2012 Tiger Pride Drumline


2012 Tiger Pride Drumline

2012 Tiger Pride Drumline

Thank you to everyone who tried out! Preparation on the audition music was a

crucial part of the decision process. See you in July and continue working on

technique and speed! Record yourself often over the summer during your practice

sessions and always use a mirror. As always, have the warm-up packet

memorized, as well as the music, by percussion camp.



Joel Nicholson – Center Snare

Dillon Ragar

Riley Macdougal

Andrew Foutz

Briggs Oakley


Keaton Michel – Battery Captain/Center Tenor

Joe Szabo

Sam Gall


1 – Beth Jennings

2 – Taren Garcia

3 – Shelby Edens

4 – Maddy Rose

5 – Adam Prall


Adam Heldmyer – Marimba/Front Ensemble Captain

Megan Sherman – Marimba

Casey Farnsworth – Vibraphone (Marimba if we can buy another one, so

go fundraise as a section and make it happen!)

Jake Farnworth – Vibraphone

Levi Rajnowski – Xylophone/Bells/Chimes

Abbey Casey – Timpani

Doug Culver – Auxiliary

Cosmo White – Auxiliary

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