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Australia No. 315 March – April 2012

Rising Sun





Phillip Law








Centenary of



to Vote

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Dear Collectors

Welcome to another edition of

Australian Stamp Bulletin and

an exciting program of stamp

issues for March and April. This

edition also brings you the full

range of products for the 2012

Australian Legends stamp issue

released in January. The range

includes a splendid prestige

booklet in a large format

and written by a group of

prominent sporting journalists

– each with an insight into

one of the four football codes

represented. The book is a

must for sports enthusiasts and

collectors. It offers a profi le for

each 2012 Legend nominee,

great sporting photographs

and career statistics as well as

exclusive blocks of four of the

gummed stamps produced.

For someone interested in

sport it would make a great

gift or keepsake.

This edition features a

variety of themes, including

Waterbirds and the Queen’s

Diamond Jubilee. Set to be

released in the beginning of

the year, Farming Australia

was moved to March and is

being released to coincide with

the celebration of 2012 as the

Year of the Farmer. The issue

looks at a variety of industries

and promotes the wealth of

Australian produce and the

importance of farming to the

Australian economy.

One of the major celebrations

of 2012 is the Diamond Jubilee

of the accession to the throne

of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth

II and Australia Post has

produced some very special

products for collectors. The

stamp issue presents a young

monarch on the base rate

stamp with the international

stamp featuring the Queen as

we know her today. I’m sure

thematic collectors will be

delighted with the design of

the issue.

To coincide with ANZAC Day

commemorations, we look at

one of the most signifi cant

Australian military symbols.

The Rising Sun Badge is

synonymous with our vision

of ANZAC and the hope and

gallantry that the badge is said

to inspire.

I am also very pleased to

bring you early news on the

centenary celebrations of the

“Kangaroo and Map” stamp

series and the international

stamp show to take place in

Melbourne – Australia 2013.

You will fi nd show details and

information sources, including

a glimpse of a number of

exciting show souvenirs already

available for collectors, on page

18 of this edition.

The event is to be held in the

Great Hall of Melbourne’s

iconic and heritage-listed

Royal Exhibition Building. Set

within the tranquil Carlton

Gardens, both the building and

gardens were completed in

1880 in time for Melbourne’s

fi rst international exhibition

to display the success of the

city as a result of the goldrush

years. Those wishing

to attend this international

philatelic event are encouraged

to begin their plans early to

take advantage of the close

proximity of the venue to other

major city attractions.

Happy Collecting

Michael Zsolt

Manager, Philatelic


4 2012 Australian Legends of Football

6 Australian Waterbirds

8 AAT: Phillip Law 1912–2010

10 Farming Australia

12 Centenary of Compulsory Enrolment to Vote

13 Queen’s Diamond Jubilee

16 Medical Doctors

18 Australia 2013

20 Rising Sun Badge

24 Impressions

26 Coins

28 Gardens PPEs

30 Stamp Shows and Events

31 Seven Seas

A special celebration gift

Babies born in the Year of the

Dragon are said to be confi dent

and fearless. The Dragon is also the

free spirit of the Chinese zodiac.

Celebrate a birth in 2012 with this

very special Year of the Dragon



$15.95 2012 Baby Keepsake

20 January 2012


Issue highlights

Also available with this issue is a full

set of the self-adhesive booklets.

Sport has a long history in post-settlement Australia, and its

social and cultural impact cannot be overstated. Whether or

not one is a participant, sport shapes the lives, routines and

weekends of many Australians, binding people across cultures

and generations. But no sport achieves these things quite like

football: Australian rules, rugby league, rugby union and soccer.

Regional and cultural elements defi ne each code’s territory and

popularity, but throughout the playing season all four games

command the attention of players and coaches, the passion

of thousands of followers, and hours and pages of media


In 2012, the Australia Post Australian Legends Award celebrates

eight doyens of football. In a departure from previous years,

in 2012 our living legends comprise one all-time great and

one current star from each of these widely embraced games:

Ron Barassi AM, Gary Ablett, John Raper MBE, Billy Slater,

1715002 First day cover (gummed) David Campese AM, David Pocock, Joe Marston MBE and Mark

Schwarzer OAM.

Technical details

Issue date 20 January 2012

FDI withdrawal date 18 February 2012

Denomination 8 x 60c

Stamp and

Michaela Gaunt, ESP

product design


booklet design

2012 Australian Legends of Football

60c Ron Barassi 60c John Raper 60c David Campese 60c Joe Marston

Simone Sakinofsky,

Australia Post Design Studio

Printer McKellar Renown

Paper Tullis Russell

Printing process Lithography

Stamp size 26mm x 37.5mm

Perforations 14.6 x 13.86

Sheet layout Modules of 50 / 2 stamps to each

National postmark Sydney, NSW 2000

1715126 Stamp pack

In Aussie rules, Ron Barrassi and Gary Ablett are both

acknowledged champions and inspirational leaders.

In rugby league, John Raper famously played in eight

consecutive premiership-winning teams, while Billy Slater is

renowned as the cornerstone of Queensland’s six successive

State of Origin victories.

In rugby union, David Campese achieved the ultimate

individual and team success as a Wallaby at the 1991 World

Cup, while another Wallaby, David Pocock, was selected as a

Legend because of his consistently stellar performances in a

still nascent career.

In soccer, Joe Marston was the fi rst Australian to play in an FA

Cup fi nal, while both he and Mark Schwarzer are decorated

Socceroos who have also pursued highly successful careers in

European football – some 45 years apart.


Maxicard set of eight

Issue highlights

The large-format prestige

booklet includes a unique

block of four for each Legend.

2012 Australian Legends of Football


Prestige booklet

20 January 2012

60c Gary Ablett 60c Billy Slater 60c David Pocock 60c Mark Schwarzer

1715501 1715502

1715503 1715504

1715505 1715506

1715507 1715508

Booklets of 10 (s/a)



6 March 2012

Australian Waterbirds

60c Radjah Shelduck 60c Pink-eared Duck $1.65 Australian Shelduck $2.35 Plumed Whistling-Duck



set of four


Roll of 100

In the wild, ducks are a common and quite beautiful group of

birds. They often travel and feed in fl ocks, their number making

them conspicuous. Australia is home to 28 species of ducks, of

which 10 are endemic.

The Radjah Shelduck is a distinctive bird, with its white head,

neck, underbelly and eye, and its rich chestnut neck band and

back. Also known as the Burdekin Duck, this species inhabits

mainly brackish water and mangrove environments across the

far north coastal region. It is sensitive to human incursions

into its habitat, which has led to a decline in its numbers over

recent decades.

