Conservation Plan Addington Cemetery - Christchurch City Libraries

Conservation Plan Addington Cemetery - Christchurch City Libraries

Appendix 4

Addington Cemetery Plant List (March 2005)

Trees Recommendation

Cabbage tree Cordyline australis Recent

Generally acceptable

planting/wilding to retain

Totara Podocarpus totara Recent planting Generally acceptable

to retain

Yew Taxus baccata Original planting Generally encourage

retention, need to be


English oak Quercus robur Recent

Remove where

planting/wilding inappropriately

planted, remove


Beech Fagus sylvatica Recent planting Remove where


planted, remove


Walnut Juglans regia Overhanging

Monitor to see if


overhanging is

causing issues

Cedar Cedrus spp. Original planting Monitor, probably

needs careful


Sycamore Acer pseudoplatanus Wilding Remove

Irish Strawberry tree Arbutus unedo Original planting Monitor, needs careful

management – may

need to be removed:

seek advice from


Cherry Prunus spp. Wilding? Remove

Silver birch Betula pendula Wilding? Remove

Mixed native

Recent plantings Consider relocating

plantings eg Rangiora,

woody trunk species


such as Rangiora to an

area where there are

no burials.

Shrubs Recommendation

Bush and rambling Rosa spp.

Recent planting Generally can remain


but careful and regular

maintenance is

required eg pruning.

Consider not replacing

should individual

plants die.

Camellia Camellia spp. Original/recent Generally can remain

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