EU Multi-Stakeholder Forum on Corporate Social Responsibility ...

EU Multi-Stakeholder Forum on Corporate Social Responsibility ...




The European ong>Multiong>-ong>Stakeholderong> ong>Forumong> on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR

EMS ong>Forumong>) was launched on 16 October 2002. On this occasion, the ong>Forumong>

composition, objectives and operational aspects were adopted (3) .

q What are the objectives?

With the overall aim to foster corporate social responsibility, the European ong>Multiong>-

ong>Stakeholderong> ong>Forumong> on CSR aims to promote innovation, transparency and convergence

of CSR practices and instruments through:

• improving knowledge on the relationship between CSR and sustainable development

(including its impact on competitiveness, social cohesion and environmental

protection) by facilitating the exchange of experience and good practices

and bringing together existing CSR instruments and initiatives, with a special

emphasis on SME specifi c aspects;

• exploring the appropriateness of establishing common guiding principles for

CSR practices and instruments, taking into account existing ong>EUong> initiatives and

legislation and internationally agreed instruments such as OECD Guidelines for

multinational enterprises, Council of Europe Social Charter, ILO core labour conventions

and the International Bill of Human Rights.

The CSR ong>Forumong> will present before summer 2004 a report about its work and conclusions

to the European Commission.

q Who is participating?

The ong>EUong> CSR ong>Forumong>, chaired by the European Commission, consists of ong>EUong>-level representative

organisations of employers, trade unions and civil society as well as other

business organisations. A balanced representation of these different stakeholders is

ensured. Other ong>EUong> institutions, as well as other organisations active in the fi eld of

CSR are invited to attend with observer status.

( 3 ) See full text on ong>Forumong> Objectives, Composition and Operational Aspects adopted by ong>Forumong> members on>Forumong>%20Rules.htm

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