Years 25Years - Media – HAVI Logistics

Years 25Years - Media – HAVI Logistics

e introduced. With this in mind, Andreas Rost and Kent Zohnne

collaborate on a project to draw up the most cost-effective

logistics concept for McDonald’s distribution in Germany (and

Europe). Their findings reflect the perceptions of a quick service

restaurant company.

Against the background of these preliminary investigations, it is

no surprise that the duo’s findings provide the basis for the bid

submitted by Frigoropa on April 21, 1981, for the role of “Total

Distributor Germany”. The primary difference between the bid

and the original findings is that the former also includes “absolu-

te costs for the most cost-effective distribution model submitted

previously in rough draft format». Appended to the bid is a list

of eight advantages (entitled Frigoropa the only partner for

McDonald’s) arguing in favor of Frigoropa succeeding in its bid.

The most important among these are: “Profit sharing and cost

transparency in the form of a joint venture; many years of loyal

cooperation; access to the know-how and resources of Frigoscan-

19 1

McDonald’s tenders an application for a ‘Total

Distributor Germany’ and is thus looking for

a distributor supplying all the goods required

in a restaurant frozen, chilled, and dry as

a one-stop-shopping concept in Germany too.

Frigoscandia is awarded the contract against

a number of competent competitors on the

condition that a new company is established

for this task.

dia in respect of frozen-food storage and transportation problems;

already the total distributor for McDonald’s in five countries».

At this time, sister companies of Frigoropa Germany were sup-

plying McDonald’s restaurants in Austria, Denmark, France, Swe-

den, and Switzerland as total distributors. When the joint venture

actually goes into operation in Germany on November 1, 1981,

these companies initially remain part of the Frigoropa Group, to

be taken over subsequently one by one by WLS. WLS too is still

under the Frigoropa umbrella when the big day dawns. Due to

cartel legislation based on parent-company turnover and number

of employees, the new company needs a license. This takes time

it is not until February 1982 that the license is actually granted.

However, the parties have agreed that during this transitional

phase, total distribution should run under the auspices of Frigor-

opa Germany.

T h e Fo u n d a t i o n o f W L S

November 1, 19 1

WLS GmbH Warenhandel + Logistik + Service

is established. WLS becomes the exclusive

and full-range supplier of McDonald’s in

Germany. The shareholders are Frigoscandia

GmbH with 45 per cent, McDonald’s -including

its franchisees - with another 45 per cent,

and the Managing Partner Andreas Rost with

10 per cent.

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