AAO Annual Meetings On Demand Content


AAO Annual Meetings On Demand Content


164 Advanced IOL Power Calculations for the Cataract and

Refractive Surgeon

165 Learning Phaco Chop: Pearls and Pitfalls

218 A Video Bouquet of Phaco Complications That Should

Never Have Occurred, With Tips on Damage Control and

Prevention to Optimize Postoperative Outcome

219 Advanced Phacoemulsification: Maximizing Customized

Cataract Surgery Outcomes

221 Best of the Best 2012: An Update in Cataract Surgery

253 Cliffhanger: Vitrectomy by the Anterior Segment Surgeon

for the Broken Posterior Capsule, the Sinking Nucleus, and

the Dangling IOL

308 Surgical Management of Astigmatism in Cataract and

Refractive Surgery

331 Cataract Surgery in the Setting of Ocular Comorbidities

and High‐Risk Features for Intraoperative and

Postoperative Complications

342 A Video Symposium of Challenging Cases and the

Management of Intraoperative Complications During

Cataract Surgery

344 Comprehensive Strategy for Unplanned Vitrectomy

Technique for the Anterior Segment Surgeon

377 Abandoned Phaco: Convert to No‐Stitch Manual Small‐

Incision Cataract Surgery

408 Management of Difficult and Challenging Cases Presented

in 3‐D High Definition

409 One‐Stop Chop Squad

487 Intraoperative Floppy Iris Syndrome: Pearls for

Management and Prevention

529 Conquering Capsule Complications: A Video Primer

534 The Surgical Management of the Malpositioned IOL

569 Optimizing the Results of Presbyopic IOL Surgery

608 Step‐by‐Step, 3‐D Instructional Course in Microcoaxial and

Microbiaxial Cataract Surgery

LEC151 Phacoemulsification and Advanced Techniques

LEC230 Advanced Refractive Cataract Surgery and Anterior

Segment Reconstruction

OP01 Cataract Femtosecond Original Paper Session

OP10 Cataract Original Paper Session

SPO3 Spotlight on Cataracts: Clinical Decision‐making With

Cataract Complications

SPO4 Spotlight on Pseudoexfoliation

SYM07 Cataract Surgery: The Cutting Edge

SYM33 Femto Forum: Cataract, Cornea, Refractive, and Beyond

SYM46 Academy Cafe: Cataract

SYM52 Academy Cafe: Cataract

Cornea, External Disease

180 Anterior Segment OCT

489 Allergic Eye Disease: An Enigma for Physicians

536 Ocular Surface Disease Management: Moving From

Adequate to Expert

AAO Annual Meetings On Demand Content

572 Use of Surgical Adhesives and Amniotic Membrane in

Conjunctival, Corneal, Cataract, and Refractive Surgery

596 Endothelial Keratoplasty (DSEK / DSAEK / DMEK / DMAEK):

Current Strategies to Improve Results and Avoid


OP06 Cornea, External Disease Original Paper Session, Part I

OP06 Cornea, External Disease Original Paper Session, Part II

SPO2 Spotlight on Corneal Collagen Crosslinking

SYM05 Corneal Stem Cell: Advances in Clinical and Laboratory


SYM15 The Controversies and Dilemmas of Managing Ocular

Infectious Diseases: Point–Counterpoint

SYM17 International Perspectives: Trauma of the Anterior

Segment, Evaluation and Management

SYM34 Non‐bacterial Infectious Keratitis

SYM49 Academy Cafe: Cornea, External Disease

Electronic Health Records

183 Electronic Health Records: Compliance and Medicolegal


198 Slay Your Dragon: Successful Implementation of Voice

Recognition Software Into Your Electronic Health Record

SYM29 Making Electronic Health Records Meaningful and Useful

in Your Practice


SYM27 Shifting Gears: Practical and Ethical Transitions to


General Medical Care

SPE11 2013 Medicare Update

SYM20 Re‐engineering the U.S. Health Care System: The Impact

on Ophthalmology

SYM25 Late Breakers Symposium

SYM36 Quality Improvement: How Do We Improve Quality,

Maintain Efficiency and Sustain the Physician‐Patient


SYM38 Workforce Issues in Ophthalmology: Eye Health Care for

Baby Boomers and Beyond

SYM43 Grand Rounds: Cases and Experts From Across the Nation

SYM44 Best of the Anterior Segment Specialty Meetings 2012

SYM47 Academy Cafe: Combined Procedures

SYM54 Opening Session

General Non‐Medical

SPE15 OMIC Forum: Top Ten Indemnity Payments of 2011


256 What's Your Next Step? Case Studies in Glaucoma


316 The Glaucoma Horizon: Medications, Surgeries,

Mechanisms, and Diagnostics

340 Argon Laser Peripheral Iridoplasty: All You Need to Know

As of 9/4/12

438 Ophthalmoscopic Evaluation of the Optic Disc and Retinal

Nerve Fiber Layer

579 Normal‐Tension Glaucoma: Evaluation and Treatment

LEC152 Computerized Scanning Imaging of the Optic Nerve and

Retinal Nerve Fiber Layer

LEC235 Glaucoma Filtration Surgery

LEC400 Glaucoma Laser Therapy: Innovations and Advice From the


OP02 Glaucoma Original Paper Session

OP12 Glaucoma Original Paper Session

SYM21 Ethnic Variations in Glaucoma Prevalence, Detection, and

Treatment Outcomes

SYM24 Advances in the Surgical Management of Glaucoma

SYM50 Academy Cafe: Glaucoma

Global Ophthalmology

SYM01 What is Global Ophthalmology?

