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November 24, 2008 ISSUE 11

A Man’s


Boys Can be

Friendly Too

DIRECTOR OF OPERATIONS Farhan Zaidi (farhan@fashweekly.com)

CREATIVE DIRECTOR Sakina Khawaja (sakina@fashweekly.com)

EDITOR Lora Maghanoy (editor@fashweekly.com)

WEB DEVELOPER Mohsin Khurshid (web@fashweekly.com)

GRAPHICS AND LAYOUT Eliana Franco (design@fashweekly.com)

PHOTOGRAPHY Angela Y. Martin for AYM Photography, Sarjoun Faour from HowAboutThis©

Photography www.howaboutthis.ca., Alex Julian and Lindsay Parrot.

ILLUSTRATIONS Felicia Atanasiu

EDITORIAL INTERNS Amanda Bloye, Erin Jones, Eva Bowering, Diorella Africa,

Sherezad Bawany (editorial@fashweekly.com)

EVENTS TEAM Susan Nick (event@fashweekly.com)

PHOTOSHOOT TEAM Ainsley Graham, Carloyn Ferriera And Shayla Vaughan (pr@fashweekly.com)

HAIR AND MAKEUP Nadivia, Ainsley Graham and Fatima Z.

PR INTERNS Gemma Gadher, Ashlyn Ackerman And Sophia (pr@fashweekly.com)



Cover Shot

Photographer: Alex Julian

Stylist: Ainsley Graham and

Carolyn Ferriera

Hair: Nadivia

Make Up: Ainsley Graham

Models: Tyrone and Denis from

Moro Model and Talent Mgt.

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The Hottest Bachelor Pad: The Details

You Need to Complete the Picture • P.6


The Garage: A man’s domain • P.8


Men’s Fashion Winter

2008-2009: Wear or Beware • P.11

Heart of Fashion • 12

A Man’s World • 14


Style Kings • P.18


November 24, 2008 ISSUE 11

Health Risks Every Man

Should Know About • P.20

Men’s Healthcare:

The Absolute Necessities • P.22

Spoil Yourselves Boys • P.24


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November 24, 2008 ISSUE 11

Let the Games Begin • P.25

The Mid-Life Crisis: An urban

myth or an inconvenient reality? • P.26


The Pitt for Kiehl’s • P.28

Bondage by Tom Ford • P.28


From Flop to Flush: Serial

Entrepreneur Turned Mogul

Helps Moms from Coast to Coast • P.29


Boys Can be Friendly Too • P.30


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At Home

The Hottest Bachelor Pad:

The Details You Need to Complete the Picture

By: Gemma Gadher, FW Writer

Every guy wants to create his fantasy bachelor pad- achieving the

balance between the perfect place to watch the game, and the sultry

lair to woo a certain someone special. Here, you will find tips on

how to make sure your space best reflects you and the image that you

want- after all, your home is a reflection of who you are!

Bling Bling, Money Ain’t a Thing

Its super important to realize that spending

tons of cash on the most expensive items at the

furniture store is not going to get you what you

want. First, who’s to say that all these pieces will

compliment each other, and second- its way more

important that your space reflects your own taste

rather than that of the store. Similarly, getting

the cheapest furniture is only a short-term fix

and might not be the best solution. Think of your

furnishings as investments- they could last you

quite a while if you choose properly! If you’re on

a budget, there are inexpensive ways to spruce up

your pad such as throwing some of your favourite

Nike ads into a frame and creating some funky

sporty guy art, or taking your grandma’s old

chair and buying a cheap navy blue cover online

to make it match the rest of your décor. As an

added bonus, any girl would totally dig the fact

that you’ve taken the time to warm up your place

by putting in some effort and combining great

taste with the things you enjoy!

