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Allsteel Get Set - Plano Office Supply

Designed to work. Built to last.

Get Set TM

Get Set is a unique line of tables, chairs, and presentation tools designed for easy set up, efficient interaction, and optimum learning.

Do you spend half

your time getting

ready for the next

big event?

Planning time. Finding space. Coordinating with participants.

Hauling furniture and computers (and all the accessories).

Hooking up technology and running power. Arranging

everything for optimal attention-getting. . .and then,

rearranging for the next activity that’s happening faster than

the room can clear.

You don’t have to anymore.

Get Set, the new learning furniture solution from Allsteel,

is so flexible and functional it pushes planning and practicalities

to a whole new level. Get Set works anywhere that

meetings are held or information is exchanged. It’s designed

to solve the problems of the past and artfully manage the

everyday demands of real-world learning. And we did our

homework to make sure it does.

Read more about Get Set and our research on learning at:


Seating upholstery: Open House Poppy

Frame finish: Tungsten Mica


Laminate (edge): Pearl Silver (Platinum

Mica) Paint: Platinum Mica

Laminate (edge): Whitestone (Platinum

Mica) Paint: Platinum Mica Seating

upholstery: Open House Poppy Frame

finish: Tungsten Mica

Technology in; technology out.

Learning with technology no longer requires a dedicated room.

Get Set offers seamless power integration and optimal ergonomic

comfort. Technology tables roll into action and connect quickly.

When it’s time to focus on the next event, these tables allow tech-

nology to disconnect easily and move gracefully out of the way.

Ergonomic viewing and ample writing space. Computer training. Disconnect technology and reconfigure.

Proprietary hinge mechanism

operates intuitively.

Modesty panel can double as a power

source with hidden cable management.

Universal hook keeps bags, purses, and

briefcases adjacent, but out of the way.

Table-top power/data port supports

plug-and-play activity.

Vertical cable manager routes cables

and cords to and from the table top.

Adjustable-height table can be

raised or lowered between

28" and 41" high.

Bumpers prevent scratches and

damage on folding, nesting, and

dual-motion tables when stored.

Integrated handles make lifting

and carrying easy for folding and

dual-motion tables.

Optional table truck stores and

moves up to six folding or dualmotion


All the right moves.

Get Set tables help you create a classroom anywhere you

need it–the all-purpose room, the conference room, the

extra-wide hallway. They have a Purposeful Design ® that

works for a variety of setups, tasks, and functions.

Tables with casters configure easily and intuitively. If the

setup isn’t working, participants can quickly reconfigure to

make the most of every minute. Anyone can handle and

move this furniture, so the facilities team can tackle other

items on their to-do list.

Adjustable-height table is ADA compliant to accommodate workers with disabilities.

Get Set tables are as

easy to use as they

are to store.


Offers maximum versatility for use and storage because it

folds and nests.


Transitions to nested storage quickly and easily with intuitive

tilt-top design.


Folds to an ultra-compact depth for high-volume and

efficient storage.


Moves computers in and out of use with ease and efficiency.

It facilitates effective monitor viewing and clearer site lines

to instructors because it’s two inches lower than other

Get Set tables.


Allows you to bring work to your level and enables a variety

of working positions throughout the day.


Creates a variety of conferencing setups with multiple

table shapes.

Dual-motion table with optional

modesty panel.

Laminate (edge): Whitestone

(Platinum Mica) Paint: Platinum

Mica Marbles ® Z-Screen TM :

Frosted Translucent Seating

upholstery: Open House Poppy

Frame finish: Tungsten Mica

Transition to teaming.

This flexible furniture empowers participants to make the

learning space work for them, whether it’s brainstorming,

planning, or a casual meeting. Get Set’s unique style and

functionality reconfigures easily to create highly productive

interaction and work.

Small-group teaming. Table shapes facilitate interaction.

Rectangle, half-round, VC wedge, trapezoid.

Get Set chairs are the

best seat for training.

