03-01-1883 - Village of Pinckney


03-01-1883 - Village of Pinckney









Ha^s^ptkm Price, (M.00




- * • ' • - . . »

Died.—At the residence of her.brother, James

„ffleck, in Putnam, Saturday, Feb. Wth. of typhpld

{•pneumonia, Margaret Affleck, In the W8h year of


M ^Deceased was born in Dumfries Shire, Scotland,

" ||aich 38, 1819. At the age of fifteen years ahe

ttme with her parents to America, and to the then

•jrtlderneas Of Michigan; her early life in this State

:4hraa divided between assisting her parents in developing

a hoine in the new country^ and in serving as

-WHEK Bancroft school children wjaht

a holiday they "petition" for it,

REMEMBER the lecture by Mrs. Boise,

tomorrow evening.

. FRANK BBOWII and Criass -Collyer^ of

Ho#ell^ were in town to-day,

Geo»-Hovland of Unadilla has sold

his f^rm o*152 acres, to James McKender|>f.?lainfieid.

v :

YESTERDAY WAS almost annnyenough

to induce the school boy. to u knuckk

down* 4 on the sidewalk and play marbles,

, ,, .

The first wagon seen'oar^^ur streets

for a humhe? of We«ki made its appear^


j - t —

Mr. Fearson "Lay* a claim on it," *M

puts, some stoae on to hold It down. /

/1 . - - ^ — •»"


Office, Man'n>e Block, ^TN€KNKY.

' '—: : — ' '• ^ t ;

-T E, RICHARDS & cb,,



G - W. Ashford, formerly of Pinckney,

will preach in the M. E. church, next, arrived safely-at Honolulu Jan. 25th.

Yhtt'rsday afternoon and evening. I A SOCIAL will be giveaby the_Con,

DR. TURNRR tooKa i4 flying trip" 1 Frank Krank Jtlecos; Hecos; 1¾ U visitng friends in

stone and lumber placed «pon what has jM$rten7he will return % Jackscraln

-alwiys been known "as the "piit>iie Jaboutaweek. He gave us a call at

square A question of title has often l^

to, gregational jSociety at the residence

Chicago, Friday last, and had a ride of Thompsons Grimes, Esq., Wednesday

(m the grip cars. ^ J evening next^ Mar.+7th. All are cor-

6 schoolbouse, FridaY.

been raised regarding this propertyv Skating parties are all--the'rage

but parties who investigated the mat*

ter seemed/to satisfy themselves that

ong the youn-j folks of this vicini^r

the village (or township) had aj good An exhibition was held at theschool-

title to it. But it seems that ia, few

ouse of six corners last Tuesday Event„

| we.eks since Messrs. Bulleek and jHaven ng.' A grand time ia reported. Many

of Howell, secured from the heirs of J>f the Marion people weie tiittrtf.

the late Wm. Kirklarid-X^uti-claim Miss Ida Bailey, was in .Marion on a

deed to certain lArids in Liyingston .^hortjdsit.jFriday. „E.L. M;

I County, the^escription coveliitgrrbeside

some farm property in Marlon township^

"all theilands which haveirotpTe^


viously heen |old or contracted (whetiF

^r recorded "or not)" in a certain deplaces"

sliders" Klastr

tronj'tfaa Democrat.

,/ I>r. WessTnger has located himself

scription covering thatrportioh of the kt ParshaUyjl3e,"where he will continue

village of Pinckney in which the pub- Ipis practice,

lie square is located, It is said that the

THERE was H "tea party given by Mr.

John^Qadwsltarrd' wiiet _Weojiesday;

a very pleasant time was hadi Atfter a

Sunday—^and—-"BACK bountiful "supper was served, gamej

were numerous.

MR. BROWN, the barber, was called

his father who was seriously injured

by falling on the ice.

A LETTER received by Mr. Tourney

Tfbm his.brother in Texas, reports the

•weather 70 above ^ero-in the shade

there now^-quite a delightful contrast

"to^hat inflicted upon poor. Michigan^

ders during a portion o£the.past'week.

AV Ann Arbor lawyer attended


village plat, as such, was never legally

recorded, and that the public square

was not properly dedicated to*t>r recorded

by thejownship. The only men - | The high ^ school is preparing- for a

dramatic and literary entertainri^ntv

to be given at the Opera House, Marcn^

9th. \ i. '___. •


tion made of it is the following para

TOlq H. BushT of New York State;"

graphirom the descriptive matter ohi

bo lias purchassed the stock of Fr H.

lithographed copy of the~village pi

Buyh,ha^moved to^Howftll^anff feia

morning „„.

Hereafter Preaching; will be at 10J

o'clock /and Sabbath School immediately

after. THe Qlass meeting after the

Sabbath schoQb » • • • ' "•:-.

THJE worms-in Mr. Darwin's wheatbin,

lientioned in bur paper last week,

were probably occasioned bv the wheat

^BS^I. . T """-M iXi T" 1 lttYY / Ci *Ki«iiucu i"being wet on the "top of the bin and

Ea^Lyne^ and was so affeeted by Seating. Theworms ^ere white grul»s

the fhi deatn Halih scene fanv>« that flint he \%r% had4o U"= ,J JV«. go ^.^, _..i. out '»•- T- , . 1.1 .. ,- S

and get a drink 1^-bracje-up his nerves

4 wit h. ^. nn A rborlawyers^are. very,

"Dealere in Tobacco and Cigars, Musidal and Optical

.^ .-. . *... xr .-.^9) is, Clocks,"Jewelry; Toys, Novel Ktc^Etc. very tender hearicd.""" ^^^--^

Confectionery a specialty,

t'or^lain and MillSta., '

fNCKNEY. The valentrfne-Tnost appreciated,

r>Ji FINCH. ";-;•_.


, Kalsomtnlng and Paper-hanging^





XJ« -1 Dealer in


JpUOthing and General Merchandise,

_3fejrt'fo-Poflt,0mce, PINCiiNEY,


S H:A, v^HljGr- • P A RvL 0 - contained a.t we


, Also dealer Iir Cigars onfectlonerj',

Second door east of PostonTee»- PTHCKXEY.




f^mfiy Ofororiofl, Rootaan^info^rr»raud'^a'i)

The Brick Store on the corner^


Dealers in

; probably issued: by Mr. Kir^landybu

and music occupied the attention of oearing no name or date:

guests until a late hour.

"The lote are 68 feet front by 13a feet in depth.

The streets are four rods in width, "anfftfce pub-

Uc square ia sixteen rods square.

. THE M.J^ Society, on last Sabbath, . u. „ _. ,. _ _ ________

Wa.majority. vote,changed the time_: J ^^¾^¾^ eyPeaison, rV of " " Pinckney, ^has

ntyldollar gold piece and

was sent by theMadies of his [Congregation.

Mr. Northrnp^wairnrvited out tedinner,

at Mr70rrin Burkhardts, and

when he turned his plate over, Impound

the valentine.—Chelsea Herald. ^-\

~ THE Brighton Argus man seems w

find a little-fault-with the TONK of our

paper. - He thinks enough of it, how?ever,

to copy a large number of itemswhich-he

has-not the honesty to properly

credits It is only the -shots which

ck W' ^fi^r^ast Thursdav night some person

of their Sabbath morning services. _y c _ M ^^ m taken possassionjof^iat business.

The Howell Grdnge will give a children's

festival, on Saturday, March 3rd;

All interested in the Gr_ngi*ihoVe~are

cordiallyinvjtod to bring their children.


title to the .property, as secured by thedeed

above mentidned, and so confident

were they of the legality of this title

that they offered anyarranty deed. Mr.

P^axsou seems perfectly satisfied that

yerv mpch like those commonly found

in decayed wood. .

On Friday, 23rdlnst.rwhile Mr. Mc-

Gee and family,' of Un^illa, w^r^tway

, T - j^o"i"_ A"W7L ' - — I fro4r hum* visiting friends,tramps en-1

____^^HSeydH. e^or^

,.^*«t*-A »*.„^*„ 4.11 u _: JT. ufree J ^ ^ W I U M S L the furniture

to suii their dwh t%J^, pocketed one

ddllar ;n tliange, a^oltk^^^hg)

ring, borrowed some under^cieJ"

to'complete'their toilet, and are

sighing for more wx>rIds to conquer.

