to view part 1 - Middletown High School - Frederick County Public ...

to view part 1 - Middletown High School - Frederick County Public ...

Year 10!

In the power of the Titan Community


The mission of Tuscarora High School, a growing and

changing community, is to provide a safe and

caring environment that promotes excellence,

citizenship, and success for our students through

challenging opportunities for learning in

partnership with families and community.





Ms. Schlappal

Assistant Principals:

Ms. Lamberson (9 th grade)

Mr. Dillman (10 th grade)

Ms. Clabaugh (11 th grade)

Mr. Phillips (12 th grade)

Mr. Coleman A-E

Ms. Thomas F-K

Ms. Wilson L-Q

Ms. Mahony R-Z

it is important to attend school on time every day

Drop Box available in main hallway

Use drop box for early dismissal notes

All notes are turned into attendance by way of 1 st

block teacher or through drop box

Report to your 1 st block teacher between 7:30 and


7:45 or later - Report to the Attendance desk in the

Main Office to check-in

TWO days to bring in notes

After two days, absence is unexcused

Only 10 parent notes for illness per year

Whenever possible, always bring in a Dr’s note

½ day absence

Arrive 10:52 or later

Leave before 10:52

Athletes/students in activities must arrive by 9:00

and remain through the day in order to play or

practice that day.

Athletes/students in activities must not be dismissed

prior to 12:50 p.m. in order to play or practice that


Unlawful absences – Loss of Credit

More than 5 unlawful absences per term

More than ten unlawful absences per semester

½ day absences and unexcused lates count

Unexcused lates (to school):

1 st & 2 nd Warning

3 rd & 4 th Teacher Detention

5th Office Referral/Administrative


6th & 7th Office Referral/Saturday School

Be On Time to Class

Be On Time to Class

Five (5) minutes between classes

1 st & 2 nd Warning

3 rd & 4 th Teacher Detention

5 th Office Referral/Administrative


6 th & 7 th Office Referral/Saturday School

One hour ASR • Saturday School

Lunch counts as a class

Need a pass to come late/leave early

Students who are in the building before 7:00am or after

2:25 pm must be under the supervision of a staff

member, coach or club advisor..

Sports practice

After-school tutoring

Club meeting

Study hall

Teacher detention/ASR

Students waiting for a ride must do so outside

(weather permitting) or in the lobby outside

the main office.


Be Safe!

If you are a driver follow the designated traffic

pattern and park in an approved location

(display your permit)

Walkers stay on the sidewalk and use

crosswalks at all times.

I am responsible for the choices I make each day

Tuscarora High School rules are based on Frederick

County Public School policy.

As of August 2002, documentation of any

suspension from school is recorded in a student’s

permanent record.

Students involved in athletics and activities

may be removed from the activity or forfeit

leadership positions as part of disciplinary action.

The following infractions are some of

those that result in a mandatory suspension:






Drugs/Inhalants (illicit, OTC or


Failure to identify oneself to a staff member

The following infractions are some that

will result in a request for extended suspension:

Drug Distribution (including conspiracy to distribute)

even without the exchange of money

includes OTC, prescription, and illicit drugs

Bomb Threat

False Fire Alarm/Discharging Fire Extinguisher


Refusal to Allow Search

Maryland law prohibits anyone from possessing a rifle, gun,

knife, or deadly weapon of any kind on any public school

property in this state.


on school property

(including look-a-likes)

may result in your

permanent removal from all

Frederick County Public Schools

Off and Out of Site: 7:20 a.m. – 2:20 p.m.

Teachers may be doing classroom activities

with cell phones

Check your texting plan

Get parent permission

During your lunch shift…we need your help to

relax the rules:

Music with headphones, games, digital books

All OK!!

Items away before your exit the cafeteria

A final thought

With freedom and independence comes


Please make yourself familiar with all

FCPS policies. These can be found in the

FCPS Calendar Handbook as well as in

your THS Student Handbook.

Claiming ignorance of a policy is not an


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