Conservation Plan Addington Cemetery - Christchurch City Libraries

Conservation Plan Addington Cemetery - Christchurch City Libraries

Conservation Plan for Addington Cemetery


Actions Timeframe Who to Undertake

Prevent future Cut back or remove oaks and Removal of Tree removal under

damage to graves by other non-historic trees

damaging trees the guidance of an

careful management damaging or threatening within one arboriculturalist.

of vegetation

monuments and surrounds, cut year.

back historic vegetation where



carefully maintain all General management by

other vegetation and generally vegetation Council staff.

avoid future planting on management


(refer to Appendix 4 for details

of vegetation)


Avoid future damage Gain structural assessment of Structural Stone Conservators

to graves and people monuments of dubious

remedy within or Masons for

structural integrity and remedy one year (may structural correction.

(refer to Appendix 1 for need to isolate

implementation examples), fault to avoid Council staff for

prepare and implement disaster damage in Disaster Plan and

plan, carry out intervention in

accordance with conservation

interim). Monitoring.

policies above. Disaster

Plan Stone and Metal

Monitor the monuments and within two Conservators, Stone

surrounds regularly, as they are years.

Masons, Council

more likely to need attention as

Staff and

they get older.

Intervention as Volunteers,

required, refer dependent on level

to Appendices of intervention (refer

1 and 2. to Appendices 1 and


Where possible and Advertise through public As required. Council staff.

practical, consult with notices when intending to carry

families of those out major conservation work on


individual monuments.

Consider signage at entrance to

cemetery guiding families on

appropriate and inappropriate

refurbishment of and planting

on existing graves.

Undertake grave-by- Record individual graves, Ideally to be Council staff and

grave and tree-by-tree inscriptions on monuments, completed volunteers could


and ideally the condition of within five undertake recording

each grave.

years, but will of individual graves.

be dependent Detailed condition

on resources assessments of

available. monuments and

surrounds should

ideally be


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