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Optimize your workspace.

Comfort and accessibility are the keys to productivity. That’s why desks from

The HON Company are created to be modular, practical and—ahem—did we

mention versatile? So whether you work in an executive suite or a collaborative

team workstation, we have the right desk to suit your work environment. Browse

our extensive collection of beautiful, quality-crafted furniture to find the desk

that’s right for you.


Wood Veneer

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Surface Materials

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12 | Desks Overview


The centerpiece of your office.

Start with a desk foundation and build the perfect working

environment with complementary components. Learn how to

personalize your space with functional and aesthetic choices

that work for you.

Desks Overview | 13

You know what a desk is, but what’s a “credenza”?

“Desking” is so much more than desks. A multitude of components are available to meet your

office furniture needs:






Stack-on storage

Corner unit


Your primary worksurface

Extra worksurface placed at

right angles to a desk

Secondary worksurface used

in conjunction with a desk

Worksurface with generous

leg space for meetings

Worksurface used to link two

other worksurfaces

Overhead storage cabinet that

attaches to worksurface

Worksurface that links returns and

bridges at right angles to create

an ideal computer corner

Coordinating file and

storage cabinets

Look for these symbols and “Clear the air” with HON furniture—certified by the SCS Indoor Advantage

program. See pages 6-7 for details.


14 | Desks Overview

What do you do with all these “desks”?

Start with a basic worksurface and expand to create the perfect work environment.



Choose your perfect desk.


“L” Workstation

Choose a left or right single

pedestal desk.


“U” Workstation

Add a return to a corner unit.

Add either a credenza or modular

pedestals with worksurface for more

storage and more space to work.

Add a return.

Add a bridge and peninsula.

Why veneer? Why laminate?

Veneer is a layer of real hardwood affixed to a durable base. It

resists warping and moisture better than solid hardwood. Choose

veneer when you want the beauty of real wood for a polished,

professional image, plus the value of long-lasting durability.

Add stack-on storage for more space.

Add stack-on storage for more space.

Add stack-on storage for more space.

Laminate is compressed material with a scratch- and spill-resistant

surface that has been highly polished in the finishing process.

Laminate is ideal when easy-care durability is important, but you

still want the beauty and warmth of a glossy woodgrain finish.

What are your special desking needs?


Durability/easy care











Basic desk

Add storage


How do I proceed from here?

See product photos (pages 16-61)

See full-color photos of all types of desks to imagine

them in your office…

Read about product features and benefits to help

choose the perfect solution for you…


See more full-color product photos…

Get more information on office solutions…

Panels to enclose desks


Keyboard platforms

Center drawers

Task lights

Veneer (pages 16-25)

Laminate/Steel (pages 26-61)

Basic desks (pages 60-61)

Workstations (pages 68-75)

See specification pages (pages 200-239)

Desks Overview | 15

Keyboard platforms (page 239)

See complete listings of all available sizes and

desk options to fit your needs...

Call your local HON dealer today!

Your partner in:

planning choosing installing expanding


16 | Desks

Announce Veneer

Announce your arrival without saying a word with

our Announce Veneer Desk Series. Blending stylish

ingenuity, functional versatility and beautifully

matched veneer, Announce delivers an upscale,

sophisticated solution that projects an image of

elegance and success.

Built with the finest hardwood veneer and tremendous versatility,

Announce is designed so you have easy access to the many features

you need to complete your work—leaving you to wonder how you ever

worked without it.

Articulating monitor rail system, mobile pedestals, laptop docking

station and a slide-out surface create active, collaborative work zones

around the desk.

Knife edges, curvilinear lines, unique peninsula shapes and floating

desktops present the lighter scale and sophisticated appearance that

only Announce can deliver.

Shown in Mahogany and Matte Chrome.

Tackboard and pedestal seat in Milestone

Medium Grey. F 3 chairs in Overlap Mirage

and Whisper Vinyl Cappuccino (see page 88).

See pages 202-204 for the complete selection.

Desks | 17

Charge into your day with the USB grommet. Matte Chrome accents, like the door and drawer handles,

add to the allure of Announce.


18 | Desks

Announce Veneer

Extend the image of elegance and success with

our full line of Announce Veneer furniture. Versatile

components bring a touch of class while storage

and technology solutions take efficiency to a new

level. Announce adapts to the way you work and is

built to grow with your business.

