11-15-1906 - Village of Pinckney


11-15-1906 - Village of Pinckney


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IW*W«>I inamtuf^^Hii, i mn^m ^>%»^W«l"l "I I I IPH ".>..I

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l#OCt\L» NEWS.

— — • •


Winter anil Iilaf)toili

* Ire in Prominence Now

Oar stock of Fancy Dry Goods, such aB

Holly Ribbons, Pillow Tops. Stamped

Goods, DoiDies, etc., is worth your time

to look at.

Just received a big lot of Fancy Luces

in sets,, Beadings, Iusertlons, Edges, etc. to

match. ,

Holiday Handkerchiefs direct from

New York importers. Books are in direct

frdm the publishers. We sell nice well

bound books as low as 10 cents.

Vtett Ut Ewry Time Yoi Cwe to Howell

Everything Up-To-Date. Our Specialty

is Small Wares of Every Description.


Mrs. M. Dolan and daughter Ella

8pent the past week with her daughter

in Pontiac.

Those wbo have been watching to

see the outcome of the. rlassenscabl*

Loyal Guard matter will be glad to

know that bas been settled, the corn*

pany paying the policy bolder $G50pO&.

It will be remembered that Pbil

Hftsse&ecahl who carried a policy for

$1,000 in the order, left home about

eight years ago to go to the north

woods as he did every winter. He

purchased a ticket at Cbilson but since

that time nothing hae betn beard of

him and the family, after seven years

asked payment.

It has been under advisement for

several months and was settled, as

above, last week.

WANTED,—Six good hands for

factory work. Steady employment to

good help. Wages $9.00 per week

and car fare, Ilfftfois Refrigerator

Co. Morrison, III. J. B. MARKEY, Vice

President and Secretary,


Ami Save Money

Tbe price of teetMa-ateadilj being raised by the

manufacturers and tbe dentinte will be compelled

to raise also. So come uow< wbib pricea are low.


Wlien Plate* are to be Made




^-$4.00 '



Acctdently Shot.

Paul Bock was in Detroit on busi-

Little Majy Moore, neice of Dr. E.

n*as last week.

Mias Mary *yanFleet 8upt. of the L. Moore of this place,.the first of the

Miss Mabel Sigler spent Sunday M. E. Sunday school here is attending week while on a bunting excursion

and Monday with Hester friends. tbe State Sunday school convention with her parents near portage lake,

C. V. Van Winkle is errecting a new

in «1 ackson t his week.

waraeeidently shot. ' Tb* father's gun

barn on bis premises in this village. Our genial blacksmith, E. R. Brown unexpectedly went off, shooting

Only two more weeks to Thanks­

has been turning his hand to type set* little one so that both legs were badly

giving and we have not got our

ting in this offiice a few evenings of injured. The shock was great to the

turkey yet.

late to help us out. Emil used to set family. The father is nearly crazed

considerable type several years ago from tbe result of the accident.

Ed. Far nam has erected a la*ge tool

and has not forgotten it yet.

and wagon shed at his home in the

western part of tbe village.

Tbe people of St. Marys church en­

Congregational Church.

joyed a social at the opera bouse last

Will Caftery and sou of Kansas City Thursday evening. The time was

baye been the guests of bis sister, Mrs.

The annual meeting ot the Cong'l

pleasantly spent in games and a social church was beld Saturday, Nov. 10th,

L. A. Devereaux, the past week. visit. We did not know of it in time at the church. There was a good at­

Mrs. Edward Vail oi Milan has to mention it in our last issae. tendance. Reports from societies and

been spending a few days with her W, J, Dancer and Co. of Stock- officials showed everything iu a satis­

parents Mr. and Mrs. A B, Green. bridge will be at Barnard's store factory and prosperous condition. The

V. M. Thompson ot Durand was tbe Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and following officers were elected:

guest of bis brother E. L. Thompson Friday of next week with a fall and Clerk, H, W. Crofoot

and James Pitch and family last week, complete line of Ladie's and children's Treasurer, Mrs. Ella Jackson

Walter Moore and family of Ann cloaks and fnvs and men's and boy's TruBtees re-elected for 2 years,

Arbor were the guests of Dr. E. L. suUa-aneVtfvercoats. See adv., page 8.

Chas. Campbell, VV. A. Nixon,

Moore and wife of this place the last

W. S. Swarthont

It you do tot see the news about

of last week.

yourself, your friends, and society in Sunday morning, Nov. 18, topic,

fli weather Monday made many tbe columns of the DISPATCH, do not Heaven, Where is it? «Who are There?

patfta {pat a day cff and get ready blame the editor as it is impdssible to Shall we Know Each Other There?

ft* wiq^t*. We are sorry it is so, but get all the news without your help. Evening at 7:30, topic, next of tbe

it Is gef ting'the time of tbe year to

We try to show favor to none and are fireside series, subject. "The Next

look for winter.

only too glad for news items handed Door Neighbor." Sunday school at


11:40. Service tonight ot 7:30.

Prof.T. J. Gaul, being unapje to

All welcome.

The townships that purchased the

secure a rooming place, has rented the

voting machines for election were dis­

Mr. W. A. Nixon was unanimously

Graham residence on. Mill St., all turappointed

as th3 machines proved too

electei deacon in room of Rev. Crane

nished and bis Bister .Johannah has

small and could not be used. The

wbo bas removed from town.

xome to- keep house tor^bim.

agent was notified that the machines

The pastors resignation was dis­

^-fbe ladies aid society of Hhe M. E. wonld not do their work and would cussed aud it waa agreed to vote by

ehWth of Unadilla, will give a Penny not be paid for. Whether there will ballot on same Sunday 18th instant.

Social in tbe basement of their church, be a lawsuit over them it is not

Friday evening, Nov. 16,. A good known. There were not bars enough M. E. Church Motes.

time with plenty of fun is promised on tbe machines to accomodate all the

to all.

names on the ticket.^

The sermon Sunday morning was to

the children and Rev. Littlejohn

proved tbat he could interest the

Settled at Last young as well as the old and there

were a good many words to them also.

He said the parents were to blame for

their children not desiring to come to

church; Their early training should

be such that the child would grow up

in the church and in christian man-,

hood and womanhood. They should*,

be taught tbe. beautiful stories ot tbe

Bible and they would never be forgotten.

The Sunday school choir fur*,

nished the music tor this service and*

it was much appreciated.

At the close of the regular service

occured tbe Sunday school rally and

it was an event tbat will long be remerabei

ed by those present. The

church was crowded to the doors and

the program was one of the best given

in the chnrch. Every-class-was repre-.

sented on the program and alohough

tbe classes were so badly crowded thatit

was hard to distinguish the dividing

lires the membership was taken and

collection taken by classes as usual-.

There was 193 registered in the classes

beside over 50 visitors, and a collect-"

ion :f 13.56. Everyone seemed pleased

to baye been there and many commeuced

to plan for another event of a.

si miliar nators for the near future,

but probably not before the Chrismas

entertainment. While the Sonday

school is in a flourishing condition,

thero is still room tor it to grow as

there are many who are not regular

attendants anywhere. They will be

made welcome bare and are invited to

be present every session. Talk it up,

work it up, and let us make the last

quarter of tbe year one ot the best.

