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Compiled and edited by Flt Lt Paul Kiff

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Free Advertising for your Sport

Are you a Publicity Member and, therefore, keen to generate

interest in your sport? Are you perhaps organising an event,

sporting championships or even starting a new Club? Do you

want to advertise your events for free and to a wide RAF

audience in RAF Active? If so send details and electronic images

to Flt Lt Paul Kiff (contact details inside the front cover).

Makalu 2008 Support Trek- Apply Now

Are you interested in mountaineering?

Would you like to go to the Himalayas?

Are you a junior member of the services and within your first

three years of Service?

If so, apply for the MAKALU 2008 Junior Team Support Trek. No

previous experience or qualifications are required. The junior team

will complement 2 senior teams making an attempt on MAKALU

(the worlds 5th highest mountain) and a development team

attempting Penthangste. The Junior Team will mount a support

trek comprising 8 junior personnel from across the 3 services. The

trekking team will follow the approach route of the other 3 teams,

passing through their respective base camps. They will then cross

the high pass into the Khumbu valley and exit via Lukla airfield.

The trekking team will be in country for approx 4 weeks over the

dates 5 May-28 May 2008 inclusive and a personal contribution

of £400 is expected.

If you are interested, contact Major David Jones (David@drjones49.

freeserve.co.uk) to obtain a copy of the application (DIN), then

ensure that get your application endorsed by your Commanding

Officer and simply return it to Major David Jones NLT 30th March

2008 for your chance to be involved.


RAF Sailing Association

Training Courses for 2007

Here is the RAFSA training course line up for 2007. For Competent

Crew and Day Skipper courses contact: Mr Al Mellor 01480 411653

or email ‘pythonatm@aol.com’ and for Coastal Skipper, Yachtmaster

and Instructor courses contact: Flt Lt Henry Paul 01334839471 EXT

7948 or email ‘LEU56Sqn-Aircrew9@leuchars.raf.mod.uk’

Further details are on our website http://www.rafsa.org.uk

Course Dates Yacht Location

Day Skipper 19-15 Apr 07 Sirius Gosport

Competent Crew 15-22 Apr 07 Sirius Gosport

Dependants 30 Sep - 7 Oct 07 Subra Plymouth

Competent Crew

Day Skipper 27-14 Oct 07 Subra Plymouth

Yacht Master 11-7 Apr 07 Subra Plymouth

Coastal Skipper 108-15 Apr 07 Subra Plymouth

Yacht Master 22-26 Apr 07 Sirius Gosport


Cruising Instructor 27-29 Apr 07 Sirius Gosport

Dependants Coastal 23-30 Sep 07 Subra Plymouth

Skipper/Yacht Master

Coastal Skipper 2 14-21 Oct 07 Sirius Largs to Holyhead

Yacht Master 2 21-28 Oct 07 Sirius Holyhead to Plymouth

Delivery 28 Oct - 3 Nov 07 Sirius Plymouth - Gosport

Monthly Meets for the RAF Mountaineering

Association (RAFMA)

Are you interested in mountaineering, rock-climbing, hill walking,

mountain biking or ski mountaineering? If so, why not join the

RAFMA? We hold regular meets across the UK as well as organising

expeditions all over the world. We have members of all ages and all

abilities - there’s something for everyone. Whether your personal

goal is Munro-bagging, completing the Alpine 4000-metre peaks or

reaching the summit of Everest, the RAFMA can help you achieve it!

Membership of RAFMA is open to all serving members of the RAF,

Army and Royal Navy and dependants (over 18) of serving members.

Planned meets for the remainder of 2006 are as follows:

Date Area/Event Location Meet Co-ordinator Contact Details Comments

23 - 29 Mar Scotland Norwegian Lodge Wg Cdr I Richardson 023 92484295

Aviemore & MP 93835-4295

CIC Hut Maritime Warfare Centre (S) 07884 367502

Southwick Park mp@mwc.rn.mod.uk



3 Apr 07 RAF Climbing Glouceste r Sqn Ldr Mark Catt TBD


13 -14 Apr Yorkshire Old School Flt Lt Kathryn Coughlin 01993 897030 New members Meet

