treasures of the mississippi river & the Gulf coast - Harvard Alumni

treasures of the mississippi river & the Gulf coast - Harvard Alumni

Harvard alumni association

2013 WorldWide Travel Program

treasures of the mississippi river

& the Gulf coast

a round-trip new orleans to vicksburg voyage

aboard the 130-Guest Yorktown

march 29 – april 8, 2013


treasures oF tHe mississippi river

& tHe GulF coast

march 29 – april 8, 2013 trip overview

Sunset over the Mississippi in Natchez

St. Francisville, Louisiana

For detailed itineraries visit

This voyage takes you into the heart of the enchanting

deep South. Cruise into spacious mobile Bay, where

French colonists founded a city in 1702 and where

blockade runners found shelter during the Civil War.

enjoy an excursion to Bellingrath gardens, among the

most spectacular in the country.

Standing along the banks of the mississippi river

are grand antebellum plantations, such as oak

alley and the laura Plantation. Farther up the

river are the lovely towns of St. Francisville, with a

warm, hometown charm, and Natchez, full of grand

character thanks to the town’s opulent 19 th -century

mansions, once the homes of wealthy cotton barons.

go ashore at vicksburg to see the museum dedicated

to the USS Cairo, a Civil War ironclad gunboat. You’ll

also explore the vicksburg military Park where

general Ulysses S. grant captured vicksburg, thereby

restoring control of the mississippi river to the Union.

The Yorktown is an appropriate vessel for this deep

South voyage. it is an american ship, staffed by

american crew and officers. it accommodates only

138 passengers in 69 exterior cabins and offers a

large sun deck, comfortable lounge, and spacious

dining room.

onboard jazz concerts

Jazz is an all-american style of music, born in

the african american community of New orleans

in about 1900. it drew upon ragtime, the big

brass sound of marching bands, the hymns of

african american churches, and the rhythms of

traditional african drumming. To celebrate this

uniquely american expression, we are pleased to

have with us on this journey talented musicians

who will not only perform personal, onboard jazz

concerts, but will also delve into the history and

the roots of the deep South’s musical tradition.

Gary chalmers, a seasoned percussionist,

has in recent years evolved into an on-call

session drummer for various musical projects,

including Teaching Company recordings and live


Pianist charlie etzel has recorded in his own

right and also with Slide Hampton, Jimmy Heath,

and Whit Williams.

ashton Fletcher has toured with international

recording star Bobby vinton, was the bassist

for ten years on the NBC television special,

“Christmas in Washington,” and performed on

the international television spectacular, “liberty

Weekend.” most recently, ashton opened the

Fletcher music School.

This page: New Orleans’ famed French Quarter

Cover: Oak Alley Plantation, Louisiana

Harvard studY leader

as this brochure goes to print, we have not

yet confirmed the faculty study leader for this

program. We intend, however, that you will be

joined by a Harvard lecturer who will enhance

your travel experience. You will discover that

our lecturers are not only first rate scholars

and teachers but also friendly traveling

companions, eager to share their insight

through conversation as well as in scheduled


additional lecturers

andrew F. smith is a freelance

writer who teaches food studies

and professional food writing

as a part-time faculty member

at the New School University

in New York City. He is the

author or editor of twenty-one books, numerous

magazine and journal articles, and is regularly

interviewed on radio and television. For this

voyage, andrew will tell the story of some of the

most crucial episodes of the Civil War, including

the siege of vicksburg and the Union blockade

of New orleans.

For detailed itineraries visit or call 800-422-1636

scHedule bY daY

Bellingrath Gardens and Home, Mobile, Alabama

FridaY, marCH 29, 2013

new orleans, louisiana | embarK

Fly to New Orleans to embark

Yorktown. Overnight aboard ship.


SaTUrdaY, marCH 30

new orleans

Spend the day on a walking tour

of New Orleans’ French Quarter,

the 80-block area that is the

geographical and spiritual heart

of the city. Admire the old

architecture and enjoy free time

to explore what some call the

“most unique” city in America.