The Pink-eared Duck attracts much interest for its singularity.

Named for the pink area behind each eye, it is a curiouslooking

bird, with fi ne black and white bars across its body,

a dark back and patch over each eye, and a large spatula-like

bill. The plumage of males and females is identical. This duck

prefers shallow swamps in the arid inland. The temporary

nature of its ideal feeding habitat and its specialised mode


First day cover


of feeding make it a highly nomadic bird that can be found

throughout much of Australia.

The Australian Shelduck has glossy black plumage, a chestnut

breast and lower back, and iridescent green speculum. The

male’s head is completely black, but the female has a white ring

around her eye and beak. While it is also known as the Mountain

Duck, the Australian Shelduck prefers saline or brackish water

in lowland areas and large lakes. It mostly occupies Australia’s

more southerly regions.

The Plumed Whistling-Duck has a mainly

pink bill and legs, a white belly and long,

upswept fl ank plumes. This tropical duck

is highly nomadic, particularly between

coastal and interior plains. It is fairly

common across northern Australia and

east down the coast to the Murray River.

During the wet season it will inhabit

saturated inland plains.


Booklet of 10 (s/a)

Australian Waterbirds

1718126 Stamp pack

Issue highlights

6 March 2012

This is the third issue in this series

by renowned Australian wildlife

artist, Christopher Pope.

1718250 Sheetlet of five x $1.65

Technical details

1718252 Sheetlet of five x $2.35

Issue date 6 March 2012

FDI withdrawal date 4 April 2012

Denomination 2 x 60c, 1 x $1.65, $2.35

Stamp illustration Christopher Pope

Stamp typography Jo Muré,

and product design Australia Post Design Studio

Printer McKellar Renown

Paper Tullis Russell

Printing process Lithography

Stamp size 37.5mm x 26mm

Perforations 13.86 x 14.6

Sheet layout Module of 50 / no design

National postmark Riverview, Qld 4303



6 March 2012

60c Phillip Law $1.20 Law at Arthurson Bluff $1.80 Opening of Mawson Station

Issue highlights

The minisheet features a montage

of images from the 1954 and 1955

expeditions to Antarctica.

Phillip Law 1912–2010

This stamp issue marks the centenary of the birth of Dr Phillip

Law AC (1912–2010), one of Australia’s most experienced polar

explorers. He was a pivotal fi gure in developing Australia’s

Antarctic science program and in securing a commitment to

the region.

Law’s association with Antarctica began with the

establishment of the Australian National Antarctic Research

Expedition (ANARE) in 1947. A physics academic, Law was

appointed to plan and organise ANARE’s scientifi c program

and was involved in founding the subantarctic bases on Heard

and Macquarie Islands. In 1949, he was appointed director of

ANARE and of the Australian Antarctic Division, positions he

held until 1966 and during which he consolidated Australia’s

presence in Antarctica and explored extensive tracts of the

Australian Antarctic Territory.

Technical details

Pack-ice was a substantial barrier to expanding Australia’s

scientifi c efforts into continental Antarctica. But on securing

Issue date 6 March 2012

the ice-strengthened Kista Dan, Law led

the party that established Mawson Station,

FDI withdrawal date 4 April 2012

Denomination 1 x 60c, $1.20, $1.80

Stamp design Gary Domoney, Visua

Product design

John White,

Australia Post Design Studio

Printer McKellar Renown

Paper Tullis Russell

Printing process Lithography

Stamp size 26mm x 37.5mm

Minisheet size 160mm x 90mm

Perforations 14.6 x 13.86

Sheet layout Module of 50 / no design

1719013 First day cover (minisheet)

National postmark Kingston, Tas 7050

which opened on 13 February 1954. In 1957, Law established

Davis Station on the extensive ice-free area of Princess Elizabeth

Land. He then negotiated the transfer of America’s Wilkes

Station to Australian administration. On 4 February 1959 this

became Australia’s third continental station; in 1969 it was

replaced by Casey Station. Law was crucial in establishing

Australia as a leader in Antarctic exploration and science, and as

one of the 12 original parties to the Antarctic Treaty, which came

into effect in 1961.

In his 19 years as an Antarctic explorer, Phillip Law took part in

28 expeditions. Under his direction, some 5,000 kilometres of

coastline were charted. Of all his achievements, Law considered

the fi rst landing at Larsemann Hills to be his greatest. In early

1958, and after days of negotiating ice-free peaks that rose

to 500 feet, the ANARE leader led the fi rst party to land at

Larsemann Hills. In his honour, the Law Base was established

at the site in 1986–87.

Phillip Law died in Melbourne at the age of 97.

1719002 First day cover (gummed)

Phillip Law 1912–2010 6 March 2012

1719142 Minisheet

1719126 Stamp pack


Maxicard set of three


20 March 2012


Issue highlights

The stamps in this issue cover a

diverse range of industries and will

appeal to collectors of a number of

stamp themes.

Technical details

Issue date 20 March 2012

FDI withdrawal date 18 April 2012

Farming Australia

10c Dairy 20c Pineapples $1 Wine $3 Sunflowers $5 Apples

Denomination 1 x 10c, 20c, $1, $3, $5

Stamp and Jo Muré,

product design Australia Post Design Studio

Printer McKellar Renown

Paper Tullis Russell

Printing process Lithography

Stamp size 30mm x 25mm, 50mm x 30mm

Perforations 14 x 14.4, 14.6 x 14

Sheet layout Modules of 50 / no gutter

National postmark Newmarket, Qld 4051

This issue is one of a series focusing on different farming

industries in Australia.

The dairy industry is one of our major rural industries, ranking

behind only beef and wheat. While all states and territories

have dairy industries, most production occurs in the more

temperate south-east areas of the country, and includes

milk, yoghurts and a wide variety of cheese types. The most

common dairy cow breeds are the Holstein Friesian and the


The bright yellow sunfl ower is native to North America and

grown mainly in Queensland and New South Wales in Australia.

Sunfl ower seed is a source of oil used for cooking, salads,

paints and industrial lubricants. Non-oil varieties of sunfl ower

are used as birdseed or roasted and eaten as a snack.

The pineapple is a tropical fruit native to South America and in

Australia grows best in tropical Queensland and northern New

South Wales. Lutheran missionaries

planted the fi rst crops in Brisbane in

1729005 Blank cover

1838 and the commercial industry was established in 1924. In

1946 canning plants were built at Rockhampton and Cairns.

Pineapples are a good source of manganese and contain high

levels of vitamins C and B1.

