Newsletter Jun 09 - Royal Air Force

Newsletter Jun 09 - Royal Air Force

B U S I N E S S N A M E RAFMA Newsletter

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June 2009


JUNE 2009


Baking hot sunshine, miles and miles of glorious rock face, great

company; the Pembroke camping meet had all the ingredients of a

top climbing weekend. As the sun set on Friday evening the first

cars began to arrive from the Bank Holiday traffic jams. RAFMA

base camp was set up in the far corner of the camping field at Windmill

Hill campsite. It should be noted that Quinny suffered from

some erection problems and was unable to get his tiny tent up for

several hours. Luckily there were plenty of willing people to offer

him a hand.

Saturday: The main contingent (Alex T, Jim Jarvis, Bob Appleyard,

Andy Holder, Dave Tait and Rhys J) headed to Crystal Slabs, a tall

south facing sun trap. The slab was climbed by almost every conceivable

route, Gadfly (VS 4c), Razzle Dazzle (VS 4c) Michaelangelo

(VS 4c), Bloodstone (VS 4b) and Crystal Edge (HVS 5a). This

was the first time back on rock for our illustrious Chairman since his

cold toes incident. Meanwhile Emily and Quinny were along the

coast at secluded Western Walls. They were a little vague about

what routes they actually climbed, but assured us they had fun.

Elaine took a swim at Broad Haven while Percy and Emma biked

over to Freshwater West. The evening was spent around the commu-


Inside this issue:

Pembroke Meet Report 1

Winter Meet Report 3

Events and Information 5

Summer Meet 7




As a result of the decision to

stop the paper newsletter

most of you that are reading

this should be doing so on a

screen because you have

been sent it via the wonders

of e-mail. If you are not then

you need to give your current

e-mail address to Dave

Spooner so that you get your

copy in a quick, efficient and

green manner.

For those members that have

access to crew rooms, dental

centres etc, please print off a

couple of copies and leave

them around for people to

read. This will keep the

word on the street about

RAFMA activities and we

will still print far fewer copies

than we used to!


B U S I N E S S N A M E RAFMA Newsletter

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June 2009

nal BBQs, firstly to be nearest the food,

then later for warmth. Conversation

generally revolved around things being

“not as good as they used to be”!

Sunday: Bob, Dave Spooner, Elaine and

Andy Lockwood made an almost alpine

start to beat the crowds at Saddle Head.

Bob and Dave S climbed Infra Red and

Wetstone (S), Elaine and Andy climbed

Nameless Wall (HS) and Sea Mist (HS).

Andy Holder and Rhys J arrived some

time later after being geographically

challenged (which radar station?!) They

climbed No Hands (VS) and Haze (VS),

and almost climbed Pink’un (VS 5a)

before Andy chickened out at the last

minute (unusual for a PTI!!!) Bob and

Dave S climbed Infra Red and Wetstone

(S) , before heading over to Blockhouse

Buttress to do Truckers Delight (VS 4b)

and Sheer Delight (HS 4a, 4b). Dave

Tait, Alex T, Emily and Quinny turned

up at Saddle Head later, obviously following

the crowd. Meanwhile, Percy

and Jim were at Mother (S)Carey’s

Kitchen on a mission to climb some

Bob Appleyard at Saddle Head

classic E1s. After warming up on Crinthum (VS 5a) and Joyous Gard (HVS 5a) they found all

the E1 routes busy. There was only one thing for it : Straight Gate (E2 5b) which they conquered

in style. The evening involved a trip into Pembroke to discover what entertainment the

town had to offer. Dodgy karaoke was the result, sadly despite several requests Delilah did not


Monday: After striking base camp, the main party headed to Stennis Head to squeeze a few

last climbs in before the drive home. Percy, Dave T and Elaine managed Limbo (VS 4c) and

Quickstep (VS 4b). Alex T and Rimon had an adventure climbing several unrecorded routes at

Newton Head- though

whether they get to name

them is unlikely. Back at

Crystal Slabs, Quinny and

Rhys lead Bloodstone (VS

4b) and Michelangelo (VS

4c) respectively, discovering

a rare seagull’s egg in

the process. All in all, the

weekend was a great success

and everyone is looking

forward to the next

camping meet at Baggy

Point, where the competition

for biggest tent will be

as fierce as ever.