All Announce furnishings are available with the same beautifully

matched hardwood veneer finishes and profile features to allow for

harmonization across an entire office.

Modular paper management keeps hot documents within reach

while wire management organizes unsightly wires for a clean,

professional appearance.

Collaborative components and organized storage support your can-do

attitude with ingenuity and style, keeping productivity high while

easing the tension of a fast-paced work day.

Keep all of your personal belongings in the wardrobe cabinet

(shown with optional mirror).

The angled, slim-profile pedestal organizes

office essentials while providing maximum

knee space.

Desks | 19

Shown in Columbian Walnut and Matte

Chrome. Tackboard in Glow Zinc. Park

Avenue Collection ® chairs in Division

Nightfall and Medium Alloy (pages 82-83).

See pages 202-204 for the complete selection.


20 | Desks


Park Avenue Collection

The cachet of a Park Avenue address implies an


elegant and professional image. Our Park Avenue

Collection veneer delivers both, with the richness

of real wood veneer, elegant details and flexible

office solutions.

The Park Avenue Collection is crafted with the finest wood veneers, bold

designs, sophisticated accents and an impeccable finish.

The full line of furniture provides countless configurations, allowing you to

design a truly personalized office suite.

Besides being beautiful, Park Avenue is durable and backed by superb

customer service and the 60-year legacy of HON quality.

Tri-Oval Double-Crest Beaded Loop Fluted Bar

The Park Avenue Collection is available in three

distinctive edge styles.

The Park Avenue Collection is available in three attractive handle

styles, each available in three finishes.

Desks | 21

Shown in Bourbon Cherry with

beaded edge, Satin Nickel

fluted handles and Park Avenue

Collection ® chairs in Black

Leather (see pages 82-83).

See pages 205-208 for the

complete selection.


22 | Desks


Park Avenue Collection

Continue the look of luxury and sophistication

throughout the office with our full line of


Park Avenue veneer furniture for the conference

room, along with coordinating hospitality and

presentation components.

Park Avenue has everything you need to furnish your conference room

with elegance and good taste—tables, chairs, podium, hospitality cart

or credenza and video or presentation cabinets.

Achieve a consistent and professional tone across your facility using

Park Avenue components, with the flexibility to reconfigure as

needs change.

The Park Avenue Collection is available in the same veneer (pages

20-23) and laminate (pages 30-33) colors and edge profiles that allow

for coordination across an entire business. Use Park Avenue veneer in

the CEO’s office and the boardroom, then complement that look with

Park Avenue laminate furniture in supporting offices.

Shown in Henna Cherry with tri-oval edge, Brushed Brass

bar handles and Park Avenue Collection ® chairs in Tectonic

Periwinkle (see pages 82-83).

See pages 205-208 for the complete selection.

Video cabinet can hold all

the equipment you need for a

successful presentation.

Desks | 23


24 | Desks

Shown in Mahogany with 6540 Series chairs in

Jamestown Vinyl Oxblood (see page 85).

See page 209 for the complete selection.


Pennsylvania Avenue

The tastefully appointed traditional style of


Pennsylvania Avenue sends a message of substance

and style. Highly polished hardwood veneer reveals

the unmistakable quality of these hand-crafted

furniture designs.

The timeless design and fine craftsmanship of the

Pennsylvania Avenue collection are a testament to your good taste.

Meticulous attention to detail is evident in the hand-selected

hardwood veneer, matching grain on drawer fronts, brass handles and

durable construction.

Traditional, classic design creates an impression of authority and quiet

distinction befitting the executive suite.

Classic, traditional style edge detail.

Desks | 25


26 | Desks


Creativity and organization in the workplace are two

sides of the same coin. Our Vicinity Workstation

supports both by keeping essential materials out

of sight yet within arm’s reach, maximizing the

personalization and productivity of every user.

A diverse arrangement of desk options, work storage and accessories

offers hundreds of possible configurations to ensure every user stays

organized, efficient and focused.

Made with a blend of mixed materials, polished and professional

Vicinity creates flexible, customized workspaces that work as

effortlessly in open environments as they do in private offices.

The workstation finish palette is a perfect complement to the Vicinity

storage components, as well as the entire HON furniture line.

Shown in Columbian Walnut laminate tops and

fronts with “A” pulls and Muslin finish. Tackboard

in Glow Etched Bronze fabric. Unanimous ®

chairs in Impact Sprout upholstery and

Black finish (see page 95).

See page 210 for the complete selection.

