Application Note No. 53 - AOS Technologies AG


Application Note No. 53 - AOS Technologies AG



Monitoring the exchange of fuel rods in

nuclear power stations to detect damages


Replacing fuel rods in a nuclear power station is a critical process,

especially inserting new rods. Even small deviations from the ideal

position lead to malfunctions and the corrective actions are time

consuming as well as expensive.

Conventional vision systems with standard video framing rates (25

frames/sec) used today for monitoring purposes are too slow to reveal

details of the causes for possible damages. Cameras with substantially

higher frame rates (‘highspeed cameras’) cannot record

the complete process due to a limited sequence length.


A high speed video system with 200 frames/sec (= 8 time faster than

standard PAL video) and the capability to stream for several hours

provide slow motion footage covering the full process. The high

speed video systems works with 2 compact camera heads, covering

all sides of the inserting rod.

Insertion of a fuel rod

Application Note No. 53

Exchange of fuel rods is always a delicate process

Imaging for smart decisions





Customer benefits

The operator of the Mass Rapid Transport system benefits from advantages

like the following:

• Slow motion image sequence to capture the shortest incidents.

• Slow motion allows to indicate the reasons why an incident

happened (thus allowing to correct and improve the process).

• All sides of the fuel rod are covered by a 2-camera system

• Sequence length to cover the complete process, user-selectable

between minutes to hours

• High image quality to detect even small details

• Post-processing the video sequence by a Motion Analysis

Software for additional insights

Compact camera head PROMON PRO

Image Processor PROMON HD

Your local AOS partner:

Technical specs may change at any time – v0610

AOS Technologies AG, Taefernstrasse 20,

CH-5405 Baden-Daettwil

Tel. +41 (0)56 483 34 88, Fax + 41 (0)56 483 34 89

Application Imaging for Note smart No. decisions 53

Scope of supply

AOS PROMON High Speed Image Streaming system

• 2 compact camera heads

• Robust, industrial grade Vision Processor and Image Storage Device

• All necessary accessories, incl. data- and control cables and camera mounts

• Housings to protect cameras against environmental impacts

Competitive Advantage

• small, compact size allows the cameras to be positioned near the objects

• solid, extruded all-aluminium housing, protecting the camera against mechanical

impacts and malfunctions

• easy to use control software. Image sequences are in standard file format and

can be played back on any PC

• Complete system from one supplier

• Full high speed video coverage of a fuel rods in order to document the complete

exchange process (process documentation, archiving, traceability, liability)


• Nuclear power stations

• Operators of nuclear power stations

• Suppliers of fuel rods resp. fuel rod handling systems

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