* THE MethodisT society wilTTiolJ 1L

series of socials for the purpose of ^ob-

.tainihg means to repaint the interior

of the church. The first will-be an

(-are aimed toward Brighton that - he- evening^ Mar. 9.

fails to appreciate—ana he never copies bv a social at Geo. Brown-.,- one mile

them, I hey strike,toc^loset^the mark, ^east of towttj Friday evening, March

WE were in error last week when we 2 ^ rd - Ail he has a ; legal title, and has j.already

laid out "_ earson

are cordially invited

stated that there would be services at

: s addition -to' therVillage

of-Pinckney," the plat-of which

'will^^^jac^^j'e^rjl to^ay^. It consists

"of 12 lots Ifronting on- East Main

Street, 22x122 feet; 6 lots fronting "on

HoWell Stree^ 22xl22ieet; 2 lots4de-

[_igped for residence) fronting' on Mill

Stre«tr^xl32; with- 10 foot alleys.—

" T Tbroke into "IFe Lake School House, in_.

Ijltfariosn, and.stole several "articles of

^underclothing and a revolver, left in a

isatchejl by the teacher. It is reported*

that other school houses have been

broken into.oflate. . __.."' J



From tbe Ct__ier; ----^--- — ,<

.Dr. Winchelllhas been too ill this

,weekvto meet his classesr

Mrs"" . 7. W. Bailey was in Detroit, ^

Saturd Jay and Sunday, attending the

h«ettier itis^more .desirable for the

funeral of Tier mother

_..lhs5etha|. this^property should re- Miss-CaRBanv-one -t>f the Fourth

[mal^ as-Apublic' squaxe^oVbe built up

^for business purposes, is a question^apon

which the opinion of our citizensL

honestly divided, but if Mr. Pearson's

title is sustained (and we hope forlgood

o~f-al^concerned «it may be promptly





: 1T

. > • ' : * • •


Apig of boys iniijtjpfrnttig wore sent to

jail fur ,ten days a short time jugo for disturb­

ing .a school anil enticing tin' pupils away.

Wardell, the man arrested in Detroit som*

. months' ago for forging the name ,of Samuel

Poet, U. Q. pension' agent in that. cilVrwaa ou

Monday, the 19lh tusU, sentenced to lour years

; inJtbc-House of Correction.

Wbitc^Tgeon citlj!ei>b haven>ut>^crlbed ueir-

-^;iyfi,0Ot>^m>Mtt fer a buy^y factory, _T: ; ,

Fears entertained that wheaMu the neighbor-

' "ftrxxl of Battle Creek., will Ins smothered by the

i«e following upon the recent-thaw, It covers

ype fields. " ' v .'' """"-

Last Ttyurs'ffaytherfeilT lust/'Ch^f les

r. a homesteader, re^idlnpfftftceu mlh

• * *


es east

the lowering oi certain sm^ll labf*; for th?

passage of a law deflulng duties ri^'s are hiwb; that protection ^nould not \n'

foral but national.

1* Hannah, j

to prevent t!bo running of logs.in st*te ditches,4-iI.^ *| : )wbj:.

also bills lucorporatlng , Bri«ljh>n and re-iueol- -^ V^eWx-V

jioratiug J5ecatur..':.The rtsoln-tion ;iskiug j w N-ewl,,

"congress to'pass laws reei^it/lnii tho services

of veterans, of the Ijidla^aod Mex4cM

was hist.. £ Artibnglhe 75 or more


For the purchase alw illstrlbutlou'of

bills iutii>-

the. most Importautu


the state; pro


















• »


5th * 0th- TtB










11 Burns.


March. - ^


cheater, fell from a load of wood on the: ?iOst

mist, and died instantly. Heart disease th_e

cause of his death. 1

Matthew Millard, contietcd.at Ionia on the

20th inst of murdering his wife by poison atJ

Palo, Ionia county, in Slay last, has bcen-*e#

teheed to the state prison for life- '

the fol­

lowing arjL\pf general interest: To prohibit

the graining or use of bogus diplomas; to es­

tablish a departments eclectic medicine in

the university of Michigan; to regvlate the

width of rims 'of lumber wagonfy making them

at least Vi}-^ inches wide; to punish the putjKtg

on-record of bogus "conveyances with, intent to

deceive; : . , "^ r

SENATE, Feb. 21—A number of hills were in_-

troduc^iiOii the Senate. The most irngfliJaut

are: To appropriate $20,000 for . a ^chl5Sl of

technologj* forglrlsiat-St. Clair; to place the

new northern asylum at Traverse City under

homeopathic regime land control; to, provide

Tfol^fTnrdisposal 6f motley and valuable property

tfj^rj^on'b^ies'b^JiJinJniown dece^sot.1. persons

with this state; to provide for the e^tabllslneht

of dock, w-harf and bt>om HuCsyupoa..navigable-

s-treams in cities in",.:, towns A petition was

} >reseuted for an amendment to the clmrter of

Rochester, Oakland couutv; -lso a patitlou for

ah 'increase of powers of the board of building

inspectors in the "city of Detroit.


Total v«»tV. VU l-y>

N|ivij sa,ry

to a cho.li'tC. Ai lik




1*>1 12()

lit- 04





^3.—i'he sessions of the joint

conventUni were free frwm the anxiety and ex-

cltemeut wtiicJvmarked the work of the conven­

tion yesterda^. The members are really, begiu

uiug'to sltow : sijjm>^f weariness of this cuuTe*s

voting:without resi'i'Tiv and from precept indl-.

cations the tlH'ginuittt* of t!iceud"[i^'ueii.

Theinlldwiug..tabJo jshow^ i» tleUvll the rcim]t_

of the sIx baliots 18ken :

--• 1. •X 4.


.30 SO"-

4 " 17


10 .-

. .">




, 5

. 4*




















42 m

••}[. Chamberlain' —

T. W. r-ihner'..

Edwin Wi lilts

F. B. Stockbrldge....

M.S. Crosby..:-.:...

T. W. Ferry..-

8. L. Withi'y-.,

V. -4laii_nah,v. . 1 . 1 ..,..

G, V. N.Dbthrop....

L.-D. Norrls

Chas. 8. Mav

T.F^Tuvsney .'.

T. M. Cooler

F. M. Holloway..

F. M. Follensbee....

B. t>. Stout

Total vote ",

j~N?nc55arT -ttrrhot^^

SATUHDAY, Feb. 24.— The convent ion.assent^ 1

bled promptly4t-the usualiime, and proceeded^

at once to ca'st the flfty-i'Jghth ballot fos sena­

tor. The ballot stood: Stockbridgc,-^; Palm­

er,.,31; Lothrop, 40; W[mtvTTTTlSfitfartl-rt

HOUSE—Bilh were M

MacinaW Cltv, Dt-xtcr^ and Bancroft, Sl«awassee

C4Hinty.^ all to have, immediate eiTcet

This * was the. last day allowed for the

iutroduction of bills. * and the scene

>w»s one of the liveliest of the entire. session.

rXs many as 15 members were~upon the floor of

perfect ava-

n g

some pf.^hfi most Important: To protect tbc

owneni.QtMttles^barrels, boxes, siphons, >cegs

and. ptlier vessels or things uscdMli the sale of

ale, beer, cider, mineral water or other bever-

VDU Hamilton, a liquoruB»Wr oi oCu.>, ^ ^ age^Uo legally marriage'v tlmt, tiwfl ttiyptfl:.

Superior, has gotib pay $100 and stay 'at the J ore ****},44rnber in

Mlehlgan'^ lower ^peninsula;- in >uW*ton;

VV iseoi^iif'^flrrMliitieSot-a, Vtr"' "

se nil tor! nl Etc v

\ MOXD.M'., Fetys^i

Senator, and no eh

tjon atijnuTiierl^ Tht

Burrows; M; haccy,-i'

tn>*outlicrn- states 230.000.000,000;

Canadbu^provinces"-bxit 75,000,000.000. .Last

vear the trirHQjtattoTT?: of lumber were JWO.OOOr-

()00 feet, piivt|r^1,OfK),00u^4nty. The.,tiirlrT

conmiis«ic>n fCtwrtM^n favor of-ietainlng_tiii:

t itriff oiPTmnrk-fr "^tTtmpsge1

being madetl







02 \X\


02. OS



^.^ "~\. AT TOLBDO.