Two is Company, Three’s A Crowd

When it comes to creating a wicked space,

the last thing you need is a peanut gallery telling

you what to do. The bottom line is that YOU

are the one who is going to be spending the most

time here- try your best to pick things that you

would want to see everyday. This logic should

apply while you’re out shopping too. Just because

the “it” colour seems to be lime green, doesn’t

mean you need to have it. If you can’t find what

you’re looking for in the typical larger scale

stores, try going to some used furniture stores,

looking on Craigslist, or checking out trendy

smaller scale boutiques. These are great places

to find a wide variety of unique items that won’t

make you feel like you’re living in page 4 of

the latest IKEA catalogue (hey, not that there’s

anything wrong with that either!). The point is

that while it may be a good idea to bring one

person alone to make sure you’re not going nuts,

your bachelor pad should be exactly that- a

homestead for your lovely self.

Baby, I Think I Need a Bit More Space

Finally, the key to a great place is making

the most of your space. Whether you have an

actual bachelor unit, or a 3-storey house, nothing

spoils the mood more than a crowded tacky

family room (or bedroom for that matter!).

Not only will a cramped room look bad in the

eyes of your guests, but it will also create a

less relaxing atmosphere for yourself. Look to

easy fixes such as a futon instead of a bed for a

bachelor apartment, a pull out couch in the study

to transform it into a guest room, or a bench

with hidden storage for the living room. Other

neat ways to reduce your clutter include closet

organizers, which you can pick up for very little

at Wal-Mart or Ikea.

If you maximize your space, trust your own

judgment, and focus on preference over price,

you’ll be sure to create a bachelor pad that’s

irresistible for any occasion! FW

At Home

Photo courtesy of http://www.top100.org.uk/

Photo courtesy of http://exoticaria.files.wordpress.com

6 • FASHION WEEKLY Photo courtesy of http://fashiontribes.typepad.com

November 24, 2008 • 7

Behind the Wheel

The Garage: A man’s domain

By: Amanda Bloye, FW Writer

When I was younger, there were certain stipulations to going

into the garage. Any toys that were removed had to be

returned to their exact location, we were not to touch ANY tools,

and if my dad was in there you were sure to be anywhere but.

Yes, in my home the garage was a man’s domain.

Somewhere in the span of time this area of

the home was deemed the area to be the most

man-friendly. Rightfully so I suppose. I mean,

it has all the makings of a man’s man. Garages

house cars, tools and, I’m convinced, that there is

a steady stream of testosterone hiding somewhere

in there.

Girls: Keep Out?

Perhaps it can be better understood if it is

compared to the tree or clubhouse he may have

had as a boy. It is a place he can go to escape the

stresses of work and home. It’s organized just the

way he likes it, he doesn’t have to worry about

unwelcome visitors and it’s a place for him and

his buddies to gather. It is the male equivalent of

the mall for females.

Maybe it’s time to advocate for equal

ground. Here are a few tips to making your

garage unisex friendly.


The key to co-existing in any space is

organization. By keeping items in their proper

location, space is utilized. This leaves both sexes

room to roam around. To get started, set aside a

day to spend cleaning and organizing. If you do

it together then you will learn how things are kept

and, as a result, be more domain-friendly. For

more information on garage organization visit

eHow’s How to Organize a Garage at http://www.



If you’ve had a fight or know that he’s had a

particularly hard day, recognize it. He may want

you there but escapes to the garage to “tidy up”

because he just needs time on his own.


If the thought of the garage as a man’s

domain still makes you irate, consider

transforming another area in the house to

accommodate his needs. Sure, he’ll still need the

garage for storage or projects but consider setting

aside the basement or an extra bedroom as a

space for him. He’ll still be in the house but have

enough distance to feel as though he isn’t

being smothered. FW

Photo courtesy of www.local.calclosets.com

Photo courtesy of www.garage-store.com

8 • FASHION WEEKLY Photo courtesy of November www.edmunds.com

24, 2008 • 9

City Chic

Men’s Fashion Winter 2008-2009:

Wear or Beware

By: Gemma Gadher, FW Writer

Photos from left to right courtesy of http://www.aboutxinjiang.com/, www.hauteconcept.com,

www.gloryhouse.in, www.hauteconcept.com & www.hauteconcept.com.

