Latin America and the Caribbean: Issues for the 109th Congress

Latin America and the Caribbean: Issues for the 109th Congress


Although the Administration’s MCC request for FY2007 was $3 billion, the House

cut funding by $1 million and the Senate by $1.23 million.

U.S. support to counter the HIV/AIDS epidemic in the region is provided

through programs administered by several U.S. agencies, although the U.S. Agency

for International Development (USAID) is the lead agency in the international fight

against AIDS. The United States also provides contributions to multilateral efforts,

such as the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria. Both the House

and Senate foreign operations bills meet the Administration’s request for HIV/AIDS

programs, but the House reduces funding for malaria by $47 million.

CRS Products:

CRS Report RL32487, U.S. Foreign Assistance to Latin America and the Caribbean,

coordinated by Connie Veillette.

CRS Report RL33337, Article 98 Agreements and Sanctions on U.S. Foreign Aid to

Latin America, by Clare M. Ribando.

CRS Report RL33420, Foreign Operations (House)/State, Foreign Operations, and

Related Programs (Senate): FY2007 Appropriations, by Larry Nowels, Connie

Veillette, and Susan B. Epstein.

CRS Report RL32427, Millennium Challenge Account, by Curt Tarnoff.

Andean Counterdrug Initiative

The Andean Counterdrug Initiative (ACI) is the primary U.S. program that

addresses counternarcotics and alternative development in the Andean region of

South America. The ACI supports Plan Colombia, a six-year plan developed by the

Colombian government in 1999 to combat drug trafficking and related guerrilla

activity. The ACI program is regional in nature because organizations in countries

bordering Colombia also produce and traffic in narcotics and because it is affected

by other cross-border issues. The ACI began in 2000, when Congress passed

legislation providing $1.3 billion in interdiction and development assistance (P.L.

106-246) for Colombia and six regional neighbors: Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador,

Venezuela, Brazil, and Panama. Funding for ACI from FY2000 through FY2006

totals approximately $5 billion.

For FY2007, the Administration requested $721.5 million, of which $65.7

million was proposed for the Critical Flight Safety Program, to upgrade aging

aircraft. Funding for the Air Bridge Denial program, an air interdiction program in

operation over Colombia, was included in the request for Colombia. On June 9,

2006, the House passed H.R. 5522, the FY2007 Foreign Operations Appropriations

Act, that makes significant changes to the way foreign aid to Colombia is provided

but largely approves the Administration’s request with regard to funding levels. The

most significant change is to provide some funding for Colombia from traditional aid

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