The furnace bas arrived and been

put in place ready for use next Sun*

day, so no matter what tbe weather is

now we can be sure of a warm house

During the wait for the new fur*

nace, the men of the congregation

bayjB,leaned tbe dirt all out from

the church so* that it will be

ny time in tbe future to finish

an a 'baiemaat. for rooms of any

kind, and if the Sunday school kespa

on inoreaaing the rooms will be need*

ed k>r classea,

Sarvicee tonight and the coming

Sunday as usual.

"pure JDPugs

pine Boo^s '





gimhneg gispM.

r!ULH* L. AKDBBWi, .Pub.

riUQgffqy, • !• MICHIGAN

Reformed football Is quite a? brutal

as lawn tennis.

Moritof the so-called necessary evils

are unnecessary; -

A dose friend is one who refuse* to

teatt yon anything.

When money does not talk too much

it may properly be termed a modest


Every time a man commits a mean

act he has what he considers a good

excuse for it..

If I^theTBurbankis sVsmart, why

doesn't he_grow watermelons^ that

haveliandles on them to"'carry them


The ice dealer who is in the coal

business on the side needn't worry

about the seasons, for whether 'tis hot

or oold hi:; business, one or the other,

is good.

Five hundred English teachers are

coming hero to study our schools. We

hope that during the visit none of the

teachers in our primary schools will

mention ihat l seeu him," and "he

•lone ii."

A professor of history in the I'n i-

varsity of California is going to marry

a Russian princess. It will be hard for

an American heiress to understand

how a real princess can think of wasting

her title oa a common

of history.


Hishop Fallows,"ot Chicago, has advanced

the theory that persons are

made good o^Jiad by the food they

cat. Now if the* good bishop will

kindly arrange a diet whereby all are

bound to grow up sa'.nts his idea will

prove of some value.

Two divers descended to a depth of

210 feet in a Scotch lake the othei

day. This is said to be the greatest

depth to which divers ever descended

in the Hritish Isles. It is farther

than most people would care to go be

neath the surface of the water.

From various sources comes i».\ the

cheering report that this year's turkey

crop is very large. As the cranberry

crop has not been heard from

favorably, however, it is safe to assume

that, Unlike troubles, good

things still come singly, not in pairs.

An Ohio physician says tuberculosis

eoata the state :>0 lives a day, and

that if the mortality was among horses

Komethjng would be done. As a man

is computed to be worth $1,000 to a

immunity, this view of the case deserves

at least a llscal consideration.

Deaths from tuberculosis among the

population of Indiana in the last year

numbered 4.1^-, and are estimated to

have cost the stale more than $1,000,-

000. The crusade against this plague

mean* not ''only the preservation of

hhman life, bm also the saving ol

Tnmch money.

A New York motor car enthusiast

has had built for himseH an armored

ear so (hat he may escape Injury

when he bumps into other vehicle*.

The idea looks good and we may

eventually expect to see automobiles

constructed like battleships. In the

meantime it may occur to.somebody

to'devise an armor plate for the prolection

of ihe casual pedestrian, who

-. after all, • lu- chief sufferer from

motor, eni bnsiasm.

Grangers and others interested in

farm product .* have proposed that a

day be established which s,hall l>e observed

every ycur as "Apple day." To

f^lebrate ihU wholesome festival

«nVVy goo-d housewife would provide

•apples m some lorn), ^pie, baked, raw

or sasansing to

take* a position in the office of the

bank commissioner.

The Michigan state Sunday school

convention will be held at Jackson

November }'•'>, 14 and 15. There will

be speakers of national reputation

and the music will be furnished by ai

New York delegation. {

Oliver Reed, of Jackson, charged

with decamping with a $200 election'

bet won by Aid. H. I>. Jackson, was j

arrested in Cement City. Reed says t

that he deposited tiie money in the j

bank before leaving the city. j

Owen Gernon, aged 7.", recovered j

$2,115 from Jeremiah Donovan, ot

r mlny township, the balance due on

twenty-five years' farm work at a sal

ary of $18 a month. Oeruon had been

paid $130 in wages during that time.

John C. Dawson, married/ prominent

socially and for • years a trusted

purchasing clerk for the Postum Cereal

Co., oi Battle Creek, confessed,

the authorities say. to. ..embezzling

$tiO0. He is in jail awaiting bail tor

HMW.„V .... ,,^,. ....,. , .

Doputy( Secretary of State Pierce

refused to rile articles of inebfpora

tion of ihe \'ew York Mortgage Co.,





u. s,



Estimated That Hir Policy Will Show

Surplus of $50,000,000 by Next


When congress convenes for the

short session next month there will

not be the urgent necessity for retrenchment

and cautson in making appropriations

which was so apparent

at the opening of the long session a

-ye*r ago^At that time the government's

cash box was in a bad way.

Four months of the fiscal year, which

begins on July 1 had passed away

and already the expenditures of tho

government exceeded the receiptr. by

.rujpre than $14,000,000. The administration

was frightened At that *atc the

loss at the end of the fl>c£l year

would mount up to a formidable sum,

and the credit of the country might

even be affected adversely, for all of

which the party In power would have

had to answer at the elections just


The president gave immediate and

I>ositive orders to all departments oi

the government that every consistent

economy must be exercised In the

public business and that he expected

results. He called Speaker Cannon

and Chairman Tawney, oi tho house

comiuittee on appropriations, to the

White House and went over the

situation with them, and from that

moment all hope for a. river and harbor

bill or any other big bite out o>

Ihe revenues during the long session

of cougress went glimmering. Uncle

Joe sat -on the lid all winter, as

everybody can remember, and- it wm;

not till the IftRt days of the session,

in the tail eucT^of that fiscal year,

that he consenteu\ to a public building

bill; and he wfnld not h»>vc done

it-then If the ecqnMllefe lnst'ttuted by

the president lmdT*nt began to bear

fruit and, together with the Increased

incomes derived from the immense

importations of luxuries brdqght about

by the great prosperity of th» people,

caused the deficit to be replaced by a

growing surplus, • k

Lumber for Next' tieae-d*.

The largest deal in lumber made uf

the head oi tho lakes in a long time,

and of special Importance because the

stock is for 1907 manufacture and delivery,

has just been completed at

Duluth. The Tower Lumber Co. ha^i

sold to the Edward Hines Lumber

Co. its entire cut of lumber of all

kinds for next year, amounting to

45,000,.000 feet in round numbers, and

involving ft consideration o' about

$3,000,000. The scale of tin .1907 cut

is the first large deal for the coming

year in this territory, though it it-, reported

that the Brooks-Scanlor. Lumber

Co. has sold a few million feet

for next year's delivery. Most of tho.

manufacturers jn thir, district hare

been approached to sell their cut or

a part of it for next year, but they

have fought shy thur, far.

Vatiean Not Forgiven.

The relations between Cermany and

the Vatican continue to be strained^

Germany resents the; refusal ot the

Vatican to disavow tho pastoral let­

ter of Mgr. Stablewskl, the archbishop j

of Posen. written last month, in which

the archbishop protests against the

German order that children in Uerman

Poland he given their rellgiou".

instruction in the German language.