(B, L, D)

National Museum of Naval Aviation, Pensacola, Florida

SUNdaY, marCH 31

mobile, alabama

Today Yorktown docks in the

graceful city of Mobile. Tour

Mobile’s historic landmarks and

sites, which include Fort Condé,

originally built in 1711, the Condé-

Charlotte Museum, the Bragg-

Mitchell Mansion, one of the city’s

finest Antebellum homes, and the

beautiful Bellingrath Gardens and

Home. (B, L, D)

moNdaY, aPril 1

pensacola, Florida

Pensacola is a beautiful Deep

South city with a rich historic

past. Visit the 19 th -century

buildings of Historic Pensacola

Village and the Naval Aviation

Museum, one of the largest in

the world with over 150 restored

aircraft including an A1 Triad

(1911), the U.S. Navy’s first

aircraft. Alternatively, travel to

Fort Barrancas, with

fortifications dating to 1797 and

trails overlooking Pensacola Bay.

(B, L, D)

TUeSdaY, aPril 2

Horn island and sHip island,

GulF islands national

seasHore, mississippi

Considered the jewel of the Gulf

Islands National Seashore, Horn

Island is a 13-mile-long isle with

lagoons that attract over 280 bird

species as well as pine and

palmetto forests. Ship Island is

the most historic of these barrier

islands. (B, L, D)

WedNeSdaY, aPril 3

laura plantation |

oaK alleY plantation, louisiana

The only plantation that retains

its original slave cabins, the Laura

For detailed itineraries visit

Plantation was the location where

Alcée Fortier recorded the tales of

Br’er Rabbit in the 1870s. Explore

the homes of the owners and the

slaves, as well as the grounds.

Continue to Oak Alley Plantation,

with its one-quarter-mile canopy of

live oaks that lead from the

Mississippi to the entrance of the

Greek Revival mansion. (B, L, D)

THUrSdaY, aPril 4

baton rouGe | st. Francisville |

baton rouGe

From the capital city of Baton

Rouge, visit at tranquil St.

Francisville, set on a hill

overlooking the Mississippi River.

Founded by Spanish Capuchin

monks, the town retains more than

one hundred of its 18th- and

19th-century houses and

buildings, including grand and

small plantations. Visit some of

these sites while exploring this

quaint town, then return to Baton

Rouge for a tour of the Old State

Capitol Museum. (B, L, D)

Vicksburg, Mississippi

FridaY, aPril 5

natcHez, mississippi

Natchez, the oldest city on the

Mississippi, is set on a high bluff

overlooking the river. Initially,

tobacco and indigo were the

crops of choice, but the advent

of the cotton gin in 1795, along

with slavery and its busy slave

market, made Natchez one of the

wealthiest towns in the United

States prior to the Civil War.

Today, Natchez boasts numerous

Antebellum structures, with

more than 1,000 buildings on the

National Register. You will visit

some of its magnificent

Antebellum buildings and

explore its fascinating history.

(B, L, D)

SaTUrdaY, aPril 6


Vicksburg’s position on a bend in

the Mississippi River made it a

bustling trade port and a prime

target during the Civil War. Once

inhabited by the Natchez and

later the conquering Choctaw

tribes and the Spanish, the final

Confederate stronghold saw one of

the longest sieges in military

history—47 days in 1863—and was

considered by President Lincoln

imperative to Union victory. In

addition to its Civil War sites,

Vicksburg is home to lovely

plantations and mansions, some of

which you will visit. (B, L, D)

SUNdaY, aPril 7


Enjoy a relaxing day on the

Mississippi River appreciating

Yorktown’s amenities. (B, L, D)

moNdaY, aPril 8

new orleans, louisiana |


Disembark in New Orleans after

breakfast. (B)

wHat is included:

• Enrichment program of lectures and discussions by

a Harvard study leader and additional experts

• Cruise aboard the 130-guest Yorktown

• Complete program of tours and excursions

• Welcome and farewell cocktail receptions aboard ship

• All meals aboard ship, including house wine, beer,

and soft drinks with lunch and dinner

• Professional tour staff

• Complete pre-departure materials

• Gratuities to guides and drivers

• $50,000 emergency medical evacuation insurance

wHat is not included:

airfare; transfers; visa and passport fees (if applicable);

port and embarkation taxes; luggage and trip cancellation

insurance; meals, soft drinks, and alcoholic beverages

other than those specified above; personal expenses such

as laundry, telephone calls, faxes, and e-mail service; and

gratuities to shipboard personnel

tHis trip is co-sponsored bY tHe national trust

For Historic preservation and tHe vanderbilt

alumni association

Great Blue Heron perched in Pensacola




Year oF construction: 1988

Year oF renovation: 2012

overall lenGtH: 257 feet

maximum passenGers: 130

FlaG: american

decK plan & pricinG:

Per person, double occupancync


L47 L45 L43

L48 L46 L44

P75 P73 P71 P69 P67 P65 P63 P61

P76 P74




L41 L39 L37 L35 L33 L31 L29 L27


P72 P70 P68 P66 P64 P62

L40 L38 L36 L34 L32 L30



exterior cabins with private bathrooms,

spacious lounge, dining room, sun deck,

and internet access.



