Reach - Plano Office Supply

Reach - Plano Office Supply

Designed to work. Built to last.

Reach TM

Suddenly, it seems so obvious:

instead of hanging storage off

a wall, or pushing it up against

a wall, why not just use storage

to create the wall?

Introducing Reach. A new way to look at storage, a new way

to plan space. It’s a smarter solution that makes storage

more active, people more productive, offices more open,

organization more attainable, worksurfaces more workable.

Who knew it could be so simple?

A better office is

now within Reach.

Reach creates offices that are easier to get and keep

organized. By placing high-capacity storage right in the

wall, everything is suddenly at arm’s length. With files and

piles, peripherals and electronics out of the way, your desk

becomes one open, continuous worksurface. Because

there’s nothing overhead or under the desk, you have a

more comfortable range to work. Reach lets you stash

things more neatly, think thoughts more clearly, and stretch

yourself more fully. All of which lets you accomplish more,

more easily.

Greenery and flowers have

been proven to improve

attitude and productivity.

Reach as a wing wall with Terrace 2.6 panels creates offices with

maximum storage.

Use the same surfaces and

finishes for Terrace and Reach

and create a single, seamless

aesthetic throughout the office.

Opposite: Reach integrated with Terrace ® 2.6 {see index: photo 1}

With Terrace 2.6 as a spine wall,

you gain extra planning flexibility.

A variety of worksurface

shapes surround people with

a workable desktop and let

you make optimal use of the

spine wall.

High-tech, high-touch, high-five.

Reach creates a new kind of office, a new way to work.

A highly configurable, two-sided storage wall with files,

shelves, and drawers of many shapes and sizes makes

offices that are more versatile, organization that’s more

flexible. Power and data access can be located at the

baseline, beltline, and within the storage modules for

powering up equipment that used to take up desk space.

A wide variety of colors, textures, finishes, and Landscape TM

surfaces creates a statement of design. And there’s always

plenty of room for items that make a statement of self.

The right storage in the right place.

Reach features storage,

including drawers and shelves

of various depths, on both sides

of the wall. Lockable lateral files

safely store those less active

but still important projects.

A world without panels provides maximum storage in a

minimalist floorplan.

Use bottom and top storage

levels for space-defining walls

that are only 43" tall.

Adjustable-height tables and

desk screens/modesty panels

are a less confining, more

flexible alternative to traditional

desking options.

You can get plenty of access

to power and data, right inside

your storage, all without panels.

Opposite: Reach integrated with Ahrend 500 tables and S2 screens {see index: photo 2}

Unique combinations of

surface materials communicate

your design statement.

Goldfish not included with

standard Reach orders.

Bring down the walls.

Reach can stand on its own in open, design-driven

environments. Gain a new perspective on space with

storage units that form the foundation for interactive offices.

Integrate freestanding furniture that defines workspaces

without fencing them in. Organize teams around functions

and let space speak for itself. You’ll improve everyone’s view.

Don’t let a good idea get away.

Reach does double and triple

duty with worksurfaces on

top and open shelving on the

sides, giving you plenty of

space to sketch, share, and

store all your great ideas.

With so much storage, sharing space is never a problem.

Work tools let you put phones,

active files, keyboards, monitors,

and task lights up and off the desk

for greater accessibility and a more

usable worksurface.

Teams can share equipment

and technology, powered up

and behind closed doors.

Opposite: Reach integrated with Terrace 2.6 {see index: photo 3}

Translucent tambour doors

keep priorities within sight.

Set worksurfaces to whatever

height is most comfortable

for different body types and


Reach improves your view.

One plus one makes three.

Reach creates a single space with plenty of storage where

people can work individually and as a team. Worksurfaces

can be set at any height to accommodate every kind of

workstyle. Equipment can be shared and kept out of sight.

Get Set TM

tables roll in as work expands. And because

panels aren’t supporting storage, they can be lower.

Which improves the flow of air, light, and perhaps most

important, ideas.

Behind the scenes, close at hand.

A pull-out shelf and power within

the storage compartment let you

stash printers and gadgets so

they’re not taking up valuable

workspace. Additional side

shelves get the files and piles off

the desk, while keeping them top

of mind and within arm’s reach.

Stack up the space savings.

Start with the bottom storage unit. Then make the wall

your own by choosing middle and top levels of storage,

with shelves, drawers, and compartments specific to

your needs.

Reach frees up space in all directions, within each

office and across the entire floorplan.

This extra room could mean a space for training or

teaming, wider aisles, more workstations. Even a lot

less rent.

8'x8' 8'x8' 6'x8'

Traditional Reach Reach

Storage cu. ft./station 22 32 24

Storage space improvement - 45% 9%

Active worksurface sq. ft./station 23 27 23*

Number of stations 144 144 192

Incremental stations - - 48

Space density improvement - - 33%

Saved space for redeployment

in sq. ft.

