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What’s On - Winter 07

Are you a publicity member and keen to generate interest in

your sport? Are you perhaps organising an event or even starting

a new club? Do you want to advertise your events for free and to a

wide RAF audience in RAF Active? If so send details and electronic

images (with copyright information) to Flt Lt Paul Kiff (contact

details inside the front cover).

Advertising in these pages

To keep the ‘What’s On’ pages fresh and inviting as well as

relevant and informative your sporting adverts and fixtures lists are

only featured in 2 consecutive editions. This maintains a fair and

even balance between sports ensuring that the reader is up-to-date

on forthcoming events and not subject to repetitive advertising.

However, many adverts are still relevant after 2 editions and,

therefore, they will now appear in a table of previously advertised

events at the end of the ‘What’s On’ pages. New event dates or

changes to previous dates will of course be published in full.

Sea King IPT in the Power

Bar 3 Peaks Yacht Race

Do you like sailing? Do you enjoy running and cycling? Would

you consider doing all three in a singular event? Then

the Three Peaks Yachting Challenge is for you. Now

entering its sixth year, this event is both mentally

and physically challenging and not for the faint

hearted. So why have five engineers from the Sea

King community in sunny Somerset decided to

do just that? Well after seeing the event televised

on Channel 4 and getting a video of the event, it

was passed between colleagues to see who would

be of sufficient character to attempt next years

race. Surprisingly the response was very positive

and a core team of 5 have thrown their hats into

the ring. Now the hard part starts by trying to get

equipment and funding to not only cover the entry

fee of £600 but also the charter fees and expenses

associated with this event. The RAFSA have been approached to

help in the provision of a yacht and safety gear and we are awaiting

a reply.

Sponsorship is required and we are hoping that this article can

push our cause to a larger arena. If there is anyone out there who

would like to sponsor or would like their logo attached to a yacht

sail or hull, please contact: Mr Ken Watkins, SKIPT, Castle Court,

Coldharbour Business Park, Sherborne, Dorset, DT9 4JW, Tel:01935

818621, skg-skavtaot@x400.r.mil.uk

Event Details. The PowerBar Barmouth to Fort William Three Peaks

Yacht Race combines yachting and mountain running (and a little


bit of cycling) into one of the greatest

adventure challenges in British sport.

The race is now in it’s 30th year and

its sail/run format has been copied

in similar races as far away Hong

Kong and Tasmania. Teams comprise

3 sailors and 2 runners, and their aim

is to sail from Barmouth on the Welsh

coast to Fort William in Scotland, via

Caernarfon and Whitehaven, climbing

to the summits of Snowdon, Scafell

Pike and Ben Nevis on the way. (The

athletes cycle from Whitehaven

into Ennerdale and run up and down

Scafell Pike from there.) In total this is 389 miles of difficult coastal

sailing, 18 miles of cycling and 72 miles of running, with 14,000

feet of ascent to reach the highest points in Wales, England and

Scotland. The race is open to monohull yachts only and engine power

can only be used close to port, but yachts can be rowed, or even

pulled along by crew members on the shore. There are no handicaps

or adjustments, it’s a straight race and the first team to get their

runners back to their yacht in Fort William, having completed all the

mountains, wins the coveted Daily Telegraph Cup. There are other

trophies to race for as well. The fastest runners over all 3 tops are

the ‘Kings of the Mountains’, and there are cups for the fastest run

on each peak too. Equally prestigious is the ‘Tilman Trophy’, named

after the great mountaineer and sailor who inspired the race. This

is for all round performance and is for the fastest yacht which has

put 4 team members onto a summit. The race attracts some of

the world’s best sailors and runners, as well as teams who hope

just to complete the course, which is a considerable achievement

in its own right.

RAF Target Rifle Club

Newcomers Day 25 Apr 08

All of us have to shoot at least once a year at CCS, but have you

ever thought about shooting as a sport? The RAF Target Rifl e Club

takes the principles taught in weapon training and applies them to

target rifl e shooting, fi ring at targets from 300 to 1000 yards - all

with a set of iron sights, no lenses allowed. In recent years the Club

has shot in Jersey looking over the Channel to Alderney, shot in South

Africa with Table Mountain as a backdrop, and shot on Bisley ranges

in Surrey, the spiritual home of target shooting worldwide. The Club

not only competes in glorious locations, it succeeds in them. We

have won against national teams at home, in Europe and in Africa.