House, Ingleton OC Air Cargo Flt 95461-7030

RAF Brize Norton

4 - 10 May Scotland JSMTC Wg Cdr 95371 7338

Dundonnel Bob Finnegan 01480 52451 ext 7338

D2PT Mil SO1 Air Mobile: 07711 385097

RAF Wyton finneganr216@hqlcr.mod.uk

8 - 14 Jun Cornwall Pendeen Volunteer Req’d Camping

4 Jul Joint Service TBD Sqn Ldr Mark Catt TBD

Climbing Comp

6 - 8 Jul Lake District TBD SAC Simon Rogers 95221 ext 4540 New Members Meet

A2 Cmd Int Mobile 07818 027394

RAF High Wycombe simon.rogers561@mod.uk

14 - 28 Jul JSAM Saas Grundq Volunteer Req’d

24 - 26 Aug Wales Windmill Hill SAC Mark Ramage 01780 783838 ext 7146

Campsite Engine Bay 95351 ext 7146

Pembroke RAF Wittering

For further details of RAFMA Meets, contact FS Stew Boyce, the

Meets Secretary at DCAE Cosford on 95561 7568. For more

information on RAFMA in general, contact Flt Lt Simon Moore,

the Publicity Member at RAF Wyton 95371 8115 or WO Colin

Harding, the Membership Secretary at RAF Wyton on 95371 6867


RAF Target Rifle Club

Copywright BTO


Everyone in the RAF can shoot; you are forced to every year at CCS.

Target rifle shooting is a bit different. While still using iron sights

you shoot at ranges between 300 and 1000 yards at a big dot on

the horizon. The sport gives you opportunities to travel

around the world and represent the RAF in South Africa

and New Zealand to name but a few destinations.

The club contains some world class shots, who win

international competitions on a regular basis.

Well if you fancy trying something a bit different

then the RAF Target Rifle Club are holding a beginners

weekend from 27-29 April 2007. Accommodation,

travel and shooting costs will be minimal for the

weekend. If you are interested or would like more

information please contact the club secretary Flt Lt

Conrad Steele-Benny at RAF High Wycombe Mil Net:

95221 3365 or STCA4-OpsDevSO3@mod.uk.

Royal Air Force

Ornithological Society

The Royal Air Force Ornithological

Society (RAFOS) are planning the

following Field Activities and Leisure

pursuit activities with the emphasis

on Birdwatching and scientific study

during 2007. Membership of our Society

is open to current service personnel, civilians employed

by the Royal Air Force or Ministry of Defence and

their dependants interested in birdlife. We publish

periodicals and articles on field studies, in particular at more isolated

locations both in the UK and abroad. The Society has the following

expeditionary field work planned for 2007. Cost of membership

and further details of our work can be found at our web site www.

RAFOS.org.uk and by contacting our Secretary, Bill Francis, by email:


SLOVAKIA - 2007. Our overseas survey specialist leader is Sqn Ldr

(Rtd) Mike Blair. Mike will be leading SlovEx07 with Sqn Ldr (Rtd)

Dick Yates. Mike was the text Editor of The EBCC Atlas of European

Breeding Birds, a renowned ornithological data set on European birds,

their breeding locations and population densities. SlovEx07 will have

two components, the low-altitude mostly in southern Slovakia and

the high-altitude in west-central and northern Slovakia. Participants

can nominate their period of participation, the low-altitude period

beginning around mid-May and the high-altitude at the end of May,

for at least 3 weeks in each case. For those of advancing age and

retreating mobility, the low-altitude work is more suitable, being

largely vehicle-based and on flatter terrain. The high-altitude work

demands a reasonable level of fitness and functioning knees! These

are not absolutely fixed dates. You can drive out (the more vehicles

the better) or fly to Bratislava and take the train to Zvolen (or fly

to Poprad for the high-altitude work). Other arrangements can be

agreed. The aim is to carry out bird surveys for the Institute of Forest

Ecology, who gave tremendous support to SlovRecce06 undertaken

during Summer 2006. Birds typical of Slovakia are Eurasian Pygmy

Owl, Boreal (Tengmalm’s) Owl, Ural Owl, Lesser Grey Shrike, all the

woodpeckers in Europe, Eastern Imperial Eagle and Wallcreeper. The

low-altitude counts will be particularly rich in warblers, and will

have the best chance of local rarities such as European Roller and

Red-footed Falcon. Accommodation will be mostly in pre-selected

inexpensive small hotels (usually between £10-£20 for bed &

breakfast), but may also utilise IFE field stations. The landscapes


are stunning, many of the forests being deciduous, and SlovEx07

will have permits to enter specially protected areas, most of which

contain Important Bird Areas. For further details on SlovEx07 you

can contact Mike on 01263 714065 or e-mail: blair@dialstart.net

ISLAY 2007 Wg Cdr (Rtd) Bill Francis, who is a volunteer at WWT

Slimbridge, will be taking a small team 8-12 to visit Islay for a

week commencing 28 October 2007. This is the second autumn

visit for ‘Islay Mist’. Staying in Kilchoman House Cottages www.

islaycottages.com the team expect a fantastic birding week in

glorious surroundings. There may even be a distillery visit thrown in!

