Intensity-modulated radiotherapy (IMRT) - KCE

Intensity-modulated radiotherapy (IMRT) - KCE

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3.1.1 Literature search Methods

A literature search was conducted in January and February 2007 using the following

databases: Medline (Pubmed), Embase, Cochrane. In addition, manufacturers and

distributors of IMRT systems were requested to provide any clinical evaluations of their



Type of publication: systematic review, meta-analysis, controlled clinical trial. Only

patient efficacy or safety studies comparing IMRT with another type of external

radiotherapy for the same target were included. Comparative studies without use of

randomisation, e.g. comparisons with a historical control group, are included with the

limitation that the resulting evidence can be considered supportive at most. Clinical

reports without control group, dosimetric studies, planning studies, animal studies or

studies concerning only technical aspects or phantoms were excluded. The type of

pathology studied did not constitute an exclusion criterion.

Language: reports in English.

Method: full articles were searched only if the title or abstract suggested the report

could be included.


"Radiotherapy, Intensity-Modulated"[MeSH] has been included as MESH term only

recently (2006), so the term “Radiotherapy, Conformal”, introduced in 1999, was used.

This MESH term was used in Pubmed Clinical Queries. “Therapy” was used as Clinical

Study Category and the scope was set to broad and sensitive. Only reports published in

2004 and later were considered, as a systematic search had been conducted up to

March 2004 and reported in a HTA report by the Gallician Agency for Health

Technology Assessment. 7 The 4 study reports retained in this HTA report have been

added to our search results.

Pubmed search: (Radiotherapy, Conformal[MeSH]) AND ((clinical[Title/Abstract] AND

trial[Title/Abstract]) OR clinical trials[MeSH Terms] OR clinical trial[Publication Type]

OR random*[Title/Abstract] OR random allocation[MeSH Terms] OR therapeutic

use[MeSH Subheading])

Limits: added to PubMed in the last 3 years. The PubMed search was done on January 4,

2007 and repeated February 8, 2007 for the 2006 period.

Titles and abstracts were scanned and full articles retrieved where clinical outcome

measures were used, at least one treatment arm used IMRT and was compared with a

control group.


(13 februari 2007): ('intensity modulated radiation therapy'/exp OR 'intensity modulated

radiation therapy' OR 'intensity modulated radiotherapy' OR 'imrt') AND (('clinical

trial'/exp OR 'clinical trial') OR (random*) OR ('clinical trial':it)) AND [2004-2007]/py

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