On Service Winter 2012

On Service Winter 2012

On Service Winter 2012


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No. 46 Winter 2012

Official publication for Returned & Services League of Australia Tasmanian State Branch (inc.)

Corporate Office

28 Davey Street


6220 1200

Bishop Davies Court

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6283 1100

The Manor

2 Guy Street

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6433 5166

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From the Editorial Desk 2

From the Presidents Desk 2

Chief Executive Officer’s Comment 4

Vice President’s Reports 5

State Welfare Coordinator’s Report 7

Images of ANZAC Day in Hobart 8

Navy Crew Suspected of Anglesea Cannon Liberation 10

DVA Goes Online in Tasmania 10

VALE Sergeant Blaine Flower Diddams 11

Australian Veterans Honour WWII Airmen 12

Unique Centenary Gift Returns Home 15

Boer War Comemorative Day 2012 15

RSL (Tasmania Branch) State Congress 2012 Table of Motions Considered 18

State Congress 2012 20

Around The Sub Branches 22

Serving Tasmanians 23

Poem 23

They Came To Say Goodbye 24

RSL Tasmania’s ‘Biggest Loser’ 25

Notices 26

Just Ask A Blonde 27

Australia’s Worst Maritime Disaster Remembered 28

Tasmanian Hospitality Association Awards Night 28

Book Reviews 30

The On Service magazine is produced

by the Returned & Services League League of

Australia (Tasmania Branch) Inc and

issued three times per year.

Submissions of articles of around

300 words, with accompanying

photographs (in digital format),

or items for the Notices section

are encouraged. Submissions

should be emailed to


or mailed to:

On Service, RSL (Tasmania

Branch), ANZAC House,

68 Davey Street

HOBART Tasmania 7000

Submissions should be free of personal views, political bias and must be

of interest to the wider membership of the RSL.

Short requests seeking information or contact with ex-Service

members are welcome for the Notices section.

All enquiries relating to On Service may be forwarded to RSL (Tasmania

Branch) Editorial Team of Phil Pyke on 0408 300 148 or to the Chief

Executive Officer, Noeleen Lincoln on (03) 6224 0881.”

We reserve the right to edit, include or refuse any submission. Articles based

on personal views will not be included unless in the form of Letters to the

Editor with name and address of the author.

Disclaimer: RSL (Tasmania) State Branch advises readers who are

contemplating agreements with advertisers in this magazine to seek

independent financial or legal advice.

Editorial Team

Phil Pyke – Editor

Mobile: 0408 300 148

Noeleen Lincoln OAM – Chief Executive Officer

RSL (Tasmania Branch) - (03) 6224 0881

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General Manager: Gail McCulloch

gail@ resilience.com.au

Cover: A photograph of wreaths laid at the Hobart Cenotaph on ANZAC Day

2012. Photograph by courtesy of David Dickson

RSL On Service




As we head towards a number of key

commemorations, including Vietnam

Veterans Day (18 Aug), Australian

Peacekeeper’s Day (14 Sept) and Remembrance

Day (11 Nov), it is always easy to overlook

one major date – the 5th of September or

the first Wednesday in September.

While I can image many scratching their

heads, it is the Battle for Australia – an

important commemoration around a

significant series of battles with 2012 being

the 70th anniversary of Battle of the Coral

Sea, Battle of Milne Bay, Kokoda Track

Campaign and the bombing of Darwin.

RSL On Service

The debate has always been about what

constituted the Battle for Australia as it

wasn’t about any single action or battle

but more a series – including Timor.

Critics, including a former Australian War

Memorial historian, believe there was no

single Japanese strategy, or coordinated

campaign, against this country and therefore

the commemoration is not relevant.

In undertaking some research recently, I

found out that the predominantly Tasmanian

2nd/40th Battalion lost 53 members in the

Japanese air-raid on Darwin - 53 casualties

before the Battalion even set foot in Timor,

becoming prisoners of war.


Welcome to the Winter edition of “On

Service”. Firstly I should say that it was

with enormous pride that I was elected to

the chair at State Congress last May. As

I am sure you are all aware, our previous

State President, Bill Kaine MBE stood down

having put in three years at the coal face.

Bill did a great job for the RSL in Tasmania

and the League in general and is still helping

where he can.

I stated in the lead up to the elections that

should I be elected, I would spend this year

concentrating on increasing membership.

By ANZAC Day 2013, I also intend to have

every Tasmanian who reads a newspaper

much more aware of what the RSL is and

what we do.

Currently we have 51 Sub Branches with

a fair number of those licenced to sell

alcohol and conduct commercial activities.

Because of the work done at the State Branch

over the last three years, every one of our

Sub Branches now has Tax Concession

Charity status and is required to spend at

least 50% of their profits on fulfilling their

charitable objects, ie: on welfare or patriotic

activities. All the Sub Branches are happy

with this, and it is a fact of which we can

all be extremely proud. These are the facts

that I intend to have known right across the

State by everybody who is not a member of

the RSL.

As members of RSL (Tasmania Branch) we

can all be very proud that we belong to what

I believe is the best charitable organisation

in the State. As well as fulfilling our

charitable objects it is also a fact that when

someone buys a poppy or an ANZAC Token,

100% of that income goes to the welfare

of our veterans, ex Service and serving

members of the ADF and their dependants.

None of this money goes on administration

costs, fuel costs or to meal expenses as is

the case with many other charities.

RSL (Tasmania) State Branch first gained

its Charter on the 25th April 1917. We are

just five ANZAC Days away from being 100

years old. The awful news is that if we do

not do something serious about increasing

our membership now, we may be in jeopardy

by the time we reach our 100 year mark.

This is because of several reasons. Firstly,

the WW2 and Korean veterans will be very

few in numbers. The Vietnam Veterans

will be mostly in their seventies and will

have done their share “at the coal face”.

Currently, of course, most of the Pension

Officer and Welfare Officer work is done

by the Vietnam Veteran generation. The

next problem facing us is the Peacekeepers

and Gulf war veterans are likely to still be

working an unable to take the reins. Veterans

returning from Iraq and Afghanistan will

want to get on with their lives and may

In many ways

the day is

relevant as it


the longo

v e r l o o k e d

bombing of


Until next time

Phil Pyke

not join an

Ex Service


for many years

to come.

Phil Pyke

The solution, Chris Munday

as I see it,

is twofold. One; we have to educate the

newer veterans of what we have to offer,

and get them into the League earlier. Two;

we have to bring more Affiliate members

into RSL (Tasmania Branch). By now most

of us will be aware that to be an Affiliate

you must either have a blood relative who

wore a uniform, or are a Police officer or a

member of an Emergency Service. There is

also provision for a Sub Branch committee

to apply to State Branch for Affiliate

membership for somebody outside of these

guidelines. I believe this has only happened

for two individuals to date. Many Social

members of our Licenced Sub Branches had

blood relatives who served, but are reluctant

to become an Affiliate member because of

the “what’s in it for me?” syndrome. These

folk need to understand that by becoming

an Affiliate member they will be helping

keep the RSL in Tasmania alive well into

the future so that we can be there to help

veterans returning from current and future


Only a very small percentage of veterans

returning from recent conflicts will end up

residing in Tasmania. This is simple maths.

A fact is that currently over 80% of veterans

returning from Iraq and Afghanistan,

discharge in Queensland. Factor in all the

other States and that does not leave many

who choose to reside in Tasmania.

So, who will do the pension and welfare work

in the future? It can only be the veterans

who will be interested in such work, a few

of the remaining younger Vietnam veterans,

and the Affiliate members. So to the Social

members I say this – Instead of using your

local RSL as merely a place for a meal and

a beer, think seriously about doing your

part to make sure it survives well into the

future and that the work of the RSL remains

a constant for those who come after us. Not

only would we like to see those of you who

are eligible become Affiliate members but we

would also like you to think about becoming

more involved in the workings of your Sub

Branch. By this I mean putting your hands

up at committee level, and even considering

becoming a Pension and/or Welfare Officer.

I and the many volunteers throughout our

51 Sub Branches would all agree that getting

active and helping out at whatever level and

in whatever way, will make your life a much

happier one. It is a known fact that if you

do a bit of good in your community, you will

be a much happier human being.

So, to all our Social members, have a think

about the good you will be doing just by joining

in and if you fit into the above mentioned

categories for Affiliate membership ask your

Sub Branch Secretary to sign you up as one.

You will get voting rights in your Sub Branch,

you will receive this magazine posted to your

door and you will be eligible for the discounts

that are being offered not only by Tasmanian

businesses, but those discounts offered at

our National membership level such as the

Ambassador Card, Accor Hotels and others.

On that note, we at ANZAC House will be

concentrating very hard over the next three

months on getting Tasmanian businesses,

who we believe offer a good service or

product, to join in offering our members

valuable discounts.

Tasmania’s own REDLINE is the largest private coach operator in

the state. We offer a comprehensive range of charter vehicles to

business, schools, clubs, organisations and the individual.

Here are some reasons why you should charter our services:

• Accredited Passenger Transport


• Fleet Options from 10 to 62 seats and

2 to 5 star coaches.

• Five star coaches are fi tted with seat

belts, reclining seats, air conditioning,

toilet and video.

• A large coach with wheelchair access

is available.

• Our fl eet is backed by the company's

own workshop and mobile

maintenance crews in each of the three

major centres.

• Drivers are fully accredited and we are

the only operator who employs its own

full-time driver training instructor

Work has already started on this and things

are looking very good indeed.

Lastly, please start wearing your RSL badge

wherever you go. Show you are proud to be

a member of the best organisation in our fair


Keep well and drive carefully.

Chris Munday.

RSL On Service

Our Transit Centres


Cornwall Transit Centre

cnr St John & Cimitiere Sts

Launceston 7250 TAS

PH. 1300 360 000

Hobart Airporter

PH. 1300 38 55 11

(8am to 6pm) DAILY


230 Liverpool St

Hobart 7000 TAS

PH. 1300 360 000


9 Edward St

Devonport 7310 TAS

PH. 1300 360 000


This year I have spent consolidating the

administration behind the project of our Sub

Branches gaining their Tax Concession Charity

status and tidying up the loose ends which

resulted from that. I am very pleased to say

we only have one Sub Branch now outstanding

with its merger intentions and unfortunately

the delay on this one was unavoidable. Many of

you will be aware that the Federal Government

intends to introduce into Parliament a proposal

to form a new Australian Charities & Not-For-

Profits Commission (ACNC) which will take over

from the Australian Taxation Office in all those

areas relating to recognized charities. Our State

Branch lawyer is watching this one very closely

on our behalf and will keep me informed as to

any changes we may need to make in the future

regarding our reporting procedures.

Our State President, Chris Munday has

made mention in his column of bringing

your Social members across to Affiliate

Member status. I will not repeat his words

but wish to add one more consideration.



RSL On Service

When I compile submissions to put to either the

State Government or to our National or other

State Branches which may result in financial

assistance to RSL (Tasmania Branch) it is

increasingly difficult to justify if I cannot show

that we are also helping ourselves.

Before I can request a larger amount of

sponsorship funds from ‘National pooling’ I must

be able to show an increase in our membership

numbers, because this is how ‘National pooling’

funds are distributed. At the end of the day it is

the Sub Branches who benefit from our income,

either directly or indirectly. The bottom line

ladies and gents is – help us to help you.

We are moving ahead with our plans to go State

wide with our offers of Corporate Sponsorships.

Brochures have been prepared and will be

distributed widely within the next couple of


We are continuing to bring more local

businesses into our RSL Discount Rewards

Scheme with some new businesses listed in this


John King

Hearing Aid Clinics

I would strongly

encourage you

all to continue

contacting a variety

of businesses in your

own areas and ask

Noeleen Lincoln OAM

them to come on board.

Only you can grow our list of benefits to our

members in Tasmania.