This field meeting is largely taken in the interest of bird watching, but

some surveys of wintering geese on behalf of the RSPB are proposed.

This trip offers the chance to see over 100 species including local

specialties: Whooper Swan, Barnacle and White-fronted Geese,

Chough, Golden Eagle and with migration in full swing anything

could turn up! Costs are approximately £100 (includes ferry

bookings which Bill can advise on). If you are interested contact Bill

on 01452 855138 or by e-mail on rafos_secretary@hotmail.com

PER Ardua Archery Society (PAAS)

For those interested in having a go or taking up archery

here’s a little information, which may help you. Your

PEd Flt’s can advise you of Archery Clubs in your area

or you can visit Per Ardua Archery Society for more

information. If you should experience problems locating

a club then don’t hesitate to contact any of the committee members

through the web site committee page. Current Per Ardua Archery

Society clubs are listed below with archery also present at the

following Stations: Aldergrove, Cosford, Marham, and Coltishall.

- Brampton/Wyton/Henlow Archers (with members from

Chicksands, Cottesmore and Wittering)

- Benson Bowmen

- Odiham Archers

- RAF Stafford AC

- Lossie Archery Club (Have members from Kinloss)

- Brize Norton

RAF Sport Climbing Championships 2007

The annual RAF Sport Climbing Championships will take place at

the Warehouse Indoor Climbing Centre, Gloucester on 3 Apr 07. The

competition is organised by the RAF Mountaineering Association and

welcomes all abilities of climber. The 2006 competition had over

80 entries, with individuals competing in categories from VS to E2

and with many also participating in the bouldering competition, the

day was a resounding success for all of those involved.

The Championships is also used as a vehicle to select the RAF

Climbing Team who will compete in the Inter-Services competition

later in the year. Cotswold Outdoor, High Places and Enterprises

sponsor the event and offer competitors excellent discount on their

products during the event.

Further information and entry forms can be obtained from Sqn

Ldr Mark Catt, markcatt@hotmail.com or 01452 715051.

Amateur Boxing Assistant Coaches Course

Here is a course aimed at those who have an interest in coaching the

sport of Amateur Boxing. The course will have practical and theory

content with candidates being assessed in both. Prior experience in

boxing would be an advantage. Held at RAF St Mawgan on 23-27

Apr 07, the course is run as part of a five day sports and officials and

coaches course. For more information contact Cpl Gosling on 07894

986154 or by email 'goslinggos1@aol.com'. Alternatively visit: www.



RAF Cycling

Visit www.rafcycling.org.uk for the 2007 race

calendars for road racing, mountain bike cross

country and mountain bike endurance racing,

downhill racing plus much more information

on expeditions, club activities and combined services racing. The

website also provides up-to-date information on committee contact

details as well as past and future Club activities. Here's one to try

for all the family:

Newbury Sportif. Looking for a great family day out in the

countryside or a bit of a challenge? What are you doing on 30 Sep

07? Join us at the Newbury Sportif. A sportif is a non-competitive

cycling event (although there are medals available for those who

compete the course in set times) on quiet country roads with various

distances up to 100 miles. The routes are well sign posted, with

refreshment stops and a whole range of facilities at the start points.

The RAF, RN and Army cycling clubs will have large entries in support

of various charities. Come and join us for a great day out. Want to

know more? contact Wg Cdr Don Tanner on 93510 3709.

RAFSA(Offshore) Racing Division

Do you have sailing experience, either offshore and/or dinghy?

We need keen people to participate in the 2007 RAFSA Offshore

Racing Programme with main highlights being the world famous

Cowes Week Regatta and the Fastnet Race. We are using a 35ft

J109 racing Yacht (Red Arrow), the J109 Class is one of the fastest

growing yachting classes in the UK, and a Laser Sports Boat 3

(Synchro). The SB3 has also become a very popular class with many

top names competing in events. If you have at least RYA Competent

Crew or RYA Dinghy Level 2 and want a new challenge, contact the

RAFSA(O) Racing Sec: Sqn Ldr Robin Drummond-Hay on 95221-


Photo courtesy of ‘Bekens Cowes’

7007 or 01494-497007. Email: robin.drummond-hay191@mod.

uk. We offer comprehensive training, and above all, a challenging

environment to test both your individual and teamwork skills. You

could be sailing for as little as £10 per day, so get in contact.

