RAILWORLD SUMMIT 2011 - Clean Air Initiative


RAILWORLD SUMMIT 2011 - Clean Air Initiative

A myriad of opportunities in RAIL MARKET Our A-list of

industry leaders

China’s high-speed rail network has been developing rapidly over the

past decade, reaching a total of 8,358 km (5,182 miles), the world’s


The government plans to invest up to 4 trillion Yuan in high-speed rail

between 2011 and 2015, according to the China Securities Journal.

Inching Closer also covered China’s new rail ambitions in the new silk

route’s made of steel

In India, metros are moving higher and higher up the transport agenda.

To enhance the productivity of its urban cities and sustain its 8-9%

economic growth, Asia’s third-largest economy will need to add 400km of

new subway tracks.

For the next ten years, the government is investing about US$ 45B on

constructing a strong transport infrastructure in its million-plus cities.

Soon, metros will be running in 8 more cities, aside from those currently

running and under construction: Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Bangalore,

Chennai and Hyderabad.

VIP Delegation from Emerging Markets:

CHINA Delegation:

The Ministry of Railways of PRC

China Academy of Railway Sciences

China Railway Investment Corporation

The Third Railway Survey and Design

Institute Group Corporation

China Railway Group Limited

China Railway Construction Group Co., Ltd

China CREC Railway Electrification Bureau


China Railway Signal & Communication


China Railway Engineering Consulting

Group Co., Ltd

China CSR Corporation Limited

INDIA Delegation:

Ministry of Railways, Government of India

Research Designs & Standards

Organization, Ministry of Railways

Indian Railways

Delhi Metro Rail Corporation

Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Limited

Mumbai Suburban Railway

Chennai Metro Rail Ltd


Government Railway Authorities & Ministries

National and Private Rail Operators

Metro Operators

Rail Equipment, Infrastructure and Signaling Providers

Rail Technology Providers

Rail Transportation Planning & Design Institutes

Banks and Investors


Rail Consultants

He Huawu

Chief Engineer

Ministry of Railways, PRC

Chen Zhizhong

Deputy Director-General of

Development And Planning

Ministry of Railways, PRC

Zhou Mengbo,

Vice President

China Railway Group


Li Guoyong

Deputy Director-General of

Department of Basic Industries

National Development and

Reform Commission, PRC

Guo Xiaopei

Director, Institute of Comprehensive


National Development and

Reform Commission, PRC

Zhao Guotang,

Vice President & Chief Engineer

Beijing-Shanghai High-speed

Railway Co., Ltd.

Xiong Xuejun

Vice General Manager

China Railway Investment


Silvester PRAKASAM

Director Fare Systems


Brian G BOCK

Board Member

Rail Innovation Australia


QIAN Zhendi

Vice General Manager

China Railway 23rd

Construction Bureau

Shin, Cheol Soo

Director of Planning & Coordination


Korea Rail Network


David KERR

Chief Executive Officer

Toll Royal Railway

Hélio Mauro FRANÇA

Executive Superintendent

National Agency for Land

Transport (Brazil)

Beijing–Tianjin Intercity Railway Site Tour

Wednesday, 21st September, 2011

Beijing–Tianjin Intercity Railway is a high-speed rail, passenger-dedicated line

between Beijing and Tianjin in China. The 117 km line was built to accommodate trains

traveling at a maximum speed of 350 km/h (217 mph), and currently carries CRH

high-speed trains running speeds up to 330 km/h (205 mph). When the line opened on

August 1, 2008, it set the record for the fastest conventional train service in the world

by top speed, and reduced travel time between the two largest cities in northern China

from 70 to 30 minutes.

Site Tour Agenda

14:30 From hotel to Beijing South Railway Station

The current Beijing South Railway Station is a large railway station on the south side of Beijing

that opened on August 1, 2008. The new station replaced the old Beijing South Station, first

known as the Majiapu Railway Station and later known as the Yongdingmen Railway Station

before 1988, which stood 500 m away and operated from 1897 to 2006. The new Beijing South

Station, reportedly the largest in Asia, joins the Beijing Railway Station and the Beijing West

Railway Station as the third major passenger rail hub in the Chinese capital. It will serve as the

terminus for high-speed trains to the city, including the Beijing–Tianjin Intercity Rail, which can

reach speeds above 350 km/h.

15:35 Beijing–Tianjin Intercity Railway (Deluxe one-way) (Beijing South to


With effect from mid-2009, only CRH3 trains are used for intercity services on the line. For longer

distance trains from Beijing South to Ji'nan, Qingdao, Shanghai and Yangliuqing, slower CRH2A

(200 km/h, overspeed to 250 km/h on the line) are used as before. The signaling system is built

around Simis W electronic interlockings, Vicos operations control system and ETCS Level 1 train

control system. The caternary system in use is Sicat HA, aluminum cantilever, powered by two

sub-stations at 25kV 50Hz AC.

16:30 Beijing–Tianjin Intercity Railway (Deluxe one-way)(Tianjin to Beijing


17:00 From Beijing South Railway Station to hotel

The site tour is limited to the first 30 two-day pass holders.

