Prologue: Full Company Pure Imagination Wonka's Factory *Golden ...

Prologue: Full Company Pure Imagination Wonka's Factory *Golden ...

Prologue: Full Company Pure Imagination (WW)

Wonka's Factory *Golden Age of Chocolate (Full company)

Scene 1: Wonka

The Bucket Shack Charlie


Mr. and Mrs. Bucket

Scene 2: Wonka The Candy Man (Charlie, Candy Man, Kids)

Outside the Bucket Shack Chorus of Kids

Candy Man


Scene 3: Charlie

The Bucket Shack Buckets


Scene 4: Wonka

Outside the Bucket Shack Matilda

Scene 5: Phineous I Eat More (Gloops, Phin,Cooks)

The Gloops The Gloops

Chorus of Cooks

Scene 6: Phineous

Veruca The Salts

Scene 7: Charlie Think Positive (Charlie, Buckets)

Outside the Bucket Shack James/Matilda

Mr. Bucket

Chorus of Kids

Scene 8: Wonka

The Bucket Shack Grandparents



Scene 9: Phineous

Violet Radio Station The Beauregardes

Act I

Scene 10: Phineous I See It All on TV (Teavess, Phineous)

Home of Mike Teavee The Teavees

Scene 11: Grandparents Cheer Up Charlie (Buckets, Grandparents)

The Bucket Shack The Buckets

Scene 12: Wonka Think Positive Reprise (Charlie)

Two Weeks Later - Snowy Candy Man *I've Got A Golden Ticket (full company)

Street Charlie




Full Company

Act II

Scene 13: Phineous At the Gates (Willy Wonka)

Outside Wonka's Factory Wonka In This Room Here (company ?)

Parents/Children/GrJoe Factory Reveal (WW, company)

Full Company(reveal)

Scene 14: Wonka Oompa Loompa 1 (Augustus, oompa)

The Chocolate Smelting Parents/Chidren/GrJoe

Room Oompas *Gloops out

Scene 15: Wonka There's No Knowing (WW/parents/children)

Pink Candy Boat Parents/Chidren/GJ

Scene 16: Wonka Chew It (WW, Violet, parents/child)

The Inventing Room Parents/Chidren/GJ Oompa Loompa 2 (Oompa, Augustus, Violet)

Oompas *Beauragards out

Scene 17: Wonka Flying (Charlie, Grandpa Jo)

Fizzy Lifting Room Parents/Chidren/GJ Burping Song (Charlie, Grandpa Jo)

Scene 18: Wonka I Want It Now (Veruca)

The Nut Room Parents/Chidren/GJ Oompa Loompa 3 (Oompa, Veruca)

Oompas *Salts out

Scene 19: Wonka Oompa Loompa 4 (Oompa, Mike)

Choco-Vision Room Parents/Chidren/GJ *Teavees out

Scene 20: Wonka Flying Reprise (WW, Charlie, Grand Jo)

End of Tour/Home Grandpa Joe Oompa Loompa/Candy (Oompa)

Charlie Dreams

Oompa Loompas



Finale Full Company Finale (Full Company)

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