RAF Martial Arts Association -

Training Camp 2007

Muay Thai Kickboxing Thailand

The RAFMAA is planning a pre season

training camp at a professional Mauy

Thai Boxing camp in Apr 07. The

Expedition will be open to anybody

with an interest in representing the

RAF at Martial Arts in the Taekwondo

or Karate streams, regardless of style,

and also novices wishing to learn

more about RAF martial arts. The

Camp will be 2 weeks long, provisional

dates are 13 Apr 06 - 29 Apr 06.

Although situated in an idyllic location,

participants should be aware that

there will be plenty of sweat involved.

Sessions will be strenuous and prepreparation

will be necessary. Each

day will comprise a run, 2 sessions of one-to-one instruction and a

stretching class. There will be no full contact sparring. A personal

contribution in the region of £350 will be required. To register

interest and find out more email name, rank, style, grade to Flt Lt

A Pepper CRN 55(R) Sqn-F Flt Inst 01. For information on martial

arts in general in the RAF check out our website under Royal Air

Force/Sports and Pastimes/Team Sports/RAFMAA from your stn

home page.

RAF Martial Arts

Do you do a martial art? Want to train with other martial artists

in the RAF? If the answer is ‘Yes’, then come along to competitive

selection training at RAF Cranwell. We are actively looking for

new members and encourage anyone to come along, no invite


Competitive Selection Training is available for all disciplines and

levels of martial arts. Current membership include disciplines such

as Tae Kwon-do, Karate, Jujitsu, Kickboxing, Aikido, Tang Soo Do

and many more. Sessions provide a great opportunity to practice

techniques, patterns/katas and of course, sparring. We also have

visiting instructors and the opportunity for overseas tours and




January Wed 17 Competitive Selection Training

February Wed 14 Competitive Selection Training

March Wed 14 Competitive Selection Training

April Wed 11 Competitive Selection Training

May Wed 16 Competitive Selection Training

June Fri 15 Competitive Selection Training

Sat 16 RAF Martial Arts Championships

July Wed 11 Competitive Selection Training

tbc Inter-services Competitions

August Wed 15 Competitive Selection Training

September Wed 12 Competitive Selection Training

October Wed 17 Competitive Selection Training

November Wed 14 Competitive Selection Training

tbc Combined Services Competition

December Wed 12 Competitive Selection Training

For further information visit the RAF Martial Arts website found

through your RAF Stn homepage under ‘Sports & Pastimes’. Training

is 1000-1500 at the East Camp Gym at RAF Cranwell. See the

website for changes/updates.


RAF Bobsleigh Team Recruitment

For the majority of individuals, the sport of Bobsleigh is limited to a

few fleeting glances on their TVs during the Olympics, and for a high

percentage, this is how it will remain. They will never experience

the sheer adrenaline rush that comes from hurtling down a track

at speeds in excess of 80mph, whilst being subjected to G forces

similar to that found in a fighter aircraft. These individuals will never

travel to, Canada, USA, Austria, Norway, France, Germany or Italy

to compete in the sport, nor will they ever have an opportunity to

pilot a sled, which at times requires reactions on par with Formula

1 racecar driver. However, if you consider yourself not to be ‘most

people’, then please read on. The RAF Bobsleigh Team offers an

almost unique opportunity for service personnel to compete in

the sport. Despite the exceptionally high standard of its current

athletes, a large number of whom have represented Great Britain,

the team never ignores the importance of its talent identification

programme. To assist with the continual recruitment of new athletes,

the team holds various selection events throughout the year, which

culminate in a novice training camp at a location abroad. The

initial selection of candidates is based predominantly upon athletic

ability (strength/power/speed). Following initial selection, a novice

training camp is then held, during which individuals will receive

expert coaching and be given the opportunity to pilot and/or act

as brakeman of a sled. For further details please contact the Team

Manager, Flt Lt Craig Dickie on 95371 4503 at RAF Wyton (wytesair-sen-misssysmgr)

or the Recruitment Manager, Fg Off Emma

Wolstenholme on 95561 4674 at RAF Cosford (cos-sofpt-tddf oc).

Additional go to www.cranwell.raf.r.mil.uk/live/BLSA/Homepage.

htm. Early events scheduled for the 2007 season are a Novice Camp

based in Austria.