In view of the known tenacity of

the Poles, it is believed at Rome that

the-(situation in Poland cannot fail to

become more aggravated.

Tc Prosecute Fishermen,

The Newfoundland government ha.

dispatched a lawyer tc Bay of Islandr

to direct the prosecution oi colonial

fishermen who have shipped aboard

American vessels. Another lawyer,

who will defend ahy persofc prose*

cuted, has also gone fO Bay of Islands.

It is understood that Americans are

contributing to a land ior this pur

pose. Herring are reported to • l>e

scarce. The weather has been ad«

verse, and«on , ljutWi).0; milker*.

);irKTD I .A M RS^-M ^ Mo*' fit e ad y ,

i:ist week's opening: heat lambs, $7;

fair to, KOflil lambs, $6.'.0fj 6.00; »|ght t

common Inmbx, $5.>"0/a G". fair to gooit

butcher aheep, |4..i0(&f>; c**lLs and Common.

$2(¾ $:1.

HOOfc?—Market, alt grait»>». So Wgrbot :

rfliwe of Prici^?, light to 6fK*d butcher.*.

I«f^.l0; pigs, $6; light >orker«, %*&•

C.rt.'i; roughs. $5 65:56: stags,' 1-3 off

for best qnajily; others steCiuy; oSev^i*.

:^«t fat liciiVrs. i41('4.f^y; m>

j •!! ii.ii lo montl, ^•'nS/.'Si-iu'st l'li-.liii^ ft.'orr'

t-;\.~~/'i\: best y.'ur'liu!,' sh : brst ralven, $^.25^/X.756' "

Kood>v$5.50ff7.riO: heavy. W

Grala, E«tr. 4 4

DKTROtT^WH1£AT--CaVti No^*»

e*V4p; l>ecea»ber^M0l»u a^ 7sue.

bu at 7t*,.10,00«Tlfc^«t rfUc. ?,e

at 77fcc; May 15,W0 «u «T Wc.

bu at 81¾^ i«,eee bu at 81 %r,

bu at Rlfic, li,§00 bu at $1^.

b4i-at'n%o: No. S red, 7S«Tc{ *>*>

WJ.lte. 1 car-** 77 Ho..

^ C(taii^€%9h Vp...Z. 4^; No. 3 ytVlu*

«*te: on ttaek^roar« it 4^«.

|^|^y> ?

" -'


- •'- tut\ ^ n ,'ti .*i • •


» •



* 1

ft *-•


, (Copyright, 1906, V>'

Who* two women are sitting over

A glowing- tire in the broad daylight,

^id one la married and the other is

W* 11 ' they invariably talk of two things

—dress and servants. But when the

light has waned, and the glow of the

me fill* the corners of the room with

^ rtnncmg shadows, even dress and

•vtu vants are left, and the conversation

jt^vartably turns—to the other great

stock subject: man.

"Of course, 1 - didn't do it to be

r ~ thanked; but I TTiTnk you might have

mufxmuvd one little word of gratitude

io me Tor asking Mr. Carr down. 1

mean, ordinary politeness requires

somo attention even from you."

- Uva looked up at Mrs. Clutton from

a deep dell of hot coal which had been

formed between the bars. "Thank

you," she said; and then, added, "for


Mrs. Clutton was. one of those long,

slight, tired women who always dress

io perfection, are never ruffled, never

different, who are able to hurry while

appearing to dawdle, to be exceedingly

annoyed without the least apparent

effort, to laugh heartily without

making a sound, and to talk with

great animation, without in any way

(iisturbir.g the undulating, velvety

drawl With which they are born.

"You'might talk to me from now till

the middle of next week," she said,

"and then you couldn't convince me

that you are not glad that he is here.''

A laugh sprang across Eva's face.

to be iMtta&Uy banted away by a sigh.

My 4t*r Bold, I haven't the faintest

'Vsire *o j»fi*«fhat lam not hopelessly

in-tore with-him. Unfortunately

It is known to everybody In this

world exempt the man himself. Any

the absurdit) of the whole thing—

i ho thin^r that makes me feel like half

a tomato on a gridiron—ft that b,e's

just as much in lpve with me as I

am with him, and that's a very great

deal indeed."

I don't see where £he absurdity

comes in. If you are both in love as

much as all that, why don't you marry

him? '

HalMragtcallyj haK-comioally% wholly

in the manner—so far as we can guess

of a petulant angel, Eva sprang to

lie-r feet, tod flinging her collection of

cushions- far and wide, commenced

dashing &bout the room, greatly to Its

Sanger ('

'•Marry him! marry him! Don't I

want to marry him.? Isn't it my one

ambition in life to become the wife of

this silly, foolish, timid, wretch? It's

all fine for you to sit there and say

ihose easy, insane things; but I can't

run away with, *-;{£?. man, can I? I

i-an't buy a toy'pistol, meet the poor

dear in a dark passage and shriek,

•Marry me. or you die!' can, I? I can't

dt-ase him into a conservatory, flop an

my knervs, and cry, 'Teddy, I love you

with a love that is almost indiscreet;

ho, oh. t>e my husband,' can I, can I,

.can I?" Eva caught one of the cushions

a beautiful kick, and sent it flying

against u whatnot.

Not very well." said Mrs. Clutton.

"J'lut shall I tell you what yotf can

and wilt do?"

"What?" cried Eva, eagerly.

"Sraa.sh my procious china if you

kick cushions about like that. . . .

The point is, have you given him any


Bva laughed the laugh of theater

scorn. "Encouragement? Why, my

dear Fhtid, I have done ewrthi&c a

nicery-broufh*-** girl Mtfht to do,

and a gooTiMl that she ooftat

DyrtjUtPM^-xmH a Wf** * perfeaptf

• rate*** s*d a quarter—Mrs.

Cltttlot MM t**n thinking hard, although

it would have been impossible

ro guess it from the placid state of

her features.

* Eva.' she said finally, "have you

over noticed that picture painted on

the panel over the bookcase, of a girl

sitting on an armchair with her eyes

cast do* li. and with her hands folded

meekly on her lap?"

"No," said Eva, "and if I had, what

oa «ftt has she to do with my'horrtt


£g|rm Clutton undulated on: "The

4guteC Mi father said about it

v Yo *« m«fcar, fee used to get his





.*WW-^fc— 1 1 - - ^ - • H i l l — ^ - ^ - —

— • •!••• I . H I .11. -••• I ••'

THUBSDAY, NON. 15, 1906,8

— — — — — — i MI — ^ - !•• p ^ — ^ — — • * . ^ »

A Year of Blood

The year of ,1903 will Ion* be remembered

in the home of F. N. 'Packet,

of Alliance, Ky., as a year ol blood;

which flowed so copiously from Mr.

Tacket's lungs that death seemed very

near. He writes; "Severe bleeding

from tbo lungs and a fricrhtful cough

had brought we at death's door, when

I began taking Dr. King's New Discovery

for Consumption, with the as

tonishine result that after taking four

bottles I was completely restored and

as time bas proven permaotly cured. ,;

Guaranteed for sore lungs, coughs

and cold, at F. A. Sigler's drug store.

Price 50 cts. and 11 00. Trial bottle





The Grand Trunk Railway System

Extremely Low Rates to Chicago

and return on all trains, Thursday,

October 25, 1906. Return limit Oct.

