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Hazards/ Stakeholders

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emergenc y man agement

august 3, 2011

Radisson Boston Hotel




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Today’s first responders are confronted with new and more significant challenges

than ever before. New programs, training exercises and technologies are continually

being developed and deployed. To keep up with the changes and information is a

challenging and constant undertaking.

The All-Hazards/All-Stakeholders Summits are designed to bring together the key

stakeholders and vendors responsible for staying abreast of the most up-to-date

tools, solutions and best practices. The valuable networking opportunity is also an

integral element of these summits. We hope you will take this rare opportunity to

meet your fellow responders and emergency managers from other departments and

agencies in the area.

This morning’s event is intended to provide you with a diverse, fast-paced program

that highlights some of the more distinctive solutions and information.

Our objective is to continue making these annual events. We hope you enjoy today’s

summit and that you will leave with a number of new ideas and acquaintances. We

appreciate your comments as we work to make next year’s event even better. Please

take a few minutes to complete the feedback form at the conclusion of today’s

program so that we may incorporate your ideas into next year’s summit.

One final note: Our summits are fully supported by the sponsors in the room today.

We hope that you will take some time to learn about the solutions and capabilities

they have to offer. Without them, we wouldn’t have the opportunity to be here today.

Thanks again for attending,

Martin Pastula

Vice President of Emergency Management/Homeland Security

Emergency Management magazine


Followership: The Mirror Image of Leadership

Garry Briese

Former Region 8 Administrator, FEMA

Former Executive Director, International Association of Fire Chiefs

Local Program Integrator, Wide Area Recovery and Resiliency Program,

Denver UASI

Garry L. Briese is serving currently as the Local Program Integrator for the

Wide Area Recovery and Resiliency Program (WARRP) for the Denver UASI and is also a

Principal in the professional services and consulting company, Briese and Associates. LLC

In April 2008, he was appointed by the Secretary of DHS as the Regional Administrator for

DHS/FEMA Region 8, and served until January 2009.

Prior to DHS/FEMA, he served as Vice President, Emergency Management & Homeland

Security for ICF International, a Fairfax County, Virginia based, NASDAQ-listed professional

services corporation.

Garry is widely recognized as the earliest national advocate in the US for terrorism and WMD

preparedness for public safety and emergency services starting in 1978. He has addressed

numerous conferences on emergency management, homeland security and leadership

across the United States and Japan, Israel, Germany, Belgium, Brazil, Sweden, Canada, and

the United Kingdom.

Previously, Garry served as the Executive Director of the International Association of Fire

Chiefs and Executive Director of the Florida College of Emergency Physicians. He brings

over 36 years’ experience in local, state, national, Federal and international public safety and

homeland security.

www.emeRgencymgmt.com/summits 3



Don McGough

Director, Office of Emergency Preparedness, City of Boston

As the Director of the Mayor’s Office of Homeland Security/Emergency Preparedness,

Don is a member of the Mayor’s Cabinet, coordinates all emergency planning for the

City of Boston, working with the leadership of the Boston Police Department, the Boston

Fire Department, the Boston Public Health Commission and Boston Emergency Medical

Services, the Boston Transportation Department and the Department of Public Works. He

also oversees the management of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security Urban Area

Security Initiative (UASI) for the Boston Metro region.

Prior to joining the Mayor’s Cabinet, McGough was a member of the Boston Police

Department and later worked as a Senior Homeland Security Consultant at the Public

Consulting Group, Inc. As a member of the BPD, McGough served as Assistant Chief of the

Bureau of Administration and Technology and as Chief of Staff to the Police Commissioner.

As a consultant, McGough coordinated his firm’s homeland security and emergency

preparedness service for state and local government agencies and assisted local and

regional homeland security consortiums with strategy, technology, implementation,

emergency plan development, training and exercises.