RAF Angling Association

The RAF Angling Association has a new section solely

dedicated to sessions fishing for big carp. The

Carp Team is open to all RAF personnel with a

passion for carp angling, who wish to test their

skills not only against the best in the RAF at the forthcoming RAF

Carp Angling Championship but against our sister Services and teams

within the commercial carp fishing community.

The RAF Carp Team is not only for the seasoned carp fisherman, as

newcomers to the sport will be made welcome and given all the

advice they need. However, potential squad members should bear

in mind that some experience of fishing for large carp is necessary

and should be in possession of the equipment capable of landing

carp up to 40lb and fishing for extended periods.

The inaugural RAF Carp Angling Championships are scheduled for

Sep 06 to be held on Linear Fisheries, Oxlease Lake in Oxfordshire.

The event will be used as part of the squad selection process, with

a view to taking on the British Army in Nov.

Personnel interested in becoming a member of the RAF Carp Team

or would like some advice on carp fishing, should contact the

following RAF Carpers:



To register an interest, contact Cpl John Glasscoe, Dog Section,

RAF Waddington, Tel: 95771 Ext 7220. For further information on

the RAF Carp Angling Championships contact Sgt Carl Hoyle, JSSU

(Cyprus), Tel: 92319 8425 Ext 7509.

All interested personnel are invited to join the RAF Carp Team forum,

which can be found at www.raf-coarseangling.info/forum and follow

the links for the Carp Team.

New Army Adventurous Training Website

Previously, the Army AT website was available via the military

intranet at:

http://www.land.army.r.mil.uk/landc/hqatga/. A new website is now

available at: http://www.army.mod.uk/atg

This new ATG(A) Web Site is the primary portal on the web for all

AT related information associated with the planning, application

and execution of Army sponsored AT expeditions worldwide, and

training delivered from all their Joint Service AT Centres. This

ATG(A) portal is also a collaborative environment and knowledge

management tool, whereby those involved in AT can notify their

availability, skills and experience to others, and then participate in

forthcoming expeditions, add value to expeditions ‘in the planning’

by sharing experiences from past expeditions and advertise training

opportunities delivered from the Joint Service AT Centres. Although

the website is run by the Army and primarily Army oriented, it is

available to all and is an invaluable reference source for Adventurous

Training and is highly recommended. To access the website fully, you

will need to register by selecting ‘Register’ from the home page and

completing a straightforward form. In the ‘Reasons for Application

box, state that you are RAF and intend to use the site for information

and keeping abreast of AT opportunities (or something similar!).

Then, in the drop-down box below, select ATG(A). You will then

receive an e-mail confirming full access to the site.

Courses At Joint Service Adventurous

Training Centres - Training Year 2006/7

DIN 2005DIN06-108 - Course Dates at Joint Service Adventurous

Training (JSAT) Centres for Training Year 2006/7 is out on the streets

and JSP 419 contains all JSAT course descriptions and application

forms and should be read in conjunction with the DIN. The DINs list

all the courses available at the JS Adventurous Training Centres for

the period up to 31 Mar 2007. There are a vast number and variety

of courses available covering all types of adventurous sports. The

majority of courses are free (some have minimal costs) and you are

on duty for the duration of the course - that means travel at public

expense and you don’t have to take leave. Centres, and the activities

offered at each, are shown at the top of the next column:

So, whether you’re looking forward to summer days in the great

outdoors or looking for a winter sports course, get yourself down

to your gym and take a look at DIN 2005DIN06-108 and the JSP

419. Full details of the centres, pre-requisites for courses and

application forms are all available at your gym - go and speak to

your friendly PEd staff.

RAF Wakeboard and Waterski Club

Do you like trying out new sports? Do you like making

new friends? RAF East Midlands Units Water Ski Club

(EMUWSC) has the facilities to cover a wide range of

motor powered water sports. You can try (or improve!)

waterskiing, wakeboarding, mono skiing, kneeboarding or maybe kick

back for a little fun on the ringos.

Situated at Tallington Lakes near Stamford, the club possess a static

caravan on the lakes edge with a 2005 X7 MasterCraft Speedboat.

We have all the kit you need to borrow to try it out, so why not

visit one weekend and give it a go!? Or you can visit for a spot of

sunbathing, see how things work and come back another time.

Contact any Station Rep for further details:

RAF Coningsby; Cpl Si Parker 95721 x2051 or Flt Lt Jim Walls


RAF Digby; Cpl Pete Glassman 95712 x7510

RAF Wittering; SAC Juliette Lewis 95351 x7160

RAF Cottesmore; SAC Alistair Vincent 95341 x7497 or JT Drew

Paxton x6853

RAF Cranwell; Flt Lt Hamilton-Bing 95751 x6244 or Cpl Kay Lapish


RAF Marham; SAC Richie Lovett 95951 x3047

BUT BE WARNED - Skiing and Boarding are highly addictive. Be

prepared to discover a new passion in life!


