5-6 - 356 Registry


5-6 - 356 Registry


Bob Gummow, Rockton, IL; Bud West,

Batavia, OH; Bill Durland, New Canaan, CT;

Vic Skirmants, Warren, MI; Jerry Keyser,

Westerville, OH; and Bob Raucher, Van Nuys,



President: Jerry Keyser, Westerville, OH;

Vice-president: Vic Skirmants, Warren, MI;

Secretary: Bill Durland, New Canaan, CT; and

Treasurer: Joel Horvitz, Gloucester, MA.

membership chairman

C. Tom Oerther, 5035 Salem Rd., Cincinnati,

OH 45230

legal advisor

Bud West, 3750 S.R. 132, Batavia, OH 45103

recommended workshop chairman

Gary Solem, 119 North St., Healdsburg, CA


1979 holiday chairpersons

West Coast: Fred Moor, 5565 E. Fairmount,

Tucson, AZ 85712

East Coast: Bill Durland, P.O. Box 1325, New

Canaan, CT 06840

holiday advisory committee

(chairpersons emeritus)

Bob Raucher, Brett Johnson, Mike Moran,

Bob King and Brenda Perrin

editorial and production staff

editor: Jerry Keyser, P.O. Box 07845,

Columbus, OH 43207 (614) 443-9709

tech editor: Vic Skirmants, 27244 Ryan,

Warren, MI 48092

historian: Jim Perrin, 2041 Willowick Dr.,

Columbus, OH 43229

restoration editor: Brett Johnson, 3628

Glencairn Ln., Indianapolis, IN 46205

reviews editor: Bob Lawrence, 997 Old Town

Rd., Coram, NY 11727

photo editor: Llew Kinst, 310 Donohoe, Palo

Alto, CA 94303

c w drip writer: Dick Pike, 921 Cloud Ave.,

Menlo Park, CA 94025

four cam forum: David Seeland, 47 Flower St.,

Denver, CO 80226

classifieds: Brenda Perrin, 2041 Willowick Dr.,

Columbus, OH 43229

art director: Joe Colford, Jr., 143 Kanan Rd.,

Agoura, CA 91301

The 356 REGISTRY is the publication of 3%REGISTRY,

Inc., an organization oriented exclusively to the

interests, needs and unique problems of the 3%

Porsche owner and enthusiast. Our mission is the

perpetuation of the vintage (7948-1965) 3% Series

Porsches. The 356 REGISTRY is the central forum of

the exchange of ideas, experiences and information,

enabling all to share the 3% experience of one


The 356 REGISTRY, Inc., is a non-affiliated non-profit

educational corporation, chartered under the

statutes of thestate of Ohio, by and forthemembers.

Membership dues, SlO/yr. US. and Canada; Foreign

SZO/yr. for airmail. All prices are in US. funds.

Contributions are welcome. All subminals should be

typed or printed, preferably double spaced. Color

photos generally do not reproduce well; artwork

should have good contrast. If you require the return

of anything submitted, please includea self addressed

and stamped envelope. The right to edit or refuse

publication is reserved; not responsible for errors or

omissions. All copy must be received by the first of the

month in which it is to appear. The 356 REGISTRY is a

bi-monthly publication, mailing about the 15th of the

even numbered months.

This issue: press run of 2700 copies

@ 356 REGISTRY, Inc., 1979

P.O. Box 07845, Columbus, OH 43207

MI rights reserved



By Joe Colford, Jr., art director




technical ... some help for your Zenith's plus a racing update ..

Vic Skirmants, editor


restoration ... cowls-fenders-lids-tailpanels-apple pie and

chevalay ................................. Brett Johnson, editor

history ... 911's-race cars-and the AFN vintage parts sale .........

........................................... Jim Perrin, historian

case drips ... There is an editor from Menlo Park, who writes poetry

quite as a lark, but we all know the boat not to rock, because letters

will arrive by the crock ............................. Dick Pike

four-cam forum ... Tim Herman's work, to have been the showcase

of the column is somewhere between Ketcham, Idaho, Denver,


Hickory, SC and/or Columbus David Seeland, editor

photo essay ... the type 804 ................. Llew Kinst, editor

raveview ... Dr. Bob asks for your help! Loan him your books, send

him copies of your esoteric mag articles, etc. ...................

........................................ Bob Lawrence, editor


I Remember the Day ... Bob gets misty-eyed (Canadian Mist is his

24 eye?) and all maudlin while recalling his mis-spent youth .......

........................................ Bob Gummow

19 Porsche Advertising ... Yet another area of memorabilia collecting

................................................. Gene Babow

22 Killer ... Pat's back with another horror story ......... Pat Ertel

men5 1 adv rtising rates

Erp~tl~e Je~em%er 01, 1978

Centerfold $155.00

The 356 Registry is a bi-monthly publication,

mailing on or about the 15th of the even

numbered months.

FUII Page $75.00 advertising specifications

Half Page

One-third Page

One-sixth Page

50 word maximum

Commercial For Sale

Request for special placement will be honored

where possible. Centerfold and inside covers

may not always be available.

All display advertising must becamera ready.

Ad preparation is available at additional cost

through an outside agency with whom theRe-

gistry has a working agreement. Details avail-

able upon request. The above rates are for

black ink, per insertion. Commercial for sale

advertising MUST be typed.

Terms of payment: payment in full must ac-

company ad unless prior arrangements have

been made. All advertising must be received

by thefirstofthemonthin which it is toappear.

$50.00 All advertising space isavailableasverticaI or

$35.00 horizontal placement. The areas are equiva-

$20.00 lent. Measurements are provided in inches

first and the pica equivalent (which is moreac-

$12.00 curate to the layout).

116 Vertical 4%x2%

27.5 x 13.5

116 Horizontal 23/16 x 4%

13 x 28

113 Vertical 9% ~ 2 %

55.5 x 13.5

113 Horizontal 3x7

18 x 42

112 Vertical 4% x 6 1

28 x 41.5

112 Horizontal 446x7

27.5 x 42

Full page 9% x 7

55.5 x 42

Bleed ovoiloble os full page only 8% x 10%

memo from der keyser .......... ,

Well! Back from the Northwoods,

refreshed, revived, restored and ready

to accept the annual milestone of

another REGlSTRY anniversary. Would

you believe this issue marks the end of

five full years of publication? 30 issues?

Maybe "late" a few times, but always

out. I see no reason why volume 6 will

not be better ... more and more are

becoming actively involved.

Take for example the potentially

crippling blow of losing one of our

prime movers, our membership

chairman, Bill Durland. Not only did we

have one, but we had three competent

and qualified individuals express a

desire to fill the position. Choosing one

is the type of problem we need, not

floundering around looking for just any

warm body. It is encouraging ... and

active involvement of more and more

will insure the continuation of the

REGlSTRY into the far distant future.

I am happy to announce that C. Tom

Oerther is our new membership

chairman! Tom's name should be

familiar to all of you: chairman of

Holiday 11, he has been to every Holiday

(only 2 or 3 can make that claim),

originator and sparkplug of the regional

"Cincinnati Bullsession" and is single-

handedly responsible for signing up

almost all of the Ohio Valley members.

Welcome aboard, Tom in your new


The transition period may be a trying

time in that we have 2500 members with

several hundred renewals, frequent

address changes, some lost in the mail

issues, etc., occuring every other

month. Please be patient, because we

really are trying.

For all those that hav'e been patiently

awaiting resumption of the back issue

program: good news! Fruitcake &

Company, purveyors of official 356

REGISTRY authorized products, are

now the administrators of our back issue

program. Not all issues are available at

this time, but many are. Please see their

ad, this issue, for the details.

The Tweeks sponsored swap meet in

Indianapolis was a great success. It has

expanded to the point of outgrowing

their parking lot for next year. It didn't

rain, the sun was hot ... but the beer was

cold. I encourage you to not only

attend, but to participate in the next

swap meet in your area ... but all buyers

and no sellers will be a death blow to a

meet. Remember, your jun k is someone

else's coveted treasure, so pack it up and

take it with you. And in addition, you get

to see lots of your old pals! No swap

meets close by, you say? Get with your

local PCA region and Porsche dealer,

and start your own.

You may consider the following as a

blatant plug, and it probably is ...

however, our art director's unselfish

efforts to the REGlSTRY merit some

small token in return, right? And

besides, the product stands on it's own

merit. If you like Joe Colford, Jr.'s

artwork as seen on several REGlSTRY

covers and throughout the inside pages

for the last couple of years, then you

should consider getting a set of his

drawings as advertised in this issue. They

are good, nicely presented, and best of

all, a real deal at $5.50 a set.

Last call for Holiday V, Hartford, 28,29,

30 September. It's time for all you guys

that have said, "If it's an East Coast

Holiday, why isn't it on the East Coast?"

or "I would attend if it was on the Coast

where I could get some real seafood."

Put your money where your mouth is!

Feature this: a real New England

clambake, New England fall foliage in

full display, (we hope) really on the East

Coast, plus all the usual 356

commaraderie thrown in. Bill Durland

and committee are working very hard to

make sure a memorable time will be had

by all. I'll see you there!

Second call for 1980 Holiday (East &

West) chairpersons. I also would like to

acknowledge the receipt of our first

1980 inquiry from the southeast Atlantic

Coast area. All it takes to get your area

considered for a 1980 Holiday site is to

get your local 356 group together for a

planning meeting, put together a

tenative schedule of events, being as

specific as you can, draft a proposal and

send it to me. The only requirements: 1)

no competitive moving events 2) a

suitable commemorative jacket patch

must be provided. Based on that

complicated framework, only your

imagination should be the limit, right?

December 31,1979 is the cut off date for

proposals, only for your own best

interest, so that the trustees have time to

act on your proposal, giving the

sucessful groups as much advance lead

time as possible for their Holiday.

Remember, each proposal stands on it's

own-no formal presentation is

required or hopefully ever will be.

See you in Hartford!

\\ Manufacturers and distributors

of obsolete rubber and trim 7

items for the vintage and 900

I series Porsche.

(21 3) 434-9728


"TOOL BAGS" 356/A, early "B"

$18.00 plus $1.50 shipping

"Please write for latest brochure"

P.O. BOX 3178, Long Beach, California 90803

of i n t er es t . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . letters and other miscellany

You might be interested in sharing a portion of a letter received from Fred Moor,

1979 West Coast Holiday chairman: "... we had about 50 Holiday t-shirts left over

which were donated to a local children's charity and were very happily received.

So far I haven't seen little urchins running around in 356 Holiday shirts." Three

cheers for you, Fred1

"Just a note to let you know that the 356

Campout was a great success. 15 June

found the earlybirds gathered around a

couple tables and a couple beers at Kent

Park. We early ones got to take Al

Bohanon's trivia quiz by the light of the

silvery moon. Saturday morning found

us looking over the cars that had arrived

and meeting a lot of fellow Porsche-


Saturday afternoon Gordon Elliff

(resident restoration expert) and Tom

Bruch (resident mechanical expert and

whiz kid at Bonneville-racing Porsches

of course) put on an informal

techhestoration session. A lot of time

was spent on sheet metal prep and

protection with a lot of input by the

various people there.

Saturday evening we gathered at the

Amana Colonies for dinner. At this time

various winners were announced. Bill

Brown's '57 Speedster was our choice as

the best looking car. His car had just

been reassembled 1 month before.

Yours truly won the trivia quiz, while Cy

Crandell copped honors for the

farthest-from-concours car (putting it

mildly). It must be noted however that

Cy had stayed up all through the night

Friday putting another engine in his car -

then he drove straight through Saturday

to get to the festivities. Tom Bruch by-

the-by, answered incorrectly the

question concerning the true

displacements of the 11,13,15, and 1600

engines, missing on all 4. His excuse was

that he builds so many oversize engines

that he has all these different numbers

wandering around in his head (not to

mention all the various 911 sizes).

Finally it must be noted that if we had

given an Iowa Corn Cob Award

(Gasohol, you know) that it would have

gone unanimously to Al Bohanon for his

fine effort in putting this fete together:

about 90% of the various events and

little details were taken care of by Al. We

owe him our thanks for an enjoyable

weekend." Skip Montanaro

"I am very interested to receive the 356

REGISTRY and find the articles

contained therein most interesting

indeed. I thought you may be interested

in details of my own Porsche 356. 1

purchased this new when I,was living in

Germany in the mid 60s. I actually

travelled to the factory in Stuttgart with


a local German porsche dealer through

whom I actually purchased the car and

at the factory made my selection of the

various parts and combinations of

accessories that I wanted fitted. The car

was therefore built for me to my


I have been the only owner of this car

since new and apart from changing the

electrical system from 6 volt to 12 volt, it

is virtually as it was originally. I have

recently been restoring this to an as new

condition and although I have not

completed the task yet it is well on the

way. I would have no hesitation in

statlng that it is the finest 356 Porsche in

New Zealand. The special features I had

fitted at the time of purchase are Electric

GOLDE Sliding Roof, Electric Wind

Screen Washers, Wooden Steering

Wheel, Fog Lights, Luggage and Ski

Carrier. To the U.S. market it would be

unusual insomuch as it is right hand

drive. It was built like this in the factory.