We continue to be very busy at the State

Branch and wonder what happened to that now

seemingly fictional thing we used to know as

‘quiet time’ which used to appear during June

and July each year. There is no longer any such

thing as ‘quiet time’ as the increased workload

is now very constant all year. At this point I

acknowledge the dedicated efforts of our staff and

volunteers who, despite the increase in workload

still manage to get through it all.

Travel safely

Noeleen Lincoln

T a s m a n i a Seniors Card Welcome

You can trust John King Hearing clinics for responsible advice and reliable after care. For years we have given care

and understanding to thousands of families. We offer a complete range of world famous WIDEX Hearing Aids

including the new micro-series.

• Latest digital hearing aids



• Hearing Assessments

Visiting Sites:

Blackmans Bay | Burnie | Claremont | Deloraine

Huonville | Longford | New Norfolk | Smithon | Ulverstone

• Pre-employment testing

• Water, noise & musician earplugs

• Hearing aid repair service

• Accredited under Government

Hearing services for

pensioners & DVA

80 George St, Launceston

1800 244 080

Permanent sites:

Devonport - 8a Wenvoe St, 7310

Launceston - 80 George St, 7250

Moonah - 81 Main Road, 7009




Greetings to you all.

Firstly, I would like to thank all the Eastern

Division members who voted me into the

Vice President position.

I would like to pass on my good wishes

on behalf of Eastern Division to our outgoing

State President, Bill Kaine MBE for

his tireless work while in office. Happy

retirement, Bill. I would also like to welcome

our new State President, Chris Munday,

who I have worked with successfully over

the last five years in our Sub Branch roles.

My first call of duty was to attend a luncheon

at Fingal and present a life membership on

behalf of the State President to Prevost Mills

which was a great surprise to Prevost, and it

proves you can keep a secret in a small town.

Image and text courtesy of Department

of Defence

P01388A 190x130 CMYK

Defence Service Homes

Not many people can say they have deployed

on two operations over 40 years apart but

I for also Keith attended Moodie, the Primrose it’s true. Sands Annual

luncheon in July which was well catered for,

Army Reservist, Keith celebrated his 61st











and your



in the

A Solomon good day Islands was had some by all. 43 years after his

time as a Tank Gunner in Vietnam.

I must thank your hard working State

He said he could not compare the two

Executive operations. Member for Eastern Division,

Terry Roe for his continuing efforts in

“Vietnam was an undeclared war,” he said.


“You knew




could get




because there


visits. was an I active will be war attending going on as between many Sub the

Branch north and meetings south. with Here Terry in Solomon as possible. Islands

we are peace-keeping and trying to help the



any member

to become



any problems don’t

hesitate to contact either me or Terry.

During his Vietnam tour Keith was a Tank

Gunner in C Squadron with the Centurion

Keep tanks. well. During two different incidents in

1968 and 1969 his section was hit by land

Harry mines. Jager

“We had our share of good times and bad

times but no matter where you go freedom

costs. The day after the first incident in

1968, one of my mates, Mick Hannaford

was killed by a mine. The following year

in Long Hai, a guy in my tent, Jimmy Kerr

Insurance Scheme

Home & Contents insurance for Veterans (their widows

or widowers) or ADF personnel who are:

• Entitled to use a DSH loan (whether used or not),

• Entitled to benefits under the Veterans Entitlement

Act 1986 (including AASM qualifying service), or

• Using the Defence Housing Assistance Act loan.


plus thecare

also died. War costs lives.”

Following Vietnam, Keith discharged from

the Regular Army but, feeling something

was missing, he joined the Reserves in

1987 and was posted back to C Squadron,

Harry Jager

1 Armoured Regt.

“The recruiting officer told me they had

become a Reserve unit,” he said. “I was in

C Squadron in Vietnam — and I was one of

the first guys to go in as a Reserve member.”

Since re-enlisting in the Army, Keith has

spent time at Bandiana as an Everyman,

worked at the Olympics for ‘Operation

GOLD’ and is currently deployed to the

Solomon Islands.

“I’ve been blessed to be able to travel around

with the Army and do different things. I‘ve

had the privilege of doing things others have

never done. The cream on the cake for me

would be to also do a Timor deployment

because of what my dad went through there

during the Second World War. He didn’t

‘Prev’ Mills (right)

talk much about it, but one day he told me

he was ambushed by the Japanese and had

to throw his Bren gun away to escape — and

was lost in the bush for two days.”

RSL On Service

To see if you are eligible

and to compare the

features call

1300 552 662


17 5

Hello to all,

As mentioned in my last report, 2011 came

and went and here we are over half way

through 2012.

I hope everyone enjoyed the Easter break.

A great deal has happening around the Sub

Branches with most having had their Annual

Dinners/luncheons and of course held their

AGM’s. I have been lucky enough to attend

some of the AGM’s and Dinners however;

unfortunately due to person commitments

I have missed a few.

To the Secretaries of all Sub Branches I

remind you again to forward the dates

of your AGM’s and Annual Dinners to

the State Branch. It would help the Vice

Presidents in all divisions allocate their time

to give you a visit and attend the various

functions in their allocated areas. Please

assist by forwarding these dates onto myself

or the State Branch.

I was an absentee at the Penguin ANZAC

Day Services this year my son, Jason had

requested for the past few years that I attend

the Dawn Service with him in Melbourne.

I found the event very uplifting standing

outside the Shrine of Remembrance along

with 30-40,000 other people, in the rain. All

you could see were umbrellas and it looked




Hello all,

Lately I have had the pleasure of attending

both the Deloraine Sub Branch and George

Town Sub Branch annual luncheons. I

thank both Sub Branches for their warm

welcome and hospitality and congratulate

all those responsible for wonderful


I’d like to inform all Sub Branches in the

North East region that I plan to visit in the

coming months to carry out the perusal

of Sub Branch documentation, on behalf

of State Branch, in relation to our Tax

Concession Charity Status requirements.

On Sunday 14th October 2012 the Life

Members Luncheon is to be held at the

Longford RSL Memorial Club.



RSL On Service

League Life Members; please put this date

in your diaries. For more information

please direct enquiries to Peter Woolford

at the Primrose Sands RSL Sub Branch.

A short while after State Congress the

State President, Chris Munday visited

the Launceston RSL and presented a Life

Membership to Mr Graham Pedder who

was unable to attend State Congress.


Geoff Leitch

as though we were standing in a big tent

made of umbrellas. Despite the inclement

weather, it certainly did not deter the huge


State Congress was a great success and I must

express my appreciation for a job well done

by the Ulverstone Sub Branch. The dinner

at the Rowing Club was extremely pleasant

with a number of Junior Rowers waiting on

the tables. I am unaware of whether the

young rowers had waited on tables before

but they were very well organized on the

night. My wife Marlene had her share of

luck when it came to the raffles.

On Saturday the 26th of May the Burnie

RSL held their Annual Luncheon. Deputy

Premier Byran Green and the Mayor of

Burnie, Steve Kons were among the invited

guests along with State President, Chris

Munday and his wife Janet. I also attended

with my wife, Marlene as did the State

Executive Member, North West, Graham

Deacon and his wife Sharyn. I believe there

were about eighty guests in all and it was

pleasing to see some old friends and have a

chat. I noted that one old mate, Tom Wragg

was absent and I hope it was only a short


On Sunday, 27th May I joined State President,

Geoff Leitch

Graham Pedder (right)

Chris Munday at a

special meeting at

the Smithton Sub

Branch with a view

to paving the way Kevin Knight

for the future and

ensuring the Sub

Branch remains viable. There was a good

mixture of members in attendance and it

appears as though a number of members

are prepared to step up and make the effort

to have the Sub Branch continue for the

benefit of all. We wish them well in their


I have reports of a large number of members

on the sick list we wish everyone a speedy


At the Penguin Sub Branch our long time

treasurer and Life Member Ted Howe has

taken up residence at the Coroneagh Park

Home for the Aged. At age 94, Ted still

looks forward to his time at the Penguin

Football Club. The Penguin Sub Branch

has lost two of its long serving members

in Bernard (Peter) Hanson (Life Member)

and Kevin Hunter (a fifty year member). We

pass on our condolences to both families.

As many of the North West members know

I have an interest in the RSL Lawn Bowls.

This year for the first time the AGM was

held outside Hobart at Longford with about

eighty members attending from around

the State - next the AGM is to be held at

Turner’s Beach. RSL Bowls is conducted

around the State at various venues if you

are a member of the RSL and are interested

in having a game of bowls, and enjoy the

friendly company of other RSL members

please feel free to contact me and I will pass

the information onto the contact member



As this is my first article I want to take

this opportunity to thank the members of

Southern Division for electing me to this

position. I am very aware that the RSL in

Tasmania is at the crossroads and where

we go from here is going to take some

serious thought and decisions. If we are to

be effective in representing the needs of Ex

Service personnel we must grow our ranks.

Governments (no matter of what political

persuasion) only react to pressure if the

numbers are big enough. With that in

mind I would ask all of us to look to see if

you know anyone who should be a member

and to see if you can do something about

it. Another concern for me is the large

number of Social Members who could/

should in fact be Service or at least Affiliate

members. It is a fact that a Social member

Greetings all,

With the advent of “Carbon Tax”, it is best we

all be sure that all our members know of the

new Essential Medical Equipment payment.

This payment is part of the Governments’

household assistance package, which

provides financial assistance to members of

the veteran and Defence community to help

meet the costs of living impact of the carbon


The Purpose of the payment is to cover the

additional costs of running essential medical

equipment (EME), or medically required

heating and/or cooling that may arise from

the introduction of a carbon tax.

The payment will be available for people

with medical needs or their carers who are

covered by an eligible concession card and

in the area you would like to play. The State

Executive of RSL Lawn Bowls has made

Affiliate members of the RSL welcome. For

an enjoyable social day out come along and

try a game of bowls with your mates.

As your representative on the State

Executive please feel free to contact me if

you have a problem that needs attention at

State or local level and I will do my best to


cannot contribute to the governance of the

League. Like any organization in today’s

world it costs money to do the things that

are required of us to make sure that the

needs of Ex Service personnel are protected.

As a Vietnam Vet I don’t want to see what

happened to us become the same for today’s

Servicemen and women.

As you may be aware it is the role of State

Branch to visit Sub Branches and see how

they are operating. This is not a “Big Brother”

action but simply a way of ensuring that all of

us are operating correctly and in accordance

with our ATO Deeds of Agreement. It

should be noted that even my own Sub

Branch will receive a visit. I am looking

forward to these visits as I am sure that I

will not only be satisfied that we are going

OK but by visiting others I will increase



require specific equipment. Examples of

this equipment are CPAP machines, Oxygen

delivery machines etc.

There are quite a few appliances covered and

to find out if you are eligible for the payment,

please ring the Department of Veteran’s

Affairs. City callers please ring 133254, and

country callers please ring 1800 555 354. The

staff at DVA will be only too pleased to help

with any enquiries.

Finally, we at ANZAC House have a

competition running in conjunction with the

upcoming Veterans’ Health Week. About

now the Secretaries of all 51 Sub Branches

will have received the posters advertising the

event. Just in case the information does not

get out to you, as you may be hard to reach,

the completion is headed “RSL Tasmania’s

I can be contacted on phone

Mob: 0407-917187 or via PO Box 387,

Penguin, 7316.

My Email is penguinrsl@gmail.com


Kevin Knight

my knowledge of

how best we can

serve those who

we represent.

Mel Cooper

I look forward

to meeting as

many members as possible. Should you

wish to meet with me for any particular

reason when I visit you Sub Branch let your

Secretary know so that a meeting can be

arranged. Good luck for the future to all of


Mel Cooper

Greatest Loser” and yes,

it is about losing weight.

The competition runs

from the end of August

to the end of October

and the Prize is a beauty.

Call into your local Sub

Branch for details and join in.

Apart from the weight loss competition,

please be aware that the theme for Veteran’s

Health Week is “social inclusion”. So, try

to get out to see any ex or current serving

member who may not get visitors, and if you

don’t get a lot of visitors yourself, have a go

at visiting a friend and getting involved in

any events your Sub Branch may put in place.