Jim Jarvie on Straight Gate (E2 5b)

Rhys Jenkins

B U S I N E S S N A M E RAFMA Newsletter

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June 2009

Winter Meet Report – Kingussie 2009

This year’s Winter Meet

was held at JSMTC Kingussie

once again with a

number of bunk spaces

booked into the CIC Hut.

In total, 21 RAFMA members

turned out despite a

heavy thaw the week before

and a weather forecast

promising patchy conditions

for most days.

The first day out was a

warm up for most people

(including the temperature)

where legs were stretched

and a couple of routes

climbed in mild and breezy

conditions. Rick Shearer,

Rick Yates, Jo and Paul

Chappell, Steve Bowen

and Rusty Bale explored

the back of Newtonmore

picking up Carn Dearg and

Meall na Caerdaich via Allt

Fionndrich in the wind.

Rob Coles and Dave

Spooner walked in to

Creag Meagadh to confirm

that Staghorn Gully (and

every other route) wasn’t in

– the new path is delightful

apparently. Simon Carter

and Roddy MacTaggart

ticked off Alladin’s Couloir

while I, Si Moore and Colin

Macalindan covered low

altitude crampon manoeuvres,

soggy ice axe arrests

then Central and Spiral

Gulley. Well done Colin for

his first ‘proper’ ice climbing

(his words not mine).

The temperature and wind

dropped on day 2. Ice was

scarce but a freeze low

down on the red slab of

Coire nan Lochan provided

a playground of ice with

several grade 2/3 steps to

explore. Si Moore was left

behind as he kept catching

his axes on the walking

poles strapped to his rucksack

while Colin ran off like

a natural. With plans to

finish up Y Gully Right-

Hand Branch it was a bonus

to find Oesophagus

was in so I led the first 45m

with Si Moore breaking

through the cornice for the

top. Dave S and Rob C

decided to improve on their

first day with a visit round

the back of Glenmore

Lodge ticking off some

bothies and older gravel

(but still delightful) paths.

Rick squared and Steve B

went a wandering with several

munroes around Glas

Mheall Mor. Jo and Paul

took a walk up Creag

Bheag while Rimon Than

and Alex Tom’i scored the

best day with a drive to the

Gondola at the Glen Nevis

Range followed by a cup of

tea in a cafe.

Day 3 saw a split from Kingussie

from me, Si Moore,

Colin M, Alex T and Stu

Quinn who all headed out

West. The rain convinced

us all in the Nevis Range

car park that a day climbing

in the Ice Factor was the

best option. Rimon headed

over to the Glenmore

Lodge to complete his MIA

assessment but was called

back to Lyneham after the

first day and Bob Appleyard,

Rob C Dave S and

Andy Holder had a lengthy

nav ex from Cairn Gorm

through to Ben Macdui and

back. I’m told they came

back via a different route

but how do you know in a


The weather finally turned

on day 4 and Rick squared,

Steve B, Norman Shanks

and Si Rogers raced

across Beinn a’ Chaoruinn

and Beinn Teallach. Rob,

Bob, Dave and Andy completed

a circuit around Glen

Markie, Geal Charn and

B U S I N E S S N A M E RAFMA Newsletter

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June 2009

Red Burn. Up on the Ben

in the newly refurbished

CIC Hut (controversial to

say the least) the RAFMA

contingent spent the day on

Tower Scoop. Fat with ice

it was interesting with 8 in

the group setting up photo

and video shots that should

hopefully be published in

next winter’s Trail Magazine.

The spotters may

have noticed a few sneaky

shots in the May edition

just released.

My final day was spent on

Indicator Wall with Si

Moore. In good conditions

the route was difficult to fall

off and fortunately we didn’t.

Alex took Colin and Stu

up Number 3 Gully Buttress

for a bit of exposure. Bob

A had a solo ski on Cairngorm

and the remainder

went up Creag Meagaidh,

Coire Ardair and Carn Liath.