"FfmntiAiiY "iS^Thjr uunger'that t-tir^ft

Tolech) has-been,hapiiily-^verted, though

loss is Indced/Y^v lieavy. "The laigi'Kl purllub

of theloqa is on ran4oad'bridgctr->vn4(iocks. It

will cost $80,000 to repftkthu b.rldges>-^!5.00'J

to nut thetniddle g-rmmd'ifr-as JAHH! ^liape-~-tt.s

b(?T_ar£_thc flood, and about SlOOrOtX) to .repair

the docks: TheTosses-of mercbana^Hc. fuclud

lug-logs and lumber, ttTe~n r htttvviy !=m>U^ and

will not exceed,'it is thought, $15-.000. T!>!*-e^

pense of moyinggoods to places of safety -Is

the next most serious Item.aiid' will aggregate

$4000 01- $5.000, . ,..

" • AT lcjr.bf Caalder Sliec-lsin





-Hanchel 'utchroii, i

e eonvei

its follows:

Marble, 2;

V.- Ferrv,


k I 1 I. t, l I T

is ( Buckwheat

Corp^r^..'... *..' —

Oats.. .....,:

over Seed—• y bu,.



1 os'

W; Newton,'S3: W'UHts, 0; (>«

1; McMillan, 2* Su*kbj-idge, 1.

' TUESDA^; Feb'. 20.—Tin? tirst ballot for

ed StateK*sc?uator to-«ifcfl'were taken,

£tH^-rftgr Wliblii-i1tim1«$'of vo'

< Jo choice, J3- Ne^vSoVil; Palmer, 31;

' pm^U^Fetryj. 10; ^ ¾ ^ W €rbs

Hantj*6,5'; Laeey^^nBffiAMd. 8*

- ^ • r;-T!shcY,.r

1: Loth rop,

/ • • . - - - • 7--:


^ bbl;

()nc bajl^was taknef^ w o r l t i^^^^

fi>$1.75^ Most of the^e«f^fllnmg^prheTands

Mjciifgan werelicretjbfore granleut^thc can id

and railroad, cornpames" by ~tha government

Annual taxes--.in ^lichi^an .'arc $100 7*er

section: iu-_Cariftdiv', not^jone-foUrth that

Wages in Mlchlgan^fljills' are 80 per cent,

icr than hi Canadian^ .mlllSv,and Cana-

flock over. In Mfcblgan" it costs

take a thousand 'feeV-^if lumber

"+4n the tT^antl pU8.lt sawe«£

0 ^ ^ ^ = ,



tlr( k o^U;o


yj lire., uni


- ^




- A baby form of Ktentkwt grtce

To-night 1 hAFugijP tiff Jtpec: ,___

A «w Itl u'lifTltCfiv'biby" face

Twatfttiecl Itralrttt lnfaot giec-


Th? .t»bj ejnuu*«re tlue apd bright,

Tbe baby face wa^pawjUi^Talr,

And on chc baby brow so white .

Were tiny rings of cluuterlng hair. Y

But while I watched its merry play-

-.. 80 lanucent and sweet to *ee- ^

jj**jijefttyry of a distant cUty

'••""(^auie with it* sadaei* oyer me.

•^SffEiAiftftJrft'Mt j«'8BU w.

— He walked steadily; <

with instinctive caution; and as Tie advanced

he saw the, light larger arid more

-alii; kwed his bleeding faep

again} ,:,. , j



,. , . ., .


.vThe fbliowing"compo#i£iw was found

aiBtmOTh^; it Qaqc irony a* winnow, -ftldeols ireaayU over. ^ f i « r m > .,^ wasp^mted on very h«av> satin. 1«HI

Wfro urideTT ancTrnd^en byjiuavymIUMU^

of erocpot'S. He eouid ntake-otrt,^-that Ai^Prjlti&rto/hM rapture waa too *

this part of the rjjin either .hadhiot fall-^ jieepWr vfiorda:

en i:ition.

ii'he retlecM.ou of thebrazen clouds lit

up the-siiiglei ivy-grown towtT, thecrum biihg

walls and the roofless chambers of

the ruin. ~ " . . . ,

.. laoiL held. hti)iit,ly that' Mupkltiaowo-

Cjraugc was haunted, ami hardy was

the wight wh-ihy kiii#ilcmt^

prompttfcKs to obey be r.ven

Tkeu for our titul*, 0 LIJTUWC alro pray,

Tuat tkou would'at be oleaijed u>—"giveusthia

The ftxxi' of life, wTienwith our ftou?b are fed;

auttieietit raimept, and—"'our daily br,«ad;'

heir to an enormous

lhrank from commit^

rtBrd*r. : i ,

By the u

id Mrs. Saund«T»;

and some

afo itapUeuted,


! Of course you are not


With every" needfultft'ugi'flo thou rflii-ve u«, '.

'And ol thjL^ierey ptty—**»ud forgive us,

Aliour mit>de«do, fur Him whom thou dld'sj.

LuMt.tuat love teach, wlnTewith ^thou'dust'at-"-


•'\qualufr-jUP, ,•> ''J

Topasauuid;—"those who trcbpAst* again" >t us;'


us—"into t^mptu-


Atrtftfrougli, boiaetiuief, thou lind ! i.t w-i>-have

. forgot, v '•• ... • ,.

, Thia love lor thr-e, yet help—^^ud lead' < * not' v

at earth's gain driv

the river; after *betog jad^raed with tiou;".. r _

some pf the young lady's jewelry. Let not the ^oul of any true U-lievtr

The le-ttex confessing sticide, was a Fail iu thefiiiii-.of trial—"But deliver,''

Yea, t>ave ttnin frurn the malice of the deviL

forgery. *

Ami XxWi in lift- and.death,- kcop— -'u^ frt>in

'_! Kc master of a sailing __vessel had

been bribed to bring th& ypiing ladywho.was

represented td nud. beautiful, committed

s niei dt*-.-; ] Iter bfxJy^vj^a, found floating -

greater mentarimprovenient?

¥ou will nat be trotdjIc4-witlt=iiie

Let mc cjie here in peace,

and your title to the property will be

secure. But if you hope-tojvrncrey~fo~r

the crime,' yon are committing, have

mercy on me", :md let my lover,.who was When (le'negal- Jackson wa* a canuigood

"and true to me, know tb.at I have j da|;e for the presidency in 182S^.jiot (jfihotdied

the horrible.death of~Tr-suicufe.

-ift.t»he."Kast River. .- dlstigurcd by decay

M t But will Feiiiiun'forevej; and—"iortver:

i.Tti'tif'ui; poor e"reaturJ so'wecoiild jiue th(;'lodges

character of Mrs.' Jackson '.w.as ,yio-i we g"t big, ami 1 asked/pa if it

lenlly-assailed. '--Stryotrn'as'Iie liad re:nl j do.any hurt for us,.to'have a play

it liesenl'forili^truslivold servan!." J'un-T^ 1 m . v uwitiiij, vni^ x «J?JI iuv ;iuo,u!> io back V,Yf

rn.niy room

K ml- pH--ww4-- ft- WH4+&Fn~£

lie said it wslvh£>>y_ frowny a

goat smells; don't it? I shoultT" 'rriTrr^-

\ on Masons nin,^with blazing eyes *and a

shoilt lQiea triim|5et^eall, leaped -va.i&

the room, HTU! ilOOd'bCtw^n niece ahd


^iihdig-htniug rapit

handcutTs. iand \drawing"


j>n this bare Scotch lull-he had heard

agaip, in the voice that Tiad/so often

..thntJJed hi.-- uearl -with rapture, ,,and

wlucii he. had believed was stilled

-l/mad?"' hemurmurcil to himsi^^'t^J^^^hti

gi';ive given up its

dead, to telT^me^^ii^ee^^motivo'of the

fearful act .tha t^H^olf'•»< 1 ife-so full -of

VovCT.nd happiness?