Keep well

Chris Munday

RSL On Service




Dawn Service Service at the Peacekeepers Memorial – Anglesea Barracks

War Widows Guild ‘Field of Remembrance’ Floral tributes at the Cenotaph

RSL On Service


Photographs by courtesy of David Dickson (dbdphotography@hotmail.com)

Two years ago Fred Barratt was wearing the

blue and gold of the Sorell Eagles Football

Club. Now he is in Army camouflage and is

earning his living working with ammunition

in Afghanistan.

Fred joined the Australian Army less than

two years ago, in March 2010, and already

he is on his first deployment to Afghanistan.

Initially, Fred didn’t put too much thought

into a career in the Army.

three weeks of joining the

Army, his brother, Cody

Barratt (two years older),

was also signing up.

After completing their

basic trade courses, the

brothers were both posted

to the 3rd Combat Service

Support Battalion at

Townsville, Queensland,

as an Operator Supply

within the Field Supply


However, it was Fred

who was lucky enough to

have been nominated for

deployment with Force

“It was a spur-of-the-moment decision - I

was Contingent looking of for the something ship’s compliment different – HMAS and Darwin Support Unit Five. The tri-service Unit

something exciting,” Fred said. But within provides logistic and distribution support

Funeral Directors – 6211 4888

24 hours a day



Cornelian Bay


“The people are great, really easy

to get along with. You don’t

know what is going to happen

each day – it is always different.”

to Australian force elements across the

Middle East.

Fred is currently based with Force Support

Team Kandahar Air Field, which is one of the

biggest US bases in Afghanistan. His role

encompasses data entry, issue and receipt

of ammunition in support of the Mentoring

Task Force – Three and Special Operations

Task Group. As part of his role Fred will also

have the opportunity to witness significant

amounts of demolitions and ammunition


“I can’t believe how quick things can change.

Almost within one year and I’m deployed to


While it is early days in his eight-month

deployment, Fred’s favourite experiences

so far have been his relationship with his

colleagues and the physical training.

“The people are great, really easy to get

along with. You don’t know what is going

to happen each day – it is always different.”

When Fred does get back home to Australia

next year, he is looking forward to spending

time with his mates in Townsville and also

making a trip home to Sorell during his post

deployment leave.

“I just want to catch up with friends and go

to the Sorell Football Club.

Supporting Tasmanian families

in their hour of need

Millingtons provides you with every

option in funeral and cemetery service.

Southern Cemeteries – 6278 1244

Cornelian Bay


East Risdon














A small wooden cannon, donated to the Anglesea

Barracks Sergeant’s Mess in 1956 by the HMAS

Wagga, and found two years ago in the Tower of

London before being returned by two Yeoman

Warders has gone missing again.

“The cannon was regularly “liberated” from the

Mess by members of Australian and allied ships,

squadrons and units, gaining a unique history,”

said President Mess Committee, Warrant Officer

Class One (WO1) Graeme Jones.

“It has traveled the world on the USS Missouri

and USS Carl Vinson, been taken on operations in

the Middle East and East Timor, passed between

US nuclear submarines under the Arctic ice and

been on many Australian, UK, US, Canadian and

NZ ships.”

“The cannon and base are covered with small

plaques detailing its travels and adventures.”

In 2009 the cannon was taken to London on the

HMAS Sydney. It was on board that a Yeoman

Warder liberated it from the Australians, taking

it to the Yeoman Warder’s Mess at the Tower of

London where it remained until it was decided

to return the cannon home after nearly a decade


“In 2010 two Yeoman Warders marched with

the cannon into Anglesea Barracks, presenting

it to the then RSM 12th/40th Battalion, WO1

Clients of the Department of Veterans’ Affairs

(DVA) in Tasmania are the first to use a new

service which gives veterans online access to

DVA services.

MyAccount offers Tasmanian veterans a more

immediate way of conducting business with DVA,

giving access to services anytime and anywhere.

All you

need is a registration number, a computer and an

internet connection.

If you are an eligible DVA client, you can use

MyAccount to:

• update your contact details

• view payments and card information

• view the status of your claims

• apply for additional entitlements

• booktransporttomedicalappointments

• lodge claims for travelling expenses

• request replacement cards, and

• view and request forms.


RSL On Service

The return of the cannon by Yeoman Warders in 2010

John Stonebridge in front of assembled Mess

members,” said WO1 Jones

More recently members of the HMAS Melville

were in the Mess at the time the cannon was

noticed to be missing.

“Senior sailors of the ship’s company are our main

suspects but we know that as the cannon heads


More services will available in the future.

With the introduction of MyAccount, DVA is

responding to the changing needs of the veteran

community, and Tasmanian veterans responded


to the MyAccount pilot program run in February

this year.

MyAccount will not replace traditional means of

communicating with DVA. You can still contact

DVA by phone, fax, email, mail and face-to-face.

Tasmanians are among the first to use MyAccount

off yet again, it is not only adding to the history

of this very unique trophy but also raising money

for Legacy as well,” WO1 Jones said.

He said the Mess looked forward to hearing about

the cannon’s whereabouts and receiving the

“fines” of 20 cents per day which will go to Legacy.

which will be progressively rolled out across

Australia in coming months.

Visit https://myaccount.dva.gov.au for more

information and phone 1800 173 858 during

business hours Monday to Friday to register.

VALE Sergeant Blaine Flower Diddams

Killed Afghanistan 2nd July 2012

Sgt Diddams

Sergeant Blaine Diddams was killed during an

engagement with insurgents on operations in

Afghanistan on 2 July 2012. He was on a mission,

targeting an insurgent commander who was

known to be in the Chorah region at the time.

Sergeant Diddams was a very experienced

member of the Special Operations Task Group

and was from the Perth-based Special Air Service

Regiment (SASR). He was employed as a SASR

Patrol Commander.

He is survived by his wife Toni-Ann, their daughter

Elle-Lou and son Henry, his parents Peter and

Cate, and siblings Nikki, Sian, Christian and Luke.

Sergeant Diddams was born in Canberra, ACT, in

1971 and enlisted in the Army on 24 April 1990 and

after completing his initial employment training

for infantry was posted to the 1st Battalion, Royal

Australian Regiment in Townsville, Queensland on

2 November 1990. Sergeant Diddams successfully

completed his SASR selection course and was

posted to the Regiment in 1995.

This was his seventh tour to Afghanistan since

2001, although he had deployed previously on four

occasions to Somalia, East Timor and the Solomon


Sergeant Diddams, ‘Didds’ to his mates was a

devoted family man and a dedicated professional

soldier. Known for his outwards personality and

quirky sense of humour, he was held in the highest

regard by his mates and comrades alike.

Sergeant Diddams has been awarded the following

honours and awards:

• Australian Active Service Medal with Clasp

Somalia, Clasp East Timor, Clasp ICAT

• International Forces East Timor (INTERFET)


• Afghanistan Campaign Medal

• Australian Service Medal with Clasp Solomon

Islands, Clasp ‘CT/SR’

• Defence Long Service Medal

• Australian Defence Medal


• Meritorious Unit Citation

• Infantry Combat Badge, and

• Returned from Active Service Badge.

During Sergeant Diddams’ service in the Australian

Army he deployed on the following Operations:

• Operation Solace (Somalia) – Jan – May 1993

• Operation Warden (East Timor) – Jan – Feb 2000

• Operation Tanager (East Timor) – February –

May 2000

• Operation Trek (Solomon Islands) – 2002

• Operation Slipper (Afghanistan) – Nov 2001 –

Apr 2002

• Operation Slipper (Afghanistan) – May – Oct


• Operation Slipper (Afghanistan) – Jan – April


• Operation Slipper (Afghanistan) – May – July


• Operation Slipper (Afghanistan) – Jun – Nov


• Operation Slipper (Afghanistan) – Jan – Jul 2011

• Operation Amulet (CHOGM Perth) – 2011

• Operation Slipper (Afghanistan) – Feb 2012

April 2012.

The members of the Special Operations Task

Group (SOTG) farewelled Sergeant Diddams

several days later in a moving Memorial Service

at Camp Russell.

SOTG Commanding Officer, Lieutenant Colonel

J, paid tribute to a well-respected and highly

experienced Special Forces soldier during the

service in Tarin Kot, Afghanistan.

“Today we farewelled a husband and father, a mate

and brother who will be forever missed but never

forgotten,” Lieutenant Colonel J said.

“He died doing what he loved in the only way he

knew how - to lead his men from the front. Blaine

was the relaxed professional whose quick wit and

sense of humour could turn a smile in even the

worst of situations. Blaine endeared himself to

everyone who knew him due to his quirky sense

of humour and love of a joke. He was a devoted

father and husband who lived life to the fullest.

He thrived on adventure and time with his mates

and he was the type of person that if you were in

trouble or on a winning streak, you wanted to share

the experience with,” he said.

The Memorial Service was held in Camp Russell at

Multi-National Base – Tarin Kot, before his casket

was moved to a waiting Australian C-130 Hercules


Soldiers from SOTG along with Australian,

Afghan and coalition forces personnel lined the

route to salute their comrade.

The Commander of Australian Defence Forces

in the Middle East, Major General Stuart Smith,

said the loss of Sergeant Diddams was deeply felt

by all ranks.

“Sergeant Diddams was an elite soldier, working

with a professional team, on a vital mission to

support security and safety for the people of

Uruzgan,” Major General Smith said.

“As a military family we mourn his loss, but we put

aside our grief to continue on important work in

Afghanistan as our tribute to his dedication and


Troops from Multi-National Base Tarin Kot line

the route to pay their respects to Sergeant Diddams

as members of the Special Operations Task Group

and military dignitaries accompany his casket to the

awaiting aircraft

Chief of Army Blast for

“Selfish” Journalist

To the Editor,

It was with the greatest disappointment and

dismay that I read Ian McPhedran’s article in

your newspaper this morning, releasing the

name of our most recent combat fatality before

official release by Defence and by his family.

The Army and the Defence Force have well

established protocols for the release of names

and personal details in these circumstances;

protocols with which your journalists are very

familiar but have clearly chosen to ignore.

The family in this instance, whose lives are

currently consumed with their own grief, had

asked Army to wait to release his details so that

they could deal with this terrible loss in their

way. You have robbed them of this right. Such

actions are unconscionable and un-Australian.

Our only concern is a desire to look after those

of the grieving family of a courageous soldier.

Their trust has been betrayed by the selfish act

of a journalist intent on being ‘the first’.

D.L Morrison


Chief of Army

04 July 2012

RSL On Service



A memorial honouring 125,000 brave men who flew with Bomber Command

during the Second World War, including more than 10,000 Australians was

dedicated by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II in London in June.

Minister for Veterans’ Affairs Warren Snowdon said more than 100 Australian

veterans of the campaign are among the hundreds of Commonwealth

veterans attending the memorial dedication.

“Veterans have travelled from across the globe including Canada, New

Zealand and Australia to be in London today for this significant occasion,

many returning to the UK for the first time since the war,” he said.

“I can only imagine what an emotional journey this has been for them; to

be standing alongside mates, remembering the 55,000 comrades who never

made it home to their loved ones.”

“Here in Australia, we will remember the 3,486 Australians killed flying

Bomber Command missions and the 650 who died in training accidents in

the United Kingdom,” he said.

Mr Snowdon said the dangerous missions flown by Bomber Command were

Australia’s costliest combat action of the Second World War.

“This new memorial is a fitting tribute to all those who fell against Italy and

Germany during the ventures of Bomber Command and I commend the

UK Bomber Command Association for its initiative in constructing this

lasting memorial.”

“The Australian veterans and their comrades from across the Commonwealth

are doing us proud in the UK. The service and sacrifice of so many young men

in Bomber Command helped deliver victory in Europe during the Second

World War, and that will never be forgotten.”

Mr Snowdon said in addition to the memorial dedication, other activities have

taken place to commemorate the 70th anniversary of Bomber Command

including an Australian service at the Air Forces Memorial in Runnymede.