Centre Activities

JS Mountain Training Centre Indefatigable

North Wales, Scotland & Norway




JS Adventurous Training Centre

JS Gliding Centre


JS Hang Gliding & Paragliding Centre


JS Adventurous Sail Training Centre


JS Parachute Centre


JS Parachute Centre

Weston on the Green

JS Sub-Aqua Diving Centre


Canoeing & Kayaking


Summer Mountaineering

Winter Mountaineering

Winter Climbing

Rock Climbing


Canoeing & Kayaking


Summer Mountaineering

Alpine Mountaineering

Rock Climbing


Offshore Sailing


Canoeing & Kayaking

Offshore Sailing




Hang Gliding


Offshore Sailing




RAF Canoe Association -

Something for Everyone

Are you, or would you like to be, a kayaker or canoeist? The RAF

Canoe Association (RAFCA) offers a wide range of opportunities and

activities for both recreational and competitive paddlers, ranging

from UK and overseas expeditions to championships in slalom, polo,

freestyle, surf, flat and wild water racing. Beginners are more than

welcome to join the Association, and we will assist you in getting

coaching, equipment and finding other people to paddle with.

RAFCA offers something for everyone, so whether you are a novice

paddler, an international standard competitor or just someone who

wants to spend their spare time trying out a wide range of kayaking

and canoeing opportunities, why not have a look at our excellent

website on the RAF Intranet at www.rafca.dii.r.mil.uk. In addition

you can also contact our Development Officer, Flt Lt Andy Wilson

on development@rafca.org.uk, or the Membership Secretary Cpl

Rick Holland on 95237 6567.

Joint Akrotiri Water Sports Club

JAWS: The Joint Akrotiri Water Sports club is

situated in an idyllic location at RAF Akrotiri

in southern Cyprus where it enables the

total enjoyment of a variety of water

sports. The club offers powerboat, sailing

and windsurfing courses throughout the

long summer season from April to October

for serving soldiers, sailors and airmen and their

dependents. The club can also offer courses to Service personnel

on Adventure Training expeditions from UK bases and to attached

personnel from visiting Units. All of the courses are delivered by the

club’s own Royal Yachting Association (RYA) accredited instructors.

Once qualified, the new sailor can then make full use of the club’s

extensive range of watercraft during their stay. If units planning

to make AT visits are able to provide their own RYA accredited

instructors, then so much the better. For more detailed information,

please check out the JAWS website at www.akrotiri-jaws.com

For general enquiries please contact John Ellerington on Akrotiri

Mil ext 6619 and for AT enquiries, contact Sqn Ldr Shaun Pascoe

on Akrotiri Mil ext 5576

RAF Motor Sports Association (RAFMSA)

The RAFMSA have constructed a motor sport facility at RAF Barkston

Heath, nr Cranwell. The facilities include a bi-directional 1200msprint

track and a 400m oval track. The facilities are available for

race and testing sessions once a month. These facilities are available

to all Tri-Service persons, dependants and MOD employees. Please

contact Sgt Duncan Masters, Stn Workshops, RAF Wittering, 95351

ext 7241 or Chf Tech Chris Gwilliam, RAF Wyton, 95371 ext 8700.


Halton Aeroplane Club

RAF Halton, near Aylesbury, Bucks, operates a Flying Club where

Servicemen and MOD civilians can learn to fly at rates, which are

considerably lower than civilian flight training organisations. The

Club is well equipped with a full-time instructor and a training

fleet of 3 Cessna 152s for PPL training and a Chipmunk for more

experienced pilots. Aerobatic instruction is available and the Club has

access to Piper Warrior, Cessna 172 and Robin aircraft for touring.