The only other change I have made

recently is to install a speedometer

showing kilometres and kilometres per

hour as we no longer use miles in New

Zealand. The genuine reading on the

speedometer is 79,000 kilometres.

I am enclosing a photograph of my car

which could only have been taken in

New Zealand, outside the entrance to a

Maori Pa. This was the Maori word for a

fortified village in which they lived. The

entrance gates were typical of the pre

European time in New Zealand. This

Maori Pa is not in daily use, it is purely

erected as a tourist attraction as to how

the Maoris used to live. Both these

locations are in Rotorua which is a big

centre of Maori population and also the

centre of our thermal activity, boiling

pools, gysers, boiling mud, etc. and is

located in the central North Island of

New Zealand." Barry Owen,

Christchurch, N.Z.

"Putting a "B" steering column into an

"A" coupe and everything is fine except

somehow the dashboard turn signal

indicator is on when it should beoff and

vice versa. Why?" (Letter not signed)

"Re - Richard Williams' inquiry about air

conditioning for the 356. Enclosed is a

copy of a Cary and Driver (December

1961) article that indicated that A/C was

an option. This may be common

knowledge to old 356 enthusiasts, but it

is news to me.

Also, A/C units on aircooled engines

are not "poison". I have a '71 VW that I

bought new with air. It now has over

75,000 miles with no engine problems to


I plan to install A/C on my 356C as

soon as I get it converted to 12 volts. So, I

would be interested in hearing from

Richard on his progress in installing A/C

in his car." Ken Temple, Fayetteville, NC

"As you may recall California went to 7

digit personal plates last year. Like other

Porsche owners that were aware of this

event I spent more then a few nights

dreaming that MY 356 would receive the

coveted PORSCHE plate. So off I went,

$25.00 in hand, to buy my chance at

being the lucky one. A friend that

worked for the Department of Motor

Vehicles was kind enough to inform me

that quite a few other Porschephiles had

also expressed this interest. That put my

chances at 1 in 150 or more ... The

solution came to me in a blinding flash

and seemed logical that most other

people couldn't spell either so why not

transpose S & C and apply for PORCSHE.

Well that's what I did and that's what I

got ... I later found out that over 30

others had the same idea too so I was

more lucky then wise." Gregory

Knowles-Stout, Arroyo Grande, CA



Vic Skirmants, Editor

If you have a Zenith-equipped Porsche usin the metal air filter cans, they are

probably loose. If they are loose, they can aaua 7 ly wear a hole in the top oft he carb

or a gas line. Also, the right one can rotate and keep the throttle linkage from

returning. OK, so you're aware of this, but you've tried tightening the slotted bolt

for the clamp with a screwdriver, and thecleaner isstill loose. Note that the bolt also

has a hexagonal head. Snug it down with a socket. Don't overtighten! Previous

overtightening is probably the cause of your problem in the first place. If you can't

get the socket to grab the bolt head because the clamp is distorted enough to keep .

the socket from fully engaging the bolt, put a flat washer or two under the bolt head

to space it out. If after all this you find the bolt head is rounded because of the

ever-present problem of "previous owner abuse", grind or file the sides of the hex

until you can get some kind of sock@ on it.

While on Zenith carbs, a ti^ on what

to check if your accelerator pumps

aren't delivering any fuel. If just one of

the two per side is not delivering, check

the nozzle and jet for clogging. Usually

if both are dry, the problem is

elsewhere, although in a rare case

maybe both are plugged. Check the

accelerator plunger for wear - through

at the side, check the pump pressure

valve beneath the plunger for sticking.

Also check the pump suction valve next

to it for sticking. This suction valve has

the same thread size as the plug in the

bottom side of the carb body and I have

seen several carbs where these two

items got switched. Lack of the suction

valve of course permits the plunger to

push the fuel back into the float bowl

instead of through the accelerator

pump circuit.

White still on Zenith carbs, I'd like to

say a few words in their defense. To

those who say "toss them away and put

on Solexes", have you ever had your

Zeniths adjusted correctly? I don't mean

only synchronization, but most

importantly float levels and accelerator

pump delivery. You won't find Zeniths

~dling terribly due to worn carb bodies

and throttle shafts, like the Solexes do.

When rebuildkt an engine, you

should always pull t e oil pressure relief

valve plunger and oil by-pass valve

plunger in the timing cover to clean

them. If either one is stuck, take a W

pipe tap and screw it into the open end

of the plunger. Turn the tap until the

plunger breaks loose, and then use the

tap to pull out the plunger.

National racing update: My next race

after Elkhart Lake was at Road Atlanta .

June 10. This was another Bonus

National, with nine 356's representing

the marque. Weldon Scrogham, D.C. ,

region, and Herb Forrest, N.E.

Oklahoma, DNF'd after two laps when .

Weldon's speedster and Herb's roadster

collided in turn one. Bill Allen, Atlanta

region, roadster, was running third

when he spun in turn one and couldn't .'

restart. He did complete enough laps to

be credited with tenth place. Bob Lane,

Atlanta, roadster, was ninth, Bill

Gorman, Atlanta, speedster, was eighth.

Stan Werner, in a speedster from

Tennessee, was seventh. I was running

third when an exhaust rocker arm

broke. I decided to stay on the track and

managed a fifth place finish. Joe Cogbill,

Atlanta, speedster, was fourth, with

John O'Steen of Cincinnati in a

speedster finishing second. Dave Finch

of Ann Arbor, MI, won in a 914.

Next race, Blackhawk Farms in Illinois,

june 17. My roadster was the only 356

there, but did come in first in E,

Production and set a new class record.

The following weekend, June 24, we

were at Indianapolis Raceway Park.

Three 356's were in attendance. Stan

Adams, Cincinnati, in a B cabriolet, was

a DNF. I could only get fifth place, and

John O'Steen ran away with first.

July 8, Mid-Ohio Bonus National.

Four 356's. Stan Adams didn't start

because of a stripped gear. John

Thomson, Ann Arbor, speedster, DNF'd

with an engine problem. I pulled down

sixth, while John O'Steen was relegated -


to third after some clutch problems

forced him out of first.

July 22, Nelson Ledges, Ohio. I was the

only 356 representative for this

Northeast Division National. Came in

second to an MGB after Finch's 914 hit

someone's oil on the final turn and spun

from the lead to a third place.

Come on, you guys, I haven't received

one letter or postcard to tell me how all

the other 356's are doing in this country.



It has been confirmed that Bruce

Jennings has accepted an invitation

to be the featured speaker at the

Holiday V banquet, Hartford,

Connecticut, September 29. He will

be showing a never-seen-publically

30 minute film of his Carrera

Speedster in action, as part of his

presentation. It is almost too late to

register for this last of the year

REGISTRY event. Don't be

disappointed, do it now.

1979 calendar of 356

& related events

September 14,15,16:

Hoosier Auto Show and Swap Meet,

Indianapolis Motor Speedway,

Porsche Division sponsored by

Central Indiana Region, PCA, Infor-

mation about Mike Robbins, 7533

Westfield Blvd., Indy, IN 46240

(317) 253-9041

September 15,16:

Phoenix Flight 11, Tempe, Arizona,

concours sponsored by the Arizona

Region PCA. Bob Craig, eventmaster,

6801 S. 44th Place, Phoenix 85040,

(602) 274-3929 day or night

September 28, 29,30:

356 Registry Hodiay V, Hartford, CT,

sponsored by the 356 REGISTRY. Bill

Durland, chairman, P.O. Box 1325,

New Canaan, CT 06840

Event chairpersons: Send us

information on your 356 related event

for a no charge listing. We reserve the

right edit as required. Please note that

our deadline for copy is the first of the

month in which it is to appear.



Jim Perrin, Historian

In this article, I plan to cover several

topics which may be of interest to

REGlSTR Y readers.

"The 911 As A Collector Car"

The 356 'C' series Porsche was

introduced at the 1963 Frankfurt auto

show. A major feature being high-

lighted was, of course, the four wheel

disc brakes of the 356 'C'. There was also

another significant introduction at the

same show - the 911. The 911 was in

production by 1965. If you include 1965

as a production year, the911 has been in

production for 15 years which is only

two less than the 356 series.

What 356 enthusiasts may not realize

is that many 911 owners are already

restoring their early model 911's. The

interest in restoration and preservation

of the 911 at this point in its evolution

and while it isstill a production mode1,is

far higher than it was for the 356series at

a similar point in time. The number of

people who bought a brand new 356

with the primary purpose being to keep

it as a collector car and to drive it very

few miles is extremely small. There are,

however, more than a few people who

have bought 911's to be a collector car

for the future, and who are caring and

maintaining them with that thought in


"The Race Car As An Instant

Collector Car"

Not too many years ago, a Porsche

race car that was several seasons old

suffered a substantial amount of

depreciation. Race cars still do show

appreciable depreciation, but a new

economic factor has entered the

market. That factor is the increased

number of people collecting Porsches

and the new hobby of vintageor historic

sports car racing. I know of a number of

almost new (one to two seasons old)

Porsche race cars that have been

purchased by collectors who do not

plan to run them in historic sports car

races. Other recent Porsche race cars,

perhaps four or five years old, have

been purchased by individuals planning

to run them in historic sports car races.

I saw a single turbo 935 entered at the

1978 6 Hour Watkins Glen race which

was driven by Otis Chandler and a co-

driver. I expected to see the car appear

in a year or two in Chandler's collection

as a retired race car, but I was mistaken.

He sold the car to the Dick Barbour

racing team and bought a new 1979

Turbo from the Porsche factory.

"The AFN, Ltd. Parts Sale"

AFN, Ltd. has been the importer of

Porsches into England since the 1950's. I

was recently in London for a few days

and, by chance, happened to be there

the weekend of an unusual sale. AFN

knew they had a fair number of older

parts which weren't selling well and

were taking up needed shelf space.

With encouragement from members of

the Porsche Club of Great Britain, they

decided to have a sale of these parts,

apparently including almost all of their

356 parts.

I was invited to the sale and arrived

early on the first morning of the two day

sale. By the time the doors opened at 10

A.M., there were perhaps 50

enthusiastic buyers waiting. Most of the

parts were spread out on the floor of a

very large room that had been cleared

for the sale. In addition to the 356 parts,

there were also some 911 and 914 parts.

The 356 parts included mechanical

parts, body parts including sheet metal,

and trim pieces. As the sale progressed,

many prizes were found by the buyers.

One individual who was rebuilding a

Carrera 2 engine managed to find some

needed parts and an engine gasket set.

A couple with two small children were

delighted to acquire a Reutter 356

luggage rack. An individual with an

early 356 found the 16 inch wheels he'd

been looking for.

I also managed to find a few desirable

items including a chrome horn ringfora

'B' or 'C' steering wheel, a large supply

of the rubber snubbers which are fitted

to the jack-holding clamps on 356's to

prevent the jack from rattling, the

rectangular sheet metal air channel

plate which runs between the two

heater boxes and which is missing from

most cars, an oil breather for my 'A'

(ever see a new one with no rust

inside?), an accessory kit of spare lamps,

and last but not least, a 3A and 3C close-

ratio gear.

The sale was followed by a visit to the

local pub where several of the other

individuals who attended the sale and I

swapped stories about our good finds at

the AFN sale. It will be a long time

before I forget my enjoyable visit to

London. The next time I'm there I may

even have time to do some sightseeing1


Brett Johnson, Editor

Since last we talked I have received a few interesting pieces

of information. It is perhaps unfortunate that the way this

column is written allows feed back to appear usually four

months after initial publication. This will be eventually be

remedied by the completion of all this nonsense planned for

the mid 1980's.

First let me point out that illustration 55a on page9of Vol. 5

No. 5 is in fact the Convertible D/Roadster top frame as this

was unfortunately unreferenced in the text of the article.

I received a letter from Barry Owen of Christchurch, New

Zealand with information and in fact a Xerox of a Golde

Sunroof Catalog. The firm now called Rockwell Golde GmbH

of Frankfurt, West Germany has apparently been quite

cooperative and helpful in supplying parts to him as needed

i-irough the years. However, when our own silver-tongued

legal advisor attempted to acquire some pieces direct he was

referred to: American Sunroof Corp., 18640 Walnut St.,

Southgate, MI 48195.

