Splore's Accessible Outdoor Adventures | 2012 - GoExpo


Splore's Accessible Outdoor Adventures | 2012 - GoExpo

Splore Fact Sheet


Splore is the not-for-profit organization that brings together people of varying

abilities for adventures that empower them to connect with Utah's great

outdoors. Splore’s goal is to create more inclusive communities by introducing

people to the healing powers of outdoor adventure while fostering a connection

with Utah’s wildlands.


Splore adventures encompass a wide array of outdoor activities, including white

water rafting, camping, rock climbing, canoeing, snowshoeing, and cross

country skiing.

Current Splore programs include: Rock On! (a climbing program for children with

and without disabilities); Experience Your Abilities (an inclusive adventure

program for K-12 students); the EVOLVE Project (a career-oriented outdoor

leadership program for at-risk youth); and Active Living Scholarship (an adventure

scholarship program for individuals and families with disabilities).

These programs address barriers to outdoor adventures such as cost, equipment,

transportation, cultural attitudes and self-limiting beliefs. Results include

independence, health, and wellness through outdoor adventure experiences.


Splore’s roots date back to 1977 when our first white water rafting trip was

launched from Moab, Utah. To date, Splore has served more than 45,000

individuals of varying abilities including care providers, volunteers, friends, and

family members.


The North Face Awards Explore Fund Grant to Splore

Splore supports a national effort to increase outdoor exploration among Utah youth

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH – JULY 16, 2012 – The North Face, has awarded an Explore Fund grant to

Splore for Splore’s EVOLVE Project. The Explore Fund’s mission is to inspire and enable the next

generation of explorers by funding nonprofit organizations that are working to re-connect

children with nature. By encouraging an active healthy lifestyle and protection of our natural

landscapes, a stronger connection of youth to the outdoors can be nurtured. The EVOLVE

Project provides at risk and minority teens with an outdoor career-oriented leadership course.

Splore was selected from over five hundred applications submitted for the first of two grant

cycles in 2012. Since The Explore Fund was initiated in 2010, The North Face has provided

$625,000 in grants to non-profits working to connect youth to the outdoors.

“The EVOLVE Project is innovative and unique in that it takes connecting youth to the outdoors

to the next level: breaking down barriers to employment in the outdoor industry.” Said Janine

Donald, Splore’s Associate Director. “We are thrilled to be recognized as part of the national

movement to inspire youth to explore the outdoors.”

The EVOLVE Project was established in 2011 to provide at risk and minority teens with an

outdoor career-oriented leadership course. In addition to learning outdoor recreation skills,

teens engage in job-coaching, leadership training, environmental stewardship, and leave-notrace

ethics. This Project utilizes the resources and expertise of 10 community partners

representing the public, for-profit and not-for-profit sectors.

“The Outdoor Foundation has identified that a barrier to getting youth outdoors is lack of

opportunity for kids to learn about and actually get to outdoors. We believe this has to happen

at a grass roots, community level,” said Ann Krcik, director of Outdoor Participation at The

North Face. “During the granting process, we make a conscious effort to reflect on what we

refer to as the virtuous cycle. We first need to provide the opportunity for kids to get outside

and play. If we can provide them with an initial positive experience outdoors, they will grow up

inspired to care about their natural world.”

To learn more about Splore and the EVOLVE Project, visit www.splore.org. For more

information about The North Face Explore Fund, please visit www.explorefund.org


Splore Invites Community to Participate in Whitewater Rafting Adventures

MOAB, Utah – JULY 13, 2012 – Join Splore for the annual Friends & Family adventure of

whitewater rafting this July 7-8. Experience an overnight trip on the beautiful Fisher Towers

stretch of the Colorado and enjoy delicious meals, play games on the beach and sleep under

the stars.

Splore is a nonprofit outdoor adventure organization that specializes in recreation for people

with special needs and disabilities. This special Open Adventure trip is open to any individual,

family or group of friends who are looking for an exciting time in beautiful red rock country.

The trip will kick off at Hittle Bottom in Moab at 10am and will continue to Takeout Beach the

following day. No rafting experience is necessary and Splore provides all equipment and

instruction necessary. The trip cost is $200 per person, which includes meals, camping

equipment and a vehicle shuttle. If finances are an obstacle, please contact Splore about

scholarship options that are available to everyone.

“I’m not allowed to have favorites,” laughed Lindsay Malone, a Splore guide, “but some of my

favorite memories are from our Open Adventure trips. It’s so neat to see people from all walks

of life come together and have a wonderful adventure together.”