S79 S77

S80 S78

P59 P57 P55 P53 P51 P49

P58 P56 P54 P52 P50



M25M23 M21M19 M17M15 M11


M20M18 M16M14 M12



Outside cabins with two lower beds,

two portholes, and

private bathroom



Outside cabins with two lower beds,

two windows, and

private bathroom



Outside cabins with two lower beds,

two windows, and

private bathroom



Outside cabins with two lower beds,

picture window, and

private bathroom



Outside cabins with two lower beds,

picture window, and

private bathroom



Outside cabins with two lower beds

that can convert to a queen bed, picture

window, and private bathroom



Superior outside cabins with walk-out

balcony, full-size bed, private bathroom,

and mini-refigerator


port cHarGes & taxes: $235

sinGle supplement:

a limited number of cabins are available for solo travelers at a

supplement of $995 in Categories C-A.

Most cabins feature

a picture window


Yorktown Sun Deck

General inFormation

paYment scHedule: A deposit of $750 per person is required

to reserve your space on the tour. For your convenience, you

may charge your deposit to your american express, visa,

discover, or masterCard. Final payment is due 90 days prior

to departure. Credit cards are not accepted for final payment.

However, personal checks are accepted for both deposits and

final payment.

cancellations & reFunds: all cancellations of confirmed

reservations are subject to a $300 per person administrative

fee. additionally, passengers are subject to any cancellation

fees assessed by the purveyors of services, including airlines or

hotels used in the itinerary. Cancellations received 61-90 days

prior to departure will be assessed a penalty equal to 50% of the

total program cost per person. Cancellations received within 60

days of departure are subject to 100% cancellation penalties.

requests for cancellations must be made in writing. No refunds

will be made for any part of this program in which you choose

not to participate. Service fees may apply to deviations and are


insurance: We highly recommend the purchase of trip

cancellation insurance. an application for trip cancellation

insurance will be provided by the Haa upon confirmation.

The pre-existing medical conditions exclusion is waived if the

insurance is purchased within 15 days of initial deposit. Neither

the Haa nor the tour operator will take responsibility for any

costs, losses incurred or suffered by the guest, or guests’