Also concerning sunroofs I received a letter from Alan

Davis of Long Beach, CA, who owns a '59 Cabriolet with a

factory installed manual sunroof in its removable hardtop. I

have received additional information in the form of a copy of

a 356C accessories manual from Bud West and three more

cars have joined the photo library. I believe I have saturated

the '55 Speedster file, but I'm still short on other models.

I've spoken to a few folks who assert that the lock post on a

Cabriolet is actually wider near the top than that of a Coupe.

This does appear to be so; however, the difference is not

particularly great.


On Coupes this piece below the rear window and above

the deck lid is officially part of the top. As mentioned earlier

the only change in this piece was between T-5 and T-6 3568's

with the change in rear windows and rear lids.

The first place this piece for Cabriolet appears is illustration

31 in the '55 parts book. It appears again in illustration 32 in

the 356 A book. As there is no mention of this in the '53 book I

can only assume that this piece remained unchanged from

1950-1957. The change at chassis 150.001 corresponds tops.

This version remained unchanged throughout the

production of 356C model.

The rear cowl of the Speedster was considerably different

than that of Cabriolet. It was considerably longer and had no

recess for the tack strip. It is shown in illustration 45 in the'55

parts book. In the A parts book two alternate parts numbers

are given, again this seems to indicatea change in numbering

system rather than an actual change in part configuration.

A change is noted by part number at the introduction of

the Convertible D. The change likely has to do with the sha

of the cockpit rear as no other visible change is noted. T r e

3568 Roadster was unchanged from Convertible D.


While the basicshape of various body styles of 356 Porsches

is essentially the same, the contours of the rear fenders are

subtly different. This can be visualized in side view pictures.

The fast-back roof line of the Coupe is integrated into the

rear fender by a more steeply vertical accent than the open

cars. This prevents rear fenders from being easily adapted

between models. Ask the guy who put a Coupe fender on a

Cabriolet. Ask me.

lllustration 18 of the '53 parts manual illustrates the rear

fender of a Coupe. No where in this parts manual is a

Cabriolet fender described. As the top edges as ,well as

contouring of these fenders are radically different one can

only assume this was an omission.

lllustration 30 from the '55 book shows the Coupe fender

which bears the same part number as that of the earlier car.

lllustration 31 shows the Cabriolet fender. Note the

tremendous difference. lllustration 45 shows the Speedster

fender, it is lower due to the sloping door as well as very

different along the top edge. Contoursappear to be similar to

the Cabriolet.

The 356A with its smaller 15" diameter wheels had slightly

altered wheel arch profiles in the rear. These were "opened

up" and allowed a wider rim. The Carrera-Speedster rear

fenders are listed separately and described as having "wire


356A Coupe fenders remained unchanged from 56-59 with

no alternate number listed for Carrera. The drawing,

illustration 51 of the A parts book is nearly identical to that of

illustration 30 in the '55 book. Aside from the wheel arch

there appears to be no significant change.

lllustration 52 from the A parts book shows the early

a Cabriolet rear fender. This was changed at chassis150.001 to

accomodate the new top mechanism and removable

hardtop. This difference can be seen at the top leading edge

of the fender. No changes in contouring were apparent. The

Convertible D rear fender was changed from that of the

Speedster. The difference was likely around the rear cowl as

contours should have been nearly identical.

From illustration 5/5 of the B parts book the difference

from the A is readily apparent, the indentation and hole for

the rear bumper. lllustration 5/6 shows the different fender

for the open car. The Cabriolet was different from Roadster,

again along the top.

The T-6 Coupe illustration (5/5a) shows a different fender.

This was due to the altered rear lid and cowl area. The basic

shape was essentially unaltered. T-6 Cabriolets and Roadsters

were unchanged from their T-5 counterparts in this area.

356C models were identical to T-6 cars.


Rear lids of Coupes and open cars are basically similar in

appearance giving the false impression that they are perhaps

interchangeable. While T-6 bodied cars are quite obviously

different the earlier cars can be confusing. The easy way to

differentiate between them is to look at the inside of the lid.

On an early Coupe lid the hinges mount on that thing that sits

under the grille. Hinges are less than 1 foot apart. On open

cars hinges mount on 2 reinforced struts placed solely for that

purpose. More simply, hinges are more than 1 foot apart.

When one gets to double vent cars the difference in size of

the lids is tremendous, the Coupe being much larger. The

hinge location arrangement is altered. Coupesand open cars

are both more than 1 foot.

The rear lid listed in the '53 parts book and the one listed in

the '55 book have differing part numbers. A pooling of the

greatest minds in Indianapolis decided that this is a hoax, and

that they are in fact the same. Again as with fenders, Cabriolet

lids are not mentioned until the '55 parts book. From the

illustrations and accompanying photos the early lid may be

indentified by the flat engine protector (below the vent) with

two longitudinal ribs. Cabriolet and Speedster models shared

the same lid. In fact, to my knowledge on all open cars,as well

as Karmann hardtops, rear lids may be freely interchanged

1950-1965 requiring adaptation of only the latch mechanism.

356A lids areeasily differentiated from 356 lids by the bump

in the middle of the engine protector installed to

accomodate the Carrera engine. Coupe and Cabriolet aside

from that are essentially identical to earlier models.

Three separate Coupe lids are listed in the A parts book.

The first 644.512.001.00 is the standard lid shown in illustration

51. The two others listed 644.512.001.01 and 644.512.001.10are

both listed for Carrera models. One is steel one isaluminum.

My question is are these both single grilled louvered lids or

both dual vent lids or one of each or what? David Seeland,

where are you?

I unfortunately do not have any black and white photos of

either of these lids. And their associated carburetor

shrouding. If anyone does please feel free to send them


Moving along to the 356A Cabriolet/Speedster. There are

again three listing the first 644.512.001.20again is standard lid.

The 644.512.001.21 is listed for Carrera Cabriolets. And the

third 644.312.001.50 is the aluminum variety listed for

Speedster GT's.

The standard rear lids on T-5 356B cars were unchanged

from 356A. The coming of the T-6 meant the lid of the Coupe

grew in overall size, changed shape slightly, and sprouted an

additional air vent. The open car version only sprouted the

vent. The engine protector is much larger on these lids and

has a row of louvers down the middle. There were

unchanged on C models.

l//ustration 37, '55 parts catalog


. 1

18 12 U


Tail panels as all the other external sheet metal pieces of

the rear half of the car vary between body styles contouring

of the fenders and especially the shaping around the rear lid

area make them difficult at best to interchange. This is only

true in the case of post '58 cars. The only tail shown in the 53

book is 356.51.315 Coupe tail section. This according to the

'55 parts book is appropriate for Coupe 5001-11360 and

Cabriolet 5015-10270. A second tail oddly enough with the

same part number is said to fit Coupe 11361-11778 and

Cabriolet 10271-15050. A third tail 644.503.081.00 is listed for

Coupes from 11779 and Cabriolets from 15051. This

corresponds to the bumper changes which werediscussed at

some length in the Feb/March issue .... wellalmost. From this

it seems that some 60 Coupes and 20 Cabs slid through with a

semi-detached front bumper and integrated rear one. Has

W P w

. ,

'55 parts cata bg

Illustration 30, '55 parts catalog

Illustration 5/5, '6" parts catalog

. . , ,

I , I . * II

lllustration 5/5a, T-6 "8" parts catalog

lllustration 5/6a, T-6 "8" parts catalog

lllustration 6/2a, T-6 "8" parts catalog

lllustration 57, "A" parts catalog

lllustration 52, "A" parts catalog

any one out there got one of these: Coupe 11300-11359,

Cabriolet 10250-102697

The early 356A, before the T-2 body change, maintained

this tail panel for both Coupes and Cabriolets. At chassis 101-

693 Coupe, 150.001 Cabriolet, and 83 792 Speedster. Cut outs

for the exhausts were put in. At this point Coupe and

Cabriolet/Speedster tail panels became non-


Now the bad news, there are four additional tail panels

listed for Carrera models one with wire reinforcement

without the tail pipe cut outs for GT Coupes, one for Carrera

Coupe Deluxe, one for Hardtop Carrera Deluxe, and finally

one with wire reinforcement for Speedster GT.

To make matters worse I am aware of one not listed.

Toward the end of '59 some 356AJs came with a small

rectangular flat area where the bakc-up light was destined to


Old business: 7950 cabriolet: Note boot and rear seat tonneau.

Photo: Bob Heller


Top of rear fender early 57 cabriolet

Side view 57 coupe: Note fenderline and wheel arch. Photo: )im Haas - ,- -

- --c\?--

Side view speedster: Note difference in rear fender line. Photo: Tom


Inside of convertible. Rear lid 55 speedster. Photo: Jack Rabell

356A - The bump beneath the grille. Photo: Chuck johnson



Inside of T-6 convertible lid. Note: Louvers

Tail of 55 coupe. Note: Lack of tail pipe cut outs

Tail of 57 coupe. Note: 60 mm canon in rear window

Tail pipe cut out on 59 cabriolet

Not mentioned in the text or parts manuals; two tails with identical

part numbers but different lights.

appear on 3568's. There was no light or hole just a flattened

area. I am not certain when exactly this featured


Different bumpers, taillights height and other subtle

modifications in shapecame with the 356B. There wasone tail

panel for Coupe and one for open cars.

T-6 meant another change in the Coupe tail due to the

revised deck lid. The T-6 Cabriolet also changed part

number. I haven't really got a good reason why seeing how

fenders, lid and bumper remain the same as the T-5. The only

thing I can think of is holes for the scripts would be different.

Any other theories?

356 models were once again unchanged from T-6 B.

Next issue we go down under. So get out your bush hats

and boomerangs. Also keep those photos coming, mates.



Llew Kinst, Photo Editor

The type 804 was the only Porsche

designed & raced in F1 by Porsche. Built in

the 356 era, it still reflects the school of

design right down to the wide bolt

pattern wheels.

Eng. type 753 1.5 Lt. 185 bhp @ 9200

rpm Weight 1014 lbs.

Drivers: Dan Gurney & Jo Bonnier

Finished 5th & 12th respectively in the

62 championship, winning the French GP,

Porsche's only Grand Prix victory to date.

case drips

Dick Pike, Editor

the world's worst 356 limericks

This column has been getting far too serious lately, and some relief is needed.

Brace yourself, for what follows is only one step away from the very bottom (I draw

the line at puns). Some one out there surely loves serious poetry. At this very

moment, he is running forthe bathroom,clutching hisstomache. I hope he makes

it. The lure of the limerick was simply overwhelming and in the end proved

irresistible. Just this once, OK? It won't happen again. Promise.

Some of these are pretty fanciful, and others are merely apocryphal (whew!).

The one about the Karman Hardtop is based on a real car, though. It had metallic

maroon paint and was trimmed inside with fur and stuff. The Photographic Editor

kindly lent his rhymable name to one I sort-of wrote about myself. He said he

wouldn'tsue. -

Carreras sound fine in full cry,

But there's much that can go awry;

Eight hidden plugs,

Mysterious bugs,

And so few who really know why.

A meticulous craftsman named Bix,

Sold his hundred-point 356;

He observed, "I am bored,

For now it's restored,

And there's nothing left for me to fix."

A fast Speedster pilot named Llew,

Had dreams that his floor rusted


He woke with a bump,

And grooves in his rump,

To find it was utterly true.

An old Roadster driver from Maine,

Eyed 928 with disdain;

"I liked 'em air-cooled,

And I ain't much fooled,

By cars that won't rust in the rain."

An autocross wizard named Blair,

Raced Spyder exceedingly rare;

With acid-dipped tin,

So lightweight and thin,

It quite vanished into the air.

A kit-car designer named Snell,

Planned plastic '550 to sell;

But shades of James Dean,

Resented this scene,

And the venture went quickly to hell.

The farmer from East Tennessee,

Just loved his Convertible D;

But the to (which was leaky),

Once ma& him so freaky,

That he drove it straight into a tree.

An elderly dean from McMaster,

Drove a Karman B hardtop disaster;

Despite rusted strut,

He trusted his butt,

To the front end's adjustable caster.

A brash speculator Brad. Dunn,

Took a 356 for a run;

"Now THIS is for me,

Too bad they're not free,

I'd stash them away by the ton."

A crazed engine-swapper called Scoop,

Byilt a turbocharged pre-A Coupe;

The beast was retired,

It never acquired,

Road manners to handle the poop.

A Del Rio waitress named Lupe,

Got the hots for a late-'60 Coupe;

Her affair with the car,

Kept her out of the bar,

And cut into her usual whoopee.

