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Terrace 3.4 - Plano Office Supply

Terrace ®

Terrace is easily changeable.

Panel frames establish the infrastructure of your open plan.

Access to power and data is provided exactly where it’s needed.

Lasting durability and sustainability make Terrace a friendly solution for your company and for the environment.

Terrace lets you express your brand, your culture, and your workstyle.

It has the kind of style and functionality that adapts and lasts.

A range of materials and details lets you project the right image,

whether it’s traditional, creative, expressive, or impressive.

All setups pictured in this brochure can

be accomplished using either Terrace 3.4

or Terrace 2.6.

Opposite: Terrace 2.6

Landscape TM surface: Pearlescent

Strata TM Shadow Panel fabric: Galaxy

Clam Shell Cleargrain TM veneer:

Expresso Laminate (edge): Pearl Silver

(Cloud) Paint: Tungsten Mica

Dressed for success.

Make the most of high-profile locations, like reception, with

the right furniture and the right materials. Terrace acts like a

system without looking like one. Bring your corporate vision

to life or convey your company’s unique personality. A wellcoordinated

mix of materials and finishes creates a comfortable,

warm, and timeless look of success.

1. Transaction countertop.

Welcome guests with a

comfortable surface for

leaning, resting bags, or

exchanging papers.

2. Landscape surface tiles.

Choose from a range of

innovative material choices.

Or use your own custom

tile material.

3. Wood options.

Cleargrain (straight grain) or

Natural veneer is available on

tiles, trim, worksurfaces, and

storage fronts.




Look smart.

Make a dramatic and positive

first impression with Terrace

dressed in updated classics.

A down light illuminates the work

area with a soft glow.

Different preferences, different looks. Allsteel’s offering of surface tiles

includes everything from acrylics to Gunlocke ® wood.

Opposite: Terrace 2.6

Panel fabric: Metallation Etched

Bronze Laminate (edge): Whitestone

(Platinum Mica) Paint: Platinum Mica

Marbles ® Z-Screen TM : Frosted

Translucent Seating upholstery:

Simplex Bermuda Frame finish: Black

Simply structured.

Terrace offers a cost-effective, clean-lined style that’s perfect

for an office environment with numerous workspaces. When

you use full-panel fabric tiles, details are simplified for

easier installation and reconfiguration. Terrace’s thin 2.6"

panel width achieves optimal use of floor space.

1. Solid structure.

This system has a solid steel

frame. Metal trim and base

pathway mean long-lasting

quality and durability.

2. Streamlined power and data.

Terrace 2.6 provides access

where it’s needed most: at the

desktop and base pathway.

Data also routes at the top of

the panel.

3. Storage on the move.

A Marbles storage pod with seat

cushion top accommodates the

occasional guest.





Confident choice.

Terrace features a well-detailed

design, quality construction,

ultimate reconfigurability, and

lasting durability. It’s backed by

a lifetime warranty.

Terrace 2.6 panels are tastefully

finished with soft radius trim.

Extensions TM organization work tools keep everything neat, wellordered,

and within arm’s reach.

Compact and streamlined.

120º setups are space- and costefficient.

This configuration fits

up to 25% more workstations

into a given space compared to

90º connections. Terrace 120º

also facilitates optimal use of

panel sizes for simplified

inventory management.


This configuration creates areas

for concentrated work, yet

remains open for collaborative

teamwork. It’s a great office

solution for project managers and

their creative or support teams.

Opposite: Terrace 2.6

Landscape surface: Tech Metal Tool

Panel fabric: Celestial Linen, Obi Mist

Laminate (edge): Whitestone (Muslin)

Paint: Platinum Mica Seating upholstery:

Terra Stone Frame finish: Black

A new angle.

The Terrace 120º configuration offers functionality and

space savings. Using Terrace 120º delivers many benefits:

it diversifies the look of the workplace; it helps facilities

managers achieve lower costs and more efficient use of

space; and it accommodates interior architecture.

The organic 120º structure opens up the traditional

cube so that employees feel connected and comfortable

while they work, which naturally fosters teamwork

and productivity.

1. Organizing overhead.

Wall-mounted overhead

storage makes the most

of existing architecture.

2. Dividing space.

Terrace panels are an

effective way to divide

space when attached to

a permanent wall.

3. Designing the office.

Terrace freestanding

accommodates a wide

array of worksurfaces,

including curved shapes.

