EU Multi-Stakeholder Forum on Corporate Social Responsibility ...

EU Multi-Stakeholder Forum on Corporate Social Responsibility ...

q Who are the Round Table Rapporteurs?


A Rapporteur is appointed for each Round Table to support the Co-ordination

Committee in preparing the Round Table meetings and to assist the work of the

Round Table by providing expertise, when appropriate.

Amongst the Rapporteur’s tasks are: the preparation and presentation of the draft

minutes of the Round Table meetings (which include an analytical summary of the

discussions and main positions expressed; an identifi cation of the points on which

there was agreement/disagreement between stakeholders; proposals concerning

the issues to be discussed further, and the approach to be considered in future

meetings); the preparation of a draft summary report about the work of the Round

Table, which is submitted to the Round Table members.

The Round Table members are invited to approve these texts (the meetings’ minutes

and the draft summary report), after consultation with the co-ordination committee.

q Some key data on the ong>Forumong>’s Round Tables

1. Round Table on improving knowledge about CSR and facilitating the

exchange of experience and good practice.

Chair: Pedro Ortun, Director, DG Enterprise

Rapporteur: Lutgart Van den Berge, Vlerick Leuven Gent Management

School, Belgium

2. Round Table on fostering CSR among SMEs

Chair: Timo Summa, Director, DG Enterprise

Rapporteur: David Grayson, Business in the Community, UK

3. Round Table on development aspects of CSR

Chair: Lieve Fransen, Head of Unit, DG Development

Philippe Meyer, Head of unit, DG Trade

Rapporteur: Anne Peeters, Centre d’Etude et d’Action pour la Cohésion

Sociale, Belgium

4. RT on diversity, convergence and transparency of CSR practices and tools

Chair: Bernhard Jansen, Director, DG Employment & Social Affairs

Rapporteur: Penny Walker, independent consultant, UK

Agenda, list of participants, presentations and minutes available on:

CSR ong>Forumong> roundtables meetings.htm


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