An SC will not oversteer,

I've had the occasion to hear;

Can that be a crock?

I've spun lock-to-lock,

And that Armco is now very near!

A bathtub rebuilder named Neft,

Wielded torch both thorough and deft;

And when he had ceased,

He'd patched every piece,

'Till there wasn't one German bit left.

The starlet from Los Angeles,

Bragged, "None could be nicer than


Although it seems odd,

She meant not her bod,

But two fine Convertible D's.

A concours contestant named Clough,

Thought judges a little too rough;

He started his Coupe,

Ran over the roup,

Declaring he'! had quite enough.

The lady from Old Monterey,

Raced her '52 Cabriolet;

It handled so funny,

She missed the big money,

And finished her drive in the Bay.

(Editor's note: If for some reason you

feel strongly (pro or con) about Dick's

column, please feel free to call him

collect after 1 :00 AM P.S.T. at (415) 555-



forum David Seeland, Editor

Tim Herman, four-cam enthusiast

extraordinaire from Hickory, South

Carolina has written this months

forum.* Tim, in addition to doing me a

favor by writing up the restoration of a

Carrera GT Speedster, has done all four-

cam owners a favor by what I regard asa

sim I incredible feat - he has "on the

shekY new piston and cylinder sets for

any four-cam engine (or two-piece case

pushrod engine)!

We did it! The 1958 pushrod

Speedster got unpainted and painted

and driven to the Parade. In one month

we went from three and two-thirds

paintless Porsches to four paintless

Porsches and back to three paintless

Porsches. At 2:30 a.m. Saturday I was

drilling holes for the rear-view mirror.

The Parade's first event was at 6:00 p.m.

Sunday. At 3:30a.m. we left Denver for a

straight-through drive to Reston,

Virginia site of this years Parade. You

may notice I said we. My wife Bette dug

in and provided both perspiration (lots

of sanding, including one all-night

session) and inspiration ("If you don't

put primer on tonight, I'm going to put

it on with a brush!').

Speedsters are just pure unadulter-

ated pleasure. Our struggle to get it

painted was almost forgotten as we

drove eastward across southern Illinois

on a balmy summer evening smelling

corn and listening to

EnfXE8owsta playing Bach on the

harpsichord - accompanied by the

reassuring inboard-motorboat throb of

the en ine.

We f ad a four-cam meeting in our

room at the Parade and with very little

publicity 21 four-cam owners showed

up. We talked about parts, expertise,

communicating, and an owners list until

things broke down into general

pandemonium. It was fun meeting

fellow four-cam enthusiasts. One

engineless Carrera Speedster found an

engine lid, in general the meeting

showed the value of being able to

communicate with other people with

similar enthusiasms and problems. I

guess this is nothing new - it is what the

356 REGISTRY is all about. I urge thoseof

you who are interested in four-cam cars

to informally get together at future 356

Holidays. Let me know enough in

advance and I'll advertise it for vou.

Apparently the photo of the 42 dollar

rotisserie in the last REGISTRY was

mterestin to a lot ot you contemplating

work on t\e bottom of your soon-to-be

rust-free Porsche. If you have built a

rotisserie, A.K.A. roto-hoist, send me a

picture or some sketches. I'm also

interested in your technique for getting

the car on the rotisserie. I'll put the *(Ed's note: Tim's story apparently is lost

information in the next column. in the mail ... will try to resolve.)

LFoddard imported cars, inc.

ORsrufi Since 1957


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for several years. After considerable expense, we have created a floor pan with the identical

impressions and appearance as the original spare part. To facilitate repair work, there is

approximately 12 mm (X") extra material around the perimeter of our pan. When properly

installed, it is extremely difficult to see that the pan has been replaced. Stamped from

20-guage steel, these pans are offered in front and rear halves to facilitate installation. The

center lap joint is exactly the same as the original factory 2-piecestamping. Seat mounts for

356A through early 3568, and toe board mounts are supplied with the purchaseof an entire

pan. For late 3568 and 356C, the seat mounts may be refitted.

If you are considering the complete restoration of any type 356, you will probably need a

new floor. Our floor pan is the only way to properly do the job,and to insure the structural

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Waffle pattern on back as original

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Original German snap fasteners provided

Qualitv of rubber exceeds original

The original designs fbr these mats have been"carefully documented & researched. Note the important detail differences

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Gaket for Access Cover Accelerator Pedal Assembly

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356,356A. 3568,356C

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a Bob Lawrence, Editor

Boy, talk about running out of gas1

Where are all those great Porsche books

that seemed to be proliferating like

rabbits a few months ago?

I hear Susann Miller will be editing a

new Porsche oriented magazine to be

forthcoming in the near future. Also in

the works hopefully will be another

work on Porsche sales literature.

In the meantime I've scraped the

bottom of my bookshelves and would

like to bring your attention to PEU/RAI

which is volume 15 of "the world of

automobiles", An I llustrated

Encyclopedia of the Motor Car,

distributed by Columbia House, 51 West

52nd Street, N.Y.C., N.Y. 10019. This is a

comprehensive set of books that truly

lives up to it's name. Published in

London, England it features many color

photos and drawings as well as black and

white. Not up to Automobile Quarterly

quality standards the reproductions and

drawings are never the less quite good.

We are only represented by 10 photos

(no drawings) if you count Formula One

and Two cars and the 904. The particular

chapter is contributed by L.J.K. Setright

and though it contains nothing new it

certainly will round out any Porsche

fanatic's library. Speaking of nothing

new, we'd like to start in with Porsche

Preservation Pointers: Porsche

"Parallel" Parking: This is the simple


technique of parking on a slight

diagonal when having to park in parking

fields such as at the beach, shopping

centers etc. The usual way is to wind up

taking up two parking spaces while

parked at such an angle so that you can

still back straight out without worrying

about adjacent vehicles. If you are in a

lot that is not overly crowded you might

even go in deeper so as to take up four

parking slots. Probably more subtle and

sophisticated is to park in an end

parking spot that has a curb on oneside.

By parking the wheels right at the curb

you eliminate the possibility of getting

dinged on the drivers side and there is

plenty of space on the passenger side so

that you shouldn't get nipped there


Catalog Comments: Don't let the

name fool you, Nine-Eleven Enterprises

of Dallas, Texas has very nice catalog

with 356 items. If your other car is

another German marque they may have

something for it too. Spend a buck and

do some comparative shopping.

Address is 2750 Northaven, Suite 207,

Dallas Texas, 75229. Since I reviewed the

p.b. tweeks catalog a few issues ago I

had reason to dig deeper into their price

list. Not only was this gratifying, but the

speed with which I received my order

was just short of amazing. Before I had

even decided who was going to replace

my battery compartment floor, it had


Even before I was "scooped" on the

appearance of a 356 in Woody Allen's

Manhattan I had been thinking of

compiling a list of movies in which our

favorite car has appeared.

The last few years the 911 has started

getting the play for pointing up

characterizations in movies and TV. One

type of character will be driving a 911,

one of- a different ilk a Mercedes. It

seems rarely do you see a 356 except

maybe in the background of films shot

in California. It was therefore refreshing

to see the 356 Cabriolet playing a

significant role in Manhattan.

Remember how it's purchase involved

the big decision that we all are familiar

with I'm sure. How about sending in the

names of any movie or TV program (with

name of episode) in which you see a

3567 The first feature film I remembered

names of any movie or TV program (with

name of episode) in which you see a

3561 The first feature film I remembered

seeing a 356 in was that great Paul

Newman flick Harper. I still wonder

about the height of the speedster's

inside rear view mirror. This was on the

telly again just recently. What 356 Flicks

do you recall or have seen lately? Let us

know and see your name in print. Please

send in something. We need the

material. My mailman also needs the

exercise and the job.

Speaalmng in the maintenance, modification and repair of Porsche automobiles.

3109 South Pipeline Road Euless, Texas (DallasIFt. Worth) 76039 (817) 267-4451



Gene Babow

With this reduced gas conspiracy, we

have a little time to catch up on all those

little things that should have been done

a long time ago.

How about Porsche ads, those that

have appeared in magazines of all

kinds? I don't claim to have them all, but

I have quite a few.

The earliest I can find is April 1952, in

Road & Track. It shows a coupe

(limosine) and describes the 356. It is a

dealer ad, Competition Motors, North

Hollywood, CA. In 1955, Max Hoffman

took over the ads which make you

weep- Speedster, $2995; and the

Continental coupe and "convertible".

One of the last Hoffman ads is for a

convertible D.

With the introduction of the 3568,

Porsche of America took over

advertising with the phrase, "All it

shares with other cars is the road!" One

ad shows the 1939 Berlin-Rome car. In

1963, came the Ken Purdy says, ads. The

costliest must have been in the March

1963 Road & Track magazine.

This ad is a six page color spread of the

late 356B (T-6), plus an extra black and

white page listing all dealers. It sits in the

center spread. It is worth obtaining.

The "C" ads shows the prices about

$4200 and more Purdy says. The booklet

"The Porsche Story" by Ken Purdy is

quite a book. Ken Purdy was thedean of

auto writers and had a beautiful way

with words. You do have that booklet,

don't you?

An ad in 1971 showed the new911 and

914, but more importantly a Formula II,

RS-61 and RSK coupe along with the

1922 Sasha and Cisitalia. A 1978 ad lists all

important victories from 1948. The

Hoffman ad in 1955 showing a Spyder

didn't list as many.

To further tantalize, there are ads

from other companies showing

Porsches. In 1955, Dunlop shows a 550,

Castrol shows a coupe, Vilen Haan

(West 10s Angeles accessory house)

borrowed a 1963 cabriolet from

Porsche, Bell helmets shows a 904,

Pennzoil shows a 1600 5-90 engine.

I'm sure there are more. Most of the

earlier ads are from Road & Track, but

the SCCA magazine had some. It makes


for an interesting side hobby, and as yet

not too expensive.

(Editor's note: Gene also writes, "... I

find the collection challenging (always

looking for another one), frustrating

($2995 for a Speedster in '55) and

rewarding (it's fun!). I have more than

770 different ads; I'm sure there are

more. I also collect stamps with autos ...

there are 77 stamps with Porsche

themes. The Paraguay souvenier sheet

shows the 356 prototype roadster, the

Austrian stamp shows Professor Porsche

and a stamp from Jordan shows King

Hussein in his former 904. All the rest of

the stamps show later Porsches.)

The H & S Threadmaster"

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P. B. Tweeks, Ltd., Inc. P.B. Tweeks, South

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Adapts to any car. Lease plan.

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Y 8



TEL 503-779-2863


Knobs All available in Beige, grey, ivory, black

356 Shift knob


356A Turnsignal handle


356A Oval knob


Small knob


Medium knob


Hand throttle knob


Large knob

1 .SO

54-57 Large escutcheon


57-65 Small escutcheon

Bearings all sizes

1 SO Mains



$1 8.00

Door stop

Steering Connector (cookie)


replaces fiber washer

$4.1 5

Washer bottle, fuse cover strap 62-65

Door handle seals



$1.00 ea.

Rear 50-57

2.00 ea.


License Frames

1.50 ea.

Porsche chrome


Porsche black


Porsche gold


My Other Car Is A Porsche

(Perfect for 914's)

Clutches 180 or 200 mm


Pressure Plate




Throw out bearing 180mm





1953-1954 Coupe - 194.49

1954 Coupe - $196.74

1955 Coupe - $196.29

1956 Coupe - $196.92

1956-1957 Coupe - $195.57

1957-1959 Coupe - $194.62

1960-1961 Coupe - $211.37

1962-1963 Coupe - $222.80

1964-1965 Coupe - $22235

1952-1953 CAB - $147.66

1954 CAB - $149.91

1955 CAB - $149.46

1956 CAB - $147.66

1956-1957 CAB - $148.74

1958-1959 CAB - $180.24

1960-1961 CAB - $164.09

1962-1963 CAB - $173.72

1964-1965 CAB - $173.27

1954-1955 Speedster - $126.09

1956 Speedster - $126.99

1957-1958 Speedster - $127.62

Convertible D 1959 Kit - $129.42

Roadster - $118.22 (T-5) $118.85 (T-6)

Karmann Hardtop - $182.12 (T-5) $182.75 (T-6)

the story

of killer Pat Ertel

I had never believed that inanimate

objects were capable of possessing

personalities until I became involved

with 356's. For example my Speedster is

very lady like, gently competent and

delicate but with a tendancy to be a bit

tempermental. My coupe is the strong

silent type that smashes through rain

and hail, up mountains and across

deserts with aplomb. And Killer, Killer is

an S.O.B. Killer is my autocross engine.