29,1906. ^||or Fares and further particulars

consult Agent or write to

Geo, W. Vaux/\A. G. P. & T., Chicago


Made Happy for Life

Great happiness came into the home

of S. C Blair, school superintendent

at St Albans, W. Va., when his little

daughter was restored from the dreadful

complaint he names He says, ''My

little daughter bad St Vitus 1 Dance,

wir'cQ yielded to no treatment but

grew steadily worse unt'l as a last rosort

we tried Elect.ic fitters: and I

rejoice to say, Ihree bottles effected a

con plete cure." Quick, sure cure, tor

neivous complaints, general debility,

female weaknesses, impoverished

blood and malaria Guaranteed at F.

A. Sigler's Drug store. Price 50cts.

" Very Low Bates to the West

The Chicago Great Western Railway

will sell tickets to points in

Alberta, Arizona, British Columbia,

California, Colorado, Idaho; Montana.

Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Washington

and Wyoming, at about one-halt the

usual fare. Tickets on sale daily

Aug. 27 to Oct. 31 inclusive. Get full

information from the great Western

agent or J. P. Elmer.

F. R. Mosier, D. P. A.

108 Adams St., Chicago, 111.

Had a Close Call

"A dangerous surgical operation, in

volving the removal of malignant ulcer,

as large as my hand, from my

daughter's bip. was prevented by ' the

application of Bucklen's Arniea Salve,

says A. C. Stickel, of Miletus, W. Va.

Persistent use of the salve completely

cured it." Cures cuts, burns and injuries.

25cts at F. A. Siller's drug


Through Tourist Sleeping Cars

to California via

CMfiftt* Great Western Railway

.ring Chicago 6:00 p. m. Wednesdays,

arriving at Omafca 9:00 a.m.

Thursdays, Colorado Springs 7:50 a.

m. Fridays, Salt Lake City 10:25 a. m.

Saturdays, arrive at San Francisco

4:28 p. m. Sundays. A good way to

go tor the rates are low. For full

information apply to

F. R. Mosier, D. P. A.

t52 103 Adams st., Chicago, 111.

Tbe new Pure Food and. Drug Law

will mark it on the label of every

Cough Cure containing Opium, Chloroform,

or any other stupifyin^ or poisonous

drug. Bat it passes Dr. Snoop's

Cough Cure as made for 20 years entirely

Iree. Dr. Shoop all along bas

bitterly opposed the use of all opiates

or narcotics. Dr.Sboop's Cough Cure

is absontly safe even for tbe youngest

babe—and it cures, it does not simply

supress. Get a safe and reliable cough

cure by simply insisting on having

Dr. Snoops. Lt.t the law be your pro.

tection. We cheerfully recommend

and sell it. All dealers.

BnbMribtxbr the plnekMor Diipatcn.

All tft» MWI for %1M p«r year.

Kodol Dyspepsia Cure

Mgv*t» what ytw —t*

*•*•* itf£»;i 'iiin•ii'ma 'V "'•'*•' '•—


MMM»t>4M9, Tea or Tablets*.

•H'm!" said the pretended physician. |

"One coufessiou deserves another. I'm

not a doctor."

"Not a. doctor!" * ,

"No." Ami he explained how he had

happenc 1 so oi'teu to occupy the physkilan's


"And haw could you eudure the repetition?"

"How can u taau endure often to see

a b •.':'. i'.t if id woman he admires?"

The uoxt day Noyes called on the

patient uud peremptorily ordered that

iu view of cardiac spasmodic conditions

she must have a week's rest. He

might as well have said a month, for

any break In performances so late In

the season was' us good as an end to

the play. Miss Levere never played

again In "How to Catch a Lover." Indeed,

she never again tread the boards,

fbr before securing another engagement

she marriedDudleyNoyes.


Taken as directed, it becomes the

greatest curatiyp asrent, fa» tb^ relief

of suffernc humanity ever devised.

Such is Hoi ister's Ro_ky Mountaii

Tea. 35cts, IVi or Tablet.

TATE of MICHIGAN; The Probate Court for

Sth» County/tr Llviigston. At a session of

said Couit, npid at tUe Probate Office in the Village

of Howell, in said county, on the 10th day of

November, A. D. 1906.

Present: ARTHUR A. MONTAOUK, Judge of

Probate, fn the matter of tbe estate of

GILBERTS. MAY, Deceased.

William S. May, having filed In said court his

petition praying for a license to sell at private

sale the interest of said estate in certain real estate

therein described.

It is ordered that »ue sevanta day of

Decomber, A. D. 1906, st tea o'clock 1» the forenoon,

at said probate office, be and is hereby appointed

for bearing said petition, and that all

peraons interested in said estate appear before

said oourt, at e aid time and place, to show cause

why a license to sell the interest of said estate in

real estate should n«t be granted.

It it farther ordered that public notice thereof

be siren by publication of a copy of this order,

for three successive weeks previous to said day of

hearing, in the PIKCKMBT DISPATCH, a newspaper

printed and circulated in said county. 147


Judge of Probate.

TATE OP MreUIG N, the probate ooart for

S tbe cuuntr of Livingston —At a eession of

said court, held at tbe probate office In the village

of Howell in said county on the Slsti day of Octo

ber A.J). 1900. Present: Hon. Arthur A. Montague,

Judge of Probate. In the matter of the

estate of


Henrietta P. /eatherly having filed in said oourt

her final account as Executrix of said estate, and

her petition praying for the allowonce thereof ,

It is ordered, that Friday tbe HDth day of Nov -

ember, A D 1906, at ten o'clock In the forenoon, a t

said probate off ce. be and is hereby appointed

for examining and allowing said account.

It is further ordered, that public notice thereof

be given by publication of a copy ol this order,

for three successive weeks previous to said day of

hearing in the I iuckney Dispatch, a newspaper

printed and circating in said county.


Judge of Probate.

Mortgage Salr

Deiaolt having beeu made in the,conditions of

a mortgage made by David P. Ghalker and Amy I,

Chalker, his wife, to the Olobe Fence Company, a

Michigan Corporation, dated August 34,1905, and

recorded in the oftlce of the register of deeds, for

the county of Livingston and the state of Michigan,

on the 84th day of August, A. D. 1905, in 11ber

94 of mortgages on page 548 and siiid mo rtgage

uontainirg a clause stating that should default be

made In the payment of said principal or interest

or any part thereof when the same are payable as

above provided and should the same or any pftrt

thereof reraaiu unpaid for the period of thirty

days then the principal sum, with all arrearages'

of interest shall at the opt Ion of said mortagee,

it* legal representatives and assigns bncome payable

immediately thereafter and the interest, ou

eaid mortgage, which became due on the tilth day

of August, A. D. 190B, not having been paid and

the same having remained unpaid for the peripd

of thirty da; 9, said mortgagee does hereby declare

that the principal sum of said mortgage with all

arrearages of interest is now due and tnat the

same shall become payable immediately and the

said mortgagee claims there is due at the date of

this notice the sum of $jtf).71, and an attorney's

fee of¢15.00 provided for in s;iid mortgage and no

suit or proceedings at law having been instituted

to recover the moneys seemed by said mortgage,

or any part thereof, NOW THERE VO RE by virtue

of the power of sale contained in said mortgage




$r> $¢.






