GALE of Scruton.pdf - Ingilby History - Ripley Castle

GALE of Scruton.pdf - Ingilby History - Ripley Castle

GALE of Scruton.pdf - Ingilby History - Ripley Castle


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Gale ale<br />

Robert or Francis Gale (2) = Anne Clapham<br />

Of Akeham or Acomb<br />

Grange, York; married 1590<br />

John Gale = Jane Frank<br />

The <strong>GALE</strong> Family <strong>of</strong> <strong>Scruton</strong> Hall in the County <strong>of</strong> Yorkshire<br />

James Gale =?<br />

Born c1460; died >1523; seated at<br />

Thirnt<strong>of</strong>t nr <strong>Scruton</strong> in the<br />

Hundred <strong>of</strong> East Gilling N Yorks<br />

Born c1510 Thirnt<strong>of</strong>t Yorks;<br />

Lord Mayor <strong>of</strong> York 1534 &<br />

1546; died 2 Jul 1557<br />

Born 1575; died 1624 Eldest daughter <strong>of</strong> John<br />

Frank <strong>of</strong> Pontefract; she<br />

died 1624<br />

Oliver Gale = Ellen Marshall<br />

Born c1485 Thirnt<strong>of</strong>t Of Richmond N Yorks<br />

George Gale = Mary Lord James Gale =?<br />

Daughter <strong>of</strong> William Clapham <strong>of</strong> Beamsley<br />

or Beamondsley; she married (1) Thomas<br />

Thwaites <strong>of</strong> Marston York; and (3) John<br />

Ingleby <strong>of</strong> Lawkland Hall York (and<br />

brother <strong>of</strong> Sir William Ingleby <strong>of</strong> <strong>Ripley</strong>;<br />

see INGLEBY <strong>of</strong> Lawkland Hall and<br />

INGLEBY <strong>of</strong> <strong>Ripley</strong> <strong>Castle</strong>)<br />

Daughter <strong>of</strong> Robert<br />

Lord <strong>of</strong> Kendal<br />

Resided for some time in Spain and then<br />

settled in Ireland, whence his descendants<br />

during the rebellion there (1595-1603)<br />

transplanted themselves to Whitehaven<br />

THOMAS <strong>GALE</strong>, who d.s.p;<br />

ISABELLA <strong>GALE</strong>, married Ralph Hall, Lord Mayor <strong>of</strong> York;<br />

ANNE <strong>GALE</strong>, married Robert Peacock, Lord Mayor <strong>of</strong> York;<br />

ALICE <strong>GALE</strong>, married Christopher Clapham;<br />

DOROTHY <strong>GALE</strong>, married (1) John Rokesby; and (2) Sir<br />

Thomas Fairfax, father <strong>of</strong> Thomas, Lord Fairfax;<br />

ELIZABETH <strong>GALE</strong>, married Thomas Garbray <strong>of</strong> Beverley;<br />

URSULA <strong>GALE</strong>, married (1) Sir William Mallory <strong>of</strong> Studley<br />

(see MALLORY and AISLABIE <strong>of</strong> Studley Royal); and (2)<br />

Henry Bellasis<br />

ROBERT <strong>GALE</strong>, <strong>of</strong> Akeham Grange; he married a daughter <strong>of</strong> Mr Dutton and had issue:<br />

MATTHEW <strong>GALE</strong>; GEORGE <strong>GALE</strong>;<br />

ROBERT <strong>GALE</strong>, <strong>of</strong> Akeham Grange; married Elizabeth Langdale (daughter <strong>of</strong><br />

William Langdale); had issue:<br />

FRANCIS <strong>GALE</strong>;<br />

ROBERT <strong>GALE</strong>, married Anne Thorold (daughter <strong>of</strong> Edmund Thorold <strong>of</strong><br />