There wa* again adn6aJ^U^n(vs>a4iimt


memlwr-and give vour goat_kyan ipep*- "••"ft

The boy went away and

the back fence. .-


,.. .** -TT-4

wn en She

Th~6X^emfvBIfficTSna Idiotic.~~-~

ujiiiitH-'- tood

The last census gives some startling

-facN >\ith reference-to the number ana

mcrease of.deaf_nnites. eaf mutes.' TR'e TBe blind/ the

idjjtttc xirtl the "insane in> the ' United"

Statesr- -Eighty 'thousand, physicians

rdt «1.


o. sir, my. churn and Hie prai'-

and cried. I4A;CII "with that go a"* until he c ould hunt

a pic-tuye u of a gi>at evrvy tinvi We bor­

M~Na;hviH/:~ ricda

al oo if

tnnrr*.-;ind hung it OTM-nc)i;ick-bfVa-+.4ia4f:

1 or :i g'Kti e\ry\ lime. >ve I

r\ : trssbt^'d in the

uek'-beer ^ig^ fr'-iu ;. -a!

•tt" •Llom'.;^ he .v^jW^.^lT^-jirTkt.lht' goat would liu it eVerv tim~

j kTiow^hnt 1 w^s^^urgl'TbtU night pa%aun-d to know what we

J "co41eetTorr of-these statisti'r^rand

'tiiey.may thei|efore be regarded

a>< a-pprox-mia'.iely eonvc*. The total

nnmiW of L T:nfomfhaT:T^ -TTTnracetf^fir

jho-e four-4, and in -l^O to ^1,598,

were doitigiip in my room, and I tout the increase d/^ing-tl;e last decade-fre-


him we wore pbiying Indgi.'

She answered:. ' "I saw'-it-in the,paper

and im- ing I.jQ ^er^ilti--•4½ri¾a^in1^½g^thirty^

after you, went ouIi pui..up .'your horse. prqv:ng:_mir mint)*,, aud, pa -said^.tliat [ j.*?'-^'/?-'^^^^

ami go baok."

lie replied furiously •Bm I-yviil go

-—get out of mv way

The U&e*.drdppcd


a pistol, discharged!t at his antaganist.

But Warren was as quick. He/step-

^-SSrhjed aside, and Mrs. Saunders, who liad

continued to hold the young lady's arms

«i n n tnTBKgr a up , ^ te re d rand l)umpei»- pa latliid and

HAaiu that reviles my wife j -

(~sil'all-not li«e4" ^^¢^--^^^-= ^.-^^^-

•§h.e' grasped the reiii^the^tighter and i that.wa

fell bl'eedihj



bat. ..They rol rolled^ovTSj 1 'the 'floor^ striking^ach

other strongr^and rapid blows

with "one hand, while'nhe>»t]ier firmly

chitched trre enemy/ ^^^~^\

_ As one for arTrastant gaitRnt theTTp*]

atrove4o-ri ht^~mast say,

H^ars/^*d/molitied to a certain"exfor

a spell; they put in fti^OOO"'e^ch and

cient order and* ride, the goat."

Jen_tL_'Shc won:

opened agi'oeerv

wanted .to come tip too, but'we told her

"No, General;'yotrsiYattrn'ot tak^ therf

,she came in it would break up the

life of my-reviler— vou darelmLnot do

iti_for it is- written: •Yengcains^Js i lodg'^ cause a woman couldn't "keep a

mine, IwilFrepay, saith the'Lord!'••

" "~ ' attdwe didu-t have, any side-sad-

The iron nerved hero gave awav- be:- j

re the pleading of his bcicved *v> ifj/ |Ht44^nl?M^time yon initiate a mat^o

ahitn«4)lied/ • ' ° ./pyoiir mason

I Vi.eM^ Vdn; hilt had'it not - been ' t i e k y ftil ned

Trade was dtili, botli

id.large fan s, ar.d they finally con-

iduded to di?,^ r>Df© <

this frame of mind•••thev*consnlted*a law

pepTwr, o)t,be,ir4ju-its^4nvnds also,; and


then his back was righf>^\-arils the

closet floor. $jad I put ~tho. bu^k//beer

sign right jvg%inst pa's clothes. He

vour neiglioor^liltr^ long realized

lafHng all the tin*e> ami said we boys

were as full of,fun' as they made 'em,

1 1 . / : / ^ / - - / •-^'^

juid we told him it was solemn occasion,

• "] J'eel/' i)Crsisted the w-

and we wouldn't permit no levity, and

.Jent? -*^that Fans- "willing- to^tr^

ifRe didn't stop -laltibg We (•UUmu^l^iVd"

for the glory of God." *

Inn^he grand bumper degree. Then

yell/' * replied the hardhearted

eyerlSiB^feA'as ready; and my. chum

pl^cherv^•'*I.. don't know ajiyiJody

lyniiilrt here'tha.f would havtf the slight-

tyan pepper in

e starliznt:



As bfo went awifUj^ana 1 I down

«1, tke moGoiF

*h air T^j^n^sn. of England senY-^l^e-

att«d/^is^arHn>fri roonjifc^ ustof heii^lf by Mr. Boehm

to wfcich she -had fallen.

* sM^ey:w«ddine pft«ettt to her d,.^,

ter, the CwwnjhTfncessW^^rthanjr.


ther^ Iiand^jj

if he fe!tt : a^ 1


Sometimes' stop to

lean on their hoes and rest

backs, but they cannot make it-cl

'U'all'fffred Xett's.


—-A correspondent tells of an

cvenfr^nAjjpening many years ago In the

coimtn- ne^*41agerStown, Md. A baby

born-with^ Jj^-i^rk on> heFfacg wa»

ta^ento^^nefeTah" onfvcmored worn

was lytpg dead, and herle»-mft^k,

it. hftjhg a ^uperatHjbn that by »jy^oi

the mark^would4isappear., Tii/mother

askeil p

of the girl declares that f>*ft that mo­

though he Sva"

tt>or if he ment the.mark fad«d aw^aad1» afew

had nerve^ouglf to go ahealKandta^c

|ubnt&t^u entirely gp^e. "The girl is

the degree.--X-yairi^d him

ete^n, year^IdT-with a com-,

ofjdangers, as the goat was 1

or be^r>4!ind told him kV yet had

. ^ ^ : , , 1


l;..- -J

'•'4'. •


i .;„•

f v


Hcgyqs J WTW8»H ••


handsome income for befaelf, and all in [ THE HOUgEHOIj).

the most quiet way^JPhis lady is! a Miss

Martfn. I do not suppoe that there .^ is Lilow to Treatav U>y, . {

f»y iobjeetion to my mentioning her Tfce Housekeeper. <

name, AS it is well known among a great

many people. Miss Martin is-. th#

Get hold of the boy's heart. Yonder

daughter of a gcniltjuian living near locomotive comes like a whirlwind

we have [known person* to use mach

'mor^ witn xa»rkea benefit. If wisely

managed, every dtapeptip will be greatly

improved by«this coJd«t«maoh bath.

\r 2


T- * •^T;


from orjserrationsH made

olggical^ Sardensi'-f London,

probable^at the extreme lease of

of the hippjpotamias is thirty ygars.

The Scientific; American warns j^eople

against using ice taken from ponds

Aublirn, in this §tate, and who at one

con taming impure' water. Freezing

time was very weajthv, but, .although

does hot,. kill tbeii&eidiis germs so in­

,the family stilrlivo in the old homestead.

imical to health.