10 • FASHION WEEKLY November 24, 2008 • 11


• Three quarter length topcoats

• Wool or Cashmere blends

• Smokey coloured outerwear

• Herringbone Designed jackets

• Cotton or Merina Wool mock necks

• Monochrome sweaters

• Thick corduroys

• Dark grey wash denim jeans

• Richly coloured and patterned

accessories (ex: scarves)

• Half length fur lined jacket

• Matching footwear, jacket, and belt


• Light blue faded jeans

• Jackets without a perfect fit

• Sweaters with too much pattern

• Bulky winter boots

• V neck t-shirts

• Monotone accessories

• Shorts (should be a given, but there

are always those token few who need

to make a statement)

• Socks and sandals

City Chic

Heart of Fashion

By: Lora Maghanoy, FW Editor

Photography by Hudson Taylor, Patrik, and Sarang

Someone got it right when they decided to bring

together shopping with gourmet food and fabulous drinks

– and all in the name of a good cause.

Proving that caring never goes out of style,

The North York General Hospital held their

annual Heart of Fashion event at Bayview Village

Shopping Centre on November 16, 2008. The

event (which boasted a ticket price of $75 and took

place after business hours!) offered fashion revelers

a special night of in-store discounts, good food,

specialty cocktails (the Heartini!) and an exclusive

fashion show, showcasing the design work of many

of Bayview Village’s high-end apparel retail shops-

surely leaving everyone “tickled pink.”

Canadian Designer, Ross Mayer, also

created a one-of-a-kind cocktail dress that was

exclusively featured during the Heart of Fashion

runway show and was also one of the items up

for auction.

The hospital has been organizing the event

for eight years in support of the North York

General Hospital’s BMO Financial Group

Breast Diagnostic Centre (BDC), with all of this

year’s proceeds going towards the purchase of a

new Ultrasound machine. In recent years, the

fundraising event has raised over $1 million for

BDC patients. FW

Offering shoppers what’s “haute” in the

world of fashion, beauty and home décor,

this year’s Heart of Fashion event proved that

showing you care never looked so good.

12 • FASHION WEEKLY November 24, 2008 • 13

White t-shirt and grey vest by

Nomad. Jeans by Got Style

A Man’s


Photographer: Alex Julian

Stylist: Ainsley Graham and Carolyn Ferriera

Hair: Nadivia

Make Up: Ainsley Graham

Models: Tyrone and Denis from Moro Model and Talent Mgt.

Hat, grey and black hoodie

and jeans by Got Style

Plaid shirt and printed t-shirt by

Nomad. Jeans by Got Style

Outfit by Got Style

International International

Style Kings

By: Lora Maghanoy, FW Editor

Each season, designers showcase collections to the masses.

The only thing is… a majority of the collections are catered to

the female buyer. Fashion often favours talk of hemlines and

silhouettes, often leaving our male counterparts to fend for

themselves and uncover the latest trends all on their own.

The role of men in the fashion industry is

often considered miniscule (however, let’s not

overlook that many ladieswear designers are in

fact, male) and it is often noted that some of the

‘revolutionary’ changes in menswear are solely

credited to a modification in fabric and a slight

variation in lapel sizes.

But alas, we can’t forget about the boys. And

there are few menswear designers who have given

the lads everywhere numerous options on what to

buy and better yet, the gift of style.

Ermenegildo Zegna

Often considered the best in menswear

fashion, Zegna has perfected the men’s staple

piece – the suit. Striving to provide an evolution

in men’s style, Zegna not only offers a full men’s

collection with shirts, pants, sweaters and jackets

(in a wide variety of fabrics), but also men’s

accessories to complete their look. Zegna has

perfected the men’s look to a tee. So much so

that other big name design houses such as Gucci

and Yves Saint Laurent have all contracted the

design house to construct suits for their label.