Killer hates me.

Killer got his name one afternoon

about three years ago when I lovingly

placed his counterweighted, shot

peened, balanced, polished, and

magnafluxed crankshaft into his

crankcase ... the first time. The name

Killer came to me because that is what I

expected him to do to the Tigers and

Europas that were my autocross

competition. I could more accurately

have named him Harry Kari.

Killer was conceived on one autocross

Sunday immediately after a thorough

trouncing by both the Tiger and the

Europa. What I needed for the

Speedster was a better engine, one that

would produce some torque and still

rev. to 6,500 R.P.M. safely. An S/C wasn't

the ticket, no power at really low revs

and my C engine sure wasn't cutting it,

the valves floated at 5,200. After madly

shuffling through parts books, spec

sheets, and my parts stash in the

basement I had Killer's anatomy before

me. A nice light S-90 flywheel, C cam

and carbs, and S/C everything else was

the magic combination of ingredients

that would guarantee me fame and

glory. All I had to do was clear off a space

on the mantle for the trophies and go

out and glue that sucker together.


It was nine months before that engine

turned over on its own. There was a long

series of seeming accidents and

mistakes that should have warned me

that Killer was going to be a very

reluctant partner for my Speedster. The

crankshaft was lost for two months by

U.P.S. I sent the rods out to be

magnafluxed and it took the guy six

weeks to confess that he had lost one. At

the time I was furious with both UPS and

the machine shop but I have since

absolved them of blame. I know now

that it wasn't their fault. Those parts

weren't lost. They were hiding.

The 1976 autocross season was


drawing to a close when Killer ran for

the first time. I am a veteran of nearly a

hundred VW engine rebuilds and

several Porsche jobs and I have never

experienced a flywheel coming off ...

until Killer. It happened halfway around

the block on his first voyage.

Champaign was still glistening on the

rocker covers when a horrendous

rumble came from deep in the

Speedster's running gear. The car was

ignominiously pushed into the garage ...

the first time.

I tore Killer apart and sent his crank

and flywheel to California to be

repaired while the rest of Killer's

anatomy spent the winter strewn across

the workbench. I would occasionally try

to clear a space to fix the toaster or

rehandle an axe but in a few hours a

greasy cylinder head or a dripping oil

cooler would mysteriously appear in the

cleared space. Even in his dismembered

form Killer was haunting me.

It was May, 1977 and two autocrosses

had been run before I got Killer back

together ... the second time. Little

problems just kept popping up. The

snap rings that hold the wrist pins in

dived for the depths of the crankcase

every time I tried to install them.

Cylinder head washers kept crawling

down cracks in the workbench. A

million little things happened to keep

Killer up on the engine stand and my

blood pressure up in the critical zone.

Once I had wrestled him together Killer

ran for about seventy miles before he

decided he'd had enough and his

crankshaft stopped. The Speedster was

abjectly shoved into the garage.

Disgusted, I left Killer to relax happily on

the garage floor and contested the

remainder of the autocross season in a

borrowed 914. Humiliating!

Many months passed before I had

Killer ready to takeanother stab at doing

what engines are supposed to do ... for

the third time. I managed to get about

200 miles of use out of the old boy

before the warm-up event for the 1978

season in March. The ground was

covered with snow when I fired up Killer

to drive to the track. Halfway down the

driveway the crankshaft stopped ...

seized ... wouldn't turn. The embarrass-

ment! Bad enough Killer should crap on

me again at all but did he have to cough

his cookies in my driveway, in front of

everyone, on the way TO the event? It

would have been so much more

dramatic, so much more justifiable for

him to blow to pieces at seven grand on

the back straight. Not Killer, his style is

to squeak to a stop in the driveway. That

engine sure knew how to irritate me and

was capitalizing on every opportunity to

do so.

I yanked the turkey out again and

called my friend Thomas to help carry

him to the basement where I was

planning to perform unmentionable

acts of destruction. Killer must have

been reading my mind because halfway

to the basement door he leapt out of my

hands and into Thomas'sarms. Thomas's

body is not equipped to deal with all 250

pounds of a Porsche engine and

surrendered immediately, landing in a

heap in the snow with Killer on top. As I

pulled Thomas out of the bleeding mass

of arms, legs, pipes, and wires I decided

that this was definitely going to be a two

six-pak afternoon. The orderly at the

hospital where I took Thomas had

different plans for me. He said I should

wait in the emergency room for six

hours while they put a cast on his leg,

which was broken in two places, and

stitched up his fingers, which was going

to take a whole LOT of thread. I was

becoming convinced that inanimate

objects are indeed capable of malice.

Yes, Killer hated me and the feeling was

becoming mutual.

I had to get some more friends to help

get Killer into the basement quickly,

before news of his foul disposition got

out. After disassembling him once again

I spent a month measuring and

checking everything from the rocker

covers to the oil passages to find out why

Killer's crankshaft stopped turning.

Everything measurable checked out

O.K. I tried a different crankcase

because I couldn't accurately measure

the alignment of the old one. After I

buttoned him all back together again ...

the fourth time, I went searching for

another friend to help carry him out of

the basement. It occured to me that

Killer had better work this time because

I was running out of friends. I got him

back in the Speedster and he has run for

about 500 miles now, won an autocross

championship, and behaves like a

perfect gentleman. To this day I don't

know if there was something wrong

with the old case or Killer just sensed

that I had finally endured all of his antics

that I could. One thing is for sure. If that

crankshaft stops again, Killer is going to

become part of a landfill, the S.O.B.


i remember the day

. Bob Gummow

During the year of 1958 we were using a Coupe DeVillefor

transportation when the thought entered my mind that there

must be a better way to get around. Consulting with my

friend, Virginia, I decided that I might like to try one of those

"sportsJ' cars. But which one-- a Corvette, not really; an

Austin-Healley, a Jaguar, Triumph, MG, Alfa Romeo? What a

dilemma. To help sort them out I turned to Road & Track and

Sports Cars Illustrated, reading their road tests and

evaluations. One Marque soon emerged from the morass

with consistently excellent ratings-- the reports usually

ending with the observation "costs more, but worth itJ' the

Porsche, what else?

I remembered seeing those strange little cars, not in great

abundance, while strolling the streets of Frankfurt during my

tour with the U.S. Army in 1954. Now, back home in my

agrarian society in Illinois, I decided that I would like to own


But Porsche dealers weren't to be found in Rockton,

Illinois, population 1200. So, consulting an imported car

dealer listing, off we went o Milwaukee. The first dealership

we visited didn't handle Porsches but they recommended

that we go to Baumgartner Motors and ask for Buz Hahn. Buz

was, unfortunately, out to lunch (for that matter, he still is)

but there in the corner of their small showroom sat 106062, in

Meissen Blau. A deal was made-- the Coupe DeVille was

traded on the Porsche.

The 356 was not to be a weekend toy, but a car for all














The kits are presently available in original Black,

Red, and Tan for the following models:





seasons. And all seasons for all reasons it was, going to all PCA

Chicago Region events, several Porsche Parades and

numerous trips throughout the US., in addition to the

mundane things such as hauling groceries, wallpaper

steamers, balled and burlapped nursery stock, etc.

Throughout the seven continuous years of this service and

72,000 miles, our 356 did not fail us once. How does one

improve on the car? You don't.

It was now 1966 and our 356A had seen the B & C Series

come and go. The 911's were here in numbers. Should we... 1

No, old 106062 was no longer just a car. The homely little

thing with the stepped on nose had become a ... well, you

know, sort of a friend. Minor areas of rust had begun to

appear on the fenders-- the bottom sheet metal and bellypan

were perfect.

We used a hot water six to eat the snowballs while the

Coupe underwent restoration, which is another story. While

the restoration may not be authentic by today's desperate

standards, it was good enough to garner 16firsts in 16 Porsche

Concours events, beginning with the Manhattan in 1972.

Now the old Coupe sits out the winters under its MG

Mitten in a heated garage. It deserves it. Yes, I remember the

day ... 20 years ago-~aich 28,1959. It was a good day.

following 900 series items are available in Black




CB&E also specializes in fine leather work. Please

inquire for price quotes.


356,356A. 3568,356C COUPE

With original perforation ..................... $545 .oo

SAME AS ABOVE without perforation ......... .525.00


CONVERTIBLE D ............................... 485.00


Perforated vinyl, factory fit and construction

356, 900 COUPE ............................. $ 32.50

356. 900 SUNROOF COUPE ....................


Other colors are available on special request. The

I Payment by Bankcheck or Money Order. Shipping costs additional on all items. I


Original Beige Herringbone with

correct stitching and detail ..................... 98.50

for sale

The for sale and wanted sections are

exclusively for members' non-commer-

cia1 usage. Try to limit your ads to 50

words or less and please have your ad

typed if at all possible. (We reserve the

option to reject illegible ads or even

worse, to guess at your meaning.) The

right to edit or refuse publication is


Need a factory workshop manual for your356

PORSCHE? If its information you want and

not an original manual, we can send a spiral

bound COPY of a complete workshop

manual, or whatever sections you need from

the following:

The 1954 Pre-A Workshop Manual

The 1956 356-A Workshop Manual

The 1961 356-8 Workshop Manual

The T-6 & 3% C Supplement set

Prices by Section-Any of above manuals

1. Any ENGINE-CLUTCH Section 415

2. Any ELECTRICAL Section -$I4


4. Any BODY Section -$I 2



7. Any FUEL SYSTEM Section -$l2

T-6/356-C Supplements require 356-8

Section for complete reference. By above Ws:

1-$7,3,5,or 7-W,6-N/A, 2 or 4-no charge with


COMPLETE MANUALS: Pre-A-$45,356-A or

356-B-$55, Set TW356-C Supps-$16


DerWhite Productions

5801 E. Calle Del Media

Phoenix. Arizona 85018

reserved; not responsible for errors,

omissions or misrepresentations.



1. Seller will ship item within 10 days

of receipt of payment. If buyer pays

with personal check, seller will ship

withing 10 days after check is


2. If buyer is not satisfied with item,

buyer may return item at buyer's

expense within 10 days of receipt.

Within 10 days of return of item to

seller in same condition as

received by buyer, seller will

refund the price.

3. Seller assumes risk of nonldelivery

when item is shipped to buyer.

Buyer assumes risk of non-return

to seller.

4. Unless otherwise stated, cost of

shipping will be in addition to price

of item.

Buy Sell Trade

Parts shipped anywhere

5. By placing advertisements in the

356 R ECISTR Y, sellers agree to

these conditions. By ordering,

buyers agree to these conditions.

In offering a car please include your

asking price to save someone a cross

country phone call; chassis serial

numbers also would be helpful. All ads

must be received by the first of the

month in which they are to appear.

PLEASE limit your ads to 356 items. 9119,

914s, etc. are all nice but they are out of

place here! If your ad arrives after the

deadline, we will hold it until the next

issue unless you instruct otherwise.

Send your free member ads to Brenda

Perrin, 2041 Willowick, Columbus, OH

43229. (Do NOT send commercial

advertising to this address.)

New steel wheels (4-595x15 Brazils) with 4

new 3.75X8.50X15 Firestone G.P. lndy Super

Sport racing tires - also 5 new racing tubes

$300 package. New orig. (2) A-B teardrop tail

lights in wrappers - $25 ea. Used (2) A-B

teardrop tail light lens, red, excellent - $1 ea.

Used '61 hood handle w/crest, goo d- $25.

Dick Chase,830Oakland Ave., Waukesha, WI

531 86,414/547-8923.

Must sell immediately: '58 Speedster body

w/early 'B' front end; orig. transaxle, much

rust under car - $650; '63 coupe complete

except for front seats & bumpers, rusted pan -

$1200; '63 coupe body,smacked hard rt. front

side, good from windshield back - $650. Ask

about engine & transmission. Michael

Abdouch, 3709 Graustark, Houston,TX 77006,

71 3/520-5434.

1st edition 356 workshop manual, reprint,

covers all models '50 thru '64, bound - $75.

A/B deck lid w/grille - $40. B/C steering

wheel - $42. B/C heater box, right - $36. L&R

side windows & gaskets -$SO pr. Single mount

B transaxle - $70. A/B super tach - $20. Tom

Spiegel, 10110 W. Bunny Ct., Hales Corners,

WI 53130, 414/765-9795 days, 414/425-5584


Dismantling 'B' Cabriolet: perfect rear clip -

MOO; red leather interior - $375; rear bumper

Restoration l terns


- $150; excellent trans. - $325; doors - $110;

beautiful hardtop - $350; top bows - $200; etc.