Hough-on-the-Hill Lincs);<br />

JOHN <strong>GALE</strong>;<br />

BARBARA <strong>GALE</strong>, married Richard Mallett;<br />

JANE <strong>GALE</strong>; MARY <strong>GALE</strong>;<br />

MARY <strong>GALE</strong>, married (as his 2 nd wife) Thomas Meynell <strong>of</strong> North Kilvington<br />

Additional information from Burke’s Commoners & Burke’s Landed Gentry; see also<br />

http://familytreemaker.genealogy.com/users/g/a/l/Carolyn-S-Gale/index.html<br />

Mallory allory allory<br />

The BRADDYLL Family<br />

<strong>of</strong> Conishead Priory<br />

(see below)<br />

Frank rank<br />

Clapham lapham

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Christopher Gale = Frances Conyers<br />

Of <strong>Scruton</strong>; born 1597 Died 1656<br />

RALPH <strong>GALE</strong>, born c1600; Citizen <strong>of</strong> London; he left 2 daughters;<br />

JOHN <strong>GALE</strong>, born 1601; was in the Low Country Wars under Count Mansfield during the reign <strong>of</strong> James I; resided for many years at<br />

Farnley Hall Yorks; he married Joanna Dodson (daughter <strong>of</strong> Miles Dodson Esq <strong>of</strong> Kirkby Overblow nr Harrogate Yorks); he left issue:<br />

HENRY <strong>GALE</strong>; FRANCIS <strong>GALE</strong>;<br />

MILES <strong>GALE</strong>, A.M., was in Holy Orders and Rector <strong>of</strong> Kighley anno 1712; he married Margaret Stones (daughter<br />

<strong>of</strong> Rev Christopher Stones DD, Chancellor <strong>of</strong> York); had issue:<br />

CHRISTOPHER <strong>GALE</strong>, born June 1680; he read Law under an Attorney in Lancashire before emigrating to North Carolina<br />

c1698/9; he settled in Bath [at Kirby Grange Plantation] and made his fortune trading with the Indians; in 1703 Proprietary<br />

Governor Robert Daniel appointed Gale to serve as a Justice <strong>of</strong> the General Court, the Supreme Court <strong>of</strong> the colony and in<br />

1704 was appointed concurrently Attorney General <strong>of</strong> NC; following the upheaval <strong>of</strong> Cary’s Rebellion in 1708 Gale was<br />

removed from <strong>of</strong>fice as Chief Justice by Governor William Glover; Gale subsequently travelled to London where the Lords<br />

Proprietors <strong>of</strong> the colony were meeting, to lay his case for reinstatement before them; he was immediately reinstated;<br />

Gale was a capable explorer and was slated to go with John Lawson and Baron Christoph de Graffenried (1661-1743) on their<br />

fateful 1711 expedition into Indian territory. De Graffenreid and Lawson were captured by Tuscarora Indians and Lawson<br />

was killed. Gale was unable to join them due to his wife Susan's illness. Gale later reflected that her illness likely saved his<br />

life. Later that year Governor Edward Hyde sent him to Charleston, South Carolina to secure military aid for the war<br />

against the Tuscarora Indians. On his return trip, Gale was captured by the French who held him briefly as a prisoner <strong>of</strong><br />

war on Martinique. Finally arriving home in July 1712, Gale was rewarded for his service with a re-appointment as Chief<br />

Justice. He held that <strong>of</strong>fice, with only brief interruptions, until 1731, during which time he obtained commissions as<br />

collector <strong>of</strong> customs at the ports <strong>of</strong> Beaufort, Currituck, and Roanoke successively. He also briefly served as the absentee<br />

Attorney General <strong>of</strong> the Bahamas. In 1729, Gale was appointed to a commission to determine the boundary between North<br />

Carolina and Virginia along with Colonel John Lovick and William Little. he married (1) in 1702 to Sarah Harvey (widow <strong>of</strong><br />

Governor Thomas Harvey and daughter <strong>of</strong> Benjamin & Juliana Laker; she died 1730); he married (2) c1733 Sarah Isabella<br />