A further service was also held on Saturday at the Australian Memorial in

Hyde Park.


RSL On Service


Tasmanian Veteran Joins Bomber Command


Les Boon RAAF

Les Boon from Howrah joined the

recent commemorations in the

United Kingdom alongside around

100 Australian veterans. Les

enlisted into the Royal Australian

Air Force in February 1943 at the age

of 18. After training in Australia as

a Wireless Operator Air Gunner, he

was posted to the United Kingdom,

where he served with No. 625

Squadron, Royal Air Force, at RAF

Kelstern, and No. 576 Squadron,

Royal Air Force, at RAF Fiskerton,

both in Lincolnshire. Two of his

missions with Bomber Command are

particularly memorable to him. The

first occurred on Anzac Day 1945 (his

squadron’s last operational mission,

although none of the squadron

members knew it at the time) when

the squadron bombed Berchtesgaden,

Hitler’s country retreat.

The second was a mission flown as

part of Operation MANNA to drop

desperately needed food supplies to

starving Dutch civilians.

As Les’s aircraft turned for home after

dropping its load of food supplies, the

crew was moved to see a huge sign on

the ground reading ‘THANK YOU’.

Les was discharged from the RAAF in

December 1945 in the rank of Warrant

Officer and returned to civilian life to

build a career in both the public and

private sectors, as well as being self

employed. Married for 63 years, Les

has three children, ten grandchildren

and four great-grandchildren, all of

whom are very much the centre of

his life.

Les has been active over many years

in a number of social, charitable and

service clubs, including the RAAF

Association and the RSL. Of his time

in Bomber Command, Les recalls the

general commitment to service and

the desire to get the job done.

Les Boon - Today

RSL On Service

DVA Veterans Medical Transport

Do you have a medical

condition where nonurgent


transport could assist

you with medical



Ambulance Private is approved by DVA to provide

non-urgent ambulance transport statewide to Gold

Card holders and other elligible recipients

The book


details the importa

transport for medical purposes Barracks site in many of t

narratives of Tasmanian histo

the early bushrangers, The Blac

For the cost of a local call, speak

with an Ambulance Private

operator to place your booking or

to enquire about this service.

1300 363 911

BARRACK HILL – A History of Anglesea

Barracks 1811-2011

Barrack Hill is a fitting tribute to the vision

that Governor Lachlan Macquarie had for

the barracks site he established on his tour

of Van Diemen’s Land in 1811. Meticulous

research by John Lennox and John Wadsley,

accompanied by an amazing collection of


& enquiries

24 hours a day,

7 days a week

images maps and plans, has resulted in a

work that comprehensively details each

stage of Anglesea Barracks’ history in a

manner that also pays respect to many of

the individual lives and stories enmeshed in

that history.

Tasmanian self-government, as w

events such as the Boer War and

20th Century world conflicts. B

also introduces readers to the

military roles the site has housed

the manufacturing of rope in the

German immigrant rope maker

of schools and a girls’ reformato

Sections of the book on the British

that occupied the site up until

not only how those regiments

to broader military history of

but also introduce us to some of

forgotten individuals of those

including Jeremiah Corbett o

Regiment of Foot who carved det

spent in the Military Prison on h

There is also the unnamed youn

the 18th regiment who marrie

permission and left with his

promising to return to his wife

child when his enlistment was u

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Charles Elliott and Alice King during WWI

As Australia heads towards the Centenary of

ANZAC, the 12th/40th Battalion, the Royal

Tasmania Regiment (12/40 RTR) has already

received a unique gift direct from the United


In 2010, the then Commanding Officer 12/40 RTR

received a letter from a Dr Chris Elliott in York,

UK offering to return the WWI medals of his

grandfather, Lieutenant Colonel Charles Elliott,

back to the unit.

Tasmanian born Elliott led the 12th Battalion

through WWI after the first CO was killed on

the beaches of ANZAC on that first day. He was

wounded at Gallipoli and nursed by his future

wife Alice King - also from Hobart, on board the

hospital ship.

“Here we have an amazing history, which was

more than just medals, donated as part of a very

substantial collection to the Royal Tasmania

Regiment by Dr Chris Elliott,” said CO 12/40 RTR,

Lieutenant Colonel David Hughes.

The collection was passed to Operations Officer

12/40 RTR, who was the contingent commander

for UK based Exercise LONG LOOK in 2011, and

bought back to Tasmania.

“The collection contains personal letters, diaries,

photographs and both the medals of Charles

Elliott and his wife, including their MBE’s.”

“Alice King has her own unique story too – being

on the hospital ships to and from Gallipoli and

working at the casualty clearing stations on the

Western Front. It is rare to have a couple with

such a combined history – and they did know

each other prior to WWI.”

Lieutenant Colonel Hughes said it was a privilege

for the Battalion to be entrusted with this


During an April 1917 surprise attack by the

Germans at Lagnicourt that threatened the

battalion’s headquarters, Elliott quickly organized

the defence using batmen, cooks and signallers

and checked the enemy’s advance, thus enabling

the counter-attack to drive the enemy back. His

action at this critical point turned what might

have been a defeat into a victory.

Charles Elliott married Alice King in London in

1917. However the newly wed Mrs Elliott had to

immediately leave the Australian Army Nursing


Personal diaries reveal key dates of April 25th

1915 and November 11, 1918 – with Charles

having his teeth fixed on Armistice Day.

Mentioned in Dispatches three times, he was

made a Commander in the Order of St Michael

and St George as well as receiving a Distinguished

Service Order and Bar and the Légion d’honneur.

Other operations that Elliott took part in during

1917-18 included Hill 60, Polygon Wood, Strazeele,

Zonnebeke and Broodseinde.

Many times between May 1917 and February

1919 he temporarily commanded the 3rd Infantry

Brigade for short periods. In the post WWI period,

he was appointed the CO of 2nd Battalion, 40th

Infantry Regiment.

“This is one of the most complete collections I

have ever seen of two amazing people,” Lieutenant

Colonel Hughes said.

“We have to catalogue it all and I hope that we can

display it somewhere all Tasmanians will have the

opportunity to see it – especially as we reach the

centenary of ANZAC in three years time.”

Chief Clerk 12/40 RTR Warrant Officer Class

Two Tina Rossi shows Ms Airlie Ward from

ABC 7.30 through the collection

“The Battalion has a strong history with many

Battle and Theatre Honours plus stepping up to

contribute to current and future operations and

exercises. But it is important to remind ourselves

of the contribution and sacrifices of our forebears

while at the same time looking to the future.”

The story of the Elliott collection can be found

online at: www.abc.net.au/news/2012-04-27/


RSL On Service



RSL On Service

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feel like Everest?

Have a seat...

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It’s the time of year when Blondie

is all out of anecdotes, wise words

and details of life’s little moments.

All that is left to do is for her to wish

each and every one of her readers

The annual Tasmanian Boer War

Commemorative Day (BWCD) was conducted

in two centres in June, the first in Hobart and the

second in Launceston. The motto of the BWCD

is simple, “To Honour those who Served”. It was

the tenth time in Hobart such an observance

was held and the sixth in Launceston.

“Nurse Orr was an amazing person. She not only

served with great distinction during the Boer

War, but she was an outstanding nurse during

World War One. On one occasion she was in

charge, as Sister Orr, of the hospital ships at

Gallipoli,” said Mr Watson.

“She was a marvellous daughter of Tasmania

and it was great to see a memorial to honour her

and other nurses unveiled,” he said.

The plaque was sponsored by the Royal Hobart

Hospital Graduated Nurses Association.

In Hobart, the proceedings occurred at the

impressive Boer War Memorial, Queen’s

Domain. The public attendance was high, with a

number a very of wreaths safe, laid. healthy The Clarence and City happy Band

provided the musical accompaniment while re-

Christmas Season and a wonderful

enactors - SSAA Militaria Collectors Tasmania

took and the prosperous salute and filed New a volley. Year. Eight members

of the 22nd Light Horse Association attended

with Until Lone 2012……. Piper being Mathew Driessen. The

MC on the day was Mr Tony Scott. Mr Reg

Watson gave the address.

“The best Hobart event ever,” added Mr. Watson

The Launceston service was held the following

Sunday at the Boer War Memorial, City Park.

In giving the address, Mr Watson spoke of the

bravery of the Australians, which included

Tasmanians during the Elands River siege,

where they held out from overwhelming odds

for a fortnight.

Betty and Marj played cards every day at their Sunnyside Retirement

Home. They had been playing cards every day for years and were

both now well into their 80s. This particular day, as usual, they had

been playing cards for an hour or so, chattering away and laughing as

The they Organiser always of the did. event, Then historian all and went author silent. The silence lasted about five

Mr minutes. Reg Watson, Betty said that said to to herald Marj the “are 110th you alright? You’ve gone very quiet”

anniversary Marj looked of the at ending her of friend The Anglo-Boer with a blank expression on her face and

War (1899-1902) a plaque to the memory of

Nurse eventually Orr was unveiled said “well in Hobart, yes and jointly I by know this sounds awful, but I can’t

himself remember and Alderman your name? Helen Burnett what of is the it again?” There was another moment

Hobart of silence City Council. and then Betty said “how soon do you want to know?”

The Launceston RSL City Band was present;

cadets of the A Coy Tas AAC BT made up the

Catafalque Party, while Mr Gary Fitzallen gave

the scriptural reading with Dr Frank Madill

acting as MC.

Mr Watson said both ceremonies were highly

successful. So as not to coincide with the long

weekend in Launceston next year (2013), the

northern event will be held on the last Sunday

in May and not the second Sunday in June.

RSL On Service

RSL On 15 Service

13 Brisbane Street Launceston

Tasmania 7250

Tel +61 (03) 6332 4666

Fax: +61 (0)3 6331 5707



Regent and

Midcity Hotel

are very happy

to quote for

Vet’s Reunions

for groups.

As well as

offering free

room upgrades

to next room


(subject to availability)

Cnr Elizabeth and Bathurst Street

Hobart 7000

Tel: (03) 6234 6333

Fax: (03) 6231 0898





is a













of s




Amendments to RSL (Tasmania Branch) Inc. State

Constitution (As this motion was very lengthy with

a lot of amendments being simple renumbering of

paragraphs, the intent of the motion is produced in

simplified terms for production in this magazine)

Motion (in simplified terms) - That the RSL

(Tasmania Branch) Inc. State Constitution be

amended to make provision for a Divisional

restructure and change to positions on the State

Executive with effect from 2013 as follows:

There will be three Divisions only; those being

North East Division, North West Division and

Southern Division. Eastern Division will be


The administration of the affairs of the Branch

shall be vested in and exercised by the State


The State Executive shall consist of the State

President, the Deputy State President, the Chief

Executive Officer, the Honorary State Treasurer,

the three (3) Divisional Vice Presidents and two

(2) State Executive Members. The position of

State President, Deputy State President and Vice

Presidents shall be filled only by Service or Life

Members. The positions of Chief Executive Officer,

Honorary State Treasurer the two State Executive

Members may be filled by a Service Member,

Life Member or Affiliate Member of the Branch.

There shall be not more than four (4) members of

the Executive who are Affiliate Members of the


Where an Affiliate Member is a member of the

State Executive the Affiliate Member shall be able

to speak at the State Executive on all matters and

shall vote on all other motions other than those

for the amendment of the National Constitution

or the Branch Constitution.

The position of Honorary State Treasurer or any

State Executive Member position may be held by

a person who is a Service Member, a Life Member

or an Affiliate Member so long as there shall at no

stage be more than four (4) members of the State

Executive including the Chief Executive Officer

who are not Life Members or Service Members.

The new State Executive shall assume office at the

end of the relevant Annual Congress (May 2013).

The State Executive as soon as possible after its

appointment shall appoint two (2) persons as

members of the State Executive. Such persons



RSL On Service

a. be Service, Life or Affiliate Members of the

Branch; and

b. shall, in the opinion of the State Executive,

have relevant skills, qualifications and/or

experience that will assist the State Executive

in the carrying out of its activities. The

appointment of such persons shall be until

the end of the next Annual Congress and such

persons shall be able to be further reappointed

to the State Executive for further terms.

