Conservation Plan Addington Cemetery - Christchurch City Libraries

Conservation Plan Addington Cemetery - Christchurch City Libraries

Conservation Plan for Addington Cemetery

The issue of current ownership is still to be clearly resolved. Though the Council took over

the cemetery management from 1947 – 50, it was earlier in the ownership of the

Presbyterian Church Property Trustees. The Department of Conservation Records 14 do not

show Addington Cemetery as being reserve or land held subject to the Reserves Act 1977.

Terraview shows the land (2.0234 ha) being held in fee simple by The Presbyterian Church

Property Trustees under Certificate of Title 380/104. However the correspondence attached

in Appendix 3 and the extract from the Local Legislation Act 1949, Section 37 would

suggest that the vesting of the Cemetery in the Council was effected.

Copies of titles are attached in Appendix 3.

2.1.5 Early Administration of the Cemetery

Graham Miller in the centennial history notes that:

he congregation having appointed trustees in the same deed provided for management to be in the

o Court, and for the funds15 T

hands f the Deacon’s

expected to accrue after keeping the grounds in

proper order, to apply for four purposes and “none other”. The purposes briefly were the purchase of

building sites for religious or educational purposes of the Presbyterian Church, the relief of well

ascertained distress occurring among the members of St Andrew’s Church, the erection of new

schools and churches on any new sites and “to establish bursaries in the Academy or College 16

connected with said St Andrew’s Church.” 17

In general the layout and planting of the cemetery was undertaken very quickly. The

minutes of the Committees 1854‐1864 notes in the accounts of the Deacon’s Court of St

Andrew’s Church for the year ending 31 March 1864 notes the outlay of funds for gorse

plants for a hedge, 4/6d and trees and shrubs at 1 pound 19/8d.

In 1865 it is noted in the records for that year that “Mr Blanchard, laying out new grounds;

Mr Wilson. 100 trees; ½ cost of fence and ditch; Work on new grounds, walks and hedges.

The statement of disbursements on account of Scotch Cemetery from 1 July 1875 – 4 May

1878 note:


HP Blanchard surveyor

Austin and Kirk drainpipes

14 PC, Ian

Hill DOC, Christchurch – Ian also noted the need to search the title and any previous titles to

research the land history. The title may indicate that the land is held in trust for somebody (e.g. residents of


or something (e.g. as a reserve) or both. In this case as the land is not subject to the reserves it

is unlikely

that the latter would apply.

15 Funds

were expected to come from the sale of plots and the burial charges set at 10shillings for ground

held in perpetuity, 20shillings for ground not held in perpetuity and 5shillings for the erection of memorials.

16 The College, Christchurch West High School became Hagley Community High School.

17 Minute Book Deacon’s Court 1889-194 St Andrews Presbyterian Church Archives, Christchurch City

Libraries, item #8


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