Meet Report RAFMA Winter Meet - Royal Air Force

Meet Report RAFMA Winter Meet - Royal Air Force

Meet Report RAFMA Winter Meet 11 April 2012

Meet Report RAFMA Winter Meet

JSMTC Kingussie 25 Mar – 1 Apr 12

There was a lot of initial interest in this year’s Winter Meet. Unfortunately a lot of people seemed to

drop out early on due to the wonderful weather in Scotland or was it because of the sudden lack of

winter? I’m pretty sure I’ve heard someone say though that winter must be cold for those with no

warm memories.

With just 6 people, including El Presidente who joined us on the first day, it was not the most

popular meet of the last year. All those who did show up were either overly optimistic or merely

unable to cancel their pink chit they had arranged one year earlier. It seemed like we had all but the

right kit with us for what turned out to be an intense and hot summer trip. It might have been better

to plan the Winter Meet after the Easter weekend, there would have been more snow then.

Like pack mules with crampons and ice axes we all

arrived at the hut on Sunday. It was obvious that the

group was somewhat divided into baggers and

climbers. Monday was definite proof of optimism as

Paul and Luke decided to beat the morning rush (in

Scotland?) and they headed on down to the Ben.

Amazingly, if we choose to believe them, they

managed to place an ice screw somewhere.

Nevertheless they had a very good time. For the next

couple of days though they decided to do some classic

routes in the Cairngorms.

John and myself, accompanied by the Chief and OC Grantown on Spey FDTC, Travis, decided to go

and have a look at the Cairngorm ski lift area. To my own embarrassment, being the youngest lad in

the group, these somewhat more mature men (Note to self: I have to watch my language here)

dragged me up and down Ben McDui. I blame it on the sitting down I do at work and my dodgy knee,

but nonetheless I was puffing most of the way like a woman just about to go into labour.

During the next couple of days, battered and bruised, John and I were left on our own and we

decided on a night at Corrour bothy where we had the pleasure of trying out the new lavatory. We

didn’t sit side by side in case you were speculating, but we did wonder why there were two toilets

next to each other. John decided on spending the night under the stars whilst I shared the company

and delights of a few drain flies and some late night mountain bikers.

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Meet Report RAFMA Winter Meet 11 April 2012

Simon Rogers, who arrived a day later, decided to take it slowly and venture on his own. The

satisfaction of trekking in the hills must have come back to him quickly after being in Cyprus for a

while. On days like these, with beautiful views on

the tops and pleasant temperatures all around,

who doesn’t enjoy drippy wet Scotland. What

were people thinking when they opted out of this

meet and decided to walk the Brighton Pier

instead. 23 degrees in Aviemore, the warmest

place in the UK and the warmest two days on

record for Scotland during the month of March.

During the last day Paul and Luke relaxed some in

the café before exploring the local Kingussie crag.

John, Simon and myself did our usual Munroe

bagging and we closed off an amazing week in

God’s country with some fine Cairngorm ale.

Global warming, climbing, walking and (warm)

beer sounds like paradise to me. All worn-out, not

hung-over(honestly) we prepared ourselves for

the long journey home.

The highs:

High temperatures and beautiful views on the tops.

The lows:

The meet didn’t live up to its name, due to the summer conditions.


Thank you to the committee for organising this meet and to everyone who was present for the

enjoyable time spent together. I also appreciate your patience with me as this was my first meet as


Glenn Du Jardin

Lt v/h Vlw-Lt d’avi

RAFMA Winter Meet Co-ordinator


Sopwith Way

Swanwick, Southampton

SO317GQ Hampshire

United Kingdom

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Meet Report RAFMA Winter Meet 11 April 2012

Activity Log:

Date Group Route/Climbs/activities

26 Mar Russ La Forte

Travis Tonkin

John Kirkman

Glenn Du Jardin

Paul Rochford

Luke Parkes

27 Mar John Kirkman

Glenn Du Jardin

Paul Rochford

Luke Parkes

Cairngorm-Ben McDui-Beinn Mheadhoin-Cairngorm

Ben Nevis Gardyloo Gully, II, 170m

CMD Arete I 15km, 1500m ascent


1. Chalamain gap-Braeriach-Cairn Toul-Angels Peak-Corrour Bothy

2.Corrour Bothy-Carn A’Mhaim-Ben mcDui-Cairngorm-Sugar Bowl car


Corrie An Lochan.-Abseil followed by Savage Slit 70m

Simon Rogers Coire Cas-Cairn Lochan-Ben McDui-Cairngorm-Coire Cas

28 Mar John Kirkman

Glenn Du Jardin

See above

Paul Rochford

Luke Parkes

Climbing at Corrie An Sneachda-Pygmy Ridge then The Tennants

Simon Rogers Coire Cas-Chlamain Gap-Braeriach-Cairn Toul-Coir Cas

29 Mar John Kirkman

Glenn Du Jardin

Allt Choire Chaoil to spot 973-Mullach Gracia A’Bhlair then back down

due to poor vis and painful knees. Weather cleared up though.

Paul Rochford Kingussie Crag

Luke Parkes

Simon Rogers Loch Morlich Café-Loch Avon-Beinn A’Mheadoin-Loch Avon-Loch


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