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Posting of CISF Personnel (SO No.47)

Posting of CISF Personnel (SO No.47)

Posting of CISF Personnel (SO

Hkkjr ljdkj Ekgkfujh{kd dk dk;kZy;@miw[k dsUnzh; vkS|ksfxd lqj{kk cy ¼x`g ea=ky;½ Ikfjlj la[;k&553 iwoZ dksydkrk Vkmu'khi] dLck] dksydkrk&107 i=kad%bZ&38014@miw[k@iz’kk-A@2013&5602 fnukad% 03 @06@2013 POSTING OF CISF PERSONNEL NES HQRS. SERVICE ORDER NO. 47 /2013 In pursuance of the FHQr., letter No., the following personnel is posted from the unit to the unit as mentioned against their names and the same will be carried out with immediate effect :- SL. NO. CISF NO., RANK & NAME FHQRS SO NO./LETTER NO. AND DATED PRESENT UNIT NEW PLACE OF POSTING 01 841380039, INSP/MIN S.O. NO. 112/2013 ISSUED UNDER PROCEEDED ON DSP DURGAPUR YASHPAL SINGH MSG. NO. E-16015/2(1)/2013- DEPUTATION FROM ESTT.II/836 DATED 22.03.2013 AND FHQ NEW DELHI AMENDMENT MSG. NO. E- AND REPATRIATED 16015/2(1)/2013/ESTT.II/1636 DATED FROM SPG WEF 23.05.2013 15.02.2013 (AN) 02 871021160, L/SI/MIN. S.O. NO. 268/2013 ISSUED UNDER BCCL DHANBAD DSP DURGAPUR ARCHANA BOSE LETTER NO. E- 03 883200229, SI/MIN 38099/GEN/OR/2013/SOS/ESTT.-II/1542 DATED 16.05.2013 S.O. NO. 226/2013 DATED 07.05.2013 & PROCEEDED ON ONGC NAZIRA RAMESH CHANDRA AMENDMENT MSG. NO. E- DEPUTATION FROM SINGH 16015/OR/2013/ESTT.II/1517 DATED FHQ NEW DELHI 16.05.2013 AND REPATRIATED FROM DEPUTATION FROM NSG WEF 04 854330344, SI/MIN S.O. NO. 308/2013 ISSUED UNDER 31.03.2013 (AN) PROCEEDED ON DSP DURGAPUR P P SEN MSG. NO. E-16015/3(3)/NSG/11/ ESTT.II/ PF/ 1777 DATED 29.05.13 DEPUTATION FROM BDL KANCHANBAG AND REPATRIATED FROM DEPUTATION FROM NSG WEF. 05 895021209, HC/GD S.O. NO. 234/2013 ISSUED UNDER 30.04.2013 (AN) DMRC DELHI ISP BURNPUR S S RANA LETTER NO. E-42099/MISC/E- (WITHOUT TA/DA) 06 904492354, HC/GD II/VOL.16/2013-1357 DATED 06.05.2013 LTR. NO. E-38014/RP/07/ESTT.II/2013- DHEP DULHASTI ISP BURNPUR RAJENDRA NATH UPADHYAY 1711 DATED 28.05.2013 07 014504257, CT/GD S.O. NO. 274/2013 ISSUED UNDER ASG KOLKATA ONGC NAZIRA BABUN GHOSH LTR. NO. E-38018/25/2013/ESTT.II/1569 DATED 17.05.2013 08 914528490, CT/GD LTR. NO. 38014/(1)/1/30 GYAN SINGH TH IZT- NZ HQRS DELHI DHEP DOYANG 13/ESTT.II/VOL.II/1701 28.05.13 DATED Compliance report of the orders be submitted by 15.06.2013 positively. 02. PROMOTION–CUM-POSTING FROM SI/MIN TO THE RANK OF INSP/MIN. : In pursuance of HQrs New Delhi S.O.Pt. I No. 52/2013 issued under Letter No. E-31014/2/2013/SOS/Estt.II/545 dated 25.02.2013 and amendment Msg. No.E-31014/2/2013/SO/Estt.II/1374 dated 10.05.2013 the following SI/Min. (earmarked to NES) is promoted to the rank of Insp/Min. on regular basis and posted from his present place of posting to the unit as shown against his name. His promotion will take effect from the date(s) he assume the charge as Insp/Min. in the new place of posting :- SL NO./ PSL NO. CISF NO. RANK NAME PRESENT UNIT POSTED TO FHQR SL NO. (SI/Min) (01) (02) (03) (04) (05) (06) (07) 01/13 875 854500086 SI/MIN. KIRAN SINGH ONGC JORHAT FSTPP FARAKKA Other instructions contained in NES SO No. 22/2013 (Ltr. No. (2364) Dated 27.02.2013 will remain unchanged. Compliance report of the orders be submitted by 15.06.2013 positively.

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