Registration starts at 2:00pm. The tour will commence

at 2:30pm and will end at 5:30pm.

For registration, simply contact

Mr Michael LIU at +86 6840 7631

or email michaell@cdmc.org.cn

A Track Record of Delivery





Our Attendees


“ I am extremely impressed by

the scale of the event, and your

organization and arrangements

held to international standards.

It was a good experience for

networking with hundreds of

industry professionals from

domestic and overseas. I am

looking forward to the Summit in

the coming year.

Chen Zhihong,

Deputy Director-General of

Development and planning,

Ministry of Railways

“ China RailWorld Summit is an

excellent networking opportunity

---- good speakers--- good

organization --- very helpful.

John Brown,

President, TDI Australia

“ Excellent networking

opportunities for oversea

companies to get recognized

by the Chinese railway officials

Antonio Berrios,

Director for Innovation, ADIF

“ The summit provides a link to

the great platform of China’s

railway industry.

Fu Jianguo,

Former Vice President

China CSR Corporation Ltd

“ The event is held internationally,

attracting lots of participants

from across the world. It’s very

well organized.

Zhao Guotang,

Chief Engineer

Preparatory Committee of

Beijing-Shanghai Passenger

Dedicated Line Co.

Can an you afford to miss out unique

opportunities to talk to leading rail

authorities and operators from

emerging market.

Why you should sponsor


This event is the ONLY one to bringing

together the key stakeholders in the

emerging market to network and seize

excellent opportunities.

Reaffirm your branding for industry


Gain visibility and increase market

awareness for new market entrants

Showcase your latest products and


Demonstrate your leadership expertise to

a targeted group of best prospects

Sponsorship and exhibition opportunities

are limited. Be sure to secure the prime

locations today! Please contact

Michael LIU at +86 6840 7631

or email michaell@cdmc.org.cn






REG. 1



Last Annual Stats

A total of 157 participants,

including including speakers, delegates and


19% of attendance from the

railway authorities and 25% from

railway operators

15 16 17 18 19 20



64 companies represented

2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

17 countries participated

Over 60% senior level

executives attended

See How Many Sponsors BENEFIT from Our Event



See Past Attendees:


ABN Amro

Akzo Nobel



Alstom Transport China

Ansaldo STS

Areva -TD

Bochumer Verein

Bombardier Transportation

Bureau Veritas

Bossard China



CMW Coatings Hong Kong Limited

Credit Suisse

DEPFA Investment Bank Ltd,

Doutsche Bank AG




Ernst & Young

Eurotech Finland Oy

FIREMA Trasporti

Fortis Bank


Fuji Electric


Heitkamp Rail Gmbh

Hierrosy Carbones, S.A. Hicasa


HSH-Nordbank AG





IMS Tunnel Consultancy HK

ITT Cannon (HK)Ltd.

Indian Railways

Indra Systems S.A.




Join Engineering Consultants

Kawasaki Heavy Industries Ltd.

Kazakstan Railways

KfW Banking Group



Kowloon Canton Railway Corp.

Larsen&Toubro Limited

Lloyd's Register

Lucchini Sidermeccanica SpA

Macquarie Securities Asia Ltd

Maire Engineering

Max Boegl Bauunternehmung


Munich Reinsurance Company



Ove Arup&Partners HK Ltd.

Pipavav Railway Corp., Ltd




Saft Power Systems Group

Samsung SDS

Schaffler&Associates Pty Ltd


Shalom Engineering Corp.

Siemens Communications Group

Silesian University of Technology

SMRT Engineering Pte. Ltd



Veolia Transport

0800-0850 Registration

0850-0855 Organizer’s welcome remarks

0855-0900 Chairperson’s opening remarks

Rail Growth for Economic Recovery and Reboot

0900-0930 Planning a new network in west of China

to decrease the imbalance of economic


Li Guoyong, Deputy Director-General of

Department of Basic Industries, National

Development and Reform Commission, PRC

0930-1000 Growing connectivity and regional

economic prospects

Robert Wihtol, Country Director, Asian

Development Bank PRC

Reviewing High Speed Railway Prospect in the

Emerging Market

1000-1030 Opportunities in developing the world’s

most advanced and extensive high speed

rail network-700B CNY in 2011

• Overview of China’s comprehensive network:

What is the status of projects currently

operating and being constructed? What other

lines are on the pipeline?

• Encouraging partnerships: What are the

available opportunities in terms of funding and

technology transfer?

• Connecting China to Europe and the rest of

Asia: Opportunities and challenges in the

world’s largest infrastructure project

YANG Zhongmin, Director-General of

Development and planning, Ministry of

Railways China

1030-1100 Sao Paulo - Rio de Janeiro project: high

speed rail in Brazil

Hélio Mauro França, Executive

Superintendent, National Land Transport

Agency - ANTT

1100-1130 Morning Refreshment & Networking

1130-1200 Moscow –Saint-Petersburg high-speed rail


• Brief description of the HSR 1 project

• Will Russia benefit from HSR 1?

