Julhiet aims at aligning the organization with its strategy ...

Julhiet aims at aligning the organization with its strategy ...

Julhiet aims at aligning the organization with its strategy ...


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<strong>Julhiet</strong> <strong>aims</strong> <strong>at</strong> <strong>aligning</strong> <strong>the</strong> organiz<strong>at</strong>ion <strong>with</strong> <strong>its</strong> str<strong>at</strong>egy, constructing <strong>the</strong> competency<br />

dynamics, developing leadership and recruiting talents.<br />

The significant capacity to innov<strong>at</strong>e of Bernard <strong>Julhiet</strong> Group allows <strong>the</strong>m to tight<br />

partnerships <strong>with</strong> universities and to publish more than 200 books based on<br />

management and RH and efficiency <strong>at</strong> work.<br />

<strong>Julhiet</strong>’s fast-track-continuous-innov<strong>at</strong>ion-lab-driving force serves clients organiz<strong>at</strong>ions<br />

to improve skills<br />

With more than 200 consultants, among which 40 intern<strong>at</strong>ional experts as well as a<br />

European network covering 70% of <strong>the</strong> EU, <strong>Julhiet</strong> shows a strong oper<strong>at</strong>ional<br />

intern<strong>at</strong>ional network.<br />

Christian Pousset & Partner is a consulting and executive coaching firm.<br />

Specialised in consulting and executive coaching, Christian Pousset Partners<br />

accompanies <strong>the</strong> performance of companies and <strong>the</strong>ir executives.<br />

Our Solution:<br />

People Care, an exclusive online coaching programme designed for middle managers,<br />

<strong>aims</strong> to be:<br />

- The first coaching solution personalised and tailored to <strong>the</strong> uniqueness of your<br />

company and implemented <strong>with</strong> a numbers approach.<br />

- The first coaching solution specialised (content, approach and cost) for middle<br />

management.<br />

- The first coaching solution th<strong>at</strong> integr<strong>at</strong>es solutions for monitoring and measuring<br />

progress and performance.<br />

- The first innov<strong>at</strong>ive solution <strong>with</strong> high-quality teaching tools.<br />

Management methods will <strong>the</strong>refore reach a consistent level th<strong>at</strong> will favour company<br />

development and performance.<br />

By contributing to <strong>the</strong> alignment of managerial decisions and to <strong>the</strong>ir better<br />

understanding, People Care helps drive and manage change, and implement str<strong>at</strong>egy.<br />

Conscio Technologies is a specialist for awareness internal company issues. Thanks<br />

to <strong>its</strong> publisher tools, it supports business in <strong>the</strong>ir process of management change.<br />

Today, Human Resources, and internal communic<strong>at</strong>ion department are strongly<br />

involved in <strong>the</strong> change of management project. It is a m<strong>at</strong>ter of prime importance to<br />

communic<strong>at</strong>e <strong>with</strong> <strong>the</strong> workforce regarding <strong>the</strong>ir need of adapt<strong>at</strong>ion.<br />

Conscio Technology offers a new solution to sensitize <strong>the</strong> staff of each company<br />

regarding inform<strong>at</strong>ion security, business Ethicals, sustainable development.<br />

This new solution is called RapidAwareness.<br />

RapidAwarness is <strong>the</strong> easiest and most efficient solution of <strong>the</strong> market th<strong>at</strong> allows to<br />

comply to regul<strong>at</strong>ions requirements regarding awareness of <strong>the</strong> workforce. It allows<br />

company to know very quickly if <strong>the</strong> company is in compliance <strong>with</strong> <strong>its</strong> regul<strong>at</strong>ion and<br />

cre<strong>at</strong>e campaign to inform <strong>the</strong> staff very quickly.<br />

Thanks to RapidAwarness, in only 3 steps you can:<br />

- Configure your campaign<br />

- Register your users<br />

- Launch your campaign and collect st<strong>at</strong>istics<br />

Conscio Technologies has streng<strong>the</strong>ned <strong>its</strong> expertise <strong>with</strong> <strong>the</strong> experience gained<br />

through thirty outreach projects conducted <strong>with</strong> businesses such as Total UK, GDF<br />

Suez, Michelin.