Now that’s impressive.

Photo courtesy of


Photo courtesy of www.hauteconcept.com

Paul Smith

British fashion designer, Paul Smith, infuses

a bit of colour, eclecticism and a touch of

English flavour into menswear. Sophisticated,

funky and classic are only a few words to help

categorize his design theory. Considered a

fashion icon in menswear (he also heads Paul

Smith Women, however), Smith has earned

critical acclaim and commercial success in the

often-finicky world of fashion.

Hugo Boss

The Hugo Boss label is often synonymous

with high-end menswear apparel. The

company has a rich history, often finding itself

hovering the lines of casual wear to high-end

suits. Boss is quite rightly one of the most

popular and successful menswear label to date.

Rag & Bone

In comparison to the previous designers,

they are relatively new to the fashion game.

But credit must be given to them for infusing a

modern, yet classic spin to menswear fashion.

Their designs are often accompanied with

quirky embellishments and silhouettes that

boast the male figure.

Sean John

Ok. A random one to include with the

previous selection. Even I have to admit

that I was a bit bothered by the inclusion of

Sean Combs’ into the fashion world. But my

hesitation was quickly met with favourable

reviews and a fan following that successfully

launched the mogul into the design spectrum.

Here’s the thing: Combs gives men what they

want- stylish pieces with an urban flair. Not

many men like to dress up. But somehow,

Combs makes it cool. FW

Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of



November 24, 2008



• 19

Your Body, Your Beauty

Health Risks Every Man

Should Know About

By: Amanda Bloye, FW Writer


In our world of fast paced food and faster lifestyles,

it seems as though lurking behind every corner is another health

risk waiting to happen. Here, FW has compiled a list of male

health risks to keep men alive and well for years to come.

The Head

According to the Mood Disorders Association of

Ontario, 10 to 15% of men in Canada suffer from

depression. Of all cases of male depression in

Canada, many go unreported. Perhaps this lends

reason to why the suicide rate for men is also high.


One of greatest health issues to plague

Canadians is diseases related to weight gain and

obesity. According to Health Canada, 57,000 of

the Canadian deaths that occurred from 1985 to

2000 resulted from obesity.

The Heart

Perhaps the most common health issue that

plagues men today is heart disease. According

to the Health and Stroke Foundation of Ontario,

31% of all male deaths in 2004 were as a result of

cardiovascular disease.


The heavy hitters of the sexual health world

(Erectile Dysfunction (ED), Impotence and

Premature Ejaculation) plague more individuals

than one would imagine. For instance, 30 million

men in the US and 3 million men in Canada suffer

from ED, according to mensclinic.com.

Explore True Happiness

...Handbags, Fragrance and Accessories


Jeanne Lottie

@ the Pink House

32 Scollard Street, Yorkville, Toronto

416.975.5115 Mon to Sat 12 pm – 6 pm

Your Body, Your Beauty

Men’s Healthcare:

The Absolute Necessities

By: Gemma Gadher, FW Writer

I remember the days when my girlfriends and I would run

into the pharmacy to top up our grooming essentials…while

any guy we were with would awkwardly wait outside or in the

men’s magazine section of the store, trying to look cool.

Neutrogena Skin Clearing Shave Cream

($7 for 200 ml) This foamy formula will not

only allow for a smooth shave, but also acts as

a cleanser to prevent breakouts and give you all

around smooth and healthy skin.

The Body Shop for Men Shave Cream ($9 for

100ml, $15.50 for 200 ml) This cream contains

multi vitamins A, E, and B5 and this product

is also animal testing free. Very little cream is

actually needed each time, and the results are

quite phenomenal!


Along with a great shaving cream, a guy’s

gotta have a razor that will finish the job!