Josh Filler

Former Director, Office of State & Local Government Coordination, DHS

Former Director, Local Affairs, White House Office of Homeland Security

President, Filler Security Strategies, Inc.

Mr. Filler served as the first ever Director of the Office of State & Local

Government Coordination for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security

(DHS) in Washington, DC. He was a founding member of DHS, senior advisor to the

Secretary of Homeland Security, a member of the Department’s senior management team

and a member of the Secretary’s Emergency Response Group for incident management

and high threat periods. As Director of the Office of State & Local Government

Coordination, Mr. Filler was DHS’s primary point of contact for state, local and tribal

homeland security leaders, including Homeland Security Directors, Mayors, Governors,

Sheriffs, Police Chiefs, Fire Chiefs, Emergency Managers and other leaders and was

responsible for coordinating the programs and policies of the Department as they relate to

local, state and tribal governments.

Mr. Filler worked regularly with senior DHS leaders and other federal officials on national

preparedness, grant funding issues, intelligence and information sharing, policy

development, communications, and anti-terrorism operations and security planning.

Prior to joining DHS, Mr. Filler was the Director of Local Affairs for the White House Office

of Homeland Security (OHS). In this position, he was responsible for coordinating with

local governments around the country on homeland security matters including the National

Strategy for Homeland Security, federal legislative and budget issues, and serving as a

member of the OHS Incident Response Group, which managed domestic incidents for the

White House.

Before joining the White House, Mr. Filler served in the Cabinet of Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani

in New York as Chief of Staff in the Office of the Deputy Mayor for Operations and Director of

Legislative and Intergovernmental Affairs.

www.emeRgencymgmt.com/summits 5


Lieutenant Commander Kevin Hill

MH65D Helicopter Pilot, Air Station Atlantic City, U.S. Coast Guard

Lieutenant Kevin Hill has worked on Coast Guard helicopters as a Search

& Rescue flight mechanic. He also has experience as a Coast Guard

helicopter pilot, flying search & rescue, law enforcement, maritime safety,

and other missions. Lieutenant Hill responded to Hurricane Katrina,

working in two different emergency response centers during the event. He also responded

to Hurricane Rita, working in an Incident Command Post logistics section, preparing and

responding to Rita. In addition, he flew Coast Guard helicopters in response to Hurricane

Ivan. Currently, Lieutenant Hill has two classes remaining in his Emergency & Disaster

Management Masters degree program.


“Best Practices in Situational Awareness”…… Connecting the Dots

[Dartmouth Room]

John Degory

Chief Operating Officer, Knowledge Center

Under John’s leadership as Chief Operating Officer the past six years, the Knowledge Center

Suite of Emergency Management Products has become known as next generation solutions

to the marketplace. John is one of the Product Evangelists that continues to drive the

product suite forward.

See how the Southeast Taskforce solved the problem.

This session will provide a brief overview of how Pennsylvania’s Southeast Taskforce

(Philadelphia UAIS) was able to deploy a next generation EOC software solution to resolve

the situational awareness problems within Pennsylvania’s Emergency Management

Agency, the hospital community, and the soon to be added state Fusion Centers. Live

demonstrations will provide a visual overview of the latest technical advancements in multisystem

integration. See firsthand the benefits of how systems like Computer Aided Dispatch

(CAD) can finally be integrated to provide incident info to the Emergency Management

community and with the Delaware Valley Hospital Council and other partners creating an

environment of true real-time collaboration and real-time situational awareness.

In cooperation with:

Staying Connected – Best Practices for Maintaining Emergency Response Communications

[Berkeley Room]

Steve Drapeau

Senior Account Executive, NetMotion Wireless

Steve Drapeau, senior account executive, supports government organizations across

northeastern US states. Under his leadership, the NetMotion Wireless software Mobility XE

is now deployed in approximately 70 percent of the nation’s largest public safety and first

responder forces, helping these agencies’ officers and personnel to overcome key data

communication challenges. Steve has held senior level positions within mobile technology

companies for over a decade.

