.


411 East Main Street

Dog Food, Cat Food, Water Softner and More

Call 363-2777 SCOTT HEDKE

School 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Total

Valley Heights 5 5 6 8 6 6 7 5 7 55

Valley Heights 7 6 6 7 5 6 9 6 7 59

Valley Heights 5 5 6 10 4 7 10 8 7 62

Valley Heights 7 6 6 10 6 6 10 6 8 65

Valley Heights 8 6 6 10 4 7 10 8 8 67

Valley Heights 8 7 6 10 6 8 10 8 8 71

Dancing at The Czech Festival

Liz and Tom Lindquist take Polka lessons from Mary Howell during the Czech

Festival. (Photo by Deb Barrington)


ADOPTION - Happily married,

professional couple wishes

to start family. Can offer

child lots of love and stability.

Expenses paid. Please call

Maria and Michael. 1-800-513-



ADOPT: Young, happily

married couple wishing for

newborn. Love, affection, security

and opportunities await

your baby. Expenses paid.

Please call Jillian and David

anytime 877-613-8169.

Help Wanted/Truck

Driver Quality Drive-Away,

Inc. is seeking 40 CDL qualified

drivers to deliver new

trucks and buses. We are the

exclusive transporter for

Collins Bus in Hutchinson, KS

and have five regional offices

with other large contracts. Call

today 1-866-764-1601 or visit


Help Wanted/Truck Driver

“You got the drive, We have

the Direction” OTR Drivers

APU Equipped Pre-Pass EZpass

Pets/passenger policy.

Newer equipment. 100% NO

touch. 1-800-528-7825

Help Wanted/Truck Driver

Drivers- Flatbed .46/mi Paid

Vacations, 401K, Free Rider

Program CDL Training

Available! Call Prime Inc.

Today! 800-277-0212 or


Pope Disposal, Inc

Since 1977

Have You

Read What

The Free

Press Said?


Heels, Soles,

Baseball Gloves


Zipper put in coats

(overalls etc.)

Hours m-f 8-5

Closed Saturday


Shoe Repair

1200 Walnut



Commercial & Residential


For Blue Rapids and


785-363-7537 Jerry Pope, Owner






Open Mon-Thur 12 - 9 • Fri and Sat 10 - 10

New Construction





Call us for a Free Estimate or

For Questions about your Future Project

Local News Blue Rapids Free Press -

Seniors Vs. Faculty Basketball Games

Emily Gunn takes a shot while surrounded.

Adam Plummer looks for an opening.

Don Potter goes in for the layup/

Katie McClellan goes high for the shot.

Photos by Deb Barrington and Linda Brake

Blue Rapids Free Press - Thursday, May 5, 2011

Mandy Yungeberg takes a shot at an open net.

Kristen Bigham #1

508 East Ave

Fri: Noon-8

Sat: 8-?

Girls and boys baby clothes,

hide-a-bed, couch, lazy boy

recliner,wood stove, washer, misc.

Crystal Gordon #2

403 North Lincoln

Fri: 5-8

Sat: 8-1

Deb Barrington #3

Community Center (northeast

corner of square)

multi families

Sat: 8-3

Ashley Smith #4

608 East Ave

Sat: 8-2

Parker-Wessel #5

703 Chestnut

multi families

Fri: 4-8

Sat: 8-1

Melva Sanner #6

601 Western

multi families

Fri: Noon-8

Sat: 8-2


vailable at:

Rhonda/Regina Pierson #7

440 Mussey

multi families

Fri: 4-8

Sat: 8-1

Jesse-Sandy Little #8


Fri: 9-?

Sat: 9-?

Bruce Tryon #9

813 Pomeroy

Fri: 9-5

Cheri Shanks #10

605 East EAve

Sat: 8-Noon

Pat Davis #11

208 West 8th

Sat: 8-2

Adam Schreiner goes around for the shot.


May 6 & 7, 2011

Community Wide Garage Sales

Blue Rapids, KS 66411

Pick up list & map at any stop!

Shelly Constable #12

600 Sharp (southeast corner

of square)

Fri: 1-7

Sat: 8-4

Verna Williams #13

305 Lincoln

Sat: 8-2

Style meets



Save Savee

up to $60 $ $60

Mail-In M a il-In



On O n Se Select lect



May Ma

y 1 – May



2011 201





on Silken Touch ® Interior Paints, Glyptex ®

Water-Borne Alkyd Enamels, Permanizer ® Exterior

Paints, Acri-Shield ® Exterior Paints & Primers, Super

Acrylic Exterior Paints and Portersept ® ®



Sil lken To ouch Interior Paints, Glypt tex


Wa ater--Borne

Alkyd Enamels, Permanizzer




Acri-Shield Exterior Paints & Primers, P Super



Exterior Paints and Porterseptt

Exterior Paints




on Hi-Hide ® Interior Paints, Blankit ® Primers,

Acri-Pro ® 100 Exterior Paints & Primer, Pro-Master 2000, Acri-Shield ® Stains, PPG Pure Performance ®

Paints & Primers, PPG Floor & Porch Enamels,

PPG BREAKTHROUGH! ® and PPG Seal Grip ® ®




Interior Paints, Blankit Prrimers,


Acri Acri-P Pro P 100 Exterior Paints & Primer r r,

Pro Pro-Master Master



2000 0, Acri-Shield Stains, PPG Pure PPer



& Primers, PPG Floor & Porch Enamels, E




and PPG Seal

Grip Primers

* Mail-in rrebate.

ebate. Limit 10 gallons.

All products

may not be available at all locations.


Blue Rapids Housing needs some

concrete work done including a

curb ramp, curb repair and sidewalk

repair. Please call Lynette at

363-7711 for more information.

Yawna Smith #14

404 East 4th

Fri: 4-8

Sat: 8-2

clothes-newborn, changing

table, water cooler, antique dishes,

vacumn, toy tractors, maternity

clothes (all sizes), misc.

Boyle, Brooks, Borgerding


310 East 8th

Sat: 8-2

Clothing size 5-Junior, girls,

books, womens clothing, games,

DVD's, some scrapbooking, xmas

decoration, toys, misc.

Cliff-Deb Miller #16

205 East 6th

Sat: 7:30-?

Lisa Behrens #17

209 West 6th

Fri: 3-7

Sat: 8-2

Kristi Martin #18

801 Chestnut

Fri: 1-8

Sat: 8-?

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