On 19 Mar Steve B completed

A’Chailleach and

Carn Sgulain in 4 and a

half hours and Rick S,

Simon R and Norman had

a look at Creag Pitridh.

Rick Y and Andy H also

completed Creag Pitridh

then Gael Charn and Beinn

a’ Chlachair. Alex T soloed

around the Ben finishing up

Raeburn’s Easy Route and

Si Moore went looking for a

small black dog on Ben

Alder. The only entry for

the last day came in from

Si Moore who is secretly

finishing up on his Munroe

collection, with Beinn

Bhuide taken off the list he

must be getting close.

B U S I N E S S N A M E RAFMA Newsletter

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June 2009



The RAFMA AGM will be held at The Lindeth Howe Hotel, Bowness on Friday 20

November 2009, the meeting will commence at 1400 Hrs. Any members wishing to

have items included in the agenda are to forward their proposal in writing

to FS S Boyce, FS A Shift, MMS, RAF Kinloss, Forres, Moray. IV36 3UH by cop

20 October 2009. Email submission are acceptable and should be sent to

Members are also reminded that all committee posts with the exception of

Chairman (appointed by RAF Sports Board) are considered for re-election at this meeting.

Any member wishing to nominate someone for election to the executive committee is to forward

their nomination, including a brief

synopsis of why they consider their candidate suitable to represent the

membership on the EC to the secretary at the above address also by cop 20

October 2009.

If you require anything else I'm only a phone call away - 95131 6469/7338.


Membership now stands at 341 total; it has increased across Airmen, Officer and Associate

categories by 16-20%.









Full - Officers

RAFMA Membership 30 Jun 09 vs 30 Jun 08


136 136


Full - Airmen


Associate (Ex-service)





Membership (excl Club



Club Members




B U S I N E S S N A M E RAFMA Newsletter

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June 2009


With over 300 members

RAFMA can certainly count

itself as a successful organisation

– the well attended

meets programme

is also a testament to that.

However, this is no time to

rest on our laurels; in fact

now is our chance to enthuse

the next generation

of RAF mountaineers. With

this purpose in mind

RAFMA is launching a publicity

campaign with the aim

of attracting as many new

members as possible; with

the intent of offering an exciting

challenge to the

youngest of our airmen and


The method of delivery for

this campaign will be

across as many media as

possible but initially by

means of posters and leaflets

out to units during July

09. These will be delivered

through RAFMA station

reps if they have made

themselves available or

through PEdOs. If you

haven’t seen any new posters

up around your station

then please get in touch – I

have thousands! Building

on Quinny’s excellent work

on the website and forum,

we will try and direct as

many people to as possible.

We will advertise our

meets and news on the

very widely read to

Alex Tomczynski

try and draw in the RAF

climbers who are not yet

involved in the association.

Part of this work is also

spreading our good name

and that of the RAF to the

mountaineering world as a

whole. A forthcoming

(hopefully not too embarrassing)

treat will be a Trail

magazine feature based on

our day out with the Trail

team in March on the Ben.

On top of this initial campaign

we will be looking to

produce a promotional

video to go ‘viral’ on the

web. So if anyone has any

good video clips then

please do send them

through to me.

All this is very well but the

best publicity is word of

mouth, so if you have had a

good time on a recent meet

or exped then please let

everyone know about it.

Even better, grab someone

you work with and drag

them along to the next

meet with you!

This newsletter is hopefully

good PR so why don’t you

copy a few and leave them

in your Sqn tea bar?

