Penguin Books Winter 2013 - Bookseller Services - Penguin Group

Penguin Books Winter 2013 - Bookseller Services - Penguin Group

Penguin Books Winter 2013 - Bookseller Services - Penguin Group


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<strong>Penguin</strong> <strong>Books</strong><br />

<strong>Winter</strong> <strong>2013</strong>

“Only the passionate were<br />

immortal, it seemed . . .”<br />

Cosmically fast-paced and wildly imaginative,<br />

this debut novel is a perfect potion of magic and suspense<br />


Once a city of enormous wealth and culture, Prague<br />

was home to emperors, alchemists, astronomers,<br />

and, it’s even whispered, hell portals. When music<br />

student Sarah Weston lands a summer job at<br />

Prague Castle cataloging Beethoven’s manuscripts,<br />

she has no idea how dangerous her life is about to<br />

become. Prague is a threshold, Sarah is warned, and<br />

it is steeped in blood.<br />

Soon after Sarah arrives, strange things<br />

begin to happen. She learns that her mentor,<br />

who was working at the castle, may not have<br />

committed suicide after all. Could his cryptic<br />

notes be warnings? As Sarah parses his clues<br />

about Beethoven’s “Immortal Beloved,” she<br />

manages to get arrested, have tantric sex in a<br />

public fountain, and discover a time-warping<br />

drug. She also catches the attention of a fourhundred-year-old<br />

dwarf, the handsome Prince<br />

Max, and a powerful U.S. senator with secrets<br />

she will do anything to hide.<br />

CITY OF DARK MAGIC could be called a<br />

rom-com paranormal suspense novel—or it could<br />

simply be called one of the most entertaining novels<br />

of the year.

Prof,<br />

Dr. Sherbatsky,<br />

scholar,<br />

mentor, found<br />

dead<br />

Beethoven,<br />

aka Luigi,<br />

aka LVB<br />

a mysterious<br />

little copper<br />

pillbox in the<br />

shape of<br />

a nose<br />

Nicolas<br />

Pertusato, the<br />

400-year-old<br />

dwarf<br />

Suzi,<br />

arms and<br />

armor scholar<br />

Max Lobkowicz<br />

Anderson,<br />

aka<br />

the Prince<br />

Aztec<br />

amulet<br />

vial<br />

the 7th Prince<br />

Lobkowicz,<br />

Joseph Franz<br />

Maximilian<br />

SARAH,<br />

music scholar,<br />

tutor<br />

sex under<br />

the statue of<br />

St. George<br />

slaying the<br />

dragon<br />

gold sapphire-<br />

encrusted<br />

cigarette case<br />

Yuri Bespalov,<br />

KGB, former<br />

head of the<br />

National<br />

Museum<br />

Miles<br />

Wolfmann,<br />

head of the<br />

Lobkowicz<br />

Collection<br />

The<br />

Lobkowicz Palace,<br />

Prague Castle<br />

Pollina,<br />

blind pianist,<br />

child prodigy<br />

the missing<br />

love letters<br />

Charlotte Yates,<br />

CIA turncoat,<br />

U.S. senator<br />

Marchesa Elisa<br />

Lobkowicz<br />

De Benedetti<br />

the “Immortal<br />

Beloved”<br />

letters<br />

Andy,<br />

museum guard<br />

found<br />


Photo: Travis Tanner<br />

Praise for Meg Howrey’s previous novels:<br />

“Page-turning.” —VOGUE (for The Cranes Dance)<br />

“ An impressive, intriguing novel with deftly drawn characters<br />

and pitch-perfect dialogue.” —PUBLISHERS WEEKLY (for Blind Sight) Sight Sight)<br />

• For fans of A Discovery of Witches, The Historian, and The Thirteenth Tale<br />

• Visit magnusfl yte.com, facebook.com/MagnusFlyte, and Twitter @MagnusFlyte<br />

ISBN 978-0-14-312268-5 $16.00 ($17.00 CAN)<br />

Fiction 5 1/16 x 8 1/4 464 pp. Rights: W00<br />

A <strong>Penguin</strong> Original<br />

Agents: Folio Literary Management and bradylit; First serial, Audio, U.K., Translation: <strong>Penguin</strong><br />

On sale: 11/27/2012<br />

12-Copy Floor Display with special header ISBN 978-0-14-750823-2 $192.00 ($204.00 CAN)<br />

Poster ISBN 978-0-14-750825-6 FREE<br />

<strong>Penguin</strong> Readers Guide available online at penguin.com<br />

<strong>Penguin</strong> Audio:<br />

Unabridged Download<br />

12.5 hours<br />

978-1-10-160496-0<br />

$39.95 ($42.00 CAN)<br />

6-City Author Tour<br />

Author Appearances<br />

National Publicity<br />

MAGNUS FLYTE is a pseudonym for the writing duo<br />

of Meg Howrey and Christina Lynch. Howrey is a former<br />

dancer with the Jo rey II and the winner of an Ovation<br />

Award. She is the author of the novels The Cranes Dance<br />

and Blind Sight and lives in Los Angeles. Lynch is a television<br />

writer and former Milan correspondent for W magazine.<br />

She lives near Sequoia National Park in California.<br />

Watch for the sequel to CITY OF DARK MAGIC coming in December <strong>2013</strong><br />

Online Publicity<br />

National Print Advertising<br />

Online Advertising<br />


<strong>Penguin</strong> <strong>Winter</strong> <strong>2013</strong><br />

<strong>Penguin</strong> <strong>Books</strong><br />

Letter from the Publisher 3<br />

January 6<br />

Bestsellers and Gifts 29<br />

February 34<br />

March 48<br />

April 72<br />

<strong>Penguin</strong> ClAssiCs<br />

January 96<br />

February 100<br />

Halloween Favorites 106<br />

March 108<br />

<strong>Penguin</strong> Classics Deluxe Editions 114<br />

April 116<br />

<strong>Penguin</strong> BACklist<br />

<strong>Penguin</strong> authors’ upcoming and backlist titles 129<br />

index 138<br />

Review Copy information 141<br />

ordering information 143<br />

A ★ after a title indicates that it is also available as a <strong>Penguin</strong> Audio.

2<br />

CongRAtulAtions to ouR 2012 PulitzeR PRize winneRs<br />

ClassiC <strong>Penguin</strong><br />

John lewis gAddis<br />

George F. Kennan<br />

Winner of the Pulitzer Prize in Biography<br />

978-0-14-312215-9 $22.00<br />

Available in paperback 8/28/12<br />

“ This may be the most long-awaited single volume biography ever. . . .<br />

An epic work—probing, engrossing, occasionally revelatory—<br />

but also a well-timed one.” —The New York Times<br />

“ Gaddis has written with care and elegance, and he has produced a<br />

biography whose fineness is worthy of its subject.” —The New Yorker<br />

MAnning MARABle<br />

Malcolm X ★<br />

Winner of the Pulitzer Prize in History<br />

978-0-14-312032-2 $18.00<br />

“ Marable brings a lifetime of study to this biography,<br />

which is the crowning achievement of a<br />

magnificent career.” —Henry Louis Gates, Jr.<br />

Coming in July 2012: Malcolm X (Enhanced Edition)<br />

This amplified e-book delves further into the life and times of<br />

Malcolm X and includes:<br />

n Archival footage of Malcolm X<br />

n Video of Manning Marable’s lectures and interviews on Malcolm X<br />

n An interactive map of Harlem<br />

n A featurette on the making of the book with interviews with the<br />

book’s editors and chief researchers, as well as Marable’s family<br />

See p. 100 for The Portable Malcolm X Reader from <strong>Penguin</strong> Classics.

Dear <strong>Books</strong>ellers,<br />

Thank you so much for all you do for <strong>Penguin</strong> <strong>Books</strong>. I want to take this opportunity to point out just<br />

a few of the many titles in our <strong>Winter</strong> <strong>2013</strong> season that I hope will tempt your customers and get the<br />

year off to a very strong start.<br />

First, I want to mention an original novel, City of Dark Magic by Magnus Flyte. We’ve decided to<br />

publish at the end of November given the enormous amount of enthusiasm in house! Perfect for fans<br />

of A Discovery of Witches, this “rom-com” paranormal suspense novel set in Prague is destined to<br />

entertain many readers and will be a great holiday gift!<br />

Other December titles include Daniel Klein’s Travels with Epicurus, a witty and accessible meditation<br />

on old age that will be published in a delightful small hardcover format, and Daniel Ladinsky’s The<br />

Purity of Desire: 100 Poems of Rumi, a deluxe trade paperback original—both perfect for gift-giving.<br />

January highlights include reprints of Dave Isay’s All There Is: Love Stories from StoryCorps (in time<br />

for Valentine’s Day), Cristina Alger’s The Darlings, and Gary Marcus’s Guitar Zero.<br />

February brings a second <strong>Penguin</strong> Original in translation from the New York Times bestseller<br />

Ludmilla Petrushevskaya, There Once Lived a Girl Who Seduced Her Sister’s Husband, and He Hanged<br />

Himself—a superb anti–Valentine’s Day book!—and the reprint of the hugely successful Bringing Up<br />

Bébé by Pamela Druckerman.<br />

In March we are excited about two international fiction Originals. Linda Olsson, the author of the<br />

bestselling Astrid & Veronika, will publish her third novel, The Memory of Love, and Gerbrand<br />

Bakker, winner of the International IMPAC Dublin Literary Award, will be published by <strong>Penguin</strong><br />

for the first time with Ten White Geese. Big leads in nonfiction include Elaine Pagels’s bestselling<br />

Revelations and Jon Gertner’s The Idea Factory.<br />

April will see the publication of Benjamin Lytal’s stunning debut novel, A Map of Tulsa, and in<br />

nonfiction, the reprint of Blaine Harden’s extraordinary bestseller about North Korea, Escape from<br />

Camp 14.<br />

<strong>Penguin</strong> has always loved mysteries, and I am happy to have new novels from bestselling authors<br />

Andrea Camilleri (his fifteenth Inspector Montalbano mystery, The Dance of the Seagull) and Philip<br />

Kerr (his eighth Bernie Gunther novel, Prague Fatale). Also on the list are four reprints that are each<br />

the first outing in a series: Thomas Caplan’s The Spy Who Jumped Off the Screen, Chris Morgan Jones’s<br />

The Silent Oligarch, Keith McCafferty’s The Royal Wulff Murders, and Nicci French’s Blue Monday.<br />

I hope you will get a chance to read some of these marvelous books.<br />

With all good wishes,<br />

Kathryn Court, President and Publisher of <strong>Penguin</strong> <strong>Books</strong><br />


Photo: Billy Hughes<br />

4<br />

Travels with Epicurus<br />

A Journey to a Greek Island in Search of an Authentic Old Age<br />

Daniel Klein<br />

Daniel Klein journeys to the Greek island Hydra to discover<br />

the secrets of aging happily. Drawing on the lives<br />

of his Greek friends, as well as philosophers ranging from<br />

Epicurus to Sartre, Klein learns to appreciate old age as<br />

a distinct and extraordinarily valuable stage of life. He<br />

uncovers simple pleasures that are uniquely available late<br />

in life, as well as headier pleasures that only a mature mind<br />

can fully appreciate. A travel book, a witty and accessible<br />

meditation, and an optimistic guide to living well, Travels<br />

with Epicurus is a delightful jaunt to the Aegean and<br />

through the terrain of old age led by a droll philosopher.<br />

A perfect gift book for the holidays, this little treasure is<br />

sure to please longtime fans of Plato and a Platypus Walk<br />

into a Bar and garner new ones, young and old.<br />

dAniel klein is the coauthor<br />

(with Thomas Cathcart) of the international<br />

bestseller Plato and a Platypus Walk into<br />

a Bar and Heidegger and a Hippo Walk<br />

Through Those Pearly Gates. The author or<br />

coauthor of thirty other books, including The<br />

Half-Jewish Book, the Elvis Presley mystery<br />

series (Kill Me Tender, Blue Suede Clues),<br />

and the award-winning novel The History<br />

of Now, Klein holds a degree in philosophy<br />

from Harvard University and lives in Western<br />

Massachusetts with his wife, Freke Vuijst.<br />

Praise for Plato and a Platypus Walk<br />

into a Bar:<br />

“ I laughed, I learned, I loved it.”<br />

—Roy Blount, Jr.<br />

“ An extraordinary read you’ll want<br />

to share with as many people as possible.<br />

It’s a funny-bone tickler with teeth.”<br />

—Orlando Sentinel<br />

“A hoot.” —Chicago Sun-Times<br />

“ A sprightly crash course in philosophy . . . both<br />

enlightening and laugh-out-loud funny.”<br />

—Bas Bleu<br />

12-Copy Floor Display with special header<br />

ISBN 978-0-14-750821-8 $240.00 ($252.00 CAN)<br />

6-Copy Counter Display with special header<br />

ISBN 978-0-14-750822-5 $120.00 ($196.00 CAN)<br />

Author Appearances<br />

National Radio Telephone Interviews<br />

National Publicity<br />

Online Publicity<br />

National Print Advertising<br />

Radio Advertising

One of the bestselling authors<br />

of Plato and a Platypus travels<br />

to Greece with a suitcase full<br />

of philosophy books, seeking<br />

the best way to achieve a<br />

fulfilling old age<br />

n A gift-size, jacketed hardcover<br />

n Plato and a Platypus Walk into a Bar was a New York<br />

Times bestseller in hardcover and paperback, selling<br />

more than 450,000 copies, and was translated into 25<br />

languages<br />

n For fans of I Feel Bad about My Neck by Nora Ephron<br />

n Visit platoandaplatypus.com<br />

Also AvAilABle FRoM <strong>Penguin</strong>:<br />

Heidegger and a Hippo Walk Through Those Pearly Gates<br />

978-0-14-311825-1 $13.00<br />

Plato and a Platypus Walk into a Bar<br />

978-0-14-311387-4 $14.00<br />

ISbN 978-0-14-312193-0 $20.00 ($21.00 CAN)<br />

Philosophy/Travel 5 x 7 192 pp. Rights: E30<br />

A <strong>Penguin</strong> Hardcover Original Agent: Julia Lord Literary<br />

Management First serial, Audio, U.K., Translation: <strong>Penguin</strong><br />

On sale: 11/27/2012<br />

SuggeSTeD ORDeR<br />

See p. 95 for The Art of Happiness by Epicurus<br />

ClassiC <strong>Penguin</strong><br />

DeCembeR<br />


Photo: Harvey Wang<br />

6<br />

new york times bestseller<br />

All There Is<br />

Love Stories from StoryCorps<br />

Dave Isay<br />

In All There Is StoryCorps founder Dave Isay shares<br />

stories of love and marriage from the revolutionary oral<br />

history project, revealing the many remarkable paths<br />

relationships can take.<br />

In these pages we discover that love is found in<br />

unexpected places: a New York tollbooth, a military base<br />

in Iraq, an airport lounge. We encounter love that survives<br />

discrimination, illness, poverty, distance—even death.<br />

Taken together, this powerful collection enriches our<br />

understanding of love and of the strength and resilience<br />

of the human spirit.<br />

dAve isAy is the founder of StoryCorps.<br />

He lives in Brooklyn, New York.<br />

“ A Valentine’s Day gift more meaningful<br />

than any box of chocolates.”<br />

—Entertainment Weekly<br />

“ [A] collection of gems.”<br />

—The Boston Globe<br />

“ Remind[s] us what really matters<br />

most.” —The Christian Science Monitor<br />

“ Love stories for people who don’t read love<br />

stories.” —Publishers Weekly<br />

6-Copy Counter Display with special header<br />

ISBN 978-0-14-750819-5 $90.00 ($96.00 CAN)<br />

Large Lecture Venues<br />

National Radio Satellite Tour<br />

Radio Advertising

A celebration of love from<br />

StoryCorps, as heard every<br />

Friday on NPR’s Morning Edition<br />

n A New York Times bestseller<br />

n Dave Isay’s other StoryCorps books, Listening Is an<br />

Act of Love and Mom: A Celebration of Mothers from<br />

StoryCorps, were both New York Times bestsellers<br />

n NPR’s Morning Edition has a weekly audience of more<br />

than 13 million listeners<br />

n Isay is the recipient of numerous broadcasting honors,<br />

including 6 Peabody Awards and a MacArthur “Genius”<br />

fellowship<br />

n Publishing in time for Valentine’s Day<br />

n Visit storycorps.com<br />

Also AvAilABle FRoM <strong>Penguin</strong>:<br />

Listening Is an Act of Love 978-0-14-311434-5 $16.00<br />

Mom 978-0-14-311880-0 $15.00<br />

ISbN 978-0-14-312302-6 $15.00 ($16.00 CAN)<br />

Autobiography/Personal Memoirs 5 1 /16 x 7 3 /4 176 pp.<br />

b/w photos throughout Rights: E00 Pub history: The <strong>Penguin</strong><br />

Press hc 978-1-59420-321-3 On sale: 12/24/2012<br />

SuggeSted order<br />

Snap here to read<br />

and listen to<br />

NPR’s piece on<br />

All There Is<br />

ClaSSiC <strong>Penguin</strong><br />

jANuARy<br />


Photo: Jacob Pritchard<br />

8<br />

new york times bestseller<br />

Guitar Zero<br />

The Science of Becoming Musical at Any Age<br />

Gary Marcus<br />

For anyone who has ever set out to play a musical<br />

instrument—or wished that they could—Guitar Zero is<br />

an inspiring and fascinating look at the pursuit of music,<br />

the mechanics of the mind, and the surprising rewards<br />

that come from following one’s dreams. Gary Marcus,<br />

whom Steven Pinker describes as “one of the deepest<br />

thinkers in cognitive science,” debunks the popular theory<br />

that there is an innate musical instinct while challenging<br />

the idea that talent is only a myth. From deliberate and<br />

efficient practicing techniques to finding the right music<br />

teacher, Marcus translates his own experience—as well<br />

as reflections from world-renowned musicians—into<br />

practical advice for anyone hoping to become musical or<br />

learn any new skill.<br />

gARy MARCus, described by the<br />

New York Times as “one of the country’s<br />

best known cognitive psychologists,” directs<br />

the Center for Language and Music at New<br />

York University, where he studies language,<br />

music, cognitive development, and evolution.<br />

His previous book, Kluge: The Haphazard<br />

Construction of the Human Mind, was a<br />

New York Times Editors’ Choice pick.<br />

“ [Guitar Zero] is about more than a desire to<br />

shred like Eddie Van Halen. Marcus examines<br />

how our brains are affected by creativity . . .<br />

and how these experiences remain open to all<br />

of us, no matter our age.” —Los Angeles Times<br />

“ Refreshing . . . Guitar Zero is good news.”<br />

—Norman Doidge, The Wall Street Journal<br />

“ An entertaining and enlightening<br />

memoir, filled with insight about music,<br />

learning, and the human mind, by Gary<br />

Marcus, one of the deepest thinkers in<br />

cognitive science.” —Steven Pinker,<br />

New York Times bestselling author of<br />

The Better Angels of Our Nature<br />

5-City Author Tour<br />

National Radio Telephone Interviews<br />

National Publicity<br />

Online Publicity<br />

Radio Advertising<br />

Online Advertising

“ Jimi Hendrix meets<br />

Oliver Sacks in this great<br />

new science book.”<br />

—Very Short List<br />

n A New York Times bestseller<br />

n For fans of This Is Your Brain on Music by<br />

Daniel J. Levitin, The Brain That Changes Itself by<br />

Norman Doidge, and Musicophilia by Oliver Sacks<br />

n Visit garymarcus.com, guitarzero.us, and<br />

facebook.com/guitar.zero.book<br />

From Guitar Zero:<br />

Although any number of studies show that the more you<br />

practice, the better you get, startlingly few studies have<br />

asked the critical question, which is what happens when<br />

people of different ages get the same amount of practice.<br />

[ . . . ] I decided to become a guinea pig. I couldn’t force<br />

other adults to practice for 10,000 hours, but I could<br />

experiment on myself : I would see what happened if I<br />

personally devoted myself to music full-time. This is the<br />

story of how I came to distinguish my musical elbow<br />

from my musical derrière.<br />

If someone as tuneless as me could make progress,<br />

perhaps there was hope for anyone.<br />

ISbN 978-0-14-312278-4 $16.00 ($17.00 CAN)<br />

Music 5 1 /2 x 8 7 /16 288 pp. Rights: E30<br />

b/w illustrations throughout Pub history: The <strong>Penguin</strong> Press<br />

hc 978-1-59420-317-6 On sale: 12/24/2012<br />

SuggeSted order<br />

Unabridged Download • 5.5 hours<br />

978-1-10-153871-5 $39.95 ($42.00 CAN)<br />

ClaSSiC <strong>Penguin</strong><br />

jANuARy<br />


Photo: Deborah Feingold<br />

10<br />

The Darlings<br />

A Novel<br />

Cristina Alger<br />

Since he married Merrill Darling, daughter of billionaire<br />

financier Carter Darling, attorney Paul Ross has grown<br />

accustomed to all the luxuries of Park Avenue. But a tragic<br />

event is about to catapult the Darling family into the middle<br />

of a massive financial investigation and a red-hot scandal.<br />

Suddenly, Paul must decide where his loyalties really lie.<br />

Debut novelist Cristina Alger is a former analyst<br />

at Goldman Sachs, an attorney, and the daughter of a<br />

Wall Street financier. Drawing on her unique insider’s<br />

perspective, Alger gives us an irresistible glimpse into the<br />

highest echelons of New York society—and a fast-paced<br />

thriller of epic proportions that powerfully echoes Claire<br />

Messud’s The Emperor’s Children and reads like a fictional<br />

Too Big to Fail.<br />

CRistinA AlgeR graduated from<br />

Harvard College and from New York University<br />

Law School. She has worked as an analyst<br />

at Goldman, Sachs & Co. and as an attorney<br />

at Wilmer, Cutler, Pickering, Hale & Dorr. She<br />

lives in New York City.<br />

“ The Darlings moves so fast that it<br />

feels more like a thriller than a social drama.”<br />

—Entertainment Weekly<br />

“ A glimpse from the penthouse down . . .<br />

a complex thriller.” —Tom Rachman,<br />

author of The Imperfectionists<br />

“ A page-turner.” —Good Housekeeping<br />

“ One of the first novels about the 2008 financial<br />

crisis. . . . Alger has what it takes, in the<br />

best sense.” —USA Today<br />

“ Utterly compelling . . . as knowing<br />

about family as it is about money and social<br />

status.” —Jay McInerney, author of<br />

The Good Life<br />

<strong>Penguin</strong> Readers guide available online at penguin.com<br />

5-City Author Tour<br />

National Publicity<br />

Radio Advertising<br />

Online Advertising

A Bonfire of the Vanities<br />

for our times, by an author<br />

who “knows her way around<br />

21st-century wealth and power”<br />

(The Wall Street Journal)<br />

n A Los Angeles Times bestseller<br />

n Cristina Alger has been profiled in the New York Times<br />

style section<br />

n For readers of The Bonfire of the Vanities, Rules of<br />

Civility, and The Emperor’s Children<br />

n Visit cristinaalger.com and<br />

facebook.com/cristina.alger<br />

From The Darlings:<br />

Manhattan children were like armadillos: sharp-clawed<br />

and thick-skinned, deceptively quick moving. They had<br />

to be. Manhattan was a Darwinian environment: only<br />

the strongest survived. The weak, the nice, the naive, the<br />

ones who smiled at passersby on the sidewalk, they all<br />

got weeded out.<br />

The ones who stayed long enough to raise children<br />

were the tough ones, the tenacious ones, the goaloriented<br />

ones, the gold-digging ones, the deal-closing<br />

ones, the “kill or be killed” ones, the “whatever it takes”<br />

ones. They looked out for themselves and slept with one<br />

eye open.<br />

ISbN 978-0-14-312275-3 $16.00 ($17.00 CAN)<br />

Fiction 5 1 /2 x 8 7 /16 352 pp. Rights: W00<br />

Pub history: Pamela Dorman <strong>Books</strong>/Viking hc<br />

978-0-670-02327-1 On sale: 12/24/2012<br />

SuggeSted order<br />

Unabridged Download • 12.5 hours<br />

978-1-10-153867-8 $39.95 ($42.00 CAN)<br />

Snap here to<br />

watch an interview<br />

with the author<br />

ClaSSiC <strong>Penguin</strong><br />

jANuARy<br />


ISbN 978-0-14-312288-3 $18.00 ($19.00 CAN)<br />

History/Biography 5 1 /2 x 8 7 /16 480 pp.<br />

b/w map Rights: E30 Pub history: Viking hc<br />

978-0-670-02305-9 On sale: 12/24/2012<br />

SuggeSTeD ORDeR<br />

Also AvAilABle FRoM <strong>Penguin</strong>:<br />

The Great Influenza 978-0-14-303649-4 $17.00<br />

ClassiC <strong>Penguin</strong><br />

12 jANuARy<br />

“ [Barry is] a one of<br />

the most talented<br />

of the distinguished<br />

nonacademic historians<br />

writing today.”<br />

—Gordon Wood, The New<br />

York Review of <strong>Books</strong><br />

A revelatory look at the separation of<br />

church and state in America—from the<br />

New York Times bestselling author of<br />

The Great Influenza<br />

new york times bestseller<br />

Roger Williams and<br />

the Creation of the<br />

American Soul<br />

Church, State, and the Birth of Liberty<br />

John M. Barry<br />

For four hundred years, Americans have fought over the proper<br />

relationships between church and state and between a free individual<br />

and the state. This is the story of the first battle in that war<br />

of ideas, a battle that led to the writing of the First Amendment<br />

and that continues to define the issue of the separation of church<br />

and state today. It began with religious persecution and ended in<br />

revolution, and along the way it defined the nature of America and<br />

of individual liberty. Acclaimed historian John M. Barry explores<br />

the development of these fundamental ideas through the story<br />

of Roger Williams, who was the first to link religious freedom to<br />

individual liberty, and who created in America the first government<br />

and society on earth informed by those beliefs. This book is<br />

essential to understanding the continuing debate over the role of<br />

religion and political power in modern life.<br />

n A New York Times bestseller<br />

n Freedom of religion and individual rights are perennial hot topics<br />

n For readers of Ron Chernow and Nathaniel Philbrick<br />

John M. BARRy is the author of the New York Times bestselling<br />

The Great Influenza and the prizewinning history Rising Tide: The Great<br />

Mississippi Flood of 1927 and How It Changed America. He divides his time<br />

between New Orleans, Louisiana, and Washington, D.C.<br />

Large Lecture Venues<br />

National Radio Telephone Interviews<br />

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ISbN 978-0-14-312293-7 $15.00 ($16.00 CAN)<br />

Fiction 5 1 /16 x 7 3 /4 224 pp. Rights: E30<br />

Pub history: Viking hc 978-0-670-02325-7<br />

On sale: 12/24/2012<br />

SuggeSTeD ORDeR<br />

“ Lee conveys the feeling that something<br />

urgent and profound is at stake beyond<br />

the lives of these striving, damaged, and<br />

unforgettable characters.”<br />

—San Francisco Chronicle<br />

“ Lee is well on her way to a promising<br />

literary career.” —NPR<br />

“ Has shades of Jhumpa Lahiri . . . recalls<br />

Alice Munro. . . . A textured, knowing<br />

and brilliant debut.”<br />

—The Kansas City Star<br />

Drifting House<br />

Krys Lee<br />

Set in Korea and the United States from the postwar era<br />

to contemporary times, Krys Lee’s stunning fiction debut<br />

illuminates a people struggling to reconcile the turmoil of their<br />

collective past with the rewards and challenges of their present.<br />

Amid the famine in North Korea, the financial crisis of South<br />

Korea, and the cramped apartments and Koreatown strip malls of<br />

the United States, Krys Lee’s vivid and luminous tales speak to the<br />

political and financial hardships of life in Korea and the uniquely<br />

unmoored immigrant experience.<br />

In the tradition of Chang-rae Lee’s Native Speaker and Jhumpa<br />

Lahiri’s Interpreter of Maladies, Drifting House is an unforgettable<br />

work exploring love, identity, war, and the homes we make for<br />

ourselves, by a dazzling new writer.<br />

n For fans of Chang-rae Lee, Jhumpa Lahiri, Alice Munro, and Nam Le<br />

n Krys Lee’s second book, the novel How I Became a North Korean, will<br />

be published by Viking in <strong>Winter</strong> 2014<br />

n Visit kryslee.com<br />

kRys lee was born in Seoul, South Korea, and raised in<br />

California and Washington. Her work has appeared in Granta (New<br />

Voices), Narrative, Kenyon Review, and the Guardian (London),<br />

among other publications. She divides her time between Seoul and<br />

San Francisco, California.<br />

Online Publicity<br />

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ClassiC <strong>Penguin</strong><br />

jANuARy<br />


ISbN 978-0-14-312161-9 $16.00 ($17.00 CAN)<br />

Poetry 5 5 /8 x 8 7 /16 144 pp. Rights: W00<br />

A <strong>Penguin</strong> Original Agent: c/o author (Daniel Ladinsky)<br />

U.K.: <strong>Penguin</strong> On sale: 11/27/2012<br />

SuggeSTeD ORDeR<br />

ClassiC <strong>Penguin</strong><br />

14 DeCembeR Select Appearances<br />

The first full-length volume of Rumi’s<br />

cherished verse by bestselling poet<br />

Daniel Ladinsky<br />

The Purity of Desire<br />

100 Poems of Rumi<br />

Daniel Ladinsky<br />

with Nancy Owen Barton<br />

Renowned for his poignant renderings of Hafiz’s mystical texts,<br />

Daniel Ladinsky captures the beauty, intimacy, and musicality of<br />

another of Islam’s most beloved poets and spiritual thinkers. In<br />

collaboration here with Nancy Owen Barton, and with learned<br />

insight and a delicate touch, they explore the nuances of desire—<br />

that universal emotion—in verse inspired by Rumi’s love and<br />

admiration for his companion and spiritual teacher, Shams-e<br />

Tabriz. These poems thoughtfully capture the compelling wisdom<br />

of one of Islam’s most revered artistic and religious voices and one<br />

of the most widely read poets in the English language.<br />

n Beautifully packaged with french flaps and deckle-edged paper, this<br />

book makes a lovely gift<br />

n Daniel Ladinsky’s previous poetry books have sold almost half a<br />

million copies<br />

dAniel lAdinsky’s books include A Year with Hafiz, I Heard<br />

God Laughing, The Subject Tonight Is Love, and The Gift, as well as a<br />

collection of translations of poems by twelve mystics and saints, Love<br />

Poems from God. He lives in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.<br />

nAnCy owen BARton is a literary agent, educator, and<br />

movement therapist. She has collaborated with Ladinsky since the<br />

publication of his first Hafiz volume in 1996.

MoRe goRgeous ColleCtions By dAniel lAdinsky<br />

The Gift<br />

978-0-14-019581-1 $18.00<br />

I Heard God Laughing<br />

978-0-14-303781-1 $15.00<br />

Love Poems from God<br />

978-0-14-219612-0 $18.00<br />

The Subject Tonight Is Love<br />

978-0-14-019623-8 $14.00<br />

A Year with Hafiz<br />

978-0-14-311754-4 $18.00<br />

“ You could call Hafiz the fourteenth-century Persian version of Walt Whitman.<br />

An incandescent ecstatic pipeline to God.” —Elizabeth Gilbert,<br />

author of Eat, Pray, Love, in naming The Gift one of her ten favorite books<br />

“ Ladinsky is a master who will be remembered for finally bringing Hafiz alive in<br />

the West.” —Alexandra Marks, The Christian Science Monitor<br />

available noW<br />

ClassiC <strong>Penguin</strong><br />


ISbN 978-0-14-312122-0 $15.00 ($16.00 CAN)<br />

Mystery 5 1 /16 x 7 3 /4 256 pp. Rights: G00<br />

A <strong>Penguin</strong> Mystery Original Agent: Inkwell Management<br />

First serial: <strong>Penguin</strong> On sale: 12/24/2012<br />

SuggeSTeD ORDeR<br />

“ The Turkish Delight books are fun, they’re<br />

funny, and they’re an unexpectedly poignant<br />

glimpse into a world most of us don’t know.”<br />

—Charlaine Harris<br />

Also AvAilABle FRoM <strong>Penguin</strong>:<br />

The Gigolo Murder 978-0-14-311629-5 $14.00<br />

The Kiss Murder 978-0-14-311472-7 $14.00<br />

ClassiC <strong>Penguin</strong><br />

16 jANuARy Online Publicity<br />

“ If you’re tired of mysteries featuring<br />

granny sleuths and ex-cops-turneddetectives,<br />

you won’t find a more<br />

refreshing alternative.” —USA Today<br />

The Serenity Murders<br />

A Turkish Delight Mystery<br />

Mehmet Murat Somer<br />

Oh, no! Burçak Veral—kickboxing transvestite, nightclub owner,<br />

Audrey Hepburn look-alike, and amateur sleuth—has finally been<br />

invited to strut her stuff on a local television show. But during her<br />

appearance, an angry man calls in vowing to kill off everyone close<br />

to Burçak. Later that night, the show’s host is shot dead. What’s a<br />

girl to do?<br />

Set in exotic Istanbul and featuring a uniquely alluring<br />

heroine, Mehmet Murat Somer’s delicious Turkish Delight series<br />

combines the edgy glamour of a Pedro Almodóvar film with<br />

the ingenuous charm of Alexander McCall Smith’s bestselling<br />

mysteries. One taste and readers will be begging for more.<br />

n Rights have been sold in 14 countries<br />

n The Kiss Murder and The Gigolo Murder were international bestsellers<br />

MehMet MuRAt soMeR has worked as an engineer, a<br />

banker, and a management consultant, as well as a classical music<br />

critic and a film and television writer. He lives in Istanbul, Turkey.