Ismay; he died 1735 in Edenton NC and left issue by (1):<br />

MILES <strong>GALE</strong>, born c1706 Yorks; married 1723 Hannah; Sheriff <strong>of</strong> Chowan Co NC (1755); he died 1761 and left issue:<br />

SARAH <strong>GALE</strong>, born 1729; she married William Skinner; died 1795;<br />

THEOPHILIS <strong>GALE</strong>, born 1708 Yorks;<br />

PENELOPE <strong>GALE</strong>, born 22 Feb 1702 Yorks; she married 1726 to William Little (son <strong>of</strong> Lt Isaac Little & Bethiah<br />

Thomas; born 27 Feb 1691/2 Marshfield Plymouth Co MA); had issue:<br />


ELIZABETH <strong>GALE</strong>, born 1704 Yorks; married Henry Clayton (Provost Marshall NC); had issue:<br />

MARY CLAYTON, born 1725; died 1768<br />

THOMAS <strong>GALE</strong>, Rector <strong>of</strong> Linton;<br />

EDMUND <strong>GALE</strong>; JOHN <strong>GALE</strong>; MARY <strong>GALE</strong>;<br />

MARGARET <strong>GALE</strong>; DOROTHY <strong>GALE</strong><br />

The Rev Thomas Gale DD = Barbara Pepys<br />

Thomas Gale was a divine critic and antiquary <strong>of</strong> distinguished erudition; he was born at <strong>Scruton</strong> in Yorkshire in 1636 and<br />

received his education at Westminster School and at King’s College Cambridge, taking the degree <strong>of</strong> BA in 1658 and MA in<br />

1662; appointed Pr<strong>of</strong>essor <strong>of</strong> Greek in 1666 and in 1671 published a collection <strong>of</strong> the ancient Mythological Writers entitled<br />

Opuscula Mythologica Ethica et Physics, Greece et Latine. In 1672 he was appointed High Master <strong>of</strong> St Paul’s School London, in<br />

which situation he was employed to write the inscriptions now remaining on the monument to the Great Fire; in 1676<br />

appointed Prebendary <strong>of</strong> St Paul’s; in 1677 a Fellow <strong>of</strong> the Royal Society; in 1697 Dean <strong>of</strong> York; died 28 Apr 1702<br />

Daughter <strong>of</strong> Thomas Pepys <strong>of</strong><br />

Impington Cambridgeshire and a<br />

direct descendant <strong>of</strong> Samuel<br />

Pepys; she died 1689

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Of <strong>Scruton</strong>; born 1672; author <strong>of</strong> Registrum<br />