Intraocular Inflammation Uveitis

OP09 Intraocular Inflammation, Uveitis Original Paper Session

SYM45 Academy Cafe: Uveitis

Medical Education

SPO1 Spotlight on Innovation in Ophthalmology: From Theory to


SYM26 Crash Courses in Teaching: A Primer for Faculty



185 Emergency Neuro‐Ophthalmology: Diagnosis and


OP08 Neuro‐Ophthalmology Original Paper Session

SYM40 What to Do When Your Patient Sees Nothing and You See

Nothing: The Neuro‐Ophthalmology Workup

Ocular Tumors and Pathology

OP04 Ocular Tumors and Pathology Original Paper Session

SYM37 Ocular Tumors: Evidence‐Based Rationale for Treatment

Ophthalmic History

SYM06 Contagion! Epidemics in Ophthalmic History

SYM32 Then and Now

Optics, Refraction, Contact Lenses

SYM09 Optimizing Optics: Perspectives From Contact Lens,

Intraocular Lens, and Refractive Surgery

Orbit, Lacrimal, Plastic Surgery

541 Emerging Paradigms in Oculoplastics: The Asian


OP05 Orbit, Lacrimal, Plastic Surgery Original Paper Session

SYM04 From Metal to Molecules: The Evolution of Oculofacial

Plastic Surgery

SYM48 Academy Cafe: Oculoplastics

Pediatric Ophthalmology, Strabismus

369 Pediatric Uveitis: What You Need to Know

OP11 Pediatric Ophthalmology, Strabismus Original Paper


SYM10 How Does It Feel? An Insider’s Perspective on Living With


SYM16 Controversies in Pediatric Ophthalmology and Orthoptics:

A Point–Counterpoint Discussion

SYM19 Pediatric Corneal Disease and Treatment

SYM23 Update on Pediatric Ocular Trauma

Refractive Surgery

215 Update on Intrastromal Corneal Ring Segments

338 A Step‐by‐Step Primer to Starting LASIK in 2012

600 Refractive Laser Surgery (Surface and LASIK) Following

Previous Surgery: A Practical Approach to Indications,

Diagnostic and Treatment Techniques, and Possible

Complications and Their Management

OP03 Refractive Surgery Original Paper Session

SYM14 LASIK Is Safe: Prevention and Management of Laser


Retina, Vitreous

365 State‐of‐the‐Art Techniques and Technologies for

Microincision Vitrectomy Surgery to Treat Complex

Vitreoretinal Diseases

398 Engineering and Physics Principles: A Primer for the

Vitreoretinal Surgeon

435 Surgery of Retinal Detachment

510 Retinal OCT Interpretation 101

511 The Evaluation and Management of Retinal Pigment

Epithelial Detachment in AMD

544 OCT: Interpretation and Clinical Applications

618 Mystery Retina 2012: Interactive Discussion of Challenging


LEC157 Macular OCT: Mastering the Basics

LEC432 23‐Gauge Vitrectomy: What, When, and How?

OP07 Retina, Vitreous Original Paper Session, Part I

OP07 Retina, Vitreous Original Paper Session, Part II

SYM03 Best of the Posterior Segment Specialty Meetings 2012

SYM11 Medical and Surgical Treatment of Macular Disease

SYM13 Video Case Presentations of Rare Vitreoretinal Diseases

SYM31 Advances in the Treatment of Diabetic Retinopathy

SYM39 Management of Diabetic Retinopathy: East‐West


SYM41 The Great Debate

SYM42 Clinical Applications of Ocular Imaging

SYM51 Academy Cafe: Retina

Vision Rehabilitation

SYM35 Vision Rehabilitation: What’s New for Patients With Low


AAO Subspecialty Day on Demand Content

Cornea 2012: Pushing Surgical Boundaries, Professional

Development, and Popular Opinion

Glaucoma 2012: Managing Challenging Glaucoma Problems—

Merging Art and Science

Oculofacial Form, Function, Finesse

Plastic Surgery


Pediatric Learning From Our Past, Looking to Our

Ophthalmology Future


Refractive The Era of Lasers and Lenses

Surgery 2012:

Retina 2012: The Winds of Change

Uveitis 2012: The Challenges Continue … But the Future Is


As of 9/4/12

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