Photo: Used with permission from the BBC and Neal Street Productions<br />

ISbN 978-0-14-312325-5 $16.00 (NCR)<br />

Memoir 5 5 /16 x 8 352 pp. Rights: C00<br />

Pub history: <strong>Penguin</strong> pb 978-0-14-311623-3<br />

(as The Midwife) On sale: 8/29/2012<br />

SuggeSTeD ORDeR<br />

“ Jennifer Worth’s memories of her years<br />

as a midwife in the East End were at once<br />

hilariously horrible and tremendously<br />

moving.” —Ayelet Waldman, author of<br />

Love and Other Impossible Pursuits<br />

The highest-rated drama in BBC history<br />

comes to PBS Presents in September 2012<br />

Call the Midwife<br />

A Memoir of Birth, Joy, and Hard Times<br />

Jennifer Worth<br />

Fans of Downton Abbey and Mad Men have something to look<br />

forward to this September with this candid look at post-war<br />

London. In the 1950s, twenty-two-year-old Jenny Lee leaves her<br />

comfortable home to move into a convent and become a midwife<br />

in London’s East End slums. While delivering babies all over the<br />

city, Jenny encounters a colorful cast of women—from the plucky,<br />

warm-hearted nuns with whom she lives, to the woman with<br />

twenty-four children who can’t speak English, to the prostitutes<br />

of the city’s seedier side.<br />

Based on Jennifer Worth’s bestselling memoirs and already<br />

a bigger hit than Downton Abbey in the U.K., Call the Midwife<br />

promises to delight millions of viewers in the U.S.<br />

n The 6-part series will premiere on Sunday, September 30, on PBS, leading<br />

into the Masterpiece Classic presentation of Upstairs Downstairs<br />

n Cast includes Vanessa Redgrave, Jessica Raine (The Woman in Black),<br />

and Pam Ferris (Little Dorrit, Luther)<br />

n The season finale was watched by more than 9 million viewers in the<br />

U.K.—making it the highest-rated drama in BBC history<br />

Snap here to<br />

view the<br />

BBC trailer<br />

ClassiC <strong>Penguin</strong><br />

SePTembeR<br />


ISbN 978-0-14-312299-9 $17.00 ($18.00 CAN)<br />

Biography/Military 5 1 /2 x 8 7 /16 432 pp. Rights: E33<br />

8 pp b/w photos Pub history: The <strong>Penguin</strong> Press hc<br />

978-1-59420-318-3 On sale: 12/24/2012<br />

SuggeSTeD ORDeR<br />

“ Dead-bang accurate . . .<br />

the best depiction yet of General<br />

Petraeus’s management style.”<br />

—The Wall Street Journal<br />

“ Riveting . . . instructive<br />

and inspiring.” —Tom Brokaw<br />

Unabridged CDs • 12 CDs, 14.5 hours<br />

978-1-61176-062-0 $39.95 ($42.00 CAN)<br />

Unabridged Download • 14.5 hours<br />

978-1-10-153870-8 $39.95 ($42.00 CAN)<br />

ClassiC <strong>Penguin</strong><br />

18 jANuARy<br />

An unprecedented, all-access examination<br />

of “the most successful U.S. general of his<br />

generation” (The Wall Street Journal)<br />

new york times bestseller<br />

All In<br />

The Education of General David Petraeus<br />

Paula Broadwell with Vernon Loeb<br />

The serving CIA director, retired General David Petraeus,<br />

is arguably the most transformative leader the American<br />

military has seen since the generation of General George<br />

Marshall. International security expert Paula Broadwell<br />

examines Petraeus’s career, his intellectual development<br />

as a soldier, and his impact on the United States military in<br />

this gripping portrait of strategic leadership. Broadwell was<br />

embedded with the general, his staff, and his soldiers on the<br />

front lines to chronicle his command in the crucible of war.<br />

Allowed unprecedented access by Petraeus, his mentors, and<br />

his subordinates, Broadwell draws on hundreds of hours of<br />

exclusive interviews to tell the inside story of this commander’s<br />

development and leadership from every vantage point.<br />

n A New York Times bestseller<br />

n The hardcover received extensive media coverage, including segments<br />

on The Daily Show and Fox and Friends<br />

n Visit paulabroadwell.com<br />

PAulA BRoAdwell served in the military for over a<br />

decade and has more than fifteen years experience in counterterrorism<br />

and counterinsurgency. She lives in Charlotte, North Carolina.<br />

veRnon loeB is the metro editor at the Washington Post.<br />

Large Lecture Venues<br />

National Radio Satellite Tour<br />

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Photo: Beowulf Sheehan<br />

ISbN 978-0-14-312306-4 $16.00 ($17.00 CAN)<br />

Fiction 5 5 /16 x 8 320 pp. Rights: W00<br />

Pub history: Viking hc 978-0-670-02319-6<br />

On sale: 12/24/2012<br />

SuggeSTeD ORDeR<br />

“ It’s rare for a novel to tread so fearlessly into<br />

the political and yet to emerge so deeply<br />

funny and humane.”<br />

—Gary Shteyngart<br />

“ Lively . . . Hilarious . . . Gilvarry’s<br />

whirligig of a book . . . draws some striking<br />

parallels between the way we mythologize<br />

stars and the way we look at terrorists.”<br />

—John Freeman, The Boston Globe<br />

Snap here to<br />

watch the<br />

book trailer<br />

“ Delicious . . . A left-handed love-letter<br />

to America.” —The New York Times<br />

Book Review<br />

From the Memoirs of a<br />

Non-Enemy Combatant<br />

A Novel<br />

Alex Gilvarry<br />

Unveiling two of America’s most illusory realms—high fashion<br />

and Homeland Security—Alex Gilvarry’s widely acclaimed first<br />

novel is the story of designer Boy Hernandez: Filipino immigrant,<br />

New York glamour junkie, Guantánamo detainee. Locked away<br />

indefinitely and accused of being linked to a terrorist plot, Boy<br />

prepares for the tribunal of his life with this intimate confession,<br />

a dazzling swirl of soirees, runways, and hipster romance that<br />

charts one small man’s pursuit of the big American dream—even<br />

as the present nightmare of detainment chisels away at his vital<br />

wit and chutzpah. From the Memoirs of a Non-Enemy Combatant is<br />

funny, wise, and beguiling, a Kafkaesque tale for our strange times.<br />

n For fans of Absurdistan, The White Tiger, and The Brief Wondrous Life<br />

of Oscar Wao<br />

n Visit alexgilvarry.com and @gilvarry on Twitter<br />

Alex gilvARRy is the founding editor of the website<br />

Tottenville Review; he has been named a Norman Mailer Fellow;<br />

and he has contributed writing to the Paris Review, Vogue, and NPR’s<br />

All Things Considered. He lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts.<br />

<strong>Penguin</strong> Readers guide available online at<br />

penguin.com<br />

Select Author Appearances<br />

ClassiC <strong>Penguin</strong><br />

jANuARy<br />


ISbN 978-0-14-312287-6 $16.00 ($17.00 CAN)<br />

Fiction 5 1 /2 x 8 7 /16 400 pp. Rights: W00<br />

Pub history: Viking hc 978-0-670-02321-9<br />

On sale: 12/24/2012<br />

SuggeSTeD ORDeR<br />

“ The Spy Who Jumped Off the Screen will<br />

keep you under its spell and<br />

stiffen your resolve to make the world a<br />

safer place for our children.”<br />

—President Bill Clinton, from<br />

the Introduction<br />

Unabridged Download • 14 hours<br />

978-1-10-153851-7 $39.95 ($42.00 CAN)<br />

ClassiC <strong>Penguin</strong><br />

20 jANuARy<br />

“ The most ingenious thriller I’ve ever<br />

read” (Clive Cussler), starring a suave<br />

and fearless hero in the tradition of<br />

James Bond and Jason Bourne<br />

The Spy Who Jumped<br />

Off the Screen<br />

A Novel<br />

Thomas Caplan<br />

Introduction by President Bill Clinton<br />

A stunningly clever idea lies at the heart of this sophisticated<br />

thriller. Former covert operative Ty Hunter has become, almost<br />

by accident, the number one film star in the world. Recruited for<br />

a clandestine mission to prevent the theft of nuclear warheads,<br />

he deploys every skill he has as an actor, soldier, and spy to match<br />

wits and muscle with an enigmatic billionaire and his nefarious<br />

protégé—even as he falls for the entrancing woman closest to<br />

them both.<br />

Racing from Hollywood to the Black Sea, Camp David to<br />

Prague, The Spy Who Jumped Off the Screen is an electrifying<br />

novel with a hero who is sure to become an icon of the genre.<br />

n Features an introduction by President Bill Clinton<br />

n Thomas Caplan appeared on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, Hardball with<br />

Chris Matthews, On the Record with Greta Van Susteren, The Charlie<br />

Rose Show, NPR’s Morning Edition, and CBS This Morning<br />

n Visit thomas-caplan.com and<br />

facebook.com/thespywhojumpedoffthescreen<br />

thoMAs CAPlAn, a founder of the PEN/Faulkner Award<br />

for Fiction, is the author of three previous novels, Line of Chance,<br />

Parallelogram, and Grace and Favor. He lives in Maryland.<br />

<strong>Penguin</strong> Readers guide available online at penguin.com<br />

4-City Author Tour<br />

Radio Advertising

ISbN 978-0-14-312295-1 $25.00 (NCR)<br />

Category 6 x 9 848 pp. Rights: N43 Two 16-page color<br />

inserts; b/w maps and photos throughout Pub history: Viking<br />

hc 978-0-670-02273-1 On sale: 11/27/2012<br />

SuggeSTeD ORDeR<br />

“ The amount of information in Vanished<br />

Kingdoms that will be new to all but the most<br />

expert students of European history<br />

is staggering.” —San Francisco Chronicle<br />

Also AvAilABle FRoM <strong>Penguin</strong>:<br />

Rising ’44 978-0-14-303540-4 $22.00<br />

No Simple Victory 978-0-14-311409-3 $18.00<br />

“ An alternative history of Europe that is<br />

. . . commendably accessible, magisterial,<br />

and uncommonly humane.”<br />

—The Boston Globe<br />

Vanished Kingdoms<br />

The Rise and Fall of States and Nations<br />

Norman Davies<br />

From the bestselling author of Europe: A History comes a uniquely<br />

ambitious masterpiece that will thrill fans of lost civilizations.<br />

While Germany, Italy, France, and England dominate our<br />

conceptions of Europe, these modern states are relatively recent<br />

constructs. In this brilliant work of historical reconstruction,<br />

Norman Davies brings back to life the long-forgotten empire of<br />

Aragon, which once controlled the Western Mediterranean; the<br />

Grand Duchy of Lithuania, once the largest country in Europe,<br />

and the Kingdom of the Rock, founded by ancient Britons when<br />

neither England nor Scotland existed. In the tradition of Jared<br />

Diamond’s Guns, Germs, and Steel, Davies subverts our established<br />

view of the past and urges us to reconsider the impetus for the rise<br />

and fall of nations.<br />

n Norman Davies’s Europe: A History was a #1 international bestseller<br />

n Includes two 16-page color inserts, with maps and photos throughout<br />

n Chosen by the Sunday Times, the Guardian, the Daily Telegraph, the<br />

Financial Times, and the New Statesman as a best book of the year<br />

in the U.K.<br />

noRMAn dAvies is the bestselling author of several<br />

acclaimed books, including Europe: A History; Rising ’44: The<br />

Battle for Warsaw; and No Simple Victory: World War II in Europe,<br />

1939–1945. He lives in Oxford, England, and Cracow, Poland.<br />

ClassiC <strong>Penguin</strong><br />

DeCembeR<br />


available noW<br />

22<br />

Photo: Tod Ramos<br />

ISbN 978-0-14-311846-6 $16.00<br />

n A New York Times bestseller in both hardcover<br />

and paperback<br />

ClassiC <strong>Penguin</strong><br />

Danielle Trussoni<br />

Angelology★<br />

“ Richly allusive and vividly staged . . . Sensual and intelligent,<br />

Angelology is a terrifically clever thriller.”<br />

—The New York Times Book Review<br />

Coming from Viking in May <strong>2013</strong>—<br />

Angelopolis<br />

What became of Sister Evangeline after the explosive events at the end of<br />

Danielle Trussoni’s bestselling debut, Angelology? In the captivating sequel,<br />

it’s ten years later and, once again, the fate of humanity hangs in the balance<br />

as angel-human hybrids rise to create their own metastasizing Eden.<br />

marketing for Angelopolis: 5-City Author Tour, National Publicity, National Review and Feature<br />

Attention, National Radio Campaign, Online Advertising

ISbN 978-0-14-303655-5 $18.00<br />

n Almost 550,000 copies sold<br />

Jared Diamond<br />

Collapse★<br />

“ A magisterial effort packed with insight and<br />

written with clarity and enthusiasm.” —Businessweek<br />

Coming from Viking in January <strong>2013</strong>—<br />

The World Until Yesterday<br />

In his multimillion-copy bestsellers Guns, Germs, and Steel and Collapse,<br />

Jared Diamond explored how Western civilizations came to dominate much<br />

of the world and how they can best avoid committing ecological suicide.<br />

Now, in The World Until Yesterday, he gives us a picture of human history<br />

and considers what the differences between that past world and our present<br />

one mean for our collective future.<br />

marketing for The World Until Yesterday: 12-City Author Tour, National Publicity,<br />

National Review and Feature Attention, National Radio Campaign, National Print Advertising,<br />

Online Advertising<br />

available noW<br />

ClassiC <strong>Penguin</strong><br />


available noW<br />

24<br />

ISbN 978-0-14-028203-0 $15.00<br />

n Has sold more than 10 million copies worldwide<br />

n Newly repackaged<br />

ClassiC <strong>Penguin</strong><br />

Joanne Harris<br />

Chocolat<br />

“ As sweet, rich, and utterly satisfying as a<br />

fine truffle.” —The Wall Street Journal<br />

Coming from Viking in October 2012—<br />

Peaches for Father Francis<br />

When Vianne Rocher comes to the beautiful French village of Lansquenet,<br />

her exquisite chocolate shop instantly begins to play havoc with buyers’<br />

Lenten vows. In Joanne Harris’s delicious sequel, Vianne returns to<br />

Lansquenet eight years later to find the town changed in surprising ways<br />

and her old nemesis, Father Francis, in desperate need of her help.<br />

marketing for Peaches for Father Francis: 4-City Author Tour, National Review and<br />

Feature Attention, National Radio Campaign, 20-City Radio Satellite Tour, Online Publicity,<br />

Online Advertising

ISbN 978-0-14-028019-7 $22.00<br />

n Currently in its 39th printing<br />

Robert Greene<br />

The 48 Laws of Power<br />

“ Beguiling . . . fascinating . . . A wry primer for those<br />

who desperately want to be on top.” —People<br />

Also AvAilABle FRoM <strong>Penguin</strong>:<br />

The 33 Strategies of War 978-0-14-311278-5 $22.00<br />

The Art of Seduction 978-0-14-200119-6 $21.00<br />

Coming from Viking in November 2012—<br />

Mastery<br />

“Learning the game of power requires a certain way of looking at the<br />

world, a shifting of perspective,” writes Robert Greene in The 48 Laws of<br />

Power. Mastery of one’s emotions and the arts of deception are essential.<br />

Greene’s latest book, Mastery, picks up where 48 Laws left off and debunks<br />

the hitherto mythologized narrative of greatness, outlining the universal<br />

characteristics of the masters in our world.<br />

marketing for Mastery: National Publicity, National Review and Feature Attention, National Radio<br />

Campaign, Online Publicity and Promotions, Online Advertising, Social Media Campaign<br />

available noW<br />

ClassiC <strong>Penguin</strong><br />


available noW<br />

26<br />

ISbN 978-0-14-303774-3 $15.00<br />

n Winner of the Orange Prize for fiction<br />

n Shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize<br />

ClassiC <strong>Penguin</strong><br />

Zadie Smith<br />

On Beauty<br />

“ A thoroughly original tale . . . wonderfully<br />

engaging, wonderfully observed . . . That<br />

rare thing: a novel that is as affecting as it is entertaining, as<br />

provocative as it is humane.” —Michiko Kakutani,<br />

The New York Times<br />

Also AvAilABle FRoM <strong>Penguin</strong>:<br />

Changing My Mind 978-0-14-311795-7 $16.00<br />

Coming from The <strong>Penguin</strong> Press in<br />

September 2012—NW<br />

In her bestselling novels and story collections, Zadie Smith has established<br />

a reputation for capturing the tragicomic turns of the everyday, always<br />

with dead-on wit and characters that read true to life. Her latest novel,<br />

NW, brilliantly shares the lives of four young people from a housing project<br />

in northwest London and demonstrates how taking the high road can<br />

sometimes lead you to a dead end.<br />

marketing for NW: National Author Tour, National Review and Feature Attention, National Radio<br />

Telephone Interviews, National Publicity, Social Media Campaign, Online Publicity, National Print<br />

Advertising, Online Advertising

ISbN 978-0-14-303788-0 $21.00<br />

n A New York Times bestseller<br />

Ray Kurzweil<br />

The Singularity Is Near<br />

“ Artfully envisions a breathtakingly<br />

better world.” —Los Angeles Times<br />

Also AvAilABle FRoM <strong>Penguin</strong>:<br />

The Age of Spiritual Machines 978-0-14-028202-3 $18.00<br />

Coming from Viking in October 2012—<br />

How to Create a Mind<br />

One of the leading inventors of our time and arguably today’s most<br />

influential—and often most controversial—futurist, Ray Kurzweil has<br />

been called “the ultimate thinking machine” (Forbes). Here, he builds on<br />

his groundbreaking body of work by exploring the most important project<br />

in human-machine civilization: reverse engineering the human brain to<br />

understand precisely how it works.<br />

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ClassiC <strong>Penguin</strong><br />


available noW<br />

28<br />

ISbN 978-0-14-019609-2 $25.00<br />

Malcolm Godwin<br />

Who Are You?<br />

n Illustrated throughout<br />

n Includes guides to help you explore everything from<br />

your body type and hand shape to how you process<br />

thoughts and emotions<br />

ClassiC <strong>Penguin</strong><br />

The ultimate guide to<br />

self-discovery—<br />

newly repackaged<br />

Created by renowned author and illustrator Malcolm Godwin,<br />

this beautiful and practical book contains intriguing, easy<br />

to follow, and often amusing devices that will help readers<br />

determine their abilities, personality type, psychological<br />

strategies, and deeper potential. As fun to use as it is profound<br />

in its revelations, Who Are You? is drawn from ancient<br />

teachings and contemporary findings. The result is one<br />

hundred and one separate identity mirrors that work together<br />

to give readers a comprehensive self-portrait that is both<br />

revealing and informative.