TjrhijSh is a noble mansion, ..they are very

"~~~ ' reduced in cjrcumstancas. Miss

M. L, Langersays that the fat of the n, when slie became old et^ough

child cbhtatSntess oleic acid-hut more ^.^ani money, and to know ;lt did uot

palmitic and stearib _acid than that of always come for the wanting, castauoat

adults, oesides bdng^ richer in the her for something to do % *bieh she

butyric and oaproici acids.

could at least cam a decent living and

JSir William Thompson follows Dr. not be dependent upon her father. ,

•£L Thomas Roid in aeoribing to mac six -it seemed as though all 4he avenues

senses instead of five, namely, the were closed. She was not gifted HI any

sense of force, pi heat, of sound, of particular way, though she wajsr^jij

ligbl," of t4JLbt4+.anxl of smell,

I woman of excellent education, andjhad

Aft^r evaporating a» a^raw^lolflF ait'tjfie advmilages that eame from Ijiigh

fastrjq jttioe prepared from the,, .social positii ' 'on. But she neither Bang

stomach of , jk _^.,.. sheep, &r. ^- Cbapoteaut well enough for stage purposes, nor had

obtained a pepsin capable of dissolving she any histrionic talent. In giving the

2,000 times its weight of fibrin; subject serious consideration, she rey

Papers saturated with fuch»me solu­ membered that there was one thing ihe

tion m»d#,yellow with sulphuric, acid could do vj^ry Jvjell, and. t"hiat was pifck

i^regommended by Dr. G. Kroupa'as ling and preserving. She 4>old her

very sensitive teste for gaseous -am­ friends thet she yraa going to make a

monia. Ammonia" invariably turns large quantity of pickles and preserves

them"ipd/. ~ --^ ] —i. of different kinds, and that she wanted

to sell them. ^Knowing what an excellent

In seasoning casks by]the addition of

housekeeper she was,*they knew that

soda to the water more suhstance ns

anything that was made under her

removed from the wo^>d than when

supervision;would be sure to be good,

acid is Employed, bufr'less is removed

so she had no trouble in selling aS she

if the woodhis introduced into the cold

made the first year. The second year

solution, and the whole then heated."

she made more, and sold all. The third

Gambetta's brain has been_fonhdjo carshe

sjreigh 2,100 grammos, to be of very fine

structure, and to have the third corivolution

highly develojpeJd. The autopsy

' of the body was made aa he was a member

of the Society of Dissection. -Zl_l

Herr O. Schlickum has been^endeavoring

with considerable success to detect

and estimate the castor oil, balsaw^rfrpm

1 down the track, and a r^ginent of anu

ed men-might seek to antst it in vaih.

It would crush them, and plunge unheeding

on. But there is a little lovejc

in its'mechanism tfcat at the p>e^^^futensn^"cteans Sn

a man's hand will efaeken its speed, and

in a moment or two bring it panting and

still, like a whipped spaniel, at your

feet. By the same little lever the vast

steamer is guided hither and yondjarf

upon the sea, in spite of adverse winder

current That sensitive and respod^ve

spot by which a boy

made more yet, and was'ijna5Ie-lo

supply the demand/The fourth

year shc„ increased her facilities, and

her reputation bad by this tjime spread |

so far that she did a very-riarge business,

and even sol&.to- some_of the larger

storesjn New York*, Noyfrarf riencr^jf

hers told me the other day, her profits

reserves reach the

of copava, purified etorax, and alcoholic

solutions of a balsamic nature of ben-

73fo^~i5d-6i^T5oh^h"^nd cha8se% iathe middle,

^Ar>4 promenade and bal&ncez.

Wiaie Syntax played the fiddle.

*l%en faataod furious grew the fun,...

Their stepsi became unstable; ,:

And Interjection said: "AlasI

To dance more I'm not able."

And everything then grew quu* mixed— I

It always was-a " botficr- «5er

To tell tb«m when they stood quite still,

Onepartyispeech from t'other.

And all afonce the music cea«ed, T

Perhaps the rest yotr^ve eaessed— ••;/

The pie I ate for tea that night

H«d made me sleep distressed. /

""'"'' •

BAKED J'lsfi.^-A fish woighingrrom

four to^slx pounds is a^ood size to bake

Jf should be cooked whole to iookjwell.

Make a dressing of bread crumbs, biittFrrsaJhtrand-a-little

salt pork» chopped




. _-r

—Cambridge Tjtffoyne.

What Men Need Wives ^ . _

Our Home. /'

ia^aot-to Bwecp7^ie^UBe7imitaak5~

the beds, and dara the/socks, and "cook

the meals, chiefly thlt a man wants a

-wifer— If this4s all he wantsi hired servants

can do itxcheaper than a wife. If

this.is all, whea\v• young man'caTts^fer

see a ladylend him into, rh>pantry-io

BUKJTS.—Accoi'ding to

^ , WJ

the Practitioner, a simple and effective^

remedy for removing the pain^r

wounds causedT^ry burns or scalds \s-aind

was so wrheuquite new, but at^ne | saturated solution of bicarbonate oisoda

"time,; more than - twenly'ye'ar? ago, We" in- either plaiij or camphorated wa|ef;

ccount in 8eparatiiig , taste the bread andejakes^she has maije;

send him t«J|^eot-the needlework and

bed-making; or put a broom into' her

, uJiaficls"and send-himTo witness its use.

It may ge^teoitir- Such things are importanK.aml the wise


had a lajge colony pf^the rodents, greatly

tp-ourrannoyance, and it was''withw

ai^atter" of daily wonder where they

found a weak spot in our .defenses

against tbjgm. One evening a young

lady from a friend's family, living in a

large ihrehcnTse nearly a mi 1 P. away,

was with'us, and the talk^-turn'edonrats,

as we heard ours galloping in the coiling^An'd

scamperjng^ up and down the

'hydt'ugen frtmi a walls;. The young.lady said that none

mixture of gaseX Almost the - .exatrtv ~had ever been in their ho use, fwuUshe

r calculated amount of the gas was re­ •liidhaot think there was any point at

covered from a palladium-spiral heated

which ^they could" enter. My eldest

^850 deg. 'this suggests; a means of

'T-T^ibtaimng reidily what may be called

daughter, a^reat wit, saidT^'I^ye heard

-chemicaSy pure hydrogen. "' ^ —

T.~ SomeTweeks ago~!TdriiggTst~ihl5urslem,

England, had carelessly served a

customer with pofefindl|stead,of inttgnosia.

He summoned the bellman as soon

as the mistake was discovered and sent

kinr about the streeta warningTrTS^un

cu .k .,\9 i ces young man will qui

tine (parsley and onions, if you please);

mix this with one egg. Fill the.body,

sew_it up, and lay, m a large dripper;

put across.it some strips of salt pork to

tlayor it. Put a pint of water-and a

Utile sait.in-a pan, Bake it an ^(air

and a ^alf,;'-^B*ste- frequently. After

"taking dp the fish tliickentheffrayy and

pour.over it. ^.--..


A Little Mixed on UJO Question of Sides.

To apply the remedy, all that is uccas

isaryis to eut a piece of Jint or pl3 soft

rag, or even thick blotting-paper, .of- a

the pain subsides; or the-limb may

lhat, if politely"myited to.do so ih^wrtt rathed or-encircled with a^argeonV

ing^ rata will leavo^any- house, and go cotton bandage previously soaked in the

to any other to which they may be di- aturated solution, and kept constantly

rected. and I will tell oursth/t, at ymir /jetted with it/the. relief being ^nusual-

_hous.e they-wili find spadmfr^'Kq.rteTg ly immediate, provided the. solution be

and an excellent commissariat.

At the moment, before us-all,-sne


wi'ute a most grandiloquent letter t

1 e over


4 }

• Spectre In a I*©a>C»rt.

The breed_of ghosts appears to be not

~e/uV extinct in England Yet.-MSeldow,

howevar, baa one of those shadowy risk

tanta the hardihood to expose itself to

inch unobstructed and goint-blank investigatioa-as;

djd. the







1 ,


• • i



Entered at the

clafes matter. ^




~~ Singular Ideas ofj a Future State) of


Forti^ghMy Rfcview. "'

Tho conception^ divinity "Is so sen-

suous-as to debase and corrupt any sen-

tinients that may gather round it. btill,

the ordinary Hindu of to-day has a

vague impression that after death he

wiU bJ absorbed, body and wSui, ipto a

supreme being yyjio is beypa&jjl gods

• -.-andgoddfe^s.-TBut-fl^ pftfcin* tf-^

blejweU reward for virtue,,or of jft-fMur

punishment for sin, U so shatowy as Co

be Almost «vaineseent. "Many observers

^jiave thought that it U-this .want of an

*"active belief ia -a jitdgenjent to pome

which causes the natives to face inevit­

able death with such sjtoio- calmness.