Australia is consistently among the top 10 wine-growing

countries in the world. Shiraz is the most produced variety,

followed by chardonnay and cabernet sauvignon. The main

wine-producing states are South Australia, Victoria and

New South Wales, although Western Australia, Queensland,

Tasmania and ACT also have wine industries.

The humble apple tree originated in Central Asia and is one

of the most widely cultivated plants in the world. Of the

many apple varieties in existence, around 15 are produced

commercially in Australia, with Pink Lady, Granny Smith,

Gala and Sundowner being the four most common. Victoria

is Australia’s leader in apple production and the market

is primarily domestic, with the majority of fruit sold and

consumed fresh.

1729002 First day cover (gummed)

Farming Australia

1729126 Stamp pack

20 March 2012

1729220 Maxicard set of five


27 March 2012 Centenary of Compulsory Enrolment to Vote


60c Enrolment to Vote

Technical details

1732220 Maxicard

Issue date 27 March 2012

FDI withdrawal date 25 April 2012

Denomination 1 x 60c

Stamp design Gary Domoney, Visua

Product design

John White,

Australia Post Design Studio

Printer McKellar Renown

Paper Tullis Russell

Printing process Lithography

Stamp size 26mm x 37.5mm

Perforations 14.6 x 13.86

Sheet layout Sheetlet of 10

National postmark Canberra, ACT 2600

1732002 First day cover

This stamp issue commemorates a century of compulsory

enrolment to vote in Australian federal elections. While

compulsory voting was fi rst advocated by Alfred Deakin

at the turn of the 20th century, voting was voluntary for

the fi rst nine elections. Compulsory enrolment for federal

elections was introduced in 1912. At a state level, compulsory

voting was introduced in Queensland in 1915, in Victoria

in 1926, in NSW and Tasmania in 1928, in WA in 1936 and

in SA in 1942.

Signifi cant impetus for compulsory voting at federal

elections appears to have come from a decline in voter

turnout from more than 71% in 1919 to less than 60% at

the 1922 election. In 1924 a private member’s bill to amend

the Electoral Act was introduced in the Senate and voting

became compulsory in federal elections. The impact was

immediate, with turnout at the 1925 election rising to

more than 91%. Voluntary enrolment and voting at federal

elections was introduced for Australian Aborigines in 1949

and in 1984 it became compulsory.

1732130 Stamp pack

60c Her Majesty at her accession $2.35 Her Majesty today

Royal jubilees celebrate signifi cant periods of a monarch’s

reign. In 2012, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II celebrates her

Diamond Jubilee, marking 60 years as sovereign. She acceded

to the throne on 6 February 1952, following the death of King

George VI.

Throughout her reign the Queen’s priorities have been loyalty

and service to her people. The Diamond Jubilee provides

Australia – along with Britain and other Commonwealth

countries – the opportunity to celebrate her dedication to duty,

and the grace and strength she has brought to her public life

and role of monarch.

1721122 Sheetlet (5 x $2.35)

1721002 First day cover (gummed)

Queen’s Diamond Jubilee 3 April 2012

1721220 Maxicard set of two

Issue highlights

This stamp issue is released to

coincide with the birthday of Her

Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

Technical details

Issue date 3 April 2012

FDI withdrawal date 2 May 2012

Denomination 1 x 60c, 1 x $2.35

Stamp and Jo Muré,

product design Australia Post Design Studio

Printer McKellar Renown

Paper Tullis Russell

Printing process Lithography

Stamp size 26mm x 37.5mm

Minisheet size 105mm x 70mm

Perforations 14.6 x 13.86

Sheet layout Module of 50 / no design

National postmark Elizabeth, SA 5112



3 April 2012 Queen’s Diamond Jubilee

Issue highlights

1721013 First day cover (minisheet)

The photograph on the 60c stamp

is by dance, film and celebrity

photographer Baron (Sterling Henry

Nahum) © National Portrait Gallery,

London. The international stamp

features a photograph by Jane Bown

© Guardian News and Media Ltd 2006.

1721126 Stamp pack

1721142 Minisheet

In addition to the usual product range, two limited edition

commemorative covers are being released. Both feature

replicas of the Baron stamp using gold or silver precious


As a further mark of this historic occasion, Australia Post is

releasing a new product in conjunction with Royal Mail – a

precious-metal international set featuring two iconic portraits

that have appeared on the stamps of Australia and the United

Kingdom during the Queen’s reign.

The Machin Design is perhaps the world’s most reproduced

image and was inspired by the 1870 Penny Black featuring

Queen Victoria. The Australia image is one taken by Baron

Sterling Henry Nahum (1906–56).

1721360 Postal and numismatic cover


Presents a single 999.0

Pure Gold stamp with

gold-foiled postmark

housed in a protective

leatherette folder.


$79.95 Australia and UK Diamond Jubilee

Silver Stamp Presentation Pack

Queen’s Diamond Jubilee 3 April 2012

This special range of products reproduces the stamps using 3D-MPI (Minted-

Photo-Image) technology. The result is a dramatic high-relief, coin-like effect

befi tting of this important royal occasion.

Presents a single 999.0

Pure Silver stamp with

silver-foiled postmark

complete with clear

protective wallet.


Presents two 999.0 Pure

Silver stamps 2,000 of the

2,400 produced worldwide

will be available from

Australia Post.

$29.95 Diamond Jubilee Silver Stamp

Commemorative Cover



10 April 2012 Medical Doctors

60c Chris O’Brien AO 60c Fred Hollows AC 60c Victor Chang AC 60c Dame Kate Campbell 60c Jane Stocks Greig

Issue highlights

Individually numbered and limited

to 7,500, the stamp and medallion

cover features three of the subjects

– Chris O’Brien, Fred Hollows and

Victor Chang.

This stamp issue honours fi ve remarkable clinicians who have

contributed to making our health system one of the best in the


Dr Jane (Jean) Stocks Greig (1872–1939) was a public

health specialist. In 1896, with her sister Janet, she founded

Melbourne’s Queen Victoria Hospital. She helped improve

the health and dental standards of Victorian school children

and her administrative positions included membership of the

secretariat of the Victorian Baby Health Centres Association

and the Council of Public Education.

Like Greig, paediatrician Dame Kate Campbell (1899–1986)

was a graduate of the medical school of the University of

Melbourne. A specialist in children’s diseases, Campbell proved

the link between retrolental fi broplasia (a type of blindness in

premature babies) and oxygen levels in humidicribs. She was

appointed to the Order of the British Empire in 1971.