Opposite: Terrace freestanding

with Terrace 2.6

Landscape surface: Frosted Glass

Panel fabric: Xorel ® Flux 6557 color 73

(COM) Laminate (edge): Whitestone

(Cloud, Muslin) Paint: Tungsten Mica

Seating upholstery: Tria ® Solid Black

Frame finish: Aluma

Freestanding fundamentals.

Terrace freestanding artfully organizes open floorplans

and private offices. It extends the style and functionality

of Terrace and offers design flexibility. You can integrate

panels as needed, or use Terrace freestanding by itself.

Terrace freestanding uses many of the same components

as panel-based Terrace for easier inventory management.




Glazed surface tiles let the light

in. They’re available in three

glass styles.

Wall-mounted overhead storage

is a cost-effective solution.

Opposite: Terrace 3.4

Landscape surface: LUMAsite ®

Parchment Panel fabric: Luna

Calligraphy Shell (COM) Laminate

(edge): Whitestone (Warm Beige)

Paint: Tungsten Mica Seating

upholstery: Maharam Messenger

Pear (COM) Frame finish: Black,

Tungsten Mica

Optimal performance.

Terrace has enduring style and unsurpassed functionality. It

creates workspaces that integrate teams, technology, work

tools, and meeting places with productive efficiency.

Terrace’s unique flexibility and power and data capacity

make adding one more “anything” a whole lot easier.

Workspaces can expand, contract, or reconfigure (even with

a complex technology infrastructure). It’s also easy to add

one more computer, one more printer, or one more

employee. Terrace is designed to keep your office running

smoothly and productively.

1. Off-modularity.

Panels attach anywhere along

the main Terrace 3.4 wall,

allowing you to create the

office size that works.

2. Fast access.

Office moves, adds, and

changes happen quickly and

easily because Terrace 3.4 tiles

remove for easy access to

power and data infrastructure.

3. Terrace 3.4 trim options.

Choose from flat (shown here)

or radius, painted or finished

in veneer.




Uncommon capacity.

Functionality is the most

important feature of a

productive team workspace.

Having great style makes it

even better.

Allsteel storage solutions feature

all-metal construction.

Altitude ® worksurfaces offer flexibility to accommodate a diverse

workforce. Keyboard platform articulates to fit the user.

Opposite: Terrace 3.4

Landscape surface: Foundation TM Sand

Panel fabric: Kabuki Chamois,

Metallation Chrome Natural veneer:

Natural Maple Paint: Gunmetal Mica

Seating upholstery: Aquarius Pesto,

Brisa ® Bark (COM) Frame finish:

Aluma, Natural Maple and Silver






Private and personal.

Terrace creates private offices that are flexible, stylish,

and personal. Executives gain the privacy they need, yet

stay closely connected to the culture. This unique blend

of privacy with proximity also achieves a more effective

workplace design. Facilities managers can utilize a range

of choices to make each space unique, personalized,

and compatible.

1. Private office ready.

Terrace stacks up to 108"

high for ultimate privacy. A

hinged or sliding door offers

full enclosure.

2. Segmented panels.

Provide the opportunity

to use a variety of surface

materials for your company’s

signature look.

3. The warmth of wood.

Accent offices with wood

for a comforting aesthetic.

4. Radius trim.

Lends a softer profile to

Terrace 3.4 panels.

5. Productive space.

Jetty and other curved

worksurface shapes

integrate teaming areas.

Integrated executive.

Using systems furniture

doesn’t mean the end of the

private office. Terrace works

like a system, but it doesn’t

have to look like one.

Natural wood grain flows beautifully

from surface to surface.

Gunlocke’s durable ClearTech ® finish provides maximum protection on

high-contact worksurface areas.

Opposite: Terrace 3.4 spine wall

with Terrace 2.6 wing panels

Landscape surface: Pearlescent Strata

Glacier Panel fabric: Kyoto Almond

Laminate (edge): Whitestone (Platinum

Mica) Paint: Platinum Mica Seating

upholstery: Theory Tangerine

Frame finish: Black, Tungsten Mica

True teamwork.

A Terrace 3.4 spine wall has efficient power and cabling

capacity. This substantial and distinctive wall forms the

foundation of the workspace. Power and data are available

in the spine wall and routed to the Terrace 2.6 wing panels

at the desktop, base pathways, and top channels. Terrace 2.6

panels define individual workspace, meeting space, and

even team space.

1. Optimal capacity and cost.

Using both Terrace solutions

together balances power/data

needs and budget.