Since 1977, Splore has been a part of the Moab community, providing whitewater rafting

adventures for people of all abilities and creating memories that last a lifetime. Throughout the

summer, Splore provides trips to individuals, families and groups with a spectrum of disabilities,

whether physical, cognitive, financial or social. “I LOVE THE SPLORE STAFF & VOLUNTEERS!!”

wrote one Splore participant, “You make the impossible possible; the true miracle workers. I

can't begin to thank you enough.”

No matter the ability level, Splore is able to adapt a rafting experience that will be sure to stay

in your hearts forever.

If you’d like more information about this topic, please call Lindsay Malone at 801-484-4128 or

email Lindsay at Lindsay@splore.org.


Splore Guides City Academy Students on Pioneering Backcountry Expedition

Local Students Experience First Ever Avalanche/Snow Science Winter Wilderness Trip

Salt Lake City, UT – MARCH 27, 2012 —Last weekend, Splore led a group of local students from

City Academy on an expedition to a remote yurt in the Uinta Mountains for three days of

backcountry skiing, avalanche and snow assessment and overall appreciation of the amazing

natural resources here in Utah.

The trip was a culmination of the skills and knowledge gained throughout the Winter Sports

Program at City Academy, a program led by Vice President Pete Stoughton. “Not only was this a

fun and unique experience for our students at City Academy,” Stoughton expressed, “It is a

program that is pioneering in its approach and implementation in Utah and throughout the

country.” Currently, it is one of the only programs nationwide that focuses on avalanche safety

and snow science paired with outdoor winter recreation.

The trip began with students loading backpacks with ski gear, extra layers and all the necessary

avalanche safety equipment. For many students, this was their chance to put their months of

snow safety training to the test. The first morning at the yurt, the students were greeted with 8

inches of fresh Utah powder--a perfect scenario for their backcountry skiing evaluation.

Working with the guides, the students determined the conditions were low risk and the rest of

the trip was spent reveling in the beauty and power of Utah’s winter wonderland.

The trip provided students with a variety of experiences from technical ascension techniques to

face shots to avalanche assessment to wilderness cooking.

Since 1977, Splore has been helping people with disabilities or disadvantages overcome barriers

to outdoor recreation. Trips include white water river rafting in Moab, canoeing along the

Jordan River, rock climbing and nature interpretation up Big Cottonwood Canyon, and nordic

skiing in the Wasatch. Splore’s goal is to create more inclusive communities by introducing

people to the healing powers of outdoor recreation while fostering a connection with Utah’s



People of Splore

Tom Trovinger – Splore Client

Tom Trovinger had no idea what he was getting himself into when he signed up for a Splore

whitewater rafting trip. Due to a degenerative neuromuscular disorder called Friedreich’s

Ataxia, Trovinger uses a wheelchair for mobility and rarely goes camping.

After five exhilarating days on the Colorado River rafting, swimming, laughing and sharing life,

though, Trovinger knows: He will never be the same. “It was truly life changing and ranks by far

as my biggest accomplishment,” he said. “The things I saw, the beautiful relationships and the

memories I made will stay with me forever.”

Steve Newton – Board Member and Volunteer

“Every time we do a trip with Splore we are reminded that there are many people who cannot

do these activities without some level of special support. All too often the care givers may feel

that the logistics are too difficult, or that it is very hard to find time to do these “extra events”

in this seemingly very busy world. This is where the staff and volunteers of Splore do make a

real difference. We see it on every trip. The bottom line is that Marie and I see our time with

Splore as a win-win because we seem to get as much rewards as the clients do. Come on an

outing and see for yourself!”

Steve and his wife Marie began volunteering for Splore in 2003 and Steve joined the Board in

2006. Steve has a Bachelors and Masters of Science degree in Civil Engineering from Michigan

Technological University and has been managing engineering and construction projects for 30

years. Steve has been an avid outdoorsmen his entire life and particularly enjoys sailing, hiking,

camping, skiing and mountain biking. Steve and Marie volunteer because of the great

satisfaction they get in sharing outdoor experiences with people with special needs.

Janine Donald – Associate Director

Since starting with Splore in 2007, Janine has been involved in a variety of roles: volunteer,

AmeriCorps VISTA member, Salt Lake Program Manager and currently, Associate Director. A

native of Seattle, WA and a graduate of Pacific University in Forest Grove, OR, Janine has

traveled extensively in Latin America, backpacked all over the Western United States, and

taught outdoor education courses in Utah and California.

She brings a love of people and the outdoors to her job. Currently, she is pursuing her Master's

in Public Administration at the University of Utah and anticipates graduating in Fall of 2012. In

her off time, you might find her leading tours at Brighton Ski Resort, coordinating the Tour de

Brewtah bike ride or catching some live music in town.


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