vAhRAM MuRAtyAn<br />

Paris versus New York<br />

978-0-14-312025-4 $20.00<br />

Judith sChAlAnsky<br />

Atlas of Remote Islands<br />

978-0-14-311820-6 $28.00<br />

edited By gRAydon CARteR<br />

Vintage Postcards from Vanity Fair<br />

978-1-84614-467-7 $25.00<br />

<strong>Penguin</strong>s MAke gReAt giFts<br />

williAM shAkesPeARe<br />

The Complete Pelican Shakespeare<br />

978-0-14-100058-9 $67.00<br />

edited By RitA dove<br />

The <strong>Penguin</strong> Anthology of<br />

Twentieth-Century American Poetry<br />

978-0-14-310643-2 $40.00<br />

PAul FRenCh<br />

Midnight in Peking ★<br />

978-0-14-312100-8 $26.00<br />

Postcards from <strong>Penguin</strong><br />

978-0-14-104466-8 $25.00<br />

BenJAMin hoFF<br />

The Tao of Pooh/Te of Piglet Boxed Set<br />

978-0-14-095144-8 $29.00<br />

edited By FRAnçoise Mouly<br />

Postcards from the New Yorker<br />

978-1-84614-469-1 $25.00<br />

available noW<br />

ClassiC <strong>Penguin</strong><br />


available noW<br />

30<br />

ClassiC <strong>Penguin</strong><br />

the Best oF <strong>Penguin</strong>’s FiCtion<br />

kiM edwARds<br />

The Lake of Dreams ★<br />

978-0-14-312036-0 $16.00<br />

The Memory Keeper’s Daughter<br />

978-0-14-303714-9 $16.00<br />

geRAldine BRooks<br />

Caleb’s Crossing ★<br />

978-0-14-312107-7 $16.00<br />

March ★<br />

978-0-14-303666-1 $16.00<br />

People of the Book ★<br />

978-0-14-311500-7 $16.00<br />

Year of Wonders ★<br />

978-0-14-200143-1 $16.00<br />

tAnA FRenCh<br />

Faithful Place<br />

978-0-14-311949-4 $16.00<br />

In the Woods ★<br />

978-0-14-311349-2 $16.00<br />

The Likeness<br />

978-0-14-311562-5 $15.00

John le CARRé<br />

Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy ★<br />

978-0-14-311978-4 $16.00<br />

the Best oF <strong>Penguin</strong>’s FiCtion<br />

deBoRAh hARkness<br />

A Discovery of Witches ★<br />

978-0-14-311968-5 $16.00<br />

RoBin oliveiRA<br />

My Name Is Mary Sutter<br />

978-0-14-311913-5 $15.00<br />

AMy tAn<br />

The Joy Luck Club<br />

978-0-14-303809-2 $16.00<br />

The Kitchen God’s Wife<br />

978-0-14-303810-8 $16.00<br />

JAniCe y. k. lee<br />

The Piano Teacher<br />

978-0-14-311653-0 $15.00<br />

sue Monk kidd<br />

available noW<br />

The Secret Life of Bees ★<br />

978-0-14-200174-5 $16.00<br />

CARlos Ruiz zAFón<br />

The Shadow of the Wind ★<br />

978-0-14-303490-2 $16.00<br />

ClassiC <strong>Penguin</strong><br />


available noW<br />

32<br />

dAvid Allen<br />

ClassiC <strong>Penguin</strong><br />

hit BestselleRs in nonFiCtion<br />

Getting Things Done<br />

978-0-14-200028-1 $16.00<br />

JoshuA FoeR<br />

Moonwalking with Einstein ★<br />

978-0-14-312053-7 $16.00<br />

Ron CheRnow<br />

Washington ★<br />

978-0-14-311996-8 $20.00<br />

RoBeRt gReene<br />

and Joost eiFFeRs<br />

The 33 Strategies of War<br />

978-0-14-311278-5 $22.00<br />

The 48 Laws of Power<br />

978-0-14-028019-7 $20.00<br />

The Art of Seduction<br />

978-0-14-200119-6 $21.00<br />

AMy ChuA<br />

Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother<br />

978-0-14-312058-2 $16.00<br />

noRMAn doidge<br />

The Brain That Changes Itself<br />

978-0-14-311310-2 $17.00<br />

elizABeth gilBeRt<br />

Committed ★<br />

978-0-14-311870-1 $16.00<br />

Eat, Pray, Love ★<br />

978-0-14-303841-2 $15.00

ken RoBinson, Ph.d.<br />

The Element<br />

978-0-14-311673-8 $15.00<br />

MAnning MARABle<br />

Malcolm X ★<br />

978-0-14-312032-2 $18.00<br />

hit BestselleRs in nonFiCtion<br />

douglAs stone,<br />

BRuCe PAtton,<br />

and sheilA heen<br />

Difficult Conversations<br />

978-0-14-311844-2 $16.00<br />

RosAMund stone<br />

zAndeR and<br />

BenJAMin zAndeR<br />

The Art of Possibility<br />

978-0-14-200110-3 $15.00<br />

MiChAel PollAn<br />

Food Rules<br />

978-0-14-311638-7 $11.00<br />

In Defense of Food ★<br />

978-0-14-311496-3 $16.00<br />

The Omnivore’s Dilemma ★<br />

978-0-14-303858-0 $17.00<br />

available noW<br />

RiChARd h. thAleR and<br />

CAss R. sunstein<br />

Nudge<br />

978-0-14-311526-7 $16.00<br />

ClassiC <strong>Penguin</strong><br />


Photo: Benjamin Barda<br />

34<br />

new york times bestseller<br />

Bringing Up Bébé<br />

One American Mother Discovers the Wisdom of French Parenting<br />

Pamela Druckerman<br />

When American journalist Pamela Druckerman had a baby<br />

in Paris, she didn’t aspire to become a “French parent.” But<br />

she noticed that French children slept through the night<br />

by two or three months old. They ate braised leeks. They<br />

played by themselves while their parents sipped coffee.<br />

And yet French kids were still boisterous, curious, and<br />

creative. Why? How?<br />

With a notebook stashed in her diaper bag,<br />

Druckerman set out to investigate—and wound up sparking<br />

a national debate on parenting. Researched over three<br />

years and written in her warm, funny voice, Bringing Up<br />

Bébé is deeply wise, charmingly told, and destined to<br />

become a classic resource for American parents.<br />

PAMelA dRuCkeRMAn is<br />

a former staff reporter for the Wall Street<br />

Journal and has written for the New York<br />

Times, the Washington Post, and Marie<br />

Claire. She lives in Paris with her husband<br />

and three children.<br />

“ Marvelous . . . Like Julia Child, who<br />

translated the secrets of French cuisine,<br />

Druckerman has investigated and distilled the<br />

essentials of French child-rearing.” —NPR<br />

“ I’ve been a parent now for more than eight<br />

years, and—confession—I’ve never made it all<br />

the way through a parenting book. But I found<br />

Bringing Up Bébé to be irresistible.”<br />

—Rachael Larimore, Slate<br />

“ I couldn’t put Bringing Up Bébé down!<br />

It’s smart, funny and fascinating,<br />

insightful, provocative, and genuinely<br />

eye-opening.” —Amy Chua, New York Times<br />

bestselling author of Battle Hymn of the<br />

Tiger Mother<br />

12-Copy Floor Display with special header<br />

ISBN 978-0-14-750817-1 $192.00 ($204.00 CAN)<br />

8-City Author Tour<br />

National Radio Satellite Tour<br />

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Online Advertising

The runaway New York Times<br />

bestseller that shows<br />

American parents the secrets<br />

behind France’s amazingly<br />

well-behaved children<br />

n A bestseller on the New York Times and USA Today<br />

lists, and a #1 bestseller in the U.K.<br />

n Pamela Druckerman made three Today show<br />

appearances discussing the hardcover<br />

n For fans of Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother,<br />

French Women Don’t Get Fat, and The Blessing<br />

of a Skinned Knee<br />

n Visit pameladruckerman.com<br />

Also AvAilABle FRoM <strong>Penguin</strong>:<br />

Lust in Translation 978-0-14-311329-4 $15.00<br />

ISbN 978-0-14-312296-8 $16.00 ($17.00 CAN)<br />

Memoir/Parenting 5 1 /2 x 8 7 /16 304 pp. Rights: E30<br />

Pub history: The <strong>Penguin</strong> Press hc 978-1-59420-333-6<br />

On sale: 1/29/<strong>2013</strong><br />

SuggeSted order<br />

Snap here to<br />

read the author’s<br />

interview with<br />

Marie Claire<br />

ClaSSiC <strong>Penguin</strong><br />

FebRuARy<br />


36<br />

The Silent Oligarch<br />

A Novel<br />

Chris Morgan Jones<br />

Racing between London and Moscow, Kazakhstan and the<br />

Caymans, The Silent Oligarch reveals a sinister unexplored<br />

world where the wealthy buy the justice they want—and<br />

the silence they need. The first novel by Chris Morgan<br />

Jones—after his eleven years of work at the world’s largest<br />

business intelligence agency—The Silent Oligarch introduces<br />

Benjamin Webster, mercenary spy to the rich and<br />

powerful. Hired to destroy a Russian oil baron, Webster<br />

discovers that his target’s weak spot is a diffident English<br />

lawyer who hides the money generated from his master’s<br />

vast criminal empire. Soon Webster’s questions cause the<br />

lawyer’s fragile world to crumble, forcing them both into<br />

a desperate race around the world to escape the oligarch’s<br />

vengeance.<br />

ChRis MoRgAn Jones worked at the world’s largest business<br />

intelligence agency for eleven years, advising Middle Eastern governments,<br />

Russian oligarchs, New York banks, London hedge funds, and African mining<br />

companies. The Silent Oligarch is his first novel. He lives in London.<br />

“ An absolutely terrific novel. It’s<br />

about international intrigue—but the real<br />

deal. The Silent Oligarch is beautifully written,<br />

clean, and terse, but you won’t notice, because<br />

you’ll be reading just as fast as you can. Very<br />

highly recommended, and you’ll want more.”<br />

—Alan Furst, author of Spies of the Balkans<br />

and Night Soldiers<br />

“ An understated debut that carries a special<br />

resonance in the wake of Putin’s bareknuckled<br />

presidential victory . . . Jones<br />

handles the large cast of characters and<br />

shifting venues with grace.” —Bloomberg<br />

“ A beautifully written thriller . . .<br />

a smashing debut that will leave most readers<br />

anxious to follow Webster on his next<br />

assignment.” —Connecticut Post<br />

media Tied to The <strong>Penguin</strong> Press Publication of<br />

The Decent Billionaire<br />

National Publicity<br />

Online Advertising

“ [A] happy partner to the work<br />

of Deighton, Archer, and le<br />

Carré . . . a first-class novel.”<br />

—Booklist (starred review)<br />

n The first novel in a new series about corporate<br />

espionage<br />

n The <strong>Penguin</strong> Press will simultaneously publish the<br />

next book in the series, The Decent Billionaire<br />

n Visit chrismorganjones.com and @ChrisMJAuthor<br />

on Twitter<br />

From The Silent Oligarch:<br />

Richard Lock arrived back in Monaco a little after ten.<br />

He stood in the shower, turned it up very hot and then<br />

very cold, and thought. He thought about Malin’s words<br />

to him, part pep talk and part threat. If anyone looked<br />

hard enough they would discover that, he, Richard Lock,<br />

was the richest foreign investor in Russia, the owner<br />

of a huge private energy conglomerate. And he had no<br />

plausible account of how he had come by any of it.<br />

ISbN 978-0-14-312298-2 $16.00 ($17.00 CAN)<br />

Fiction/Espionage 5 1 /2 x 8 7 /16 320 pp. Rights: G12<br />

Pub history: The <strong>Penguin</strong> Press hc 978-1-59420-319-0<br />

On sale: 1/29/<strong>2013</strong><br />

SuggeSted order<br />

Unabridged Download • 12 hours<br />

978-1-10-153878-4 $39.95 ($42.00 CAN)<br />

ClaSSiC <strong>Penguin</strong><br />

FebRuARy<br />

Photo: Alexander James<br />


ISbN 978-0-14-312274-6 $16.00 ($17.00 CAN)<br />

Fiction 5 5 /16 x 8 336 pp. Rights: G12<br />

Pub history: Pamela Dorman <strong>Books</strong>/Viking hc<br />

978-0-670-02328-8 On sale: 1/29/<strong>2013</strong><br />

SuggeSTeD ORDeR<br />

Also AvAilABle FRoM <strong>Penguin</strong>:<br />

The Poison Tree 978-0-14-312041-4 $16.00<br />

ClassiC <strong>Penguin</strong><br />

38 FebRuARy<br />

“ Everything we<br />

love in a thriller.”<br />

—O, The Oprah Magazine<br />

“ Rich . . . This<br />

harrowing novel is a<br />

work of true talent.”<br />

—Publishers Weekly<br />

“A stunning look at human desperation,<br />

loyalty, and absolute terror” (Suspense<br />

Magazine) from the acclaimed author of<br />

The Poison Tree<br />

The Dark Rose<br />

A Novel<br />

Erin Kelly<br />

When Erin Kelly burst onto the scene with The Poison Tree, readers<br />

were left breathless and hungry for more. Maureen Corrigan at<br />

the Washington Post pleaded, “More, please, Ms. Kelly! Quickly!”<br />

A story of secrets and guilt, The Dark Rose is a mesmerizing followup<br />

that’s every bit as chilling and atmospheric as her acclaimed<br />

debut.<br />

Nineteen-year-old Paul sits in a stark interrogation room<br />

across from two police officers. What started as petty theft turned<br />

into murder; only terror and loyalty keep him silent. Louisa<br />

spends her days roaming a crumbling Elizabethan garden—until<br />

she meets Paul, who is a dead ringer for her long-lost love. Louisa<br />

starts to hope she can find happiness again, but neither of them<br />

can outrun his violent past.<br />

n For readers of Sophie Hannah, Barbara Vine, and Kate Atkinson<br />

n Erin Kelly’s next book, The Burning Air, will be published by Pamela<br />

Dorman <strong>Books</strong>/Viking in March <strong>2013</strong><br />

n Visit erinkelly.co.uk<br />

eRin kelly is a freelance journalist turned author. Her debut<br />

novel, The Poison Tree, was a bestselling Richard and Judy Book<br />

Club Pick in the U.K. She lives with her family in North London.<br />

media Tied to Pamela Dorman books/Viking Publication<br />

of The Burning Air<br />

Targeted Print Advertising

ISbN 978-0-14-312277-7 $16.00 ($17.00 CAN)<br />

Social Science/Sociology 5 1 /2 x 8 7 /16 288 pp.<br />

Rights: E00 Pub history: The <strong>Penguin</strong> Press hc<br />

978-1-59420-322-0 On sale: 1/29/<strong>2013</strong><br />

SuggeSTeD ORDeR<br />

“ Going Solo . . . is causing<br />

a sensation, both for how it has<br />

shaken up our traditional notions of<br />

the single life and as a sociological<br />

breakthrough.” —Toronto Star<br />

“ Relevant, engaging, and<br />

deeply insightful. . . .<br />

A fascinating volume that infuses<br />

serious social-science research with<br />

captivating personal stories.”<br />

—Edward Glaeser, author of<br />

Triumph of the City<br />

“ This book will change our lives . . .<br />

so important that it is likely to become<br />

both a popular read and a social science<br />

classic.” —Psychology Today<br />

Going Solo<br />

The Extraordinary Rise and Surprising Appeal of Living Alone<br />

Eric Klinenberg<br />

With eye-opening statistics, original data, and vivid portraits of<br />

people who live alone, renowned sociologist Eric Klinenberg upends<br />

conventional wisdom to deliver the definitive take on how<br />

the rise of going solo is transforming the American experience.<br />

Klinenberg shows that most single dwellers—whether in their<br />

twenties or eighties—are deeply engaged in social and civic life.<br />

There’s even evidence that people who live alone enjoy better<br />

mental health and have more environmentally sustainable lifestyles.<br />

Drawing on more than three hundred in-depth interviews,<br />

Klinenberg presents a revelatory examination of the most significant<br />

demographic shift since the baby boom and offers surprising<br />

insights on the benefits of this epochal change.<br />

n Eric Klinenberg’s essay “Living Alone Is the New Norm” was<br />

#1 on Time magazine’s list of “10 Ideas That Are Changing<br />

Our Lives”<br />

n Featured on Today, Real Time with Bill Maher, and<br />

PBS NewsHour, as well as in the New York Times<br />

n Visit ericklinenberg.com<br />

eRiC klinenBeRg is a professor of sociology at New<br />

York University and the editor of the journal Public Culture. His<br />

first book, Heat Wave, won several prizes and was declared a<br />

“Favorite Book” by the Chicago Tribune. He lives in New York City.<br />

National Radio Telephone Interviews<br />

Online Publicity<br />

ClassiC <strong>Penguin</strong><br />

FebRuARy<br />


Photo: Anastasia Kazakova<br />

ISbN 978-0-14-312152-7 $15.00 ($16.00 CAN)<br />

Fiction 5 1 /16 x 7 3 /4 176 pp. Rights: E00<br />

A <strong>Penguin</strong> Original Agent: The Wylie Agency<br />

Audio: <strong>Penguin</strong> On sale: 1/29/<strong>2013</strong><br />

SuggeSTeD ORDeR<br />

Also AvAilABle FRoM <strong>Penguin</strong>:<br />

There Once Lived a Woman Who Tried to Kill Her Neighbor’s Baby<br />

978-0-14-311466-6 $15.00<br />

ClassiC <strong>Penguin</strong><br />

Praise for There Once Lived<br />

a Woman . . . :<br />

“ [An] exquisite<br />

collection.”<br />

—The New York Times<br />

Book Review<br />

“ A revelation.”<br />

—James Wood, The New Yorker<br />

Book Bench’s Best <strong>Books</strong> of<br />

the Year<br />

40 FebRuARy Online Publicity<br />

Love stories, with a twist:<br />

the eagerly awaited follow-up<br />

to the great Russian writer’s<br />

New York Times bestselling<br />

scary fairy tales<br />

There Once Lived<br />

a Girl Who Seduced<br />

Her Sister’s Husband,<br />

and He Hanged Himself<br />

Love Stories<br />

Ludmilla Petrushevskaya<br />

Selected and Translated by Anna Summers<br />

By turns sly and sweet, burlesque and heartbreaking, these realist<br />

fables of women looking for love are the stories that Ludmilla<br />

Petrushevskaya—who has been compared to Chekhov, Tolstoy,<br />

Beckett, Poe, Angela Carter, and even Stephen King—is best<br />

known for in Russia. Here are attempts at human connection, both<br />

depraved and sublime, by people in all stages of life: one-night<br />

stands in communal apartments, poignantly awkward couplings,<br />

office trysts, schoolgirl crushes, elopements, tentative courtships,<br />

and rampant infidelity, shot through with lurid violence, romantic<br />

illusion, and surprising tenderness.<br />

n There Once Lived a Woman Who Tried to Kill Her Neighbor’s Baby was<br />

a New York Times bestseller, one of New York magazine’s 10 Best <strong>Books</strong><br />

of the Year, one of NPR’s 5 Best Works of Foreign Fiction, and the winner<br />

of a World Fantasy Award<br />

n Stories from this collection are scheduled to appear in Playboy, the Paris<br />

Review, the Baffler, and Zoetrope<br />

n Publishing for Valentine’s Day<br />

ludMillA PetRushevskAyA has published stories in the New<br />

Yorker, Harper’s Magazine, and n + 1. Born in 1938, she is one of Russia’s most<br />

celebrated contemporary authors. She lives in Moscow.<br />

AnnA suMMeRs is the coeditor and co-translator of Ludmilla<br />

Petrushevskaya’s There Once Lived a Woman Who Tried to Kill Her Neighbor’s<br />

Baby and the literary editor of the Baffler. Born in Moscow, she now lives in<br />

Cambridge, Massachusetts.

ISbN 978-0-14-312305-7 $15.00 ($16.00 CAN)<br />

Mystery 5 5 /16 x 8 352 pp. Rights: W00<br />

Pub history: Viking hc 978-0-670-02326-4<br />

On sale: 1/29/<strong>2013</strong><br />

SuggeSTeD ORDeR<br />

“ Extremely high quality . . . the debut<br />

of a frighteningly knowledgeable and<br />

wonderfully entertaining<br />

series.” —Craig Johnson, New York Times<br />

bestselling author of Hell Is Empty and<br />

As the Crow Flies<br />

“ A terrific debut that rings with<br />

authenticity and style.”<br />

—C. J. Box, New York Times bestselling<br />

author of Back of Beyond<br />

“ [A] thoroughly entertaining<br />

debut.” —Publishers Weekly<br />

(starred review)<br />

Fans of C. J. Box, Craig Johnson, and<br />

Carl Hiassen will love this witty debut<br />

mystery set on the banks of Montana’s<br />

Madison River<br />

The Royal Wulff Murders<br />

A Novel<br />

Keith McCafferty<br />

Angling is a multibillion dollar business, and no one knows that<br />

better than Keith McCafferty, the award-winning survival and<br />

outdoor skills editor of Field & Stream magazine and resident<br />

of Montana, home to the world’s most fanatical fly fishing<br />

community.<br />

In McCafferty’s compelling debut, a young man is found<br />

dead with a Royal Wulff trout fly stuck through his lip. Sheriff<br />

Martha Ettinger’s investigation leads her to cross paths with fly<br />

fisher, painter, and has-been private detective Sean Stranahan.<br />

As the water temperature rises, the clues point them both toward<br />

Montana’s big business: fly fishing. Where there’s money, there’s<br />

bound to be crime.<br />

n Keith McCafferty is an editor at Field & Stream magazine, a publication<br />

with more than 1.25 million subscribers<br />

n Viking will simultaneously publish McCafferty’s next novel,<br />

The Gray Ghost Murders<br />

n Visit keithmccafferty.com and his fan page on Facebook<br />

keith MCCAFFeRty is the award-winning survival<br />

and outdoor skills editor of Field & Stream magazine. He lives with<br />

his wife in Bozeman, Montana.<br />

Local Appearances<br />

Online Publicity<br />

Online Advertising<br />

ClassiC <strong>Penguin</strong><br />

FebRuARy<br />


ISbN 978-0-14-312270-8 $16.00 ($17.00 CAN)<br />

Fiction 5 1 /16 x 7 3 /4 256 pp. Rights: E00<br />

Pub history: W. W. Norton hc 978-0-393-02884-3<br />

On sale: 1/29/<strong>2013</strong><br />

SuggeSTeD ORDeR<br />

ClassiC <strong>Penguin</strong><br />

42 FebRuARy<br />

“ Enthralling. . . . Full<br />

of subversive humor and<br />

truth . . . original and stiletto<br />

sharp.” —The Washington<br />

Post Book World<br />

“ Alarmingly good. . . . In<br />

many ways she is not unlike<br />

Cheever.” —The Village Voice<br />

Also AvAilABle FRoM <strong>Penguin</strong>:<br />

The Mistress’s Daughter 978-0-14-311331-7 $14.00<br />

This Book Will Save Your Life 978-0-14-303874-0 $16.00<br />

The breakthrough story collection that<br />

established A. M. Homes as one of the<br />

most daring writers of her generation<br />

The Safety of Objects<br />

Stories<br />

A. M. Homes<br />

Originally published in 1990 to wide critical acclaim, this<br />

extraordinary first collection of stories by A. M. Homes confronts<br />

the real and the surreal on even terms to create a disturbing and<br />

sometimes hilarious vision of the American dream. Included<br />

here are “Adults Alone,” in which a couple drops their kids off at<br />

Grandma’s and gives themselves over to ten days of Nintendo,<br />

porn videos, and crack; “A Real Doll,” in which a girl’s blond Barbie<br />

doll seduces her teenaged brother; and “Looking for Johnny,”<br />

in which a kidnapped boy, having failed to meet his abductor’s<br />

expectations, is returned home. These stories, by turns satirical,<br />

perverse, unsettling, and utterly believable, expose the dangers<br />

of ordinary life even as their characters stay hidden behind the<br />

disguises they have so carefully created.<br />

n The Safety of Objects was adapted into a film starring Glenn Close,<br />

Dermot Mulroney, Patricia Clarkson, and Kristen Stewart<br />

n The Mistress’s Daughter was a New York Times bestseller<br />

n A. M. Homes’s new novel, May We Be Forgiven, will be published by<br />

Viking in October 2012<br />

n Visit amhomesbooks.com<br />

A. M. hoMes is the author of the memoir The Mistress’s<br />

Daughter and the novels This Book Will Save Your Life, Music for<br />

Torching, The End of Alice, In a Country of Mothers, and Jack. She<br />

has published fiction and essays in the New Yorker, Granta, Harper’s<br />

Magazine, McSweeney’s, One Story, the New York Times, and Vanity<br />

Fair, where she is a contributing editor. She lives in New York City.

ISbN 978-0-14-312304-0 $18.00 ($19.00 CAN)<br />

History 5 1 /2 x 8 7 /16 432 pp.<br />

Rights: E30 Pub history: The <strong>Penguin</strong> Press hc<br />

978-1-59420-323-7 On sale: 1/29/<strong>2013</strong><br />

SuggeSTeD ORDeR<br />

“ A remarkable book . . . A wild<br />

ride through the ideological currents and<br />

shoals of twentieth-century thought.”<br />

—Los Angeles Times<br />

“ Judt’s final salvo against what he saw<br />

as a culture of historical ignorance and<br />

political apathy [is] every bit as brilliant,<br />

uncompromising, and original as he was.”<br />

—NPR<br />

Also AvAilABle FRoM <strong>Penguin</strong>:<br />

The Memory Chalet 978-0-14-311997-5 $15.00<br />

Postwar 978-0-14-303775-0 $22.00<br />

The triumphant final book by Tony Judt,<br />

indomitable public critic and author<br />

of Postwar<br />

Thinking the Twentieth<br />

Century<br />

Tony Judt with Timothy Snyder<br />

One of our most brilliant historians, Tony Judt brings the past<br />

century vividly to life in this unprecedented and original history.<br />

Structured as a series of intimate conversations between Judt<br />

and his friend and fellow historian Timothy Snyder, Thinking<br />

the Twentieth Century presents the triumphs and the failures<br />

of the twentieth century’s most prominent intellectuals and<br />

their ideas, guiding readers through the debates that defined our<br />

world. Spanning an era with unprecedented clarity and insight,<br />

Thinking the Twentieth Century is a tour de force: a masterful<br />

analysis of the life of the mind and an unforgettable guide to<br />

leading the mindful life.<br />

n Spans the last century as never previously attempted<br />

n Amplifies and expands on ideas brought up in Judt’s book Postwar<br />

n Postwar was one of the New York Times Book Review Ten Best <strong>Books</strong><br />

of 2005 and a Pulitzer Prize finalist<br />

tony Judt (1948–2010) was the author or editor of fifteen<br />

books, including The Memory Chalet and Postwar, which was a finalist<br />

for the Pulitzer Prize. He was the director and founder of the Remarque<br />

Institute and a professor at New York University.<br />

tiMothy snydeR is a professor of history at Yale University<br />

and the author of five award-winning books, most recently Bloodlands:<br />

Europe Between Hitler and Stalin. He lives in New Haven, Connecticut.<br />

Online Publicity<br />

Radio Advertising<br />

ClassiC <strong>Penguin</strong><br />

FebRuARy<br />


ISbN 978-0-14-312157-2 $17.00 ($18.00 CAN)<br />

Writing/Reference 5 5 /16 x 8 416 pp. Rights: W00<br />

A <strong>Penguin</strong> Original Agent: Linda Chester Literary Agency<br />

First serial, Audio, U.K.: <strong>Penguin</strong> On sale: 1/29/<strong>2013</strong><br />

SuggeSTeD ORDeR<br />

Praise for David Corbett:<br />

“ Corbett, like Robert Stone and Graham<br />

Greene before him, is crafting important,<br />

immensely thrilling books.”<br />

—George Pelecanos, novelist and a writer/<br />

producer for the hit series The Wire<br />

“ Corbett does people beautifully.”<br />

—Chicago Tribune<br />

ClassiC <strong>Penguin</strong><br />

44 FebRuARy<br />

The ultimate guide for creating<br />

captivating characters<br />

The Art of Character<br />

Creating Memorable Characters for Fiction, Film, and TV<br />

David Corbett<br />

Former private investigator and New York Times Notable author<br />

David Corbett offers a unique and indispensable toolkit for<br />

creating characters who come vividly to life on the page and linger<br />

in memory. Corbett provides an inventive, inspiring, and vastly<br />

entertaining blueprint to all the elements of characterization—<br />

from initial inspiration to realization—with special insights into<br />

the power of secrets and contradictions, the embodiment of<br />

roles, managing the “tyranny of motive,” and mastering crucial<br />

techniques required for memorable dialogue and unforgettable<br />

scenes. This is a how-to guide for both aspiring and accomplished<br />

writers that renders all other books of its kind obsolete.<br />

n David Corbett’s Done for a Dime was a New York Times Notable Book,<br />

and Blood of Paradise was a San Francisco Chronicle Notable Book<br />

and was nominated for the Edgar Award<br />

n Visit davidcorbett.com<br />

dAvid CoRBett worked as a private investigator for fifteen<br />

years before becoming the widely acclaimed author of four novels, with<br />

short fiction twice chosen for Best American Mystery Stories. He has<br />

taught at the UCLA Extension Writers’ Program, 826 Valencia, Chuck<br />

Palahniuk’s LitReactor, and the San Francisco Writers’ Grotto.<br />

Online Publicity<br />

Targeted Print Advertising

ISbN 978-0-14-312289-0 $17.00 ($18.00 CAN)<br />

Biography 5 1 /2 x 8 7 /16 432 pp. Rights: W00<br />

32 pp b/w photos Pub history: Viking hc 978-0-670-02330-1<br />

On sale: 1/29/<strong>2013</strong><br />

SuggeSTeD ORDeR<br />

“ A biography that fully<br />

captures its dynamic<br />

subject and her greatest<br />

accomplishment.”<br />

—The Boston Globe<br />

“ Detailed and wellresearched.”<br />

—The Cleveland Plain Dealer<br />

Also AvAilABle FRoM <strong>Penguin</strong>:<br />

Alice 978-0-14-311427-7 $20.00<br />

“ Of the three books pegged to the Girl<br />

Scouts 100th . . . the merit badge here<br />

goes to Stacy Cordery’s biography.”<br />

—The Wall Street Journal<br />

Juliette Gordon Low<br />

The Remarkable Founder of the Girl Scouts<br />

Stacy A. Cordery<br />

Born at the start of the Civil War, Juliette “Daisy” Gordon Low<br />

struggled to reconcile being a good Southern belle with being true<br />

to her adventurous spirit. Accidentally deafened, she married<br />

a dashing British patrician and moved to England, where she<br />

quickly became dissatisfied with the aimlessness of privileged<br />

life. Her search for greater purpose ended when she met Robert<br />

Baden-Powell, founder of the Boy Scouts, and was inspired to recreate<br />

his program for girls.<br />

The Girl Scouts of the USA—which can now count more<br />

than fifty-nine million American girls and women among its<br />

past members—aims to instill useful skills and moral values in<br />

its young members, with an emphasis on fun. In this lively and<br />

accessible biography of its intrepid founder, Stacy A. Cordery<br />

paints a dynamic portrait of an intriguing woman and a true<br />

pioneer whose work touched the lives of millions of girls and<br />

women around the world.<br />

n The hardcover was published to coincide with the Girls Scouts’ 100th<br />

anniversary and has received excellent media coverage<br />

n Stacy A. Cordery’s Alice: Alice Roosevelt Longworth, from White<br />

House Princess to Washington Power Broker was a New York Times<br />

Notable Book<br />

n Visit stacycordery.com<br />

stACy A. CoRdeRy is a professor of history at<br />

Monmouth College and the bibliographer of the National First<br />

Ladies’ Library. She is the author of Alice, a biography of Alice<br />

Roosevelt Longworth. She lives in Monmouth, Illinois.<br />

Regional Appearances<br />

Online Publicity<br />

ClassiC <strong>Penguin</strong><br />

FebRuARy<br />


ISbN 978-0-14-312159-6 $15.00 ($16.00 CAN)<br />

History/Native American Studies 5 x 7 1 /2 240 pp.<br />

Rights: W00 b/w map Pub history: Viking hc<br />

978-0-670-02324-0 On sale: 1/29/<strong>2013</strong><br />

SuggeSTeD ORDeR<br />

Also AvAilABle FRoM <strong>Penguin</strong>:<br />

Cahokia 978-0-14-311747-6 $14.00<br />

The Lakotas and the Black Hills 978-0-14-311920-3 $14.00<br />

ClassiC <strong>Penguin</strong><br />

46 FebRuARy<br />

“ An important, pathbreaking<br />

book . . . a<br />

powerful corrective to<br />

the scholarship on Indian<br />

women.” —Jacqueline<br />

Peterson, Washington State<br />

University–Vancouver<br />

A groundbreaking exploration of the<br />

remarkable women in Native American<br />

communities<br />

Holding Our<br />

World Together<br />

Ojibwe Women and the Survival of Community<br />

Brenda J. Child<br />

In this well-researched and deeply felt account, Brenda J. Child,<br />

a professor and a member of the Red Lake Ojibwe tribe, gives<br />

Native American women their due, detailing the many ways in<br />

which they have shaped Native American life. She illuminates the<br />

lives of women such as Madeleine Cadotte, who became a powerful<br />

mediator between her people and European fur traders, and<br />

Gertrude Buckanaga, whose postwar community activism in<br />

Minneapolis helped bring many Indian families out of poverty.<br />

Moving from the early days of trade with Europeans through the<br />

reservation era and beyond, Child offers a powerful tribute to the<br />

courageous women who sustained Native American communities<br />

through the darkest challenges of the past three centuries.<br />

n The latest volume in the successful <strong>Penguin</strong> Library of American<br />

Indian History series, which includes Cahokia and The Lakotas<br />

and the Black Hills<br />

BRendA J. Child is an associate professor of American<br />

studies at the University of Minnesota and the author of Boarding<br />

School Seasons: American Indian Families: 1900–1940. She<br />

lives in Saint Paul, Minnesota.

ISbN 978-1-84614-654-1 $225.00 ($236.50 CAN)<br />

Fashion 5 5 /8 x 9 5 /8 512 pp. Rights: G12<br />

4-color throughout A <strong>Penguin</strong> Hardcover Original<br />

Agent: c/o <strong>Penguin</strong> (U.K.) On sale: 8/28/2012<br />

SuggeSTeD ORDeR<br />

RegulAR PAPeRBACk edition:<br />

The Sartorialist: Closer<br />

978-0-14-312318-7 $30.00 ($31.50 CAN) (female cover)<br />

978-0-14-312321-7 $30.00 ($31.50 CAN) (male cover)<br />

6-Copy Floor Display with special header<br />

(4 with female cover, 2 with male cover)<br />

978-0-14-750812-6 $180.00 ($189.00 CAN)<br />

Also AvAilABle FRoM <strong>Penguin</strong>:<br />

The Sartorialist 978-0-14-311637-0 $25.00<br />

Just in time for fashion week:<br />

a gorgeous limited-edition<br />

hardcover of Scott Schuman’s<br />

showstopping new collection<br />

The Sartorialist: Closer<br />

Limited Edition<br />

Scott Schuman<br />

Nothing is more coveted by the fashion-savvy than a limited<br />

edition, and this one-of-a-kind collection of Scott Schuman’s<br />

beautiful photographs and insightful commentary is sure to make<br />

every “most wanted” list this fall.<br />

In The Sartorialist: Closer, Schuman looks deeply and with<br />

great breadth at style and the way it is expressed across the world<br />

as far afield as Seoul, London, Rio de Janeiro, Paris, Tokyo, and<br />

beyond. Always reacting to an inspirational moment, the images<br />

in his lastest collection continue to reflect Schuman’s unique<br />

sensibility and vision. This incredible new book, which includes<br />

nearly forty exclusive images, will certainly be a must-have for<br />

fans of Schuman’s fresh take on the world of street fashion.<br />

n Each hardcover edition will feature a gorgeous slipcover, colored<br />

endpapers, and sewn pages and will be individually numbered<br />

n This limited edition is larger than the regular edition, at 6 5 /8" x 9 5 /8"<br />

(130% of the paperback size)<br />

n Only 2,500 copies available<br />

n The previous bespoke edition of The Sartorialist is sold out<br />

sCott sChuMAn started The Sartorialist simply to share<br />

photos of people on the street he thought looked great. The blog now<br />

receives more than 14 million page views per month. His work resides<br />

in the permanent collections of the Victoria & Albert Museum and the<br />

Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography and has been featured in GQ,<br />

Vogue Italia, Vogue Paris, and Interview. He lives in New York City with<br />

fellow style blogger Garance Doré, with whom he was awarded the CFDA<br />

Media Award in 2012.<br />

National Publicity<br />

media Tied to Fashion Week<br />

ClassiC <strong>Penguin</strong><br />

SePTembeR<br />


48<br />

new york times bestseller<br />

Revelations<br />

Visions, Prophecy, and Politics in the Book of Revelation<br />

Elaine Pagels<br />

The strangest book of the New Testament, filled with<br />

visions of the Rapture, the whore of Babylon, and apocalyptic<br />

writing of the end of times, the Book of Revelation<br />

has fascinated readers for more than two thousand years,<br />

but where did it come from? And what are the meanings<br />

of its surreal images of dragons, monsters, angels, and<br />

cosmic war?<br />

Elaine Pagels, New York Times bestselling author<br />

and “the preeminent voice of biblical scholarship to the<br />

American public” (The Philadelphia Inquirer), elucidates<br />

the true history of this controversial book, uncovering its<br />

origins and the roots of dissent, violence, and division in<br />

the world’s religions. Brilliantly weaving scholarship with a<br />

deep understanding of the human needs to which religion<br />

speaks, Pagels has written what may be the masterwork<br />

of her unique career.<br />

elAine PAgels is the Harrington<br />

Spear Paine Professor of Religion at Princeton<br />

University. Her many books include The<br />

Gnostic Gospels, Beyond Belief, and Reading<br />

Judas with Karen King. She lives in Princeton,<br />

New Jersey.<br />

“ A sharp, accessible, and<br />

perceptive interpretation of one of<br />

the Bible’s most divisive books.”<br />

—Publishers Weekly (starred review)<br />

“ Lay readers will take this book<br />

and eat it up.” —Ron Charles,<br />

The Washington Post<br />

“ I know of no other short book<br />

I would recommend more to gain<br />

an overview of how Christianity came into<br />

being.” —The Philadelphia Inquirer<br />

12-Copy Floor Display with special header<br />

ISBN 978-0-14-750819-5 $192.00 ($204.00 CAN)<br />

Large Lecture Venues<br />

National Radio Satellite Tour<br />

Online Publicity<br />

Radio Advertising

A profound exploration of<br />

the Bible’s most controversial<br />

book—from the author of<br />

Beyond Belief and<br />

The Gnostic Gospels<br />

n A New York Times bestseller, debuting at #10<br />

n Elaine Pagels’s last two books, Reading Judas and<br />

Beyond Belief, were also New York Times bestsellers<br />

n The Gnostic Gospels won the National Book Award<br />

n Interest in the Book of Revelation is greater than ever<br />

Also AvAilABle FRoM <strong>Penguin</strong>:<br />

Reading Judas 978-0-14-311316-4 $15.00<br />

ISbN 978-0-14-312163-3 $16.00 ($17.00 CAN)<br />

Religion 5 5 /16 x 8 256 pp. Rights: E00<br />

Pub history: Viking hc 978-0-670-02334-9<br />

On sale: 2/26/<strong>2013</strong><br />

SuggeSted order<br />

Snap here<br />

to watch<br />

an interview<br />

with the author<br />

ClaSSiC <strong>Penguin</strong><br />

mARCh<br />


ISbN 978-0-14-312261-6 $15.00 ($16.00 CAN)<br />

Mystery 5 1 /16 x 7 3 /4 288 pp. Rights: W00<br />

A <strong>Penguin</strong> Mystery Original Agent: Agenzia Letteraria<br />

Internationale First serial, Audio: <strong>Penguin</strong><br />

On sale: 2/26/<strong>2013</strong><br />

SuggeSTeD ORDeR<br />

ClassiC <strong>Penguin</strong><br />

50 mARCh<br />

The latest from the<br />

New York Times bestselling<br />

author of The Potter’s Field<br />

and The Age of Doubt<br />

The Dance of the Seagull<br />

An Inspector Montalbano Mystery<br />

Andrea Camilleri<br />

Translated by Stephen Sartarelli<br />

With Inspector Montalbano’s most recent outings hitting the<br />

New York Times bestseller list, Andrea Camilleri’s darkly refined<br />

Italian mysteries have become favorites of American crime novel<br />

fans. This latest installment finds Montalbano in search of his<br />

missing right-hand man.<br />

Before leaving for vacation with Livia, Montalbano witnesses<br />

a seagull doing an odd dance on the beach outside his home,<br />

when the bird suddenly drops dead. Stopping in at his office for a<br />

quick check before heading off, he notices that Fazio is nowhere<br />

to be found and soon learns that he was last seen on the docks,<br />

secretly working on a case. Montalbano sets out to find him and<br />

discovers that the seagull’s dance of death may provide the key to<br />

understanding a macabre world of sadism, extortion, and murder.<br />

n The Inspector Montalbano series has sold more than 500,000 copies<br />

n Three recent books in the series, August Heat, The Track of Sand, and<br />

The Potter’s Field, were all New York Times bestsellers<br />

AndReA CAMilleRi is the bestselling author of the popular Inspector<br />

Montalbano mystery series, as well as historical novels that take place in<br />

nineteenth-century Sicily. His books have been made into Italian television shows<br />

and have been translated into seven languages. He lives in Rome.<br />

stePhen sARtARelli is an award-winning translator and the author of<br />

three books of poetry.<br />

12-Copy Floor Display with special header<br />

ISBN 978-0-14-750821-8 $180.00 ($192.00 CAN)<br />

Camilleri “movie Nights” at Select Stores<br />

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the Bestselling insPeCtoR MontAlBAno seRies<br />

The Shape of Water<br />

978-0-14-200471-5 $14.00<br />

The Terra-Cotta Dog<br />

978-0-14-200472-2 $15.00<br />

The Snack Thief<br />

978-0-14-200473-9 $15.00<br />

Voice of the Violin<br />

978-0-14-200445-6 $14.00<br />

Excursion to Tindari<br />

978-0-14-303460-5 $15.00<br />

The Smell of the Night<br />

978-0-14-303620-3 $14.00<br />

Rounding the Mark<br />

978-0-14-303748-4 $14.00<br />

The Patience of the Spider<br />

978-0-14-311203-7 $14.00<br />

The Paper Moon<br />

978-0-14-311300-3 $14.00<br />

August Heat<br />

978-0-14-311405-5 $14.00<br />

The Wings of the Sphinx<br />

978-0-14-311660-8 $14.00<br />

The Track of Sand<br />

978-0-14-311793-3 $14.00<br />

The Potter’s Field<br />

978-0-14-31<strong>2013</strong>-1 $15.00<br />

The Age of Doubt<br />

978-0-14-312092-6 $15.00<br />

available noW<br />

ClassiC <strong>Penguin</strong><br />


52<br />

The Memory of Love<br />

A Novel<br />

Linda Olsson<br />

Fans of Astrid & Veronika and Chris Cleave’s Little Bee<br />

will be thrilled to read Linda Olsson’s third novel. Here is<br />

Olsson doing what she does best: illuminating the terrain<br />

of friendship and examining the many forms that love<br />

can take.<br />

Marion Flint, a woman in her early fifties, has spent<br />

fifteen years living a quiet life on the rugged coast of New<br />

Zealand—a life that allows the door to her past to remain<br />

firmly shut. But a chance meeting with a young, damaged<br />

boy named Ika and her desire to help him force Marion<br />

to open the Pandora’s box of her memory. Seized by a<br />

sudden urgency to make sense of her past, she examines<br />

each image one-by-one: her grandfather, her mother, her<br />

brother, her lover. Perhaps if she can create order from<br />

the chaos, her memories will be easier to carry. Perhaps<br />

she’ll be able to find forgiveness for the little girl that was<br />

her, for the young woman she had been, and for the people<br />

she left behind.<br />

lindA olsson is the author of Astrid & Veronika and Sonata for<br />

Miriam. She lives in Auckland, New Zealand, and Stockholm, Sweden.<br />

Praise for Astrid & Veronika:<br />

“ Natural and vivid, utterly<br />

convincing . . . simply so beguiling.”<br />

—The New York Times<br />

“ Evokes with great beauty and passion<br />

the landscape of friendship.” —Kim Edwards,<br />

New York Times bestselling author of<br />

The Memory Keeper’s Daughter<br />

<strong>Penguin</strong> Readers guide bound into every book<br />

National Publicity<br />

Online Publicity<br />

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From the beloved author<br />

of Astrid & Veronika,<br />

a moving tale of friendship<br />

and redemption<br />

n A deluxe edition featuring french flaps and deckleedged<br />

paper<br />

n Astrid & Veronika has sold more than 140,000 copies<br />

n For readers of Sebastian Barry, Chris Cleave, and<br />

Anne Enright<br />

n Visit lindaolsson.net<br />

Also AvAilABle FRoM <strong>Penguin</strong>:<br />

Astrid & Veronika 978-0-14-303807-8 $15.00<br />

Sonata for Miriam 978-0-14-311470-3 $15.00<br />

ISbN 978-0-14-312243-2 $15.00 ($16.00 CAN)<br />

Fiction 5 1 /16 x 7 3 /4 240 pp. Rights: E00<br />

A <strong>Penguin</strong> Original Agent: Stilton Literary Agency<br />

First serial, Audio: <strong>Penguin</strong> On sale: 2/26/<strong>2013</strong><br />