2. Define space flexibly.

The ability to attach worksurfaces,

overhead storage,

and Terrace 2.6 panels

anywhere on the Terrace 3.4

wall expands your options for

office configuration.

3. Ultimate integration.

Terrace 3.4 and 2.6 work

together seamlessly. Panel

sizes and surface tile options

are identical. Panel segment

reveals and base pathways

align for a unified appearance.

4. Mobile furniture.

Marbles and Get Set TM support

on-the-go workstyles and shared






Two solutions, one look.

Terrace 3.4 and Terrace 2.6

work together to define office

space in new ways.

Terrace 2.6 joins seamlessly with

flat or radius Terrace 3.4.

The lay-in top channel draws cables easily and efficiently when

Terrace 3.4 is used as a spine wall.




A. Terrace 3.4 partially segmented

Landscape surface: LUMAsite

Parchment Panel fabric:

Maharam Season Tortoise Natural

veneer: Natural Maple Paint:

Gunmetal Mica

B. Terrace 2.6 fully segmented

Landscape surface: Infinite

Spectrum simulating PANTONE

13-0522 TPX Pale Green,

PANTONE 14-4510 TPX Aquatic

from the PANTONE for

architecture and interiors

color system Natural veneer:

Expresso Paint: Gunmetal Mica

C. Terrace 3.4 partially segmented

Landscape surface: Infinite

Spectrum simulating PANTONE

16-4109 TPX Arona from the

PANTONE for architecture and

interiors color system, Tech Metal

Nomadic Aluminum Panel fabric:

Shoji Twilight Paint: Tungsten Mica

D. Terrace 2.6 fully segmented

Landscape surface: Clear Glass,

Tech Metal Steel Mesh Panel

fabric: Kyoto Blue Steel Paint:

Platinum Mica

E. Terrace 2.6 fully segmented

Landscape surface: Pearlescent

Strata Glacier Panel fabric: Xorel

Strie 6423 Techno Color 501

(COM) Paint: Platinum Mica

F. Terrace 3.4 fully segmented

Landscape surface: Foundation

Sand Panel fabric: Lido Hermosa

Natural veneer: Light Cherry

Paint: Gunmetal Mica

Adaptable framework.

The simplicity of the all-steel Terrace frame allows easy,

secure connections that hold up to reconfiguration time

and again. Stacking frames facilitate changes in panel

height while maintaining minimal panel inventory. Using

the segmented panel style creates a visually expressive

office environment.

Terrace 3.4 frames connect easily

on- or off-module. Terrace 2.6

frames connect to each other


Terrace 2.6 frames attach to

Terrace 3.4 as wing panels, both

on- and off-module, which

provides ultimate flexibility in

configuring workspace.

On-module Off-module

3.4 to 3.4 3.4 to 3.4

2.6 to 2.6 2.6 to 3.4

2.6 to 3.4

1 2 3

1. Fully segmented Terrace 3.4

uses frame-attached segment

kits and tiles.

2. Fully segmented Terrace 2.6

uses trim kits and tiles.

3. Both Terrace 3.4 and 2.6 can

reach up to 108" high using

stacking frames. Stacking

creates a dynamic line of sight

and worker privacy.

Find your style.

Terrace works with an almost unlimited range of surface

materials to bring your best design ideas to life. Express

a dynamic combination of your style, your brand, your

culture, or your approach to work.

Tiles create the look.

Terrace creates the structure.

Allsteel offers fabric and wood tiles as well as Landscape

surface tiles. The Landscape collection even includes a

semi-translucent polyester resin material that can be

color-matched to the PANTONE ® Color Systems. Or use

any compatible custom material as a tile. We provide the

means, you provide the imagination.

Change the look anytime without

changing the system.

With Terrace, you can freshen the aesthetic of your office

simply by changing the surface tiles. It’s easy to do and

doesn’t alter the steel infrastructure. That way you can mix

and match many surface materials or just change a particular

segment tier throughout your office.

Opposite: Terrace 2.6 fully segmented

Landscape surface: Infinite Spectrum TM

simulating PANTONE 609 from the


material: SUSPENSIONS Laminate by

CANNON/BULLOCK TM (Prudence) Panel

fabric: Xorel Strie 6423 Techno Color 550

(COM) Paint: Tungsten Mica


Two solutions.

Choose one. Or use both.