- 423 423

Stations per cluster 6 6 8

Cluster footprint 16'-8"x25' 16'-1"x25' 16'-1"x25'

8'x8' Traditional to 6'x8' Reach

Rent savings per year** $110,943

*Includes pull-out shelf. **$24/sq. ft. full-service gross rental rate, with all saved square

footage unrented and not used for other purposes.

Storage becomes the wall and the wall

becomes storage.

8'x8' Traditional

(using overhead cabinets and pedestals)

Overhead cabinets and pedestals now work

together as a single wall of storage, providing

45% more storage capacity.

Traditional Reach

8'x8' Reach 6'x8' Reach

The storage wall becomes the foundation for a set

of opposite-facing offices.

8'x8' Traditional 8'x8' Reach

Saved space becomes a training

and conferencing area

Reach integrates with Terrace 2.6 and Concensys panel systems.

The office for how people work, today.

The way we work is changing. Styles are fluid, with teams

shifting to fit the task at hand. New technologies keep

people connected to work and each other, yet we hold

onto more paper than ever before. Rising costs and

flattened corporate structures have companies compressing

space and moving from private offices to the open plan.

But the things that we value in our work environment have

not changed: comfort, communication, access to people

and information, and alternative workspaces that are

functional and efficient.

Worksurfaces are clear and

open, so they look better and

work harder.

Efficient storage means people

will be better organized and

more comfortable at their desks.

Tool rails and tiles and

Extensions TM work tools get the

files and piles off the desktop

so they’re visible, accessible,

and organized.

Without overhead cabinets,

there is more natural light and

no distracting shadows on the


Access power and data

throughout the office, at base,

beltline, worksurface, and within

the storage.

Day-to-day items are kept

within arm’s length, reducing

strain and fatigue.

Lockable tambour doors keep

the stuff of work– and play–

secure, out of the way, and yet

within sight.

Power inside storage compartments

lets you keep electronics

charged up and close by.

With most-used storage units

at torso height, there’s no

uncomfortable reaching above

the shoulder or below the waist.

Reach storage with Concensys panels opens up and organizes

the office.

Lower wing walls, like these

Concensys panels, and 56"

high storage make compact

offices feel big.

Specify marker board or

tackable fabric tiles to ensure

every surface has a job to do.

Landscape materials make a

stylish statement.

Open shelving extends the

active worksurface.

Keyboard platforms improve

ergonomics and free up even

more of the worksurface.

Opposite: Reach integrated with Concensys ® {see index: photo 4}

To simplify inventory, worksurfaces

come in non-handed

shapes that surround employees

with fully utilizable desking and

let them face into the corner or

out the door.

We strongly recommend

headwear that supports your

hometown team.

Good things come in pairs.

With Reach, a single wall of customized components is the

foundation for a pair of opposite-facing offices. The storage

wall extends the active, available worksurface. And with an

integrated marker board or tackable material, you can make

the most of vertical surfaces, too. So you can give more

people more workable, functional space in the same amount

of real estate.

Catch the overflow.

Without pedestals taking up

under-desk space, you’ll have

room to stretch your legs,

stash your gym bag, or nest a

Get Set table so it’s ready to

roll for overflow projects.

Executive and administration come together to give you corner

offices right alongside support staff.

Two-sided wardrobe cares for

overcoats or even an extra suit

and tie.

Fuzzy slippers may be substituted

for standard, slingback pumps.

Partial-depth shelves give personal

items a place of their own.

Opposite: Reach integrated with Terrace 2.6 {see index: photo 5}

A secondary worksurface

accommodates overflow projects

or impromptu meetings.

Add an alternative work area

for special projects or management


Support staff are right

around the corner.

Uptown, downtown.

With Reach, you don’t have to give up private offices when

you go to open plan. Dress up executive offices with the

warmth of wood, the sophistication of textiles. Finesse the

details with a wardrobe, personal shelves, and an extra

worksurface. You’ll have plenty of room for everything from

your overburdened briefcase to visiting executives.

Open plan means storage and space.

Executive amenities, shelves

for personal expression, and

functional details like an extra

worksurface in the far corner

give senior managers space

that speaks to them.

A new attitude.

Reach works harder so you don’t have to.

Now that there’s a place for everything, you’ll find

yourself in a calm oasis of more organized, effective,

and efficient productivity. But just as important,

you’ll be more comfortable.

All of which will improve your

point of view.


Statement of Line

Units ship fully assembled.

Top Level (13"H)

Flipper Door

36"W, 42"W, 48"W

(Metal or Cleargrain veneer door)

Middle Level (26"H)*

Tambour Door/Shelves

36"W, 42"W, 48"W

(Translucent or painted door)




Hinged Doors

36"W, 42"W, 48"W

(Landscape surface or

Cleargrain veneer doors)

Hinged Doors/Shelves

36"W, 42"W, 48"W

(Cleargrain veneer doors only)

High-tech, high-touch, high-five.

Open Shelf

36"W, 42"W, 48"W

(Metal only)

All models available full depth or 2/3 depth with 1/3 depth open shelf on reverse side. 43"H configurations limited to open shelf, top level.