$29.95 Medical Doctors –A Lasting Legacy medallion cover


Professor Fred Hollows AC (1929–1993) was an ophthalmologist

who championed the right of all people to high-quality eye

care. Hollows helped set up the Aboriginal Medical Service

in Sydney and arranged for teams to travel throughout the

country to treat trachoma. He was also responsible for training

doctors to treat diseases of the eye in Africa. He was Australian

of the Year in 1990.

Dr Victor Chang AC, (1936–1991) was a cardiac surgeon

responsible for establishing Australia’s National Heart

Transplant Program. Chang pioneered the development of an

artifi cial heart valve and in 1986 was appointed a Companion

of the Order of Australia for his “service to international

relations between Australia and China and to medical science”.

Professor Chris O’Brien AO (1952–2009) was a head and neck

surgeon who pioneered integrated, comprehensive cancer

care. His work resulted in the establishment of the Chris

O’Brien Lifehouse at RPA, a cancer treatment and research

facility in Sydney.

Technical details


Maxicard set of five

Medical Doctors 10 April 2012

Issue date 10 April 2012

FDI withdrawal date 9 May 2012

1720126 Stamp pack


First day cover (gummed)

Denomination 5 x 60c

Stamp and Simone Sakinofsky,

product design Australia Post Design Studio

Printer (s/a) McKellar Renown (Pemara)

Paper (s/a) Tullis Russell (40080 WKI KU s/a)

Printing process Lithography

Stamp size 26mm x 37.5mm

Perforations 14.6 x 13.86

Sheet layout Modules of 50 / no design x fi ve

National postmark Healesville, Vic 3777



The birth of the Kangaroo

and Map stamp

When Australia’s six colonies federated to form

the Commonwealth of Australia on January 1

1901, philatelists looked forward to the release

of a single series of Australian Commonwealth

stamps. It was not to be. Not even a temporary

issue of overprinted state stamps was arranged

(as had been initially proposed). For 12 years

after Federation, state stamps previously

released continued to be current, and for most

of this period the stamps remained valid for

postage only in the state of origin.

Various schemes were advanced to feature

Commonwealth designs on states’ stamps,

but none of these plans ever came to fruition.

Perhaps the chief reason was the rapid

succession of Postmasters-General. There were 11

occupants of the Postmaster-General’s portfolio

between 1901 and 1912. Invariably, a proposal

concerning new Commonwealth stamps put

forward by one Postmaster-General would be

abandoned by his successor.

The fi rst important step towards ending state

stamps came with the appointment of a board

“to consider and report on the best methods to

be adopted” for a future issue of Commonwealth

stamps. The fi ve-member Stamp Board

represented the Post Offi ce, stamp printing,

engraving, the fi ne arts and philately. The Board

met in the Melbourne General Post Offi ce for

two weeks during October 1907 producing a

report and key recommendations.

Only one printing establishment would be able

to undertake the production of a single series

of Commonwealth stamps, and the competing

claims of the state printers preoccupied the

Post Offi ce’s attention. It was decided that the

Stamp Printer in Adelaide employed by the Post

Offi ce, John Bradley Cooke, would transfer to

Melbourne to take over stamp production in the

Victorian Government Printing Offi ce. In March

1909, the new Stamp Printing Offi ce was set up

under Cooke’s control. When the decision was

taken to proceed with Commonwealth stamps,

the new Stamp Printing Offi ce in Melbourne

would carry out the work.

When Charles Frazer became Postmaster-

General, he was able to ensure that “something

emblematic of Australia” appeared on

Australia’s stamps. He rejected the design being

considered, which was the result of an earlier

public competition, and asked the Victorian

Artists’ Society to nominate a member artist

who could produce an alternative design. The

Society chose Blamire Young, a noted English

watercolourist living in Australia at the time.

In December 1911, Young submitted a series of

10 designs, all of which are believed to have

featured scenes enclosed by an outline map

of Australia.

None of the 10 designs survive today, but it is

recorded that one of these depicted a kangaroo

inside a map of Australia. The exact sequence of

events is unclear, but presumably Frazer chose

the kangaroo design as the basis for the new

stamp. The various Kangaroo and Map designs

exist as printed “essays” or samples and are

the work of Rudolph Steel, a private artist and

lithographer in Melbourne. The fi rst Kangaroo

and Map stamp was issued on 2 January 1913,

and within three months the full series of values

had been issued.

Melbourne, Australia 10–15 May 2013

Venue for Australia 2013

The Royal Exhibition Building in Melbourne will be the venue for a World Stamp Exhibition

to commemorate the Centenary of the Kangaroo Stamp. With its meticulously restored

opulent interior, expansive galleries and soaring dome, the Great Hall offers a magnifi cent

setting for Australia 2013 FIP World Stamp Exhibition. The Royal Exhibition Building and

Carlton Gardens were both opened in 1880. The Royal Exhibition Building was inscribed on

the World Heritage list on 1 July 2004 – the fi rst building in Australia to achieve this listing.

International show souvenirs

A range of special event souvenirs for Australia

2013 FIP World Stamp Exhibition will be available

for purchase direct from the exhibition website. The

show items will allow you to expand your collection

or will serve as a keepsake to remember your time

in Melbourne. The souvenirs include the themes

Antarctica, Kokoda, Powered Flight, Railway Journeys

and Colonial Heritage.

Souvenirs available include New Releases, Coins,

Bank Notes and Macro Philly. Show souvenir enquiries

should be directed to Gary Brown of the Organising


During your stay

Make the most of your stay in Melbourne by visiting the

City of Melbourne’s “Visit Melbourne” website. Find out

about the great city attractions, including museums, art

galleries and some of the many restaurants and cafes

Melbourne is renowned for. The website also covers some

of Victoria’s remarkable destinations and breathtaking

scenery, including along The Great Ocean Road.

Visit the website to

see the full range of

souvenirs available.



17 April 2012

Technical details

1723142 Minisheet

Issue date 17 April 2012

FDI withdrawal date 16 May 2012

Denomination 5 x 60c (se-tenant)

Stamp and

product design

Rising Sun Badge

60c 1902–04 60c 1904–49 60c 1954–69 60c 1969–91 60c From 1991

Lisa Christensen,

Australia Post Design Studio

Printer McKellar Renown

Paper (s/a) Tullis Russell (B100)

Printing process Lithography

Stamp size 37.5mm x 26mm

Minisheet size 130mm x 80mm

Perforations 13.86 x 14.6

Sheet layout Modules of 50 / gutter design

National postmark Canberra, ACT 2600

This stamp issue traces the design evolution of the Rising Sun

badge, also known as the General Service badge, worn by

Australian Army personnel. There is some uncertainty as to

the origin of the fi rst design, but the most accepted theory is

that it derives from a trophy of arms. It is believed the trophy

was designed by Major Joseph Maria Gordon of the South

Australian Permanent Artillery, who took it around the colony

during recruitment drives. Created around 1893, it comprised

seven cut-and-thrust swords alternating with six Martini Henri

bayonets, radiating from a brass crown, all mounted on a red

semi-circular board.