The Hindus have, Indeed a moral code,

binding on their conscience and eon-

duet; they seldom or never ask them­

selves-whether this code is an emana-

tjon from th^.Supreme Being; if press­

ed, they would doubtless acknowledge

that originally it iuu^fc have" so^ema-

nated; Tho Hindus have no dejintfe

expectation of an earthly Messiah visit­

ing India to rehabilitate the Hindu re­

ligion and to re-establish Hindu domi­

nation.Still aTagueaJdea of this dqL

scription does sometimes float across

their minds, '• .--,

Some-of their ohie'fgods are deiii«4-

Princes* and there are mythical heroes

of more than mortat prowess, P*ndus,

the-mehtion o£-vvhom has aji ex hitler a -

ting effect on a Hindu audience. . Al-

lusion to such :pe r rsomJ r is sometimes

made in proclamations or other notices

privately icireTilal^dfoTrrsrsrngiro^TtToat

•excitement. In short,-thc Hindus have

,., , i - ' 'I i ' ' r-7,ti rf

Ayer-i Soaa.-of Gfrlaago had failed. Thi« jfa-.

nouhcemebt created quite a sensation, as the



a transcendental iioltuu of tlitv affi

i'ty „a


which rested on their progenitors

remote antiquity. They trustlhat he^re-.

after this ahoostral 7 spirit will descend

upon some heroes, - who—.ghall restore

all that has been lost to the Hjndu race

-duruig uiany ages. 'But they do not

preload to discern any way in which

ihV fulfillment of such a hope can. hap­

pen. ."" _. _Ji.: ' '

• • £ ~—•*•—*~~—-=-•-,- : .

^a^Bfr^Maa'fitEdaoat'ion. -

In "a" recent lecture on this subject,

Mr..James Parton, the historian, said:

''I bare in iny mind^^eye a glorious

university, completely organized and.

equipped to .afford - an education. liica^> Road collided at Jspring

Mills,'t).. on the 33d inst,'badly wrecking both

andLkllling the engineer, h Graham, and__flre*

man, J. Quti'lan, both.of AMiauce. The b*tl-

ancc of the crew cfcwped by jumping. t(


The work of jpumping-ottt the Diamond mkre

at Braidwood, (il., is being carried on enr

ically, but the best that 'can-be done the .wjiter

cau onlyUe .towered about two feet per day.

The water Stood on"the 24th Inst. 4o feet below

the sttrface. The relief fund hue reached


: ,


The Senate Committee.on Commerce huve

•aknn rtmt-i. action on .Dm Shipping bill and or-

dered.a favorable report to be made upon It to

tlic Senate. The committee have amended the

bill by ^striking out the thirteenth MTMOII

which delegated- to~ col lectors of ports the duties

•HOW performed bv theShippiugCommissioner^

and have also ad'dud a svetk+u wbi^h^uthor^

izes the Postmaster-General to contract for the

carriage Of mails in o^can s.teatiifhip6 of Amer­

ican register, "provided lie shall pay not exceed­

ing $1 per mile for-rsuch service and shall not

exceed $1.500,-000 per annum. Due notice is to

be giveu-bf advertisement, and contracts 'are

tb>e^awardetl to the lowest bidder^'regardless.

•-of fte-size of the vessel onlw provfrfe'dthat-^thv

VC^Scrij' Of. American register anAowbeJamT

riinbr Americans. The BeetToiTalso 1 coil tains

a provision that drawback equal to the amount

of duty a'hall be-alkjiwe.d u.u^all furelnn-Timteii-

als inspected.and"ii$ed in the couetruc'tii>» or

ntpainif American Vessels.


The Hou#e-"Ci»H«i|lt.tee on Appropriation!?

have-distfusjsed tlii^ propoeiitidu of the Secretiiry

t>f_the Treasury to-conBolidate the customs cof-

lecfn'Sns districts, and cfefid^d, in vjew'bf tlie

lack of tlnie for a.satisfac'tory investigatiou of

the Kubject,1-o make- the regular provision in

, 1 ^ * * *

bridge, nor even likcJJa&'ard. it looks

more like a factory village sitiiajed in

the midst of a fiuely-cultiyated farm of

1,000 Heres, with beautiful gartlcns and .__ , . , ........ ,..

"i parks,'the whole ihe4jenterof a thriv- -the .appropriation bill for.tbc customs'districts

^4ndu^y--^^J«:^r--feet^ryrM^- MT,PWl ' ,0UJiUtuted " -

laj^es ffnght, he, miLst, he, shall and are-

just goir^g \o bo-, for-man will not long

be the submissive vassal that he is now:

Thin university' of mine shall Jiayo—a

chime of bells, which at 6 a. m. sum-'

"in0113 2,000 men to- rise and cast off

sloth and put on workingmenW clothes

and prepare for labor. At 7 they are

in their different shops, wvrkorsriri wood,

in metals, in leather, in -one', in'\he

in ootton, -in llax, in • v --51.- Jfor\ th

hours they labor, being eld to a^strlct

aceoimtjor the abuse of tools, material,

aud time—In summer a portion of each

school^ aud they w-e-re all in their classes when.

the panic joccuredV- A—^careful investigation

shows that every rule and precaution for safety ^ .

had,been disregarded. . In everyj one of the ntee \ has gone to England

class rooms, the doota.opened inward, ajurthere:

is-ouly due ,OTI rf.i :bu mattf-f 9 'at Issue are


Tin: LOST j^sfT'vsT

on the4Mth inst on a cha'rge-of buying for *2

000 $14.000.-worth "of jewelry stolen from^the

roomsT»f'ex-Minister Christiun"cy at AV-ashing-

ton. ,The jewels.aro those sent^rorn Peru bv

Mr; ChristiaucT""turing .Jiis^sjourn' tn that

country. .:^

JrtfilHX IS IU..

Seiuitoj-FT*N5_is confined to his ro6m in the

tj^efrhfttePjns^Vr'ashineton by; a severe

^•^4-hfcat trouble, cbrrmhKd with insomnia. His

Illness was brought on by^tltfser'e's of anxieties

to which JJP h/w so recentlj Re^u^sjibjcjCt-cd.

able to-live^without actuaFSarvation o

,fiXtrenie"destit\ition in the.evehTaf

jjjvHls being closed for even a ve

eriod. Whenever they are.

the soil, as in some of ojur large'

citie>^k^re rx^squalor^demoralization,

j_and desp^



"eympa'thieTTTave"'aTways been witj.i. thi. republl

can party her selection is" due to-tiie suggestion

of many infly r utial democrats who are auxlous

to curry out the party= platform Indorsing the-f

extension of sufT::age idk^Pr6^Jt?>0. Cot-

trell, mlcroacopf; Prof, Am^NeuheT^ po'

v~.";, "', A' nurt TAILU

.TteaoAoupewMBt.-ITM nuuludat* ,..

the 17tb,-that U>e grtat iron firm of J

moved to the"hearses\and borne to the Calvary

cemetery, , \ .,^


' A jJauae in th'fe sundry civil appropriation

111 fixes the compensation of the clerk of the

pti» rv>nrt *t. $^QQ0 a year and requires

hlrh tb^haodover all fee6 to the 'Laited States

treaisuTyr^ij^retoforc he has been m aking some

•f4O,0OU a yea?hv{ee8. ', . __ _

- AEHsSn) 8LIDB. ^>^-~~^

A section^ses. ; _,. •-.••-

^WieflrBt through freight train from Montreal

to Wintii^g over the^ Canada Vacihc, left\Mor^

treal, on tnbS^d, ingt.

- Silver in largc^Hantitips is said to have been

dlftcoyered in the Sama^ita mountains, abyut

'JO miles south of Tusa)n7 s Arohibitlng the making of hats by.convTcts. -..

Horace.Greeley^s Chappaqna estate is to be

sold at public auction. ^>


sufferers akmg tne~X)hio was-received on the

23d. inst. The first Installment amounted to

1,000 marki,

The/Pennsylvania House of Representatives

defeated thenrfvil servi«»e-bill by a vote of 72 to

83.. '..-.;•-; ^-- -";;•' , - \

New Yerk city has given $17,000 to> the i)hlo

flood sufferers. -\\ „

iT^ie keartbf ^op^PtoJ^bMbe^remoTetf

V HQw Gambetta Lost an B^eT

From the March Century. \ *••".'