SuggeSted order<br />

ClaSSiC <strong>Penguin</strong><br />

mARCh<br />

Photo: Caroline Andersson<br />


Photo: Leslie dela Vega<br />

54<br />

new york times bestseller<br />

The Idea Factory<br />

Bell Labs and the Great Age of American Innovation<br />

Jon Gertner<br />

In this first full portrait of the legendary Bell Labs,<br />

journalist Jon Gertner takes readers behind one of the<br />

greatest collaborations between business and science in<br />

history. Officially the research and development wing of<br />

AT&T, Bell Labs made seminal breakthroughs from the<br />

1920s to the 1980s in everything from lasers to cellular<br />

telephony, becoming arguably the best laboratory for new<br />

ideas in the world. Gertner’s riveting narrative traces the<br />

intersections between science, business, and society that<br />

allowed a cadre of eccentric geniuses to lay the foundations<br />

of the information age, offering lessons in management<br />

and innovation that are as vital today as they were a<br />

generation ago.<br />

Jon geRtneR grew up in Berkeley<br />

Heights, New Jersey, just a few hundred yards<br />

away from Bell Labs. He has been a writer<br />

for the New York Times Magazine since 2004<br />

and is an editor at Fast Company magazine.<br />

He lives in Maplewood, New Jersey, with his<br />

wife and two children.<br />

“ Filled with colorful characters<br />

and inspiring lessons . . . The Idea<br />

Factory explores one of the most critical<br />

issues of our time: What causes innovation?”<br />

—Walter Isaacson, The New York Times<br />

Book Review<br />

“ Riveting . . . Mr. Gertner’s portraits of<br />

Kelly and the cadre of talented scientists<br />

who worked at Bell Labs are animated by a<br />

journalistic ability to make their discoveries<br />

and inventions utterly comprehensible—<br />

indeed, thrilling—to the lay reader.”<br />

—Michiko Kakutani, The New York Times<br />

“ Expansive . . . a book that needed to<br />

be written. Through deep archival research<br />

and extensive primary interviews, Gertner<br />

traces the history of a singular and peculiar<br />

American institution that produced more<br />

major discoveries and Nobel laureates than<br />

most universities. . . . Impressive.”<br />

—Wired<br />

Large Lecture Venues<br />

National Radio Telephone Interviews<br />

Online Publicity<br />

Online Advertising

The definitive history of<br />

America’s greatest incubator<br />

of technological innovation<br />

n A New York Times bestseller<br />

n For readers of Steve Jobs, The Toyota Way, and<br />

The Accidental Billionaires<br />

Among the numerous technologies invented or<br />

developed at Bell Labs during the twentieth century are:<br />

Transistor<br />

Laser<br />

Integrated circuit<br />

Digital computing<br />

Transatlantic phone cable<br />

Cellular telephone<br />

Pager<br />

Vacuum tube<br />

Direct current<br />

Fiber optics<br />

Jet propulsion<br />

Radar<br />

Communication satellite<br />

Silicon solar cell<br />

Amplifier<br />

Atomic bomb<br />

Nike missile<br />

Microwave<br />

ISbN 978-0-14-312279-1 $17.00 ($18.00 CAN)<br />

Business/History 5 1 /2 x 8 7 /16 432 pp. 16 pp b/w photos<br />

Rights: E30 Pub history: The <strong>Penguin</strong> Press hc<br />

978-1-59420-328-2 On sale: 2/26/<strong>2013</strong><br />

SuggeSted order<br />

ClaSSiC <strong>Penguin</strong><br />

mARCh<br />


Photo: Mark Read<br />

56<br />

Blue Monday<br />

A Novel<br />

Nicci French<br />

Immensely intelligent and poignantly human, Frieda Klein<br />

has captivated book critics and readers everywhere with<br />

her debut outing as Blue Monday’s iconoclastic heroine.<br />

A psychotherapist and insomniac who spends her nights<br />

walking along the ancient rivers that lie beneath modern<br />

London, Frieda stars in a dazzling new crime series in<br />

which the terrors of the mind spill over into real life.<br />

When five-year-old Matthew Farraday is abducted,<br />

Frieda cannot ignore the fact that his photograph<br />

perfectly matches the boy one of her patients describes<br />

from his fantasies. Before long, Frieda finds herself<br />

serving as the reluctant sidekick of Detective Chief<br />

Inspector Karlsson at the center of a desperate race to find<br />

the kidnapper. Blue Monday is an atmospheric, stunning<br />

first novel in a crime series for fans of In Treatment.<br />

niCCi FRenCh is the pseudonym for<br />

the internationally bestselling husband-wife<br />

writing duo Nicci Gerrard and Sean French.<br />

They live in Suffolk and London, England.<br />

“ A neat puzzle with . . . a terrific<br />

twist.” —The New York Times Book Review<br />

“ Fast-paced and spooky.”<br />

—People (four stars)<br />

“ Nicci French is undeniably at the top of British<br />

psychological suspense writing.”<br />

—The Observer (London)<br />

“ Complex and flawed, Frieda Klein is a<br />

refreshingly human protagonist.”<br />

—Tami Hoag, bestselling author of Down the<br />

Darkest Road<br />

“ A searing psychological thriller<br />

in the rich vein of Kate Atkinson and Laura<br />

Lippman—a page-turner with heart and soul.”<br />

—Joseph Finder, bestselling author of<br />

Buried Secrets<br />

<strong>Penguin</strong> Readers guide available online at penguin.com<br />

media Tied to Pamela Dorman books/Viking<br />

Publication of Tuesday’s Gone<br />

National Publicity<br />

Online Publicity

“ Psychological suspense at its<br />

best. Absolutely riveting.”<br />

—Booklist (starred review)<br />

n Pamela Dorman <strong>Books</strong>/Viking will simultaneously<br />

publish the next book in the series, Tuesday’s Gone<br />

n For fans of Kate Atkinson, Laura Lippman, and<br />

Tami Hoag<br />

n Visit niccifrenchbooks.com<br />

From Blue Monday:<br />

“I’m Detective Chief Inspector Malcolm Karlsson,” he<br />

said. Karlsson wrote the name “Frieda Klein” on his<br />

notepad and drew a line under it.<br />

“And it’s relevant to the disappearance of Matthew<br />

Faraday?”<br />

“It might be. I’m a consultant psychoanalyst,” she<br />

began. “Do you know what that is?”<br />

Karlsson smiled. “I’ve picked up a bit of education here<br />

and there,” he said. “Despite being a copper.”<br />

“I know,” she said. “You read law at Oxford. I checked.<br />

I’ve started seeing a new patient. His name is Alan<br />

Dekker. He’s forty-two years old.” She paused. “I think you<br />

should talk to him. His anxiety is based on a fantasy about<br />

having a son–or about not having a son. This fantasy<br />

shows itself in a dream that seems to involve seizing<br />

a child in a way that struck me as similar to this boy’s<br />

disappearance . . . to Matthew Farraday.”<br />

Karlsson had stopped taking notes.<br />

ISbN 978-0-14-312272-2 $16.00 ($17.00 CAN)<br />

Mystery 5 5 /16 x 8 336 pp. Rights: G12<br />

Pub history: Pamela Dorman <strong>Books</strong>/Viking hc<br />

978-0-670-02336-3 On sale: 3/5/<strong>2013</strong><br />

SuggeSted order<br />

Unabridged Download • 11 hours<br />

978-1-10-153868-5 $39.95 ($42.00 CAN)<br />

ClaSSiC <strong>Penguin</strong><br />

mARCh<br />


ISbN 978-0-14-312283-8 $16.00 ($17.00 CAN)<br />

Politics/Current Events 5 5 /16 x 8 256 pp. Rights: E30<br />

b/w maps Pub history: Viking hc 978-0-670-02346-2<br />

On sale: 2/26/<strong>2013</strong><br />

SuggeSTeD ORDeR<br />

Also AvAilABle FRoM <strong>Penguin</strong>:<br />

Descent Into Chaos 978-0-14-311557-1 $18.00<br />

Jihad 978-0-14-200260-5 $16.00<br />

ClassiC <strong>Penguin</strong><br />

58 mARCh<br />

“ A clear-headed,<br />

sobering look at a<br />

country whose ties with<br />

the U.S. are becoming ever<br />

more frayed.”<br />

—Publishers Weekly<br />

An urgent, on-the-ground report from<br />

Pakistan—from the bestselling author of<br />

Descent Into Chaos and Taliban<br />

Pakistan on the Brink<br />

The Future of America, Pakistan, and Afghanistan<br />

Ahmed Rashid<br />

Ahmed Rashid, one of the world’s leading experts on the<br />

social and political situations in Pakistan and Afghanistan,<br />

offers a highly anticipated update on the possibilities—and<br />

hazards—facing the United States after the death of Osama<br />

bin Laden and as Operation Enduring Freedom winds down.<br />

With the characteristic professionalism that has made him<br />

the preeminent independent journalist in Pakistan for three<br />

decades, Rashid asks the important questions and delivers<br />

informed insights about the future of U.S. relations with the<br />

troubled region. His most urgent book to date, Pakistan on the<br />

Brink is the third volume in a comprehensive series that is a<br />

call to action to our nation’s leaders and an exposition of this<br />

conflict’s impact on the security of the world.<br />

n A brief, up-to-date follow-up to Descent Into Chaos<br />

n Ahmed Rashid is the go-to journalist for commenting on the region<br />

n Visit ahmedrashid.com<br />

AhMed RAshid, a Pakistani journalist based in Lahore,<br />

is the author of Descent Into Chaos and the #1 New York Times<br />

bestseller Taliban. He is a regular contributor to the Financial<br />

Times and the New York Times, and appears regularly on NPR,<br />

CNN, and the BBC World Service.<br />

media Tied to Author’s Lecture Schedule<br />

Radio Advertising

ISbN 978-0-14-312292-0 $16.00 ($17.00 CAN)<br />

Fiction 5 1 /2 x 8 7 /16 336 pp. Rights: W00<br />

Pub history: Viking hc 978-0-670-02331-8<br />

On sale: 2/26/<strong>2013</strong><br />

SuggeSTeD ORDeR<br />

“ Tuccelli brings the South to<br />

visceral and gorgeous life.<br />

Prepare to be drenched in the fierce<br />

humanity of her characters, bewitched<br />

by the powerful music of their voices and<br />

seared by the beauty and tragedy of their<br />

stories.” —Hillary Jordan, author<br />

of Mudbound<br />

“ Fans of The Help, this one’s for you:<br />

A tale of ghosts, slavery, racism, and<br />

redemption.” —Ladies’ Home Journal<br />

Glow<br />

A Novel<br />

Jessica Maria Tuccelli<br />

On the eve of World War II, young Ella McGee sits on a bus bound<br />

for her Southern hometown. Behind her in Washington, D.C.,<br />

lie the broken pieces of her parents’ love story—a black father<br />

drafted; a mixed-race, activist mother confronting racist thugs.<br />

But Ella’s journey is just beginning when she reaches Hopewell<br />

County, and her disappearance into the Georgia mountains will<br />

stir up memories long suppressed. As the secrets of Ella’s family<br />

history unfold in a vivid generational saga, Glow transports us to<br />

the Blue Ridge frontier of 1836, where slave plantations adjoin the<br />

haunted glades of a razed Cherokee Nation. Ron Rash’s Appalachia<br />

cascades into Alice Walker’s Georgia red clay in this lushly<br />

written debut announcing a major new voice in Southern fiction.<br />

n A SIBA Okra pick<br />

n For fans of The Help, Saving CeeCee Honeycutt, and books by<br />

Charles Frazier and Sue Monk Kidd<br />

n Great for reading groups<br />

n Visit jessicamariatuccelli.com<br />

“ A beautifully wrought novel<br />

about magic, nature, history, and the<br />

undying bonds of mother love.”<br />

—Amy Greene, author of Bloodroot JessiCA MARiA tuCCelli is a graduate of the<br />

Massachusetts Institute of Technology with a degree in anthropology.<br />

She lives in New York City with her husband and daughter.<br />

<strong>Penguin</strong> Readers guide available online<br />

at penguin.com<br />

Regional Appearances<br />

Online Advertising<br />

ClassiC <strong>Penguin</strong><br />

mARCh<br />


ISbN 978-0-14-312267-8 $15.00 (NCR)<br />

Fiction 5 1 /16 x 7 3 /4 240 pp. Rights: A00 A <strong>Penguin</strong> Original<br />

Agent: c/o Random House U.K. First serial, Audio: <strong>Penguin</strong><br />

On sale: 2/26/<strong>2013</strong><br />

SuggeSTeD ORDeR<br />

“ Simple and devastating.”<br />

—The Independent (U.K.)<br />

“ Beautiful, oddly moving . . .<br />

Even more powerful [than The Twin].”<br />

—The Guardian (London)<br />

“ A novel full of hints and<br />

mysteries [that] will almost certainly<br />

keep you rooted to your chair.”<br />

—The Spectator (U.K.)<br />

ClassiC <strong>Penguin</strong><br />

60 mARCh<br />

The eagerly anticipated, internationally<br />

bestselling new novel by the winner of<br />

the world’s richest literary prize for a<br />

single work of fiction<br />

Ten White Geese<br />

A Novel<br />

Gerbrand Bakker<br />

Translated by David Colmer<br />

Fans of Per Petterson’s Out Stealing Horses, Paul Harding’s Tinkers,<br />

or J. M. Coetzee’s Disgrace will love this novel of stealth and<br />

intrigue set against a stark and pristine landscape.<br />

A woman rents a remote farm in rural Wales. She says her<br />

name is Emilie. An Emily Dickinson scholar, she has fled Amsterdam,<br />

having just confessed to an affair. On the farm she finds ten<br />

geese. One by one they disappear.<br />

Who is this woman? Will her husband manage to find her?<br />

Who is the young man who stays the night and why won’t he leave?<br />

And what of the vanishing geese? With a seductive blend of solace<br />

and menace, this beguiling novel summons from a woman’s silent<br />

longing fugitive moments of profound beauty and compassion.<br />

n For fans of Out Stealing Horses, Tinkers, or Disgrace<br />

n Gerbrand Bakker won the International IMPAC Dublin Literary Award<br />

for his first novel<br />

geRBRAnd BAkkeR won the 2010 International IMPAC<br />

Dublin Literary Award for his first novel, The Twin. An avid gardener,<br />

he lives in Holland.<br />

dAvid ColMeR is the translator of Bakker’s novel The Twin.<br />

Online Publicity<br />

Targeted Print Advertising

ISbN 978-0-14-312285-2 $16.00 ($17.00 CAN)<br />

Memoir/Art 5 1 /2 x 8 7 /16 304 pp. Rights: E00<br />

b/w photos throughout Pub history: The <strong>Penguin</strong> Press hc<br />

978-1-59420-326-8 On sale: 2/26/<strong>2013</strong><br />

SuggeSTeD ORDeR<br />

“ Revelatory . . . Benfey reclaims radiant<br />

swathes of history . . . and celebrates<br />

serendipity, resilience, and the refulgence<br />

of art.” —Booklist (starred review)<br />

“ Well wrought. . . . Part memoir, part family<br />

saga, part travelogue, part cultural history, it<br />

takes readers on a peripatetic ramble across<br />

America and beyond.” —The New York Times<br />

Book Review<br />

Also AvAilABle FRoM <strong>Penguin</strong>:<br />

A Summer of Hummingbirds 978-0-14-311508-3 $16.00<br />

“ Beautiful, haunted, evocative, and so<br />

open to where memory takes you. . . .<br />

Just wonderful.” —Edmund de Waal,<br />

author of The Hare with Amber Eyes<br />

Red Brick, Black<br />

Mountain, White Clay<br />

Reflections on Art, Family, and Survival<br />

Christopher Benfey<br />

An unforgettable voyage across the reaches of America and the<br />

depths of memory, this generational memoir of one incredible<br />

family reveals America’s unique craft tradition. In Red Brick,<br />

Black Mountain, White Clay, renowned critic Christopher Benfey<br />

shares stories—of his mother’s upbringing in rural North Carolina<br />

among centuries-old folk potteries; of his father’s escape from Nazi<br />

Europe; of his great-aunt and -uncle Josef and Anni Albers, famed<br />

Bauhaus artists exiled at Black Mountain College—unearthing an<br />

ancestry, and an aesthetic, that is quintessentially American. With<br />

the grace of a novelist and the eye of a historian, Benfey blends<br />

these stories together into a radiant and mesmerizing harmony.<br />

n Introduces readers to new sides of Robert Rauschenberg, John Cage,<br />

Merce Cunningham, and other famous figures of Black Mountain<br />

College<br />

n Includes stunning photos of unique artwork and artifacts throughout<br />

ChRistoPheR BenFey is the Mellon professor of English<br />

at Mount Holyoke College and the author of the award-winning book<br />

A Summer of Hummingbirds. He is a frequent contributor to the New<br />

York Times Book Review, the New Republic, and the New York Review<br />

of <strong>Books</strong>. He lives in Amherst, Massachusetts.<br />

Regional Author Tour<br />

National Radio Television Interviews<br />

Online Publicity<br />

Targeted Print Advertising<br />

ClassiC <strong>Penguin</strong><br />

mARCh<br />


A<br />

Photo: Stephen Cornwell<br />

for White Hare 2010<br />

62 62<br />


The Looking Glass War<br />

A George Smiley Novel<br />

It would have been an easy job for the Circus: to<br />

courier a can of film from Helsinki to London. In the<br />

past the Circus handled all things political, while<br />

the Department dealt with matters military. But the<br />

Department has been moribund since the War, its<br />

resources siphoned away. Now one of their agents is<br />

dead, and vital evidence verifying the presence of Soviet<br />

missiles near the West German border is gone. John<br />

Avery is the Department’s last hope. Charged with<br />

handling Fred Leiser, a German-speaking Pole left over<br />

from the War, Avery must infiltrate the East and restore<br />

his masters’ former glory.<br />

Darkly compelling and brutally Machiavellian, The<br />

Looking Glass War is a stunning accomplishment by one<br />

of today’s most remarkable and enduring literary writers.<br />

Small Town in<br />

Germany<br />

A Novel<br />

The British Embassy in Bonn is up in arms. Her Majesty’s<br />

financially troubled government is seeking admission to<br />

Europe’s Common Market just as anti-British factions<br />

are rising to power in Germany. Rioters are demanding<br />

reunification, and the last thing the Crown can afford is<br />

a scandal. Then Leo Harting—an embassy nobody—goes<br />

missing with a case full of confidential files. London sends<br />

Alan Turner to control the damage, but he soon realizes<br />

that neither side really wants Leo found alive.<br />

John le CARRé, the author of<br />

twenty-two novels, is the pseudonym for<br />

David Cornwell, who was a member of the<br />

British Foreign Service from 1959 to 1964.<br />

Many of his books have been made into films,<br />

including The Constant Gardener, The Russia<br />

House, The Little Drummer Girl, and Tinker,<br />

Tailor, Soldier, Spy.<br />

Praise for The Looking Glass War:<br />

“ A book of rare and great power.”<br />

—Financial Times (U.K.)<br />

“ A bitter, bleak, superlatively written<br />

novel.” —Publishers Weekly<br />

Praise for A Small Town in Germany:<br />

“ Exciting, compulsively readable, and<br />

brilliantly plotted.”<br />

—The New York Times<br />

“ Brilliant, unforgettable . . .<br />

A masterpiece.”<br />

—New Statesman (London)<br />

“ John le Carré is at the top of his<br />

form.” —The Sunday Times (London)

Following the return of<br />

Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy to the<br />

New York Times list and the<br />

highly acclaimed film, <strong>Penguin</strong><br />

publishes two more brilliant<br />

books from the master novelist<br />

n Both titles include an introduction by the author<br />

n The film adaptation of Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy<br />

starring Gary Oldman was nominated for three<br />

Academy Awards, including Best Adapted Screenplay<br />

and Best Actor<br />

n <strong>Penguin</strong> has more than 368,000 John le Carré novels<br />

in print<br />

n Visit johnlecarre.com and his fan page on Facebook<br />

The Looking Glass War<br />

ISbN 978-0-14-312259-3 $16.00 (NCR)<br />

304 pp. Pub history: Scribner pb 978-0-7434-3170-5<br />

A Small Town in Germany<br />

ISbN 978-0-14-312260-9 $16.00 (NCR)<br />

368 pp. Pub history: Scribner pb 978-0-7434-3171-2<br />

Both: Fiction/Espionage 5 1 /2 x 8 1 /4<br />

Rights: F25<br />

On sale: 2/26/<strong>2013</strong><br />

The Looking Glass War<br />

Unabridged CDs • 8 CDs, 9 hours<br />

978-1-61176-099-6 $39.95 (NCR)<br />

Unabridged Download • 9 hours<br />

978-1-10-157576-5 $39.95 (NCR)<br />

SuggeSTeD ORDeR<br />

SuggeSTeD ORDeR<br />

A Small Town in Germany<br />

Unabridged CDs • 12 CDs, 13 hours<br />

978-1-61176-096-5 $39.95 (NCR)<br />

Unabridged Download • 13 hours<br />

978-1-10-157573-4 $39.95 (NCR)<br />

ClassiC <strong>Penguin</strong><br />

mARCh<br />


available noW<br />

64<br />

Call for the Dead<br />

978-0-14-312257-9 $15.00<br />

Unabridged CDs • 4 CDs, 5 hours<br />

978-1-61176-097-2 $29.95<br />

Unabridged Download • 5 hours<br />

978-1-10-157574-1 $29.95<br />

On sale 8/28/12<br />

A Murder of Quality<br />

978-0-14-312258-6 $15.00<br />

Unabridged CDs • 4 CDs, 5 hours<br />

978-1-61176-098-9 $29.95<br />

Unabridged Download • 5 hours<br />

978-1-10-157575-8 $29.95<br />

On sale 8/28/12<br />

ClassiC <strong>Penguin</strong><br />

MoRe John le CARRé in PAPeRBACk And Audio<br />

The Honourable Schoolboy<br />

978-0-14-311973-9 $16.00<br />

Unabridged CDs • 16 CDs, 20.5 hours<br />

978-1-61176-088-0 $49.95<br />

Unabridged Download • 20.5 hours<br />

978-1-10-157305-1 $49.95<br />

Our Kind of Traitor<br />

978-0-14-311972-2 $15.00<br />

Unabridged CDs • 9 CDs, 11.5 hours<br />

978-0-14-242842-9 $29.95<br />

Unabridged Download • 11.5 hours<br />

978-1-10-143689-9 $29.95<br />

The Little Drummer Girl<br />

978-0-14-311974-6 $16.00<br />

Unabridged CDs • 16 CDs, 21 hours<br />

978-1-61176-091-0 $49.95<br />

Unabridged Download • 21 hours<br />

978-1-10-157570-3 $49.95<br />

A Perfect Spy<br />

978-0-14-311976-0 $16.00<br />

Unabridged CDs • 18 CDs, 21 hours<br />

978-1-61176-090-3 $49.95<br />

Unabridged Download • 21 hours<br />

978-1-10-157569-7 $49.95

MoRe John le CARRé in PAPeRBACk And Audio<br />

Smiley’s People<br />

978-0-14-311977-7 $16.00<br />

Unabridged CDs • 12 CDs, 13.5 hours<br />

978-1-61176-089-7 $39.95<br />

Unabridged Download • 13.5 hours<br />

978-1-10-157306-8 $39.95<br />

The Spy Who Came In from the Cold<br />

978-0-14-312142-8 $15.00<br />

Unabridged CDs • 6 CDs, 7 hours<br />

978-1-61176-092-7 $29.95<br />

Unabridged Download • 7 hours<br />

978-1-10-157568-0 $29.95<br />


The Russia House<br />

Unabridged CDs • 12 CDs, 14 hours<br />

978-1-61176-095-8 $39.95<br />

Unabridged Download • 14 hours<br />

978-1-10-157572-7 $39.95<br />

The Secret Pilgrim<br />

Unabridged CDs • 12 CDs, 13 hours<br />

978-1-61176-093-4 $39.95<br />

Unabridged Download • 13 hours<br />

978-1-10-157571-0 $39.95<br />

Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy<br />

978-0-14-311978-4 $16.00<br />

Unabridged CDs • 10 CDs, 13 hours<br />

978-1-61176-087-3 $39.95<br />

Unabridged Download • 13 hours<br />

978-1-10-157304-4 $39.95<br />

available noW<br />

ClassiC <strong>Penguin</strong><br />


ISbN 978-0-14-312280-7 $17.00 ($18.00 CAN)<br />

History 5 1 /2 x 8 7 /16 400 pp. b/w photos and illustrations<br />

throughout Rights: W00 Pub history: The <strong>Penguin</strong> Press hc<br />

978-1-59420-325-1 On sale: 2/26/<strong>2013</strong><br />

SuggeSTeD ORDeR<br />

“ An excellent, bottom-up<br />

survey of the Irish experience<br />

over the past two centuries.”<br />

—Booklist<br />

“ A fast-paced tour of<br />

one hundred and fifty years of the<br />

Irish-American experience.”<br />

—The Boston Globe<br />

ClassiC <strong>Penguin</strong><br />

66 mARCh Online Publicity<br />

“ Richly detailed, often fascinating . . .<br />

a very absorbing work of social history.”<br />

—The Wall Street Journal<br />

The Irish Way<br />

Becoming American in the Multiethnic City<br />

James R. Barrett<br />

The newest volume in the award-winning <strong>Penguin</strong> History of<br />

American Life series, this innovative and fascinating work chronicles<br />

how a new urban American identity was forged in the streets,<br />

saloons, and churches of the nation’s cities during the nineteenth<br />

century—a process deeply shaped, according to author James R.<br />

Barrett, by the Irish. Drawing on contemporary sociological studies<br />

and diaries, newspaper accounts, and Irish American literature,<br />

The Irish Way illustrates how interactions between the Irish<br />

and later immigrants on the streets, on the vaudeville stage, and in<br />

workplaces from New York to Chicago helped forge a multiethnic<br />

identity that has a profound legacy in our country today.<br />

n Part of the <strong>Penguin</strong> History of American Life series<br />

JAMes R. BARRett is a professor of history at the<br />

University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign. He is the author of<br />

William Z. Foster and the Tragedy of American Radicalism and<br />

lives in Champaign, Illinois.

ISbN 978-0-14-312290-6 $18.00 ($19.00 CAN)<br />

Literary Criticism/Cultural Studies 5 1 /2 x 8 7 /16 400 pp.<br />

Rights: E00 Pub history: Viking hc 978-0-670-02308-0<br />

On sale: 2/26/<strong>2013</strong><br />

SuggeSTeD ORDeR<br />

“ This greatest hits package doubles—and<br />

triples and scores—as a history of<br />

global culture and American<br />

literature.” —Troy Patterson,<br />

The Slate Book Review<br />

“ There was more than a touch of the poet<br />

in John Leonard, alongside the cheerful<br />

investigator. . . . Let’s be grateful for<br />

this eloquent sample of his<br />

writings.”—Phillip Lopate,<br />

The New York Times Book Review<br />

“ A brilliant collection of writings on<br />

politics, social and cultural engagement,<br />

and literary life.” —David L. Ulin,<br />

Los Angeles Times<br />

Reading for My Life<br />

Writings, 1958–2008<br />

John Leonard<br />

Introduction by E. L. Doctorow<br />

John Leonard was a lion of American letters. A passionate, erudite,<br />

and wide-ranging critic, he helped shape the landscape of modern<br />

literature. Reading for My Life is a monumental collection of<br />

Leonard’s most significant writings—spanning five decades—from<br />

his earliest columns for the Harvard Crimson to his final essays for<br />

the New York Review of <strong>Books</strong>. Definitive reviews of Doris Lessing,<br />

Joan Didion, Toni Morrison, Don DeLillo, Vladimir Nabokov,<br />

and Philip Roth, among others, display Leonard’s encyclopedic<br />

knowledge of literature and make this book a landmark achievement<br />

from one of America’s most beloved and influential critics.<br />

n Introduction by E. L. Doctorow<br />

n In 2006 John Leonard won the NBCC’s Ivan Sandrof Lifetime Achievement<br />

Award<br />

n Includes remembrances of Leonard from Toni Morrison, Gloria Steinem,<br />

and other friends, family, and colleagues<br />

John leonARd (1939–2008) was a reviewer or contributing<br />

editor for practically every national print outlet, including the Nation, the<br />

New York Review of <strong>Books</strong>, Harper’s Magazine, Vanity Fair, Salon, and<br />