Some years later, Gordon presented the trophy to Major-

General Sir Edward Hutton, the British offi cer appointed

Commander-in-chief by the newly federated government of

Australia to coordinate its colonial forces into a single

Commonwealth force. Seeking a uniquely

identifi able badge, Hutton suggested a

design based on the trophy, representing


Stamp pack

1723360 Postal and numismatic cover

the coordination of Australia’s naval and infantry forces. The

fi rst badges were produced quickly for the battalions that

fought in South Africa in early 1902, the fi nal year of the Boer


Since the badge was fi rst produced, its design has gone

through seven iterations, fi ve of which are shown in the stamp

issue: the fi rst, third, fi fth, sixth and seventh. The fi rst, used

during the Boer War, was replaced within months, most likely

due to the change of name from “Australia” to “Australian

Commonwealth Horse”. Approved in May 1904, the third

design was worn by personnel of Australian Imperial Forces

through both World Wars. Following Queen Elizabeth II’s

coronation (1953), the badge’s central motif was altered in

the fi fth iteration to show the St Edward’s Crown, used for her

coronation. The sixth design introduced the Federation Star,

sitting upon a heraldic wreath. The seventh and most recent

design returns the badge to near its third iteration. This change

coincided with the 75th anniversary of the landing at Gallipoli.

1723002 First day cover (gummed) 1723241 Gutter (10 x 60c)

Rising Sun Badge 17 April 2012

1723220 Maxicard

set of five



17 April 2012 Rising Sun Badge

This Thi collection ll ti presents t a set t of f Ri Rising i SSun bbadges d

and corresponding stamps. Beautifully presented in

a quality timber box, the set replicates the changing

design of this iconic Australian emblem.


$79.95 Rising Sun Stamp Badges Boxed Set


Features Feat fi ve stamps

encased enca in medallions.

The two cover medallions,

which whic feature a stamp on

each side, spin freely to

enable enab both sides of the

medallions med to be viewed.

$29.95 Rising Sun Stamp Medallion

Presentation Folder

In addition to the fi ve stamps of the

Rising Sun stamp issue, this stamp

pack features two stamps that will

not be released as part of the offi cial

stamp issue. The two additional

stamps will only be available in the

semi-imperforate miniature sheet

presented here.


$9.95 Rising Sun Semi Imperforate

Stamp Pack - Special Edition

Buy the complete

set of fi ve covers by

mail order and receive

10% discount


$10.95 Army – My Dear Frank


$10.95 First ANZAC Day – Dear Mother


Also available

$10.95 Navy – From the Offi ce of the Commodore


$10.95 RAAF – Your Loving Son, Clem


$10.95 Fromelles – A Letter to Etty





Premiership Team celebration print 2011



Buy the set

of eight mini


for $100!

AFL Captains mini maxicard

Refer to the order form for

individual product codes

RRP $14.95 each

2011 AFL Captain and Coach

signed lithograph



2011 AFL Premiership

signed panoramic



$15.95 Shane Warne SSS 1514732


April 2012

• Includes I 10 pages

• 40 4 stamps to start your collection

• Magnifi M er

$14.95 Children’s Stamp Album 1514731

Shane Warne SSS

A new statue now resides

outside the Melbourne Cricket

Ground (MCG) and the subject

is no surprise to the sporting


Shane Warne joins Sir Donald

Bradman, Keith Miller and

Dennis Lillee on the Parade

of Champions.

He’s also the subject of a

new souvenir stamp sheet

in recognition of the statue


Also available

The latest book from Australian dealer

Max Stern is a great read and gives further

insight into the life of one of the hobby’s

favourite sons.

$40.00 Max Stern book (English version) 1514738

$40.00 Max Stern book (Chinese version) 1514739






$15.00 2012 150 Years Melbourne Zoo unc coin

Asian Elephant Al/Br $1 pad printed

$15.00 2012 150 Years Melbourne Zoo unc coin

Silverback Gorilla Al/Br $1 pad printed



$19.00 2012 Australian Wheat Al/Br $1 unc

4 coin Mintmark & Privy Mark set CSBM

$25.50 2012 Shores Under Siege 3 coin set

Cu/Ni uncirculated coin

$305.00 2012 Fine Silver Year set of coins


$107.00 Famous Australian Battle

2012 Kapyong 1oz Silver Proof coin


$1,495.00 2012 Australian Olympic Team

London 3 coin set


$107.00 Ships That Changed the World 2012

USS Constitution 1oz Silver Proof coin



$67.50 2012 Love 1/2oz Silver Proof coin

$1,390.00 2012 Australian Olympic Team

London 10g Gold Proof coin


$129.00 2012 Koala 1oz Silver Proof

Animals In Opal coin





17 April 2012

B4 $3.20 250mm x 353mm

DL window 70c 110mm x 220mm

Australian Botanic Gardens PPEs

C5 $1.40 162mm x 229mm

C6 window 70c 114mm x 162mm

Technical details

Issue date 17 April 2012

Denomination 4 x 70c, 1 x $1.40, $2.70, $3.20

Envelope design

Jennifer Scalzo,

Australia Post Design Studio

Photography Simon Griffi ths

Printer AN6 Envelopes

Printing process Lithography

DL 70c 110mm x 220mm

C4 $2.70 229mm x 324mm

C6 70c 114mm x 162mm

This new set of postage-paid

envelopes features images of

Australian botanical gardens.

The PPEs come in seven sizes.

6699226 $10.10 for the set

What a great birthday gift!

Collect all fi ve

Nickelodeon Stamp Sheets

• Fairytale Dora

• Dora and Friends

• The Many Faces of


• SpongeBob and


• Diego and Friends

* First sheet sold in the collector

case with a sticker sheet

$9.95 Souvenir stamp sheets

$14.95 Nickelodeon folder

(Dora SSS & stickers)








Stamp Shows and Events

Adelaide V8 Supercars Race (SA)

1–4 March 2012

CPS labels (Roo & Koala)

• Set of 6 x 60c “V8

ADELAIDE 2012” literalmint


• Set of 6 x 60c “V8

ADELAIDE 2012” literal-

FDC p/m $3.60

Adelaide GPO Clock Tower

postmark. Mail order from

the Postal Manager, GPO

Adelaide, SA 5000.