Malted Cocoa

The Oooom with

m DeUomte Flmvom \

|4AM KD COCOA is prepared bysdeatssV ,

jllycoinbiningthecocoaof thocbokfOP^ 4

icoa bean and the best of malt '**»-,

.. alt aiding digestion, andthefatof &*'

Cocoa having been predigested, the


feeling of heaviness experienced after

drinHngthe QTJLU jaxy_coco asisavoided;

thus a most delicious end ^nourishing!

,s'eiage is prvv.aced, which it

fee fctly pure and will not distress the

most dedicate stomach.

J'or sale by your dtaler.


Malted Extract


One teaapoonful to a cup of boiling water

makes a delicious. Bouillon.

For aale by your dealer. Prepared by


Medford, Boston, Mass*


To prove unquestionably, and beyond any doubt

at Catarrh of the nose and throat can be cured,

am furnishing patients through druggists, small

we Trial Boxes of Dr. Shoop'i Catarrh Cure,

do this because lam so certain, that/Dr. Shoop's

atarrh Cure will bring actual substantial help,

othing certainly, is so convincing as a physical

ttstof any article of real, genuine merit. But that

article must pos*'Ss true merit, else the test will

condemn, rather than advance-it. Dr. Shoop's

Catarrh Cure is a snow white, healing antiseptic

balm, put up In beautiful nickel capped glass Jaw

at fific. Such soothing agents as Oil Eucalyptus,

Thymol, Menthol, etc., are incorporated into a

vt'lwty, licatt'd catarrh only of the nose and

throat nothing else, however, need be used bat

Dr. Shoop's

Catarrh Cure


Kc "ia Cure

/era eat*

Subscribe fcr the Pinckney Dispatch


OUR NEW METHOD TREATMENT will cure you, and make a man

at you. Under It* influence the brain becomes active, the blood purified so that

all pimples, blotches and ulcers heal up: the nerves become strong as steel, BO

that nervousnee;*, tms-htulness and despondency disappear; the i-yes become bright!,

the face full and clear. «-nergy< returns to thd body, and the moral, physical and

|sexual .systems are Invigorated; all drains cease—no more vital waste from the

•ysfcm. The various organs become natural and manly. You feel yourself a man

I an A know marriage cannot be a failure. \\"e invite all the afflicted to consult us

cprfldenUaUy ami frit- of charge. Don't let quacks and fakirs rob you of your

llMBM-earned dollars. WE WILL CURE YOU'OR .NO' PAY.



Poter E.' Summers, of Kalamazoo,

\\\A\ , relates his experience: ^^¢-/^

"I was troubled with Nervous De- ^ ¾ ^ ¾ ^

•Mllty for many years. I lay It to in-

UiMTL'Llon* and. excesses in early

\.>u:^, I bec.ime Very despondent and

ilidii't care wn-Llier 1 worked o. not. I

imagined everybody who looked at me,

»KUt^id- my secret. Imaginative,

idreama at night weakened me—my ba,ck|

V Vv ached; had pains in the hack of my

^A^ , J head, hands and Utci Wert Cuid, tired

^-^ *^ in the morning, poor appetite, fingers

were .shaky, eyes blurred, hair loose,

memory i>oor, etc. Numbness In the

Hirers set in rind the doctor told me

he feared paralysis. I took" all kinds of

medicines and tried many flr?t-elas.s

'physicians, wore an electric belt for^

thive'mon;hs, wont to Mt. Clemens for*

BtfOKt TRMTMINT baths, Ijt received little tenrfit. While AFTER TREATMENT


IL ML. Clemens I was induced to consult Drs., Kennedy & Krrijan, thouph I had

'".•> all f:ii;h In d MESS STEEL FURNACE, which we sell direct from our

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thesUli ot tne moon. Kirk VauWinkle. \> , 2d



No s^penta, loss oi stmnglh,

aass, headache, oonstipatloo, bad

feneral debility, sour risings, and eatarril

of the stomaoh are all due to lndlfestio*

Kodol onres indigestion. This new dlsoap

sry represents the ^naturil Juices of difea*

tea as they asiat in a healthy, •tsiaaah,

oombtned with the greatest known teosf

and reconstructive properties. Kodol Dya»

pepsia Cure does not only cure Indigesttoa

and dyspepsia,, but this famous remedy

cures all stdmach troubles by cleansing,

purifying, sweetening and strengthening

the mucous membranes lining the stetnaeJk

Mr. S. S. Ball of Ravenswood, W. Vs.,

" I was troubled with aour stomach for twoqtj

Kodol curod ma and we are now udn| If In

for baby." ..

Kodol Digests What Yon Bat

Bottles only. $1.00 SlxehokHnj 2« ttraeethel

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pNa«r«obyE.aOeWITT A 00., OHIOAOX

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Ask for the 1906 Kodol almanac

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Rocky Mountain Tea Nuggets

A Busy Medicine foi Busy People.

Brings Golden Health and Renewed Vigor.

A specific for Tonstipinion, Indigestion. Liver

and Kidney troubles, l'imples. Eczema. Impure

Blood. Bad Breath. SluffRish Bowels. Heudache

and Backache. Its Rocky Mountain Tea in tablet

form. 3* rents a box. Genuine made by

HoLLisTEH, Diti.x; COMPANV.'Mudison, Wis.


Railroac Guide


la aaect Apr. 3C, 1SCS.

I Trains leave South Lyon its ''.>ik>v;-.

: or Detroit and East.

! 10:48 a. m., 2:19 p. m. S.">8 p. u>.

'• For Grantl Rapids, North aud West,

! 9:26 a. rn., 2 :19 p. m., 6:lS p. .a.


For Sapinaw and Bav Citv,

10:48 a.ia., 2:19 p. in., S-.5S p. ra .

For Toledo and South ,

10:43 a. m.. 2:19 p. m.,


A^- -At, ^ -itr. I,voii, 'J. P. A., LVtnii

tirand Truak Railway System.

East Bound from ' inci aev

No' 2% Passenger Ex. Suiirav, 0:-»s A.M.

."so. 30 Passenger Ex. Snnd'iy, 4:55 P. M.

West Bonnd from Pii (kuev

No. 27 Pa ..u.. p.i:, - t: ,-:L- i.tarlts, |

cvpyrighLs, .•..-.', |N A wl. COUNTR ! clS.

2>«.>47/tvv iiin\ t -r'lth ., u,- .,.^';. -.< o. . tV tlmt\ j

money and sften the fa tent.

Patent and Infringement Practice Exclusively.

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^1 Js>

0UL>EK OF EASTKUN' s TAK uieetseach uion.:, j

the Friday eveniui: t'oliowin« the regular i'. i

sV A, M, liiet-tinj;. MKS.NI.TTE VAVOHN, W. M. i r-



t"r-' ' tiai!»day c'Vi aiui; ofeac-h .Mci-th iu the

Maocalie-: nail.* t.'. 1.. tinmes V. C.

LAD1KS OF 1 HK MACs'ABElS>. Meet every le

and 3rd Saturday of each tuonth at 2:80 p m.