New York Magazine, and a daily book reviewer for the New York Times.<br />

He also appeared regularly on NPR’s Fresh Air and CBS Sunday Morning.<br />

Leonard wrote four novels and served for four years as the executive editor<br />

of the New York Times Book Review.<br />

e. l. doCtoRow holds the Lewis and Loretta Glucksman chair in<br />

English and American Letters at New York University. His novels include<br />

Ragtime, which received the first National Book Critics Circle Award for<br />

fiction in 1976, The Book of Daniel, City of God, and The March.<br />

Radio Advertising<br />

ClassiC <strong>Penguin</strong><br />

mARCh<br />


ISbN 978-0-14-312300-2 $18.00 ($19.00 CAN)<br />

Science/History 5 1 /2 x 8 7 /16 432 pp. b/w charts and<br />

illustrations throughout Rights: E33 Pub history:<br />

The <strong>Penguin</strong> Press hc 978-1-59420-327-5<br />

On sale: 2/26/<strong>2013</strong><br />

SuggeSTeD ORDeR<br />

“ Remarkable . . . [brings]<br />

together amazing stories, bits of history,<br />

and scientific perspectives.”<br />

—The New Yorker<br />

“ An essential and engrossing read . . .<br />

extensively researched, eminently<br />

readable, and accessible.”<br />

—Booklist (starred review)<br />

ClassiC <strong>Penguin</strong><br />

68 mARCh<br />

The definitive and revelatory account of<br />

the origins of HIV and the causes of the<br />

AIDS pandemic<br />

Tinderbox<br />

How the West Sparked the AIDS Epidemic and<br />

How the World Can Finally Overcome It<br />

Craig Timberg and<br />

Daniel Halperin, Ph.D.<br />

In this groundbreaking work that reads like a detective novel, longtime<br />

Washington Post reporter Craig Timberg and award-winning<br />

AIDS researcher Daniel Halperin tell the surprising story of how<br />

Western colonial powers unwittingly sparked the AIDS epidemic<br />

and then fanned the flames. Drawing on remarkable new science,<br />

Tinderbox overturns the conventional wisdom on the origins of<br />

this deadly pandemic, and in a riveting narrative that stretches<br />

from colonial Leopoldville to 1980s San Francisco to South Africa<br />

today, it reveals how human hands unleashed this epidemic and<br />

can now overcome it, if only we learn the lessons of the past.<br />

n First serial excerpt in the Washington Post<br />

n Presents fascinating new scientific discoveries on HIV<br />

n Visit tinderboxbook.com<br />

CRAig tiMBeRg is the former Johannesburg bureau<br />

chief for the Washington Post and its deputy national security<br />

editor. He lives in Washington, D.C.<br />

dAniel hAlPeRin, Ph.d., was a top technical<br />

advisorin the U.S. government’s program to combat AIDS. He is an<br />

epidemiologist at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.<br />

National Radio Telephone Interviews<br />

Online Publicity

ISbN 978-0-14-312116-9 $16.00<br />

Amor Towles<br />

Rules of Civility<br />

n A bestseller on the New York Times, Los Angeles<br />

Times, Boston Globe, and Publishers Weekly lists<br />

n The national publicity, marketing, and advertising<br />

campaign will continue throughout the summer and<br />

into the fall<br />

n Visit amortowles.com—featuring background<br />

material on the 1930s, supplemental essays,<br />

and a music playlist from the period<br />

available noW<br />

This enchanting, New York Timesbestselling<br />

hit is now available<br />

in paperback<br />

This sophisticated and entertaining first novel presents<br />

the story of a young woman whose life is on the brink of<br />

transformation. On the last night of 1937, twenty-five-yearold<br />

Katey Kontent is in a second-rate Greenwich Village jazz<br />

bar when Tinker Grey, a handsome banker, happens to sit<br />

down at the neighboring table. This chance encounter and its<br />

startling consequences propel Katey on a year-long journey<br />

into the upper echelons of New York society—where she<br />

will have little to rely upon other than a bracing wit and her<br />

own brand of cool nerve. With its sparkling depiction of New<br />

York’s social strata, its intricate imagery and themes, and its<br />

immensely appealing characters, Rules of Civility is winning<br />

the hearts of readers and critics alike.<br />

“ Brilliantly realized . . . A sharply stylish debut.”<br />

—The Boston Globe<br />

“ With this snappy period piece, Towles resurrects the<br />

cinematic black-and-white Manhattan of the golden age.”<br />

—The New York Times Book Review<br />

“ Reviews of Mr. Towles’s novel have rarely failed to bring up<br />

F. Scott’s name. Who needs such burdensome comparisons?<br />

On the evidence of Rules of Civility, being Amor Towles<br />

should be plenty good enough.” —The Wall Street Journal<br />

ClassiC <strong>Penguin</strong><br />


70<br />

Jack Kerouac’s ON THE ROAD<br />

ISbN 978-0-14-312028-5 $16.00 ($17.00 CAN)<br />

Available Now<br />

See p. 122 for The <strong>Penguin</strong> <strong>Books</strong> Amplified Edition<br />

of On the Road<br />

JACk keRouAC (1922–1969) was one of the most<br />

controversial and influential writers of the Beat Generation. His<br />

celebrated books include On the Road, The Dharma Bums, and<br />

Visions of Cody.<br />

“ A major novel . . . the most beautifully<br />

executed, the clearest, and the most important<br />

utterance yet made by the generation Kerouac<br />

himself named years ago as ‘beat.’”<br />

—The New York Times<br />

“ On the Road has the kind of drive that blasts<br />

through to a large public. . . . What makes the<br />

novel really important, what gives it that drive<br />

is a genuine, new, engaging, and exciting prose<br />

style. . . . What keeps the book going is the<br />

power and beauty of the writing.”<br />

—Kenneth Rexroth, San Francisco Chronicle<br />

“ A highly euphoric and intensely<br />

readable story about a group of<br />

wandering young hedonists who cross the<br />

country in endless search of kicks.”<br />

—Leonard Feather, DownBeat

The groundbreaking novel is now<br />

a major motion picture with a star-studded cast<br />

Sam Riley (left), Kristen Stewart (center), and Garrett Hedlund (right) in ON THE ROAD, directed by Walter Salles.<br />

In what is sure to be one of the major cinematic events of 2012, Jack Kerouac’s legendary Beat<br />

classic, On the Road, will finally hit the big screen. Directed by Walter Salles (The Motorcycle<br />

Diaries, Paris, Je T’Aime) and with a cast of some of Hollywood’s biggest stars, including Garrett<br />

Hedlund (TRON: Legacy), Kristen Stewart (The Twilight Saga, Snow White and the Huntsman),<br />

Amy Adams (Julie & Julia, The Fighter), and Viggo Mortensen (the Lord of the Rings trilogy, The<br />

Road ), the film will attract new fans who will be inspired by Kerouac’s revolutionary masterwork.<br />

n The film stars Garrett Hedlund, Sam Riley, Kristen Stewart, Amy Adams,<br />

Viggo Mortensen, Kirsten Dunst, Elisabeth Moss, and Steve Buscemi<br />

n The film will be released in the U.S. in December 2012 and distributed by<br />

IFC/Sundance Selects<br />

Snap here to<br />

watch a trailer<br />

for the film<br />

Photo: Gregory Smith; An IFC Films/Sundance Selects Release<br />



Photo: Blake Chambliss<br />

72<br />

new york times bestseller<br />

Escape from Camp 14<br />

One Man’s Remarkable Odyssey from North Korea to Freedom in the West<br />

Blaine Harden<br />

North Korea’s political prison camps have existed twice<br />

as long as Stalin’s gulags did and twelve times as long<br />

as the Nazi concentration camps did. No one born and<br />

raised in these camps is known to have escaped. No one,<br />

that is, except Shin Dong-hyuk. In Escape from Camp 14,<br />

veteran reporter Blaine Harden unlocks the secrets of<br />

the world’s most repressive totalitarian state through the<br />

story of Shin’s shocking imprisonment and his astounding<br />

getaway. A tale of endurance and courage, survival and<br />

hope, Harden’s harrowing narrative exposes this hidden<br />

dystopia, focusing on an extraordinary young man who<br />

came of age in one of the world’s darkest nations.<br />

BlAine hARden is a reporter<br />

for PBS’s FRONTLINE and a contributor<br />

to the Economist, and has served as the<br />

Washington Post’s bureau chief in East<br />

Asia, Eastern Europe, and Africa. He is the<br />

author of Africa: Dispatches from a Fragile<br />

Continent and A River Lost: The Life and<br />

Death of the Columbia. He lives in Seattle,<br />

Washington.<br />

“ A searing account of one man’s<br />

incarceration and personal<br />

awakening.” —The Wall Street Journal<br />

“ Harden’s book, besides being a gripping<br />

story, unsparingly told, carries a freight of<br />

intelligence about this black hole of a country.”<br />

—Bill Keller, The New York Times<br />

“ A riveting, remarkable book that<br />

should be required reading in every high-<br />

school or college civics class.”<br />

—The Seattle Times<br />

“ Absolutely unique . . . Read it.”<br />

—Donald E. Graham, CEO of<br />

The Washington Post<br />

“ An indictment of a depraved regime and a<br />

tribute to all those who cling to their humanity<br />

in the face of evil.” —Mitchell Zuckoff,<br />

New York Times bestselling author of<br />

Lost in Shangri-la<br />

Large Lecture Venues<br />

National Radio Satellite Tour<br />

Online Publicity<br />

Targeted Print Advertising<br />

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The heartwrenching<br />

New York Times bestseller<br />

about the only known person<br />

born inside a North Korean<br />

prison camp to have escaped<br />

n A bestseller on the New York Times, Los Angeles Times,<br />

Wall Street Journal, and USA Today lists<br />

n Serialized in the Wall Street Journal and online in<br />

the Atlantic<br />

n Sold in 15 countries<br />

n North Korea continues to be in the news<br />

n Visit blaineharden.com and @blaineharden on Twitter<br />

From Escape from Camp 14:<br />

Nine years after his mother’s hanging, Shin<br />

squirmed through an electric fence and ran<br />

off through the snow. It was January 2, 2005.<br />

Before then, no one born in a North Korean<br />

political prison camp had ever escaped. As far<br />

as can be determined, Shin is still the only one to<br />

do it.<br />

He was twenty-three years old and knew no<br />

one outside the fence.<br />

ISbN 978-0-14-312291-3 $15.00 ($16.00 CAN)<br />

History/Asian Studies 5 1 /16 x 7 3 /4 224 pp. Rights: E33<br />

8 pages b/w photos; b/w maps Pub history: Viking hc<br />

978-0-670-02332-5 On sale: 3/26/<strong>2013</strong><br />

SuggeSted order<br />

Snap here to<br />

watch the<br />

book trailer<br />

ClaSSiC <strong>Penguin</strong><br />

APRIL<br />


Photo: Phil WIlkinson,<br />

The Scotsman, 2011<br />

74<br />

new york times bestseller<br />

Prague Fatale<br />

A Bernie Gunther Novel<br />

Philip Kerr<br />

First introduced in Philip Kerr’s celebrated Berlin Noir<br />

trilogy, Bernie Gunther is an honest cop living in the most<br />

ruthless of times. Prague Fatale is Bernie’s latest outing,<br />

and it’s a tantalizing locked-door mystery-cum-politicalthriller<br />

that’s poised to build on Field Gray’s success,<br />

confirming Kerr as a master of espionage literature.<br />

It’s 1941 and Bernie is back from the Eastern Front,<br />

once again working homicide in Berlin’s Kripo and<br />

answering to Reinhard Heydrich, a man he both detests<br />

and fears. Heydrich has been newly named Reichsprotector<br />

of Czechoslovakia. Tipped off that there is an assassin in<br />

his midst, he orders Bernie to join him at his country<br />

estate outside Prague, where he has invited some of the<br />

Third Reich’s most odious officials to celebrate his new<br />

appointment. One of them is the would-be assassin. Bernie<br />

can think of better ways to spend a beautiful autumn<br />

weekend, but, as he says, “You don’t say no to Heydrich<br />

and live.”<br />

PhiliP keRR is the author of seven<br />

Bernie Gunther novels. As P. B. Kerr, he is the<br />

author of the young adult series Children of<br />

the Lamp. He lives in London.<br />

“ Kerr is the only bona fide heir to<br />

Raymond Chandler.”<br />

—Jonathan Ames, Salon<br />

“ In terms of narrative, plot, and<br />

characterization, [Kerr is] in a league<br />

with John le Carré.”<br />

—Patrick Anderson, The Washington Post<br />

12-Copy Floor Display with special header<br />

ISBN 978-0-14-750824-9 $192.00 ($204.00 CAN)<br />

media Tied to marian Wood books/Putnam<br />

Publication of A Man Without Breath<br />

National Publicity<br />

Online Publicity<br />

Targeted Print Advertising<br />

Online Advertising<br />

Radio Advertising

The latest New York Times<br />

bestseller from the author<br />

of the Berlin Noir trilogy<br />

and the New York Times<br />

bestseller Field Gray brings<br />

Bernie Gunther back—to a<br />

house party from hell<br />

n A New York Times bestseller<br />

n Berlin Noir has been optioned by HBO and<br />

Playtone (co-owned by Tom Hanks) for a major cable<br />

television series<br />

n Philip Kerr’s Field Gray was a New York Times<br />

bestseller and was nominated for the Mystery Writers<br />

of America’s Edgar Award for Best Novel<br />

n Kerr’s previous novel, If the Dead Rise Not, was the<br />

winner of both the British Crime Writers’ Association<br />

Ellis Peters Historical Award and Spain’s RBA<br />

International Prize for Crime Writing<br />

n Visit philipkerr.org<br />

Also AvAilABle FRoM <strong>Penguin</strong> in the BeRnie guntheR seRies:<br />

March Violets 978-0-14-200414-2 $17.00<br />

The Pale Criminal 978-0-14-200415-9 $15.00<br />

A German Requiem 978-0-14-200402-9 $21.00<br />

Berlin Noir (Includes March Violets, The Pale Criminal,<br />

and A German Requiem) 978-0-14-023170-0 $22.00<br />

SuggeSted order<br />

The One from the Other 978-0-14-311229-7 $15.00<br />

A Quiet Flame 978-0-14-311648-8 $15.00<br />

If the Dead Rise Not 978-0-14-311853-4 $15.00<br />

Field Gray 978-0-14-312072-8 $16.00<br />

ISbN 978-0-14-312284-5 $16.00 ($17.00 CAN)<br />

Fiction 5 1 /16 x 7 3 /4 416 pp. Rights: E30<br />

Pub history: Putnam hc 978-0-399-15902-2<br />

On sale: 3/26/<strong>2013</strong><br />

ClaSSiC <strong>Penguin</strong><br />

APRIL<br />


Photo: Visko Hatfield<br />

76<br />

new york times bestseller<br />

The Art of the Sale<br />

Learning from the Masters About the Business of Life<br />

Philip Delves Broughton<br />

The first book of its kind, The Art of the Sale is the result<br />

of a pilgrimage to learn the secrets of the world’s foremost<br />

sales gurus. Bestselling author Philip Delves Broughton<br />

tracked down anyone who could help him understand<br />

what it took to achieve greatness in sales, from technology<br />

billionaires to the most successful saleswoman in Japan<br />

to a cannily observant rug merchant in Morocco. The<br />

wisdom and experience Broughton acquired, revealed in<br />

this outstanding book, demonstrates as never before the<br />

complex alchemy of effective selling and the power it has<br />

to overcome challenges we face every day.<br />

PhiliP delves BRoughton<br />

reported from more than twenty-five<br />

countries as a foreign correspondent for the<br />

Daily Telegraph (London) before getting his<br />

MBA at Harvard Business School. He is the<br />

author of the bestselling Ahead of the Curve:<br />

Two Years at Harvard Business School and<br />

lives in Litchfield, Connecticut.<br />

“ Best sales book ever? Who knows,<br />

but it surely is the best I’ve ever<br />

read. . . . A marvelous book about selling,<br />

and life, and who we are and how we tick. And<br />

the case studies are dazzling.” —Tom Peters,<br />

management consultant and author of<br />

The Little BIG Things<br />

“ Entertaining, balanced, and<br />

provocative.” —Kirkus Reviews<br />

(starred review)<br />

Large Lecture Venues<br />

National Radio Telephone Interviews<br />

Online Publicity

From the author of Ahead of<br />

the Curve, a revelatory look at<br />

successful selling and how it<br />

can impact everything we do<br />

n Ahead of the Curve spent three weeks on the New York<br />

Times bestseller list<br />

n For fans of Getting to Yes and Getting Things Done<br />

and similarly destined to become a classic handbook<br />

n Perfect for graduation and Father’s Day gift-giving<br />

n Visit philipdelvesbroughton.com and<br />

artofthesale.tumblr.com<br />

Also AvAilABle FRoM <strong>Penguin</strong>:<br />

Ahead of the Curve 978-0-14-311543-4 $16.00<br />

ISbN 978-0-14-312276-0 $16.00 ($17.00 CAN)<br />

Business 5 1 /2 x 8 7 /16 304 pp. Rights: E33<br />

Pub history: The <strong>Penguin</strong> Press hc 978-1-59420-332-9<br />

On sale: 3/26/<strong>2013</strong><br />

SuggeSted order<br />

ClaSSiC <strong>Penguin</strong><br />

APRIL<br />


Photo: Annie Bourneuf<br />

78<br />

A Map of Tulsa<br />

A Novel<br />

Benjamin Lytal<br />

The first days of summer, Tulsa, Oklahoma: Jim Praley<br />

is back from college, ready to unlock the secrets of his<br />

hometown. He drives the highways. He forces himself to<br />

get out of his car and walk into a bar. He gets invited to a<br />

party. He meets Adrienne Booker, a wealthy high-school<br />

dropout living in a downtown penthouse. She is way out of<br />

his league, but somehow, as an unlikely couple, they click.<br />

With Adrienne, Jim feels at home in Tulsa for the first<br />

time. College seems very remote; the city’s anonymous<br />

skyscrapers have never looked better.<br />

In the tradition of Michael Chabon’s The Mysteries<br />

of Pittsburgh, A Map of Tulsa is elegiac, graceful, and as<br />

much a story about young love as it is a love letter to a<br />

classic American city.<br />

BenJAMin lytAl has written<br />

for the Wall Street Journal, the Los<br />

Angeles Times, Bookforum, the Believer,<br />

McSweeney’s, Fence, and the Nation. He<br />

has worked at the New Yorker, taught at<br />

the Pratt Institute, and written a column on<br />

new fiction for the New York Sun. Originally<br />

from Tulsa, Oklahoma, Lytal graduated from<br />

Harvard and lives in Chicago.<br />

“ A Map of Tulsa is a remarkable novel.<br />

Benjamin Lytal has written a glorious and<br />

exquisitely crafted work of art, one that<br />

poignantly brings to life all the joy and<br />

heartbreak of youth with compassion, grace,<br />

and wisdom.” —Dinaw Mengestu, author of<br />

The Beautiful Things That Heaven Bears and<br />

How to Read the Air<br />

<strong>Penguin</strong> Readers guide available online at penguin.com<br />

5-City Author Tour<br />

National Publicity<br />

Online Publicity<br />

Online Advertising

A stunning debut novel of first<br />

love set against the art scene<br />

of late-90s Tulsa by a former<br />

New Yorker editorial staffer<br />

n A first novel of love and infatuation that recalls<br />

Philip Roth’s Goodbye, Columbus<br />

n For fans of Jeffrey Eugenides, Jennifer Egan,<br />

Wells Tower, and Mary Gaitskill<br />

n Visit benjaminlytal.tumblr.com<br />

From A Map of Tulsa:<br />

I remember the heat the day I came home. I leaned my<br />

forehead against my parents’ picture window and the<br />

heat came through the glass. Tulsa. For a few days I<br />

drove, sailing south on 169 and coming back, sweeping<br />

across on the Broken Arrow, retracing old lines, bearing<br />

down with new force. My parents were very kind. But I<br />

decided I had to go to the bars.<br />

In the city of my elementary school, and of my good<br />

blue-carpeted church, this was a step I had never taken.<br />

I knew where to go: Across from the Mexican restaurant<br />

where my parents now ate after-church lunch there<br />

was a row of bars—in Tulsa’s warehouse district. They<br />

didn’t card here. I parked, I could hear my dashboard<br />

clock tick. And even as I watched, three teenage girls<br />

in peasant dresses filed out of the Blumont and lit their<br />

cigarettes. The sun was setting, the brick wall caught<br />

fire. The three girls stood there for some reason, as if in<br />

front of a firing squad, squinting in the sun.<br />

ISbN 978-0-14-242259-5 $15.00 ($16.00 CAN)<br />

Fiction 5 1 /16 x 7 3 /4 224 pp. Rights: W00<br />

A <strong>Penguin</strong> Original Agent: McCormick & Williams<br />

Audio, U.K., Translation: <strong>Penguin</strong> On sale: 3/26/<strong>2013</strong><br />

SuggeSted order<br />

ClaSSiC <strong>Penguin</strong><br />

APRIL<br />


SuggeSTeD ORDeR<br />

“ This latest in the Miss Julia series has . . .<br />

punch. . . . There’s plenty here to satisfy fans.”<br />

—Booklist<br />

Acclaim for the Miss Julia series:<br />

“Steel magnolias kick butt.” —Kirkus Reviews<br />

“ Fast-paced, hilarious, and thoroughly fun.”<br />

—The Salisbury Post<br />

“ Very well written . . . a lot of fun.”<br />

—Charleston City Paper<br />

80 APRIL<br />

ISbN 978-0-14-312281-4 $15.00 ($16.00 CAN)<br />

Fiction 5 1 /16 x 7 3 /4 320 pp. Rights: E00<br />

Pub history: Viking hc 978-0-670-02338-7<br />

On sale: 3/26/<strong>2013</strong><br />

ClassiC <strong>Penguin</strong><br />

“Delightful . . . Those who like smiles<br />

with their crimes will be satisfied” by<br />

the latest in the popular Miss Julia series<br />

(Publishers Weekly)<br />

new york times bestseller<br />

Miss Julia to the Rescue<br />

A Novel<br />

Ann B. Ross<br />

As we know from her many trips to the New York Times bestseller<br />

list, Miss Julia simply can’t abide sitting idle. And with young Lloyd<br />

moving out and husband Sam off to the Holy Land, everybody’s<br />

favorite steel magnolia is feeling restless. Maybe it’s time for that<br />

long-delayed home makeover. But before Miss Julia can even<br />

pick a color swatch, Hazel Marie’s new husband, private eye J.D.<br />

Pickens, goes missing—and police in West Virginia have detained<br />

an injured man fitting his description. Meanwhile, a religious cult<br />

is out to convert the locals—and Miss Julia must pick up the pace<br />

to free J.D. and get back in time to stop them.<br />

n A New York Times bestseller<br />

n Perfect gift for Mother’s Day<br />

n Viking will simultaneously publish the next book in the series,<br />

Miss Julia Stirs Up Trouble<br />

n Visit missjulia.com<br />

Ann B. Ross holds a doctorate in English from the<br />

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. A former professor of<br />

literature, she lives in Hendersonville, North Carolina.<br />

media Tied to Viking Publication of Miss Julia Stirs Up Trouble<br />

National Print Advertising

Miss Julia Delivers the Goods<br />

978-0-14-311649-3 $15.00<br />

Miss Julia Paints the Town<br />

978-0-14-311463-5 $15.00<br />

MoRe novels in the Miss JuliA seRies<br />

Miss Julia Renews Her Vows<br />

978-0-14-311856-5 $15.00<br />

Miss Julia Rocks the Cradle<br />

978-0-14-312043-8 $15.00<br />

Miss Julia Stands Her Ground<br />

978-0-14-303855-9 $15.00<br />

Miss Julia Strikes Back<br />

978-0-14-311330-0 $15.00<br />

“ You can count on Miss Julia to conquer adversity one way or another, and<br />

you can count on thoroughly enjoying yourself while you read how she does it.”<br />

—The Winston-Salem Journal<br />

available noW<br />

ClassiC <strong>Penguin</strong><br />


SuggeSTeD ORDeR<br />

82 APRIL<br />

ISbN 978-0-14-312303-3 $16.00 (NCR)<br />

Fiction 5 1 /16 x 7 3 /4 304 pp. Rights: F25<br />

Pub history: The <strong>Penguin</strong> Press hc 978-1-59420-330-5<br />

On sale: 3/26/<strong>2013</strong><br />

“ A brilliant first novel. . . .<br />

Nothing like this exists in Indian<br />

literature.” —The Sunday Guardian (London)<br />

“ In ambition, Narcopolis is reminiscent of<br />

Roberto Bolaño; but it is Denis Johnson’s<br />

Jesus’ Son—the best junkie book of the last<br />

quarter century—that is its closer kin.”<br />

—The Telegraph (U.K.)<br />

ClassiC <strong>Penguin</strong><br />

The internationally acclaimed novel of<br />

Bombay’s sprawling underworld<br />

Narcopolis<br />

A Novel<br />

Jeet Thayil<br />

Written in poetic and affecting prose, Jeet Thayil’s luminous<br />

debut novel charts the evolution of a great and broken metropolis<br />

across three decades. A rich, hallucinatory dream that captures<br />

Bombay in all its compelling squalor, Narcopolis completely subverts<br />

and challenges the literary traditions for which the Indian<br />

novel is celebrated. It is a book about drugs, sex, death, perversion,<br />

addiction, love, and God and has more in common in its subject<br />

matter with the work of William S. Burroughs or Baudelaire than<br />

with that of the subcontinent’s familiar literary lights. Above all, it<br />

is a fantastical portrait of a beautiful and damned generation in a<br />

nation about to sell its soul.<br />

n Jeet Thayil recently made the news following his public reading of<br />

Salman Rushdie’s The Satanic Verses at the Jaipur Literary Festival<br />

in India<br />

n For readers of Roberto Bolaño, Denis Johnson, and Irving Welsh<br />

Jeet thAyil is the author of four poetry collections,<br />

including These Errors Are Correct and English and is the editor of<br />

The Bloodaxe Book of Contemporary Indian Poets.<br />

As a musician and songwriter, he is one-half of the contemporary<br />

music project Sridhar/Thayil. He lives in Delhi, India.<br />

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ISbN 978-0-14-312282-1 $16.00 ($17.00 CAN)<br />

Biography/History 5 1 /2 x 8 7 /16 320 pp. Rights: E33<br />

b/w illustrations throughout Pub history: Viking hc<br />

978-0-670-02333-2 On sale: 3/26/<strong>2013</strong><br />

SuggeSTeD ORDeR<br />

“ Attention, Game of Thrones fans: The most<br />

enjoyably sensational aspects of<br />

medieval politics—double-crosses, ambushes,<br />

bizarre personal obsessions, lunacy, and<br />

naked self-interest—are in abundant<br />

evidence.” —Laura Miller, Salon<br />

“ Goldstone presents this dual biography of<br />

two fascinating medieval women with<br />

the descriptive energy of a novel.”<br />

—Deirdre Donahue, USA Today<br />

Also AvAilABle FRoM <strong>Penguin</strong>:<br />

Four Queens 978-0-14-311325-6 $15.00<br />

The author of Four Queens offers a<br />

mesmerizing account of two extraordinary<br />

heroines who risked everything for France<br />

The Maid and the Queen<br />

The Secret History of Joan of Arc<br />

Nancy Goldstone<br />

Joan of Arc, the brave peasant girl who heard the voices of<br />

angels and helped restore her king to the throne of France,<br />

astonished her contemporaries and continues to fascinate us<br />

today. Until now, though, her relationship with Yolande of Aragon,<br />

the ambitious and beautiful queen of Sicily—mother-in-law to the<br />

dauphin—has been little known. In a stunning work filled with<br />

intrigue, madness, and mysticism, Nancy Goldstone solves the<br />

thrilling mystery by showing that if you pry open the Queen’s<br />

secrets, you will find the Maid’s. Caught in the complex dynastic<br />

battle of the Hundred Years War, Yolande of Aragon championed<br />

the dauphin’s cause. As French hopes dimmed, a courageous<br />

young woman arrived from the farthest recesses of the kingdom.<br />

But how did she gain an audience with a king? Was it only God’s<br />

hand that moved Joan of Arc—or was it also Yolande of Aragon’s?<br />

n For fans of The Borgias and the novels of Allison Weir<br />

n Nancy Goldstone’s next book, The Rival Queens, focusing on Catherine<br />

de’ Medici and her daughter Marguerite de Valois, will be published by<br />

Viking in 2014<br />

n Film rights optioned<br />

n Visit nancygoldstone.com<br />

nAnCy goldstone has written and coauthored several<br />

books, including Four Queens. She lives with her husband and<br />

coauthor Lawrence Goldstone in Westport, Connecticut.<br />

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ClassiC <strong>Penguin</strong><br />

APRIL<br />


SuggeSTeD ORDeR<br />

84 APRIL<br />

ISbN 978-0-14-312271-5 $8.99 ($9.99 CAN)<br />

Mystery 4 3 /16 x 6 3 /4 288 pp. Rights: E30<br />

Pub history: Viking hc 978-0-670-02341-7<br />

On sale: 3/26/<strong>2013</strong><br />

Praise for Aunt Dimity and the Family Tree:<br />

“ Cozy and charming as a cup of<br />

Earl Grey.” —Bookpage.com<br />

“ A great addition to the<br />

Aunt Dimity collection.”<br />

—Suspense Magazine<br />

ClassiC <strong>Penguin</strong><br />

Nancy Atherton’s follow-up to her<br />

recent New York Times bestseller sees<br />

the sleepy village of Finch set aflutter<br />

by a bewitching mystery from its past<br />

new york times bestseller<br />

Aunt Dimity and<br />

the Village Witch<br />

Nancy Atherton<br />

Last year, the otherworldly sleuth’s devoted fans secured a place<br />

on the New York Times bestseller list for Nancy Atherton’s Aunt<br />

Dimity and the Family Tree. Now Lori and Aunt Dimity are back on<br />

the list—and this time, they’re on a witch-hunt.<br />

At first glance, the unassuming Mrs. Amelia Thistle is a<br />

disappointment to the villagers of Finch, but Lori Shepherd<br />

isn’t fooled by the new arrival’s bland persona. Amelia is a<br />

world-famous artist, traveling incognito, and, after unearthing a<br />

fragment of a family diary hinting that Mistress Meg, the Mad<br />

Witch of Finch, might be one of her ancestors, she’s come to<br />

Finch in search of the truth.<br />

n A New York Times bestseller<br />

n Viking will simultaneously publish the next book in the series,<br />

Aunt Dimity and the Silver Sleigh<br />

n Visit aunt-dimity.com<br />

nAnCy AtheRton is the bestselling author of seventeen<br />

Aunt Dimity mysteries. She lives in Colorado Springs, Colorado.<br />

3-City Author Tour<br />

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MoRe delightFul Cozies in the Aunt diMity seRies<br />

Aunt Dimity and the Family Tree<br />

ISBN 978-0-14-312021-6 $7.99<br />

Aunt Dimity Down Under<br />

ISBN 978-0-14-311865-7 $8.99<br />

Aunt Dimity Slays the Dragon<br />

ISBN 978-0-14-311658-5 $7.99<br />

Aunt Dimity: Vampire Hunter<br />

ISBN 978-0-14-311479-6 $8.99<br />

Aunt Dimity Goes West<br />

ISBN 978-0-14-311291-4 $7.99<br />

“ Honestly, reading just doesn’t get any sweeter than this.<br />

Take a break from the serial killers . . . and let Nancy Atherton and Aunt Dimity<br />

remind you of the reason you got hooked on books in the first place.”<br />

—Crimecritics.com<br />

available noW<br />

Aunt Dimity and the Deep Blue Sea<br />

ISBN 978-0-14-303830-6 $7.99<br />

Aunt Dimity and the Next of Kin<br />

ISBN 978-0-14-303654-8 $7.99<br />

ClassiC <strong>Penguin</strong><br />


SuggeSTeD ORDeR<br />

86 APRIL<br />

ISbN 978-0-14-312286-9 $15.00 ($16.00 CAN)<br />

Fiction 5 1 /16 x 7 3 /4 288 pp. Rights: G12 Pub history:<br />

Pamela Dorman <strong>Books</strong>/Viking hc 978-0-670-02342-4<br />

(as A Surrey State of Affairs) On sale: 3/26/<strong>2013</strong><br />

“ I loved every dizzy, delightful page.”<br />

—Helen Simonson, bestselling author of<br />

Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand<br />

“ The new Helen Fielding.”<br />

—Company Magazine (U.K.)<br />

“ Wildly entertaining and<br />

amusing.” —Publishers Weekly<br />

“ A sweetly hilarious novel . . . Constance<br />

could be Bridget Jones’s mum! If you loved<br />

Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand, you’ll love<br />

this one, too.” —Mary Kay Andrews, author<br />

of Summer Rental and Spring Fever<br />

ClassiC <strong>Penguin</strong><br />

“A comic gem” (Alexander McCall Smith)<br />

about a housewife who kisses her chintz<br />

and her cheating husband goodbye—and<br />

records it all in her blog-thingy<br />

Constance Harding’s<br />

(Rather) Startling Year<br />

A Novel<br />

Ceri Radford<br />

Constance Harding lives in Surrey in a chocolate-box house<br />

complete with a parrot named Darcy. It’s her little piece of heaven.<br />

Or it would be if her housekeeper’s undergarments weren’t<br />

popping up in her husband’s study, her twenty-five-year-old<br />

son could just find a nice girl, and her teenage daughter weren’t<br />

turning into a spandex-clad strumpet. But overnight, this daffy,<br />

lovable everywoman’s eyes are opened, and she flees the nest.<br />

Evocative of a more—ahem—mature Bridget Jones’s Diary,<br />

Ceri Radford’s witty debut will have readers cheering as<br />

Constance discovers the adventure and happiness she thought<br />

it was too late to find—from partying in Ibiza to riding bareback<br />

with a handsome gaucho whose only English words are “Britney”<br />

and “Spears.”<br />

n For readers of Revenge of the Middle-Aged Woman, Major Pettigrew’s<br />

Last Stand, and Bridget Jones’s Diary<br />

n Visit ceriradford.com<br />

CeRi RAdFoRd is a journalist and author. She lives near<br />

Geneva, Switzerland.<br />

<strong>Penguin</strong> Readers guide available online at penguin.com<br />

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ISbN 978-0-14-312294-4 $16.00 ($17.00 CAN)<br />

Science/Nature 5 5 /16 x 8 288 pp.<br />

Rights: W00 Pub history: Viking hc 978-0-670-02337-0<br />

On sale: 3/26/<strong>2013</strong><br />

SuggeSTeD ORDeR<br />

“ Mr. Haskell is a sensitive writer, conjuring<br />

with careful precision the worlds he observes<br />

and delighting the reader with insightful<br />

turns of phrase.”<br />

—The Wall Street Journal<br />

“ A new genre of nature<br />

writing, located between<br />

science and poetry.”<br />

—Edward O. Wilson, Harvard University<br />

A biologist reveals the secret world<br />

hidden in a single square meter of forest<br />

The Forest Unseen<br />

A Year’s Watch in Nature<br />

David George Haskell<br />

Written with remarkable grace and empathy, The Forest Unseen is<br />

a grand tour of nature in all its profundity. Biologist David George<br />

Haskell uses a one-square-meter patch of old-growth Tennessee<br />

forest as a window onto the entire natural world. Visiting it almost<br />

daily for one year to trace nature’s path through the seasons, he<br />

brings the forest and its inhabitants to vivid life. Beginning with<br />

simple observations—a salamander scuttling across the leaf litter,<br />

the first blossom of spring wildflowers—Haskell spins a brilliant<br />

web of biology, ecology, and poetry, explaining the science binding<br />

together ecosystems that have cycled for thousands—sometimes<br />

millions—of years.<br />

n Has a very wide appeal, from serious science buffs to fans of<br />

Michael Pollan and Barbara Kingsolver<br />

n For readers of Peter Matthiessen, Bernd Heinrich, and Elizabeth Kolbert<br />

dAvid geoRge hAskell is a professor of biology<br />

at the University of the South and was named the Carnegie-CASE<br />

Professor of the Year in Tennessee in 2009. In addition to his<br />

scholarly work, he has published essays and poetry. He lives in<br />

Sewanee, Tennessee.<br />

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ClassiC <strong>Penguin</strong><br />

APRIL<br />


Photo: Matt Valentine<br />

ISbN 978-0-14-312307-1 $18.00 ($19.00 CAN)<br />

Poetry 6 x 9 112 pp. Rights: E00<br />

A <strong>Penguin</strong> Poets Original Agent: c/o Author<br />

Audio: <strong>Penguin</strong> On sale: 3/26/<strong>2013</strong><br />

SuggeSTeD ORDeR<br />

Also AvAilABle FRoM <strong>Penguin</strong>:<br />

Reign of Snakes 978-0-14-058919-1 $18.00<br />

ClassiC <strong>Penguin</strong><br />

88 APRIL Select Author Appearances<br />

A powerful new collection from an awardwinning<br />

poet<br />

Anatomy of Melancholy<br />

And Other Poems<br />

Robert Wrigley<br />

Robert Wrigley has become one of his generation’s most<br />

accomplished poets, renowned for his irony, power, and lucid style<br />

and for his ability to fuse narrative and lyrical impulses. Like its<br />

namesake—Robert Burton’s seventeenth-century examination of<br />

human thoughts and emotions—Wrigley’s new collection means<br />

to examine our world through the lens of melancholia. From<br />

imagined war memorials to insomniac chickens; from Descartes’<br />

lost daughter to a dreaming tree; from King Kong to Rush<br />

Limbaugh; and from Anna Karenina to a man named Lucy Doolin<br />

(short for Lucifer), these are poems that elegize and celebrate that<br />

most beautiful, exasperating, joyous, miserable, and perfectly<br />

imperfect of all creatures—the human being.<br />

RoBeRt wRigley is the author of eight collections of poetry,<br />

including In the Bank of Beautiful Sins, a finalist for the Lenore Marshall<br />

Prize; Reign of Snakes, winner of the 2000 Kingsley Tufts Poetry Award;<br />

Lives of the Animals, winner of the 2004 Poet’s Prize; and, most<br />

recently, Beautiful Country. He teaches at the University of Idaho and<br />

lives with his wife, the writer Kim Barnes, near Moscow, Idaho.