Alex Tomczynski

Publicity Rep

B U S I N E S S N A M E RAFMA Newsletter

New sletter T itle

June 2009



Inter-services went by on the 10 Jun 09. The venue changed to EICA

Ratho, taking advantage of their new competition wall, which is advertised

to be the biggest of it's kind in Europe. It is 12m high, but overhangs by

12m as well! It was a standard scenario of the Army producing the most

people, followed by us, then the Navy, but the competition is as wide open

as it has ever been. I decided to leave the U25 team slightly prematurely

in order to back up the Mens Open contingent, replacing myself with a new

lad, 19 year old, Lachlan McKendry from RAF Leeming. He hasn't climbed

for a while since joining the RAF but has good potential for future years. The

rest of the team was made up by the seasoned team of Rob Patchett, Andy

Woolston and Kirt Marley-Nelson. They came through to a good win, taking

joint 2nd, 3rd and 4th. The Men's Open is no longer the dead cert that the

Army would no-doubt like it to be. The winner was RN competitor - Steve

Glennie (3rd time in a row now) and the RAF effort was lead by me in 5th,

with Martyn Gallagher and Stu Sneddon very close behind. The female

category was won by the Army's Cristal Crooks, a solid F7b climber, so

little competition for her, but Lisa Mitchell from Shawbury came in a very

respectable 3rd, after her victory in the RAF Champs.

The change of venue produced some of the best routes and individual

standards of climbing that I've seen in any of these competitions and

provides a valuable experience of the style and level of competition that

everyone will be faced with when it comes to the European Military Comp,

taking place in Oct 10, again at Ratho. This comp will see the cream of the

European talent climbing against each other, with the Brit Interservice comp

running in the midst of the overall setup.

The Interservice comp used to mark the end of the sport climbing season, but

not so now. Next month Maj Pete Skinsley, Army sport climbing manager,

will take a combined services team to make their mark in the Brit Leading

Climbing Comp at Ratho. This is being used predominantly to gain more

experience of competition in the company of the climbing elite, ready for

the European Military comp in Oct 09, taking place in Zurich. Pete will be

taking a team of 7 to represent the combined services again and will be

looking to build on the promising results from last year in Chamonix.

Stu Harth, RAF Sports Climbing

B U S I N E S S N A M E RAFMA Newsletter

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June 2009



GLENCOE GLENCOE GLENCOE 14 14-20 14 20 20 JUN JUN 09 09


The meet co-ordinator arrived on 13 Jun 09 (2100 hrs) in sufficient time to take over

the hut from the previous occupants (Bury MC) and also purchase communal consumables,

prior to the arrival of the RAFMA members from 1700 hrs onwards on Sun 14 Jun 09. The

meet concluded at 1200 hrs on Sat 20 Jun 09.

The weather for the meet was poor. For

the majority of the time Scotland experienced a

moisture-laden SW maritime airflow. On Monday,

there was good visibility and medium level

cloud in the morning. This deteriorated in the

afternoon to bring heavy showers. The best

weather occurred on Tuesday. Wednesday was

a complete write-off for any outdoor activity, as

the rain did not ease off from its torrential

downpour until late in the afternoon. Thursday

proved to be a little better but low cloud and

squalls made hill walking uncomfortable. Friday

was a repeat of Thursday, with slightly better

weather inland. As a result, RAFMA members'

ambitious aspirations were somewhat curtailed,

nevertheless climbing assessments,

climbing training and some good quality mountaineering

days were achieved. The rain and

wind did have one major advantage, it kept the

midge away. On the few occasions where there

were still conditions, the midge made life very

uncomfortable. So much so that the climbers

were forced to use individual head-covering

midge nets to enable them to climb. The



Summer Meet was attended by 16 people.

Those 5 individuals selected to undertake the Rock Climbing Assessment and Rock Climbing

Training were accommodated at Ballachulish, with instruction provided by JSMTC instructors

from Ballachulish & Indefatigable. The Lagangarbh Hut, owned by the Scottish Mountaineering

Club (SMC) was booked for 20 people. The hut cost RAFMA £980 to hire from 14-21 Jun

09 and each resident was charged £7.50/night. In

reality, whilst the hut could accommodate 20 people, it really only provides sufficient accommodation

space and catering/drying facilities for 14 people, over an extended period. Unexpectedly,

3 x SMC members joined the RAFMA group in the hut for one night. They included

Andy Nisbett, a well-known winter mountaineer. The hut is positioned in a unique and idyllic

setting (when it is not raining), ideally placed to facilitate mountaineering in Glencoe, Glen

Etive, the Mamores & Ben Nevis. Moreover, its proximity to the Buchaille Etive Mor makes it

an ideal location for individuals wishing to climb on the extensive routes on this mountain. A

list of activities completed by the attendees during the week is attached.