Elections are to be held annually for the following


The State President, the Deputy State President,

the Honorary State Treasurer, and three Divisional

Vice Presidents, who shall be voted by the Sub

Branches in the relevant Divisions.

The Branch is obliged to indemnify a Branch

Officer, members of the State Executive and the

Chief Executive Officer against loss or expense

incurred by the discharge of his or her duties as a

Branch Officer, a member of the State Executive

or a Chief Executive Officer unless such loss or

expense has been incurred by their own willful

neglect or default.

The original motion in its entirety was moved by

State Branch, seconded by Ulverstone and was


Motion - Amendment to State Constitution

Rule 10.9 (h)

Amend Rule 10.9(h) (i) to read:

(i) An Affiliate Member may not be elected to

the position of President (League member) of a

Sub Branch (save and except for the provision of

Rule 10.9(h) (iv). An Affiliate Member may not be

elected to the position of Vice President (League

member)of a Sub Branch, but may be elected to

the positions of Vice President (Affiliate), (if such

a position has been made available pursuant to a

decision passed at an AGM of that Sub Branch);

Secretary, Treasurer or committee person on the

Sub Branch Committee.

Insert new Rule 10.9(h)(iv)

(iv) Notwithstanding other provisions in these

rules and subject to a resolution by a 75% majority

of an Annual General Meeting or Special General

Meeting of the members of a Sub Branch; in the

case of a traditional or remote Sub Branch where

no Service or Life member is able to fill the

position of Sub Branch President (League), the

State Executive may agree to fill the President’s

position with an Affiliate Memberon the proviso

that it is for a maximum term of 12 months, and

during that 12 months the Sub Branch must take

all action possible to find a suitable Service or Life

member to fill the President position for the 12

months thereafter.

Moved: State Branch Seconded: Lenah Valley



1.1 Entitlements for Partners or Next of Kin of

Gold Card Holders

Motion - That this Congress requests the

Department of Veterans’ Affairs make provision

for the partners or next of kin (NOK) of Gold Card

holders to accompany the pensioner at public

expense when the pensioner is required to travel

interstate for operations or treatment if such travel

is for three days or more.

Moved: Tasman Seconded: Glenorchy CARRIED

1.2 Department of Veterans’ Affairs

Employment Guidelines/Policy

Motion - That the Department of Veterans’

Affairs be requested to review their employment

guidelines/policy to ensure that personnel who

answer telephone enquiries from members of

the veteran community understand and have

the ability to converse fluently in the Australian


Moved: State Branch Seconded: Launceston


1.3 Retraining Entitlements under MRCA/


Motion - That the Department of Veterans’

Affairs be requested to initiate amendment to

the Legislation/Regulations to provide for past

qualification and potential to be taken into

account, as well as the type of employment

being undertaken at the time of the injury, when

considering retraining entitlements under MRCA


Moved: Launceston Seconded: George Town


1.4 Veterans’ Entitlement Act 1986 – Non

Warlike Operations in Singapore/Malaysia

Motion - That the RSL recommends that

the appropriate legislation be amended to

have the service of all Australian Defence

Force personnel who served on non-warlike

operations in Singapore/Malaysia from 12

August 1966 to 14 March 1975 recognized for

the purpose of obtaining entitlements under

the Veterans’ Entitlement Act 1986.



Moved: Ulverstone Seconded: Wynyard



2.1 Indexation of Military Superannuation

under DFRDB and MSBS Schemes

Motion - This Congress strongly supports the

position of Returned & Services League of Australia

Limited that the indexation of all components of

Military Superannuation under the DFRDB and

MSBS schemes be calculated by an indexation

regime matching cost of living increases.

Moved: State Branch Seconded: Lenah Valley


2.2 Incremental Adjustments to Veterans’

Disability Pensions

Motion - That all rates for Veterans’ Disability

Pensions be adjusted by the same increment that

was granted at the time for the Single Rate of

Service Pension in the 2009 Budget which was

by 2.7% increase of MTAWE (Male Total Average

Weekly Earnings).

Moved: Greater Hobart Seconded: Lindisfarne



5.1 Inclusion of a Preamble to Standing Policy

Motion - The Returned & Services League of

Australia (Tasmania Branch) Inc. endorses the

extant Standing Policy of the Returned & Services

League of Australia Limited and recommends that

consideration be given to including a preamble to

the Policy along the lines of:

“In no other calling, occupation or profession is

an individual required to perform their duties

24 hours per day, seven days per week, 365 days

per year, go wherever the Government of the day

decides Defence personnel are needed and to sign

a blank cheque, up to and including the value of

their life, in pursuit the National political agenda.

The State has the right to demand the surrender of

the inalienable human rights of service men and

women as recognized in the Universal Declaration

of Human Rights adopted by the General assembly

of the United Nations in 1948 and to which

Australia is a signatory. Military Service in this

respect is unique as is the obligation this places on

the State to look after the interests of members of

the Australian Defence Force both during service

and as a consequence of such service.”

Moved: State Branch Seconded: Launceston




6.1 Penalty for Desecration of the Australian

National Flag

Motion - That this State Congress bring pressure

to bear on the RSL National Executive to address

Federal Government in the strongest possible

terms to ascertain what actions, if any have been

taken against those personnel responsible for the

desecration of the Australian National Flag during

the recent incident in Canberra (tent embassy issue)

and, in accordance with the law, Government must

ensure that such penalty as is legally appropriate

be enforced for future incidents.

Moved: Primrose Sands Seconded: South Arm


6.2 Provision of ‘Out of Service’ Military

Weapons to RSL Sub Branches and Clubs

Motion - That this State Congress supports a

program whereby ‘out of service’ military weapons

are donated free, or at minimal cost to RSL Sub

Branches who wish to display them.

Moved: Scottsdale Seconded: George Town


6.3 Declaration of Sincere Appreciation to

Fallen Service Men and Women

Motion - This State Congress, on behalf of the

members of the Returned & Services League of

Australia (Tasmania Branch) Inc., declare our

sincere appreciation to the more than 104,000

thousand Australian service men and women

who have paid the supreme sacrifice to protect

our nation and the freedoms we enjoy on a daily

basis. Political correctness and culturally sensitive

issues were not part of their agenda and, as we

commemorate the sacrifices they made to secure

our future, nor should it be on ours.

Moved: State Branch Seconded: Launceston



8.1 Transportability of Employer Contributions

to Military Superannuation

Motion - That the Australian Government be

requested to remove the current limitations placed

on the transportability of employer contributions

to Military Superannuation compared with that

enjoyed by the rest of the Australian community

by the following actions:

· The Government to transfer a separating

ex-service members full superannuation

entitlements, including the employer

contribution, to a provider of their choice when

they leave the Service;


· Allowing separating ex-serving members of the

ADF and their new employers to contribute to

MSBS for the remainder of their working lives.

Moved: State Branch Seconded: Lenah Valley



12.1 Voluntary Emergency Service Training

Scheme for Youth

Motion - That this State Congress encourages the

Federal and State Governments to implement a

Voluntary Emergency Service Training Scheme

for youth

Moved: King Island Seconded: Huon



15.1 Hosting of RSL (Tasmania Branch) Inc.

State Congress 2013

Motion - That the George Town RSL Sub Branch

Inc. hosts the 2013 Annual State Congress of the

RSL (Tasmania Branch) Inc. in May 2013.

Resolved, with the dates of Congress to be

Friday, 17th – Saturday, 18th May 2013.


A. Changes to Australian War Memorial Roll

of Honour

Motion – That the Tasmanian RSL State Congress

supports the motion that the Australian War

Memorial change its criteria for inclusion on the

Roll of Honour from killed in action or, in the

modern bureaucratic sense, dying on war-like

service, to include those who have given their lives

on peacekeeping (non-warlike), post armistice or

humanitarian operations.

Moved: Greater Hobart Seconded: Huon


B. Future Direction of RSL (Tasmania Branch)

Motion – That the Tasmanian RSL State Congress

supports the motion for the establishment of a

working party, under the State Branch, to consider

the future direction of the RSL in Tasmania.

Moved: Greater Hobart Seconded: Lindisfarne


RSL On Service



There were 37 Sub Branches represented with 73 delegates. There were 15 motions debated, with 10 carried, 4 lost and one withdrawn. A list of motions

carried at the Congress is shown separately. These motions now form part of the National Congress agenda to be held in Sydney in September.

During the Official Opening of Congress the following League Awards were presented:

Life Membership

Mr Stephen Dobson Dunalley

Mr Peter Bruce OAM South Arm

Mrs Marie Kays OAM Lenah Valley

Mr Archie Alomes Sorell

Mr Prevost Mills Fingal (presented locally)

Mr Graham Pedder Launceston (presented locally)

State Certificate of Appreciation

Mr Stephen Cocker OAM

Miss Carol Batten

Results of the ballot for State Executive 2012

State President Christopher Munday

Deputy State President Mr Peter Woolford JP

State Treasurer Mr Wayne Cargill

North Eastern Division Vice President Mr Geoff Leitch

North West Division Vice President Mr Kevin Knight

State Executive Member Mr Graeme Deacon

Eastern Division Vice President Mr Harry Jager

State Executive Member Mr Terry Roe

Southern Division Vice President Mr Mel Cooper

State Executive Member Mr Robert Dick


Bill Kaine MBE

RSL On Service

The 97th Annual State Congress was hosted by the Ulverstone RSL Sub Branch and was held on the

11th /12th May 2012 at the Ulverstone Civic Centre, Ulverstone.

The Hon Scott Bacon MP, State Minister for Veterans’ Affairs officially opened Congress. Other

dignitaries and official guests included Rear Admiral Ken Doolan AO RAN (Retd), RSL National

President, the Hon Warren Snowdon MP, Minister for Veterans’ Affairs, Senator Michael Ronaldson,

Shadow Minister for Veterans’ Affairs, Alderman Jan Bonde, Mayor of the Central Coast, Mr Ian

Campbell, Secretary - Department of Veterans’ Affairs and Ms Jan Hyde, Deputy Commissioner of

Veterans Affairs – Tasmania.

RSL official guests included Mr Don Rowe OAM, Deputy National President and State President – RSL

NSW, Mr Terry Meehan, State President – RSL Queensland, Mr Jock Statton OAM, State President

– RSL South Australia, Mr Chris Perrin JP, CEO – RSL NSW, Mr Chris McHugh csc, CEO – RSL

Queensland, and Mr Mike Annett csc, CEO – RSL Victoria.

There were 37 Sub Branches represented with 73 delegates. There were 15 motions debated, with 10

carried, 4 lost and one withdrawn.

A list of motions carried at the Congress is shown separately. These motions now form part of the

National Congress agenda to be held in Sydney in September.

Delegates and guests during the Business Session of Congress


The Congress Dinner was held at the Ulverstone Rowing Club. We pass on

our congratulations to the kitchen staff and volunteers for a superb meal and

service. We also wish to sincerely thank all the junior rowers who provided

outstanding table service during the evening.

At the close of Congress former State President Bill Kaine MBE stood down

after a three year term in office. Bill was presented with a framed Sydney

Swans jumper signed by the 2012 team and his wife, Margaret was presented

with a sheath of flowers as a thank you from the State Branch team.

Pictured below with Mr Don Rowe OAM, Deputy National President, and the Hon Scott Bacon MP, State Minister for Veterans’ Affairs

are the recipients of Life Membership

Mr Stephen Dobson – Dunalley Sub Branch Mr Peter Bruce – South Arm Sub Branch

Mrs Marie Kays OAM – Lenah Valley Sub Branch Mr Archie Alomes – Sorell Sub Branch

RSL On Service




An afternoon tea was held at the Lindisfarne

RSL clubrooms on the 29th May 2012 which was

well received by all who attended.