Best men’s electric shaver ($200) Reviewers

say the Braun Pulsonic System 9585CC foil

shaver is the best men’s electric shaver on the

market -- about as close as you’ll get to a blade

shave. Owners like this shaver’s clean-and-charge

base, as well as the “Power Comb” that lifts up

flat hairs for a closer shave.

Gillette Fusion Take the classic Mach3, add

2 more razors and what do you get? The Gillette

Fusion, a simple enhancement to a tried tested

and true favourite.

Your Body, Your Beauty

2.5oz) A gentle dual-action facial scrub whisks

away dulling flakes, excess oil & impurities

prepares skin to absorb the most of hydration,

leaves skin feeling smooth, radiant & exhilarated.

This exfoliant only needs to be applied once or

twice a month!

Hair Wax/Clay

There’s no denying it- gel is out, wax is in.

No more goopy gluey messes for the 21st century

guy! Master the “I just rolled out of bed and

looked this good” visual with a great wax based

styling product.

FCUK Hair Clay ($10 for 75ml) Enjoy this

matte sculpting clay for lasting texture and

flexible control. It’s perfect for either short or

long layered styles.

Aveda Men Pure-Formance Grooming Clay

($31 for 75ml) This clay adds strong hold without

adding shine and allows you to create any

hairstyle with a comb or with just your fingers.

It’s perfect for adding thickness to hair and gives

a rich, spicy & refreshing aroma.

Lately however, it’s no secret that this

There you have it- your quick and easy guide

to picking up grooming essentials that will make

traditionally female-only territory of most

any guy look and feel great. And for any ladies

stores has slowly made room for our fellas with

many new lines of male-targeted products of

all different sorts. Through some research, and

speaking to a range of guys, I’ve come up with

a list of styling essentials- ranging from “It’ll do

Exfoliating face scrub

Exfoliation is the process of scrubbing off

dead skin cells to reveal and expose “younger,”

fresher skin. The shedding process unclogs pores,

keeps skin clean and helps reduce acne breakouts.

reading this, here’s to hoping they don’t take

over our entire space at the local pharmacies or

department store counters…Coming between

a girl and her favourite mascara is treading on

some seriously questionable turf! FW

the job” to “time to splurge” options.

It’s usually the first step in cleaning your face, to

be followed with moisturizing. Exfoliation also

Shaving Cream

specifically helps men in a huge way: It exposes the

Shaving is the cruelest sport and, during

winter and, unlike some unnamed ladies, there’s

no way around it for most guys- it’s just plain

mean. So, what shaving product will protect your

face against the dryness of the season, the vicious

weather and the likelihood of nicks and cuts?

Gillette MACH3 Comfort Gel ($3 for 300g)

This shaving cream claims to partner with the

technology of the Mach 3 line to give you a close

shave with minimal irritation.

face’s hair follicles, allowing for a better shave. And

we all know that a smoother shave is practically the

holy grail of a man’s morning routine.

Nivea Exfoliating Face Scrub for Men

($5 for 4oz) The foaming gel containing extra

fine scrub particles, Vitamin E and Minerals.

It deeply cleanses to unclog pores and clear

away impurities and refines as well as smoothes

complexion by lifting off dead skin. Finally, it

stimulates generation of healthy new skin.

Photos courtesy of www.frenchconnection.com

Clarins Men Exfoliant Visage ($20 for

& http://www.pharmacy2u.co.ukcom

22 • FASHION WEEKLY Photos courtesy of www.bodyshop.com & www.gadgets-weblog.com

November 24, 2008 • 23

Your Body, Your Beauty

Spoil Yourselves Boys

By: : Sakina Khawaja

The Holidays are just around the corner

and it is time to get a new signature smell. The

store racks are overflowing with new, innovative

products . What you are looking for are aromas

that will make any woman shiver. FW’s picks

for the season are a wide range of brands that

have a sense of masculinity, sex appeal and most

importantly, longevity!

Photo courtesy of Overcat Communications

Tim McGraw

This fragrance is masculine, luxurious and

breaks through the different age groups. Tim

McGraw’s first cologne launch into the market has

been sensational. This scent is for a man who isn’t

afraid to be noticed and believes in modern luxury.