A minimum purchase of

A10.00 applies. Include a

self-addressed pre-paid

envelope. Orders available

until 31 May 2012.

Orange Coin & Stamp Club Fair (NSW)

3 March 2012

7 April 2012

To be held in Quinn’s

Arcade, Summer Street

from 9am to 4pm.

Enquiries to 02 6362 3754.

“Eureka“ Stamp & Coin Fair (Vic)

12 March 2012

To be held at Ballarat

Specialist School, Gillies

Street, Wendouree from

9:30am to 3:30pm.

Canberra Stamp Show (ACT)

16-18 March 2012

This year’s themes are;

• Mawson’s Explorations

• The Cotter Dam ann.

• Philatelic Society of

Canberra anniversary

To be held at the Hellenic

Club, Matilda Street,

Woden ACT

10am – 6pm (Fri. & Sat.)

10am – 3pm (Sunday)

Punchbowl Stamp & Coin Fair (NSW)

24 March 2012

28 April 2012

To be held at 44 Rossmore

Avenue from 10am to 3pm.

Enquiries to 0409 304 592.

Orange Coin & Stamp Expo (NSW)

21–22 April 2012

To be held in The Kenna

Hall, St Joseph’s Church,

Hill Street, Orange.

Enquiries to 02 6362 3754.

Richmond Stamp & Coin Show (NSW)

21 April 2012

To be held at St Monica’s

Church Hall, corner of

Windsor and Bourke

Streets, Richmond from

9am to 3pm. Contact

02 4576 5031.

Royal Philatelic Society (Vic)

21 April 2012

The Annual Bourse and

Open Day will be held

at Purves House, 303

High Street, Ashburton

from 10am to 3pm. An

overprinted PNC and

minisheet is available.

Contact 03 9817 5862.

Maryborough Stamp & Coin Fair (Vic)

28 April 2012

This event will be held in

St Augustine’s Hall, Bourke

Street, Maryborough from

9.30am to 4pm. Contact

03 5460 5008 (evenings).

Sunshine Coast Stamp Club

meetings to take place in the

CWA Hall, Short St, Nambour.

Impressions available from

the associated postal outlet.


First Day of Issue Postmarks

Australian Waterbirds

6 March 2012

Riverview Qld 4303

Birth of Phillip Law

6 March 2012

Kingston Tas 7050

Farming Australia

20 March 2012

Newmarket Qld 4051


Enrolment to Vote

27 March 2012

Canberra ACT 2600

Q ueen’s Diamond


3 April 2012

Elizabeth SA 5112

Medical Doctors

10 April 2012

Healesville Vic 3777

Rising Sun Badge

17 April 2012

Canberra ACT 2600

In Retrospect

Daylesford LPO, Vic

Replacement permanent

pictorial postmark as of

7 December 2011 (Held

for Bullarto).

Permanent Postmarks

Nundle NSW, 2340

Image of a miner and the

words “GO FOR GOLD”.

Brisbane GPO, Qld

Replacement postmark


Temporary Postmarks

Buderim, Qld 4556

Celebrating 150 years

of community spirit.

6 March 2012

Australian Waterbirds

Supplement design set

(gummed), design set (s/a

booklet & sheetlets x 2),

strip of two from a roll

Optional collector pack,

s/a booklet of 10,

s/a sheetlets (2)

6 March 2012

AAT: Phillip Law 1912–2010

Supplement design set,


Optional Nil

20 March 2012

Farming Australia

Supplement design set

Optional Nil

27 March 2012

Cent. of Compulsory

Enrolment to Vote

Supplement design set

Optional sheetlet of 10

3 April 2012

Queen’s Diamond Jubilee

Supplement design set,

minisheet, design set

(s/a sheetlet)

Optional s/a sheetlet

Mail order Retail Product description Price Withdrawal date

20 January 2012 Australian Legends of Football

10 April 2012

Medical Doctors

Supplement design set

(gummed), s/a strip of fi ve,


Optional s/a strip of fi ve

17 April 2012

Rising Sun Badge

Supplement design set

(gummed), minisheet,

design set (s/a booklet)

Optional gutter 10 with

design, s/a booklet of 10

Mail order codes

1723235 Australian Supplement $45.25

1723236 Australian Optional $66.85

1723239 AAT Supplement $7.20

The above will be included in Seven Seas 2012 supplements and optional pages.

Seven Seas pages are only available from stamp dealers and Seven Seas.

• No CTO • Partial returns for refunds not accepted.