ISbN 978-0-14-312308-8 $18.00 ($19.00 CAN)<br />

Poetry 6 x 9 112 pp. Rights: E00<br />

A <strong>Penguin</strong> Poets Original Agent: c/o Author<br />

First serial: <strong>Penguin</strong> On sale: 3/26/<strong>2013</strong><br />

SuggeSTeD ORDeR<br />

Also AvAilABle FRoM <strong>Penguin</strong>:<br />

Manatee/Humanity 978-0-14-058708-1 $18.00<br />

A fascinating new work from an<br />

internationally renowned poet<br />

Gossamurmur<br />

Anne Waldman<br />

Acclaimed for her visionary, incantatory verse and her<br />

experimental ethos, Anne Waldman’s newest book-length<br />

poem is an allegory of a radical spirit in lockdown, dominated by<br />

“Deciders” and “Imposters” who threaten the future of poetry<br />

and its archive. A doppelganger nightmare ensues: the imposter<br />

“Anne” is a succubus, and the original Anne has to break free from<br />

a metaphorical castle of torture and psychological domination.<br />

There are travels through Vedic cosmology and ancient Japan<br />

before resolution on a treeless tundra, where fragile life forms<br />

struggle to survive. Waldman’s oracular poem is a witty meditation<br />

on identity theft and a searing plea for the primacy of imagination<br />

and for collective sanity in our provocative yet precarious time.<br />

Anne wAldMAn is a celebrated poet, performer,<br />

professor, editor, and cultural activist. She is the author of more<br />

than forty books, including Marriage: A Sentence; Structure<br />

of the World Compared to a Bubble; Manatee/Humanity; and<br />

the feminist epic The Iovis Trilogy: Colors in the Mechanism<br />

of Concealment. A recipient of the Poetry Society of America’s<br />

Shelley Memorial Award and a Chancellor of the Academy of<br />

American Poets, she lives in New York City and Boulder, Colorado.<br />

Select Author Appearances<br />

ClassiC <strong>Penguin</strong><br />

APRIL<br />


<strong>Penguin</strong> ClassiCs<br />

Because what you read matters.<br />

For more than sixty-five years, <strong>Penguin</strong> has been the leading publisher of classic literature in the English-speaking world,<br />

providing readers with a global bookshelf of the best works throughout history and across genres and disciplines. We focus<br />

on bringing together the best of the past and the future, using cutting-edge design and production as well as embracing the<br />

digital age to create unforgettable editions of treasured literature. <strong>Penguin</strong> Classics is timeless and trendsetting. Whether<br />

you love our familiar black-spine series, our <strong>Penguin</strong> Classics Deluxe Editions, or our <strong>Penguin</strong> Enriched eBook Classics,<br />

we bring the writer to the reader in every format available.<br />

Highlights from the <strong>Penguin</strong> Classics <strong>Winter</strong> <strong>2013</strong> Season<br />

I’m pleased to introduce <strong>Penguin</strong> Drop Caps, our brand new hardcover series of perennial favorites in beautiful<br />

linen packages across a spectrum of colors designed by Paul Buckley. Each book cover features a hand-lettered,<br />

foil-stamped capital by type superstar Jessica Hische. “A” is for Austen, “B” is for Brontë, and “C” is for Cather.<br />

Type geeks, you are welcome.<br />

In time for the one hundred and fiftieth anniversary of Les Misérables and a star-studded feature film<br />

adaptation, a major new translation of Victor Hugo’s masterpiece will be available in a beautiful clothbound<br />

edition designed by Coralie Bickford-Smith.<br />

Bellovians, look out for Henderson the Rain King, Saul Bellow’s witty, wise, and inventive novel. In a blackspine<br />

edition with a new introduction by Adam Kirsch, it is part of our program bringing together a bright new<br />

generation of voices around this singular American writer.<br />

To follow the 2012 Pulitzer Prize posthumously awarded to Manning Marable for his biography Malcolm X and to<br />

commemorate the anniversary of the birth and assassination of the historic revolutionary thinker, we are proud<br />

to publish The Portable Malcolm X Reader.<br />

Shirley Jackson’s Come Along with Me makes its <strong>Penguin</strong> Classics debut with a new foreword by Laura<br />

Miller. The haunting collection features her unfinished novel, lectures, and sixteen short stories, including her<br />

unsettling classic “The Lottery.”<br />

With the centennial of the start of World War I in view for 2014, we publish Richard Aldington’s Death of a Hero,<br />

a satirical and unsentimental novel about the trench soldier’s experience on the Western Front, which Paul<br />

Fussell described as one of the “first World War masterpieces of disillusion.”<br />

All three volumes of Robin Kirkpatrick’s acclaimed translation of Dante’s Divine Comedy are now published<br />

together in one stunning <strong>Penguin</strong> Classics Deluxe Edition with graphic cover art by Eric Drooker.<br />

In time for National Poetry Month and the centennial of Swann’s Way, we present The Collected Poems by<br />

Marcel Proust, the most complete volume of Proust’s poetry ever assembled, in a striking <strong>Penguin</strong> Classics<br />

Deluxe Edition, edited and introduced by Harold Augenbraum, with translations by Lydia Davis, Richard<br />

Howard, Wayne Koestenbaum, and many others.<br />

90 PeNguIN CLASSIC<br />

—ELDA ROTOR, Associate Publisher and Editorial Director

PuBliCity<br />

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92<br />


From A to Z, the <strong>Penguin</strong> Drop Caps series collects<br />

26 unique hardcovers—featuring cover art<br />

by type superstar Jessica Hische<br />

It all begins with a letter. Fall in love with <strong>Penguin</strong> Drop Caps, a new series of twenty-six<br />

collectable hardcover editions, each with a type cover showcasing a gorgeously illustrated<br />

letter of the alphabet. Art-directed by Paul Buckley, the series features unique art by<br />

Jessica Hische, a superstar in the world of type design and illustration, whose work has appeared<br />

everywhere from Tiffany & Co. to a Wes Anderson film to <strong>Penguin</strong>’s own bestsellers Committed<br />

and Rules of Civility. With exclusive designs that have never before appeared on Hische’s hugely<br />

popular Daily Drop Cap blog, <strong>Penguin</strong> Drop Caps debut with an “A” for Jane Austen’s Pride and<br />

Prejudice, a “B” for Charlotte Brontë’s Jane Eyre, and a “C” for Willa Cather’s My Ántonia.<br />

n Introducing a 26-book series of collectable hardcovers that will create<br />

a gorgeous spectrum of colors as a set<br />

n Each gift-sized book features a foil-stamped linen case and a decorative<br />

color stain on all 3 edges<br />

n Each book’s spine will display the author’s last name and the book title<br />

n Jessica Hische’s Daily Drop Cap website sees an average of 5,000 unique visitors<br />

per month and her Twitter feed has more than 40,000 followers<br />

n <strong>2013</strong> is the 200th anniversary of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice<br />

n Visit dailydropcap.com, jessicahische.is/awesome/, and Twitter @jessicahische

A<br />

Jane Austen<br />

Pride and Prejudice<br />

All: Literature 5 1 /8 x 7 1 /2 Rights: DW<br />

On sale: 11/27/2012<br />

B<br />

Charlotte Brontë<br />

Jane Eyre<br />

A: Pride and Prejudice ISbN 978-0-14-312316-3 $22.00 ($23.00 CAN)<br />

416 pp. Pub history: <strong>Penguin</strong> Classics Deluxe Edition pb 978-0-14-310542-8<br />

B: Jane Eyre ISbN 978-0-14-312314-9 $22.00 ($23.00 CAN)<br />

528 pp. Pub history: <strong>Penguin</strong> Classics Deluxe Edition pb 978-0-14310615-9<br />

C: My Ántonia ISbN 978-0-14-312315-6 $20.00 ($21.00 CAN)<br />

304 pp. Pub history: <strong>Penguin</strong> Classics pb 978-0-14-018764-9<br />

SuggeSTeD ORDeR<br />

SuggeSTeD ORDeR<br />

SuggeSTeD ORDeR<br />

18-Copy Floor Display with special header (includes 6 copies of each title)<br />

ISBN 978-0-14-750826-3 $384.00 ($402.00 CAN)<br />

<strong>Penguin</strong> Readers guides available online at penguin.com for all three titles<br />

Online Publicity<br />

JAne Austen (1775–1817), the seventh child of a parish rector,<br />

isone of the most celebrated writers in the English language.<br />

ChARlotte BRontë (1816–1855) was the third of six children<br />

in an ill-fated family. During her lifetime, she, like her talented sisters Anne<br />

and Emily, published poetry and prose under a pseudonym.<br />

willA CAtheR (1873–1947) was raised on a Nebraska ranch and<br />

became the managing editor for McClure’s Magazine. In 1922 she won the<br />

Pulitzer Prize for the novel One of Ours.<br />

JessiCA hisChe is a letterer, an illustrator, a typographer, and a web<br />

designer. She currently serves on the Type Directors Club board of directors,<br />

has been named a Forbes magazine “30 under 30” in art and design. She<br />

lives in Brooklyn, New York.<br />

C<br />

Willa Cather<br />

My Ántonia<br />


DeCembeR<br />


available noW<br />

94<br />

ISbN 978-0-14-310543-5 $16.00<br />

<strong>Penguin</strong> Classics Deluxe edition<br />

Emily Brontë<br />

Wuthering Heights<br />

n The film stars Kaya Scodelario (Skins, Moon) as<br />

Catherine and newcomer James Howson as Heathcliff<br />

and is directed by award-winner Andrea Arnold (Fish<br />

Tank, Red Road)<br />

n The U.S. release date for the film is expected to be<br />

in fall 2012<br />

penguin classic<br />

Emily Brontë’s timeless love story<br />

comes to theaters this fall<br />

Also AvAilABle FRoM <strong>Penguin</strong> ClAssiCs:<br />

Wuthering Heights<br />

978-0-14-143955-6 $7.00 (black-spine edition)<br />

In the relationship of Cathy and Heathcliff, and in the wild,<br />

bleak Yorkshire Moors of its setting, Wuthering Heights<br />

creates a world of its own, conceived with a disregard for<br />

convention, an instinct for poetry, and an understanding<br />

of the dark depths of human psychology that make it one<br />

of the greatest novels of passion ever written. Visionary<br />

director Andrea Arnold captures the moody lyricism of<br />

the English countryside and beautifully portrays Brontë’s<br />

themes of love and nature in a film that is sure to delight<br />

fans of the classic novel and draw new readers to Brontë’s<br />

atmospheric love story.

ISbN 978-0-14-310721-7 $16.00 (NCR)<br />

Philosophy 5 1 /16 x 7 3 /4 288 pp. Rights: D00<br />

Pub history: Northwestern University Press hc<br />

(as The Philosophy of Epicurus) On sale: 12/24/2012<br />

SuggeSTeD ORDeR<br />

See pp. 4–5 for Travels with Epicurus by Daniel Klein<br />

Also AvAilABle FRoM <strong>Penguin</strong> ClAssiCs:<br />

The Nature of Things by Lucretius (translated by A. E. Stallings)<br />

978-0-14-044796-5 $16.00<br />

New to <strong>Penguin</strong> Classics and the<br />

perfect companion volume to<br />

bestselling author Daniel Klein’s new<br />

book, Travels with Epicurus<br />

The Art of Happiness<br />

Epicurus<br />

Translated with an Introduction and Notes by George K. Strodach<br />

Foreword by Daniel Klein<br />

The teachings of Epicurus—about life and death, religion and<br />

science, physical sensation, happiness, morality, and friendship—<br />

attracted legions of adherents throughout the ancient<br />

Mediterranean world and deeply influenced later European<br />

thought. Though Epicurus faced hostile opposition for centuries<br />

after his death, he counts among his many admirers Thomas<br />

Hobbes, Thomas Jefferson, Karl Marx, and Isaac Newton. This<br />

volume includes all of his extant writings—his letters, doctrines,<br />

and Vatican sayings—alongside parallel passages from the<br />

greatest exponent of his philosophy, Lucretius, extracts from<br />

Diogenes Laertius’ Life of Epicurus, a lucid introductory essay<br />

about Epicurean philosophy, and a foreword by Daniel Klein,<br />

author of Travels with Epicurus and coauthor of the New York<br />

Times bestseller Plato and a Platypus Walk into a Bar.<br />

n First time in <strong>Penguin</strong> Classics<br />

n Foreword by Daniel Klein, coauthor of the bestseller Plato and a<br />

Platypus Walk into a Bar<br />

n Companion volume to Klein’s Travels with Epicurus (see pp. 4–5)<br />

ePiCuRus (341–271 BC) founded one of antiquity’s most<br />

influential philosophical schools, which focused on the pursuit of<br />

happiness. Born on the Greek island of Samos, he operated the Garden,<br />

devoted to philosophy and communal living, outside of Athens.<br />

geoRge k. stRodACh (1905–1971) taught at Lafayette<br />

College in Easton, Pennsylvania.<br />

dAniel klein is the author of Travels with Epicurus and coauthor<br />

of the New York Times bestseller Plato and a Platypus Walk into a Bar.<br />

He lives in Western Massachusetts.<br />


DeCembeR<br />


ISbN 978-0-14-310548-0 $16.00 ($17.00 CAN)<br />

Literature 5 1 /16 x 7 3 /4 368 pp. Rights: E00<br />

Pub history: previous edition 978-0-14-018942-1<br />

On sale: 12/24/2012<br />

SuggeSTeD ORDeR<br />

Also AvAilABle FRoM <strong>Penguin</strong> ClAssiCs:<br />

Herzog 978-0-14-243729-2 $16.00<br />

<strong>Penguin</strong> ClassiC<br />

96 jANuARy<br />

“ A kind of wildly<br />

delirious dream<br />

made real by the force<br />

of Bellow’s rollicking<br />

prose and the offbeat<br />

inventiveness of his<br />

language.”<br />

—Chicago Tribune<br />

A twentieth-century literary masterpiece<br />

from the Nobel Prize winner<br />

Henderson the Rain King<br />

Saul Bellow<br />

Introduction by Adam Kirsch<br />

Saul Bellow evokes all the rich colors and exotic customs of a<br />

highly imaginary Africa in this acclaimed comic novel about<br />

a middle-aged American millionaire who, seeking a new, more<br />

rewarding life, descends upon an African tribe. Henderson’s<br />

awesome feats of strength and his unbridled passion for life win<br />

him the admiration of the tribe—but it is his gift for making rain<br />

that turns him from mere hero into messiah. A hilarious, often<br />

ribald story, Henderson the Rain King is also a profound look at<br />

the forces that drive a man through life.<br />

n First time in <strong>Penguin</strong> Classics black spine<br />

n New introduction by Adam Kirsch<br />

sAul Bellow (1915–2005) is the author of<br />

nearly twenty works of literature, including Seize the Day,<br />

The Adventures of Augie March, The Victim, Herzog, and<br />

Humboldt’s Gift. He taught at the University of Chicago and<br />

Boston University.<br />

AdAM kiRsCh is a senior editor at the New Republic and a<br />

columnist for the Tablet. He lives in New York City.<br />

<strong>Penguin</strong> Readers guide available online at penguin.com<br />

“<strong>Penguin</strong> Classics Presents” event

ISbN 978-0-14-144232-7 $12.00 (NCR)<br />

Literature/Philosophy 5 1 /16 x 7 3 /4 208 pp. Rights: N00<br />

Pub history: <strong>Penguin</strong> Classics pb 978-0-14-044910-5<br />

(translated by Paul Turner) On sale: 12/24/2012<br />

SuggeSTeD ORDeR<br />

A major new translation of Thomas More’s<br />

popular work of philosophical fiction<br />

Utopia<br />

Thomas More<br />

Translated with an Introduction by Dominic Baker-Smith<br />

In his most famous and controversial book, Utopia, Thomas More<br />

imagines a perfect island nation where thousands live in peace<br />

and harmony, men and women are both educated, and all property<br />

is communal. Through dialogue and correspondence between the<br />

protagonist Raphael Hythloday and his friends and contemporaries,<br />

More explores the theories behind war, political disagreements,<br />

social quarrels, and wealth distribution and imagines the<br />

day-to-day lives of those citizens enjoying freedom from fear, oppression,<br />

violence, and suffering. Originally written in Latin, this<br />

vision of an ideal world is also a scathing satire of Europe in the<br />

sixteenth century and has been hugely influential since publication,<br />

shaping utopian fiction even today.<br />

n New translation<br />

n The previous <strong>Penguin</strong> Classics edition has sold more than<br />

100,000 copies<br />

n Contains two new appendices: an example of contemporary<br />

travel literature and an adage by Erasmus<br />

thoMAs MoRe (1477/8–1535) was an English lawyer,<br />

philosopher, and statesman. In 1534 he was tried as a traitor at<br />

Westminster Hall for his refusal to accept the royal supremacy over<br />

the church and was later beheaded on Tower Hill. He was canonized<br />

by Pope Pius XI in 1935.<br />

doMiniC BAkeR-sMith is an emeritus professor at the<br />

University of Amsterdam and the author of a book-length study of<br />

Thomas More’s Utopia.<br />


jANuARy<br />


ISbN 978-0-14-144243-3 $12.00 (NCR)<br />

Philosophy 5 1 /16 x 7 3 /4 496 pp. Rights: N00<br />

Pub history: <strong>Penguin</strong> Classics pb 978-0-14-045511-3<br />

(translated by Desmond Lee) On sale: 12/24/2012<br />

SuggeSTeD ORDeR<br />

Also AvAilABle FRoM <strong>Penguin</strong> ClAssiCs:<br />

The Last Days of Socrates 978-0-14-045549-6 $14.00<br />

<strong>Penguin</strong> ClassiC<br />

98 jANuARy<br />

An authoritative new translation of Plato’s<br />

foundational work of Western philosophy<br />

The Republic<br />

Plato<br />

Translated with an Introduction and Notes by Christopher Rowe<br />

The Republic is Plato’s masterwork. It was written 2,400 years<br />

ago and remains one of the most widely read books in the world,<br />

famous for both the richness of its ideas and the virtuosity of its<br />

writing. Presented as a dialogue between Plato’s teacher Socrates<br />

and various interlocutors, it is an exhortation to study philosophy,<br />

inviting its readers to reflect on the choices we must make if we<br />

are to live the best life available to us. This complex, dynamic work<br />

creates a picture of an ideal society governed not money, power, or<br />

fame, but by philosophy, wisdom, and justice.<br />

n New translation<br />

n Part of a new series of the works of Plato in <strong>Penguin</strong> Classics<br />

PlAto (c. 427–347 BC) founded the Academy in Athens, the<br />

prototype of all Western universities, and wrote more than twenty<br />

philosophical dialogues.<br />

ChRistoPheR Rowe is a professor of Greek at Durham<br />

University, England.

ISbN 978-0-14-119175-1 $11.00 (NCR)<br />

Philosophy/Politics 5 1 /16 x 7 3 /4 192 pp. Rights: N00<br />

Pub history: <strong>Penguin</strong> Classics pb 978-0-14-044201-4<br />

(translated by Maurice Cranston) On sale: 12/24/2012<br />

SuggeSTeD ORDeR<br />

A lively new translation of Rousseau’s<br />

best-known work, accompanied by<br />

additional political writings<br />

Of the Social Contract<br />

and Other Political<br />

Writings<br />

Jean-Jacques Rousseau<br />

Translated by Quintin Hoare<br />

Introduction and Notes by Christopher Bertram<br />

“Man is born free, and everywhere he is in chains” are the famous<br />

opening words of Jean-Jacques Rousseau’s Social Contract, a<br />

work of political philosophy that has stirred vigorous debate ever<br />

since its publication in 1762. Rejecting the view that anyone has a<br />

natural right to sovereignty, Rousseau argues instead for a pact—<br />

a “social contract”—that should exist among all the citizens of a<br />

state and that should be the source of governing power. From this<br />

premise, he goes on to consider issues of liberty and justice, arriving<br />

at a view of society that has seemed to some a blueprint for<br />

totalitarianism, to others a declaration of democratic principles.<br />

n New translation<br />

n Includes additional political writings not in the previous edition<br />

or competing volumes<br />

n The previous edition sold 6,000 copies per year<br />

JeAn-JACques RousseAu (1712–1778) is the author of<br />

numerous political and philosophical texts as well as entries on music for<br />

Diderot’s Encyclopédie and the novels La nouvelle Héloïse and Émile.<br />

quintin hoARe has translated from Italian, French, German,<br />

Russian, and Bosnian and is a winner of the John Florio Prize, the Scott-<br />

Moncrieff Prize, and the Schlegel-Tieck Prize.<br />

ChRistoPheR BeRtRAM is a professor of social and political<br />

philosophy at the University of Bristol in England. He is the<br />

author of Rousseau and the Social Contract and is a<br />

past president of the Rousseau Association.<br />


jANuARy<br />


ISbN 978-0-14-310694-4 $22.00 ($23.00 CAN)<br />

African American Studies 5 1 /16 x 7 3 /4 400 pp.<br />

Rights: W00 A <strong>Penguin</strong> Classics Original<br />

On sale: 1/29/<strong>2013</strong><br />

SuggeSTeD ORDeR<br />

AvAilABle FRoM <strong>Penguin</strong>:<br />

Malcolm X ★ 978-0-14-312032-2 $18.00<br />

<strong>Penguin</strong> ClassiC<br />

100 FebRuARy<br />

Praise for Malcolm X:<br />

“ It will be difficult for<br />

anyone to better this<br />

book. It goes deeper and<br />

richer than a mere homage<br />

to Malcolm X. It is<br />

a work of art.”<br />

—The Washington Post<br />

A new look at Malcolm X’s life and times<br />

from his Pulitzer Prize–winning<br />

biographer, Manning Marable<br />

The Portable<br />

Malcolm X Reader<br />

Edited by Manning Marable and<br />

Garrett Felber<br />

Manning Marable’s Pulitzer Prize–winning biography, Malcolm<br />

X: A Life of Reinvention, has already begun to reshape perceptions<br />

of one of America’s great revolutionary thinkers. This volume,<br />

the first collection of major documents addressing Malcolm X<br />

in decades, features never-before-published material, including<br />

articles from major newspapers and underground presses, oral<br />

histories, police reports, and FBI files, to shine a brighter light on<br />

Malcolm’s life and times. Conceived as both a companion to the<br />

biography and a standalone volume, and assembled by Marable<br />

and his key researcher, Garrett Felber, prior to Marable’s untimely<br />

death, The Portable Malcolm X Reader presents an invaluable<br />

portrait of Malcolm X.<br />

n Contains major journalistic essays on Malcolm X from writers and<br />

scholars, including George Plimpton, James Baldwin, and Robin Kelley,<br />

as well as excerpts from Malcolm X’s speeches and<br />

newspaper editorials<br />

n Publishing in time for African American History Month and the<br />

anniversary of Malcolm X’s birth and assassination in February<br />

n Manning Marable was posthumously awarded the 2012 Pulitzer Prize<br />

for Malcolm X<br />

MAnning MARABle (1950–2011) was the founding director of African<br />

American studies at Columbia University and the director of Columbia’s Center for<br />

Contemporary Black History. He is the author of fifteen books and was the editor of the<br />

quarterly journal Souls.<br />

gARRett FelBeR is a Ph.D. student in American culture at the University of<br />

Michigan. He holds a master’s in African American studies from Columbia University,<br />

where he worked as lead researcher of the Malcolm X Project with Manning Marable.<br />

National Radio Telephone Interviews<br />

Online Publicity

ISbN 978-0-14-119157-7 $16.00 (NCR)<br />

Poetry 5 1 /16 x 7 3 /4 544 pp.<br />

Rights: N00 A <strong>Penguin</strong> Classics Original<br />

On sale: 1/29/<strong>2013</strong><br />

SuggeSTeD ORDeR<br />

A new collection of John Donne’s verse,<br />

from the witty conceit of “The Flea” to<br />

the intense spirituality of his Divine Poems<br />

Collected Poetry<br />

John Donne<br />

Edited by Christopher Ricks<br />

Introduction and Notes by Ilona Bell<br />

Regarded by many as the greatest of the metaphysical poets, John<br />

Donne was also among the most intriguing figures of the Elizabethan<br />

Age. A sensualist who composed erotic and playful love poetry<br />

in his youth, he was raised a Catholic but later became one<br />

of the most admired Protestant preachers of his time. Reflecting<br />

this wide diversity, Collected Poetry includes his youthful songs<br />

and sonnets, epigrams, elegies, letters, satires, and the profoundly<br />

moving Divine Poems composed toward the end of his life. From<br />

joyful works such as “The Flea,” which transforms the image of a<br />

louse into something marvelous, to the intimate and intense Holy<br />

Sonnets, Donne breathed new vigor into poetry by drawing startling<br />

metaphors from the world in which he lived.<br />

n A landmark new edition that includes updated Donne scholarship<br />

from two renowned Elizabethan scholars<br />

n <strong>Penguin</strong>’s previous edition of Donne’s collected poetry has sold<br />

more than 180,000 copies worldwide<br />

John donne (1572–1631) was an English poet, satirist,<br />

lawyer, and priest famous for his spellbinding sermons.<br />

ChRistoPheR RiCks is the William M. and Sara B. Warren<br />

Professor of the Humanities and codirector of the Editorial Institute at<br />

Boston University.<br />

ilonA Bell is a professor of English literature at Williams<br />

College, Massachusetts. She has published widely on Renaissance<br />

literature and is the author of several books on Donne, his courtship,<br />

and his love poetry.<br />


FebRuARy<br />


available noW<br />

East of Eden<br />

978-0-14-200423-4 $18.00<br />

The Grapes of Wrath<br />

978-0-14-303943-3 $16.00<br />

102 PeNguIN CLASSIC<br />

CoMMeMoRAting the 50th AnniveRsARy oF<br />

Of Mice and Men (Centennial Edition)<br />

978-0-14-200067-0 $14.00<br />

The Pearl<br />

978-0-14-017737-4 $9.00<br />

The Short Novels of John Steinbeck<br />

978-0-14-310577-0 $30.00<br />

Tortilla Flat<br />

978-0-14-018740-3 $14.00

John steinBeCk’s noBel PRize in liteRAtuRe<br />

The Portable Steinbeck<br />

978-0-14-310697-5 $20.00<br />

On sale 9/25/12<br />

Also AvAilABle FRoM <strong>Penguin</strong> ClAssiCs:<br />

Steinbeck Centennial Poster 978-0-14-750816-4 FREE<br />

Travels with Charley in Search of America<br />

(<strong>Penguin</strong> Classics Deluxe Edition)<br />

978-0-14-310700-2 $16.00<br />

On sale 9/25/12<br />

available noW<br />



ISbN 978-1-84614-049-5 $25.00 (NCR)<br />

Literature 5 1 /16 x 7 3 /4 1,232 pp. Rights: A00<br />

Pub history: <strong>Penguin</strong> Classics pb 978-0-14-044430-8<br />

(translated by Norman Denny) On sale: 10/30/2012<br />

SuggeSTeD ORDeR<br />

Also AvAilABle FRoM <strong>Penguin</strong> ClAssiCs:<br />

Notre-Dame of Paris 978-0-14-044353-0 $14.00<br />

Selected Poems 978-0-14-243703-2 $16.00<br />

<strong>Penguin</strong> ClassiC<br />

104 NOVembeR<br />

In time for the 150th anniversary of<br />

Les Misérables and a star-studded film<br />

adaptation, a major new translation of<br />

Victor Hugo’s masterpiece<br />

Les Misérables<br />

Victor Hugo<br />

Translated by Christine Donougher<br />

Victor Hugo’s timeless story of injustice, heroism, and love in<br />

nineteenth-century Paris comes to <strong>Penguin</strong> Classics in a stunning<br />

new edition translated by prizewinner Christine Donougher and<br />

with cover art by Coralie Bickford-Smith. Wildly popular since<br />

its first publication in 1862, Les Misérables comes to theaters<br />

this December in a new film adaptation with a stellar cast that<br />

includes Hugh Jackman as the intrepid Jean Valjean and Russell<br />

Crowe as the relentless policeman Javert. This beautiful edition<br />

makes a wonderful gift for longtime fans of the Broadway musical<br />

and introduces a new generation of readers to one of the most<br />

important novels ever written.<br />

n New translation<br />

n A <strong>Penguin</strong> Classics clothbound edition designed by Coralie Bickford-<br />

Smith, featuring a foil-stamped linen case, colored endpapers, and<br />

a ribbon marker<br />

n 2012 is the 150th anniversary of the publication of Les Misérables<br />

n The upcoming film adaptation opens December 2012 and stars<br />

Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe, Anne Hathaway, Amanda Seyfried,<br />

Helena Bonham Carter, Sacha Baron Cohen, and Eddie Redmayne<br />

viCtoR hugo (1802–1885) is one of the best-known French<br />

writers, most famous for his volumes of lyrical and satirical verse,<br />

journalism, his criticism, and several novels, including Les Misérables and<br />

Notre-Dame of Paris (The Hunchback of Notre-Dame). A committed<br />

political activist, he was exiled by Napoleon III until 1870, later returning to<br />

great fame.<br />

ChRistine donougheR studied English and French at<br />

Cambridge and, after a career in publishing, is now a freelance translator<br />

and editor. Her translation of The Book of Nights won the Scott Moncrieff<br />

Translation Prize. She lives in Cambridge, England.