• HSR 1 PPP Scheme

• Leveraging on the international knowledge

Alex Toursky, First Deputy General Director,

JSC High-Speed Rail Lines

1200-1230 Reserved for Sponsor

Day One Thursday, 22 September

“A very interesting conference” - Silvester Prakasam, LTA

1230-1300 Overview of high-speed rail projects in


Madhusudan Rao, Executive Director,

Ministry of Indian Railways

1300-1400 Networking Luncheon

Operation: Achieving Excellence in Terms of

Profitability and Safety

1400-1430 Operating a reliable high speed rail

network in Taiwan

• Key accomplishments and lessons in the

operation of Taiwan’s high speed network

• Out-competing airlines and buses: How

has THSC changed the public’s modal

preferences to high speed rail?

• Implementing maintenance programs for

high speed rail systems for optimal safety and

efficiency: What are the best practices in

rolling stock and track maintenance?

• Planning new extensions for increased


Ou Chin-Der, Chairman and Chief Executive

Officer, Taiwan High Speed Rail Corporation

1430-1500 Building a profitable business case for

high speed rail in Australia

1500-1530 TOLL Royal Cambodia railways

David Kerr, Chief Executive Officer of Toll

Royal Railway

1530-1600 Afternoon Refreshment & Networking

1600-1630 Developing France’s successful high

speed rail network: Strategies for growth,

innovation and expansion

• Advancing French and European

connectivity through new lines and extensions:

Progress update on the key projects and


• Profiting from high speed rail:

Understanding TGV’s strategies in improving

financing and economic viability

Jean-Michel Dancoisne, Permanent

Representative, SNCF, Belgium

1630-1700 High Speed Rail in Italy: A successful


Fabio Croccolo, General Director, Italian Rail

Regulation Office, Ministry of Infrastructure

and Transport, Italy

1700-1715 Chairman’s Closing Remarks

1730-1900 Cocktail Party & End of Day 1

0800-0840 Registration

0840-0845 Chairman’s Opening Remarks

Maximizing Opportunities in Emerging Rail


0845-0910 Recent evolutions of the Asia rail market

• AP urban rail market and life cycle stage

• Urban rail projects under development

• Profile of top 5 promising Asia Pacific cities

• Attractiveness of Asia Pacific cities for urban

rail investments

• Opportunity assessment for urban rail

industry stakeholders

Gopal R, Vice President, Asia Pacific

Frost & Sullivan

0910-0935 MVA Market insight

Fred Brown, Honorary Chairman, MVA HK

Capitalizing on Metrorail Expansion

Opportunities in Asia

Day Two Friday, 23 September

0935-1000 Accelerating metro development in Beijing

to expand capacity for the city transport

1000-1025 Latest national rail developments and

motor car congestion initiatives designed

to boost rail usage in Singapore

• Update on the status of projects including

the Circle Line, Downtown Line, Thomson

Line, Eastern Regional Line, and extensions

to the North-South and East-West Lines

• Analyzing the possible planning and

construction challenges in building

the Cross-Border Rapid Transit System

between Singapore and Malaysia, and what

can be done to overcome them

• To what extent is the vehicle quota system

and the Certificate of Entitlement reducing the

number of motor cars on the road and

increasing rail ridership?

Sim Wee Meng, Group Director, Rail, Land

Transport Authority, Singapore

1025-1050 Macau Light Rapid Transit and Low-carbon


Lam Soi Hoi, Technical Consultant,

Transportation Infrastructure Office (GIT), the

Government of Macau S.A.R.

1050-1115 Development of core technologies of

metros- from a China perspective and an

international perspective

• Progress update on the new projects and

line extensions

• Optimizing capacity and revenues through

integrated train

• networks

• Winning strategies in boosting rail, station

commercial, and real

Lee Kang-kuen, Head of Hangzhou Project,

MTR Corporation, Hong Kong

1115-1145 Morning Refreshment & Networking

Seeking Financing Models in Asia’s Rail


1145-1210 Reforming of structure of boxing-revenue to

attract foreign investment to China

1210-1235 Expanding and modernizing Pakistan’s

railways – what are the opportunities for

collaboration and partnership?

• Enhancing regional connectivity with China

and Central Asia

Shahid Ahmed, General Manager,

Manufacturing and Services, Pakistan Railways

1235-1300 Tapping private sector participation to

maximize railway development in Indonesia

• Expanding railway capacity to maximize

freight services and promote industry growth:

What are the plans in the pipeline?

• Attracting foreign and private investment to

develop the country’s railways: Where are the


• Examining the first private railway freight

corridor project – Is there potential for more of

such projects?

Julison Arifin, Railway Advisory, PT Bukitasam

Transpacific Railways

1300-1325 Understanding the core financing components

of making rail projects successful

Public vs. Private financing trade-offs


PPP and investor/ capital marked requirements

Pre-conditions: integrated planning. Business

case in GCCN field/ Brown field

Ulrich Koegler, Partner, Booz & Co

1325-1400 Exploring how to make infrastructure

projects financially attractive and viable


Bhupinder Singh Bedi, PPP Expert, ASIAN



Julison Arifin, Director of Business

Development, Indonesian Railways

1400-1410 Chairman’s Closing Remarks & The End

“This event is very useful for networking” – Rachmadi, MRT-Jarkarta

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