Vicinity worksurfaces and storage components combine

for an all-in-one office solution that keeps everything

close at hand.

Desks | 27

Knife edges on worksurfaces enhance Vicinity’s clean,

contemporary look.


28 | Desks

SmartLink Technology Station

For businesses in need of desks that do more, look

no further than our SmartLink Technology Station.

Seamlessly incorporating technology into the design,

it’s a powerful command center that makes it easy

to add innovation and integration to your workplace.

Part of a total workplace solution, the SmartLink Technology

Station features the same rounded edges, color palette and

contemporary styling of other SmartLink components for a clean,

unified look.

The SmartLink Technology Station offers many advantages over

traditional desks, from more usable desktop and storage space to

a handy under-desk mount for your CPU that leaves plenty of knee

space, to heavy-duty locking casters that make it easy to move.

Adaptable and durable, this technology-centric solution features a slim

profile and clean, modern aesthetic that reduces the barrier between

colleagues and encourages free-flowing discussions.

SmartLink Technology Station desks meet

SCS certification guidelines (see pages 6-7)

A safe and secure side-access cabinet provides additional

access to power.

Desks | 29

Shown in Reflection Top and

Base, Charcoal Metal Surface

and Platinum Metallic Frame.

F 3 chair FWC1 shown in

Centurion Iron Ore

(see page 88).

See page 210 for selection.


30 | Desks


Park Avenue Collection

You can have it all—both elegant beauty and


easy-care durability! Park Avenue laminate supports

your entire office with flexible pieces that deliver

style and strength.

Upscale design with clean lines showcases the quality craftsmanship

details of precise fits and vertically matched woodgrain found in

high-end furniture.

Style and prestige blended with the hard-working attributes of laminate

construction. Easy-care laminate is spill-, scratch- and stain-resistant,

and stands up to daily wear and tear.

Project success and sophistication with your choice of edge profiles,

handles, door material and finishes.

Smart, flexible solutions for both private and open plan offices,

reception areas and the boardroom, making Park Avenue a wise

investment ... smart now, smarter later.

Park Avenue Collection laminate desks meet

SCS certification guidelines (see pages 6-7)

The Park Avenue Collection ® is available in three distinctive edge styles.

The Park Avenue Collection is available in three attractive handle styles,

each available in three finishes.

Desks | 31

Shown in Henna Cherry with

tri-oval edge, Satin Nickel bar

handles and Resolution ® chair

in Smart Textiles Ringo Cherry

(see page 89).

See pages 211-215 for the

complete selection.

Tri-Oval Double-Crest Beaded Loop Fluted Bar


32 | Desks


Park Avenue Collection


Park Avenue laminate components continue the

look of success throughout the office and offer great

value with personalized behind-the-desk storage.

Mix and match them as you like—they always fit

together beautifully.

Modular components offer complete office flexibility, with a broad

menu of storage options available.

Build personalized, all-in-one behind-the-desk storage and choose the

type of storage for credenzas and returns you prefer.

Upscale design features smooth, uninterrupted lines and vertically

matched woodgrain.

Park Avenue Collection laminate desks meet

SCS certification guidelines (see pages 6-7)

Shown in Mahogany with tri-oval edge, Satin Nickel

bar handles, tackboard in Element Sea and Park

Avenue Collection chairs in Smart Textiles Bree

Nimbus (see pages 82-83).

See pages 211-215 for the complete selection.

Desks | 33


34 | Desks

Thick 1 1 /2” top adds high-quality good looks and

a more substantial feel.




Valido looks as stylish as it sounds. The extra thick

worksurfaces combine the durability of laminate

with a decidedly durable impression, allowing you to

create a hardworking office suite that reflects your

good taste.

Precise ribbon profile on all edges adds a distinctive touch and

designer detail.

Two elegant decorative handle options in either black, brushed brass or

satin nickel finish offer another way to personalize your space.

Matching Valido conference tables, sure to fit any room, are available in

four shapes and numerous sizes.

Crescent Satin Nickel Sweep Brushed Brass

Handles are available in Black, Satin Nickel and Brushed

Brass color options.

Shown in Bourbon Cherry

with Sweep Brushed Brass

handles and Allure chair in

Black Leather (see page 84)

and Pagoda ® chairs in Whisper

Black (see page 112).

See pages 216-219 for the

complete selection.