LE = Limited Edition

Seven Seas

New Issues

1715067 21374 Stamps (8 x 60c) $4.80 31 July 2012

1715005 21376 Cover (blank) $0.30 31 July 2012

1715126 21383 Stamp pack $5.25 31 July 2012

1715220 21413 Maxicard (8) $10.80 31 July 2012

1715501 21399 Booklet (10 x 60c) Ron Barassi $6.00 31 July 2012

1715701 Chequebook $120.00 31 July 2012

1715502 21396 Booklet (10 x 60c) Gary Ablett $6.00 31 July 2012

1715702 Chequebook $120.00 31 July 2012

1715503 21398 Booklet (10 x 60c) John Raper $6.00 31 July 2012

1715703 Chequebook $120.00 31 July 2012

1715504 21313 Booklet (10 x 60c) Billy Slater $6.00 31 July 2012

1715704 Chequebook $120.00 31 July 2012

1715505 21312 Booklet (10 x 60c) David Campese $6.00 31 July 2012

1715705 Chequebook $120.00 31 July 2012

1715506 21400 Booklet (10 x 60c) David Pocock $6.00 31 July 2012



New Issues

Mail order Retail Product description Price Withdrawal date

20 January 2012 Australian Legends of Football

1715706 Chequebook $120.00 31 July 2012

1715507 21314 Booklet (10 x 60c) Joe Marsten $6.00 31 July 2012

1715707 Chequebook $120.00 31 July 2012

1715508 21316 Booklet (10 x 60c) Mark Schwarzer $6.00 31 July 2012

1715708 Chequebook $120.00 31 July 2012

1715260 21412 Booklet Collection $50.00 31 July 2012

1715184 21324 Prestige booklet $19.95 31 July 2012

1715241 21332 Gutter 10 x 60c Barassi / Ablett (no design) $6.00 31 July 2012

1715242 21378 Gutter 10 x 60c Raper / Slater (no design) $6.00 31 July 2012

1715243 21367 Gutter 10 x 60c Campese / Pocock (no design) $6.00 31 July 2012

1715244 21415 Gutter 10 x 60c Masten / Schwarzer (no design) $6.00 31 July 2012

6 March 2012 Australian Waterbirds

1718067 23791 Stamp (2 x 60c, 1 x $1.65, 1 x $2.35) $5.20 30 Sep. 2012

1718005 22931 Cover (blank) $0.30 30 Sep. 2012

1718002 22981 First day cover (gummed) $5.50 4 April 2012

1718003 22977 First day cover (s/a) $1.50 4 April 2012

1718126 22978 Stamp pack $5.65 30 Sep. 2012

1718220 22980 Maxicard (4) $8.20 30 Sep. 2012

1718182 23000 Booklet (10 x 60c) $6.00 30 Sep. 2012

1718458 Chequebook $120.00 30 Sep. 2012

1718250 23748 Sheetlet (5 x $1.65) $8.25 30 Sep. 2012

1718251 Chequebook $165.00 30 Sep. 2012

1718252 23749 Sheetlet (5 x $2.35) $11.75 30 Sep. 2012

1718253 Chequebook $235.00 30 Sep. 2012

1718209 22983 Roll of 100 $60.00 30 Sep. 2012

1718200 26464 Two s/a from a roll $1.20 30 Sep. 2012

1718223 23752 Collector pack $8.10 30 Sep. 2012

1718241 23792 Gutter 10 x 60c (no design) $6.00 30 Sep. 2012

1718242 23793 Gutter 10 x $1.65 $16.50 30 Sep. 2012

1718243 23795 Gutter 10 x $2.35 $23.50 30 Sep. 2012

6 March 2012 AAT: Phillip Law 1912–2010

1719067 22305 Stamps (1 x 60c, 1 X $1.20, 1 x $1.80) $3.60 30 Sep. 2012

1719142 23555 Minisheet $3.60 30 Sep. 2012

1719005 22936 Cover (blank) $0.30 30 Sep. 2012

1719002 22937 First day cover (gummed) $3.90 4 April 2012

1719013 23552 First day cover (minisheet) $3.90 4 April 2012

1719126 22938 Stamp pack $7.65 30 Sep. 2012

1719220 22939 Maxicard (3) $5.85 30 Sep. 2012

1719241 22309 Gutter 10 x 60c (no design) $6.00 30 Sep. 2012

6 March 2012 AAT: Phillip Law 1912–2010

1719242 22278 Gutter 10 x $1.20 $12.00 30 Sep. 2012

1719243 22935 Gutter 10 x $1.80 $18.00 30 Sep. 2012

20 March 2012 Farming Australia

1729067 21311 Stamp (1 x 10c, 20c, $1, $3, $5) $9.30 TBA

1729005 20059 Cover (blank) $0.30 TBA

1729002 20058 First day cover (gummed) $9.60 18 April 2012

1729126 20057 Stamp pack $9.75 TBA

1729220 21345 Maxicard (5) $13.05 TBA

27 March 2012 Centenary of Compulsory Enrolement to Vote

1732067 23574 Stamp (1 x 60c) $0.60 30 Sep. 2012

1732201 23570 Sheetlet of 10 $6.00 30 Sep. 2012

1732005 23560 Cover (blank) $0.30 30 Sep. 2012

1732002 23575 First day cover (gummed) $0.90 25 April 2012

1732130 23640 Stamp pack $6.45 30 Sep. 2012

1732220 23576 Maxicard $1.35 30 Sep. 2012

3 April 2012 Queen’s Birthday Diamond Jubilee

1721067 23798 Stamp (1 x 60c, 1 x $2.35) $2.95 31 October 2012

1721142 23779 Minisheet $2.95 31 October 2012

1721005 23777 Cover (blank) $0.30 31 October 2012

1721002 23705 First day cover (gummed) $3.25 2 May 2012

1721013 23781 First day cover (minisheet) $3.25 2 May 2012

1721126 23785 Stamp pack $6.35 31 October 2012

1712220 23783 Maxicard (2) $4.45 31 October 2012

1721122 23768 Sheetlet (5 x $2.35) $11.75 31 October 2012

1721250 Chequebook $235.00 31 October 2012

1721360 23704 Postal and numismatic cover $15.95 TBA

1712701 Gold Stamp Commemorative Cover $199.95 TBA

1712702 Silver Stamp Commemorative Cover $29.95 TBA

1712703 Australia & UK Silver Stamp Presentation Pack $79.95 TBA

1712241 23800 Gutter 10 x 60c $6.00 31 October 2012

1712242 23799 Gutter 10 x $2.35 $23.50 31 October 2012

10 April 2012 Medical Doctors

New Issues

Mail order Retail Product description Price Withdrawal date

1720067 22950 Stamps (5 x 60c) $3.00 31 October 2012

1720005 22953 Cover (blank) $0.30 31 October 2012

1720002 22954 First day cover (gummed) $3.30 9 May 2012

1720003 22955 First day cover (s/a) $3.30 9 May 2012

1720126 22956 Stamp pack $3.45 31 October 2012

1720220 22957 Maxicards (5) $6.75 31 October 2012



New Issues

Mail order Retail Product description Price Withdrawal date

10 April 2012 Medical Doctors

1720330 26691 Stamp and medallion cover $29.95 31 October 2012

1702210 22948 Roll (Pemara) $120.00 31 October 2012

1702200 22951 Strip of fi ve $3.00 31 October 2012

1702241 22952 Gutter 10 x 60c Chang $6.00 31 October 2012

1720242 23700 Gutter 10 x 60c Hollows $6.00 31 October 2012

1720243 23776 Gutter 10 x 60c O’Brien $6.00 31 October 2012

1720244 23818 Gutter 10 x 60c Campbell $6.00 31 October 2012

1720441 23824 Gutter 10 x 60c Grieg $6.00 31 October 2012