Mr Keith Farrell gave a very interesting address

and visual display on his time on Catalina’s

during the WW2 and the Catalina Museum at

Lake Boga in Victoria.

During the course of the afternoon the Sub

Branch President, Mr Robert Fisher presented

Long Service Awards (50 Year Certificates) to

a number of members. Receiving the awards

were Mr Max Arnold, Mr Alan Reed, Mr

Geoff Farrington, Mr Robert Oliver and Mr

John Viney. Mr Colin O’May also received the

award but unfortunately was unable to attend

the function



What: 40th Reunion of the 42nd Intake

When: 8-10 February 2013

Where: Canberra - Eastlake Football Club


Varies - visit http://42ndintake.homestead.com/

RSL On Service

Contact: Don Hogarth

What: 40th Reunion of the 42nd Intake

When: 8-10 February 2013

Where: Canberra - Eastlake Football Club

Time: Varies

Visit: http://42ndintake.homestead.com/

Contact: Don Hogarth via email

don_hogarth@hotmail.com or 0438 641 043

The 12th annual Reunion of the First Frigate Flotilla (1946-1956), HMAS Condamine, HMAS Culgoa, HMAS Murchison, HMAS Shoalhaven will

be held in Canberra on the 2nd – 5th November 2012. All ex-crew members plus their relatives and friends are warmly invited to attend.

For further information please contact George Franki on Ph: (02)9955-9444,

or mail at 9/6 Waverton Avenue, Waverton NSW. Email: gtfranki@yahoo.com

(L-R) Mr John Viney, Mr Max Arnold, Mr Rob Oliver, Mr Geoff Farrington, Mr Alan Reed


7 Wellington (Wellington's own) Hawkes

Bay Battalion Group

Alpha Coy 7 WnHB Reunion

5 – 7 October 2012



Open to all past and current serving Regular and Territorial Force members posted or

attached to Alpha Coy. Interest can be registered with SGT Su Gingles on 0064210383835 or

email gary.grant@xtra.co.nz for a registration form.

HMAS Leeuwin - 42nd Intake Reunion

HMAS Leeuwin -

42nd Intake Reunion

VALE Cont.


“Ogilvie High School is the first school in

“I like it best when up on the bridge doing

the State to book the Avenue Discovery Box,

The and following I’m sure poem the students was written of Ogilvie for the will be

warfare manoeuvres with other naval ships

Captain Bryce Duffy was killed on operations

Anniversary amazed in Afghanistan on of their the journey Bombing

on 29 of of

October discovery Darwin


during about

via voice or Morse code light.”

WW2 the ultimate by Andrew sacrifices Guild. these brave young

Captain Duffy was a member of the Mentoring soldiers Task made,” Force Mr – Three McKim and said. was from the

Thomas 4th Field completed Regiment, his schooling Royal Regiment at St of Australian Artillery (RAA) based in Townsville.


Virgil’s High and Elizabeth College before “The THOSE State Government WHO FOUGHT has AT been DARWIN a strong

Captain Duffy is survived by his partner, parents

joining the Navy in 2009.

supporter and of family. the restoration of the Soldier’s

Captain Duffy was born in Sydney, NSW, in ‘Twas 1984. Memorial on He the was Avenue 19th educated February over in Brisbane. ‘42 time, and He today’s joined

“I joined the Australian because at Defence the time Force three Academy of my in That launch January the deadly represents 2003 Japanese and completed a reaffirmation struck a Bachelor of our of

mates Science. had been He in graduated for a while from and the I liked Royal Military Catching support, College our and in soldiers of December the unawares program’s 2006. He educational was then

what posted I was hearing to 1st Field every Regiment, time they Royal came Australian value

Poor Darwin Artillery in the Tasmanian

was based out of in luck Brisbane. community.

home He on served leave, with cashed the up 1st and Field full Regiment of stories between “I’d 2007 like and to 2010. pay He tribute was transferred to the RSL to the for

Nick McKim MP with school students Gabrielle Jacobs about and Tuscony 4th their Field Ohl.

travels Regiment to places in Townsville like Japan in and January Planes their 2011 with valuable as the red discs Assistant contribution bombed Operations and strafed in making Officer,

Tasmanian students are now able to access America.” - A before replica his Australian second deployment Infantry Force to Afghanistan Killing

this in important September.

military and


civilian alike

a reality and

a new education kit to teach them about

also to the Tassal Group Ltd, which has

Sinking defenceless ships in the harbour


uniform Captain Duffy was a well known and highly-regarded young officer. He was recognised

local war history thanks to the efforts of Anzac departed on 14 July, for a generously supported the project. This

by his commanders for his strength of character, And at determination the city itself they and did diligence. strike His peers

the Friends of Soldiers Memorial Avenue six-month - Rations and deployment a personal to kit the (cutlery Middle and East really is a fantastic resource and I’m sure

remember him as an officer who maintained the highest possible personal standards.

and the RSL.

Area sewing His of Operation selfless kit)

will be the inspiration for historical studies

dedication (MEAO) to where duty the was demonstrated Our by Tasmanian daring by young the fact students men that ran he to for their had many volunteered

guns years to

The Minister for Education and Skills, the ship’s - Medals, for company his badges second will and tour conduct other of duty artefacts maritime in Afghanistan

To come.” at short notice, after a fellow officer was

shoot at the Japs with their flak

Hon Able Nick Seaman McKim Thomas MP, Sherrin, recently who launched grew security - Biographical wounded operations in information action. that include about maritime soldiers To knock down those planes right out of the sky


up in




is currently






duty in interception commemorated Captain operations Duffy on has the been as Soldiers’ part awarded of Memorial the following Who honours had dared and to come awards: and attack?

a variety of resources for schools including

the Middle East as a member of the crew of Operation Avenue and Slipper. photographic resources

a replica Australian Infantry Force uniform, •Australian Defence Medal

rations the Royal and Australian a range Navy of posters, frigate, medals, HMAS - Materials on commemoration through the

The ship will support missions involving Over a few weeks, the Japs returned

•Meritorious Unit Citation – 1st Mentoring Task Force – Afghanistan 20 January to

badges Anzac. and other memorabilia.

anti-terrorism, years

30 October counter 2010 piracy and

And served it to us quite rough

Thomas “In Tasmania plays an we important greatly role value as history theatre - A tree security round from operations a replaced as part dead of tree the But the Aussies determinedly fought back

•NATO Non Article 5 Medal with clasp – International Security Assistance Force (ISAF)

as one a of discipline the ship’s and communicators want our students and to Australian Defence Force’s contribution to And showed that they too, were tough

showing tree rings

understand the really important events and

is responsible for maintaining the operations


in the MEAO.

Campaign Medal

dates in history, why they have occurred and Mr McKim said that the important historical Later on in New Guinea we met

ship’s computer network, general voice •Australian Active Service Medal with clasp International Coalition Against Terrorism

how decisions were made,” Mr McKim said resource would be a valuable addition to


But this time we bloodied their nose

at communications the launch at New systems, Town Primary the satellite School. the resources available for schools studying

And fighting the Japs on a battlefield green

“We connection also want and history communications to connect students with the During Great War Captain from Duffy’s a Hobart service community in the Australian Army he deployed on the following

The legend of Kokoda arose

to other their ships. local communities and help them perspective. operations:

understand history within a real life context. “It also •Operation adds to the SLIPPER awareness (Afghanistan) of the Soldiers – January 2010 – October 2010

The “It’s Avenue pretty rewarding Discovery when Box, you developed have the by

We remember the brave men of Darwin

Memorial Avenue – which is the largest

the knowledge Friends of that Soldiers what you Memorial are doing Avenue, is is surviving








in Tasmania.

– February Those who 2011 bled for us in forty two

another keeping fantastic the ship connected opportunity to for the students outside It’s also •Operation the second SLIPPER largest (Afghanistan) Memorial Avenue – September To our heroes 2011 – of October the North 2011. who fought and died




so that








and win


in the in Australia where trees are planted for We A replica offer a military heart-felt uniform salute is to worn youwhich


significance of war from a local perspective.”

student, Nick Golley.

maritime environment,” Thomas said.

those who died. It will be extremely useful

The Discovery Box – contained in a 1917 for students undertaking inquiries into Andrew Guild

pattern Medical Kit – includes:

World War One, Australian and Tasmanian




Assembly Services


RSL On Service


03 6248 5383 Studio Rear of 22 Newtown Road Hobart

RSL On Service

be of particular value in the context of

the Australian History curriculum, which

schools have started to implement” said Mr


The kit will be made available to schools for

a week on a basic booking system, with the

contents varying depending on age group.

Are the proud service providers for

Sitro, Gasmate and Chimeneas Chapala

RSL On Service



On the 10th June 1966, 5 RAR were on patrol

with National Policemen and South Vietnamese

soldiers. A pair of enemy mortars were engaged

and destroyed. When 10 Platoon neared the area

they were engaged by another enemy mortar.

The location of the mortar was observed and

the patrol radioed for an air strike, which struck

the mortar’s location with cluster munitions

and napalm, but not before Corporal Brendan

“Danny” Coupe and Private Les Farren were

killed and four soldiers were wounded. For his

leadership in this and the action on the 3rd June,

Second Lieutenant (2LT) Dennis Rainer was

Mentioned in Despatches.

After the noise had stopped and the dust had

cleared, Corporal Brendan “Danny” Coupe and

Private Les Farren of 10 Platoon, D Company, 5

Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment (10 Pl, D

Coy, 5 RAR) had been Killed in Action, 10 June

1966. Four other members of the Platoon had

been wounded and the young soldiers, mostly

National Servicemen had tasted to worst part

of war.

10 Pl continued the remaining 10 months

of the 12 month tour with many successful

actions against the enemy. Unfortunately, the

Platoon lost another member, Private Graham

Warburton, Killed in Action - 1 October 1966.

Since returning to Australia, the remaining

members of 10 Pl have taken the opportunity to

formally farewell Privates Les Farren and Graham

Warburton, but have never been able to assemble

for Corporal Danny Coupe’s farewell. Last year, it


The Original 10 Pl, D Coy, 5RAR. Colin Illman, Launceston, 2nd from the left. Dennis Rainer, MC

RSL On Service

was decided that an all out effort should be made

to formally farewell Danny. During this year’s

Queen’s Birthday weekend, those of the original

10 Pl and partners, where possible, came from all

over Australia to do so.

The group stayed at the Marriott Courtyard Motel,

North Ryde; close to Macquarie Park Cemetery

where Danny now lies. The commemorative

weekend started on Friday evening with a “Meet

and Greet”. This was followed by a sumptuous

Candle light Memorial Dinner on the Saturday

evening, and on the Sunday morning, a Memorial

Service was held at Danny’s grave site at 1100hrs.

That afternoon, the group then met at the

Chatswood RSL Club for Danny’s Wake.

The weekend was full of laughter, tall tales from

the past and, at different times, heavy hearts and

tremendous emotions. During Saturday evening’s

dinner, Frank “Doc” Donovan (Company Medic

1966-67) informed those attending how his

recount of Danny as a father, soldier and great

mate was one of many contributing factors in

establishing the VB “Raise a Glass” appeal. It

was the embodiment of this uniquely Australian

spirit as exemplified by Danny which led to the

unbelievable amount of money raised (nearly

$5 million to date) by the appeal. Doc’s speech

finished with an emotional toast to “Fallen

Comrades”. Guest speaker, Roger Wainwright

(Platoon Commander 8 Pl, C Coy 5RAR 1966-

67), toasted the Royal Australian Regiment and

Graeme Ashton gave a toast to the “Ladies”.

The after dinner address was given by Dennis

“The Skipper” Rainer, MC, (MID). Dennis was

the Platoon Commander during 10 Pl’s tour of

Vietnam 1966-77.

On Sunday morning at 1100hrs, members of

the Platoon and Danny’s family and friends

gathered at his graveside to formally farewell him.

Chaplain (Colonel) Peter Hayes from Victoria

Barracks, Paddington and Bugler Lance Corporal

Tim Dain from 23 Field Regiment Band, Royal

Australian Artillery added to the occasion with

their kind attendance and professionalism.