Hls^fajher, who had no provi*ionr*bf

the boy's future celebrity, wanted W

secure him against, military, service by

"keeping him au Italian. Imafqfiity

from soldj^n^ was broucjht about.

cidentally. As Gambettawas'

knife-grinder operate .on

tlu!'blade of a knife ^ol' delac

the hah^rkjintl tjcwlnto the~ boy's eye

and blinded%v^Ho was very uiuch.

putted in consetjrieiwiev and the mother

was'embbidened bv lu?rMncre.a8ed ten­

derness to insist upon LeonNtidhg sent

to theJ'etit Semiuaire of Monlfah-eon to

receive a classical education^ Her

band was an enemy to ldgher instruct,

tion and thought the communal ackool

sufficient for a boy"^Orvhosc destiny •

*Wrt8 to be a provincial grocer. - »

—~—i •*••—•—-—— ' T^-

- Some of our city stores have been ooit*

stantl)^rjfnrjyeH by ' children^ooming to'

the door and asking for cards, empty

-bo-Xe»- and—that ««rt of things. -The

s are, of course, dowti; on tho

youngsters and Uio warfare new«


,„ ^ : JJ^Ef A HOVEL

told BJCL Atlanta Beporter. " *

Atlanta (G*».) Constitution.

•'hi ante-war timet* then* lived ' in

Meriwether county a- don'J-eare. sort o^

ainegi^ nanied Jack Wilson, whoe.otrld

neither read nor write. He had gained

A Brooklyn girl, has mirfTe^ ^'ttio

living skeleton, ' weighing six^y-seven

pounds, and nowTthey are one bone and

one Mesh.


[OBSQ^S Oroi£K -The.prljoin, of tie

'vfcn ih Addison's Spectator: Tobiw*-


^ / onsonVas the first man in England

^ ' that let out hackney horses. When a

•man came for •«, fccujse he was led into a

Important Proclame-tlon.

istajtfl^,- where there was-a ^reat choice

iiia fi'uwdom 'ia mane'wny of ofclmpi i»a*i

gamed his IJYiJlhood Vy acting as a sort porters, Mrs. tfowe proclaimed the foU

of director-general to famous burses in lowing fact: "I confide r*St. Jacobs Oil

fell uwi^iiborhood. au excellent remedy, anyone that ought

certainty to find its way into every

"*mw**lr--&ate*, uuu. of Uu^.^0W9Plw*ljl-p^f&, 'Ifaiwn . lUwaya Uas a|"'C

jrimfttW "*" ra'eniir Georgia, who owned

*tnoiL»anservant girl who was owned

family Jived in lordly style. The, servant

girl was a bright muiatj;6, and

Ji**k was a shade darker. They made

a match of ft, and were marrieti under

the orderof;, '-Kings that exisjted ia war

times.* f&tthu same time Jack had a


and tne slaves declared free. Jack t

ui* Ueorght wife, to be 1 -Ids, partner fo>

life, and by liviug with her for a Stated

"^TioTTthTT'iiecame his wife, according to

law. 4s soph as lie was married Jack

showed a sudden spirit of industry that

astonished everybody. His careless"

habits were thrown aside, and hewort

to work with a will. *"" * ~

• 'The wealthy Gates, his m

' and the broad 'acres fell to the posscs-

• sion of the heirs.- Jack still worked on

the place, ^nd was saving iind careful.

• The-Gates family had lost everything

• eyept their land; Hundreds of slaves

were freed by the new order of things, [~a tail unfold

^_and the vast and princely fortune- was

ironc 1 mi T» < rv < v. i, • L,< ^.*. ^ , ... but he.obliged ]jim «o take the horae

v I|ie Hc^. F^UJo-yvc ".SLehft of th* which stood -next to the stable door; so

CityiandCQU^tyofNewyork. Receni-|tiiat evcrr-tfnstomer wrtwrraiikn w

bottle of it t^crergmd makes a family

remedy otft!'" -Xcic York Evening Ty.h

What we charitably forgive wnj I>e-recoinpeuaef~-

is the most wonderful lateral and extern;!

1 retuedv known to medical sci-


once. •;.-"yitle for his old VirgTuia wife,

so he senLjor" her, and she, with her

children, came to hiin. "Sfie was gh*eri"

a house on the plantation, aml.-is Well

provided'for. Jack owns now the mag

','ni '

1 EvUciric (fiL

cured nw. Thcao are facts voluntarily given,

ajjaTnTT a former-prejudice of patent mediciiie.

All ineu are liberal, some to those who are in

neetl, and others to tne'inariveBT '.-... \ J ._

"Don't: HuiTyrGentlJmen,''

Said a man on his wav to be hanged, u theri*Ul

be no fun till I get there.'' We say to the dvapeptis,

nery9U8_and debilitated, don't hairy

though tiessiv v. for some- remedy of doubtful

merit.- uueertain of relief, when vou" ean get "at

the druggists for one dollar Burdock 2>YOou vou, to sa^if. -'^Hobsrm's

cnoice. .-r. \"—=—' fiERfcUN REMEO^

Rheumatism, Neuralgia, f Sciatica

Lumbago, 8tcki«h«, Headache, Toethau^«t

Sore Th ro»l, SwcJII n#>. Mural n», «r«U*r.

Ham*. Mimld», Frihv Drugjt«u»ne»J«r»evorTwb«r«. Fift/C«ou« fcea*

DirwUon«io ii L»nisute««- ft


ISMmi •iBi V(«ElXE*co.> kltia*r», M«Ht,8. A. •

TbitH.Y. Singer, $20

I'uiTUiiteq pqrftvf.LiKhi running

v. jth*:*8tool*mi Si liAok.ortlr 975.

>\!i*o gent on teot tnuj-»lan If de-

PXefd. KJepuit c««^, nraimWc*nt

t pveryono. ttf Tho Specific

Medicine is sold by all drutort^t* nt *1 ncrpack-

n 11in1in «i Ancttfrth er Th roat and age, or six packages for *6. or will im sent ftjr tnall on"

tiio receipt nt the moncv, by'nri»in"jt -

liU n»TO Lung Affections.

THK GRAY MtiDlClNPTCO., Buffalo, X. Y.

On account of .counterfelt«y-wa hav

^fTcontalpM No Opium lu Any*p8?tft. . yellow wrapper; the only pwiutne. Gnarantee* of

etire issued by ' Farr^nd. "" ' Wllliaiuji & " Co.,. " — Detroit • •


—-Reoosaended by- Physiciantt, MlnistiWir-^and r^_^.. -i.i, • v.. ^ T~-=r*-

Nurses. In fact by e?ervl>ody who rms L-ivrn It n - VST 7011 w -Ai? obtain good and

good trial. It never fails to l>rW relief. I Ta U HruOS »'"sP^tAOL'lf*

Cantlon.C'al! Tor Allen'n Lunjr Dnlaam, andohnn

the use of all remedies without merit."



m*rn na if rncKt.nem

on >.e*t triAJ-p«k»t when Bottfjvd

Mmp%>r BOIM »rgM«i i wfs

JUtdS, IS stofS*. Mecltanit-al SML

gresn St., Detroit, MIeb, Attorney

S in Paterft'^nseH. Established li

'• yenr«. S«nd_for pamphltt! free._

Procpred or no ""

ohlTi ;ind his children are settled arourul N

him, and all. are—eon tented anil Tvappy

ami industrious. He owns "fifteen -or Tc* educate the miud. aricl let manners and

v~ . si>Ueen mules, uhd i^nuteil for keeping-J-heart run*'ikl, eurst^tinuuinitv witL-mildew.

-the best stodynthe coutUy:- Ills credit | 1^^1,,,. lorlrsn.jrne* the thousands -upon

T-rrzr^^ftvl,u ^vau Ounces are rcqutred. I.. tar^Vor^Bale byyall Medicine Dealers. - I -.