New pans: Cabriolet carpets - $95; shocks -

$75/4; orig. jack points - $50/pr.; splashpans -

$35/3. Used: 'A' hood - $85; factory luggage

racks - $60; muffler - $25; Roadster bows -

$100; engine lids - $40; FOB Douglas Bok, 8

Mapel Ter., Monroe, CT06468,203/268-4637.

Large collection 356 parts new & used,send

large SASE. Buyer pays shipping. Brooks

Griggs, P.O. Box 386, Columbus, GA 31902,

404/322-6751 days.

'62 twin grille Roadster, strong engine &

trans., but needs floor work & general

restoration - $3600. Super 90 tach - 545. '54

speedometer - $50. Send SASE for 2 page list

of parts. Don Plant,801 Rock-0-Dundee Rd.,

S. Dartmouth, MA 02748, 617/636-5548.

Complete rear half of T-6 body from the

doors back including rear deck lid & grilles,

surface rust but never been hit - $500. Buyer

pays shipping. W. F. Riley, 1416 Easton Dr.,

La keland, FL 33803,813/688-3130.

'59 Conv. D very minor rust - $5500/best

offer. Many 356 trans. parts. Many 356 heads

which need some work. 1 set 'B' brakes,

complete. Larry Chimura, 1701 Ridgewood

Rd., Alamo, CA 94507.

'61 Cabriolet, '63 eng & transaxle in storage

5 yrs., needs mucho work on floor or good

parts car. Engine frozen. Best offer. Lou

Anagnostis, 201/762-7535.

Front & rear low overrider bars w/bumper

braces & rubber - $60, Speedster windshield

posts - $2Oea., pulley end cover plate -$15,all

items new, buyer pays shipping. Alan

Hathaway, 2l3/530-2295 eves.

"Volkswagen Greats" magazines, Oct. '75

thru Dec. '78 with many Porsche related

articles. Thomas Shubin, 9203 Guatemala

Ave., Downey, CA 90204,213/928-1973.

I know of the whereabouts of a very nice '64

Carrera 2 w/33,000 miles. It has been in

storage for many years & needs an exhaust

system & minor work. Last I knew the owner

was asking 20 grand but might take an offer.

Bob Fay, 93 Elm St., Lakeport, NH 03246.

Carrera 2/904 engine parts, heads crank

rods carbs etc., nearly complete engine plus

extra parts, cams, valve gear. Send wants list.

Carrera 2 B T-6 ring discs complete less

engine, no rust, original paint,perfect

interior, 52,000 miles, needs several small

dents straightening & spraying - $7000 or

offer. B. Curtis, 61 Bd National, LaGarenne,

Colombes, 92250 France.

'60 coupe 1112416, strong normal engine,

sunroof, butterfly luggagehki rack, Super

hubcaps, Conti TS 771's bra, Ruby Red/tan -

$5500. Bob Swanson, 26 Park Ave.,

Dravosbury, PA 15034, 412/469-2935 or

4121462-5000 ext. 6970.

'63 Cabriolet, complete, never wrecked but

typically rusty, has bumpers & no kink in

hood, needs ground up restoration - asking

$2500. Still have extensive used parts

inventory including late '50s motors. Send

SASE with 3Oa postage for 14 pg. typed list.


Ken Daugherty, 1611 Russell Ave., Louisville,

kY 40213, 502/451-3425.

0 '64 coupe "218381, Signal Red/black,

complete ground up restoration over past 3

years, lowered front, lowered rear with

negative camber & Z-bar, engine balanced

plus deep sump, 5%" wheels with 185/70

Michelin XWX tires (4000 miles), never seen

winter - $9000. Charlie Brown, 38901 Ann

Arbor Trail, Livonia, MI 48150,313/464-2580.

C gas tanks $45. A tanks $30. Cab doors $100.

CPL door $65. B-C bumper starting @$25.

Starter motors $10. B brakes assy $50. for 4.

Roadster top good $50. Good motors 100%

Complete #P602576 clean run good $525.

P608373 needs rebuild $250.741 trans ax $1 SO.

CPL engine lids $25. ZF steering box $45. If

you need it, I got it cheap. Bob Cox, 133 E.

Larpenteur, St. Paul, MN 55117 612/489/6467


0 1951 Porsche 356AJ s/n 11025069, in running

condition. Very little rust. A real collectors

item. $3,000. Car in storage in Tremont, 11.

Contact 309/925-5265. James R. Peters, 6206

Knoll Aire Drive, Peoria, IL 61614.

1960 3568 Roadster #88362,16OO Normal, T-5

body; new creme lacquer with red interior;

no rust; Ziebart; new chrome, top, crested

hubcaps; new Weber carburators, manifolds

and linkage; rebuilt front end; completely

gone-over by Halbert's Porsche/Audi;

Beautiful car in excellent condition, $9,500.

Richard Walton RD4 Box 225, Quarryville, PA

17566. Call 71 7/397-4734 weekdays or

71 7/786-4559 weekends.

0 Porsche 1962 Carrera 2000 GS. Sunroof

coup. European car with 35,000 miles.

Original # P97263 engine by J. Wellington

(5/76) Original ATE disk brakes, spyder

mirror. (415) 731-7659 6-8 pm P.S.T. Rollin

Polonitza, 50 Ravenwood Dr., San Francisco,

CA 941 27.

1960 S-90 Roadster #88613 yellow/black,

new cloth top, new muffler & 'S' pipes,

chrome wheels, solid street car with all parts.

$9500 or trade for convertible 'D' or late 'AJ

model sunroof plus cash. Well used exhaust

extractorfor4cylinder, Dennis Winter, home

408/996-1770, office - 408/255-0900, ex. 3307.

New 356 body panels - front hood (T-5)

644.511.010.05 - $350, left frontfender (T-5)

644.503.033.05 - $225, left front fender front

2/3rd. only (t-5) - $120, nose panel rt. 2/3rd.

only (t-6) 644.503.011.06 - $250, nose panel rt.

1/3rd. only (T-6) - $125, rear body section rt.

2/3rd. only (T-5, T-67) 644.503.081.06 - $200,

left rear fender rear M only (T-5, T-67)

644.503.061.06 - $100, right front fender rear

M only (T-6) 644.503.034.06 - $120, many used

body and mechanical parts (T-6),sell or swap,

I need an SC engine and 5 perfect 5lhX15

chrome disc brake wheels, B.P.S., Sid Gibson,

229 Deloraine Ave., Toronto, Ontario Canada

phone 1-416-483-3785.

Original Leitz ski/luggage rack for single or

double grill 356 Porsche. $80.00 NEVER BEEN

USED1 Box of miscellaneous 356 parts. Some

ar new, some are used. $50.00 takes box.

Complete set of 356 REGISTRY Magazines.

Vol 1 thru Vol2 no. 3 are reprints. All of the



Vol 1: No2,3,5,6

Vol 2: No 1,2,3

Reprints @ $2.50 ea U.S. ppd

Vol 2: No 4, 6

Vol 3: No 1,2

Vol 5: No 3

Originals @ $2.00 ea US. ppd

More coming soon - watch for




, 2%" full color 356 REGISTRY

pressure sensitive decals

'(stickurn on front or back,

specify which) 2/$1 U.S. ppd

Dazzling yellow high quality T-

shirts with vivid red and black

artwork of the 356 REGISTRY

crest (specify size s/m/lg/xl) $5

ea. US. ppd

Water transfer full color decals

of the 356 REGISTRY crest, a steal

at 4/$1.00 US. ppd

Embroidered jacket patches of

the full color REGISTRY crest

$2.50 ea. U.S. ppd

Fruitcake & Co.

Box 20285

Indy, IN 46220

Official 3% REGISTRY

authorized products

rest are original. $60.00 for the lot. I will

throw in some additional porsche literature.

Stephen Myrick, P.O. Box 3064, Monterey,

CA 93940, (408) 649-1794.

1965 356-C, restoration in process, includes

engine &transmission, Blaupunkt AM-FM-M

radio, 5 chrome wheels & tires-2 new-buyer

must tow away. Ser. No. 220.581; Eng. No. P-

715.827 $1,000.00 firm; Factory shop manual

356-B/C original -$100.00. Dave Gebhardt,14

Lake St., Farmington, CN 06085 (203) 673-


1964 - 356SC Coupe #I27540 Ruby red, Blk.

interior. Interior in good condition all

mechanical pans sound and in good order.

Michlen X tires, European heater; engine

very strong; needs some body work. disc

brakes, good radio $2500. Larry Smith, 671 A

Waycross Rd., Cincinnati, OH 45240 (513)

'55 Cabriolet parts: tach, speedo - $25 ea.;

seats - $25 ea.; 16" wheel w/good tire - $35;

'A' rear brake drum - $45; ZF steering box,

doors & parts, coupe rear glass, some bumper

parts for 'B'/'C', many mechanical parts.

Mark Eskuche, 4033 N. Prospect Ave.,

Shorewood, WI 53211,414/%2-4304.

0 '61 1600s #P89504, short block assy. w/fan

shroud & generator attached, turns over,

carbs & manifolds included, chipped crank

pulley, cylinder shroudingattached. Missing:

sheet metal, distributor, coil, fuel pump, oil

filler pipe & filter bucket. $375/offer. Doug

Lyons, 8027 Mace Cir., Manassas, VA 22110,

703/369-2795 eves.

Porsche sales lit., The Speedster '54, Pg. 73,

Merritt & Miller, $10 P.P. Wiring diagram,

'608 16x22 in color all wires correct color,

suitable for '53-'55 $5.50 P.P. Paul Rettig,

23261 Erwin St., Woodland Hills, CA 91367.

356 Porsche scale models. Send for listing.

Jeff Gamble, 929 N. Swan Suite B, Tucson, AZ

8571 1.

0 '63 B electric sunroof (T-6 #121371), very

complete, AM/FM Becker Europa T G, all

records, sales invoices, mats, extras, solid

upper body, needs bottom work, with 1600N

- $2400. '8' drivers manual ('62), accessories

price list, "Porsche A Dream", "Key to

Carefree Driving", "Porsche Service", '60

CHRISTOS all mint. Need Convertible D

manuals & 'A' lit. John Summer, 4547 Grant

Rd. NW, Washington, DC, 202/686-1649.

'61 normal coupe #117408, signal red/gray,

original, drive or restore - $3995. Selection of

356 parts/publications, PANOS, CHRISTOS,

others. Send for lists. Bob Neal, 1929 Acacia

Ln., Fallbrook, CA 92028, 714/728-9211.

'57 coupe DRF98255 white w/black interior,

new paint, rebuilt transaxle, 'B' 1600 super

engine, custom wood steering wheel,

AM/FM radio, cocoa mats, Koni shocks,

radial tires, chrome wheels, bra & cover -

$4500. Disassembled but complete 'A' 1600

super engine, crank & case need rework -

$700. Richard Hutchinson, 1602 Hanson Ln.,

Ramona, CA 92065,714/789-1645.

'62 Super 90 GT coupe matching body

panels, plastic windows, Speedster-like seats

rusty but restorable condition - will sell or

trade for Speedster/Roadster. David H. Gill,

1660 N. LaSalle #2404, Chicago, IL 60614,

31 2/266-7745.

'60 coupe #114759, rebuilt engine (16005)

solid mechanically, needs some cosmetic

work - $3500. Erik Pottala, 9603 48th Ave.,

College Park, MD 20740, 301/3454909.

'64 Cabriolet #I61255 Bali Blue/tan, Chrome

wheels, Michelin X, Konis, immaculate

interior, exceptionally sound specimen1 -

$5000 firm. Alan Larimer, 528 Genesee St.,

Olean, NY 14760,716/373-2103.

1 'B' coupe door right w/window frame &

blk. panel - $80. 1 '0' hood bent but

repairable $40. 1 6V wiper assy. - $35. 2 -

644.505.033.00 overriders w/exhaust holes

NOS - Offer. 1 Roadster chrome windshield

post, left - $18. FOB, crateing extra. W. Potter,

RR1, Box 26, Grayslake, IL 60030, 312/541-

4600 biz, 546-4457.

5 4HJX15 chromes w/Michelin-X 165-15 & 4

caps w/enamel badge for disc brakes. L&R

Zenith NDlX & manifolds, excellent rebuilt

shape (run great). L rear bumper guard from

'58 Speedster w/exhaust port. Bill Gerst, 3535

Deanes Ln., Santa Cruz, CA 95062,408/476-


Factory hardtop for Cabriolet, fits AB&C -

$300. '65 SC coupeengine partially apart,

WT/BK, some rust in orig. pan, restore or

parts car - $1500. '59 coupe #I06485 almost

rust free, orig. pan, good overall cond. -

$3250/offer. F. Lanzetta, Jr., E. Landis Ave.,

Vineland, NJ 08360,609/692-8882 or 7031525-


Pre-A steering wheel, good metal needs

repainting - S25.1500N heads for 527engine -

disassembled & sandblasted - 140/pr. Buyer

pays shipping. Skip Montanaro, 109 Bon Aire,

Iowa City, IA 52240.