Weekly Living

Let the Games Begin

Much to our horror, the object of a man’s

affection is not limited to a woman. We happen

to share the limelight with certain mechanical

devices that seem to distract our men from

upholding their relationship duties. So if you’re

wondering why your man hasn’t called you for a

few hours, say hello to his new lovers:, the iPhone

3G, Sony’s PlayStation 3 and the Nintendo Wii.

Apple has released their newest version of

the iPhone: the iPhone 3G. Do not be mistaken;

if you give them this phone it will not remind

them to use it for its sole purpose: as a phone.

Sadly there’s a huge line up ahead of you with its

increased browsing speed, ability to download

thousands of applications, and GPS.

By: Shehrezad Bawany, FW Writer

Photo courtesy of /www.apple.com/iphone/gallery

Photo courtesy of splat.lili.org

Photo courtesy of www.minifroufrou.com

My personal favorite is the Sony PlayStation 3.

I have spent several mind-numbing hours watching

Pro Evolution, one of the many infamous football

games. He may love this game, but please be aware

of the consequences before you hand this out as a

Beckham Signature

Christmas gift!

David Beckham is a global figure of

masculinity, good looks and charisma all in one.

Therefore, it’s no surprise his signature smell

emanates the very same characteristics. With

the recent arrival of cold weather, the tropical

inspired blends with hints of watermelon and

energetic freshness is a perfect scent to awaken

the sense of anyone who crosses your path.

Photo courtesy of Overcat Communications

Playboy for Men

The naughtiness of Playboy has been notorious

for years- especially now, with two new fragrances,

Hollywood Playboy and Malibu Playboy- these

scents signify luxury and glamour. FW

The increasingly popular Nintendo Wii is one

game that can be enjoyed together. This interactive

game includes everything from bowling to tennis.

Easy to learn and fun to play, this could be the

answer to your problems.

You certainly cannot beat them, so you might as

well grab a control and join in on the never ending fun

- this love affair may last longer than you think! FW


Photo courtesy of www.itreviews.co.uk

November 24, 2008 • 25

Weekly Living

The Mid-Life Crisis:

An urban myth or

an inconvenient reality?

By: : Amanda Bloye, FW Writer

I have no doubt in the fact that in life, I am

confronted with stereotypes and generalizations

on a daily basis. Some are true while others are

fiction, spun from decades of tales and gossip.

One such piece of information is the concept

that deems women as the emotional, sensitive,

impossible gender, while men get to coast

through life on the idea that they are simple

creatures void of the complexities of emotion.

Men don’t get mood swings. Men don’t get PMS.

And men are never irrational. Or, so we think.

How nice it must be to coast through dayto-day

living without worrying that if you speak

up about an issue you may be considered a bitch

with PMS. Yes, how nice indeed.

Fortunately, for women everywhere, between

the ages of 30 and 50 fate comes around and

gives men a proverbial bite in the ass. Yes ladies,

the mid-life crisis is our karmic retribution.

According to the U.K. based Men’s Health

Forum, the mid-life crisis is “a controversial

condition or syndrome, which some doctors and

psychologists think affects many men in their

30s, 40s and 50s.” It can be contributed to any

number of factors. On one hand, “some believe

it has mainly psychological causes while others

argue that it’s related to hormonal changes,”

states Men’s Health Forum.

Other individuals believe that the act of

classifying the symptoms of a mid-life crisis

as an actual condition is absurd. “Other

health professionals argue that there’s no

such condition, and that the symptoms often

associated with mid-life crisis have other

causes,” explains the site.

The stereotypical mid-life crisis can be

characterized by the following three C’s: cars,

chicks and carefree. The belief is that men

entering this period of their lives tend to make

irrational splurges like a brand new sports car,

divorcing their wife for a younger model, and

doing both without the slightest inkling of regret.