The Get Set chair is designed to handle the demands of

training and teamwork with uncompromising style, comfort,

and functionality. It offers a unique combination of benefits

that draw from the best features of task, training, and side

chairs. The result is a chair that accommodates a range of

work modes, offers extended sitting comfort, and stores

flexibly and space-efficiently.

There is a generous, well-padded seat area, supportive chair

arms, and back support that promotes heat-reducing airflow.

This chair flexes naturally to counterbalance individual body

weight and supports regular shifts in seating posture to

reduce body fatigue.

These chairs nest, stack up to four

high, roll neatly tucked together, and

store space-efficiently.

Unique design supports users of all shapes and sizes and reduces body fatigue.

Laminate (edge): Whitestone

(Gunmetal Mica) Paint: Gunmetal

Mica Seating upholstery: Maharam

Citizen Whey (COM) Frame

finish: Black

Corporate compatible.

Get Set works beautifully in executive offices and conference

rooms. Its classic, elegant style adapts effortlessly with a variety

of finish choices. Tables combine quickly with the ganging

bracket for a broad range of conferencing setups. Get Set presentation

tools enable efficient communication and interaction.

Teleconferencing/videoconferencing. Traditional U-shaped conferencing. Hexagon conferencing.

Wall boards rotate quickly with swivel hooks and move easily along wall rail. This design also facilitates unique corner applications.

Flip chart holder connects to a wall

board. Pivoting arm allows paper to

flip easily.

Get Set wall boards are designed for

lightweight, lift-and-turn functionality.

Tackable wall board has self-healing

tack weave Xorel ® fibers, which makes

wall boards ultra-durable and easy

to clean.

Luminous Neutral tack weave color

is neutral and shimmery– it blends

tastefully with finishes and interiors.

Get Set presentation

tools are effective


Get Set presentation tools let you keep pace with discussion

and maintain the fast flow of instruction. Our two-sided wall

boards are dynamically functional and lightweight. Their neutral

design blends with all surface finishes and decor features.

A size-customizable wall rail holds hanging wall boards. Swivel

hooks make lift-and-turn transitions easy (without removing

wall boards from the rail). Get Set wall boards offer twice the

note-taking or pin-up space. Wall board options include a

self-healing tackable surface or two types of marker board.

Get Set

Statement of Line




*Standard and folding tables available with casters or glides.

Nesting, dual-motion, and technology tables available with casters only. Adjustable-height tables available with glides only.

Presentation Tools

Wall Boards

Marker Board/Marker Board


Modesty Panel

Optional Power



Vertical Cable


A word about our design team.

Get Set was realized by an interdisciplinary design team

at Allsteel in collaboration with award-winning Cesaroni

Design. This dynamic team explored the challenges of realworld

learners and learning environments. They sought to

empower learners, create unparalleled flexibility, achieve

intuitive functionality, and accommodate a range of setups

with every Get Set product.

Respecting the environment.

At Allsteel, we help our business partners achieve a positive environmental

impact and understand that environmental consciousness can be gainful.

This means ensuring that all materials balance performance and sustainability.

Strong, high-quality products guarantee years of use and re-manufacturability.

Allsteel Inc.

Muscatine, Iowa 52761-5257

Form # A7514 (06/04) Printed in USA

Flip Chart Holder

CPU Hammock TM

Ganging Bracket Laptop Lock Universal Hook Quarter-Round


*Add-on accessory available to transport modesty panels.

Designed to work. Built to last.

Half-Round Videoconferencing


Power/Data Port



Wall Rail



©2004 Allsteel Inc.

Allsteel, Marbles and

Purposeful Design are

registered trademarks and

CPU Hammock, Designed

to work. Built to last., Get

Set and Z-Screen are

trademarks. Xorel is a

registered trademark

of Carnegie Fabrics Inc.




CPU Modesty

Table Truck*

Product meets or exceeds

ANSI/BIFMA performance

standards for business

and institutional furniture,

and is backed by the

Allsteel Lifetime Warranty.

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