Finally, as meet co-ordinator, I would like to thank all participants for their contribution

to making my task straightforward. In particular, I would like to thank Andy & Sue Glover

for their sterling efforts in helping me clean the hut after everyone had departed on 20 Jun

09. I trust that everyone enjoyed the week's climbing & mountaineering, despite the weather &

midges. If you have any good digital photos (.jpeg) please send them to me and I will include

them in a web album. I look forward to seeing you all out on the hill - in the not too distant future and hopefully again on the

Summer Meet next year.

Bob Finnegan



The list of the routes achieved during the Summer Meet is below:

GLENCOE GLENCOE 14 14-20 14 20 20 JUN JUN 09 09



Rick Shearer, Norman Shanks, Ben Starav (1078), Beinn nan A quality mountain day, ascending 3 x Munros! Mist and low cloud throughout the day limited

Bob Finnegan, Jo Chappell & Aighenan (957) & Glas Bheinn the views. Heavy rain from 1500hrs onwards gave everyone a good soaking. (Total: 1900m

15-Jun-09 Andy Holder

Mhor (997).

Aonach Eagach Ridge (East >


West), Am Bodach (943), Meall East to west traverse of the popular & exposed Aonach Eagach Ridge, taking in 2 Munros.

Dearg (953) & Sgurr nam Wet rock made the climbing more problematical. Descended from the col beside the Pap of

15-Jun-09 Dave Spooner & Jim Jarvis Fiannaidh ((967)

Glencoe to the valley.

Ascent of an outstanding Munro from Glen Etive. Fortunate with the weather - experienced

sunny intervals for most of the day giving great views of the interesting terrain. Drizzle for the

15-Jun-09 Andy Glover & Sue Glover Beinn Fhionnlaidh (959) last hour.

16-Jun-09 Jim Jarvis & Ronnie Corbett Spartan Slab, Etive Slabs.

Stob Dearg (1022) & Stob na

Broige (956) - Buachaille Etive

Climbed Spartan Slab (5a - 190m) on Trileachan Slabs. Nice walk-off ?!

Mor, Stob Dubh (958) & Stob Departed from the Lagangarbh Hut, ascended Coire Na Tulaich to Buachaille Etive Mor.

Coire Raineach (925) -

Descended into the Lairig Gartain before ascending Buachaille Etive Beag. Returned via Lairig

16-Jun-09 Andy Holder

Bob Appleyard & Dave

Buachaille Etive Beag.

Gartain path to Hut. 25km, 1900m ascent, 4 Munros in 8hrs 45mins.

16-Jun-09 Spooner The Hammer, Etive Slabs.

Stob Dearg (1022) & Stob na

Climbed The Hammer (HVS 5a, 5a) on Trileachan Slabs. A superb route - a bit wet in places!

Broige (956) - Buachaille Etive Departed from the Lagangarbh Hut, ascended Coire Na Tulaich to Buachaille Etive Mor.

16-Jun-09 Andy Glover & Sue Glover Mor,

Descended into the Lairig Gartain and returned to Hut via Laraig Gartain Path.

Departed from Abrriababhach and ascended Mullach nan Coirean, via Coire Riabrach.

Rick Shearer, Norman Shanks, Mullach nan Coirean (939) & Sob Traversed ridges to Sob Ban and descended Alt Coire Musgain to the start. Good conditions

16-Jun-09 Bob Finnegan & Jo Chappell Ban (999)

and exceptional views. A quality mountain day! 2 Munros and 1500m ascent.

17-Jun-09 Andy Holder Ice Factor, Kinlochlevan Spent day ice climbing & indoor climbing at Kinlockleven facilities.

17-Jun-09 Jim Jarvis & Ronnie Corbett Ice Factor, Kinlochlevan Spent day ice climbing & indoor climbing at Kinlockleven facilities.

Rick Shearer, Norman Shanks

Travelled to Oban and then onto Elleric in Glenn Creran with the intention of climbing Bein

17-Jun-09 & Bob Finnegan Bein Sguligard

Sguligard. Heavy rain and low cloud prevented any mountaineering.