10 April 2012 Gardens PPEs

6699226 23358 Set of PPEs (4 x 70c, 1 each $1.40, $2.70, $3.20) $10.10 TBA

17 April 2012 Rising Sun Badge

1723067 23642 Stamps (5 x 60c) $3.00 31 October 2012

1723142 23630 Minisheet $3.00 31 October 2012

1723005 23633 Cover (blank) $0.30 31 October 2012

1723002 23632 First day cover (gummed) $3.30 16 May 2012

1723013 23646 First day cover (minisheet) $3.30 16 May 2012

1723126 23645 Stamp pack $6.45 31 October 2012

1723220 23636 Maxicards (5) $6.75 31 October 2012

1723182 23620 Booklet (10 x 60c) $6.00 31 October 2012

1723250 Chequebook $120.00 31 October 2012

1723360 23634 Postal and numismatic cover $15.95 31 October 2012

1723241 23644 Gutter 10 x 60c (with design) $6.00 31 October 2012

1723701 26683 Medallion Presentation Set $29.95 TBA

1723702 26684 Rising Sun Badge and Stamp Boxed Set $79.95 TBA

1723128 23638 Exclusive Rising Sun Semi Imperforate Stamp Pack

Special Covers

$9.95 TBA

0309002 25828 From the Offi ce of the Commodore special cover $10.95 TBA

0309306 25024 My Dear Frank special cover $10.95 TBA

0309003 25825 Your Loving Son, Clem special cover $10.95 TBA

0309307 25027 Dear Mother special cover $10.95 TBA

0309004 25821 A Letter to Etty special cover $10.95 TBA

0309400 Complete set of fi ve (includes 10% discount) $49.25 TBA

Planned withdrawal dates may be changed without notice to meet emergent postal requirements. Advice

of such changes will be published retrospectively in the fi rst available Stamp Bulletin Australia. All prices

are GST inclusive and are recommended. Contact the Australian Philatelic Bureau (FREECALL 1800 331

794 within Australia, +61 3 9887 0033 overseas) or visit for the current price at

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Philatelic Bureau, or your participating Australia Post retail outlet to check the current price at the time

of placing your order. Refer to the offi cial order form for all products available. Not all are listed here.



Simple to use

and very stylish


Exclusive sheetlet

featuring the fi ve

Flood Relief stamps

in a gummed version



of Australian


Don’t miss the

opportunity to own this

beautiful collection of

Australian stamps.

The collection also

makes the perfect gift.

Available at participating Australia Post retail outlets, via mail order

on 1800 331 794 or online at while stocks last.




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Mail Order Code Product description Price Qty Value Mail Order Code Product description Price Qty Value

3 April 2012 Queen’s Diamond Jubilee

1721067 Stamp (1 x 60c, 1 x $2.35) $2.95

1721142 Minisheet $2.95

1721005 Cover (blank) $0.30

1721002 First day cover (gummed) $3.25

1721013 First day cover (minisheet) $3.25

1721122 Stamp pack $6.35

1721220 Maxicard (2) $4.45

1721122 Sheetlet (5 x $2.35) $11.75

1721250 Chequebook $235.00

1721360 Postal and numismatic cover $15.95

1712701 Gold Stamp Commemorative Cover $199.95

6 March 2012 Australian Waterbirds

1718067 Stamp (2 x 60c, 1 x $1.65, 1 x $2.35) $5.20

1718005 Cover (blank) $0.30

1718002 First day cover (gummed) $5.50

1718003 First day cover (s/a) $1.50

1718126 Stamp pack $5.65

1718220 Maxicard (4) $8.20

1718182 Booklet (10 x 60c) $6.00

1718458 Chequebook $120.00

1718250 Sheetlet (5 x $1.65) $8.25

1718251 Chequebook $165.00

1718252 Sheetlet (5 x $2.35) $11.75

1712701 Gold Stamp Commemorative Cover $199.95

1712702 Silver Stamp Commemorative Cover $29.95

1712703 Aus. & UK Silver Stamp Presentation Pack $79.95

1721241 Gutter 10 x 60c $6.00

1721242 Gutter 10 x $2.35 $23.50

1718252 Sheetlet (5 x $2.35) $11.75

1718253 Chequebook $235.00

1718209 Roll of 100 $60.00

1718200 Two s/a from a roll $1.20

1718223 Collector pack $8.10

1718241 Gutter 10 x 60c (no design) $6.00

1718242 Gutter 10 x $1.65 $16.50

1718243 Gutter 10 x $2.35 $23.50

10 April 2012 Medical Doctors

1720067 Stamps (5 x 60c) $3.00

1720005 Cover (blank) $0.30

1720002 First day cover (gummed) $3.30

1720003 First day cover (s/a) $3.30

1720126 Stamp pack $3.45

1720220 Maxicard (5) $6.75

1702210 Roll (Pemara) $120.00

1702200 Strip of fi ve $3.00

1720330 Stamp and medallion cover $29.95

1720241 Gutter 10 x 60c Chang $6.00

1720242 Gutter 10 x 60c Hollows $6.00

1720243 Gutter 10 x 60c O’Brien $6.00

1720244 Gutter 10 x 60c Campbell $6.00

1720441 Gutter 10 x 60c Grieg $6.00

6 March 2012 AAT: Phillip Law 1912–2010

1719067 Stamps (1 x 60c, 1 X $1.20, 1 x $1.80) $3.60

1719142 Minisheet $3.60

1719005 Cover (blank) $0.30

1719002 First day cover (gummed) $3.90

1719013 First day cover (minisheet) $3.90

1719126 Stamp pack $7.65

1719220 Maxicard (3) $5.85

1719241 Gutter 10 x 60c (no design) $6.00

1719242 Gutter 10 x $1.20 $12.00

1719243 Gutter 10 x $1.80 $18.00

10 April 2012 Gardens PPEs

6699226 Set of PPEs (4 x 70c, 1 x $1.40, $2.70, $3.20) $10.10

20 March 2012 Farming Australia

1729067 Stamp (1 x 10c, 20c, $1, $3, $5) $9.30

1729005 Cover (blank) $0.30

1729002 First day cover (gummed) $9.60

1729126 Stamp pack $9.75

1929220 Maxicard (5) $13.05

17 April 2012 Rising Sun Badge

1723067 Stamps (5 x 60c) $3.00

1723142 Minisheet $3.00

1723005 Cover (blank) $0.30

1723002 First day cover (gummed) $3.30

1723013 First day cover (minisheet) $3.30

1723126 Stamp pack $6.45

1723128 Rising Sun Semi Imperforate Stamp Pack $9.95

1723220 Maxicards (5) $6.75

1723182 Booklet (10 x 60c) $6.00

1723250 Chequebook $120.00

27 March 2012 Centenary of Compulsory Enrolement to Vote

1732067 Stamp (1 x 60c) $0.60

1732201 Sheetlet of 10 $6.00

1732005 Cover (blank) $0.30

1732002 First day cover (gummed) $0.90

1732130 Stamp pack $6.45

1732220 Maxicard $1.35

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