Hal Reed Powerpoint Presentation


Hal Reed Powerpoint Presentation

NGFA Country Elevator Conference

Hal Reed, Chairman

December 12, 2011

Farm Bill: CRP

“…high crop prices have both strengthened

market opportunities to expand agricultural

production on the Nation’s farmlands and

decreased producer demand for certain

agricultural conservation programs.” – The

President’s Plan for Economic Growth and

Deficit Reduction (Sept. 2011)

Farm Bill: Crop Insurance

Source: USDA, Risk Management Agency

Farm Bill: Target Prices

Target Prices in Super Committee Farm Bill

Wheat: $5.50 (current is $4.17)

Corn: $3.64 (current is $2.63)

Soybeans: $8.31 (current is $6.00)

Rice: $13.98 per cwt. (current is $10.50)

Cotton would no longer have a target price

Source: Pro Farmer,

November 19, 2011

Trade: Trans-Pacific

Source: U.S. Chamber of Commerce


Trade: Trans-Pacific Partnership

Australia, Brunei, Chile, Malaysia, New Zealand,

Peru, Singapore, Vietnam, and Japan

$83 billion in agricultural exports to TPP countries in


TPP countries accounted for 72 percent of U.S.

agricultural exports in 2010

Japan is the United States fourth largest agricultural


MF Global Hearing

Two slides with pictures of John Fletcher and others

testifying at the hearing


Education and Outreach

Food/Feed Safety Law

Biggest changes in 70 years

•Grain and feed


•Product tracing and





competition in rail



of inland



Save the


April 12-13



NGFA Membership

Dues Reduction

Benefits mostly country elevators

8 to 19 percent dues reduction for those member

companies whose dues currently fall between the

minimum and maximum dues levels

Should help with membership-recruitment efforts

NGFA: Committee-Driven

1. Agroterrorism/Facility Security

2. Arbitration/Appeals Panel

3. Biofuels and Co-Products

4. Biotechnology

5. Country Elevator

6. Feed Legislative and Regulatory Affairs

7. Feed Manufacturing and Technology

8. Finance and Administration

9. Grain Grades and Weights

10. Legal Council

11. Membership and Marketing

12. Grain and Feed PAC

13. Rail Arbitration Rules

14. Rail Shipper/Receiver

15. Risk Management

16. Safety, Health and Environmental Quality

17. Trade and Agricultural Policy

18. Trade Rules

19. Waterborne Commerce

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