Valido ® laminate desks meet SCS certification guidelines

(see pages 6-7)

Desks | 35


36 | Desks



Modular Laminate

Keep on top of change in today’s fast-paced work

environment with smart, flexible Valido. Laminate

modular components are easily reconfigurable,

boast attractive design details and adapt to various

office layouts.

Versatile desk, credenza and return shell options can be reconfigured

in countless ways, while providing generous storage capabilities and

spacious worksurfaces.

As personnel and office layouts change, Valido’s storage pedestals

quickly and easily adapt to a variety of different workplace arrangements.

Personalized storage options allow you to tailor your workspace to fit

the particular work you do.

Valido laminate desks meet SCS certification guidelines

(see pages 6-7)

Shown in Henna Cherry/Black with Sweep Nickel handles. Tackboard in

Element Warm Beige and Park Avenue Collection ® chair in Tectonic Wine

(see pages 82-83).

See pages 216-219 for the complete selection.

Stylish “ribbon” edge.

Desks | 37


38 | Desks


Profiled “cove” edge adds a

contemporary detail.

Our Attune laminate desk series is tuned in

to the way busy employees work today. With

its contemporary design, enhanced storage and

smart technology, Attune delivers the comfort and

flexibility of a personalized workspace that puts

everything you need right within reach.

A blend of shapes and textures adds unique design elements, from

the slim-profile pedestal to the floating modesty panel to the vertically

matched woodgrain, giving a clean, high-end look that’s both affordable

and durable.

Diverse storage options—including stackable overhead organizers,

cabinets with adjustable shelves and modular stack-on storage—

balance your unique needs and can be reconfigured to fit various

office layouts.

Plugged in to today’s electronic/data requirements, Attune’s design lets

you manage current and future technology needs with smart solutions

and harmonious placement of essential elements in a convenient,

clutter-free workspace.

Contemporary handles complement the clean,

modern design.

Attune desks meet SCS certification guidelines

(see pages 6-7)

Desks | 39

Shown in Shaker Cherry with Silver handles. Tackboard in Lucy Neutra,

seat cushion in Messenger Balsa and Convergence ® chair in Smart

Textiles Bound Cognac (see page 84).

See pages 220-222 for the complete selection.


40 | Desks


Let Attune make itself at home in your office. A

lighter scale and asymmetrical design create a clean,

modern style that gives you the flexibility to do your

job well. Diverse modular storage options keep

everything in its place while bringing your active

work zone closer, so you can work more efficiently.

Versatile desks and modular stack-on storage provide ample work

space and can be reconfigured to adapt to a variety of office layouts,

including private or open-plan offices.

Stay organized with simplified horizontal paper management in

space-saving stackable overhead organizers.

Mobile storage frees up valuable space and ensures you have

everything you need right within reach.

Modesty panels and stack-on storage doors are available in your choice

of stylish mixed materials.

Attune desks meet SCS certification guidelines

(see pages 6-7)

Scallop in bridge routes wires to the hidden wire trough.

Desks | 41

Open modesty panel ensures easy access to power

and data wall outlets.

Shown in Columbian

Walnut with Silver handles.

Tackboard in Twigs Sycamore

and Resolution ® chairs in

Lariat Lake and Smart Textiles

Defer Ocean (see page 89).

See pages 220-222 for the

complete selection.


42 | Desks

10700 Series Laminate

It’s easy to see why the 10700 Series is a

top-seller—it has it all. Timeless design, stylish

accent details, durable laminate surfaces and quality

construction make it an unbeatable value.

Top-grade multi-layer, high-pressure laminate surface resists water,

scratches and most solvents—a feature not usually found on similarly

priced products.

Hardwood accent trim is produced using a multi-step finishing process

and adds an elegant touch appropriate for upper management offices.

Robust construction withstands frequent moving and handling and

ensures a longer life cycle.

10700 Series laminate desks meet SCS certification guidelines

(see pages 6-7)

Shown in Natural Maple with tackboard in Element Sea and

Pillow-Soft ® Wood and Cambia chairs in Tectonic Black

(see pages 86 and 103).

See pages 223-226 for the complete selection.

The gentle curved profile of waterfall edges and

rounded corners makes the 10700 Series easier on

arms, elbows and knees.

Desks | 43


44 | Desks

10700 Series Modular Laminate

The one constant in today’s workplace is that

nothing stays the same for long. With every

personnel change or reorganization, versatile

10700 Series modular components can be easily

reconfigured to support new work demands.