Specialist in performance of managers and organiz<strong>at</strong>ions, CSP Training offers over<br />

500 training programs in 13 areas of expertise such as management, efficiency and<br />

personal development, project management, communic<strong>at</strong>ion, sales, customer<br />

rel<strong>at</strong>ions, finance, human resources, audit…<br />

Through <strong>its</strong> know-how th<strong>at</strong> is training, team building, auditing, consulting, coaching,<br />

skills assessment, CSP Training’s mission is to cultiv<strong>at</strong>e <strong>the</strong> talents of professionals:<br />

managers, executives and employees.<br />

We system<strong>at</strong>ically adapt our training to help you build a customized program th<strong>at</strong> meet<br />

your needs regarding your issues and your industry.<br />

ENACO today is <strong>the</strong> first French business school doing <strong>its</strong> program completely in elearning.<br />

We are in constant innov<strong>at</strong>ion and believe th<strong>at</strong> our communic<strong>at</strong>ion channels<br />

are essential to our development.<br />

Our e-learning courses meet strict standards and official diplomas are issued by <strong>the</strong><br />

Ministry of Educ<strong>at</strong>ion or <strong>the</strong> European Feder<strong>at</strong>ion of Schools.<br />

We owe our leading position in a massive investment in <strong>the</strong> cre<strong>at</strong>ion and optimiz<strong>at</strong>ion<br />

of pedagogical tools.<br />

We strive to help you get <strong>the</strong> best tools and educ<strong>at</strong>ional content in e-learning.<br />

Interaction Healthcare: Digital health agency.<br />

Interaction Healthcare design digital communic<strong>at</strong>ion tools and virtual training dedic<strong>at</strong>ed<br />

to pharmaceutical companies, simul<strong>at</strong>ion centers, p<strong>at</strong>ients associ<strong>at</strong>ions, for healthcare<br />

professionals, p<strong>at</strong>ients and general public.<br />

Founded in 2008, <strong>the</strong> expertise of Healthcare Interactions based on four pillars:<br />

- digital str<strong>at</strong>egy consulting,<br />

- web solutions and social networks,<br />

- mobile solutions and new interfaces,<br />

- simul<strong>at</strong>ion and medical digital serious game.<br />

Founded in 1992, Intercountry is a company specializing in <strong>the</strong> development of<br />

innov<strong>at</strong>ive intercultural and language training courses.<br />

Originally, Intercountry was asked to co-ordin<strong>at</strong>e <strong>the</strong> communic<strong>at</strong>ion between British<br />

and French teams working on <strong>the</strong> Eurotunnel project. Cultural differences had to be<br />

overcome to ensure good comprehension.<br />

Its first combined learning course was launched in 1998. Designed to answer <strong>the</strong><br />

needs of <strong>the</strong> ‘Auchan’ intern<strong>at</strong>ional distribution group whose employees are worldwide,<br />

this first program consisted of CD Rom courses and telephone training, all of which<br />

were developed, in-house, by Intercountry.<br />

In 2001 we began working <strong>with</strong> <strong>the</strong> Renault/Nissan alliance. Their initial request: 700<br />

employees in need of language training. To meet this need, while maintaining a high<br />

quality level, we developed our own Learning Management System (LMS) and an<br />

online resource center. Thereby becoming, one of <strong>the</strong> first providers to offer blended<br />

learning training, completely integr<strong>at</strong>ing e-learning and telephone courses.<br />

Focusing on customer input and feedback, our training methods have continually<br />

improved over <strong>the</strong> years. Today, we are one of <strong>the</strong> top five providers on <strong>the</strong> French<br />

distance language learning market.<br />

Wh<strong>at</strong> makes us different?<br />

- Guaranteed progression r<strong>at</strong>e: learners progress by one level after having completed<br />

a 120 hour training session (40 hours <strong>with</strong> coach, 80 hours of e-learning); a proven<br />

return on investment.<br />

- 93% <strong>at</strong>tendance r<strong>at</strong>e, based on 100,000 hours of training over 2012.<br />

- 95% customer s<strong>at</strong>isfaction r<strong>at</strong>e.<br />

- Complete and thorough customer follow-up by trained professionals. From<br />

registr<strong>at</strong>ion to debrief learners are diagnosed, guided and informed. This is <strong>the</strong> basis of<br />

our key indic<strong>at</strong>ors which provide clear st<strong>at</strong>istics on learner progression and guarantee<br />

company s<strong>at</strong>isfaction.