The Club is a registered provider for the Enhanced Learning Credit

Scheme - ask your Force Development/Training & Development

Flight for more information. More information can be sought from

the Operations Manager Tel: 95237 Ext 6178, or accessed on the RAF

Halton web page (Sports & Social tab) on the MOD web at http://


Moray Flying Club at RAF Kinloss

The club offers full and part time flying training as well as aircraft

hire to all Service/MOD/Air Cadet personnel as well as dependants

and civilians. Operating 7 days a week with 2 Cessna 152’s, a PA28

Warrior, a Cessna 172 and a Seneca III, we encourage touring in the

4 seaters and hours building for those going on to CPL/ATPL. Flying

over the mountains and up the Great Glen offers superb views and

less busy airspace than further south!! Our training team comprises

2 full time and 6 part-time FIs including 2 examiners, giving 7 days

a week coverage. Our rates are extremely competitive with a C152

costing just £78/hr chox inclusive for full members, and the hire

rate £65/hr (associates/civilians pay slightly more). Courses can be

adjusted to your requirements whether full time or part time. We

also have landing cards for Inverness Airport, which allows training at

both civilian and military airports at no additional cost to students

and hiring pilots. We offer Private Pilots License Training for both

JAA and National PPL, Night Ratings, IMC Ratings, Multi Engine Class

Ratings, Advanced Flying, and Glider Pilot conversions in a friendly

and professional atmosphere. For further details call our Manager,

Mrs Angie Dry, on GPTN 95131-7361 (BT 01309 672161 Ext 7361)

Mon-Fri 0900-1600. Alternatively, check out our website www.

morayflyingclub.org.uk which has courses/prices and events details.

You can contact us also at: enquiries@morayflyingclub.org.uk

Learn to fly with the Pathfinder Flying Club

The RAF Wyton Pathfinder Flying Club exists to provide the

opportunity for Service and Civil Service personnel to learn to fly.

The club has 2 Slingsby T67B Firefly aircraft for training and a 4 seat

Robin DR400 for touring. The club operates most weekends, weather

permitting, with opportunities for mid-week flying by arrangement.

Prices are considerably cheaper than the equivalent to be found in

civilian flying clubs and gift vouchers are also available at £45 for

a 30-minute lesson or £80 for one hour’s instruction. For more

information please call either Sqn Ldr Mick Mahon on 95371 ext

8072 or Flt Lt Craig White on 95371 ext 7660.



RAF Benson Flying Club

The RAF Benson Flying Club offers affordable light aircraft flying

to members of HM Forces, including all classes of Reservists and

members of the Cadet Forces. The Club also has a number of civilian

members and is open to dependants of members of HM Forces.

Currently operating 2 aircraft, a Cessna 152 and a PA28 Warrior,

the Club is now able to offer training for the Private Pilot’s Licence

and Night Rating. Training is carried out on the Cessna at £48 per

airborne hour for the aircraft and £12 per hour for instruction; £48

solo and £60 dual represent about half the normal commercial rates.

Trial lessons, which count towards the eventual award of a PPL or

NPPL, can be arranged at £30 for 30 minutes and can be given as gifts

or simply bought as air experience flights. The Warrior is available

at £65 per tacho hour to pilots with 100+ hours, again about half

the normal rate. Annual membership subscriptions are £18 for HM

Forces and £24 for civilians with pro-rata discounts for part years.

Anyone interested in taking advantage of this opportunity should

contact the Membership Secretary, FS Neil Catton-Wretham on Ext

7197. Trial lessons can be booked by contacting the Chief Flying

Instructor, MALM Keith Amers, on ext 7567.

The RAF Microlight Flying Association

The RAF Microlight Flying Association was formed to make affordable

powered flying available to all servicemen and women. The

Association, through clubs at RAF Henlow and RAF Halton, can offer

competitively priced training to PPL standard in both Flexwing (hang

glider type wing) and 3-axis (stick and rudder type) microlights.

For more information, contact any of the following:

RAFMFA Sec: Flt Lt Ric Madden 95221 x 7197

RAFMFA Operations: Sqn Ldr Richard Rawes 9214807 x 3580

OIC Halton Club: Wg Cdr Phil Visozo 94240 x 3833

OIC Wyton/Henlow Club: Flt Lt Steve Berry 95721 x 6255

or take a look at the excellent new website at http://www.rafmfa.


ROYAL Air Force Model Aircraft Association

(RAFMAA) Membership

RAFMAA exists to foster an awareness and interest in the science

and art of flying through facilitating safe use of model aircraft. The

benefits of RAFMAA membership include access to fly on any RAF,

Army or RN airfield with the unit/stn cdr’s approval, support to your

stn club, entry into a range of aero modelling events and competitions

throughout the year for different disciplines, attendance at and

entry to the RAFMAA championships held in September each year,

voting rights at the AGM during the championships and access to

a variety of RAFMAA owned equipment and to our special discount

scheme for your modelling needs. RAFMAA members must also

be members of the British Model Flying Association (BMFA) to be


adequately insured and, unless separate licensing arrangements

have been made, only RAFMAA members can fly model aircraft on

RAF airfields. Annual RAFMAA membership costs only £5 and can

be taken out at the same time as, or in addition to any existing,

BMFA membership.