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available noW<br />

AlFRed dunsAny<br />

In the Land of Time<br />

978-0-14-243776-6 $16.00<br />

shiRley JACkson<br />

The Haunting of Hill House<br />

978-0-14-303998-3 $15.00<br />

We Have Always Lived in the Castle<br />

978-0-14-303997-6 $15.00<br />

106 PeNguIN CLASSIC<br />

sPooky <strong>Penguin</strong> ClAssiCs FoR hAlloween<br />

M. R. JAMes<br />

Count Magnus and Other Ghost Stories<br />

978-0-14-303939-6 $16.00<br />

The Haunted Doll’s House and Other Ghost Stories<br />

978-0-14-303992-1 $15.00<br />

ARthuR MAChen<br />

The White People and Other Weird Stories<br />

978-0-14-310559-6 $16.00<br />

edgAR AllAn Poe<br />

The Portable Edgar Allan Poe<br />

978-0-14-303991-4 $18.00

sPooky <strong>Penguin</strong> ClAssiCs FoR hAlloween<br />

vARious<br />

American Supernatural Tales<br />

978-0-14-310504-6 $16.00<br />

The <strong>Penguin</strong> Book of Ghost Stories<br />

978-0-14-144236-5 $15.00<br />

h. P. loveCRAFt<br />

The Call of Cthulhu and Other Weird Stories<br />

978-0-14-310648-7 $17.00<br />

The Dreams in the Witch House<br />

978-0-14-243795-7 $16.00<br />

The Thing on the Doorstep and Other Weird Stories<br />

978-0-14-218003-7 $15.00<br />

MARy shelley<br />

Frankenstein ★<br />

978-0-14-310503-9 $16.00<br />

BRAM stokeR<br />

available noW<br />

Dracula ★<br />

978-0-14-310616-6 $16.00<br />



108<br />

The Divine Comedy<br />

Inferno, Purgatorio, Paradiso<br />

Dante Alighieri<br />

Translated with an Introduction and Notes by Robin Kirkpatrick<br />

Cover by Eric Drooker<br />

An epic masterpiece and a foundational work of the<br />

Western canon, The Divine Comedy describes Dante’s<br />

descent into Hell with Virgil as his guide; his ascent of<br />

Mount Purgatory and reunion with his dead love, Beatrice;<br />

and, finally, his arrival in Heaven. Examining questions<br />

of faith, desire, and enlightenment and furnished with<br />

semiautobiographical details, Dante’s poem is a brilliantly<br />

nuanced and moving allegory of human redemption. This<br />

acclaimed blank verse translation is published here for<br />

the first time in a one-volume edition.<br />

dAnte AlighieRi (1265–1321) was born in Florence and is considered<br />

Italy’s greatest poet. It is believed that the Divine Comedy was written between<br />

1308 and 1320.<br />

RoBin kiRkPAtRiCk is a professor of Italian and English literature at the<br />

University of Cambridge and has written a number of books on Dante and on the<br />

Renaissance.<br />

eRiC dRookeR is an award-winning painter and graphic novelist who has<br />

illustrated dozens of covers for the New Yorker and designed the animation for the<br />

film Howl, based on the poem by Allen Ginsberg. He lives in Berkeley, California.<br />

month<br />

“ The perfect balance of tightness and<br />

colloquialism . . . Likely to be the best modern<br />

version of Dante.” —Bernard O’Donoghue<br />

“ Kirkpatrick brings a more nuanced sense<br />

of the Italian and a more mediated<br />

appreciation of the poem’s construction than<br />

nearly all of his competitors.”<br />

—The Times (London)<br />

“ We gain much from Kirkpatrick’s fidelity to<br />

syntax and nuance. . . . His introduction . . .<br />

tells you, very readably indeed, pretty much all<br />

you need for a heightened appreciation of the<br />

work.” —The Guardian (London)<br />

<strong>Penguin</strong> Readers guide available online at penguin.com<br />

Online Publicity

A stunning 3-in-1 deluxe<br />

edition of one of the great<br />

works of Western literature<br />

n A <strong>Penguin</strong> Classics Deluxe Edition featuring french flaps<br />

and deckle-edged paper<br />

n Never before published in one volume in <strong>Penguin</strong> Classics<br />

n Acclaimed translation<br />

Also AvAilABle FRoM <strong>Penguin</strong> ClAssiCs:<br />

The Divine Comedy translated by Robin Kirkpatrick<br />

Volume 1: Inferno 978-0-14-044895-5 $16.00<br />

Volume 2: Purgatorio 978-0-14-044896-2 $12.00<br />

Volume 3: Paradiso 978-0-14-044897-9 $14.00<br />

ISbN 978-0-14-310719-4 $25.00 (NCR)<br />

Poetry/Literature 5 5 /8 x 8 7 /16 902 pp. Rights: F25<br />

Pub history: <strong>Penguin</strong> Classics pbs 978-0-14-044895-5<br />

(Volume 1: Inferno), 978-0-14-044896-2 (Volume 2:<br />

Purgatorio), 978-0-14-044897-9 (Volume 3: Paradiso)<br />

On sale: 2/26/<strong>2013</strong><br />

SuggeSTeD ORDeR<br />


mARCh<br />


ISbN 978-0-14-310711-8 $15.00 ($16.00 CAN)<br />

Literature 5 1 /16 x 7 3 /4 256 pp. Rights: E00<br />

Pub history: previous edition 978-0-14-025037-4<br />

On sale: 2/26/<strong>2013</strong><br />

SuggeSTeD ORDeR<br />

Also AvAilABle FRoM <strong>Penguin</strong> ClAssiCs:<br />

The Haunting of Hill House 978-0-14-303998-3 $15.00<br />

We Have Always Lived in the Castle<br />

(<strong>Penguin</strong> Classics Deluxe Edition) 978-0-14-303997-6 $15.00<br />

<strong>Penguin</strong> ClassiC<br />

“ Shirley Jackson knew<br />

better than any writer since<br />

Hawthorne the value of<br />

haunted things.” —The New<br />

York Times Book Review<br />

“ Come Along with Me is a kind<br />

of memorial to [Jackson] . . .<br />

an engaging volume.”<br />

—Chicago Sun-Times<br />

A haunting and psychologically<br />

driven collection from Shirley Jackson<br />

that includes her best-known story<br />

“The Lottery”<br />

Come Along with Me<br />

And Other Writings Including “The Lottery”<br />

Shirley Jackson<br />

Foreword by Laura Miller<br />

n First time in <strong>Penguin</strong> Classics<br />

n Includes a foreword by renowned book critic Laura Miller<br />

n Features a preface by Jackson’s late husband, literary critic<br />

Stanley Edgar Hyman<br />

shiRley JACkson (1916–1965) received wide critical<br />

acclaim for her short story “The Lottery,” which was first published in<br />

the New Yorker in 1948. Her novels include We Have Always Lived in<br />

the Castle, The Sundial, and The Haunting of Hill House.<br />

lAuRA MilleR is a cofounder of Salon.com, where she is a<br />

senior writer. She is the editor of The Salon.com Reader’s Guide to<br />

Contemporary Authors and the introducer of the <strong>Penguin</strong> Classics<br />

edition of The Haunting of Hill House.<br />

110 mARCh “<strong>Penguin</strong> Classics Presents” event<br />

At last, Shirley Jackson’s “The Lottery” enters <strong>Penguin</strong> Classics,<br />

sixty-five years after it shocked America audiences and elicited<br />

the most responses of any piece in New Yorker history. In her<br />

gothic visions of small-town America, Jackson, the author of such<br />

masterworks as The Haunting of Hill House and We Have Always<br />

Lived in the Castle, turns an ordinary world into a supernatural<br />

nightmare. This eclectic collection goes beyond her horror writing,<br />

revealing the full spectrum of her literary genius. In addition<br />

to Come Along with Me, Jackson’s unfinished novel about the<br />

quirky inner life of a lonely widow, it features sixteen short stories<br />

and three lectures she delivered during her last years.

ISbN 978-0-14-310687-6 $16.00 ($17.00 CAN)<br />

Literature 5 1 /16 x 7 3 /4 304 pp.<br />

Rights: W00 A <strong>Penguin</strong> Classics Original<br />

On sale: 2/26/<strong>2013</strong><br />

SuggeSTeD ORDeR<br />

“ [Death of a Hero] takes its place among the<br />

half dozen superb stories of the war.”<br />

—The Nation<br />

Also AvAilABle FRoM <strong>Penguin</strong> ClAssiCs:<br />

Paths of Glory by Humphrey Cobb 978-0-14-310611-1 $15.00<br />

One of the great World War I<br />

antiwar novels—honest, chilling,<br />

and brilliantly satirical<br />

Death of a Hero<br />

Richard Aldington<br />

Introduction by James H. Meredith<br />

Based on the author’s experiences on the Western Front, Richard<br />

Aldington’s first novel, Death of a Hero, finally joins the ranks of<br />

<strong>Penguin</strong> Classics. Our hero is George <strong>Winter</strong>bourne, who enlists<br />

in the British Expeditionary Army during the Great War and gets<br />

sent to France. After a rash of casualties leads to his promotion<br />

through the ranks, he grows increasingly cynical about the war<br />

and disillusioned by the hypocrisies of British society. Aldington’s<br />

writing about Britian’s ignorance of the tribulations of its soldiers<br />

is among the most biting ever published. Death of a Hero vividly<br />

evokes the morally degrading nature of combat as it rushes toward<br />

the its astounding finish.<br />

n First time in <strong>Penguin</strong> Classics<br />

n July 2014 marks the centennial of the start of World War I<br />

n Features an introduction by war literature scholar James H. Meredith<br />

RiChARd Aldington (1892–1962) was known as a<br />

translator, critic, and poet of distinction. He joined the British Army in<br />

1916 and was wounded in 1918.<br />

JAMes h. MeRedith, a retired United States Air Force<br />

lieutenant colonel, is the introducer of the <strong>Penguin</strong> Classics editions of<br />

Paths of Glory by Humphrey Cobb and Bombs Away by John Steinbeck.<br />

<strong>Penguin</strong> Readers guide available online at penguin.com<br />

Online Publicity<br />


mARCh<br />


ISbN 978-0-14-119222-2 $17.00 (NCR)<br />

Philosophy 5 1 /16 x 7 3 /4 352 pp.<br />

Rights: N00 A <strong>Penguin</strong> Classics Original<br />

On sale: 2/26/<strong>2013</strong><br />

SuggeSTeD ORDeR<br />

Also AvAilABle FRoM <strong>Penguin</strong> ClAssiCs:<br />

Translated by Robert Dobbin<br />

Discourses and Selected Writings by Epictetus<br />

978-0-14-044946-4 $16.00<br />

112 mARCh<br />

<strong>Penguin</strong> ClassiC<br />

A unique new volume illuminating the<br />

philosophy of the ancient Greek and<br />

Roman Cynics<br />

The Cynic Philosophers<br />

From Diogenes to Julian<br />

Translated and Edited with an Introduction by Robert Dobbin<br />

The Greek Cynics owned no property and rejected fame and<br />

fortune, living almost entirely out of doors while surviving on wild<br />

plants and water from natural springs. They promoted ideals such<br />

as self-sufficiency, freedom, detachment, shamelessness, and<br />

toughness, and their philosophy penetrated not only Greek but<br />

also Roman civilization. This unique anthology draws together<br />

the writings on and by various Cynic philosophers, from founding<br />

figures Antisthenes and Diogenes of Sinope to Hipparchia, one<br />

of the few female philosophers in antiquity, and fourth-century<br />

Roman emperor Julian “the apostate.”<br />

n Exclusive to <strong>Penguin</strong> Classics<br />

n Includes writings by Antisthenes, Diogenes, Emperor Julian, and Hipparchia<br />

RoBeRt doBBin received a Ph.D. in classics from the<br />

University of California at Berkeley and taught history and classics<br />

at the college level. He is the author of Epictetus Discourses: Book<br />

One, as well as articles on Virgil, Plato, and Pythagoras. He works<br />

as a book editor in Northern California.

ISbN 978-0-14-119880-4 $18.00 (NCR)<br />

Literature 5 1 /16 x 7 3 /4 400 pp.<br />

Rights: N00 A <strong>Penguin</strong> Classics Original<br />

On sale: 2/26/<strong>2013</strong><br />

SuggeSTeD ORDeR<br />

Also AvAilABle FRoM <strong>Penguin</strong> ClAssiCs:<br />

Little Red Riding Hood, Cinderella, and Other Classic Fairy Tales<br />

of Charles Perrault by Angela Carter 978-0-14-310536-7 $14.00<br />

Spanning the Brothers Grimm to Kafka<br />

and beyond, a new collection of the most<br />

strange and fantastical German stories<br />

from the past 200 years<br />

Tales of the German<br />

Imagination from the<br />

Brothers Grimm to<br />

Ingeborg Bachmann<br />

Translated, Selected, and Edited with an Introduction<br />

by Peter Wortsman<br />

Franz Kafka posthumously cornered the nightmare market in the<br />

twentieth century. Yet in our adulation of Kafka’s wonderfully<br />

bizarre prose, English-language readers tend to overlook the<br />

fact that he was not spawned Athena-like from the cranium of<br />

German literature. Kafka had his precursors among the German<br />

Romantics, as well as his contemporaries working in kindred<br />

veins and his heirs in post–World War II Germany, Austria, and<br />

Switzerland. This rich and varied anthology gathers together<br />

many haunting stories, from the dark fairy tales of the Brothers<br />

Grimm, to Kafka’s own chilling satire “In the Penal Colony,” to the<br />

surreal fantasies of Kurt Schwitter in “The Onion.”<br />

n A unique volume with no competition<br />

n For fans of shows such as Grimm and Once Upon a Time, and the<br />

recent film adaptations of “Snow White”<br />

n Viking will publish Fairy Tales from the Brothers Grimm, translated by<br />

New York Times bestselling author Philip Pullman, in November 2012<br />

PeteR woRtsMAn is a freelance translator and<br />

journalist. He was a fellow at the American Academy in Berlin<br />

and is the author of A Modern Way to Die: Small Stories and<br />

Microtales, and of the plays Burning Words and The Tattooed Man<br />

Tells All. He lives in New York City.<br />


mARCh<br />



114<br />

Ry- unosuke Akutagawa<br />

Rash- omon and Other Stories<br />

Cover by Yoshihiro Tatsumi<br />

978-0-14-303984-6 $16.00 (NCR)<br />

Louisa May Alcott<br />

Little Women<br />

Cover by Julie Doucet<br />

978-0-14-310501-5 $14.00 ($16.50 CAN)<br />

Hans Christian Andersen<br />

Fairy Tales<br />

Cover by Anders Nilsen<br />

978-0-14-303952-5 $17.00 ($18.50 CAN)<br />

Jane Austen<br />

Persuasion<br />

Cover by Audrey Niffenegger<br />

978-0-14-310628-9 $16.00 ($18.50 CAN)<br />

Pride and Prejudice<br />

Cover by Ruben Toledo<br />

978-0-14-310542-8 $16.00 ($20.00 CAN)<br />

Sense and Sensibility<br />

Cover by Audrey Niffenegger<br />

978-0-14-310652-4 $16.00 ($18.50 CAN)<br />

Paul Auster<br />

The New York Trilogy<br />

Cover by Art Spiegelman<br />

978-0-14-303983-9 $16.00 ($17.50 CAN)<br />


CoMPlete youR ColleCtion oF <strong>Penguin</strong> ClAssiCs’<br />

Charlotte Brontë<br />

Jane Eyre<br />

Cover by Ruben Toledo<br />

978-0-14-310615-9 $16.00 ($20.00 CAN)<br />

Emily Brontë<br />

Wuthering Heights<br />

Cover by Ruben Toledo<br />

978-0-14-310543-5 $16.00 ($20.00 CAN)<br />

Geoffrey Chaucer<br />

The Canterbury Tales<br />

Cover by Ted Stearn<br />

978-0-14-310617-3 $18.00 ($22.50 CAN)<br />

Joseph Conrad<br />

Heart of Darkness<br />

Cover by Mike Mignola<br />

978-0-14-310658-6 $13.00 ($13.99 CAN)<br />

On sale 8/28/2012<br />

Roald Dahl<br />

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory<br />

Cover by Ivan Brunetti<br />

978-0-14-310633-3 $15.00 ($17.50 CAN)<br />

James and the Giant Peach<br />

Cover by Jordan Crane<br />

978-0-14-310634-0 $15.00 ($17.50 CAN)<br />

Charles Dickens<br />

Great Expectations<br />

Cover by Richard Sala<br />

978-0-14-310627-2 $15.00 ($18.50 CAN)<br />

Alexandre Dumas<br />

The Three Musketeers<br />

Cover by Tom Gauld<br />

978-0-14-310500-8 $16.00 ($20.00 CAN)<br />

Stella Gibbons<br />

Cold Comfort Farm<br />

Cover by Roz Chast<br />

978-0-14-303959-4 $16.00 (NCR)<br />

Robert Graves<br />

The Greek Myths<br />

Cover by Ross MacDonald<br />

978-0-14-310671-5 $25.00 (NCR)<br />

Nathaniel Hawthorne<br />

The Scarlet Letter<br />

Cover by Ruben Toledo<br />

978-0-14-310544-2 $16.00 ($20.00 CAN)<br />

Shirley Jackson<br />

We Have Always Lived in the Castle<br />

Cover by Thomas Ott<br />

978-0-14-303997-6 $15.00 ($16.50 CAN)<br />

Franz Kafka<br />

Metamorphosis and Other Stories<br />

Cover by Sammy Harkham<br />

978-0-14-310524-4 $14.00 ($17.50 CAN)<br />

Jack Kerouac<br />

The Dharma Bums<br />

Cover by Jason<br />

978-0-14-303960-0 $16.00 ($20.00 CAN)

Ken Kesey<br />

One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest<br />

Cover by Joe Sacco<br />

978-0-14-310502-2 $16.00 ($20.00 CAN)<br />

D. H. Lawrence<br />

Lady Chatterley’s Lover<br />

Cover by Chester Brown<br />

978-0-14-303961-7 $15.00 (NCR)<br />

H. P. Lovecraft<br />

The Call of the Cthulhu and<br />

Other Weird Stories<br />

Cover by Travis Louie<br />

978-0-14-310648-7 $17.00 ($19.50 CAN)<br />

Sir Thomas Malory<br />

The Death of King Arthur<br />

Cover by Stuart Kolakovic<br />

978-0-14-310695-1 $17.00 ($18.00 CAN)<br />

On sale 10/30/2012<br />

Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels<br />

The Communist Manifesto<br />

Cover by Killoffer<br />

978-0-14-310626-5 $13.00 ($16.00 CAN)<br />

Herman Melville<br />

Moby-Dick or, The Whale<br />

Cover by Tony Millionaire<br />

978-0-14-310595-4 $18.00 ($21.00 CAN)<br />

AwARd–winning gRAPhiC deluxe editions<br />

Huey P. Newton<br />

Revolutionary Suicide<br />

Cover by Ho Che Anderson<br />

978-0-14-310532-9 $16.00 ($20.00 CAN)<br />

Dorothy Parker<br />

The Portable Dorothy Parker<br />

Cover by Seth<br />

978-0-14-303953-2 $20.00 ($25.00 CAN)<br />

Thomas Pynchon<br />

Gravity’s Rainbow<br />

Cover by Frank Miller<br />

978-0-14-303994-5 $20.00 ($22.00 CAN)<br />

Marquis de Sade<br />

Philosophy in the Boudoir<br />

Cover by Tomer Hanuka<br />

978-0-14-303901-3 $16.00 ($17.50 CAN)<br />

Mary Shelley<br />

Frankenstein<br />

Cover by Daniel Clowes<br />

978-0-14-310503-9 $16.00 (NCR)<br />

Upton Sinclair<br />

The Jungle<br />

Cover by Charles Burns<br />

978-0-14-303958-7 $15.00 ($18.50 CAN)<br />

Bram Stoker<br />

Dracula<br />

Cover by Ruben Toledo<br />

978-0-14-310616-6 $16.00 ($20.00 CAN)<br />


Mark Twain<br />

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn<br />

Cover by Lilli Carré<br />

978-0-14-310594-7 $16.00 ($20.00 CAN)<br />

Vatsyayana<br />

Kama Sutra<br />

Cover by Malika Favre<br />

978-0-14-310659-3 $15.00 (NCR)<br />

Various<br />

Titanic, First Accounts<br />

Cover by Max Ellis<br />

978-0-14-310662-3 $15.00 ($16.00 CAN)<br />

Voltaire<br />

Candide<br />

Cover by Chris Ware<br />

978-0-14-303942-6 $14.00 ($16.50 CAN)<br />

Edith Wharton<br />

Ethan Frome<br />

Cover by Jeffrey Brown<br />

978-0-14-310593-0 $12.00 ($15.00 CAN)<br />

Three Novels of New York<br />

Cover by Richard Gray<br />

978-0-14-310655-5 $23.00 ($24.00 CAN)<br />

Oscar Wilde<br />

The Picture of Dorian Gray<br />

Cover by Ruben Toledo<br />

978-0-14-310614-2 $16.00 ($20.00 CAN)<br />



116<br />

Letters to a Young Poet<br />

Rainer Maria Rilke<br />

Translated with an Afterword and Notes by Charlie Louth<br />

Introduction by Lewis Hyde<br />

At the start of the twentieth century, Rainer Maria Rilke<br />

wrote a series of letters to a young officer cadet, advising<br />

him on writing, love, sex, suffering, and the nature of<br />

advice itself. These profound and lyrical letters have since<br />

become hugely influential for generations of writers and<br />

artists of all kinds, including Lady Gaga and Patti Smith.<br />

With honesty, elegance, and a deep understanding of the<br />

loneliness that often comes with being an artist, Rilke’s<br />

letters are an endless source of inspiration and comfort.<br />

Lewis Hyde’s new introduction explores the context in<br />

which these letters were written and how the author<br />

embraced his isolation as a creative force.<br />

RAineR MARiA Rilke (1875–1926) studied literature, art history,<br />

and philosophy in both Munich and Prague and is often considered one of the<br />

German language’s greatest twentieth-century poets. His two most famous<br />

verse sequences are the Sonnets to Orpheus and the Duino Elegies; his<br />

two most famous prose works are Letters to a Young Poet and the semiautobiographical<br />

The Notebooks of Malte Laurids Brigge.<br />

ChARlie louth is a fellow at Queen’s College, Oxford, where he<br />

lectures in German. He is the author of Hölderlin and the Dynamics<br />

of Translation.<br />

lewis hyde is the author of the hundred-million-copy bestseller The Gift.<br />

A MacArthur fellow and former director of undergraduate creative writing at<br />

Harvard University, Hyde is a fellow at Harvard’s Berkman Center for Internet<br />

and Society. He lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and Gambier, Ohio.<br />

“ I cannot think of a better book to put into<br />

the hands of any young would-be poet, as<br />

an inspirational guide to poetry and to<br />

surviving as a poet in a hostile world.”<br />

—Harry Fainlight, The Times (London)<br />

“ I read Rilke’s Letters to a Young<br />

Poet every day.” —Lady Gaga<br />

<strong>Penguin</strong> Readers guide available online at penguin.com<br />

Online Publicity<br />

“<strong>Penguin</strong> Classics Presents” event

Rilke’s powerfully<br />

touching letters to an<br />

aspiring young poet,<br />

now available in a beautiful<br />

hardcover <strong>Penguin</strong> edition<br />

n A gift-size <strong>Penguin</strong> Hardcover Edition<br />

n New translation<br />

n Includes a chronology, notes, an afterword, a<br />

translator’s note, and suggestions for further reading<br />

n Lewis Hyde’s The Gift has been widely praised by<br />

writers such as Zadie Smith, Jonathan Lethem, and<br />

David Foster Wallace<br />

n Includes Rilke’s later work The Letter from the<br />

Young Worker<br />

Also AvAilABle FRoM <strong>Penguin</strong> ClAssiCs:<br />

The Notebooks of Malte Laurids Brigge 978-0-14-118221-6 $14.00<br />

ISbN 978-0-14-310714-9 $18.00 ($19.00 CAN)<br />

Literature 4 13 /16 x 7 5 /16 160 pp. Rights: G12<br />

A <strong>Penguin</strong> Classics Hardcover Original<br />

On sale: 3/26/2012<br />

SuggeSted order<br />


APRIL<br />


ISbN 978-0-14-310690-6 $25.00 ($26.50 CAN)<br />

Poetry 5 5 /8 x 8 7 /16 384 pp. Rights: W00<br />

A <strong>Penguin</strong> Classics Original<br />

On sale: 3/26/<strong>2013</strong><br />

SuggeSTeD ORDeR<br />

Also AvAilABle FRoM <strong>Penguin</strong> ClAssiCs:<br />

Swann’s Way (<strong>Penguin</strong> Classics Deluxe Edition)<br />

978-0-14-243796-4 $17.00<br />

<strong>Penguin</strong> ClassiC<br />

For the centennial of Swann’s Way:<br />

the most complete volume of Proust’s<br />

poetry ever assembled, in a gorgeous<br />

deluxe edition<br />

The Collected Poems<br />

A Dual-Language Edition with Parallel Text<br />

Marcel Proust<br />

Introduction and Notes by Harold Augenbraum<br />

118 APRIL “<strong>Penguin</strong> Classics Presents” event<br />

As a young man, Proust wrote both poetry and prose. Even after<br />

he embarked on his masterful In Search of Lost Time at the age of<br />

thirty-eight, he never stopped writing poetry. His verse is often<br />

playful, filled with affection and satire, and is peppered with<br />

witty barbs at friends and people in his social circle of aristocrats,<br />

writers, musicians, and courtesans.<br />

Few of the poems collected here under the editorship of<br />

Harold Augenbraum, founder of the Proust Society of America,<br />

have ever been published in book form or translated into English<br />

until now. In this dual-language edition of new translations,<br />

Augenbraum has brought together nineteen renowned poets and<br />

poetry translators to bring Proust’s exuberant verse back to life.<br />

n First time in <strong>Penguin</strong> Classics<br />

n A <strong>Penguin</strong> Classics Deluxe Edition featuring french flaps and<br />

deckle-edged paper<br />

n A dual-language edition<br />

n Includes translations by Richard Howard, Lydia Davis, and<br />

Rosanna Warren, among many others<br />

n <strong>2013</strong> is the centennial of the first publication of Swann’s Way<br />

n April is National Poetry Month<br />

MARCel PRoust (1871–1922) spent his twenties as a conspicuous<br />

society figure, but after 1907 he rarely emerged from a cork-lined room in his<br />

apartment where he devoted himself to the composition of In Search of Lost Time.<br />

hARold AugenBRAuM is the executive director of the National Book<br />

Foundation and founder of the Proust Society of America, and he has previously<br />

translated José Rizal and Alvar Núñez Cabeza de Vaca for <strong>Penguin</strong> Classics. He<br />

lives in New York City.

ISbN 978-0-14-139188-5 $15.00 (NCR)<br />

Literature 5 1 /16 x 7 3 /4 176 pp.<br />

Rights: N00 A <strong>Penguin</strong> Classics Original<br />

On sale: 3/26/<strong>2013</strong><br />

SuggeSTeD ORDeR<br />

“ Probably the most widely read<br />

novel in modern Japan . . .<br />

So - seki’s lightest and funniest work.”<br />

—Donald Keene<br />

“ This rollicking rebel . . . will appeal to parent,<br />

teacher, and schoolchild alike.”<br />

—The Times Literary Supplement<br />

Also AvAilABle FRoM <strong>Penguin</strong> ClAssiCs:<br />

Kokoro 978-0-14-310603-6 $15.00<br />

Kusamakura 978-0-14-310519-0 $15.00<br />

Sanshiro - 978-0-14-045562-5 $16.00<br />

One of Japan’s most treasured novels—<br />

new to <strong>Penguin</strong> Classics<br />

Botchan<br />

Natsume Sōseki<br />

Translated by J. Cohn<br />

A hilarious tale about a young man’s rebellion against “the system”<br />

in a country school, Natsume So- seki’s Botchan has enjoyed a<br />

timeless popularity in Japan. The setting is Japan’s deep south,<br />

where the author himself spent some time teaching English in a<br />

boys’ school. Into this conservative world, with its social proprieties<br />

and established pecking order, breezes Botchan, down from the big<br />

city and with scant respect for either his elders or his noisy young<br />

charges. The result is a light, funny, fast-paced novel.<br />

n First time in <strong>Penguin</strong> Classics<br />

nAtsuMe so – seki (1867–1916) is widely considered the<br />

foremost novelist of the Meiji era.<br />

J. Cohn teaches Japanese literature at the University of Hawaii.<br />


APRIL<br />


120 APRIL<br />

ISbN 978-0-14-045564-9 $17.00 (NCR)<br />

History 5 1 /16 x 7 3 /4 464 pp. Rights: N00 Pub history:<br />

<strong>Penguin</strong> Classics pb 978-0-14-044060-7 (as The Annals of<br />

Imperial Rome, translated by Michael Grant)<br />

On sale: 3/26/<strong>2013</strong><br />

SuggeSTeD ORDeR<br />

<strong>Penguin</strong> ClassiC<br />

A compelling new translation of a vital<br />

account of Roman history<br />

Annals<br />

Tacitus<br />

Translated with an Introduction by Cynthia Damon<br />

With clarity and vivid intensity, Tacitus’s Annals recounts the<br />

pivotal events in Roman history from the years shortly before<br />

the death of Augustus to the death of Nero in 68 AD, including<br />

the reign of terror under the corrupt Tiberius, the great fire of<br />

Rome during the time of Nero, and the wars, poisonings, scandals,<br />

conspiracies, and murders that were part of imperial life. Despite<br />

Tacitus’s claim that they were written objectively, the Annals<br />

is sharply critical of the emperors’ excesses and fearful for the<br />

future of imperial Rome, while also filled with a longing for its<br />

past glories.<br />

n New translation<br />

n Includes chronologies, notes, appendices, a genealogy, and an<br />

introduction by the translator<br />

tACitus (c. 56–120 AD), known in Rome for his impressive<br />

oratory, maintained a political career as a senator under Vespasian,<br />

Titus, and Domitian.<br />

CynthiA dAMon teaches at the University of Pennsylvania.

the works of John steinbeck available from <strong>Penguin</strong><br />

FiCtion:<br />

978-0-14-310545-9 The Acts of King Arthur and His Noble Knights <strong>Penguin</strong> Classics Deluxe Edition $16.00<br />

978-0-14-303944-0 Burning Bright: A Play in Story Form <strong>Penguin</strong> Classics $12.00<br />

978-0-14-018737-3 Cannery Row <strong>Penguin</strong> Classics $14.00<br />

978-0-14-200068-7 Cannery Row Centennial Edition $15.00<br />

978-0-14-017738-1 Cannery Row <strong>Penguin</strong> $10.00<br />

978-0-14-303945-7 Cup of Gold <strong>Penguin</strong> Classics $14.00<br />

978-0-14-018639-0 East of Eden <strong>Penguin</strong> Classics $16.00<br />

978-0-14-200423-4 East of Eden Oprah Edition $17.00<br />

978-0-14-303943-3 The Grapes of Wrath <strong>Penguin</strong> Classics $16.00<br />

978-0-14-200066-3 The Grapes of Wrath Centennial Edition $17.00<br />

978-0-14-028162-0 The Grapes of Wrath Great <strong>Books</strong> Edition $17.00<br />

978-0-14-303963-1 In Dubious Battle <strong>Penguin</strong> Classics $16.00<br />

978-0-14-200253-7 Las uvas de la ira <strong>Penguin</strong> Ediciones $17.00<br />

978-0-14-018745-8 The Long Valley <strong>Penguin</strong> Classics $15.00<br />

978-0-14-018746-5 The Moon Is Down <strong>Penguin</strong> Classics $13.00<br />

978-0-14-018642-0 Of Mice and Men <strong>Penguin</strong> Classics $12.00<br />

978-0-14-200067-0 Of Mice and Men Centennial Edition $14.00<br />

978-0-14-017739-8 Of Mice and Men <strong>Penguin</strong> $9.00<br />

978-0-14-018748-9 The Pastures of Heaven <strong>Penguin</strong> Classics $14.00<br />

978-0-14-018738-0 The Pearl <strong>Penguin</strong> Classics $12.00<br />

978-0-14-200069-4 The Pearl Centennial Edition $12.00<br />

978-0-14-017737-4 The Pearl <strong>Penguin</strong> $9.00<br />

978-0-14-018739-7 The Red Pony <strong>Penguin</strong> Classics $12.00<br />

978-0-14-017736-7 The Red Pony <strong>Penguin</strong> $9.00<br />

978-0-14-303946-4 The Short Reign of Pippin IV: A Fabrication <strong>Penguin</strong> Classics $14.00<br />