Terrace 3.4 and 2.6 form the foundation of the Terrace

family. Choose the solution that meets your needs, your

style, or your budget. Or, use them together. Terrace

products are stylistically and functionally compatible.

Both solutions offer full-panel or segmented styles. Full-panel fabric

tiles achieve the most cost-effective look.

2.6" 3.4"

Terrace 3.4 has a timeless architectural

style that offers ultimate adaptability and

handles high-capacity power and data.

Terrace 3.4 is easy to install, reconfigure,

and expand, even when your company

has a complex technology infrastructure.

Terrace 3.4 panels can be segmented every

13" from the base to the top of the panel.

Terrace 2.6 is space-efficient with streamlined

functionality and power and data capacity. It

makes the most use of space in high-density

office environments.

Terrace 2.6 panels can be segmented every 13" from

the beltline to the top of the panel.

Power and proficiency.

Terrace lets you handle technology infrastructure

anyway that works best for you.

Terrace 3.4 manages a virtual highway of electrical, cables,

and consolidation boxes with power and data available

almost anywhere.

Terrace 2.6 puts plug-in access where it’s needed most–at the

base pathway and desktop for basic power needs.

Terrace 3.4 spine walls distribute technology to individual offices

through Terrace 2.6 wing panels. This is the perfect solution for

offices with moderate power and data requirements.







[ 3.4 and 2.6 ]

The base pathway accommodates power and data plus lay-in cabling.

Hinged metal cover provides easy access.

[ 3.4 and 2.6 ]

Data/electrical port tiles are a graceful, integrated solution for

desktop power and data.

1. Modular cabling

consolidation zone.

2. Flexconnect electrical.

3. Power/data dome.

Provides easy access to power

and data needs with two

electrical receptacles and two

data ports. Mounts in a worksurface

grommet and plugs into

the base pathway.

4. Cable organizers.

Attach to Terrace 3.4 frames for

bundling and managing cables.

5. Pull-up receptacle.

Pulls up easily when occasional

power is needed and remains

hidden when not in use. This

option mounts in a worksurface

grommet and plugs into the

base pathway.

6. Cable capacity.

Cabling lays in at the base

pathway and top channel, and

also routes through the beltline.

Terrace manages cabling

horizontally and vertically within

the frame, making network

management simple.

A hinged tile reveals concealed desktop power and data,

allowing excess cords to be hidden for an ultra-clean look.

Flexconnect TM

electrical system.

Flexconnect is easy to install. It offers many choices in

circuit design and transmits clean, reliable, uninterrupted

power. It features four-circuit (3+1), four-circuit (2+2), and

three-circuit (separate neutrals) options.

For Terrace 2.6, electrical installs at the base pathway and

desktop. Terrace 3.4 accommodates power every 13" on

the frame.



modular cabling system.

This system creates a zone distribution plan for wiring

workstations. It makes office moves, adds, and changes

easier. Category 6 cables or fiber optics run from the

telecommunications closet to a series of consolidation

boxes (mounted inside on Terrace 3.4 and outside on

Terrace 2.6). Each consolidation box services a zone,

extending data to workstations within that zone. It’s as

simple as plug and play.

[ 3.4 ] [ 3.4 ]

Power and data can be located at any 13" increment, including inside

overhead storage, for secure recharging of cellphones or laptops.

Top cap options, clockwise

from above: flat (Terrace 3.4),

radius veneer, and radius

painted. End trim is offered

painted, in veneer, and fabriccovered

(Terrace 3.4).

Overhead options, from top

to bottom: radius mesh,

radius, and wood front.

Radius mesh and radius

available with easy-assist

door. Flipper and receding

door styles also available.

Above: wave-shaped

worksurface edge.

Storage fronts are available

painted or in matched-grain

veneer (shown here).

Drawer pull options,

counterclockwise from left:

ellipse, full, integral, arch,

and beveled.


Statement of Line



82" High

(Terrace 3.4)


26" High

(Terrace 3.4)


Tackable Fabric


Super Acoustical







Tool Translucent **

Steel Mesh




Single Pane*


Double Pane*

Marker Board

*Clear, frosted, and tinted glass available. **Translucent tiles include Foundation,

Infinite Spectrum, and LUMAsite. Patterned translucent tiles include Frequency TM , Mulberry Paper, and Pearlescent Strata.




69" High 56" High 43" High 30" High

13" High

Base and stacking frame widths are 24", 30", 36", 42", 48", and 60".