In reality, the symptoms triggering these

events should be taken much more seriously.

Considered male menopause, healthmed.

com cites the symptoms of a mid-life crisis as

“problems with anxiety and depression, problems

[involving] decreased libido, erectile dysfunction,

feelings of fatigue and even flushes and sweats.”

They also become increasingly prone to health

risks such as weight gain and heart disease.

Conversely, perhaps the stereotype is more on

the mark then we originally thought. Men enter a

whirlwind of psychological confusion as they are

finally confronted with the realities of their lives.

Natural glamour. Healthy glow.

Truly sustainable and agricultural ingredients.

Weekly Living

Photo courtesy of straymuse at www.sxc.hu

According to healthmed.com, the midlife

crisis is “a time when the realities of life often

lead to disillusion about the future. [They]

become irritable, feel undervalued, [and]

may complain of feeling trapped by their

responsibilities.” Thus resulting in a feeling of

unhappiness towards life circumstances. The

mini-van and the wife are out. The corvette and

Barbie’s twin are in.

In the end, as we each transition through

the stages of life, we are bound to encounter

the need for an attitude adjustment. I’m not

advocating that men be allowed to throw caution

to the wind and live as they wish, but perhaps

there is more truth to the mid-life myth than

originally thought. Perhaps, it really is just an

inconvenient reality. FW

Color your world with luxurious, feather-light Silken Earth powders and sheer,

soothing Natural Lips – beautiful, breathable, soft-focus perfection.

Use code F78W to receive a 15% discount on these

products. Or look for us at better natural product

retailers everywhere.

Photo courtesy of straymuse at www.sxc.hu

26 • FASHION WEEKLY November 24, 2008 • 27

Celeb Buzz In the Industry

The Pitt for


What do you get when you add half of

Brangelina to one of the many (probably)

amazing Kiehl’s products?

A gold mine.

But don’t say that to Kiehl’s - They’re

newest partnership with Brad Pitt has nothing

to do with his celebrity or his handwriting on

the bottles of their Aloe Vera Biodegradable

Liquid Body Cleanser, and everything to do

with Make It Right, Pitt’s organization which

funds the construction of environmentally

sustainable and affordable housing for victims

of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans.

The cleanser is 100% Cradle to Cradle

certified, meaning that if you dug a hole,

dumped the whole bottle in, and left it, the

whole thing would be biodegraded within 28

days (sort of).

100% of the profits will go to Make It Right.

Look for the cleanser in stores this October,

but not a Brad Pitt bottle signing - this is serious!

Article courtesy of Natalie Hormilla, writer

for www.fashionista.com

Photo courtesy of fashionista.com

Bondage by

Tom Ford

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The Los Angeles Times has a long but excellent

article on the new wardrobe 007 in Quantum of

Solace, the latest James Bond movie. Ditching Brioni,

Bond now has Tom Ford as his custom tailor. That

helps to explain the above three-piece suit, a style

Ford has tried to re-popularize in recent years. While

a three-piece is appropriate now that the franchise

is looking back to its early years (e.g., Sean Connery

wore one in Goldfinger), it’s a shame that the vest

was cut so voluminously and short. Also, Connery’s

Bond knew not to fasten the bottom button.

In any case, Ford, acting like a sartorial Q, at

least gave Bond some tricks up his pants: one of

Bond’s coolest secret weapons this time around is a

small button tab inside the cuff of each trouser leg

that never has a second of screen time, and whose

sole purpose is to keep 007’s pant legs precisely

where they should be.

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From Flop to Flush:

Serial Entrepreneur Turned Mogul

Helps Moms from Coast to Coast

Kathryn Bechthold

a self proclaimed serial

entrepreneur has seen

and done it all when it

comes to being her own


After 15 years as

an entrepreneur, this

successful magazine

publisher has finally

figured out the equation

to success – not

without some trials and

tribulations however.