978-0-14-303947-1 Sweet Thursday <strong>Penguin</strong> Classics $15.00<br />

978-0-14-018751-9 To a God Unknown <strong>Penguin</strong> Classics $15.00<br />

978-0-14-018740-3 Tortilla Flat <strong>Penguin</strong> Classics $13.00<br />

978-0-14-004240-5 Tortilla Flat <strong>Penguin</strong> $10.00<br />

978-0-14-243787-2 The Wayward Bus <strong>Penguin</strong> Classics $15.00<br />

978-0-14-303948-8<br />

nonFiCtion:<br />

The <strong>Winter</strong> of Our Discontent <strong>Penguin</strong> Classics $15.00<br />

978-0-670-11602-7 America and Americans (HC) Viking $50.00<br />

978-0-14-243741-4 America and Americans and Selected Nonfiction <strong>Penguin</strong> Classics $16.00<br />

978-0-14-310591-6 Bombs Away: The Story of a Bomber Team <strong>Penguin</strong> Classics $15.00<br />

978-0-14-014418-5 Journal of a Novel: The East of Eden Letters <strong>Penguin</strong> $14.00<br />

978-0-14-018744-1 The Log from the Sea of Cortez <strong>Penguin</strong> Classics $16.00<br />

978-0-14-310479-7 Once There Was a War <strong>Penguin</strong> Classics $14.00<br />

978-0-14-118019-9 A Russian Journal <strong>Penguin</strong> Classics $15.00<br />

978-0-14-311721-6 Sea of Cortez: A Leisurely Journal of Travel and Research <strong>Penguin</strong> $25.00<br />

978-0-14-018741-0 Travels with Charley in Search of America <strong>Penguin</strong> Classics $15.00<br />

978-0-14-200070-0 Travels with Charley in Search of America Centennial Edition $15.00<br />

978-0-14-005320-3 Travels with Charley in Search of America <strong>Penguin</strong> $10.00<br />

978-0-14-014457-4<br />

PlAys:<br />

Working Days: The Journals of The Grapes of Wrath <strong>Penguin</strong> $15.00<br />

978-0-14-311720-9 Of Mice and Men (play) <strong>Penguin</strong> $12.00<br />

978-0-14-311719-3<br />

ColleCtions:<br />

The Moon Is Down (play) <strong>Penguin</strong> $12.00<br />

978-0-14-015002-5 The Portable Steinbeck: Revised Edition <strong>Penguin</strong> $18.00<br />

978-0-14-310577-0 The Short Novels of John Steinbeck <strong>Penguin</strong> Classics Deluxe Edition $30.00<br />

978-0-14-004288-7 Steinbeck: A Life in Letters <strong>Penguin</strong> $30.00<br />

978-0-14-750605-4 Steinbeck Centennial Boxed Set (East of Eden, The Grapes of Wrath,<br />

Of Mice and Men, The Pearl, and Travels with Charley in Search of America) <strong>Penguin</strong> $92.00<br />

otheR woRks:<br />

978-0-14-311718-6 The Forgotten Village <strong>Penguin</strong> $18.00<br />

978-0-670-00579-6 Viva Zapata! (screenplay) <strong>Penguin</strong> $12.00<br />

978-0-14-017322-2 Zapata (includes the screenplay of Viva Zapata! ) <strong>Penguin</strong> $16.00<br />

CRitiCAl liBRARy edition:<br />

978-0-14-024775-6 The Grapes of Wrath: Text and Criticism Critical Library Edition $22.00<br />


two timeless classics continue to captivate readers as groundbreaking<br />

enhanced e-books<br />

122 PeNguIN CLASSIC<br />


Of Mice and Men: Amplified<br />

Enhanced Edition<br />

Recipient of the quality, excellence, design (qed)<br />

Award from digital Book world<br />

This innovative edition of John Steinbeck’s Nobel Prize–<br />

winning tale of commitment, loneliness, hope, and loss<br />

is now available as an e-book enhanced with exclusive<br />

content, including an interview with James Earl Jones, for<br />

the ultimate educational experience.<br />


On the Road<br />

A <strong>Penguin</strong> <strong>Books</strong> Amplified Edition<br />

the legendary novel from the postwar prophet of<br />

American literature—brought to life as an iPad app with<br />

exclusive content for an absorbing experience<br />

“ Comes tricked out with more fancy bells and whistles<br />

than a BMW M5. . . . Pretty much the only thing missing<br />

is the chance to hear the novel read aloud by that sexyvoiced<br />

woman from your GPS.” —The New York Times<br />

See pp. 70–71 for information on the upcoming film adaptation of<br />

On the Road

get inside your favorite classics with <strong>Penguin</strong> enriched e-book Classics<br />

The enriched e-book format invites readers to go beyond the pages of these beloved works and<br />

gain more insight into the life and times of an author and the period in which the book was originally<br />

written for a richer reading experience. New introductions, essays, maps, and illustrations are just some<br />

of the great features available only in our enriched e-books.<br />


Mark Twain<br />

Edited with an Introduction and Notes by R. Kent Rassmussen<br />

R. Kent Rasmussen, Enriched E-book Features Editor<br />


Jane Austen<br />

Introduction and Notes by<br />

Vivian Jones<br />

With the original <strong>Penguin</strong> Classics<br />

Introduction by Tony Tanner<br />

Juliette Wells, Enriched E-book<br />

Features Editor<br />

$8.00<br />


Emily Brontë<br />

Edited with an Introduction and<br />

Notes by Pauline Nestor<br />

Preface by Lucasta Miller<br />

Sue Lonoff, Enriched E-book<br />

Features Editor<br />

$7.00<br />


Erskine Childers<br />

Introduction by Erskine C. Childers,<br />

Enriched E-book Features Editor<br />

$12.00<br />

An intimate look at Mark twain that only he himself could offer, with<br />

added photos, music, video, and more<br />

This Enhanced E-book features added by scholar R. Kent Rasmussen to this<br />

selection of Mark Twain’s autobiographical writings include:<br />

• Contemporary advertisements for Mark Twain’s autobiographical writings<br />

from newspapers around America<br />

• The only existing video of Mark Twain, taken by Thomas Edison’s production<br />

company in 1909, soundtracked with the popular contemporary song “In the<br />

Sweet Bye and Bye”<br />

• An expansive glossary linked with the text for a richer reading experience<br />



Joseph Conrad<br />

Edited with Notes by Owen Knowles<br />

and Robert Hampson<br />

J. H. Stape, General Editor<br />

Timothy S. Hayes, Enriched E-book<br />

Features Editor<br />

$9.00<br />


Charles Dickens<br />

Edited with an Introduction and<br />

Notes by Richard Maxwell<br />

Kristie Allen, Enriched E-book<br />

Features Editor<br />

$8.00<br />




Frederick Douglass<br />

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Houston A. Baker, Jr.<br />

Houston A. Baker, Jr., and<br />

Derrick R. Spires, Enriched E-book<br />

Features Editors<br />

$10.00<br />


Nathaniel Hawthorne<br />

Introduction by Nina Baym<br />

Notes by Thomas E. Connolly<br />

Monika Elbert, Enriched E-book<br />

Features Editor<br />

$7.00<br />


Herman Melville<br />

Introduction by<br />

Andrew Delbanco<br />

Commentaries by Tom Quirk<br />

Foreword by<br />

Nathaniel Philbrick<br />

Mary Bercaw Edwards, Enriched<br />

E-book Features Editor<br />

$13.00<br />

HAMLET<br />

William Shakespeare<br />

Edited with Notes by<br />

A. R. Braunmuller<br />

Stephen Orgel and<br />

A. R. Braunmuller, The Pelican<br />

Shakespeare General Editors<br />

Sean Keilen, Enriched E-book<br />

Features Editor<br />

$6.00<br />

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Mary Shelley<br />

Introduction by<br />

Elizabeth Kostova<br />

Notes by Maurice Hindle<br />

Charles E. Robinson, Enriched<br />

E-book Features Editor<br />

$8.00<br />

THE JuNGLE<br />

upton Sinclair<br />

Introduction by Eric Schlosser<br />

Jonathan Beecher Field, Enriched<br />

E-book Features Editor<br />

$9.95<br />



Mark Twain<br />

Introduction by John Seelye<br />

Notes by Guy Cardwell<br />

R. Kent Rasmussen, Enriched<br />

E-book Features Editor<br />

$7.00<br />



The Aeneid virgil<br />

Read by Simon Callow<br />

Unabridged · 10 CDs, 12.5 hours<br />

ISBN 978-0-14-305902-8 · $49.95<br />

Crime and Punishment<br />

Fyodor Dostoyevsky<br />

Read by Alex Jennings<br />

Abridged · 6 CDs, 5.5 hours<br />

ISBN 978-0-14-305814-4 · $16.95<br />

Dracula Bram Stoker<br />

Read by Richard E. Grant<br />

Abridged · 3 CDs, 3 hours<br />

ISBN 978-0-14-305810-6 · $14.95<br />

Frankenstein Mary Shelley<br />

Read by Richard Pasco<br />

Abridged · 3 CDs, 3 hours<br />

ISBN 978-0-14-305813-7 · $14.95<br />

Great Expectations Charles Dickens<br />

Read by Hugh Laurie<br />

Abridged · 3 CDs, 3 hours<br />

ISBN 978-0-14-305816-8 · $14.95<br />

124 PeNguIN CLASSIC<br />

Also available from <strong>Penguin</strong> Audio<br />

The Iliad Homer<br />

Read by Sir Derek Jacobi<br />

Abridged · 8 CDs, 9 hours<br />

ISBN 978-0-14-305928-8 · $36.95<br />

Jane Eyre Charlotte Brontë<br />

Read by Joanna David<br />

Abridged· 6 CDs, 6 hours<br />

ISBN 978-0-14-305812-0 · $16.95<br />

Moby-Dick Herman Melville<br />

Read by William Hootkins<br />

Abridged · 6 CDs, 6 hours<br />

ISBN 978-0-14-305809-0 · $16.95<br />

The Odyssey Homer<br />

Read by Sir Ian McKellen<br />

Unabridged · 11 CDs, 13 hours<br />

ISBN 978-0-14-305824-3 · $39.95<br />

On the Road: 50th-Anniversary Edition<br />

Jack Kerouac<br />

Read by Will Patton<br />

Unabridged · 9 CDs, 11 hours<br />

ISBN 978-0-14-314273-7 · $29.95<br />

On the Road: The Original Scroll<br />

Jack Kerouac<br />

Read by John Ventimiglia<br />

Unabridged · 10 CDs, 12.5 hours<br />

ISBN 978-0-14-314379-6 · $39.95<br />

Pride and Prejudice Jane Austen<br />

Read by Joanna David<br />

Abridged · 6 CDs, 5.5 hours<br />

ISBN 978-0-14-305817-5 · $16.95<br />

Sense and Sensibility Jane Austen<br />

Read by Julie Christie<br />

Abridged · 6 CDs, 5.5 hours<br />

ISBN 978-0-14-305808-3 · $16.95<br />

A Tale of Two Cities Charles Dickens<br />

Read by Ian Richardson<br />

Abridged · 6 CDs, 6 hours<br />

ISBN 978-0-14-305815-1 · $16.95<br />

Wuthering Heights Emily Brontë<br />

Read by Prunella Scales and Samuel West<br />

Abridged · 6 CDs, 5.5 hours<br />

ISBN 978-0-14-305811-3 · $16.95<br />

All titles also available as downloadable audiobooks

Available now from <strong>Penguin</strong> Audio —unabridged John steinbeck classics<br />

The Grapes of Wrath<br />

Read by Dylan Baker ·17 CDs, 21 hours<br />

ISBN 978-0-14-314515-8 · $39.95<br />

In Dubious Battle<br />

Read by Tom Stechschulte · 9 CDs, 10 hours<br />

ISBN 978-0-14-242923-5 · $39.95<br />

Of Mice and Men<br />

Read by Gary Sinise · 3 CDs, 3 hours<br />

ISBN 978-0-14-242918-1 · $19.95<br />

Tortilla Flat<br />

Read by John McDonough · 6 CDs, 7 hours<br />

ISBN 978-0-14-242922-8 · $29.95<br />

All titles also available as downloadable audiobooks<br />

Cannery Row<br />

Read by Jerry Farden · 5 CDs, 6 hours<br />

ISBN 978-1-61176-014-9 · $29.95<br />

Sweet Thursday<br />

Read by Jerry Farden · 8 CDs, 9 hours<br />

ISBN 978-0-14-242924-2 · $39.95<br />

The Moon Is Down<br />

Read by George Guidall · 3 CDs, 3.5 hours<br />

ISBN 978-0-14-242926-6 · $19.95<br />

East of Eden<br />

Read by Richard Poe · 22 CDs, 25 hours<br />

ISBN 978-0-14-242921-1 · $49.95<br />

The Red Pony<br />

Read by Frank Muller · 3 CDs, 3 hours<br />

ISBN 978-0-14-242925-9 · $19.95<br />

Travels with Charley in Search<br />

of America<br />

Read by Gary Sinise · 7 CDs, 8 hours<br />

ISBN 978-0-14-242919-8 · $29.95<br />

The Pearl<br />

Read by Hector Elizondo · 3 CDs, 2.5 hours<br />

ISBN 978-0-14-242920-4 · $19.95<br />



126<br />

Freud’s Sister Goce Smilevski<br />

Read by Barbara Rosenblat<br />

Unabridged download · 8.5 hours<br />

ISBN 978-1-10-157968-8 · $39.95<br />

Midnight in Peking Paul French<br />

Read by Erik Singer<br />

Unabridged download · 8 hours<br />

ISBN 978-1-10-156443-1 · $29.95<br />

The Confidant Hélène Grémillon<br />

Unabridged download · 7 hours<br />

ISBN 978-1-10-157965-7 · $29.95<br />

Pyg Russell Potter<br />

Read by Simon Callow<br />

Unabridged download · 6 hours<br />

ISBN 978-1-10-157964-0 · $29.95<br />

ClassiC <strong>Penguin</strong><br />

<strong>Penguin</strong> originals Available in Audio<br />

Hector and the Search for Lost Time François Lelord<br />

Read by James Langton<br />

Unabridged download · 5.5 hours<br />

ISBN 978-1-10-156445-5 · $29.95<br />

The Snow Leopard Peter Matthiessen<br />

Unabridged download · 12 hours<br />

ISBN 978-1-10-156465-3 · $39.95<br />

Pilgrims Elizabeth Gilbert<br />

Read by Coleen Marlo<br />

Unabridged CDs · 6 CDs, 7 hours<br />

ISBN 978-0-14-314335-2 · $29.95<br />

Unabridged download · 7 hours<br />

ISBN 978-1-43-621137-6 · $29.95<br />

On the Divinity of Second Chances Kaya McLaren<br />

Read by Arthur Morey, Allyson Ryan, Lincoln Hoppe, Kimberly Farr,<br />

Cassandra Campbell, and Ann Marie Lee<br />

Unabridged download · 9 hours<br />

ISBN 978-1-10-105294-5 · $29.95<br />

Church of the Dog Kaya McLaren<br />

Read by Kirsten Potter, Kirby Heyborne,<br />

Arthur Mosley, and Kimberly Farr<br />

Unabridged download · 7.5 hours<br />

ISBN 978-1-10-105295-2 · $29.95<br />

Stern Men Elizabeth Gilbert<br />

Read by Allyson Ryan<br />

Unabridged download · 11 hours<br />

ISBN 978-1-10-115219-5 · $39.95<br />

The Dead Lie Down Sophie Hannah<br />

Read by Elizabeth Sastre<br />

Unabridged download · 15.5 hours<br />

ISBN 978-1-10-119599-4 · $49.95<br />

The Wrong Mother Sophie Hannah<br />

Read by Elizabeth Sastre<br />

Unabridged download · 13 hours<br />

ISBN 978-1-10-119600-7 · $49.95<br />

Un Amico Italiano Luca Spaghetti<br />

Read by Edoardo Ballerini<br />

Unabridged download · 6 hours<br />

ISBN 978-1-10-148353-4 · $25.95<br />

The Cradle in the Grave Sophie Hannah<br />

Read by Elizabeth Sastre<br />

Unabridged download · 12 hours<br />

ISBN 978-1-10-152356-8 · $39.95<br />

Theodora Stella Duffy<br />

Read by Davina Porter<br />

Unabridged download · 11.5 hours<br />

ISBN 978-1-10-148435-7 · $39.95

<strong>Penguin</strong> Readers guides<br />

Our extensive collection of reading group guides for <strong>Penguin</strong> and <strong>Penguin</strong> Classics is available online<br />

penguin.com<br />

penguinclassics.com<br />

ClassiC <strong>Penguin</strong><br />


ISbN 978-0-14-242206-9 $7.99 ($8.99 CAN)<br />

Middle Grade/Fiction 5 1 /16 x 7 3 /4 384 pp.<br />

Rights: E30 Pub history: Putnam hc 978-0-399-25627-1<br />

On sale: 2/12/<strong>2013</strong><br />

SuggeSTeD ORDeR<br />

“ Pitch-perfect.”<br />

—Los Angeles Times<br />

“ Exciting.”<br />

—Chicago Tribune<br />

“ Satisfies on all levels.”<br />

—The New York Times<br />

“ [An] enjoyable adventure, filled<br />

with magic, humor, memorable characters,<br />

and just a bit of sweet romance.”<br />

—Publishers Weekly (starred review)<br />

penguin young readers<br />

128 FebRuARy<br />

A magical and creative work of mystery<br />

and intrigue from an acclaimed storyteller<br />

The Apothecary<br />

Maile Meloy<br />

It’s 1952 and the Scott family has just moved from Los Angeles<br />

to London. There, fourteen-year-old Janie meets a mysterious<br />

apothecary and his son, Benjamin, a fascinating boy who dreams<br />

of becoming a spy. When Benjamin’s father is kidnapped, Janie<br />

and Benjamin must uncover the secrets of the apothecary’s<br />

sacred book, the Pharmacopoeia, to find him, all while keeping<br />

it out of the hands of their enemies—Russian spies in possession<br />

of nuclear weapons. Discovering and testing potions they never<br />

believed could exist, Janie and Benjamin embark on a dangerous<br />

race to save the apothecary and prevent impending disaster.<br />

n Visit mailemeloy.com<br />

MAile Meloy is the award-winning author of the short<br />

story collection Half in Love and the novels Both Ways Is the Only<br />

Way I Want It, Liars and Saints, and A Family Daughter. This is<br />

her first novel for young readers. She lives in California.<br />

Unabridged CDs • 7 CDs, 8 hours<br />

978-1-61176-009-5 $29.95 ($34.50 CAN)

<strong>Penguin</strong> AuthoRs CeleBRAte new ReleAses<br />

MARk kuRlAnsky<br />

Now available from Doubleday<br />

Birdseye<br />

The Basque History of the World 978-0-14-029851-2 $16.00<br />

Cod 978-0-14-027501-8 $18.00<br />

Salt 978-0-14-200161-5 $16.00<br />

ClassiC <strong>Penguin</strong> 129

130<br />


ClassiC <strong>Penguin</strong><br />

JAsPeR FFoRde<br />

Coming from Viking in October 2012<br />

The Woman Who Died a Lot<br />

The Thursday Next Series (in order of publication):<br />

The Eyre Affair 978-0-14-200180-6 $16.00<br />

Lost in a Good Book 978-0-14-200403-6 $16.00<br />

The Well of Lost Plots 978-0-14-303435-3 $14.00<br />

Something Rotten 978-0-14-303541-1 $14.00<br />

Thursday Next: First Among Sequels 978-0-14-311356-0 $15.00<br />

One of Our Thursdays Is Missing 978-0-14-312051-3 $16.00<br />

The Nursery Crimes Series:<br />

The Big Over Easy 978-0-14-303723-1 $15.00<br />

The Fourth Bear 978-0-14-303892-4 $15.00<br />

Also available from <strong>Penguin</strong>:<br />

Shades of Grey 978-0-14-311858-9 $15.00

<strong>Penguin</strong> AuthoRs CeleBRAte new ReleAses<br />

PAul Johnson<br />

Coming from Viking in October 2012<br />

Darwin<br />

Churchill 978-0-14-311799-5 $15.00<br />

Jesus 978-0-14-311877-0 $15.00<br />

Napoleon 978-0-14-303745-3 $14.00<br />

ClassiC <strong>Penguin</strong> 131

132<br />


Ross king<br />

Coming from Bloomsbury in October 2012<br />

Leonardo and the Last Supper<br />

Brunelleschi’s Dome 978-0-14-200015-1 $15.00<br />

Domino 978-0-14-200336-7 $24.00<br />

Ex-Libris 978-0-14-200080-9 $21.00<br />

Michaelangelo and the Pope’s Ceiling 978-0-14-200369-5 $18.00<br />

ClassiC <strong>Penguin</strong>

<strong>Penguin</strong> AuthoRs CeleBRAte new ReleAses<br />

kevin PhilliPs<br />

Coming from Viking in November 2012<br />

1775<br />

American Dynasty 978-0-14-303431-5 $15.00<br />

American Theocracy 978-0-14-303828-3 $18.00<br />

Bad Money 978-0-14-311480-2 $16.00<br />

ClassiC <strong>Penguin</strong> 133

134<br />


ClassiC <strong>Penguin</strong><br />

t.C. Boyle<br />

Coming from Viking in September 2012<br />

San Miguel<br />

The Tortilla Curtain (<strong>Penguin</strong> Ink Edition) 978-0-14-311907-4 $16.00<br />

The Tortilla Curtain 978-0-14-023828-0 $15.00<br />

Water Music 978-0-14-006550-3 $16.00<br />

When the Killing’s Done 978-0-14-312039-1 $16.00<br />

Wild Child 978-0-14-311864-0 $16.00<br />

thoMAs e. RiCks<br />

Coming from The <strong>Penguin</strong> Press in September 2012<br />

The Generals<br />

Fiasco 978-0-14-303891-7 $16.00<br />

The Gamble 978-0-14-311691-2 $17.00<br />

M. J. MCgRAth<br />

Coming from Viking in November 2012<br />

The Boy in the Snow<br />

White Heat 978-0-14-312096-4 $15.00 (On sale 7/31/2012)

<strong>Penguin</strong> AuthoRs CeleBRAte new ReleAses<br />

noRAh vinCent<br />

Coming from Viking in August 2012<br />

Thy Neighbor<br />

Self-Made Man 978-0-14-303870-2 $15.00<br />

Voluntary Madness 978-0-14-311685-1 $16.00<br />

JoyCe Johnson<br />

Coming from Viking in September 2012<br />

The Voice Is All<br />

Minor Characters 978-0-14-028357-0 $16.00<br />

Missing Men 978-0-14-303523-7 $15.00<br />

MARk MAzoweR<br />

Coming from The <strong>Penguin</strong> Press in September 2012<br />

Governing the World<br />

Hitler’s Empire 978-0-14-311610-3 $20.00<br />

ClassiC <strong>Penguin</strong> 135

136<br />


ClassiC <strong>Penguin</strong><br />

RoBeRt MACFARlAne<br />

Coming from Viking in October 2012<br />

The Old Ways<br />

The Wild Places 978-0-14-311393-5 $15.00<br />

Joe queenAn<br />

Coming from Viking in October 2012<br />

One for the <strong>Books</strong><br />

Closing Time 978-0-14-311668-4 $16.00<br />

iMogen RoBeRtson<br />

Coming from Pamela Dorman <strong>Books</strong>/Viking in October 2012<br />

Island of Bones<br />

Anatomy of Murder 978-0-14-312263-0 $15.00 (On sale 8/28/2012)<br />

Instruments of Darkness 978-0-14-312040-7 $15.00

<strong>Penguin</strong> AuthoRs CeleBRAte new ReleAses<br />

RoyAll tyleR<br />

Coming from Viking in October 2012<br />

The Tale of the Heike<br />

The Tale of Genji: Abridged (<strong>Penguin</strong> Classics Deluxe Edition)<br />

978-0-14-303949-5 $16.00<br />

The Tale of Genji: Unabridged 978-0-14-243714-8 $30.00<br />

dAvid nAsAw<br />

Coming from The <strong>Penguin</strong> Press in November 2012<br />

The Patriarch<br />

Andrew Carnegie 978-0-14-311244-0 $20.00<br />

MARCus RedikeR<br />

Coming from Viking in November 2012<br />

The Amistad Rebellion<br />

The Slave Ship 978-0-14-311425-3 $18.00<br />

ClassiC <strong>Penguin</strong> 137

48 Laws of Power, The 25, 32–33<br />

Aldington, Richard 111<br />

Alger, Cristina 10–11<br />

Alighieri, Dante 108–109<br />

All In 18<br />

All There Is 6–7<br />

Anatomy of Melancholy 88<br />

Angelology 22<br />

Annals 120<br />

Art of Character, The 44<br />

Art of Happiness, The 95<br />

Art of the Sale, The 76–77<br />

Atherton, Nancy 84–85<br />

Augenbraum, Harold 118<br />

Aunt Dimity and the Village Witch 84<br />

Austen, Jane 92–93<br />

Baker-Smith, Dominic 93<br />

Bakker, Gerbrand 60<br />

Barrett, James R. 66<br />

Barry, John M. 12<br />

Barton, Nancy Owen 14<br />

Bell, Ilona 97<br />

Bellow, Saul 96<br />

Benfey, Christopher 61<br />

Bertram, Christopher 99<br />

Blue Monday 56–57<br />

Botchan 119<br />

Bringing Up Bébé 34–35<br />

Broadwell, Paula 18<br />

Brontë, Charlotte 92–93<br />

Brontë, Emily 94<br />

Camilleri, Andrea 50–51<br />

Caplan, Thomas 20<br />

Cather, Willa 92–93<br />

Child, Brenda J. 46<br />

Chocolat 24<br />

City of Dark Magic Insert<br />

Cohn, J. 119<br />

Collapse 23<br />

Collected Poems (Proust) 118<br />

Collected Poetry (Donne) 101<br />

index<br />

Come Along with Me 110<br />

Constance Harding’s (Rather)<br />

Startling Year 86<br />

Corbett, David 44<br />

Cordery, Stacy A. 45<br />

Cynic Philosophers, The 112<br />

Damon, Cynthia 120<br />

Dance of the Seagull, The 50<br />

Dark Rose, The 38<br />

Darlings, The 10–11<br />

Davies, Norman 21<br />

Death of a Hero 111<br />

Delves Broughton, Philip 76–77<br />

Diamond, Jared 23<br />

Divine Comedy, The 108–109<br />

Dobbin, Robert 112<br />

Doctorow, E. L. 67<br />

Donne, John 101<br />

Donougher, Christine 104<br />

Drifting House 13<br />

Drooker, Eric 108–109<br />

Druckerman, Pamela 34–35<br />

Epicurus 95<br />

Escape from Camp 14 72–73<br />

Felber, Garrett 100<br />

Flyte, Magnus Insert<br />

Forest Unseen, The 87<br />

French, Nicci 56–57<br />

From the Memoirs of a<br />

Non-Enemy Combatant 19<br />

Gertner, Jon 54–55<br />

Gilvarry, Alex 19<br />

Glow 59<br />

Godwin, Malcolm 28<br />

Going Solo 39<br />

Goldstone, Nancy 83<br />

Gossamurmur 89<br />

Greene, Robert 25, 32–33<br />

Guitar Zero 8–9<br />

Halperin, Daniel 68<br />

Harden, Blaine 72–73<br />

Harris, Joanne 24<br />

Haskell, David George 87<br />

Henderson the Rain King 96<br />

Hische, Jessica 92–93<br />

Hoare, Quintin 99<br />

Holding Our World Together 46<br />

Homes, A. M. 42<br />

Howrey, Meg Insert<br />

Hugo, Victor 104<br />

Hyde, Lewis 116–117<br />

Idea Factory, The 54–55<br />

Irish Way, The 66<br />

Isay, Dave 6–7<br />

Jackson, Shirley 110<br />

Jane Eyre (<strong>Penguin</strong> Drop Caps Edition) 92–93<br />

Jones, Chris Morgan 36–37<br />

Judt, Tony 43<br />

Juliette Gordon Low 45<br />

Kelly, Erin 38<br />

Kerouac, Jack 70–71<br />

Kerr, Philip 74–75<br />

Kirkpatrick, Robin 108–109<br />

Kirsch, Adam 96<br />

Klein, Daniel 4–5, 95<br />

Klinenberg, Eric 39<br />

Kurzweil, Ray 27<br />

Ladinsky, Daniel 14–15<br />

le Carré, John 62–65<br />

Lee, Krys 13<br />

Leonard, John 67<br />

Les Misérables 104<br />

Letters to a Young Poet 116–117<br />

Loeb, Vernon 18<br />

Looking Glass War, The 62-63<br />

Louth, Charlie 116–117<br />

Lynch, Christina Insert<br />

Lytal, Benjamin 78–79<br />

INDex 139

140 INDex<br />

Maid and the Queen, The 83<br />

Map of Tulsa, A 78–79<br />

Marable, Manning 100<br />

Marcus, Gary 8–9<br />

McCafferty, Keith 41<br />

Memory of Love, The 52–53<br />

Meredith, James H. 111<br />

Midwife, The 17<br />

Miller, Laura 110<br />

Miss Julia to the Rescue 80<br />

More, Thomas 97<br />

My Ántonia<br />

(<strong>Penguin</strong> Drop Caps Edition) 92–93<br />

Narcopolis 82<br />

Of the Social Contract and Other<br />

Political Writings 99<br />

Olsson, Linda 52–53<br />

On Beauty 26<br />

On the Road (Movie Tie-In Edition) 70–71<br />

Pagels, Elaine 48–49<br />

Pakistan on the Brink 58<br />

<strong>Penguin</strong> Classics Deluxe<br />

Editions backlist 114–115<br />

<strong>Penguin</strong> Drop Caps 92–93<br />

Petrushevskaya, Ludmilla 40<br />

Plato 98<br />

Portable Malcolm X Reader, The 96<br />

Prague Fatale 74–75<br />

Pride and Prejudice<br />

(<strong>Penguin</strong> Drop Caps Edition) 92–93<br />

index<br />

Proust, Marcel 118<br />

Purity of Desire, The 14<br />

Radford, Ceri 86<br />

Rashid, Ahmed 58<br />

Reading for My Life 67<br />

Red Brick, Black Mountain, White Clay 61<br />

Republic, The 98<br />

Revelations 48–49<br />

Ricks, Christopher 97<br />

Rilke, Rainer Maria 116–117<br />

Roger Williams and the Creation<br />

of the American Soul 12<br />

Ross, Ann B. 80–81<br />

Rousseau, Jean-Jacques 99<br />

Rowe, Christopher 98<br />

Royal Wulff Murders, The 41<br />

Rules of Civility 69<br />

Safety of Objects, The 42<br />

Sartarelli, Stephen 50–51<br />

Sartorialist: Closer, The (Limited Edition) 47<br />

Schuman, Scott 47<br />

Serenity Murders, The 16<br />

Silent Oligarch, The 36–37<br />

Singularity Is Near, The 27<br />

Small Town in Germany, A 62–63<br />

Smith, Zadie 26<br />

Snyder, Timothy 43<br />

Somer, Mehmet Murat 16<br />

So - seki, Natsume 119<br />

Spy Who Jumped Off the Screen, The 20<br />

Steinbeck, John 102–103, 121<br />

Strodach, George K. 95<br />

Summers, Anna 40<br />

Tacitus 120<br />

Tales of the German Imagination<br />

from the Brothers Grimm<br />

to Ingeborg Bachmann 113<br />

Ten White Geese 60<br />

Thayil, Jeet 82<br />

There Once Lived a Girl Who Seduced<br />

Her Sister’s Husband, and<br />

He Hanged Himself 40<br />

Thinking the Twentieth Century 43<br />

Timberg, Craig 68<br />

Tinderbox 68<br />

Towles, Amor 69<br />

Travels with Epicurus 4–5<br />

Trussoni, Danielle 22<br />

Tucellli, Jessica Maria 59<br />

Utopia 97<br />

Vanished Kingdoms 21<br />

Waldman, Anne 89<br />

Who Are You? 28<br />

Worth, Jennifer 17<br />

Wortsman, Peter 113<br />

Wrigley, Robert 88<br />

Wuthering Heights 94

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Zealand, Open Market<br />

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