Honoris de Richmond; MP for the Borough <strong>of</strong><br />

Northallerton; Commissioner <strong>of</strong> Excise; first<br />

Vice-President <strong>of</strong> the Society <strong>of</strong><br />

Antiquaries and Treasurer <strong>of</strong> the Royal<br />

Society; died 25 Jun 1744<br />

Born <strong>Scruton</strong> 1744;<br />

married 1779; died 1821<br />

Roger Gale = Henrietta Raper<br />

Roger Henry Gale = Catherine Crowe<br />

Born 1710; married 1740;<br />

died 1768 <strong>Scruton</strong> Yorks<br />

Henry Gale = Mary Dalton<br />

Daughter <strong>of</strong> Henry Raper<br />

<strong>of</strong> Cowling Hall, Yorks; she<br />

died 29 Sept 1720<br />

Daughter <strong>of</strong> Francis<br />

Dalton <strong>of</strong> Hawkeswell<br />

Daughter <strong>of</strong> Christopher<br />

Crowe <strong>of</strong> Kiplin Yorks<br />

Harriet Gale = Lt Col Foster Lechmere Coore<br />

Of <strong>Scruton</strong> Hall<br />

Yorks; married 1816<br />

HENRY COORE, born >1816;<br />

MARY COORE, born >1816;<br />

SOPHIA COORE, born >1816;<br />

AUGUSTA COORE, born >1816;<br />

CHARLOTTE COORE, born >1816<br />

Of Firby NR; the eldest son <strong>of</strong> John Coore and Ann<br />

Lechmere he succeeded his uncle Col Thomas Coore<br />

in 1821 (whose father Foster, son <strong>of</strong> Alderman<br />

Thomas Coore <strong>of</strong> Liverpool, married in 1736 Eleanor,<br />

only daughter <strong>of</strong> John Heaton <strong>of</strong> Firby)<br />

CHARLES <strong>GALE</strong>, in Holy Orders; Rector <strong>of</strong> <strong>Scruton</strong>; married Cordelia Thwaits (daughter <strong>of</strong> Thomas<br />

Thwaits <strong>of</strong> Burrell; she died 1721); he died 1738 and left issue:<br />

THOMAS <strong>GALE</strong>, Rector <strong>of</strong> West Rounton and <strong>of</strong> <strong>Scruton</strong>; married Eleanor Crowle (daughter <strong>of</strong><br />

George Crowle <strong>of</strong> Fryston); he d.s.p. 7 Jul 1746;<br />

CHARLES <strong>GALE</strong>, d.s.p; SAMUEL <strong>GALE</strong>, d.s.p; ROGER <strong>GALE</strong>, married Jane Conyers and left issue;<br />

SAMUEL <strong>GALE</strong>, born 17 Dec 1682; a reviver <strong>of</strong> the Society <strong>of</strong> Antiquaries in 1717 and its first Treasurer;<br />

he died 10 Jan 1754 and buried at St George’s Queen Square London;<br />

THOMAS <strong>GALE</strong>, d.s.p;<br />

ELIZABETH <strong>GALE</strong>, married Rev William Stukeley (Rector <strong>of</strong> All Saints Stamford; born at Holbeach Lincs<br />

7 Nov 1697; educated at the Free Grammar School Holbeach and Corpus Christi College Cambridge<br />

obtaining his MB; subsequently studied medicine at St Thomas’s Hospital London and set up practice in<br />

Boston in 1710; became a Fellow <strong>of</strong> Royal Society (FRS 1717) and member <strong>of</strong> the Society <strong>of</strong> Antiquaries<br />

(1718); obtained his MD in 1719 and in 1720 became a Fellow <strong>of</strong> the Royal College <strong>of</strong> Physicians; a<br />

Freemason and Vicar <strong>of</strong> All Saints’ Church Stamford (1730-47); a pioneer <strong>of</strong> archaeology he investigated<br />

the prehistoric sites <strong>of</strong> Avebury and Stonehenge; he died 3 Mar 1765)<br />

ROGER <strong>GALE</strong>, died young;<br />

CHRISTOPHER <strong>GALE</strong>, died unmarried 1805;<br />

SAMUEL <strong>GALE</strong> MA, Rector <strong>of</strong> Everingham and<br />

Precentor <strong>of</strong> Llandaff; died 1746;<br />

HARRIET <strong>GALE</strong>, married Capt John Atkinson<br />

Blanshard; had issue; CATHERINE <strong>GALE</strong><br />

CATHERINE <strong>GALE</strong>;<br />

ANN <strong>GALE</strong><br />

Dalton alton alton<br />

<strong>Ingilby</strong> ngilby<br />

Thwaites hwaites <strong>of</strong> <strong>of</strong> Marston arston<br />

Fairfax airfax

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Portrait <strong>of</strong> Wilson Gale Braddyll (1756-1818)<br />

– Sir Joshua Reynolds P.R.A<br />

© Philip Mould Ltd<br />

The BRADDYLL Family <strong>of</strong> Conishead Priory in the County <strong>of</strong> Lancaster<br />