K. O. T. M. hall. Visiting sisters cordially in

sited. LILA CO^IWAY, Lady Com.


\ F. L, Andrewa f. M,

^ .



t'byaiclai.osbdSurKaonfl. All call* promptly

a'tonaedtoday or night. Office on Main street

Piuokney, Mich. • ,





r ^¾ :^

Z. ; ^ • fa

•^T r

s. ^t!^.v » S'^KS

. '.t '.:• "^'Tipact, .-an hti wr ^1 rij-il'v, nn



A '

•,. - v,,/ ^-^i/; i v m*mm&>2£&mm^^ $J3$3«!^ *-»^ *



If a woman laughs. at a

it's because "he i^n't her



•jaam ***a»*f W

man s -jol;cs


The** t» inorfl Catarrh tiitM*.^ot!..im>f the country

tfcan «li other diiea«e« fir t "pettier, ainl untlUhe lut

few ?e*ri wataupp&ted i,jbe ln(nirr>n'». Ft>rafireat

Ht»aj year* doctor* pnfit>«d iocs] nwif4!e«, aiul.j y cvtisytuiiy f*l!.uj{

tocurt with loraUrMrlfntM. proitObMt«Alf rmSurakie.

Sctr.n^e km proven t'afurrh t>> '>f :»i'->tj.*r1 ruTioiial dis-

^Moautl therefore ro'nlrPKv.noMtuili.riiji troatinenr.


N fmsMm

H|ilfii>B|ilvtv-tpwri5i men are fre'f

acc^md(ffted;by; the vyiujpe^

ter/^totekeepej 1 ; lockBtnJfu oy.$fcii>en

ter, ^¾^ otfus tt'ru?aj\ or J^wo^'tind is

a barbe'K^jvhen occasloj^.; requires.

When Mount ^efnb'ft'^inen want a

haircut they go to Mllford or some

other large towii. ~

There ' r« oi\e native ,of LUe placej

a man or 56 years, who has ueUher &

tjeard uor a, heavy growth or hair,

who does hot leave towu or enlist

the aidot'a neighbor hr^chd^plnr

off" hits locks. He is Uis^owu bar-

[ ber, and probably one of the hew

, known characters in Afount Vernon-r

j Jams Smith, or "Jarve." as he If

called. •Marve" has a unique method

of removing hi a. superfluous hair,

and while, it is nossibl? original with

himself, it is not a secret. He hag

no patent upon it. and'rather prefers

, others to follow his example.' if they

wish to practice economy. The

| process can be done anywhere, in the

parlor.'on the street, in the field or

; on the wood lot. and '"Jarve" does' it

when he finds it necessary, regardless

of wheie he happens to be.

Smith's method is by singeing.

, After dipping a piece of wood Into

rkerr3«ene oil and ttvniting It "he starts

to work. With *tht!paff>n. ujj&


Wouldn't Fit.

(jSonus/vhtitorft- front tht- north

tetttfclr sertice %t a e&lorfcd

Aiab'ama and were much amuse

th^ good old preacher referred

John i. and John 11.'as John with one

-«?«e and John with two eyes!"

But when he gave out a hymn beginning

"Purge Me with Hyssop,'

there was consternation in the choir

and great fumbling around for a tune

to fit the words. At last, the leading

chorister addressed the preacher:

"Say, Brother Johnsint;', won't you

idea so try some odd*»r yarb?"—Lippincotts.

e Mil' oajLiu a'jniomenl be raised

' , nml«-*preiM ra*j*ia^Lv irrtb' two great

blooming twin chrysanthemums, more

at. I or less flattened at the. center. When

cli\4fch In - thi s is tk)oe^ ip .Wjgh)(J^ulTal|j they

iiseia whenT sll .. Mrs. Pinkhaan claims that there is a

kind"*bf'dyspepsia that is caused by a

derangement of the female orga^rism,

and which, while it causes aftmifrirb-


anee similar to ordinary indigestion,

cannot be relieved ^^

i«e'like.tiV pin^.'gdving flashes of

to | light that can be seen further tljikn thq,

- animal itself, affordiug a conspTcu()ti^.

identification mark that muse be ffi

great service to the species.

As soon, therefore, as an antelope

sees .some strange or thrilling object

this muscle acts 'and the rump patch

is instantly changed into a g»eat

double disk of white that shines afar

like a patch of snow, and by its flashing

spreads the alarm. This, it will be

! seen, is simp'.y a heliograph. Man

j flatters himself that he was the in-

! v'eutor of flash communication, but u,c

; is wrong: the antelope had it first.

HOW DEBILITY SHOWS ! They used it thousands of generations

i before man over dreamed of it.

r itho\lt a medicine

which not onlv acts as a stomach taj^iic,

but has A peculiar tonic effect on the, female


As proof.of .this theory \ve call attention

to fne case of Mrs. Maggie

Wfight, BroyfcTyn, NI Y., v\ho Hvas

completely e^rod by Lydia E. Pinkhtim's

Yegets&te Componniie writes 3

'^1* for two years I sjiffcred with dyspepsia

Trhifh 10 (UgniKirnri il the »ntir« ai'8t^hi ^iiut I

was imabxeto attend to v\y daily duties. I

felt weak and nervous, and nothing that I ate

tasted good and it caused n disturbance in my

stomach, I tried different dyspepsia cures,

but nothing seamed to help iu». 1 was advised

to give 3 .ydia E. Iltuchitm's Vegetable

Compound a triul, and wasJiappily surjtrwwl,

tofrorl that it «et«\l like a fine tonic, ami in a

few day* I began to enjoy and properly digest

my food. My recovery was rapid, and in

fl\ e weeks I was a -well Vonmft. 1 have recommended

it to many suffering \vomwu."

..No'ijlher medicine in the world has

receiver* such widespread and unqualified

endorsement or has such a record

of cures of female troubles, as has Lydia

E. PinkbauVs Vegetable Compound.


Many a lonesome and expensive

trip to Florida, California or the

Adirondack^ has been saved by

the use o£

Kemp's Balsam

the best cough cure. If this great

remedy Will not cv.re the cough, no

medicine will, and then all hope

rests in a change of climate—but

try Kemp's Balsam ilrst.

Sold by all dealers at 25c. and 50c.


Positively e«ei %y

these Little Pills.

They also rettere DLtrcss

from Dyspepslarlndigestion

aad Too Hearty

Bating, A perfect fttaedy

tor Dfelness. Kayos,

Drowstaess, Bad, Tasto

Bl the Mouth. COated

Tongoe, Ptia in tfte side,

:tt fclvebody, nerves as well as muscles,

tbc ixavr ivr bloodsHiuaJntf>s the orgaufctuyighig^.strpng wo

do the j WOTfftluTr^n^flff^ct^ of theiuTcal wreck!

and normal'health follows. Not only

M 1 *^is treatment wfrflrient to ou-oVfre>

fcUtte 7 How tke Wreck Occurred.

, Magistrate—You complain thai your

husband struck you? Why, you're a

man aud lie's a phvsl-

•i • -

- • > '.«•-- T •*, Till •

*.ri I "^i

bnt4iiau3^voada, aeUoora, «»Uiwada .

. telepboae*. Writ* tor map* and literature!