Since 1901 Linguaphone has helped millions of people successfully learn a new<br />

language through our wide range of self-study language courses, now sold in over 60<br />

countries worldwide. The main goal is to empower and inspire people from around <strong>the</strong><br />

world to enrich <strong>the</strong>ir lives <strong>with</strong> flexible, learner-focused language training solutions.<br />

The Linguaphone method is based on two simple principles:<br />

- Learn faster when you enjoy wh<strong>at</strong> you are doing.<br />

- Make progress if <strong>the</strong> sort of language you learn is useful and presented in a<br />

believable, familiar context.<br />

SnowQbe is an innov<strong>at</strong>ive web applic<strong>at</strong>ion development company. We manufacture<br />

apps for computers, smartphones and tablets.<br />

We propose a 3D public<strong>at</strong>ion solution named Twiidee, which answers multiple<br />

business needs in marketing events, architecture or simul<strong>at</strong>ion.<br />

Our second solution, Kustostudio develops technologies for visual customiz<strong>at</strong>ion<br />

printed or digital products and autom<strong>at</strong>ion of industrial production of <strong>the</strong>se customized<br />

products. This pl<strong>at</strong>form allows businesses to cre<strong>at</strong>e personalized books.<br />

It is designed to integr<strong>at</strong>e <strong>the</strong> environment of <strong>the</strong> customer (e-commerce sites, media<br />

event ...), but also <strong>the</strong> ability to customize a support involving <strong>the</strong> viewer (support<br />

training event, advertising).<br />

Web and mobile technologies experts, we imagine cutting edge solutions to transform<br />

user experience, by suiting our customers’ str<strong>at</strong>egy.<br />

Since 2004, Succeed toge<strong>the</strong>r® method proposes acceler<strong>at</strong>ing exchanges of<br />

workshops, conferences and meetings.<br />

How? Thanks to <strong>the</strong> Meeting Software® technology!<br />

Its distinctive fe<strong>at</strong>ure is offering you an interactive seminar via semantic clustering.<br />

Main ideas of participants are instantly shown.<br />

With Succeed Toge<strong>the</strong>r you get:<br />

- An efficient communic<strong>at</strong>ion acceler<strong>at</strong>or: no m<strong>at</strong>ter <strong>the</strong> number of participants, nor <strong>the</strong><br />

number of sites, nor <strong>the</strong> language chosen.<br />

- An unheard of interactivity by tailoring solutions to your business and objectives.<br />

- The experience and <strong>the</strong> trust of <strong>the</strong> largest corpor<strong>at</strong>ions: over 250 000 users around<br />

<strong>the</strong> world and more than 300 oper<strong>at</strong>ions conducted in diverse lines of business.<br />

Our solutions:<br />

Meeting Software, People Quest, Traitements des données Massives, GWAP, Meeting<br />

Software SMS, Eval’R<br />

Training Orchestra is <strong>the</strong> European leader in collabor<strong>at</strong>ive back office training<br />

management software.<br />

We help training departments, corpor<strong>at</strong>e universities and training providers, streamline<br />

ILT logistics, ensure legal compliance, optimize budgets, increase yield management,<br />

autom<strong>at</strong>e invoicing and consolid<strong>at</strong>e reporting.<br />

Training Orchestra manages over 5 million training hours and more than 0.5 billion<br />

USD training budget each year. The Training Orchestra solution has proved <strong>its</strong><br />

efficiency and helps Fortune Global 500 & CAC 40 companies:<br />

- Drive <strong>the</strong>ir training str<strong>at</strong>egy through a unified and collabor<strong>at</strong>ive system<br />

- Track & optimize budgets & logistics using consolid<strong>at</strong>ed reporting<br />

- Enhance productivity via autom<strong>at</strong>ed processes<br />

- Increase employee s<strong>at</strong>isfaction, customer loyalty and service quality using dynamic<br />

indic<strong>at</strong>ors<br />

- Comply <strong>with</strong> country specific regul<strong>at</strong>ory planning and legal requirements (DIF,<br />

CEFORA, 1% training act...)

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