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More than one hundred years of experience with international industrial development forms

the background for the Raufoss industrial cluster, an outgrowth of Raufoss ASA. The cluster’s

core areas of activity are the manufacturing of products in lightweight materials by automated

production, and its goal is to develop a national resource centre.

The industrial cluster at Raufoss currently consists of over 40 companies with more than 3,000 employees.

The group’s total turnover amounts to roughly NOK 4.5 billion, of which exports comprise some 85 %.


With expertise originating in Raufoss ASA, the Raufoss

cluster serves an extensive, global network of customers.

Several of the companies are owned by international interests.

The group represents over 100 years of experience

in international industrial development, and today its most

important markets are the international automobile and

defence industries.

NCE Raufoss currently has the following participants:

Raufoss Technology & Industrial Management AS

Nammo Raufoss AS

Hydro Aluminium Structures Raufoss AS

Hydro Aluminium Profiler AS

Raufoss Technology AS

Kongsberg Automotive Raufoss AS

Steertec Raufoss AS

Plastal AS

Hexagon Composites ASA

Raufoss Water and Gas AS

Raufoss Metall AS

Raufoss Industrial Tools AS

Mustad Longline AS

TotAl-gruppen (a network of small and medium-sized


Raufoss Næringspark ANS


Measures and projects

The projects at Raufoss are grouped into five main areas

of activity:

Development of the cluster and its networks

Carry out PR and information activities, network-building

and project management.

New activity

Promote the establishment of new companies, new activity

in existing companies, spin-offs, business development,

and development of new markets and funding sources.

Technology and infrastructure

Establish a centre for technology transfer and industrialisation

in the area of automated production of products

in lightweight materials. Physical and virtual testing and

verification of materials, manufacturing processes,

products and production concepts will be important

tools in this context.

Linking education and practice

Ensure relevant education and recruitment by establishing

long-term ties between industry and educational institutions,

in which NCE Raufoss provides opportunities to

gain hands-on experience and the universities contribute

with in-depth scientific knowledge.

Commercialisation of R&D findings

Initiate national and international research, development

and innovation projects focusing on the dissemination and

use of new knowledge in small and large companies.

Contact information:

NCE Raufoss

P.O. box 163

NO-2831 Raufoss, Norway

Strategy and objective

The core areas of activity to be developed are lightweight

materials and automated production. These also comprise

the core areas of expertise for all the companies in the

cluster, as well as the area in which the cluster is on the

international cutting edge. NCE Raufoss seeks to become

a national resource centre in these areas. One objective is

for the cooperating companies to maintain and strengthen

their current market positions. Specifically, this will involve

the recreation of 150 jobs annually in existing companies.

In addition, new companies employing 250 persons with a

total turnover of NOK 1 billion per year will be established

and developed during this period.

by collaborating on targeted R&D projects, the companies

will maintain and strengthen their market positions.

Cooperation with educational institutions and expert

circles at the regional, national and international levels will

be crucial. As one example of this, the group has signed

agreements with Gjøvik University College and the Norwegian

University of Science and Technology (NTNU).

Raufoss Technology & Industrial Management (RTIM)

heads NCE Raufoss. RTIM is a joint R&D company, acting

as a resource centre and development partner for companies

in the group. RTIM will also play the role of integrator

through its well-established networks both inside and

outside the cluster.

Project manager:

Sverre Narvesen

Telephone: +47 915 40 122


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