Garage Sale. Tons of misc. parts must go;

engine sheet metal pieces $3-$8. Oil filter

cans $5. Gen. pedestal $5. Timing covers $20.

Oil fillers $5. Window regulators $25. Solex 32

carbs $20 ea. Cylinder heads $40 ea. Wiper

assembly $20. Used bumper & rocker deco

$5320. Fuel pumps $7. Pushrods $2. Much

much more. Bill Perrone, 15421 Stanford Ln.,

Huntington Beach, CA 92647,714/898-3966.

heads 4 stud intake, super early - $80 pr.

ll00cc fan shroud split seam type - $25. 2

piece short block rebuilt - S200.1300N 3 piece

piston set new - $120.1300S 2 piece piston set

new - $230. B front spindle & brake assembly

used - $60 pr. B front spindle assy. new left -

$45. Disc brake front spindle new left - $50.

Overrider bars - right rear not pitted $10 &

left rear not pitted $10. Shine up license light -

$30.4 pipe Sterbo muffler for B/C new - $70.

Case P-21205,1300N '52 - $30. Dash panel '53-

'55 w/glove door, stripped - $25. Front

bumper guard '69 high bar type driver side

new $65. Tom Shenvood, 1919 Oak Knoll Dr.,

Belmont, CA 94002, 415/593-9427 wkds.

Early '0' hood mint - $125. '8' trans. case &

gears - $90. Roadster top '61-'62 - $100

w/bows. 'B' brake drums - $35 ea. 'C' deck lid

- $45. Late 'B'-'C' rear glass - $25. John

Paterek, Jr., 33 Minton Ave., Chatham, NJ

07928,201/635-5924 or 635-5918.

'B' sale folder with red coupe on cover, 8

pages. Will sell or trade for Porsche posters or

sales lit. Jim Perrin, 2041 Willowick Dr.,

Columbus, OH 43229,614/882-7625.

356 Parts - 14 year collection must go - my

car stolen - body & mechanical parts, some

new & all cheap. New SC mild race engine -

$1200 firm - exchange -send want list or SASE

for list. Buyer pays shipping. Brooks Griggs,

P.O. Box 386, Columbus, GA 31902,404/322-

6751 days.

2 '65 Cabriolets #I61941 & #I62083 - $3300 &

$6900. '64 coupe - $2500. 'A' & 'B' transaxle &

engine parts. '56 doors. '60 Cabriolet rear half

of body - $350. Vic Zeller, 88 Gaffney Rd., S.

Dartmouth, MA 02748,617/636-5379.

356 engines & pans except crankshafts. 'C'

green interior wheats - $100. Solex 40Pll

carbs & manifolds - $lM/pr. 12V Cibie

headlights - $50/pr. ZF steering box - %5.4M

& 5XX15 steel disc brake wheels cheap.

Blaupunkt radio AM/FM needs repair, 6V -

$25. Twin grille engine lid from 'C' Cabriolet -

$35. Many other parts. Bill Becker, 3114 Kyle

Ave. N., Minneapolis, MN 55422, 612/522-


'64 SC coupe, body & mechanics excellent,

yellow looks great but could use paint job

due to stone chips, etc., no rust except right

door bottom, new pan-battery box-carpet-

dash-interior trim panels-most rubber.

Recaro drivers seat. New link, king &

suspension arm bearings. Excellent reliable

car - $5700. B. J. Haynes, 3506 Mullin Ln.,

Bowie, M D 2071 5,301/464-8568.

'A' hood - $70. Fr. bumper - $100. ABC

gastanks. Gauges - $20. Speedster seats - $300

pr. New carpets: "German" Convertible D -

$190, "replacement type" B Cabriolet -$95/3

new 'A' splashpans - $35 all. Various engine

lids - $40. 'B' heads - $75 pr. '0' Roadster bows

- $75. FOB Douglas Bok, 8 Maple Ter.,

Monroe, CT 06468, 203/268-4637.

Brand new Pre 'A' (356) Fuel guage,

"Kraftstoff" and tank unit. "60" Roadster

parts, top frame doors, rear clip & engine lid,

windshield frame, many "A" parts, NO

0 D-type 130W regulator '48-'52 ' $45. llOOcc bumpers. 1965 SC Sunroof Coupe Ser.

cylinder set, used but nice - $200. $1100~~

#129476. Restoration of rust free California

car. New paint, rubber, seats, ca'rpet. Call A1

Hansen, 503/779-2863. Trade as part on

Carrera, Speedster, Spyder, R.S.?

'57 Speedster rear clip,doorsand door parts

for all models, A & early B gas tanks, many

gauges, engine and trans parts, A hoods

never bent; send postcard with required

needs to: Ron Godfrey, 2256 Lakeview Ave.,

L.A. CA 90039 or call 213/667-3186. Sell parts

fairly priced and send COD when possible.

Carrera GT oil cooler sheet metal

(aluminum) for A and B series production

vehicles with 692 type engines (not Abarth).

Includes: Driver and passenger side

ductwork and receiver without steel

mounting brackets or mounting holes drilled

(you match your own holes). Fits factory

supplied coolers which measure 9 %" in

length. Price $200.00 per set. Contact: Marc

Pettibone, Santa Cruz, CA Days: 408/438-

3161; Eves: 408/425-7211.

356 Parts: 356C straight blade screwdriver,

Klein, excellent condition. 2 original

overhaul kits for Solex 40 PBlC carbs in

original Porsche pouches (for use on '57 and

earlier cars). Richard A. Kruppa, 1039

Melrose St., Bowling Green, OH 43402,

phone: 419/352-7012 evenings.

Will trade my duplicate sales literature,

PANOs, a very few later CHRlSTOs and

calendar coins for like items, including, but

not limited to early 1950s R&Ts and tool kit

tools. Send me your trading list, I'll send you

mine. Jerry Keyser, P.O.B. 07845, Col's, OH





-. -- . _ ,.-

PS-2 FLOOR REAR wldish ......... . 58.00 PS.9C ROCKER FRONT PLATE .......... 10.OOea PS.14A BATTERY BOX BOTTOM A-845.00

PS-2A FLOOR REAR flat ...................... 35.00 PS.10 TORSION BAR COVER ............ 3.00ea (BIC mcl. battery holderlBIC38.00

PS-3 SIDES FOR FLOOR mcl. tunnel. 35.00 PS-11 FRONT CLOSING PANELS ....... 79.00ea PS.148 BATTERY BOX SIDES ............... 7.00ea

PS4 LONGITUDINAL wlo jack rec .... 19.95ea A early-A.BC (BIG w/o gas heat. box1

PS.5 JACK RECEIVER ........................ 18.00ea PS-1 1A FRONT CLOSING PANELS part~al 30.00ea PS-14C BATTERY BOX FRONT ............ 79.00

PS-6 STRUT REINFORCING MEMBER45.00pr A ear1v.A.B-C PS.140 BATTERY HOLDER ............ BIC 15.00

PS-6 FRONT FENDER SUPPORT ...... 24.00ea BIC 10.00ea PS-15 BU

PS9A ROCKER OUTER PANEL .......... 60.00ea


147.00 ea. PS-19




HEAT SHIELD (over muffler)

$35.00 PS-20

608.612 EAST MAIN ST., NEW BRITAIN, CONN., 06051 PHONE : (203) 224-0253

Oil sump stone guard for Carrera.

Reproduction - $50.00 Mitch Leland, 1 Lida

Lane, Pasadena, CA. 91103 213-795-1155 or

21 3-793-0828

55 Continental Coupe, #53409, original, no

rust, excellent in every way. $12,000 firm. Zill

Witt, 1304 Currier, St. Havre De Grace, MD

21078. 301 -939-2966

1960 Cabriolet, chassis W152828, no engine,

rough, but restorable. Has factory hardtop in

very good condition. $500.00. Charles Buysse,

9630 Almena Rd., Kalamazoo, MI 49009.616-

375-3804 anytime.

1953 Coupe W50134, very, very, rough (just

the shell of it's former self), rolling chassis,

have title, $500. Fred Paine,801-272-3530 (Salt

Lake City)

1962 Carrera ZOOOGS Coupe (reuter), 57,000

kilometers, black ext., full black leather

interior 185/7our fully restored, gas heater,

elect. windows. Owned by royalty. $20,000,

minimum offer.

1965 SC Coupe (220132) 12 volt fully restored.

Italy 1977, brown ext.,full brown leather int.,

fogs, driving, alarms, suppl 356 instruments,

becker, clover speakers 185/four, rack,

bluprinted motor, new everything in 1977,

8500 miles since. $6200. Michael Lederman,

2817 Barker Ave., Bronx, NY 10467

$75.00, convertible top for Cabriolet (brand

new, off white) $20.00, Blaupunkt radio A-M,

F-M, short wave6 volt-not working. Ronald S.

Klein, 1531 Elbridge St., Phila. Pa. 19149

1-21 5-JE3-9980

628 Coupe with T.6 Reutter body. #I19922

This car is in excellent condition and can

easily be restored to consours status. Painted

the original color (signal red) in lacquer in

1977. Engine rebuilt in March 1978. Chrome

wheels, Michelin radials and many other

extra features. $4500. Call 513/296-6381, or

after 5 o'clock EST and on weekends 513/299-

4213. Paul Moore, 433 Rockhill Ave., Dayton,

OH 45429

Trade '67 Porsche 911 coupe serial #306%1

with recently rebuilt,dealer installed '70911 T

engine. Repaint of original, rare, Gulf blue

1978. Interior redone to original specs (black)

1976. California car with zero rust; never

raced or wrecked. Well cared for, has

complete original tool kit &factory bra. Fast,

dependable & very nice. Interested in 61-65


This is t%e original that you could buy

when the car was new. Its gray and

similar to your tool bag down to the

leather strap and buckle. Includes.

Porsche hand towel, Trouble light, That

plugs into dash. All bulbs, Plugs, points,

Condenser Rotor, Cap, Complete

upper Gasket set. Fuel cock repair kit.

Carb kit, Fuel pump kit. Fuse kit. Clutch

cable. This is a must for all enthusiast.

Price $127.75 plus shipping and handlin

$3.50. State year and model and sen8

money order to. J@C Enterprises, P.O.

Box 25, Union City, CA 94587

sunroof coupe, cabriolet or cherry S-90 or SC

coupe. Must be comparable, no rust car.

Prefer 500 mile radius in Southeast or

Southwest. Approx. value of mine is an

honest $4,800 - $5,200. Jerry Taylor, 3021

Panaridge Circle, Birmingham, AL 35216.



Members: For instructions and

conditions for submitting a wanted ad,

see the introduction to the for sale


Contributors for the 356 REGISTRY news-

letter, Vol 6 No 1: If it is 356 related, we are

interested! Reply Box 07845, Columbus, OH


Cabriolet ('59) bows and cover, will

consider bows only. David C. Tiller, 1600

Trout Creek Rd., Parkdale, OR 97041. (503)

386-2944 days

Speedster in drivable condition for

restoration project. Marjie & Tom Lynch,410

Memorial Dr., Apt. 542, Cambridge, MA

021 39

Need complete window framing for left &

right doors of 64 Cabriolet. Need ignition

switch, headlight switch, windshield wiper

switch, interior light (under dash top) for

same. I. Doyle, 412 Ashwood Dr.,

Schaumburg, ILL 60193

Any information on 550 Spyder t550029.

Very Desperate. Call Fred Paine collect 801-


I am looking for alum. window trim for front

and rear windshield for 58 CPE. Also- 2 screw

inside rearview mirror. Steve Littell, 9810 E.

Broadway, Tucson, AZ 85710

"A" rear bumper brackets- the final parts

needed in a long 3 yr. search to a complete

356 coupe. Please come out of the closets and

onto the road. Negotiable. C. Carroll, 1145 N.