Eric Leask, OAM (PTE Regular 1966-67) read

the Regimental Ode, Ross Hore (PTE National

Serviceman 1966-67) followed with the RSL Ode.

Colin Illman (PTE National Serviceman 1966-

67) led the service with the Regimental Payer.

At the completion of the service and after many

photographs, the gathering adjourned to the

Chatswood RSL for Danny’s Wake.

Col Lee and Col Illman at memorial dinner

Special thanks go to the management and staff

of the Courtyard Motel, Chaplain (Colonel) Peter

Hayes and Lance Corporal Tim Dain who kindly

volunteered their services on a Queen’s Birthday

long weekend, their presence was so welcomed.

The former members of 10Pl D Coy 5RAR farewell

their mate, Danny

Thanks to the Chatswood RSL for their wonderful

hospitality and a special thankyou to Mr Bruce

Tyrell, AM from Tyrell’s wines and Mr Clinton

Taylor from Taylor’s wines, their kind donation

helping keep the cost of the weekend under


This was, indeed, a great weekend and a fitting

manner to farewell Danny.

“Lest We Forget”


Veteran’s Health Week begins on Monday, 22 nd October 2012 and finishes on Sunday,

28 th October 2012.

RSL State Branch has decided to bring a little fun to this year’s Veteran’s Health Week with a

competition to see which Ex- Service person can lose the most weight between the 28 th August

and the end of Veteran’s Health Week. Current serving members are eligible and welcome to

join in.

These posters have arrived at all RSL Sub Branches on the same day so nobody has any

advantage over anybody else.

The idea is simple. Get yourself Weighed-in at your local Sub Branch, Doctor’s Surgery or

Chemist. There must be two witnesses attesting to your weight. The witnesses cannot be your

relatives. Similarly, at the Weigh-out date there must also be two witnesses who both sign. Any

document stating your weight at the beginning and end of the period will be accepted. The two

signatories attesting to the “Weigh-in and Weigh-out” need not be the same two people. The

sooner you are weighed, the better chance you have of winning.

Weigh-in begins any time after Tuesday, 28 th August 2012 and “Weigh-out” (to see how much

weight you have lost) must be on or not later than Sunday, 28 th October 2012. All entries must

be received at the State Branch by close of business on Wednesday 31 st October and the State

Branch decision is final.

All participants must be weighed in socks, trousers and shirt (or dress/slacks and shirt for the

girls) only. Any person found with “weights” in their pockets or on their person at “Weigh-in”

will be disqualified.

The prize

You could win a one way trip for two people on ‘The Ghan’ railway, in a Gold

Class twin share compartment. The trip can be from Adelaide to Darwin or from

Darwin to Adelaide. The trip has been donated by Great Southern Railways and is not

transferable. Nor can it be exchanged for a return trip for one. Travel costs between Tasmania

and the point of departure and the point of return for the rail trip are the winner’s responsibility.

The trip can be taken any time within 12 months of the date of winning.

So, after Weigh-in - get walking and eat healthily to maximize your chances of winning.

Please, let’s not forget that the theme for this year’s Veterans’ Health Week is “Social Inclusion”.

You may consider calling in on somebody who may not receive many visitors as you go on your


Let’s have a go at losing a few kilos and have a bit of fun doing it.

Get healthy and keep well.

Your State Branch Team

RSL On Service







The Australian Veterans’ Children Assistance Trust is a

not-for-profit organisation. AVCAT administer

scholarships to help children and grandchildren of the

Australian ex-service community with the costs of

full-time tertiary education. The most deserving

candidates are selected on merit and who, without our

help, would be unable to start or complete studies

without financial difficulty.

For more information or to apply, contact


T 02 9213 7999 or 1800 620 361 (voicemail)

E avcat@dva.gov.au www.avcat.org.au


RSL On Service

Photo courtesy of the University of Adelaide













After nearly 100 years, Canberra is likely to have

memorials dedicated to World War I and World

War II. The Memorials Development Committee

was established in 2005 to achieve this goal. After

an international design competition, a stunning

design from architect Richard Kirk was chosen.

The memorial design and further information can

be seen at: www.mdc.org.au

Australia’s greatest wartime casualties occurred

during World War I and World War II when over

101,000 servicemen and women paid the ultimate

sacrifice while serving our Nation. This represents

98% total wartime casualties in all conflicts to


The memorials themselves are to be very personal

and intimate, as they will contain etched excerpts

from diaries, poetry and letters. This information

is meant to tell the very personal story of the war

through the eyes of those who participated. This



As I’ve aged, I’ve become kinder to myself, and less critical of myself. I’ve

become my own friend.

I have seen too many dear friends leave this world too soon; before they

understood the great freedom that comes with aging.

Whose business is it if I choose to read or play on the computer until 4

AM or sleep until noon on Sundays? I will dance with myself to those

wonderful tunes of the 60’s & 70’s, and if I, at the same time, wish to weep

over a lost love, I will. I will walk the beach in a swim suit that is stretched

over a bulging body, and will dive into the waves with abandon if I choose

to, despite the pitying glances from the jet set. They, too, will get old.

I know I am sometimes forgetful. But there again, some of life is just as

well forgotten - and I eventually remember the important things.

I am so blessed to have lived long enough to have my hair turning gray, and

to have my youthful laughs be forever etched into deep grooves on my face.

group includes (but is not limited to) soldiers,

sailors, airmen, merchant mariners, POWs,

nurses and those who remained home.

It is these particular experiences, recorded in

letters and personal papers that will connect

strongly with descendants of veterans and their

families. Data for the memorials is being procured

through a range of sources including many

eminent historians.

In addition, the Memorial Development

Committee is seeking letters, diaries and

poetry of those touched by World War I and

World War II for possible inclusion on the

proposed memorials that you may have at


If you would like to have your relatives or friends

documentation considered for inclusion on the

memorials, here is the process.

Step 1. Send only copies of material….not originals.

Step 2. On the document, please write the

following sentence and sign your name.

“I certify that this copy is authentic and give

permission for the Memorial Development

Committee to use its contents for the proposed


Step 3.

Send WW ONE documents to:



PO Box 226


Send WW TWO Documents to:


PO Box 1024


So many have never laughed, and so many have died before their hair

could turn silver.

As you get older, it is easier to be positive. You care less about what other

people think.

I don’t question myself anymore. I’ve even earned the right to be wrong.

I like getting old. It has set me free. I like the person I have become. I

am not going to live forever, but while I am still here, I will not waste

time lamenting what could have been, or worrying about what will be.

And I shall eat dessert every single day if I feel like it!!

RSL On Service



A new memorial marking Australia’s worst

maritime disaster, the sinking of the Montevideo

Maru during the Second World War, was

unveiled at a ceremony at the Australian War

Memorial at the beginning of July.

Minister for Veterans’ Affairs Warren

Snowdon, and Minister for School Education,

Peter Garrett, said today marks 70 years since

1,054 Australian prisoners of war (POWs) and

civilians lost their lives in the tragedy.

“I encourage all Australians to take some time

today to pause and reflect on the service and

sacrifice of the Australians who lost their lives,

and the grief and suffering of the families and

loved ones left behind,” Mr Snowdon said.

“To ensure the families of those lost have a

place of solemn reflection to forever honour

their loved ones, the Gillard Government

has provided $100,000 towards a national

memorial. The sinking of the Montevideo

Maru is a tragic chapter in Australia’s wartime

history and I hope, through this lasting tribute,

Australians will continue every year to honour

those lost.”


Over the past two years all RSL Tasmania

Branch licensed Sub Branches have joined the

Tasmanian Hospitality Association (THA).

THA provides the committees of our Sub

Branches with excellent advice and information

on all facets of Licensing & Gaming, Human

Resources and Work Safe practices, to name

a few.

On the 14th May 2012 the Association hosted

its Awards night which was held at Wrest Point.

This Year THA introduced a new Award for

Excellence under the category of Best RSL Club.

The award was judged on the presentation of the

venue, service and quality of meals, friendliness

of staff and there were several ‘mystery visits’.


RSL On Service

On 22 June 1942, 1,054 Australian POWs and

civilians in Japanese captivity at Rabaul on the

island of New Britain (now known as Papua

New Guinea) boarded the Montevideo Maru.

Unaware that the vessel was carrying Allied

prisoners, on 1 July 1942 the Unites States

submarine USS Sturgeon fired torpedoes at the

Montevideo Maru, sinking the ship and killing

all those imprisoned on board and most of the

crew. It was not until after the war in October

1945 that a nominal roll of those on board was

uncovered. These records were presented to

Australia by the Japanese Government earlier

this year.

Mr Garrett represented the Prime Minister

at today’s event in his role as Patron of the

Rabaul and Montevideo Maru Society. “My

grandfather Tom Garrett was one of those on

board who lost their lives. He owned a coco

plantation near Rabaul, the capital of New

Britain, and was imprisoned by the Japanese

army after they gained control of the island in

January that year,” he said.

“Like many other families, my family was

not given the details of the sinking until the

The winning RSL venue was the Lenah Valley

RSL Sub Branch.

Mr Michael Glidden, State Manager of

HOSTPlus (left) presented the award.

Accepting the award on behalf of the President

of the Lenah Valley RSL is the Sub Branch

Treasurer, Noel Sargent (right).

war had ended. They lived with three years of

uncertainty before learning of my grandfather’s

death. It’s hard to imagine the grief and trauma

of those families who had no knowledge of

their loved ones’ fate and no way of mourning

their loss. Now 70 years on, it is fitting that

we remember and honour those 1535 souls on

the Montevideo Maru, who lost their lives a

long way from home, and whose memory and

sacrifice the nation can now cherish.”

The complete list of missing prisoners from the

ill-fated Montevideo Maru has been digitised

and will be available on the National Archives

of Australia website www.montevideomaru.

naa.gov.au from today.

The translation of the list by the National

Archives of Australia, over the past months,

has revealed an additional civilian internee

believed to have been onboard the Montevideo

Maru, bringing the total number thought to

have perished on board to 1,054.

Lest est W WWe

W We W WWe

We Forget orget

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f VI


and. In the bitterly cold winter of 1944 came

An Australian Fighter Pilot’s Story by Peter

e surprise attack against the Western Allies.

t break. R. Fitton They fell back, held the line, then

The story of a young Australian, a country

snows boy began from New to thaw South and Wales. the skies to clear.

the reckoning. The Russian Armies were adst,

theHe Allies was had one of amassed the many a mighty thousands invasion who

rged forward. journeyed The to Canada war ravaged to train and as a depleted fighter

ce of pilot. this onslaught. He was good, It very was good, a country fmally joining facing

Australian 66 Squadron was caught R.A.F. up in Belgium in this frantic at the end drive of

November 1944.

from the Author

The German High Command was desperate.

ilot's The Flight Wehrmacht Log, the Operational needed more Records fuel and of

f Lesmore Streete, time, conversations believing their and official Vengeance war

hter pilots' experience. Peter has placed Les's

Weapons could still turn the tide for them.

ron into the strategic overview of the fight

From numerous bases they were firing

een Hit presents the training, the pranks, the

thousands of VI flying bombs, V2 rockets

bat, the triumphs, the losses, the despair and

morable and presentation artilleryagainst of the targets experiences in Britain of and an

final months Holland. of In the war bitterly in Europe. cold winter of 1944

came the Battle of the Bulge, a massive

78-1-4771-2356-0 surprise attack can against be purchased the Western byAllies.

at: www:amazon.com, www.x1ibris.com.au

Their lines crumpled, but did not break. They

fell back, held the line, then slowly moved


Winter gave way to Spring. The snows began

to thaw and the skies to clear.

With the weather improving, came the

reckoning. The Russian Armies were

advancing from the East. In the West, the

Allies had amassed a mighty invasion force.