:^ffl«-evef, ii-8o sure to cure with [*

the same m'nn^r n tion?. GOOD At'OUn^NT PilLlCY

—TO ItAVi ,i,c-^ "."


thousands of bfiftles^of Carboline, the deodorizedpetroleum

hair renewet^amiuallyPold,and

the fact, t^at not a single cotrfphiiut haa.been

_reeeiv;ed'froffi ail these thousands,

-'How much is he worth?" —~ —"~


have some idea of its trood qualities. vou may

''I should sav about *:'!i)',0( tud i

every cent ot 1 l UiV* Ul.i;il Ulillir AlllUi.- LOU I u.».,ln I„. l,u,l u n.n >lr.«I£RSoh

any rtiseaBe, wound or

Injury. I'arents, widowb

' children are entitled

~ -, Hlons, biTuntv, oaekr>ay

nrul lionora-Me diAcharpps ~iTtucurcd. XV.W LAWK.

Fend (*tarbt> for instruetiona anffbfMintv tattle. K. U.,

^go^ j'ormnd. >rjiiie. OKI.ST()X A CO.,. AtfT>, W'riPliUurton. V.V/

t^CHJKK for:ep|tejiQr • K V.XK, SM^At-sen 'I st,. S . Lou's Vo

$6f»a week in>w«r owii Uiwn. uiwi Termt*n,nd |o (mttil

*" & Co. Portland, Maine.

U W, AddrBfr-r-rK^illctt

• YftllNfi ilP-NIWoo wtem; to learn teletfrapbr in

uatlon, addroji*, >*alehttne Bros>iJancs,vllle, Wl*.

$77n w edt.^ a daynt home ea*tl v miirfeXiostry OK t-

* ' fc • Millions appnijirtated.

'Kee $10. Increaw. pen-

.-. dons bounty,- back pay

and-honorable tiisrhnrpe* procured. Xew Uws, ^end

ftamp^of-fft^nicttons nrirl honntr tuble'. N. w. Fitz-

•rriToIrt & ('«.. Attorneys, BnxftS*. \Vatt^|4nff_ton, D. (\

nt fre^. Artdrews True \ »-*t free, rive cents in «Uinip!».

WyR.'KISO, Kfq., STAJT SruoKON, Kov.u, N.vvy.

BNCTIVAMJ. -Aj)p!y to _ -•'

< < _. UHHidtD KING, Box 88,

—A wit Wmra^ked,' rmithe intlnre .of 'a bank, 1 . - - i^*

S^-' -' j^L.l^-4-*mv<

"* Certain]v."' .sav?

1 1 ^ 1 >fc«k


With Ujhl

kit bald meoMtf



•^Ve'rcyou not upset'." replied. "Not I onlvlf^t t"

my balance/'

fv, / Imporiaxif '••

When vi>u vLs.it or leave .New York. City, save

B:tgga^re Expressage mid Carriage Hire aiid

stop at the -tirand L'inon Hotel opposite Grand

Central Depot. . "

"" "ErogUhTTTxVius, fitted"up at n rosTlif orie'nuT-

Uon dollars, reduced ty Sr-ttntr-upwards pe

day European Flan." Elevator. Restajutfn't

supplied 2ltl\ the t>ctit. liotse cars, ata^cs and

elev .1.'. r.Viftoad t*o all dcpot^>-Faanhcf< can

for less 111 oney at^.-tnc Grand I'nlou

.ote :.u .rt »nv other^lrfM-eilass-tmtel in the


'/When Fo££.*;ov a train on the dress of nnold j

_iady, h" reriiarked that it was behind time.

Vl'HKCoiJ-lilvsirOTrrTraadVfcom'splectod ftvers,

on the sea-shore, hy CASWKI.I.; lt/WtAjtn ,¾ Co., N'CJE

York.* It i.x Hhsotutelveure and ^wee

have once takgn it prefer it tvi all other



; waiter.

n, 1 wi wiali yoti-wrtMild ojM.'iT'far rue

v ileeidcd it-vt

imwm)*t.- ;


And w»]l complct*."^ Vtijigro the blood in the entire* system in three months. Any person-,

trhaPwill tike I 1*111 each night from 1 to 13 weeks, -may be ^stored to sound

hefttth"; If eucli a thing be^pocfeible. .5({fiV(l •" j Wlmpewe:' shall' ^ a ^ i ^ r f e^^;^r :

PiiAiTOiiHtMN ».-4,T I'lMiM -•« -ind nm-'h^win i ' ^gal?i.t. Ir.flueaza. Sq>P,Ltfrjs. D'^cdlng at the Latffe^Cbrpnlefloarscnp?^, Ilnctlng Couch. V> honing Cough.


My^Jj^tfaiii'r.. _ _ " ^f-ut^u when He.say we hnve feeeived ISSJi calen

tyv-nre yotu- t-KiVk^l'sr^lt^vl^- m''t'mr

jad ffcebV' i&nTKeon and CJtvel^st.

now traveling in this cot:rfln"%^jr> s th\Jmn«t


of thc^filrsc an J Cattle l'.iwilm^jS^d here

. ar^Jtrortliles* tnsh. H



Ut3- - •> I


/;, \

%k -

rremhrtBentinel. . . , .

Onuan Clark was in town last night

lj>okin# for a -place -to establish a, meat

At a donation giyin Rev. Mr. Fergupon

forD.) on Tuesd&y^evening, at

Kred. Snyder's, in Waterloo tn.f about

pOO persons were present. The proceeds

amounting to $58.75.

Plainneld and Pinckney would put

wires in their ears. Correct] Stock-

) .ridge would cheerfully aid a through

line telephone, via Plaihtieid or UnaiTilla-^-tne

latter place being also desirous

of extending its range of hearing.

" Wm&tVILLE.

Prom the Advlew. ~"

Joshua- Bodge has rented the building

occupied by J.D., Hamilton, and

will: use the same as an agricultural

implement repository during the coinl.iixg^aeason.

, '

The prospersat present ^fe very

• g^pd for our not only bavin*? one brick

'store pn the Glefin*corne/6f Dutablock

of ihre_e, three storie^high--at*L an

.opera house above. ~r

Herbert, a one-year-old son of Jacob

.) Barry, died Feb. rfVof dfptheria, and

Jane, & six-year-old daughter, died

Feb. 20th inst., of the same disease"


I offer for Bale 12 lota fronting on Mais- Street

east of HO wen Street, and 6 lota »a Hoy ell flotith

of Main, for business purposes only. These lota are

!«xl:« fset in size, are very desirably loeated in

the center of the village, and will be sold at .reasonable

price*. Apply to ' .



The new Drug and Grocery SIOTTQT



le filled tftJts utmost capacity with

-t= jfioMntMedich 1]$sjDrug-

^gists''Sundries, Etc.



We tarry a full line of Sugars, Tea*; Coffees,

Spices ground and ungronnd. Brled Fruits,, Cljrare

. and Tobacco of the "choicest brands,. JW'« carry a

• choice line of roasted Coffees, and. gflhd tbeni in

the store. We make a speciaity^ol Teas. Give ue

> a trial! and we will try and make^it to the advan-

\ tage of the citizens of Hackney *d vicinity to give

i ua a ahare of their patronage.

i Yotirs for the future,


/ - rpiNCKNEY

=ft9«Wflfr*MST0NI MlttS

M _ GRIMES.& JOHNSON, Proprietors,

\Wlai to make_known tQ.their old and ney custom

t ere that they are now prepared to do huUer work of

: all kinds in their line of business than ever before.

Their mills havinK"beenXhoroughly^r*fttted Inside,

repairetfand improved outside, making tTrrsinvpn

lent for their customers. Good' sheds for teams

, in-connectian with the Mills. They have now on

hand over- R.QOtf bushels of dry, sound "red and

white wheat from which they make their best grade

. otjour, WABBANTED. They grind no grdwo/or

musty wheat except for customers— and theji iftsground

"on separate gj&ne and bolted through sepa-''

. rate bolts. Those buying ftonr of them will get^nu

;',' gjown;or musty flour. Those bringing grists of

— -"ffood^dry, sonnd wheat get good^naur, and those

bringing grown or musty wheat must eiep«;ct flour

frointpe eame^ They also have separate boltajor

buckwheat. Corn shelled with oh'e of UutcTIin

.^, BOB'S new improvedfDustless I/dn Corn Shellers

"witk^nat extra charge. They pay cash -for all kinds

, of grata.- All persona haying unsettled accounts

>-witti them at the mill, are requested to call and

f-•jpajf' the same. J.i:-i-^fi

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