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Polyclonal Antibodies

Polyclonal Antibodies

Fitzgerald Industries

Fitzgerald Industries International is the premier provider of over 20,000 highly purified Monoclonal and Polyclonal Antibodies, purified Proteins, ELISA Kits and Specialty Research Products. For more than 20 years our customers have known that they can depend on Fitzgerald Industries to supply them with high quality products for research and further manufacture. We at Fitzgerald are dedicated to supplying our customers with the highest quality products to ensure scientists can continue to make important advances in the rapidly changing fields of Cytokine and Growth Factor research. We place major emphasis on sourcing and supplying products for the multidisciplinary studies of cytokines and growth factors in areas as diverse as signal transduction, cell growth and differentiation, embryonic development, immunology, tumorigenesis and clinical medicine. We currently present a catalog of over 1000 recombinant and native proteins and polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies targeting many aspects of each of these areas. In addition to our impressive portfolio of Cytokines and Growth Factors, we offer comprehensive listings in other research areas including Cancer, Cell Biology, Infectious Disease, Signal Transduction, Neuroscience, Immunology, Cardiac Markers, Hormones & Steroids, Protein Modification, Cell Death & Stress, and many more. Visit our website at to view our complete offerings and full technical data.

Header Monoclonal Antibodies Cytokines & Growth Factor Products Fitzgerald Industries International Catalog No. Product Name Host Clone Size 10R-1018 Adiponectin antibody Mouse 1G12 100 ul 10R-1027 Adiponectin antibody Mouse 5H7 100 ul 10R-1013 ANGPTL3 antibody Mouse 1D10 100 ul 10R-B109a BAFF antibody Mouse M64 500 ug 10R-N127A beta NGF antibody Mouse M912261 500 ug 10R-1074 BLyS antibody Mouse H4-C7 100 ul 10R-1028 BMP7 antibody Mouse 4E7 100 ul 10R-1131 CRABP2 antibody Mouse AT2E11 100 ul 61R-C195aFT CXCR1 antibody (FITC) Mouse M12638 1 vial = 100 tests 10R-1099 CYR61 antibody Mouse 3H3 100 ul 10-E39A EGF antibody Mouse M01102818 500 ug 10R-E132A EGF antibody Rat M912294 500 ug 10C-CR2143M1 EGFR antibody Mouse 813182 100 ug 10R-E101a EGFR antibody Mouse LA1 250 ug 61R-E109BAF EGFR antibody (Alexa Fluor 488) Mouse M9020201 125 ug 10R-E130A Eotaxin 2 antibody Mouse M912265 500 ug 10R-E131A Eotaxin 3 antibody Mouse M912266 500 ug 10R-E129A Eotaxin antibody Mouse M912264 500 ug 10R-E115b EPO antibody Mouse Epo1 1 mg 10R-E115a EPO antibody Mouse Epo2 1 mg 10C-CR1196M2 EPO antibody Mouse 813600 100 ug 10C-CR1196M1 EPO antibody Mouse 5710200 100 ug 61R-E115bBT EPO antibody (biotin) Mouse Epo1 1 mg 61R-E115bHRP EPO antibody (HRP) Mouse Epo1 1 mg 10R-F124A FGF basic antibody Mouse M912268 500 ug 10R-F123A FGF5 antibody Mouse M912267 500 ug 10R-F116b Flk1 antibody Rat 89B3A5 100 ug 10R-F117a Flt1 antibody Mouse FLT12 100 ug 10R-G101a Galectin 3 antibody Mouse 9C4 1 ml 10R-G101ax Galectin 3 antibody Mouse A3A12 100 ug 10R-H138A HGF antibody Mouse M952901 500 ug 10R-1114 HMGB1 antibody Mouse J2E1 100 ul 10R-I147a IL1b antibody Mouse 1E6 1 mg 10-I70C IL1b antibody Mouse M322219 500 ug 10R-I147b IL1b antibody Mouse 6E10 1 mg 10R-I155A IL1b antibody Mouse 9627 500 ug 10-I72B IL2 antibody Mouse M313010 250 ug 10-I72C IL2 antibody Mouse M313011 250 ug 10-I72A IL2 antibody Mouse M6110640 250 ug 10R-I168A IL2 antibody Rat M912297 500 ug 10R-I168B IL2 antibody Mouse M912298 500 ug 10R-I166A IL2Ra antibody Mouse M912289 500 ug 10-I63B IL3 antibody Mouse M313122 250 ug 1

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