Corner with

Straight Edge

Corner with

Radial Edge






Hard Surface

Peninsula P-Shaped


Jetty Boomerang Reef Wave Quarter- D-Shaped Altitude Dual-Surface



120º Corner 60º Pie 135º Trapezoid

Altitude Adjustable-Height Tables

Rectangular Dual-Surface








(Terrace 3.4)



Translucent **




120º 135º




Get Set Tables




Tables Table Screen Modesty Panel

See the Marbles brochure for additional Marbles table shapes and mobility products.

Adjustable-height and non-adjustable legs available with wheels or glides. “X” and “T” table bases also available.


Overheads Bookshelf



Radius Radius Mesh Receding Door Flipper Door

Mobile Pedestal Tops

Freestanding Desking


With Doors

Steel Laminate/Veneer Transport Seat Cushion

Open Personal


See the Persona TM Collection and Essentials TM Collection brochures for additional storage options.

Freestanding furniture is created using worksurfaces,

supports, modesty panels, end panels,

and brackets. Terrace panels and storage

components can be integrated where needed.

Terrace freestanding’s flexible design makes it

possible to support virtually any workstyle, while

the visual styling allows aesthetic compatibility

with panel-based Terrace.

Extensions Work Tools

Half-Round 170º Wedge




Mobile Z-Screen

Freestanding Mobile Suspended

Personal Storage



Hutches Tackboard

Flat Doors Radius Doors Open



See the Get Set brochure for additional Get Set products.

Standard and folding rectangle tables available with casters or glides. Nesting, dual-motion, and technology tables available with casters only.

Rectangle Round


5-High 4-High 3-High 2-High


Shared Pod Personal Pod

See the Extensions brochure for a complete selection of ergonomic (keyboards, computer accessories),

organization (paper management), and illumination (lighting) options.

Life cycle responsibility.

Terrace solutions are designed to last through a full

lifetime of use. As new features are developed, you can

upgrade your existing system. You can also change the

function or look of your office through reconfiguration or

redressing with new surface tiles.

Terrace is fully covered by the Allsteel Lifetime Warranty.

It will deliver quality, functionality, and durability as long

as your workplace needs it. This is Allsteel’s commitment

to you and the environment.

Recycled material content

Material % by weight Recycled content End-of-life management*

3.4 2.6

Base frame

Steel 90% 90% 30% post-consumer Recycle

Aluminum 7% 7% 22% post-consumer Recycle

Cast metal 2% 2% 0% Recycle

Misc. 1% 1% NA Recycle where possible,

landfill if necessary



NA NA 74% average Recycle

Tackable acoustical tile

Steel 79% NA 30% post-consumer Recycle

Fiberglass 11% 47.5% 2% post-industrial Recycle where possible

Fabric 8% 47.5% Up to 100%


Recycle where possible

Misc. 2% 5% NA Not easily disassembled




NA NA 74% average Recycle

*Allsteel complies with the Federal Trade Commission’s Part 260 Guide for the

Use of Environmental Marketing Claims. Product recyclability depends on local

recycling programs.

Indoor air emissions

Terrace meets the requirements of:

State of Washington–systems furniture

Title VI of the 1990 Clean Air Act

United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)–indoor air guidelines

Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)–formaldehyde

World Health Organization (WHO)–formaldehyde

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Green Building Rating System TM

(LEED-CI)–systems furniture

Additionally, Terrace meets or exceeds the following:


State of California Buy Recycled Campaign

State of California Tech. Bulletin 117–flammability

Greenguard TM tested

Allsteel Inc.

Muscatine, Iowa 52761-5257


Form # A7428 (10/03) Printed in USA

©2005 Allsteel Inc.

Product meets or exceeds

Allsteel, Altitude, Marbles, Terrace and Tria ANSI/BIFMA performance

are registered trademarks and Cleargrain, standards for business

Essentials, Extensions, Flexconnect,

and institutional furniture,

Foundation, Frequency, Get Set, Infinite and is backed by the

Spectrum, Landscape, Pearlescent Strata, Allsteel Lifetime Warranty.

Persona, Z-Screen and Designed to work. Built

to last. are trademarks. AMP, Brisa, Gunlocke,


Laminate by CANNON/BULLOCK and Xorel are

registered trademarks. PANTONE ® and other

Pantone, Inc. trademarks are the property of

Pantone, Inc. Greenguard is a trademark. LEED

Green Building Rating System is a trademark.

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