83rd, Seattle, WASH 98103

A/B/C original wood wheel, full tool kit B,

any parts to European heating system; side

panels for doors to 65 SC Cabriolet in black,

Carrera tach, transmission carrier for 741

transmission. Will pay the price. Michael

Lederman, 2817 Barker Ave., Bronx, NY

10467. 212-547-0263 after 8 PM

Carrera 1500 engine floor pan sheet metal -

will trade new, never used Carrera II engine

floor pan. Mitch Leland, 1 Lida Lane,

Pasadena, CA 91103

To buy (or trade for) 356 series sales and

technical materials to fill the gaps in my

reference library. Ever wonder what

happened to all the tool kits? Me too. Jerry

Keyser, Box 07845, Columbus, OH 43207

Rear quarter panels new or good used to fit

a '57 Speedster. Chrome wheels. Will buy or

trade. See For Sale. Bill Perrone, 15421

Stanford, Huntington Beach, CA 92647,


914 parts, 356 parts to trade. Brooks Griggs,

P.O. Box 386, Columbus, GA 31902,404/322-

6751 days.

For 'AJ Speedster: low bumper guards, low

bow top kit, tan carpets, wood wheel

(accepting original horn button), any new

brake parts, any rubber, emblems, other

restoration items. Douglas Bok, 8 Maple Ter.,

Monroe, CT 06468,203/268-4637.


posters, color charts, factory calendars- '58,

'59 & '60. Toy cars of 356 series, factory Nardi

'B' wood steering wheel. Tom Spiegel, 10110

W. Bunny Ct., Holes Corners, WI 53130,

414/765-9795 days, 414/425-5584 eves.

Roll bar for Speedster (full hoop), old style

Abarth muffler (1600N), 'AJ Carrera wheel

spacers & long studs (20 of each). Dick Chase,

830 Oakland Ave., Waukesha, WI 53186,

41 4/547-8923.

Speedster, Convertible D, 'A' Cabriolet or

early 'B' Roadster preferably not restored.

Wish a complete car, mechanics not

important, little or no rust. Phil Saari, 3374

Owasso St., St. Paul, MN 55112,612/484-O303.

Chrome luggage rack for twin grille deck lid

('64'65 models). Any information or

manuals/books available for Solex 40P11-4

carbs. Les Tinlin, 2295 Gladys St., Beaumont,

TX 77701.

'C' workshop manual, original good

condition, twin grille luggage rack, original

equipment. D. M. Louzek, VAW 117, FPO San

Francisco, CA 96601.

Glaspar or factory Speedster hardtop, 'AJ

tool kit, original factory 'A' drivers manual,

Speedster sales lit. or copies (will pay). Bill

Gerst, 3535 Deanes Ln., Santa Cruz, CA 95062,


For '63 coupe (T-6): padded dash assy.,

complete, any color; 1 pair heater slides, 1

headlight assy. Doug Lyons, 8027 Mace Cir.,

Manassas, VA 22110,703/369-2795 eves.

For '50 coupe, H)94: wiper motor &

bellcrank assy.; cover, battery compartment;

aluminum Ponche script; mushroom air

cleaner; one pipe myffler or industrial eng.

type; solid center 16" wheels, quarter

wrndow and back glass rubber moulding.

Tom Sherwood, 1919 Oak Knoll Dr., Belmont,

CA 94002, 415/593-9427 wkds.

'A' factory tool kit and/or tools -wrenches:

8X9,llX12,10X14,19X17rnm; pulley wrench;

screw driver; spark plug wrench pin; spark

plug socket; spare tire strap; front trunk mat.

All parts must be in good condition. Jeff

Gamble, 929 N. Swan Suite B, Tucson, AZ

85911,602/326-0908 work days.

Porsche posters - Will buy or trade. Bill

Jackson, 2045 Franklin St., Denver, CO 80205,


Roadster - prefer D'leteren single grille,

condition not important. Any copies of

Roadster owners manuals. Dick Durell, Box


368, Pt. Pleasant, PA 18950,215/294-9388after


0 Screwdrivers, red wood handled for tool kit

'55 Speedster. Original sport muffler w/twin

exhaust pipes for same car. Steven C.

McPherson, 5318 46th Ave. SW, Seattle, WA

981 36, 206/935-6993.

Seat rails for wood frames on Speedster

seats or on coupe 'A' seats. Need jack handle

lever, lug nut wrench, screw drivers,

wrenches, & pliers for 'A' tool kit. Bill A.

Ctaffea, Box 1043, Mammoth Lake, CA 93546,

71 4/934-8451.

Sun visor for T-6 Roadster '62, windshield

washer bottle for same. James R. Phelan, 1300

Portesuello Ave., Santa Barbara, CA 93105.

741 A&B 4th gears. Larry Chmura, 1701

Ridgewood Rd., Alamo, CA 94507.

0 4 chrome wheels (4% or 5%X15) for late '64.

Rear view mirror with night vision switch.

Charles G. Wendt, 624 Center St., lowa City,

IA 52240, 319/337-2288.

Serious collector in search of a clean 'B' or

'C' Roadster, Cabriolet or sun roof coupe,

preferable in Midwest. Call Sam Savage at

31 W943-3642.

'64 tool kit, 356 REGISTRY Vol. 2 No. 5 and

Vol. 3 No. 4, original wood steering wheel

(either Nardi or factory) for '64. Thomas

Shubin, 9203 Guatemala Ave., Downey, CA

90240, 213/928-1973.

Blaupunkt AM/FM radio for '64 coupe, in

good working order please. J. Oberstone,624

S. Dunsmuir Ave., #103, Los Angeles, CA

90036, 21 3/938-1432.

Any information concerning sources for

parts for '64 Carrera 2, need owners hand

book, engine sheet metal; any diagram on

the wire harness1 Write Ray Kinkaid, 5801 SW

83rd St., Miami, FL 33143.

'65 Cabriolet concours - Ruby Red or black

exterior. Howard Turner, 544 Greystone Rd.,

Merlon, PA 19066.

'C' Cabriolet for a restoration project. Don

Fleming, 1312 Holbrook, Ponca City, OK

74601,405/765-2975 eves. & wknds.

I would like to contact other Canadian 356

owners to exchange information on owning

and restoring a type 356 here in the "Far

North". If you are interested, drop me a line.

Robert W. Johnston, RR #I, Port Lambton,

Ontario, Canada NOP 2 BO, 519/6272942.

Original spark plug wrench as supplied with

B/C, 912 tool kit. Ron Nebgen, 326 Cornwall

Rd., Winter Park, FL 32792,305/678-6925 eves.

For '65 SC coupe: complete green or tan

interior, front seats not important, have very

good black interior for possible trade. Also

need VDO oil pressure, oil temp. & Amp

gauges with green face, can be rebuildable.

Alex Finigan, 38 Evans Rd., Marblehead, MA


For '50 Cabriolet: willing to pay your price

for early large clock - pp. 70 Ludvigsen book,

1 red square tail light lens, 2 original green

plastic sun visors in good condition, 1 plane


aluminum (no fins or cut outs) beauty ring for

16" wheel, early Cabriolet owners manual, 1

piece aluminum Porsche script. Bob Heller,

152 Old Redding Rd., Weston, CT 06883,


S-90 coupe for restoration - shell only

acceptable. Carrera 2 parts: 5%X15 alloy

wheels & tool kit; complete engine in any

condition. David H. Gill, 1660 N. LaSalle

#2404, Chicago, IL 60614, 31W266-7745.

Door shell for '60 (T-5) coupe, must be

completely rust free in and out, to replace

collision damaged drivers side door that's

beyond repair. Harold Fantel, 1242 2nd Ave.,

San Francisco, CA 94122, 415/665-7823 eves.

For completion of '65 Karmann coupe:

original headliner (no repros). Please have

your local Porsche parts man look in those

forgotten corners for PN 64455550106. It will

be light gray, pinhold perforations & have a

zipper. Any & all leads followed up. See my

ad in For Sale. Ken Daugherty, 1611 Russell

Ave., Louisville, KY 40214, 502/451-3425.

Maintenance (owner's) Manual, for

PORSCHE, Type 356 - 1950-1951: also shift rod

lever and lever for switching shaft for 1950-

1951 trans. John Moyer, 3905 Hiawatha Dr.,

Michigan City, IN 46360.

356 parts. Will pay top buck or trade. 356

parts for-inside trouble light accessory. Bob

Cox, 133 E. Larpenteur, St. Paul, MN 55117,

612/489-6467 - 533-2211.

21 gram float w/fins for Solex 40 PBIC. For

'55 Speedster: Early style heater cans, correct

windshield wiper arms (wire type), gadgets to

fit in accessory socket under dash (map lights,

etc.), low overriders in excellent shape (F&R),

front bumper deco strip. Send price &

condition first letter. Skip Montanaro, 109

Bon Aire, lowa City, IA 52240.

Source for beige corduroy material to

restore center section of '59 coupe seats. Why

can't I find this? Any help greatly

appreciated. Dave Trower, 242 Supple St.,

Pembroke, Ont., Canada KBA-3G9,613/735-


0 Back issues of REGISTRY: Vol. 1 #l&4; Vol. 2

#5; Vol. 3 #3,4,5 & 6; Vol. 4 #I, 2,3,4,5 & 6;

Vol. 5 #2. Have some med 60's PANO's for

trade. Ken Daugherty, 1611 Russell Ave.,

Louisville, KY 40213, 502,451-3425.

For k am: sheet metal for 1500 cc motor -

any serviceable sheet metal will be

considered. Jim Barrington, 416 Park Way,

Piedmont, CA 94611,415/655-1088.

Camshaft/followers or info. pertaining to

same for '51 1300 #20661. Are 2-piece case

cams interchangeable? Anyone know if a 36

Hp VW cam will work? Please contact me if

you can help. David Curtis, Star Route,

Bourbon, MO 65441, 314/7324765.

B-C gas tank. ZF steering box. SC or S90

engine case. Misc. engine pans. B-C

bumpers. Aluminum body parts. GTseats. Bill

Perrone, 15421 Stanford Ln., Huntington

Beach, CA 92647,714/898-3966.

For '54 Speedster 15005: oil gauge, rear view

mirror & strut, windshield (glass only),

"Porsche" dash emblem, 16" wheel (spare),

gas cap, engine manuals, body manuals or

copies thereof referable to Speedsters &

roller crank OHV engines in particular.

Would like to locate NOS barrels or

equivalent as well as pure case iron rings &

possible matching pistons if available. Will

consider trade for good 1600 engine or

consider 1600 engine separately. Morris

Gardner, 3018 Harts Wood Dr., Allison Park,

PA 15101, 41 W562-3106 o~c., 412/487-7672


Posters issued by Porsche, especially with

356 or early race cars. Will purchase or have

duplicates to trade. Also want Porsche factory

tools for 4-Cam or pushrod engines. Jim

Perrin, 2041 Willowick Dr., Columbus, OH


For '55-'56 Speedster: full tonneau, low

bumper guards, any new rubber, new fuel

cock or repair kit, source for stock 32 PBlC

(Solex) 1500N jets, low bow top kit, new front

(pre-A) shocks, emblems, new crested

hubcaps, '55 owner's manual (copy O.K.)

bakelite trouble light or plug only. Douglas

Bok, 8 Maple , Terr., Monroe, CT 06468,


4 or 5 original chrome wheels in excellent

condition for B. Rust free F&R bumpers for

'57 in restorable condition. Low overrider

style. Original B Hella fog lites. Roy Smalley,

205 N. Waterview Dr., Richardson, TX 75080,

21 4/235-3053.

For restoration of '58 Carrera GT Speedster

#84012: wood steering wheel with horn bezel

(desperate); original hood handle, new or

very good used; original license/back-up

light, new or etc.; any suitable aluminum

body panels; any working Carrera engine up

to 2 liters. Will pay cash or trade rare parts.

Lew Markoff, 1401 Floral St., NW,

Washington, DC 20012; 202/829-0391 eves.

C sunroof, electric or manual in good

useable condition, prefer top cut off at post.

Also would like A Lietz luggage rack in good

condition. Dwayne Foster, 1406 Vivian Ln.,

Newport Beach, CA 92660, 714/631-5132.

Roadster windshield tension rod & rear

view mirror and T-6 hood. John Bryans, Box

862, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266.

0 Perfect C hood new or used. Marc

Greenwald, 14747 Magnolia, Sherman Oaks,

CA 91403.

Info. on Porsche Jr. or St. Tractor purchase

of all or part. Would like chassis with frozen

motor. Also any manuals (tech or owner's) or

factory literature. Had seen one at '75 Seattle

PCA Parade; Who are you Red Sr.? Bruce

Dean, Ettersburg St. Rt., Whitethorn, CA


Complete green interior for T-6 ('63-'65)

coupe. Alex Finigan, 38 Evans Rd.,

Marblehead, MA 01945,617/639-0419.

Following items for an early B coupe: tools

or tool kit, floor mats, trunk mat, Aero mirror

(or head only), red carpet kit, small luggage

rack, rear bumper guards. Have parts to trade

or cash. Dan Gee, Box 6815, Canal Fulton, OH

44614, 216/854-5322.

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