dependents or traveling companions, with regards to, but not

limited to, cancellation or curtailment of the tour, emergency

evacuation expenses, medical expenses, repatriation

expenses, damage/theft/loss of personal baggage, money,

and goods. as a service to our travelers we automatically

provide emergency medical evacuation insurance. You will

receive detailed coverage approximately 30 days prior to your


responsibilitY: Please read carefully the following terms

and conditions, which constitute the sole, legally enforceable

agreements between the passenger and Travel dynamics

international and the tour’s sponsoring organization. The

passenger is also advised to review his/her separate ticket

passage contract with the vessel’s owner/operator, which

will constitute the sole, legally enforceable terms of carriage

for this tour and is available on request from Travel dynamics

international. Travel dynamics international and the tour’s

sponsoring organization act solely as agents for the passenger

with respect to all transportation, hotel and other tour

arrangements. in that capacity, we exercise all reasonable care

possible to ensure the passenger’s safety and satisfaction, but,

we neither assume nor bear any responsibility or liability for

any injury, death, damage, loss, accident, delay or irregularity

arising in connection with the services of any ship, airplane,

train, automobile, motor coach, carriage or other conveyance,

or the actions of any third-party, involved in carrying the

passenger or in affecting these tours. We are not responsible

for damages, additional expenses, or any other losses due to

cancellation, delay or other changes in air or other services,

sickness, weather, strike, war, civil disturbances, acts or

threats of terrorism, travel warnings or bans, termination or

suspension of war risks or other carrier insurance, quarantine,

acts of god or other causes beyond our control. all such

losses must be borne by the passenger, and tour rates provide

for arrangements only for the time stated. in the event of

cancellation, delay or rescheduling mandated by any of the

aforesaid causes beyond our control, the passenger shall

have the option of accepting in lieu of the original tour such

rescheduled tour or other substituted tour(s) as may be offered

by us, or else, receiving a refund of as much of such advance

tour expenditures as we are able to recover on the passenger’s

behalf from carriers, third-party tour vendors, etc., but, we shall

not have any obligation or liability to the passenger beyond the

foregoing. We reserve the right to make alterations to the tour’s

itinerary and to substitute hotels, ships, or lecturers if this is

required. We reserve the right to cancel, delay, or reschedule

any tour prior to departure, and, so long as this is not due to any

of the aforesaid causes beyond our control, the passenger shall

be entitled to a full refund of all monies paid to that point if he/

she so desires. No refund shall be made for any unused portion

of any tour. By forwarding their deposit(s), the passenger

certifies that he/she and/or their dependents, minors or others

covered thereby do not have any mental, physical or other

condition of disability that could create a hazard for them or

other passengers. We reserve the right to decline to accept

or to decline to retain any person as a member of any tour

should such person’s health, condition or actions adversely

affect or threaten the welfare or safety of other passengers

or impede the tour. Baggage or valuables brought on the tour

shall be transported, handled or stored at the passenger’s

risk entirely, and, we shall bear no liability or responsibility for

any damage or other loss thereto. Passenger tickets are not

transferable and are not subject to alteration by the passenger.

No suit shall be maintainable against the carrier, or vessel, for

any losses, accidents, damages to person, property, personal

injury (including death or other types of bodily injury) of

the passengers, unless written notice of the claim, with full

particulars, is delivered to the carrier or its agents at its office

at the port of sailing or at the port of termination within six

months from the day when such incident occurred. in no event

shall any such suit or any claim against the carrier or vessel for

any losses, accidents, damages to person, property, personal

injury (including death or other types of bodily injury) of the

passenger be maintainable unless such suit is commenced

within one year from the day when the incident causing such

losses, accidents, damages to person, property, personal

injury (including death or other types of bodily injury) of the

passenger occurs, notwithstanding any provision of law of any

state or country to the contrary. resolution of any disputes

arising hereunder shall be brought within the United States

district Court for the Southern district of New York, pursuant

to the applicable general maritime law, and applying the

applicable general maritime law and Federal maritime statutes.

rates: Tour costs are based upon current airfares, tariffs, and

currency values. While we do everything possible to maintain the

listed prices, they are subject to change.

Fuel supplement: our Tour operator reserves the right to

charge a fuel supplement, without prior notice, if the NYmeX oil

price exceeds $85 per barrel. This supplement may be charged

even if the cruise fare has been paid in full.

sHip’s reGistrY: USa CST #204 3599-

40 Tdi

Questions: Please call Haa Travels at 800.422.1636 or



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reGistration Form

To register, fill out this form and return to HAA Travels

with your deposit of $750 per person. Please note that for

some programs an additional deposit may be requested

after you book.

Please return this form by mail to:

HAA Travels, Harvard Alumni Association

124 Mount Auburn Street, 6 th floor, Cambridge, MA 02138

Or by FAX: 617-496-4011

Please call with any questions:

800-422-1636 or 617-496-0806

I am not able to make thIs trIp, but please add me to your maIlIng lIst

program name start date

FIRST PERSON name on passport date oF bIrth

emaIl address

street address

CIty / state / ZIp or postal Code

home telephone Work telephone

SECOND PERSON name on passport date oF bIrth

emaIl address

street address

CIty / state / ZIp or postal Code

home telephone Work telephone


CheCk (please enclose check) masterCard VIsa ameX dIsCoVer

Card number

eXpIratIon date 3-dIgIt seCurIty Code

name as It appears on Card

I/We ConFIrm that We haVe read and aCCept the general InFormatIon For

thIs tour, InCludIng reFunds and CanCellatIons and the

responsIbIlIty Clause at




Category preFerenCe

double room sIngle room share a room WIth:


Harvard alUmNi aSSoCiaTioN

124 moUNT aUBUrN STreeT, 6TH Floor

CamBridge, ma 02138

booK Your next journeY

witH tHe Haa todaY!

Call 800.422.1636 or viSiT US aT

treasures of the mississippi

river & the Gulf coast

a round-trip New orleans to vicksburg voyage

aboard the 130-guest Yorktown

march 29 – april 8, 2013


U.S. Postage


Travel Dynamics


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