Maximize office layout flexibility with multiple combinations of desk,

credenza and return shells, as well as ample under-the-worksurface

storage solutions.

Modular, adaptable storage pedestals can be reconfigured quickly and

easily as your workspace needs evolve and change.

Increase your efficiency by choosing your workspace storage options

with modular components to match the work you do.

10700 Series laminate desks meet SCS certification guidelines

(see pages 6-7)

“Waterfall” edge with rounded

hardwood corners.

Desks | 45

Shown in Medium Oak with

Park Avenue Collection ®

chairs in Smart Textiles

Hue Char (see pages 82-83).

See pages 223-226 for the

complete selection.


46 | Desks

10600 Series Laminate

Attractive, genuine hardwood accent edges, durable

long-lasting laminate surfaces and solid engineering

highlight a desk of extraordinary value.

Choose from a full range of 3 /4 or full-to-the-floor storage pedestal

options for increased budget flexibility and maximum storage space.

Easy-care abrasion-, stain- and spill-resistant laminate surfaces and

stylish hardwood accents elevate this hard-working collection above

the ordinary.

Solid, sturdy construction ensures years of trouble-free service. Ships

fully assembled to ease and speed installation.

Shown in Mahogany with

tackboard in Stratford Quartz

and Allure and Cambia

chair in Black Leather

(see pages 84 and 103).

See pages 226-228 for the

complete selection.

10600 Series laminate desks meet SCS certification guidelines

(see pages 6-7)

Hardwood radius edge creates a casual,

contemporary look.

Desks | 47


48 | Desks

10500 Series Laminate

Hard working and good looking, 10500 Series

desking is exceptionally well-built to survive a

lifetime of overtime. For private or open offices in

any work environment, personalize your space with

a wide variety of woodgrain and patterned laminate

combinations from this broad, full-featured line that

is both versatile and affordable.

Well suited for managers, supervisors and support staff in any office

layout, including private, collaborative, individual or teaming.

Scratch-, stain- and spill-resistant laminate on strong inner frame

construction assures trouble-free top performance for the maximum

return on your furniture investment.

Maintain a consistent, professional visual signature with matching

conference and occasional tables.

10500 Series laminate desks meet SCS certification guidelines

(see pages 6-7)

Smooth, flat edges and square corners deliver a

smart, modern appearance.

Desks | 49

Shown in Bourbon Cherry

with Resolution ® chairs in Curfew

Claret (see pages 89 and 104).

See pages 228-232 for the

complete selection.


50 | Desks

10500 Series Modular Laminate

Businesses aim for sustainable growth, so we

build furniture that sustains businesses through the

transitions of expansions, promotions, new hires

and reorganizations. 10500 Series laminate modular

components make change easy on you—and

your budget.

A variety of laminate desk, credenza and return shell combinations

with numerous under-the-worksurface storage solutions maximize

office layout flexibility.

Storage pedestals can be reconfigured quickly and easily; workstations

can be converted from left-hand to right-hand in minutes.

Multiple storage options allow you to personalize your workspace to

match your work, increasing efficiency.

10500 Series laminate desks meet SCS certification guidelines

(see pages 6-7)

Shown in Grey Tigris/

Mahogany with Gamut ® and

Cambia chairs in Confetti Black

(see pages 87 and 103).

See pages 228-232 for the

complete selection.

Square edge provides a clean, crisp look.

Desks | 51


52 | Desks

94000 Series Laminate

Enjoy the beauty of 18th-century elegance and style

combined with intelligent 21st-century engineering.

The 94000 Series offers the splendid look and feel

of classic, traditional furniture, along with the bonus

of thoroughly modern easy-care laminate.

Classic details include high-gloss, high-pressure laminate tops for

elegance and durability, traditional edge profile, raised decorative

moldings, antique brass drawer handles and rich hardwood trim.

Convenient pullout writing slides, as well as wire mesh and glass

door overhead storage, make this attractive series functional and

user-friendly, too.

Furnish your entire office using the full line of matching 94000 Series

conference tables and coordinating chair collections.

Shown in Mahogany with tackboard in Stratford Quartz and 6550 and 6540

Series chairs in Jamestown Vinyl Oxblood (see page 85).

See pages 232-233 for the complete selection.

94000 Series laminate desks meet SCS certification

guidelines (see pages 6-7)

Desks | 53

Authentic, traditional edge detail. Pullout writing slides are included on all desk pedestals.