How will you stay connected with your peers in a disaster scenario? You might have to work

remotely from your home, a vehicle or a shelter. What is your strategy to ensure continuity

in communications for your agency? Learn best practices for maintaining reliable data

communications during times of emergency. With the 2007 I-35W Mississippi Bridge

disaster as a case study, we will discuss how multiple agencies stayed connected, shared

information and saved lives.

In cooperation with:

www.emeRgencymgmt.com/summits 7



In consideration of your fellow participants, please turn cell phones off or

set them to vibrate. Thank you.


8:00 AM—9:00 AM

Registration & Continental Breakfast

9:00 AM—9:05 AM


Marty Pastula

Vice President, Emergency Management Media

9:05 AM—9:30 AM

Don McGough

Director, Office of Emergency Preparedness, City of Boston

9:30 AM—10:15 AM

Keynote Presentation

Followership: The Mirror Image of Leadership

Garry Briese

Former Region 8 Administrator, FEMA

Former Executive Director, International Association of Fire Chiefs

Local Program Integrator, Wide Area Recovery and Resiliency Program, Denver UASI

10:15 AM—11:00 AM

Meet the Sponsors/networking Break

11:00 AM—11:20 AM

Measuring the Effectiveness of Homeland Security Investments

Josh Filler

Former Director, Office of State & Local Government Coordination, DHS

Former Director, Local Affairs, White House Office of Homeland Security (OHS)

President, Filler Security Strategies, Inc.

11:20 AM—11:45 AM

(LTE) next-Generation of Public Safety Communications

Fred Scalera

Director, Public Safety and Emergency Management,

Strategic Industries, Alcatel-Lucent

11:45 AM—12:10 PM

Operational Leadership: Building Independent Leadership for Operational Success

Lieutenant Commander Kevin Hill

MH65D Helicopter Pilot,

Air Station Atlantic City, U.S. Coast Guard

12:10 PM—12:35 PM

Technology: Working With you or Against you and Others

Trevor Ziemba

Detective, Bainbridge Island Police Department

(In Association with Adobe)

12:35 PM

Buffet Luncheon

1:00 PM

Concurrent Breakout Sessions:

[Dartmouth Room]

“Best Practices in Situational Awareness”…… Connecting the Dots

John Degory

Chief Operating Officer, Knowledge Center

[Berkeley Room]

Staying Connected –

Best Practices for Maintaining Emergency Response Communications

Steve Drapeau

Senior Account Executive, NetMotion Wireless

www.emeRgencymgmt.com/summits 9

10 11

PLAtinum sPonsoR

Adobe Solutions for Government Agencies

Adobe solutions for government help agencies better accomplish their mission and create meaningful

and sustainable interactions with users by replacing frustrating, manual, paper-based processes with

engaging, intelligent PDF forms and rich Internet applications. Powerful security capabilities strengthen

information and process assurance to help protect personal, corporate, and classified government information

from unauthorized access or alteration, promoting trusted communications. And the ability to

instantly create virtual meeting rooms allows personnel to quickly collaborate with anyone inside or outside

the agency, in real time, regardless of where participants are located. Flexible and cost-effective, Adobe

solutions simplify the business of government—anytime, anywhere, through any medium.


PLAtinum sPonsoR

Each day, local, state and regional public safety agencies are facing an increasing demand for safety

and security while dealing with constrained budgets, and a reduced workforce. Alcatel-Lucent offers a

comprehensive portfolio of market-driven solutions for public safety networks to address these challenges

by enhancing the sharing of information quickly and reliably during day-to-day operations and more importantly

during natural disasters, emergencies and recovery operations. These solutions are reliable, secure,

and flexible and support multiple services, agencies and mission-critical communications.