The CURWEN Family <strong>of</strong><br />

Workington Hall in the County <strong>of</strong><br />

Cumberland<br />

Of Whitehaven; descended from<br />

James Gale, brother <strong>of</strong> George<br />

Gale (see above); died 1773<br />

William Gale = Margaret Richmond<br />

Isabella Gale = Henry Curwen John Gale = Sarah Wilson<br />

Col Thomas Richmond Gale Braddyll = Frances Chester<br />

Of Conishead Priory & Bardsea Hall Lancashire<br />

and High Head <strong>Castle</strong> Cumberland; born 14 Nov<br />

1776; married 6 Aug 1803; Lt Col in<br />

Coldstream Guards; Magistrate & Deputy<br />

Lieutenant for Lancashire; High Sheriff 1821<br />

EDWARD STANLEY BRADDYLL, born >1803; married 7 Dec 1837 to<br />

Sophia Frances Anne Hulton, 2 nd daughter <strong>of</strong> William Hulton <strong>of</strong> Hulton<br />

Park Lancashire; had issue:<br />



CLARENCE BRADDYLL, for whom King William IV stood Godfather;<br />



Of Workington Hall Of High Head <strong>Castle</strong><br />

and Catterlen<br />

Wilson Gale Braddyll = Jane Gale<br />

Of Conishead Priory Lancs & High Head <strong>Castle</strong><br />

Cumberland; High Sheriff <strong>of</strong> Lancashire 1778; MP<br />

for Lancaster (1780-4) & Carlisle (1790); Col 3 rd<br />

Royal Lancs (Prince Regent’s Own); Groom <strong>of</strong> the<br />

Bedchamber 1809; married 20 Jan 1776; died 19<br />

Nov 1818<br />

4 th daughter <strong>of</strong> Charles Bagot Chester<br />

(brother <strong>of</strong> William, 1 st Lord Bagot) by<br />

Catherine Legge, his wife, daughter <strong>of</strong><br />

the Hon Baron Legge, 2 nd son <strong>of</strong><br />

William 1 st Earl <strong>of</strong> Dartmouth<br />

Vernon ernon<br />

Sister and co-heir <strong>of</strong> Henry Richmond <strong>of</strong> High Head <strong>Castle</strong><br />

Cumberland & daughter <strong>of</strong> Christopher Richmond <strong>of</strong> High<br />

Head <strong>Castle</strong> and Catterlen, who was the son <strong>of</strong> Christopher<br />

Richmond by Mabel, his 1 st wife, daughter and co-heir <strong>of</strong><br />

John Vaux <strong>of</strong> Catterlen; born c1690; died 1759<br />

Eldest daughter & co-heir <strong>of</strong> C. Wilson <strong>of</strong><br />

Bardsea Hall Lancashire by Margaret, his wife,<br />

co-heir <strong>of</strong> THOMAS BRADDYLL <strong>of</strong> Conishead<br />

Priory – representative <strong>of</strong> the ancient family <strong>of</strong><br />

BRADDYLL <strong>of</strong> Braddyll and Brockhole<br />

Daughter & heir <strong>of</strong> Matthias Gale <strong>of</strong> Catgill<br />

Hall Cumberland (only son <strong>of</strong> Matthias Gale<br />

by Dorothy, his wife, daughter <strong>of</strong> John<br />

Ponsonby <strong>of</strong> Hale Hall); she died 1819<br />

JANE BRADDYLL, married Admiral Frank Sotheron<br />

<strong>of</strong> Kirklington Hall Notts;<br />

MARGARET BRADDYLL, married Gordon Forbes,<br />

eldest son <strong>of</strong> General Gordon Forbes;<br />

CHARLOTTE BRADDYLL, died unmarried;<br />

HARRIETT BRADDYLL, married George Vernon <strong>of</strong><br />

Clontarf <strong>Castle</strong>, Co. Dublin<br />

Curwen urwen urwen<br />

Mostyn/ ostyn/ ostyn/Vaux ostyn/ aux

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