Low cloud and sqalls made the ascent of Bein Sguligard challenging. High winds on summit

Norman Shanks & Bob

ridge made progress slow and nearly resulted in the team abandoning the route. 1 x Munro,

18-Jun-09 Finnegan Bein Sguligard (937)

1500m ascent, 7 hrs.

18-Jun-09 Andy Glover & Sue Glover Ice Factor, Kinlochlevan Spent day ice climbing (2.5 hrs) & indoor climbing (2 hrs) at Kinlockleven facilities.

Bob Finnegan, Andy Glover &

19-Jun-09 Sue Glover

15 - 19 Jun 09

Beinn Achalladair (1002) & Beinn

a Chreachain (1081).

Dave Tait, Simon Moore &

Percy Percival RCI Course - Ballachulish

15 - 19 Jun 09 Paul Milne RLT Course - Ballachulish

Another quality mountain day, 2 x Munros!. Ascent of Beinn Achalladair, via coire Achalladair

in clear conditions. Traverse of Beinn Achalladair and Meall Buidhe was in misty and windy

conditions. Summit of Beinn a Chreachain extremely windy. Descent alon

Thoughout the week the 3 members being assessed and the member undergoing RLT

climbed in Glen Nevis (Polldubh crags), Glen Coe (Aonach Dubh), Loch Ness (Duntelchaig)

and Dunkeld (Craig a Barns) with a little bit of rope work in a quarry but mostly in the

15 - 19 Jun 09 Hinai Proudfoot RCP Course - Ballachulish Hinai finished his RCP by leading several routes (one at severe) - well done!

B U S I N E S S N A M E RAFMA Newsletter

New sletter T itle

June 2009


The RAFMA AGM and Dinner will be held over 20/21 Nov 09 at the Lindeth Howe

Country House Hotel. As with previous years there will be a curry on Fri night after

the AGM and the Annual dinner will then take place on the Sat night. In addition, we

again have special AGM tariffs for hotel accommodation and the ACT Hut in Windermere

will also be available.

Please send applications early as numbers will need to be finalised by 1 Nov 09

applications received after this date will not be guaranteed a place. There may be a

seating plan, so please send me a note if there is anyone you wish to sit close to (or

indeed far away from!).

Menu choices and hotel tarrifs are detailed overleaf. If you wish to book a room in

the hotel, please do so directly with the hotel stating that you are attending the

RAFMA Dinner weekend. If you wish to stay in the ATC Hut, please annotate below.




Sqn Ldr Emily Flynn

OC C4I Sqn

RAF Coningsby




From (please include email address):

Please reserve me___________ places at the RAFMA dinner 09 at a cost of £34.50

per person. Our menu choices are as follows:





Course You Your Guest

Please also put our names down for the Friday night Curry at a cost of £15.00 per

person. We would like ________ places.

Hut Reservation. Please reserve me ________places at the ATC Hut Windermere

on Fri _____ and Sat ______ night (please tick applicable nights) at a cost of £3 per

person per night, payable at the hut.

We enclose a cheque for £_________ payable to RAF Mountaineering Association.

B U S I N E S S N A M E RAFMA Newsletter

New sletter T itle

June 2009



Lindeth Howe Country House Hotel & Restaurant

Lindeth Drive - Longtail Hill - Windermere - Cumbria LA23 3JF

Telephone +44 (0) 15394 45759 Fax +44 (0) 15394 46368

E-mail: Web Site:


20 th & 21 st November 2009

(Dinner on Saturday night £34.50 -pre paid through RAF)


Single (4 of these

types available)

Triple Occupancy


Superior Twin (twin

occupancy only)

All other rooms

(Superior plus

must be twin occ)

Deluxe Rooms

Garden View

(Double occ


Deluxe Rooms

Lake View

(Double occ












CURRY IGHT - on Friday £15.00 per person




£47.00 - STD

£52.00 - SUP








£45.00 - STD

£50.00 - SUP





Rates are per person per night for Bed & Breakfast

Maximum 16 singles see above rest must be twin/double

All rooms have en-suite facilities, colour TV with satellite stations and radio, Direct Dial Telephone, Tea and Coffee

Welcome Tray, Hair Dryers and some are non-smoking. Guests have free use of the hotels Leisure facilities that include a

pool, sauna, solarium and exercise equipment.