Broadband Communications

Alcatel-Lucent provides the leading end-to-end and first-to-market 4G LTE solution designed to meet

public safety mission critical operational needs. Our comprehensive offering delivers unmatched economies

of scale. We enable agencies to avoid legacy and proprietary technology, while delivering next-generation

public safety broadband for real-time multimedia communications - voice, data and video. Alcatel-Lucent’s

leadership position drives an open and advanced ecosystem of devices and applications and demonstrates

our unmatched ability to partner with public safety to offer solutions addressing mission-critical needs.

Convergence and IP Transformation

Alcatel-Lucent offers public safety agencies flexible IP communication solutions that are manageable,

secure, and cost effective. Alcatel-Lucent has a broad range of IP Transformation services for agencies,

including consulting, design, network transformation, integration, and implementation. Solutions leveraging

the broad Alcatel-Lucent microwave, IP, optical and management portfolios are deployed in more than

50 transformed government wide area networks.

Communication Systems Integration

Alcatel-Lucent delivers solutions and services to public safety agencies around the world, with broad

experience with large, multi-vendor programs. In particular, Alcatel-Lucent has in-depth experience with

the integration, deployment and operation of land mobile radio (LMR) networks in highly challenging environments.

Alcatel-Lucent is vendor neutral, selecting best-of-breed products and services from leading

manufacturers to ensure an optimal LMR solution. Alcatel-Lucent offers the full range of services needed to

design, integrate and deploy end-to-end solutions - and to operate and maintain these multi-vendor systems.

Alcatel-Lucent is the world’s first truly global communications solutions provider, with the most complete

end-to-end portfolio of solutions and services in the industry. A leader in fixed, mobile and converged

broadband networking, IP technologies, applications and services, Alcatel-Lucent leverages the unrivalled

technical and scientific expertise of Bell Labs, one of the largest innovation powerhouses in the communications

industry. With operations in more than 130 countries and the most experienced global services

organization in the industry, Alcatel-Lucent is a local partner with a global reach..

To learn more, visit us at www.alcatel-lucent.com/industries or call 1-800-252-2835

www.emeRgencymgmt.com/summits 11

12 13

goLD sPonsoR

Knowledge Center (www.knowledge-center.com) supports daily emergency management operations at all

levels. Incident, resource, critical infrastructure, and document management — all connected by real time communications

capabilities — connect your responders to their resources across the situation to keep you aware,

informed, and making a difference. Use Knowledge Center to promote a ‘virtual collaborative environment’ to

facilitate cooperation and provide instant access to information — anytime, anywhere.

For additional information contact: John Degory, 412-367-6077, jdegory@knowledge-center.com

goLD sPonsoR

Continuity in emergency response communication has taken on a new urgency given both the economic

and human costs of environmental and manmade disasters. The threat of terrorism also adds a new and

very real dimension in disaster and relief planning, including unknown risks of biological contamination,

and loss of property or life. Mission-critical communications are a necessity and your agency or department

needs to know they can securely and reliably connect to any mobile data network available. Whether that be

Wi-Fi, private radio, carrier or satellite, maintaining data access is essential for a rapid, efficient response.

Mobility XE, the award-winning software from NetMotion Wireless, enables over 500,000 mobile workers

in government agencies and businesses around the globe to get connected and stay connected to missioncritical

applications, wherever the job takes them.

Mobility XE maintains and optimizes connections to wireless networks and applications as field workers

change locations or networks throughout the day. Designed specifically for wireless environments, Mobility

XE reduces the complexity of mobile deployments by enabling seamless roaming between different wireless

networks, persisting applications through lost coverage, maintaining data integrity, and meeting or surpassing

federal and state data security requirements. In addition, Mobility XE provides IT managers with a

centralized console to monitor and manage all of their mobile devices and users.

In a time of crisis, organizations will rely on virtual offices and telecommuting to respond quickly and

effectively to emergency events. Although field workers may be displaced or relocated from their offices,

the need to stay connected to applications and data is vital for carrying out their job functions and responding

to the crisis. Using Mobility XE, access to mobile networks is handled behind the scenes, so workers

stay focused on their job tasks without having to troubleshoot data connections. Mobility XE manages the

wireless connection, roaming to different networks as necessary to maintain a connection to the fastest

available network at any given time.