Open Shelves

36"W, 42"W, 48"W

(Metal only)

All models available with optional pull-out shelf and side shelves. *Middle level modules for use with Concensys are 22"H.

Bottom Level (30"H)


36"W, 42"W






42"W, 48"W

Reach integrated with Terrace 2.6

Landscape surface: Infinite Spectrum TM

simulating PANTONE ® 397 from the PANTONE

MATCHING SYSTEM ® Panel fabric: Tempest

Sandstorm Cleargrain TM veneer: Natural Maple

Paint: Tungsten Mica Seating upholstery:

Maharam Flora 426, Tiny Check Willow Frame

finish: Black, Tungsten Mica



42"W, 48"W


Bring down the walls.


24"W | 56"H, 69"H

(Two-sided, 1/2 depth)

All fronts available as metal or Cleargrain veneer. Wardrobe door also available as Landscape surface. Drawers and doors available in reversed configurations.

Arch (shown) and integral pulls available. Landscape surface and Cleargrain veneer drawers and doors must use arch pull.

Reach integrated with Ahrend 500 tables

and S2 screens

Landscape surface: Infinite Spectrum

simulating PANTONE 14-1064 TPX Saffron

from the PANTONE for architecture and

interiors color system Worksurface: Light

Grey melamine on Ciranol Desk screen:

Semi-transparent Paint: Platinum Metallic,

Platinum Mica Seating upholstery: Maharam

Flora 586 Frame finish: Black





One plus one makes three.

Reach integrated with Terrace 2.6

Landscape surface: Pearlescent Strata TM

Glacier, Tech Metal Tool Panel fabric:

Celestial Linen Laminate (edge): Pearl

Bisque (Muslin) Paint: Platinum Mica

Seating upholstery: Sockhop Blue Moon

Frame finish: Black

These fundamental shapes can be used alone or in

combination to create the most functional worksurfaces.

Combination Rudder Rudder Cove Jetty Secondary

Worksurface-Saving Work Tools

Be sure to see the Extensions brochure for more

information on these and many other work tools

that further free up worksurface space.

Create your foundation wall in any number of heights,

widths, and storage configurations to meet individual

needs and space-planning requirements.



Bottom Bottom Bottom

Good things come in pairs.



Reach integrated with Concensys

Panel fabric: Blast Stella Laminate

(edge): Whitestone (Muslin) Paint:

Gunmetal Mica Seating upholstery:

Cava 722 by Kvadrat available through

Maharam Frame finish: Black

Uptown, downtown.




36"W 42"W 42"W Heights are nominal.

Reach integrated with Terrace 2.6

Landscape surface: Mulberry Paper

Mojave Panel fabric: Metallation Etched

Bronze, Propeller Sandalwood Cleargrain

veneer: Light Cherry Paint: Gunmetal

Mica Seating upholstery: Brisa ® Bark

Frame finish: Aluma

Designed to work. Built to last.


Reach is a response to the many challenges facing facilities

managers and employees: rising rents and decreasing space,

increasing demands for storage along with power and data

access, and the ongoing need for better organizational methods

and improved workflow systems. Allsteel’s continuing research

into improving workstation efficiency coincided with ideas being

developed by Cortet Studio. Working together, Cortet and the

Allsteel design, development, and manufacturing teams created

this innovative solution of versatile office furniture that facilitates

organization and maximizes space-planning opportunities.

And we made sure it looks great, too.

For more information, please visit

Reaching greater environmental responsibility.

Reach efficiencies have a positive influence on the environment far beyond the

individual office. Reach’s material intensity rate is 14% less than the typical workstation.

This means there’s significantly less embodied energy in each workstation,

and it reduces the environmental impact of manufacturing. You can further improve

the environmental equation by choosing 6'x8' workstations over 8'x8' and reduce

building energy costs by 25% per office. This translates to saving 2203-kilowatt

hours* and eliminating 2.4 tons of greenhouse gases from power generation per

year. And since Reach allows you to use lower panel walls, you can rely on more

daylight for illumination, reducing your electric bill while improving the environment

inside and outside the office.

Visit for more information on Reach and Allsteel’s environmental

policies, sustainability efforts, and life cycle responsibility.

*Based on national average costs provided by Building Owners and Managers Association International.

Allsteel Inc.

Muscatine, Iowa 52761-5257

Form # A7509 (12/04) Printed in USA

©2004 Allsteel Inc.

Allsteel is a registered trademark

and Cleargrain, Designed to work.

Built to last., Extensions, Get Set,

Infinite Spectrum, Landscape,

Pearlescent Strata and Reach are

trademarks. Brisa is a registered

trademark of Ultrafabrics, LLC.

PANTONE ® and other Pantone,

Inc. trademarks are the property of

Pantone, Inc.

Product meets or exceeds

ANSI/BIFMA performance

standards for business

and institutional furniture,

and is backed by the

Allsteel Lifetime Warranty.

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