An Australian Fighter Pilot's Story


Peter R. Fitton

RSL On Service

It crossed the Rhine and surged forward. The

war ravaged and depleted Germany could

not stand in the face of this onslaught. It

was a country facing total chaos and defeat.

Our young Australian was caught up in this

frantic drive to victory.

A Note from the Author

Author Peter Fitton has used the Pilot’s

Flight Log, the Operational Records of 66

Squadron R.A.F., the diaries of Les Streete,

conversations and official war records to pen

this account of a fighter pilots’ experience.

Peter has placed Les’s experience and that

of 66 Squadron into the strategic overview

of the fight against Nazi Germany. Never

Been Hit presents the training, the pranks,

the adrenalin pumping rides into combat,

the triumphs, the losses, the despair and

Les’s eventual salvation in this memorable

presentation of the experiences of an

Australian Fighter Pilot during the final

months of the war in Europe.

The book, Never Been Hit ISBN 978-1-4771-

2356-0 can be purchased by phoning 1800 618

969 or on-line at: www:amazon.com, www.

x1ibris.com.au and at www:barnesandnoble.


Sage Hill Family & Friends Service ervice is…

A service that focuses ocuses on the needs of both

families and friends

A supportive place to o find out about ways of

living, coping oping and understanding mental illness

A place to find hope in mental tal health

A service that will listen carefully

A way of connecting with, and to, , people that

support and help

A service which aims to improve the lives of all

those who are affected by mental health issues

A service that you can access through self


You can visit us at…


15 Wellington Street

(PO Box 1045)

Launceston, Tasmania, 7250

Phone: (03) 6323 6100

Sage Hill

Family & Friends Service

North & North West Tasmania

North West

15 Wilmot Street

(PO Box 1458)

Burnie, Tasmania, 7320

Phone: 0439 321 455

A service that focuses

on the needs of families

and friends caring for

people with a

mental illness

throughout the

North & North West of


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The myth of Simpson and his Donkey


By Graham Wilson

Publisher: Big Sky Publishing.

RRP: $34.99

400 pages with many photographs.

Book Review by Reg. A. Watson

John Simpson (Kirkpatrick) and his donkey

are enshrined in the Gallipoli story. There

are however, according to author Graham

Wilson, many myths surrounding the man.

It is time for them to be exposed. This comes

at a juncture when his supporters are pushing

for a posthumous Victoria Cross (VC). Mr

Wilson hastens to add in his “Introduction”

that his research has found Simpson to be

“a likable young man and deserving of much

respect” and is aware that his book could see

him as a “Simpson Basher”. What Wilson

really sets out to do is to set the record

straight. There are many ‘myths’ surrounding

Simpson, such as the number of men that he

‘saved’. There are various stories about him

providing the image of Simpson as a likeable

larrikin disrespectful of authority, in other

words the typical image of the World War

One Australian soldier.

There are other myths that he was at the time

recommended for a VC and only bungling by

the authorities destroyed his chances. Other

stories abound how he was well known by

all Australians at Gallipoli and that when he

was killed, a hush fell over the battlefield.

One belief is that if he was in the British

Army he would have been court-martialled

and probably shot. The perceived work done

by Simpson overshadows to a great degree

the work of the ambulance corps and the

stretcher-bearers in general.

The status of Simpson (who was born in

England) has grown to saint-like proportions

even to the extent that it was said he had an

unusual affinity with animals.

The author states, “I wrote the book as an

attempt to, firstly strip away the layers of

mistruths, half-truths and lies that surround

Simpson and reveal the real man.” And he

does that very effectively. He exposes the

impossibility that Simpson achieved what

he is supposed to have achieved. The

author also examines the many witnesses to

Simpson’s work promoting the myths and

legends with his well-documented research

and thoroughness. He discovers that many

who said they knew Simpson were not even

there at the time when Simpson survived at

Gallipoli. Why would people make up what

essentially are lies? Simply, it is a human

trait to be recognised with someone who

has a commendable reputation surrounding

him. Many of the photographs held even by

the Australian War Memorial, supposedly

of Simpson and his donkey are simply not of

him, even one being that of a New Zealand


Simpson and his donkey operated at ‘The

Valley of Death” or Shrapnel Valley for 24

days before he was shot in the heart by a

sniper. It was for a relatively short period of

time that he and his donkey brought down

wounded men to the beach. It is said that he

‘saved’ about 300 men. Taking into account

the amount of time expended, the distance

required to bring back the wounded and

other factors. Wilson says the actual figure

would be around 100, certainly a lot less

than 300. And he queries how many men

he ‘saved’. It is quite logical – as he points

out – that Simpson possibly never ‘saved’

anyone. Those who he did bring back were

the “walking wounded”; those seriously

wounded were retrieved by the stretcher

bearers who could actually be more efficient

than a man who had a cantankerous donkey

to deal with.

A badly wounded soldier could not mount

a donkey and remain seated. The book

contains photographs of men who are able

to sit upright, some even smiling and the

possibility of the donkey taking two seriously

wounded soldiers at a time is cast aside.

Dust, Donkeys and Delusions sets out to

correct the historical records surrounding

Simpson and rehabilitate the memory of

others soldiers whose bravery and sacrifice

at Gallipoli has been overshadowed by the

myth of Simpson.

I found it a dash good read. It is controversial

and may upset some readers, but Wilson puts

a great case forward with his well-researched

and honest approach. It is a good read indeed.

Let the reader come to his own conclusions.

Big Sky Publishing. PP $34.99. 400 pages

with many photographs.


RSL On Service


The Minister for Defence Science

and Personnel, Warren Snowdon, has

welcomed the arrival of an historic WWII

Spitfire aircraft found in northern France

in November 2010 to the RAAF Museum

“The conservation work is essential

to ensure the aircraft’s long term

preservation and prevent further

deterioration of this special piece of

our wartime history,” he said.

Choose a

quality service

at Point Cook, for extensive conservation


The Spitfire aircraft was flown by Flight

Lieutenant Henry ‘Lacy’ Smith from Sydney,

NSW, when it was shot down by anti-aircraft

fire on 11 June 1944.


The information in this document is general in nature and does not consider any of your objectives, financial situation or needs. Before acting

on this information, you should consider obtaining advice from a licensed, financial product adviser and consider the appropriateness of this

information, having regard to your particular investment needs, Canberra objectives and financial ACT situation. 2600You

should obtain a copy of the HOSTPLUS

Product Disclosure Statement and consider the information contained in the Statement before making any decision about whether to acquire an

interest in HOSTPLUS. Issued by Host-Plus Pty Limited ABN 79 008 634 704, AFSL No. 244392, RSEL No. L0000093, HOSTPLUS Superannuation

Fund ABN 68 657 495 890, RSE No. R1000054. For further information on Chant West ratings visit http://hostplus.com.au/info/chant-west-disclaimer


HOST7085_RSL TAS_190x130mm_RSL_01.indd 1 29/06/12 4:40 PM

Job No: Scale:


HOST7037 1:1

“The Spitfire MJ789 crashed into the River

Orne, near Caen, in northern France, where

it was recovered almost 70 years later,” Mr

Snowdon said.

“The wreckage of the aircraft will now

undergo extensive conservation before being

placed on display at the RAAF Museum at

Point Cook, Victoria next year.”

A team of RAAF Museum technical and

curatorial personnel will mechanically clean

all items of the aircraft, to ensure maximum

desalination of the engine and fuselage, a

process that is expected to take more than

six months.

“The conservation work is essential to ensure

the aircraft’s long term preservation and

prevent further deterioration of this special

piece of our wartime history,” he said.

Once the Museum is satisfied with the

desalination process, the wreckage will be

prepared for display.


MANIA When you’ve served the hospitality I’m a journalist and tourism with industries the Fairfax for over Sunday

very disappointing 24 years, to you travel can’t all help the but develop newspapers an appreciation (the Sun Herald for the importance in Sydney and

George Town




the Annual



the reason

the advert


Sunday to come








and I’m

ng only to have sixteen members turn researching a story on women who caught

was decided at centre the meeting in-house that when the many the others so-called are bridal being train outsourced. across Australia So our at

ation be wound members up next year are if assured you, as they’re the end always of World speaking War to 2 so a they HOSTPLUS could meet

ers don’t support



And with offices



with their American

our employers


can call

I would like to find some women who were

12 Annual General our employer Meeting services will be team part anytime. of the journey To find as a out story more for ANZAC visit

t the Longford RSL Memorial Club.

and dates will


be forwarded at a

or Day call next 1300 year. HOSTPLUS (1300 467 875).

date. If any member has any idea

to keep the association viable please

choose quality

e to contact me.

People can contact me at this email address

srpeatling@hotmail.com or in a letter

peter.colleen@iinet.net.au or phone addressed to:

55674, Mob 0437-589718.

Stephanie Peatling

nput will be appreciated.

The Sun Herald

Woolford JP

Press Gallery

ent, RSL Life Members Association

Parliament House

HOST7085_RSL TAS_190x130mm_RSL_01

New South Wales (NSW).


RSL On Service

Cancer Council Tasmania

recommends you:

Seek shade between 10am – 3pm

Slip on a shirt with collar and sleeves

Slop on broad spectrum SPF30+


Slap on a broad brimmed hat

Slide on sunglasses with an AS1067


Cancer Council

Helpline Odds 13 & Ends 11 20

When Lucy’s mum abandoned her, she was forced to live on the streets. She lost her childhood, her dignity and herself. But when she

Date: 29.06.12 Finished Size: 190mm x 130mm found the Salvos, she found a safe place, counselling and hope. We didn’t see a drug addict, we saw the real Lucy. And she needed

our help. Now we need yours.

Version: Stage:

Over 45,000 young Australians will be homeless tonight. Please don’t wait for the Doorknock. We need your donation now.

01 Finished Art

13 SALVOS (13 72 58)

Our commitment to quality


goes beyond super

Gardening Repair work


1300 93 55 36

Fiduciary Services Australia PTY LTD

trading as Taswill

PO Box 136, Battery Point, TAS 7004

0438 672 319 - www.taswill.com.au




Our self-contained units give you the convenience and independence of living at home, with the comfort

and security of knowing there’s always expert, professional care and assistance close by, whenever you

need it.

We have attractive, pleasant and comfortable units in Hobart, Launceston, Low Head, Westbury and

Somerset. (We also provide home care services and operate residential care facilities.)

Please get in touch and find out more about how our Independent Living Units can work for you.

Residential enquiries

Southern Tasmania

Ph: 6214 9714 or 0417 578 053

Southern Cross Care (Tas.) Inc.

Caring across Tasmania

We have an option for you.

North/North West

Ph: 6343 0240 or 0409 546 838 Email: residentialenquiries@scctas.org.au

Rosary Gardens - New Town - 141 High Care Residents

Guilford Young Grove - Sandy Bay - 56 Low Care & High Care Residents plus 38 Units

Sandown Village - Sandy Bay - 60 Low Care and High Care places plus 34 Units

Taroona Villas - Taroona - 13 Units

Lawrenny Court & Hamilton Place - West Hobart - 94 Units

Glenara Lakes Village - Youngtown - 72 Low Care & High Care Residents plus 83 Units

Mount Esk - St. Leonards - 98 Low Care & High Care Residents

Ainslie Launceston - South Launceston - 94 units

Ainslie Low Head - Low Head - 69 Low Care and High Care Residents plus 34 Units

Ainslie Westbury - Westbury - 6 Units

Yaraandoo - Somerset - 82 Low Care & High Care Residents plus 6 Units

web: www.southerncrosscaretas.org.au

The right option at the right time.

Founded and sponsored by the Knights of the Southern Cross

IC - SCC 1081ACG

Our way of saying thanks

Great value health cover

You’ve done a lot for your country, now it’s our turn to do something for you.

Because of your service, you, your partner, your brothers and sisters, children and grandchildren

are all eligible to join Defence Health. Your military service is your family’s link to competitive

health insurance. It’s easy to join or to switch from another fund.

Call Defence Health on 1800 335 425 or visit www.defencehealth.com.au to see how

your service can serve your family.

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