Genuine Mercedes-Benz Accessories - Mercedes-Benz USA

Genuine Mercedes-Benz Accessories - Mercedes-Benz USA

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07 Painted Grille Kit

Embellish the already sleek look of your C-Class Sport without compromising

its engineering precision with this painted grille kit. Factory option shown on

the right. Only available for Sedan.

08 Sports Grille Conversion Kit

Substitute the ultra-refined looking grille of your C-Class Luxury (not shown)

with the more aggressive styling of the Sport model’s grille [8]. Only available for Sedan.

09 Chrome Door Handle Inserts

Help protect your finish from scratches and add a touch of style with a set of four

for the Sedan and a set of two for the Coupe.

10 Pedal Covers in Stainless Steel

Pedal covers in ground stainless steel with non-slip stud panel. (For Luxury model only.)


11 Illuminated Door Sills

Light-up your C-Class in eye-catching

style each time you open the front

door with luminous “ Mercedes-Benz

stainless steel door sills. (Blue-colored

for Sedan. White-colored for Coupe.)

12 AMG Door Pin

In high-quality stainless steel. (Set

of two.)





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