Superior Rooms are larger more spacious rooms that have Trouser Press, Bathrobes, Luxury Toiletries and Welcome


Bed and Breakfast includes full English Breakfast

We feel dinner is an occasion for adults so with regret children under 7 are not allowed in the dining room after 6.30pm.

They will be treated to their own special High Tea in the Dining Room from 5.30 - 6.00pm.


Cot up to 2years FREE 2-6 years old B&B FREE High Tea £8.50 Children Sharing £10.00 B&B

Children aged up to 14yrs in their own accommodation will be charged 75% of the adult rate

* For that Special Occasion Flowers and Chocolates can be arranged in your room for your arrival *

Celebration Package- Half a bottle of Champagne, basket Of Flowers and a box of Chocolates for £39.95

A deposit of £40.00 per person is required to secure your booking up to two nights or £70.00 per person for three nights

or more. This may be paid by credit card or a cheque in sterling.

Cancellations made within 7 days prior to the date of arrival will not be given a deposit refund unless the room is re-let.

The management reserves the right to retain any deposit paid.

We advise that for a small fee you can cover your holiday by phoning Cancellation Plan Tel: 01603 767699

B U S I N E S S N A M E RAFMA Newsletter

New sletter T itle

June 2009



RAF RAF Menu Menu 2009


Amouse Amouse Bouche Bouche



Ham Hock Terrine

wrapped in Cumbrian air dry ham, apricot & chilli chutney,

Balsamic Vinegar


Lindeth Lindeth Howe Howe fish fish cake,


Chive and Lime Mayonnaise


Terrine Terrine of of Wild Wild Mushrooms Mushrooms Mushrooms & & Polenta,


Pesto Sauce


Passion Passion Fruit Fruit Sorbet Sorbet




Carrot Carrot & & Orange Orange Soup



Roast Roast Striploin Striploin of of Cumbrian Cumbrian Beef


Roast Potato, Root Vegetable, Red wine sauce


Grilled Grilled Sea Sea Bass Bass Filet


Spaghetti of vegetable, Saffron Potatoes, Citrus Sauce


Butternut Butternut squash squash and and Leek Leek Risotto


Shaved Parmesan


Caramel Caramel and and Chocolate Chocolate Torte


Tonka bean ice cream


Lindeth Lindeth Howe Howe Sticky Sticky Sticky Toffee Toffee Pudding


Toffee Sauce, Vanilla Ice Cream


A A A Selection Selection of of British British Cheeses


Homemade Chutney, Biscuits & Grapes

B U S I N E S S N A M E RAFMA Newsletter

New sletter T itle

June 2009


Date Area/Event Location Meet Co-ord Contact Details Notes

28 – 31 Aug North Devon Lobbs Field TBN TBN Camping Meet


Baggy Point

1 Sep – 5 Sep Lundy NT Campsite TBN TBN Camping Meet

25 – 26 Sep Peak District Wharfe Shed WO Colin Harding 01572 812241 ex 6824 Climbing


Festival, New

Members Meet

23 – 24 Oct South West CSS Hut


Oakhill BA3 5BT

Nov Lake District Bowness Sqn Ldr Emily 95721 7651



01526 342581 ex 7651

27 Dec – 3 Scotland Norwegian Lodge TBN TBN New Year

Jan 10


1. Accommodation is always booked for the nights of the dates above.

2. Please contact the meet leader to book a bed space do not rely solely on requesting one through the website forum.

3. Your bedspace is not guaranteed unless you receive on-line confirmation from the meet leader.

4. Committee members attending meetings are not automatically guaranteed a bedspace; they must book via the meet leader.

5. Any suggestion for future meets or general queries should be forwarded to the Meets Sec – Flt Lt Jonathon Percival on 9380 65903

(02392 765903) or by email –

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