NetMotion Wireless customers include more than 1,900 of the world’s most respected organizations

across multiple industries including government, utilities, healthcare, transportation, field service and

many others. NetMotion Wireless is one of The 50 Fastest Growing Wireless Companies in the country and

has earned over 25 industry awards for outstanding technology. Founded in 2001, NetMotion Wireless is

headquartered in Seattle, Washington with offices located across North America and Europe.

NetMotion Wireless

701 N 34th Street, Suite 250

Seattle, WA 98103


www.emeRgencymgmt.com/summits 13

14 15

PARticiPAting goVeRnment Agency

The GSA Schedules Program provides state and local governments the opportunity to directly access an

unparalleled breadth and depth of local and global contractors offering state-of-the-art, cost-effective products,

services and solutions to fulfill critical mission needs. GSA contractors are continually refreshing Schedule

contract offerings to ensure availability of the latest commercially available offerings.

Through GSA, state and local purchasing officials have timely access to the procurement-ready products and

services required for disaster recovery as well as robust information technology, law enforcement and security

products and services to fulfill daily operational requirements and critical mission needs. GSA leverages the

full buying power of the federal government to negotiate favorable ceiling prices that can meet your immediate

purchase needs or serve as a starting point for negotiations or competition in accordance with your own procurement


As a built-in service included in the Schedules Program, GSA provides a nationwide network of resources,

including high performance e-Tools to streamline processes and responsive regional GSA representatives to

support state and local Schedule end-users. GSA e-Tools such as GSA Advantage!® and the GSA eLibrary allow

for rapid, easy identification and comparison of potential suppliers, as well as their offerings and ceiling prices

to ensure strategic contractor selection based on products, services, geography and costs. eBuy, another complimentary

e-Tool, provides automated features to electronically facilitate and manage head-to-head competition.

Regionally based GSA Customer Service Directors provide local support and complimentary training to state and

local officials, boosting efficiencies and developing familiarity with the GSA Schedules Program.

For more information on GSA’s Schedules Program visit gsa.gov/stateandlocal or call 703-605-9155.

siLVeR sPonsoRs

Trusted by government agencies nationwide, Blackboard Connect for Government is the best way to

keep communities informed, involved, and connected. Whether you need to alert people to unexpected

occurrences, or inform them about day-to-day events, Blackboard Connect gives you the power to reach

entire communities by voice, e-mail, text, and more — quickly and reliably.


(800) 424-9299, ext. 4

For more than 25 years, Coastal has manufactured the only portable and fixed weather stations designed

specifically for HazMat/Emergency Response: WEATHERPAK®. WEATHERPAK® automatically updates

plume modeling software, and is designed to withstand the rigors of public safety, military, and industrial

applications. The nature of response requires equipment be easy to deploy and use, withstand rough

handling and harsh conditions, be accurate, reliable, and minimize risks. In addition, Coastal provides

the professional solution to your fixed site, general purpose weather, industrial/chemical and wildland fire


Coastal Environmental Systems, Inc.

Contact: Jennifer Hemingway, Products Manager

820 1st Avenue South, Seattle, WA 98134

(800) 488 8291

Fax 206-682-5658



www.emeRgencymgmt.com/summits 15

16 17

siLVeR sPonsoRs

ELERTS is a revolutionary new emergency communications system

that uses smartphones and social media to help First Responders save

lives. People all over the US have the ELERTS app on their smart phone. In

an emergency, they can send reports - with pictures - that help emergency

managers decide quickly how best to respond.

Emergency managers use the ELERTS system to send warning

messages out to everyone who is near the scene of the emergency.