54 | Desks

38000 Series

You can have an upscale look at a practical price.

Our popular 38000 Series combines your choice

of easy-care laminate top with sturdy steel body

for a complete desk solution that’s both attractive

and durable.

38000 Series is built to last. It stands up to years of intensive daily use

and never goes out of style.

Visually appealing rounded–edge desktops impart a polished look and

enhance user comfort.

Wire management is made easy with wire grommets on desks and

end panels to facilitate cable connections between desks.

Radius edge provides a seamless, contemporary finish.

Desks | 55

Shown in Medium Oak/

Putty with Alaris chair and

Pagoda ® chairs in

Smart Textiles Hue Frothe

(see pages 93 and 112).

See pages 234-235 for the

complete selection.


56 | Desks

38000 Series Modular

38000 Series modular components provide a

variety of adaptable options for personalizing

your workspace. Choose from durable credenzas,

pedestals and lateral files with clean lines and

contemporary good looks at an affordable price.

Stylish rounded edge adds polish, sturdy construction withstands

years of intensive use and wire management grommets keep

cables tidy.

Modular desk components provide complete flexibility for creating any

office layout and multiple reconfigurations.

Desk shells are designed to work with HON pedestals, lateral files

and personal storage, offering a variety of drawer handle options and

features that work for any budget.

Shown in Natural Maple/Taupe with tackboard

in Element Parchment and Perpetual ® chairs in

Inertia Merlot (see pages 92 and 93).

See pages 234-235 for the complete selection.

Desks | 57

Wire grommets standard on

all tops. Wire grommets in end

panels allow cable connections

between desks.


58 | Desks




Let Initiate simplify your life with easy-to-choose,

easy-to-order flexible desking components. Fresh

contemporary design, durable construction and

quality fit and finish make Initiate an exceptionally

fine long-term value.

Outfit your office from a full range of flexible configuration options

including panel-supported desk components, freestanding desk shells

and modular desking.

Pleasing curvilinear shapes on bowfront and extended corner shell

desks add a distinctive aesthetic.

Attractive arch pull on overhead components coordinates with

Flagship ® storage solutions design detail.

Shown in Parchment/Taupe with tackboard in Element

Warm Beige, Flagship ® pedestal with upholstered top in

Centurion Olivine (see page 128) and F 3 chairs in Smart

Textiles Pivot Pesto (see page 88).

See pages 235-236 for the complete selection.

The Initiate ® worksurface edge is stylish yet durable

for everyday use.

Desks | 59


60 | Desks



Clarity of design is reflected in the clean,

crisp lines of our Mentor desk. You’ll enjoy

the functional features and sturdy construction

of this hard-working, contemporary desk.

An ideal teacher’s desk for classrooms and planning rooms—great for

administrative offices, too.

Design details feature rounded radius legs and desktop corners for

style and comfort, attractive arch drawer pulls and wire grommets for

neat cable management.

A complete office suite desking solution that includes desks, returns,

credenzas and hutch storage cabinets.

Shown in Bourbon Cherry/Putty with Platinum

Metallic legs and handles and Alaris chair in

Classic Blue (see page 93).

See page 237 for the complete selection.

Radius leg and radius edge top provide comfort

and safety.

Metro Classic

It’s all business with the

straightforward Metro Classic—

modestly priced, but endowed with

the same features found in more

expensive desks, it’s an excellent

choice for the budget-savvy buyer.

Practical and professional desk solution ideal for

business and government offices.

A complete office suite desking solution that

includes desks, returns, credenzas and hutch

storage cabinets.

Built to last, Metro Classic’s durable highperformance

construction stands up to rigorous

daily use.

34000 Series

34000 Series gets high marks in the

classroom and any other workspace

that requires an attractive, fullyfunctional,

durable steel desk.

Heavy-duty design performs well for

years to come.

Small footprint makes this economical steel desk

perfect for small offices and backroom work areas.

Get organized with a drawer for everything, and

full-extension file drawers for easy access to ample

filing space.

Complete your office set-up from our full line

of additional value-priced return and credenza


Shown in Medium Oak/Putty with Alaris chair in

Inertia Pewter (see page 93).

See page 238 for the complete selection.

Desks | 61

Shown in Grey Tigris/Putty with Perpetual ® chair in

Smart Textiles Solo Chilli (see page 93).

See page 238 for the complete selection.


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