Further information can be found on the RAFMAA website: http://

www.rafmaa.co.uk or by contacting the Treasurer, Flt Lt A Rogers,

Air C2ISR OEU, RAF Waddington on 95771 7633.

RAF Adventure Centre - Brecon

The RAF Adventure Centre Brecon is available for use by all Service

personnel and their dependants. Situated near Talgarth it is one of

the nearest buildings to ‘Waun Fach’ the highest point in the Black

Mountain area of the Brecon Beacons National Park.

The original stone built farm building has been extensively

refurbished and the Centre, which can accommodate 24 people,

now boasts central heating, double-glazing, a fully equipped kitchen

and sitting room. The Centre is available for hire at a minimal cost

of £4 per head per night. For further information, please contact

the PEd staff at RAF St Athan on Ext 7270.

Feshiebridge Lodge - Aviemore

Feshiebridge Lodge is an excellent facility offering self-catering

accommodation for groups of up to 28 persons. It is situated just

to the south of Aviemore, in the Cairngorms area of the Scottish

Highlands, amidst stunning scenery and is a superb base for

adventurous training activities.

The complex is a purpose built centre for the exclusive use of regular

and reserve personnel of all three services and their families to enjoy

outdoor pursuits in some of the most beautiful scenery in the British

Isles. The lodge consists of one four-person family flat and 3 eightperson

chalets. Each chalet has a lounge/diner with a kitchen area, a

storage/drying room and four bedrooms that contain two tier bunks.

Bedding, however, is not supplied. The family flat is self-contained

and will accommodate two adults and two small children. It is

complete with kitchen, bathroom, lounge and bedroom. All kitchens

are equipped with an electric cooker (double oven), microwave oven,

toaster and a fridge. A wide range of utensils, crockery and cutlery are

supplied. There is also a washing machine, which is free for use and

also a tumble dryer available. Pets are not permitted in or around

any area of the Lodge. Personnel using the Lodge have free access

to Dalfaber Golf and Country Club where you can go swimming,

play tennis indoors or outdoors or play squash.

Bookings and enquiries for the Lodge can be made on 01309 672161

Ext 6372 (GPTN 95131 6372).

Rothiemurchus Lodge -

Services Highland Adventurous Training

and Leisure Activities Centre

The Rothiemurchus Lodge is situated in the Cairngorms 450 metres

above sea level at the northern entrance to the Lairig Ghru, seven

miles from Aviemore, Inverness-shire (map reference NH 951067).

It is the only complex in the whole of the United Kingdom that is

exclusively available for parties of regular and reserve personnel,

former members of the Forces and Civil Servants - and their families

- to enjoy recreational pursuits. The charges for accommodation are

far less than for any comparable facilities elsewhere.

Bookings and Charges. Visitors are charged £10.00 per person per

night (children under 13 £5), £12 per person per night (children

under 13 £6) for en-suite, with a 10% discount for larger groups.

Equipment including snowboards, skis, ski poles, boots and clothing,

is available for hire at competitive prices.

Requests for bookings, information on the Lodge and information

about recreational facilities in the area should be made to The

Manager, Rothiemurchus Lodge, By Aviemore, Inverness-shire PH22

1QH, tel 01479 861288 (during office hours whenever possible) or

on the web-site at www.rothiemurchus.co.uk

Adventurous Training Publications

For those of you who ‘enjoy’ organising/planning expeditions, or

those seeking information, a list of current AT Publications is given

to the right.



JSP 419 Joint Services Adventurous Training Scheme May 04


2005DIN06-108 Course Dates at Adv Trg Centres - Trg Year 2006/07 Nov 05

DIN Insurance for Adv Trg Activities Feb 06


DIN Guidelines for the Conduct of Adv Trg Expeds at Altitude Apr 05


DCI JS Cold Related Injuries in the Armed Forces: Jul 99

83/99 Prevention and Treatment

DCI JS Heat Illness in the Armed Forces: 10 Aug 01

122/01 Prevention and Treatment

DCI JS AT with Civilian Companies and Organizations 1 Aug 03


DCI JS AT - Drivers’ Hours 20 Jan 01


DCI Army Safety in Training - The Hazards of Sleep Loss 26 Jan 01


DIN Joint Service Expedition Trust Nov 05


DCI JS Adv Trg - Sub-Aqua Boat Handling 31 Aug 01


DIN Rules for use of Climbing Walls & Mobile Climbing Towers Nov 05



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