\H.W. MARSH, Muriate*

-r»—. -tyr- +i\ -.^- — rt+rt*

' f *-v ;V> 1 - V ; ' -

VaSJtateawitfti T|Msiasaa?i CM

fNJPpj dJBVajaJa ^ftfj ( Ef E^^r^EHPNEaft^ESENJ V EEOjEc^P

W.^^VOftSolTi NOT •«> 1t0t>



' •» '*•

. « » • • • »«..< A . .;. •• +•• ••-•




ptrtaaants ki Many Citiss Bajng

tMM^f^ l

Ihe..lsxfestiKations have boon nppn

gp^a5jjnt,s_t(, joarn the present sit

XSeit, to.make tests of the suitabil-

" * irious wpodr.. and to lay oxienta

and note their

tual trafftc conditioner'


ey Laugh.

r"of'JBe different nations

.areat\y. The Italian

musical; the

berate fashion.

and unceras

English guarded

, nTVB"ra ipy stomach,

wlth-.paii^Jtn>.my. h*a*t, sides and

•head. '%£>•"•*••' . -V r

•A At^|*gies r^T)4« hare" no pji|etit«

able far use In pavia*;, and whether |,for d^sytheft J would.fuflftavenous,

l«ss expensive woods- could not be .never sa$\aflefl when I did eat and so

used to •supplement tnfe .Georgia plno. nervous T rAt'lika Oni- shiieldnc: at the

top of niy vofce. 1 lofit Uesh badly

and' hardly .kneW-w^ch why

iV75TStJis.es heariTaad the Irisn w*Jj*fr*»* It's a injure to be well

r to* turn

wntil one day 1-bought a l>ox of Gtaiie-

Nh's food to see if 1 "could eat that.'

I tried'it without "teTHns the doctor,

atld'irkefl "It. fine; made me feel as if

1 had something to cat that was satisfytag

flhd; still i,,didn:t Ifflve that

heavlnfess'that.I had feR af^r eating

any other food. v • -i '.'

"T hadn't drank any cofTtse theu in

five weeks. I kept on with the Gi-ape-

Nuts and in a month and a halt I had

galnfed IS pounds. t*mld eat Almost

aaythiag-^wanted, didn't.leel. hadiy ^

after eatlng^and my hervoushest wtw

4» •**»;.. , >at always/genuine, tjie lower-

- *>*l*m^'KJwlUh explosive, the Scottish



-- *-r*f






Nl .VJ Batt

VSN tJLj5,::^a. i^a^ir




Mysterious Find."

She went down to a swell play the

other evening, attired in""a shflSrlf

white gown and wearing a splendid

opera clqak. In fact, she was stunning.

As she seated herself, she was

about to remove the long red cloak

when with horror and consternation

depicted on her face she discovered

something! My, what a predicament!

She had prepared supper before

leaving fSr tbe show, and there,

covering the front of the white skirt

was a lowly calico checked apron.

She managed to remove it after tbe

house had darkened, and the next

morning the sweeper at the Colonial

found an apron under one of the seats.

—Pittsfleld Journal.



Little Girl's Obstinate Case of Eczema ;

—Mother Says: "Cuticura Remedies

a Household Standby."

"Last year, after having my little I

girl treated by a very prominent j

physician, for an obstinate case of

eczema, I resorted to the Cuticura

Remedies, and was so well pleased j

with the almost instantaneous relief

afforded that we discarded the physician's

prescription and relied entirely

on the Cuticura Soap, Cuticura Ointment,

and Cuticura Pills. When we

commenced with the Cuticura Remedies

her feet and limbs were covered

with running sores. In about six

weeks we bad her completely well,

and there has been no recurrence of

the trotfble. T/e find that the Cuticura

Remedies are a valuable household

standby, living as we do, twelve

miles from a doctor, and .where it

costs from tv-.aty to twenty-five dollars

to* come up on the mountain.

Mrs. Lizzie Vincent Thomas, Fairmount,

Walden's Ridge, T^nn., Oct

Dfm't he to. .-casting evil unless it4a

what you ccni guard against. Anxiety

is good for nothing if we can't turn

it into a defense.—Meyrick.

Superb Service. Splendid Scenery?

en route to Niagara Falls, Muskoka

and Kawartha Lakes, Georgian Bay

and Temeganit Region, St Lawrence

River and Rapids, Thousand Islands,

Algonquin National Park, White Mountains

and Atlantic Sea Coast resorts,

via- Grand Trunk Railway System.

Double track Chicago to Montreal and

Niagara Falte, N. Y. !

For copiee of tourist publications !

and descriptive pamphlets- apply to j

Geo. W* Taux, A. G. P. fc T, A4, 13¾ !

Adams St* Chicago. f"'

He is a wise man who either speaVs

the truth or says nothing.


** »4**:







It* the easiest *jrf

only ww to get

ScW every where

» t ••••!«»I %>

a and Inferior MMC*. Takm mo *uhmtu

tut*. . Aafc j iw iiaUrfc»W. L. naaglaa slwea


Muiet aaaai feavtata tacaa.*

Fast OomwYg&t&weJf t*ey u4H aetawar arany.

Write far faaatrateS Catajeg •* Fall Stylaa.

W.L. DOWLAS. Deet. U, BrecHtM, BUML

The Circulation Stimufated

and the Muscles and vJointi

lubricated by using '


Price 25c 50c 6•LOO

Sold by all Dealers

fSteari$Trerfi$e On The Horse'Satt Free : |

Address Dr. Earl S.Sloan,Boston.M&is.j



There are two classes of remedies; those of known ijuality

and which are permanently beneficial in effect, acting

fireutly, in harmony with nature, vhen mature nce«te assistance;

ami another class, emmpom*. ef preparations of

unknown, nnccrtain and iufctWr dwrMter. aotiug temporarily,

but injuriously, as a resvlVrt fmhtg' the natural

fnnctions unnecessarily. One of

the remedies of known quality aj

pleasant Symp of Figs, mannial

Fig Syrup Co., which'ri-prf-^ents

plants, known to act most bpnetidi

in which the wholesome Californian

iributc their rich, yet delicate, fruity

of all remedies to sweeten and refresl

gently and mitnrally. and to assist o\

pation and the many ills resulting tltei

pies, and quality are known to phVs

remedy lias therefore met with their

the favor of many millions of well iui

of their own personal knowledge and]

that it is a UH>*t excellent laxative reflienj

it will cure all manner of ills, but rwoj

represents, a laxative remedy of IUMN

containing nothing of an objectionable or injurious character.

There are two classes of pwchaaer*; tfcose wl:o are informed

as to the quality of what they hnv and the Teasons for iho exeelUnce

of articles of exeeptional merit, and who-do not l::ck eour«co to go

o! tho crciit of \\w- druggists of tiie luitivi . s ;::t;> l • ir oail

» lhut nearly ail of T'::em value their reputation f.-r pudVssioiial

'inti'grity and tbe ^KKI will of their customers too hijrUy to oiler

?• imitations of the •

Genuine—Syrup of Figs

1 ihanufactured by the California Kijr Syrup Co., ami in order to

* buy the gennine. article and to get its boneticial eftwts. one has

only to note, wljen purchasing, the full name of the Company-^

California Fig Syrup Co.~-plainly printed on the front of every

package. Price, 50c,^er bottle. One site only.

