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Everybody needs a little space.

HON workstations are sophisticated, modular and designed to provide your employees

with the slice of office real estate they need to perform at a high level. So bring order

and elevated design to your office space with HON panel systems that allow you

to create a seamless blend of welcoming shared areas and individual spaces that

encourage productivity. After all, if you build them … they will achieve.


Initiate ®


Simplicity ®



Surface Materials

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All systems “go.”

Panel systems are the ideal way to create order in your workplace.

Identify the features you need, then let us help you decide which

system will work best for you now and in the future.

What is a panel system?

A panel system uses a combination of panels and office furniture to:

• Define space

• Create privacy

What panel systems does HON offer?

HON offers two systems that are:

• Easy to understand and specify.

• Easy to install and reconfigure.

• Compatible with other HON furniture.



• Build complete workstations:

• Private offices

• Individual workstations

• Group work environments

• Satisfies the widest possible range of organizations and


• Supports small- and large-scale systems solutions;

installs/reconfigures easily and quickly.

• Heavy-duty, durable construction features environmentally

conscious Nature Core .




• A cost-effective, value-driven solution.

Initiate (pages 68-73) Simplicity II (pages 74-75)

• Scales from simple space division to full, electrified


• Radiused profile lends soft, organic aesthetic to the work


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Look for these symbols and “Clear the air” with HON furniture—certified by the SCS Indoor Advantage

program. See pages 6-7 for details.



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How will you use your workstation?

Private office

Manager’s office

Reception station




• Hinged or sliding doors (Initiate ® ).

• Add HON tables and guest chairs for



• Peninsula or desk with guest seating for

impromptu meetings.

• Personal storage towers provide additional

organization for bags, coats and other

hard-to-store items.


• Countertop for interaction with guests.

• Add HON reception seating.


• Varying panel heights to create private as

well as collaborative areas.

• Keyboard platforms for ergonomic support

of task-intensive work.

What else do you need?

Work area


Electrical support


• Panel-mounted worksurfaces easily attach

to the panel system and require minimal


• Freestanding desks can be oriented

anywhere within the station, maximizing

the number of possible configurations.

• Panel-mounted overheads keep books and

binders within easy reach.

• Pedestal storage organizes frequently

accessed files and supplies.

• Power in the panel base is a streamlined,

economical choice for power and data access.

• Choose power panels where available

to provide convenient access at worksurface


• Power poles enable power routing from the

ceiling to stations.

• Power accessories bring power and data

access exactly where you want it.

• Paper management tool bar keeps active

files organized and within arm’s reach.

• Keyboard platforms help employees work

in a supported and comfortable position.

• Under-overhead task lights and

freestanding desk lamps give users control

over their work environment.

How do I proceed from here?

See product photos (pages 68-75)

• See full-color photos of our workstations to imagine

them in your office…

• Read about product features and benefits to help

choose the perfect solution for you…


• See more full-color product photos…

• Get more information on office solutions…

See specification pages (pages 240-249)

• See complete listings of all available sizes and

workstation options to fit your needs...

Call your local HON dealer today!

Your partner in:

• planning • choosing • installing • expanding

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Simple. Simple, easy pieces create a rich array

of possibilities. Initiate is simple to order and put

together, yet provides extensive layout flexibility

for multiple reconfigurations. Fewer parts and a

simplified connection system mean set-up is quick,

freeing up more of your valuable time.

• Our unique universal “X” connector simplifies installation

and reconfiguration as every panel connects the same way.

• Panels feature integral finished ends, so there’s no need for additional

parts when modifying your office layout.

Panels: Lucy Cornsilk fabric

with Muslin finish. Worksurface:

Whitestone laminate top

with Muslin trim. Resolution ®

chairs: Centurion Poppy

upholstery and Titanium finish

(see page 89).

See pages 241-246 for the

complete selection.

Initiate meets SCS certification

guidelines (see pages 6-7)

Choose Initiate ® ’s simple segmented panel option for the clean, crisp look of a

frame and tile system without the extra parts or expense.

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Simple panel connections minimize parts, saving time,

labor and frustration.

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Smart. Initiate provides exceptional long-term

value: durable construction, quality fit and finish,

and versatile components that can be reconfigured

to adapt to the needs of your dynamic organization.

• All-metal frames retain their integrity through years of reconfigurations.

• Metal-to-metal connectors make Initiate’s structure solid, so panels

always remain aligned.

• Tough polymer raceways resist scratching and damage from impact.

• Initiate features a Class A fire rating and its acoustical performance

exceeds industry standards.

Initiate meets SCS certification

guidelines (see pages 6-7)

Panels: Lucy Snowdrop and Daybreak Stone fabric with Muslin finish.

Worksurface: Mahogany laminate top with Muslin trim. F 3 chairs:

Whisper Bone (COM) and Smart Textiles Sublime Beryl upholstery and

Black finish (see page 88).

See pages 241-246 for the complete selection.

Whether creating workstations or a conference area, or customizing your

private office space, Initiate ® adapts to any application with style.

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Sustainable. Initiate tackable panels utilize Nature

Core , a revolutionary fiberboard exclusive to

Initiate. A plant-based, acoustical and tackable

substrate, Nature Core is made from the annually

renewable, sustainable material kenaf. Nature Core

is a low-emitting material and therefore helps to

lower air emissions from furniture in the workplace.

If reducing the environmental impact in your

workplace is a priority, Initiate panels with Nature

Core are a must-have.

• Initiate panels with Nature Core contribute to LEED-CI

standards for green building practices. Add a fabric with reduced

environmental impact, and you have the optimal panel solution for

environmentally focused workspaces.

• Initiate is the first panel system to receive Indoor Advantage Gold

certification, the most stringent emissions standard. Choose Initiate to

promote better air quality for your workplace.

• Initiate can be specified with reduced environmental impact recycled

fabrics. Asana is a 100% Eco Intelligent ® Polyester fabric that is

Cradle to Cradle Certified CM

Gold by MBDC. Twigs and Twilight are

produced from 100% recycled polyester.

Initiate meets SCS certification

guidelines (see pages 6-7)

Panels: Lucy Dusk and Celestial Linen fabric with Light Gray finish.

Worksurface: Light Gray laminate top with Light Gray trim.

F 3 chairs: Whisper Vinyl Forest upholstery and Black finish

(see page 88).

See pages 241-246 for the complete selection.

Nature Core is durable and effective in blocking

and absorbing sound.

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Sometimes the best solution is the simplest.

Simplicity II panels make it easy to plan and design

flexible office space configurations. Start with

Simplicity II basics, and add on as your work evolves

and office needs change. Regardless of your needs,

Simplicity II is a simple, economical system.

• Simplicity II is an economical panel option that can provide simple

space division or fully featured workstations.

• Simplicity II can provide complete workstation capabilities including

privacy, worksurfaces, storage and power/data options.

• Simplicity II panels are a quick and attractive way to provide acoustical

and visual privacy.

Panels: Element Millet fabric. Worksurface: Whitestone laminate.

Overhead storage and Brigade pedestals shown in Champagne

Metallic finish. Alaris 4220 chairs: Smart Textiles Overlap Flame

(see page 93).

See pages 247-249 for the complete selection.

Optional pre-wired electrical

cabling system for panels.

Support feet create freestanding screens. Raceway and non-raceway panels

connect easily.

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Accessory Bracket makes hanging

pictures simple.



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