ELERTS app owners can relay the warning message to friends and family using their social

media networks, helping to get the word out to everyone who may be in harm’s way.

• Real Time Alerting – Send messages via a web-based administration console in real time. Indicate

the nature of the alert, include details and instructions, and provide location information of the

alert to be displayed on the user map.

• no Maintenance – We take care of the system for you, you just use it when you need it.

• Real Time Response – Users can reply to your alerts in real time for display in your administration

console. User replies include GPS coordinates to aid in search and rescue.

• Dedicated Online Alert Interface – Your administration console is the heart of the system. It’s a web

based and mobile web based interface for your team to send alerts and view responses in real time.

• Secure Response Monitoring – Security is important, and our systems utilize secure servers and

best practice security measures.

• Location Based Services – Users can receive alerts based on City, State, and Organization.

You can find information at www.ELERTS.com.


FLIR Systems is the world’s largest supplier of detection and protection

sensors and systems. FLIR now offers advanced capabilities to

detect threats in all of the critical CBRNE segments – chemical, biological,

radiological, nuclear and explosive. These compact, portable,

laboratory-caliber systems are in use across a broad spectrum of applications, including incident

response, force protection, field-based forensics and critical facility security.

Incident Response

As the first to enter a potential disaster zone, first responders require tools that can do the job and get

personnel back to safety fast. FLIR provides light weight, mobile, fast, and effective CBRNE equipment

that can readily be taken into the hot zone.

Field-based Forensics/Mobile Labs

In the event of a CBRNE attack, response must be effective, deployment quick, and identification and

sample-handling accurate. FLIR is changing the paradigm from “sample-to-lab” to “lab-to-sample” with

the development of easy to use, laboratory quality systems designed for use in the field.

Critical Infrastructure

FLIR has developed the first practical, affordable CBRN security solution for critical infrastructure. As

a “detect-to-protect” system, ThreatSense uses a layered approach to counter aerosolized threats as

well as the movement of radioactive sources.

As both a systems provider and technology supplier to the defense industry, FLIR Systems leverages

unparalleled technical expertise to address the emerging challenges of our time.

For more information on the FLIR detection solutions, visit www.flir.com/detection.

siLVeR sPonsoRs

HipLink Software (formerly Semotus Solutions) was founded in 1993 with corporate headquarters in the heart

of Silicon Valley California. As a stable, profitable, woman-owned business, HipLink continues to demonstrate

a high commitment to its customers, while introducing numerous technological innovations. HipLink Software

has been the premier provider of software for wireless text and voice communication to global organizations of

all sizes for over fifteen years.

The first implementation of HipLink was in 1995 in a major project with Nextel. Since then, HipLink Software

has grown to serve hundreds of customer organizations while benefiting millions of users. Successfully

deployed across multiple verticals, HipLink is meeting the needs for IT alerting, alarm management, emergency

response, mass notification and business continuity.

Whether enabling emergency messaging to thousands of people in cities and universities, ensuring

hospitals, fire departments, airports, and other institutions can quickly notify responders and volunteers or

integrating with help desk and other business software for wireless paging to ensure customer service levels,

millions of people have benefited from HipLink.

For more information: www.hiplink.com

ICMA (International City/County Management Association) is

the premier local government leadership and management organization.

Its mission is to create excellence in local governance by

advocating and developing the professional management of local

government worldwide. In addition to supporting its nearly 9,000

members, ICMA provides publications, data, information, technical

assistance, and training and professional development to thousands of city, town, and county experts and other

individuals throughout the world.

ICMA Press (icma.org/press) is a leading publisher of books, reports, survey research, and training materials

for local government practitioners, academics, and students. Popular ICMA Press titles in the area of public safety

management include:

• Homeland Security: Best Practices for Local Government, 2nd edition

• Emergency Management: Principles and Practice for Local Government, 2nd Edition

• Managing Fire and Rescue Services

• Local Government Police Management, 4th Edition

• Selecting a Police Chief

ICMA Center for Public Safety Management (icma.org/publicsafety) offers a holistic approach to local government

consulting in the areas of service and workload analysis, police chief selection, data-driven policy decisions.