3 years ago, Kathryn noticed a trend in

the workforce – an alarming number of highly

skilled, educated and experienced Canadian

moms were leaving the confines of their office

setting to spend more time with their families

while at the same time fulfilling a successful

career of their own.

Capitalizing on this growing phenomenon

Kathryn quickly coined the term Mompreneur

in Canada, and created a much needed resource

for this new women-based workforce in the

form of The Mompreneur Magazine and The

Mompreneur Networking Group Inc.

The magazine is now a staple amongst

Canadian moms who have created their own

niche in the market and those looking to join

the phenomenon.

Through her speaking engagements

she shares the ups and downs of being a

Mompreneur and provides the knowledge

and tools Mompreneurs need to know to be


Having “been there and done that” Kathryn

is able to relay first hand information and tips

on how moms really can have it all - spend more

time with their families while at the same time

fulfilling a successful career.

In her speeches, she takes people through

the anatomy of a disaster, goal setting and

reaching your target market. In addition, she

can also touch on the following:

• The top 5 common denominators for a

successful Mompreneur

• The five most common mistakes

Mompreneurs make and how to avoid them

• The 10 steps to becoming a Mompreneur

• Top pitfalls to avoid when starting your

own business

• The realities you need to be aware of when

considering becoming a Mompreneur

• Tricks to successful networking

• How to overcome the challenges of dealing

with the stress of being both a mom and a

business woman

• How to manage the isolation of working

from home

To have Kathryn speak at your event

please contact: Laura Stratton, 905-841-6797

or lauraleastratton@hotmail.com

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Green Living

By: Shehrezad Bawany, FW Writer

Boys Can Be

Friendly Too

When we think of eco-friendly behavior,

somehow only female contribution comes to mind.

Are there men out there who believe wholeheartedly

in this cause? With the help of these three

individuals, FW will answer that question!

The Questions

What does it mean to be eco-friendly?

How do you try to contribute to this cause?

Do you think women want men who care

about the Earth?

What would it take to make you do more?

The Fellas

Ibrahim Jaber, Shariq Mirza and Dennis Kipkorir

Ibrahim Jaber

Age: 21

Occupation: Real Estate Agent

What does it mean to be eco-friendly?

Eco-friendly is the act of being friendly to nature

while recycling all sorts of plastic, paper, and

glass, to make us use our waste in better ways.

How do you try to contribute to this cause?

I do not.

Do you think women want men who care about

the Earth?

No they want a man who makes money and

knows what he wants.

What would it take to make you do more?

If the world was going to get ruined if I didn’t


Shariq Mirza

Age: 20

Occupation: Student

What does it mean to be eco-friendly?

To me personally, being eco-friendly just means

not being wasteful. Recently however, with all

the emphasis being placed on being green these

days, it is getting easier and easier to do more.

How do you try to contribute to this cause?

Like I said, as of now, by just not being wasteful

when it comes to little things. To be honest, I

don’t really put in the effort.

Do you think women want men who care about

the Earth?

I really don’t think this issue has to do with sex. In

my age group however, it’s not really something I

concentrate on in order to be more desirable.

What would it take to make you do more?

Honestly, when I don’t see the consequences of

my actions, I don’t really worry too much. So for

me to do more I’d have to be shown the longterm

effects of not caring about the environment

myself. A natural disaster perhaps? Ok, that

sounds really insensitive but it’s true.

Dennis Kipkorir

Age: 23

Occupation: Student

Green Living

What does it mean to be eco-friendly?

It means to take care of our environment and

leave it better for those who are going to be here

after us.

How do you try to contribute to this cause?

I recycle when I can and try to make a conscious

effort to be aware of the state of my immediate

surroundings and how if possible I can leave it

better than I found it.

Do you think women want men who care about

the Earth?

Only if it’s important to them. I do however think

women want men who are informed and care

about the consequences of their actions.

What would it take to make you do more?

If I thought my little efforts would make a

substantial impact I would do more.

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