X-VIT LShigh-speed camera - AOS Technologies AG


X-VIT LShigh-speed camera - AOS Technologies AG

X-VIT LS high-speed camera

•Frame rates from 30 to 1,000 fps

at 800 x600 pixels


•Rugged design, shockproof up to 100G

•Gigabit Ethernet data interface

•Built-in batteryfor stand-alone operation

•Nodedicated cameracontroller necessary

•Modular concept, many options available

The AOSX-VIT LS offers aunique feature set including built-in battery for stand-alone operation (no camera

connection to aPCcontroller is necessary during recording) and ultra- compact size. The AOS exclusive modular

platform allows customization for each camera tofityour applications and budget perfectly.


• GigabitEthernetdatainterface

• «Image whilerecording»:Liveimage visible whilecamera is in

recording mode

• Built-in rechargeable batterywith acapacityof1hourinstandby

and 1 / 2 hourinactivemode

• Stand alone operation,fullyself-contained camera

• Awide rangeofoptionsallow youtocustomize each camera

foraperfect fit foryourapplicationsand budget. Whenever the

application changes, optionscan be purchasedtoupgrade the

camerasfunctionalityand performance. Optionscan be installed

by thecustomerwithoutthe need to return thecamera to the


AOSproducts andsolutionsare available from distributors.

Please contact us fordetails of your local distributor.


TheX-VIT LS is particularlysuitedfor allapplicationswhere a

shockproof,compactand portable yetruggedcamera is essential:

• Automotivecrash test (full size or sled)

• Harsh industrial environmentswhere camerasare exposed to

vibration,impacts,dustand otherchallenging conditions


• Robust design fortrouble free operation

• Compact size fitstight spaces

• Optionsallow to customize eachcamera foraperfect fit with the

customers application


To increase X-VITLS’sversatility,manyoptionsare available.

Optionscan be orderedwith thecamera,orordered later.

Option 1: Gain control (Lo-/Mid-/Hi-gain,5-/8-/10-bit)

Option 2: High resolution (1,280 x1,024 pixels)

Option 3: Extendedspeed (upto4,000 fps)

Option 4: ExtendedI/O channels(total 4)

Option 5: ExternalSync

Option 6: AOSImaging Studio FULL version

Option 7: AOSImaging Studio FULL version with 5donglekeys

Option 8: High speed (upto16,000 fps)

Option 9: ExtendedCamera Control

Option 10:Extendedtrigger control

Please inquirefor details abouteachoption

X-VIT LS specifications (basic model w/o options)

Sensor 800x600 pixels,color or mono

Frame rate up to 1,000 fpsatfull resolution

Shutter time 4µsec–1/fps,global shutter.

Dynamic range 24 bitcolor,8bit monochrome

Data interface GigabitEthernet

Image memory 1.3, 2.6or5.2 GByteDRAM

Operating temperature 0…+45°C

Shock resistance 100G /15msec/3axis

Size /weight 71 x71x121 mm /900 g

Lens mount c-mount

X-VIT LS specifications (with options)

High resolution mode 1,280x1,024 pixels

Frame rate 4,000 resp.16,000 fps(reduced resolution)

Dynamic range 5-/8-/10-bit,user selectable

Multi camera sync Sync in /syncout

Specificationsare subject to changeswithoutprior notice –v1107

Your localAOS partner:


AOSImaging Studio LIGHTincluded with all X-VITLScameras.

Upgrade to AISFULLpossible forextendedfunctionsand additional

features(option 6and 7)


• Hi-G camera hub, connectingupto4cameras

• Lenses and lens cages

• Mountingplates

• Data interfaces, incl.WLAN


• Project engineering(up to turnkey systems)

• Customizing(Hard-and Software)

• Warranty extensions

• Maintenance contracts

• Financing, Leasing

Hi-G camera hub, connecting up to 4cameras

(optional, not necessarytooperate cameras)

AOS Technologies AG

Taefernstrasse 20

CH-5405 Baden-Daettwil


Phone +41 56 483 34 88

Fax +41 56 483 34 89



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