The Center has worked in 57 jurisdictions in 28 states, delivering comprehensive analyses of workload, deployment,

response times, and performance outcomes.


777 north Capitol St., Suite 500

Washington, DC 20002




www.emeRgencymgmt.com/summits 17

18 19

siLVeR sPonsoRs

Philips Healthcare is dedicated to providing solutions designed around the needs of clinical care

teams and patients by combining our unique clinical expertise with human insights. We deliver innovative,

intuitive solutions that help save lives and efficiently use resources. For the disaster response

market, we provide a breadth and depth of products for each echelon of care, from the scene of a disaster

to the hospital bedside, along with comprehensive training and integrated service solutions.

Some of our key emergency care products include: the airworthy Philips HeartStart MRx ALS Monitor/

Defibrillator, the HeartStart FR series of AEDs, and the airworthy IntelliVue MP2 patient monitor. Together,

these products provide industry-leading monitoring capabilities, superb diagnostic capabilities, robust

STEMI clinical decision support tools and predictive instruments, and proven resuscitation therapies.

For more information: www.healthcare.philips.com/main/products/resuscitation/industry/federal/

Polycom has been the leading provider of voice, video, Web, and data communications solutions to

government agencies since 1990. Video and voice-based Polycom collaboration solutions can be tightly

integrated with UC industry-leading solutions that agencies may already use. From administration and

training to public safety, Polycom technology is used every day by departments and agencies in governments

to meet with teammates, partners, and citizens to exchange information and make betterinformed

decisions faster. Managing and providing quality public safety services to citizens are just a few

of the key responsibilities of governments. At Polycom, we’ve worked with many government agencies

to solve a variety of critical and day-to-day issues in countries around the globe. Polycom solutions help

government agencies to:

• Ensure business continuity

• Integrate unified communications (UC) across the entire agency

• Enhance mobility

• Improve efficiency and productivity

For additional information on Polycom solutions, visit www.polycom.com.

siLVeR sPonsoRs

Salamander Technologies is the leading supplier of accountability

solutions in the USA, serving over 3,400 agencies. The goal of our solution

is simple: unite our country’s emergency services with interoperable, NIMS

compatible systems for tracking all responders, volunteers, and victims at

an incident. Tracking information is managed on-scene to insure accountability,

safety, and site access control. The information is made available

to off-scene facilities for wide-area resource management during a public

safety or public health emergency.

Our mission at Salamander Technologies is to save the lives of our nation’s first responders and

the citizens they protect by offering a superior auto ID system that accounts for all personnel, verifies

responder identities, and enhances situational awareness at an incident, emergency, or field event.

Our contributions to homeland security will accelerate as our interTRAX® solution fulfills the national

imperative for a unified system to identify and track all participants of large-scale incidents – responders,

victims, and volunteers.

Our vision is to create a simple, scalable, and survivable system for interagency personnel accountability

– from the tag to the web – that complies with federal mandates for the National Incident Management

System (NIMS) and Personal Identity Verification (PIV).

We have trained sales staff covering the entire USA and Canada who can provide more information

and a customized quote of our solutions. We can offer a live online demo any day of the week at your


More information is available on our website, www.salamandertechnologies.com.

Or call us at 877-430-5171.

Fiscally Sound Procurement

While cutbacks and budget shortfalls abound, it is essential for public

agencies to practice fiscally sound procurement to ensure they are

getting a good value for every dollar they spend. In these tough economic

times many public entities are coming together to share services as a means of cost savings. Cooperative

purchasing or “piggybacking” is another tool to add to your tool box. TCPN is a national governmental purchasing

cooperative established in 1997 under state law tasked with assisting other governmental entities

to operate efficiently and economically. We partner with national vendors to help you stay current with

practical applications by competitively bidding and awarding contracts to vendors in accordance with purchasing

procedures mandated by state procurement laws and regulations.