FA D £ L-C#$ S


m ,s v.

nfc - --


•* -A , r. i


B>t- S .


1 >.

> » • . . ,


•' 7?-"

E^ * '


.• v

that hteadtat*

wrlttoa andplaotd in th« m*>

dfuiliaii beat covers tb* tToan4.

Thlspeperif the medium fer

this community. M you have

*flftoiiry with your adi carault

vPernaflS.we mn*U*m



"' «>?*»•


• , . , ,. beaver hat

rile eves, weak baok, vertiao, wakj cl0 Jessica finally put him on probation for

three months." He served the term,

coming out unscathed, but during the

whole of It was under the care of a

bachelor friend, who _on the slightest

sign of danger locked him up till It

had passed. Jessica's Judgment and

heart had a struggle for mastery, and

the heart conquered. She and Chamberlin

were married. Evenr one predicted

that the bride would rue the day

that she consented to marry a man

subject to become enthralled at a moment's

notice with any pretty face,

and the result was in accordance with

their expectations. Captain Chamberlln

was improved only hi this: He did

not fall in with so many women of inferior

grade, consequently his affairs

were of a more respectable class.

The poor wife suffered, but no more

than her husband, whose weakness

made his home miserable. Their intimate

associates could always see the

signs of a new love in Chamberlin's

breast in the cloud that rested on him

and his wife. One day while Mrs.

Chamberlin was cooking in the

and a wblte beaver haL


kitchen her husband, who had just en­

ue^cauacd by inability tg Ktop thiuj

tered on a new Infatuation, joined her

They received sonle most beautiful

mud uurefrealiing slcrp. The catt

there. They had been having high

and costly presents.

the trouble may lw sonic- diaiu 01

words about the matter in the dining

The many trends of Mr. and Mr.-,. room. When he came In she was roll­

Pool extend their congratulations. ing dough. A nervous tension that had

been long accumulating at last over­

"Two Dogs over One

Bone Seldom Agres."


Assessment No. 88 of the LOTMM is came the equilibrium of her faculties,

now due and must be paid before Nov. 30. and, raising the rolling- pin, she

Addie Placeway, Finance Keeper. brought it down on her husband's

skull. Realizing what she had done,

A new stock ol ladie's and children's she threw her anus about his neck and

cloaks especially for their sale at

burst Into passionate sobs.

"My wound I" exclaimed the husband.

Barnards next *eek, have been re "Tou bit me on the spot that Mauser

ceived by Dancer' and Co. of Stock- bullet struck."

bridire. They are reported finest ever "Oh, heavens!"

displayed by tuat fifb.

"No harm done, sweetheart," he said

encouragingly, ' )ut I think I*d better

see a surgeon."

Talked Shop.

In an hour a surgeon drove up to

"I spent a pleasant half boor In a the house, examined the wound—much

t barber's chair yesterday."

of the swelling had disappeared—and

"How was tbatr

upon asking about the original was told 1

"Listening to the barber's story of that a bullet was supposed to have

how his brother went suddenly insane fractured the skull, but the surgeons,

and slashed a customer. The barber considered it a slight break and.had

explained between strokes that insanity

ran la his famU/.'-OaJumbus Press. ,_„



not operated upon It.

"I can see evidence," said the ear-

"of an indentation which seems

modified-by this blow

J to have been

/ , given toiay/* And wit* a reeemmenA.

'•' means ««on to wateh HM wownd carefully ttt

w^houra letoe. &!*• DM a aeneanea envelopments he departed..

new # iaey- ^ flsatf tbat Bm%^MW% *%^BS^Lr9^&*J9?Qa^i^a^s^^i^P ^W©.


s *

: , : * / ' •

A- 1 -'

was even tempted to ran after a pretty

face. No nore devoted eofcple ever

lived together.

A consultation of surgeons and phrenologists

decided the original wound

bad brought about a pressure on the

source of one of the sentimental pro

penalties located in the center of the

brain, which had .been relieved by th

second blow.

In other words, the captain had ha '.

a lot of nonsense knocked. Into him bv

-a Spaniard with a Mauser bullet which

had been knocked out by^ his wife wl'h

a rolling pin.



A journeyman printer blew ia upon

us this week in the right time to give

ns a needed lift, as we are having a

rush of job work besides our regular


Hills were issued from to is office

this week announcing the annual

Thanksgiving party at the opara bouse

Thursday evening, Nov. 29. Fisher's

full orchestra. AH in-vitid. '

If!-: Jiff y 'W

WM' :

•vHfti W»'vPltf»atHok of.-Mr«£:

{a Taking her nioihsr Mn, Psnwi.

Mite Grieve spent Sunday with Mrs.

Fred Taenia.

Miss Florence Andrews is working

as a compositor in this office during

our rush, r;

Meadames Kirk and Briggs of

Howell are the guests of relatives and,

friends here.

George Diokerson, Messrs. Wagner,

and West, and Walter Dinkel, all of

Detroit enjoyed a weeks bunt in this

vicinity. Tbey were guests at V. G.


The regular meeting of the Chance-

Club was held at the pleasant home

of Miss Mae Reason, Tuesday evening. [

Light refreshment* were served and a

pleasant lime was spent by all.

The Illinois Refrigerator Co. of

Morrison, III. have a liner adv. oa

page 1 that may interest some of our

readers. We place it on page 1 so

that all would be sure to see it.




and Friday

November 20.21. 22. and 23

A Pine Assortment of New

and Up-To-Date Stock of

Ladies' and Children's Cloaks and FUrs

also full assortment of

Men'3, Boys' and Children's Suits and Overcoats

at the store of


Prom the stock of


W. J. DANGER & Co.



Stockbrtdge, Mfch.

_ L_ _ . . — r '

An opportunity for the people of this ccrjxmunity to

see a fine line of Cloaks, Furs, Suits and Overcoats, fresh

anTl new and bafest Styles at Lowest Prices*

for Good Goods.

Don't Forget the Days

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Frida# next week

Yours Respectfully,

W.!. DAMG£R & CO.

HascalK's Original Carbon Paint

For use on Tin, Iron, Pelt, CanvasMjr fthingle ROQ fs,

Especially suitable for Bridge^rron or 8teel^

Buildings, Machinery,'^Xauk81 efrs.

j ^

Elastic inexpensive Dupable

Stops Lpaks Prevents Must..Checks Decay,

Guaranteed (or 5 years. /Made*

in BLACK oply*ir

This paint is the old original roor^nrif iron paint placed on the

market by us many years ago. It is'jBe pioneer of roof pairts, and

we are the parents of the roofinu pjtfht industry ip this country

Through all these years this paint'* has solo**in greater quantil

each season, despite the fact thai hundreds of imitations, reprc

ed to be "just as good" have flooded the country with advertii

eimiliar to ours in an attempt to divert our trade.

For use on Roofs, Iron or Metal Buildings, or any surface

where a thoroughly good paint is required, Hascall's Carbon Paint

is unequalled, as time and eiperience and thousands of imitations

prove. - "


The Hascall Paint Co.

/ Cleveland, Ohio,




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