This is not the economy for a “how we’ve always done it” mentality. An innovative approach to real

value for every dollar spent and outside the box thinking for every purchase in a must. Many public entities

believe their state contracts are the only game in town. In fact some states don’t competitively bid their own

contracts; instead they approve a list of vendors. Cooperative purchasing collectively pools the purchasing

potential of schools, colleges & universities, cities, counties, municipalities, hospitals & non-profits to

maximize savings of time, effort, budget dollars, and shortens your delivery schedule. From facilities to

wireless be prepared for whatever strikes by having TCPN as your transparent tool for maximizing performance.

This translates to fiscally sound public procurement at a time when we all need to be working smart!


www.emeRgencymgmt.com/summits 19

20 21

siLVeR sPonsoRs

Thermo Scientific handheld chemical identification tools are field-ready instruments that deliver precise

and actionable intelligence to hazmat teams, bomb squads, law enforcement agencies, emergency management

personnel and other first responders around the world. Products include the AhuraFD (flagship

FirstDefender ® ), FirstDefender RM, FirstDefender RMX, TruDefender FT and TruDefender FTi for solid and

liquid chemical identification and the TruDefender FTG for headspace gas identification.

FirstDefender RM and FirstDefender RMX are the company’s next generation Raman instruments. At

half the size and weight of the field-proven AhuraFD, they deliver chemical identification results up to 5

times faster with the same easy-to-use interface. FirstDefender RMX includes a fixed probe for flexible use

modes. All products include automatic mixture analysis and are built with the ruggedness, accuracy and

reliability required by first responders.

TruDefender FT is a handheld FTIR system designed to complement our Raman instruments for identification

of solid and liquid chemicals. The TruDefender FTi allows users to send chemical identification

results via email or SMS text directly from the hotzone to incident command or reachback support using

embedded mobile phone technology. The instruments bring the power of FTIR directly into the hazard zone,

enabling the responder to analyze and act faster than ever.

TruDefender FTG is a handheld FTIR system for tactical headspace gas identification directly in the

field. The unit uses field-proven FTIR technology to quickly and precisely identify gases in the headspace of

barrels, drums, bottles and other chemical or solvent containers.

Website: www.thermoscientific.com/ahura

Email: sales.chemid@thermofisher.com

Phone: +1 (978) 642-1132

+1 (866) 625-0142 (toll free)

VT Hackney is a manufacturer of Hackney Disaster Response vehicles and trailers, mobile command and

communications vehicles, and VisionComms ITICS® portable and mobile Intelligent Tactical Interoperable

Communications Systems.

VT Hackney

Emergency Vehicles & VisionComms Group

Office - 252–946-6521





siLVeR sPonsoR

Western Shelter Systems is a manufacturer and worldwide distributor of uniquely designed shelters and

supporting electrical, water handling and environmental control equipment. Founded in 1988, Western

Shelter Systems has been producing innovative solutions for agencies and organizations in the fire, rescue,

military, medical, base camp and disaster response fields. Since 1992, Western Shelter Systems has been

the primary supplier for emergency response shelters for FEMA USAR, DHHS NDMS, DMAT and the CDC,

increasing interoperability between organizations all over the globe. The Western Shelter GateKeeper Brand

was introduced in 2005 to U.S. Public Health and Emergency Preparedness managers who needed a shelter

system capable of medical isolation and negative/positive air pressurization. This weather-secure system is

simple to erect and the standard octagon shape provides added strength and stability to any mission. The

reliability of designs and quality of products have been tried and proven in the harshest of environments,

and this performance under mission critical conditions has allowed for careful engineering to produce

continuous product improvements and advancements.

Visit www.WesternShelter.com to contact your Sales Representative and gain more information on

Western Shelter Systems.

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