We are the 2007 Inter-Service Short and Long Range Champions

and our aim is to continue that success. Our planned tours for the

next two years include the Channel Islands, New Zealand and South

Africa. All of these are open to any Club member, and our expert

coaches can teach you to compete at national and international

level. The Club has taken several servicemen from novice to GB

Team. All we need is your enthusiasm and participation.

The Club meets on nine weekends between March and October

and beginners are welcome at any time. The Club is also holding a

training day for beginners on Friday 25 Apr 08 at Bisley. The day will

consist of high quality training on a one-to-one basis from some

of the best shots in the RAF (and the world), with the opportunity

to represent the RAF on the 26 and 27 Apr 08. Further details are

available from the RAFTRC Youth Development member Fg Off

Rob Douglas at RAF Honington Mil Tel: 95991 6713, the RAFTRC

Secretary Jim Lindsay at secretary@raftrc.org.uk or on the RAFTRC

website at www.raftrc.org.uk.

Calling All Kendo-ka - Updated

The combined and single services sports boards have recently

accepted Kendo as a Martial Arts discipline to be practised within the

individual Services Martial Arts Associations. This means, for Royal

Air Force practitioners, that we will be looking to form a team to

compete in Kendo against our sister Services. The competition will

probably eventually be a separate one from the present annual Inter-

Services Martial Arts Championships although that Championship

has a competitive category for weapons forms.

We now need to establish a body of practitioners from which to

form a team. Whether you are an expert, a complete novice or just

interested in giving Kendo a go this is for you! Kendo or the ‘Way

of the Sword’ is the modern sport form of the traditional sword

fi ghting developed by the Samurai. Practitioners wear armour and

use a split bamboo ‘sword’. Points are scored by striking targets on

the opponent’s head and body, using proper technique. Our goal is

to form an RAF team to compete on an Inter-service level and at

open competitions. If there is enough interest then we will look at

the possibility of holding a one-week introductory beginners course

to get everybody to a similar basic level. We have also opened up

the monthly Competitive Selection sessions to Kendoka and other

weapons practitioners (usually the middle Wed of each month).

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The RAFMAA exists to promote all martial arts within the RAF so

whatever your style, get in touch. Dates and contact details are at

http://www.waddington.raf.r.mil.uk/live/RAFMA/Index.htm at the

Contacts and Events Calendar pages.

RAF Swimming, Waterpolo

and Diving Forthcoming Dates

The RAF Swimming Association is a thriving organisation

Inter services diving team

Inter services girls swim team

Inter services water polo RAF defending goal

that participates in civilian, RAF, combined services and NATO

competitions, tours throughout the year, and always welcomes new

members. The 07/08 season began in Nov with the Inter-Station

Champs. Inter-regional galas will be held between Nov and Apr

culminating in the Inter-Regional Champs in Apr. Fixtures weekends

are held throughout the season at which new members are welcome;

however, the Feb fi xtures weekend is specifi cally designed for those

who have not trained with the RAF teams before but would like

to have a go. You do not need to have tried diving or water polo

before to come along!

If you are interested in swimming, diving or playing water polo at

station, regional or RAF level, then please contact your Station OIC

Swimming or Regional Development Offi cer. Alternatively contact

Flt Lt Torie McCormick, RAF Swimming Association Publicity Rep

for more information (mil: 95221 - 3363, tel: 01494 493363, email:

victoria.mccormick397@mod.uk) or visit www.rafswimming.co.uk.

Tri-service Offshore Sailing -

Swimming, Water Polo and Diving Fixtures Weekends at RAF Cranwell

8 - 10 Feb Try it weekend for new members

29 Feb - 2 Mar Training and also cttee meeting

25 - 27 Apr Training weekend and also cttee meeting

16 - 18 May Training and also cttee meeting

14 - 16 Nov Cttee Meeting and End of Season Function

Other Events

6 - 9 Mar Willie Mellors Water Polo Tournament

31 Mar - 1 Apr Regional Championships at RAF Cranwell

6 Apr RN and IS Masters

5 -12 Jun Swimming Squad Pre-Inter-Services Training, Club La Santa, Lanzarote

25 Jun - 5 Jul Water Polo Players Pre-Inter-Services Training

27 Jun -5 Jul Divers Pre-Inter-Services Training

3 - 5 Jul Swimmers Pre-Inter-Services Training

12 - 14 Nov RAF Individual and Inter-Station Championships

Regional Development Offi cers

Northern Fg Off Alice Hartley

Offi cers’ Mess

RAF Leeming


Central Cpl Vicky Sharpin

95760 3118

South & East Sgt Ian Massey

95331 6524

Western Sqn Ldr Ian Chesworth

96161 5971

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Inter services Mens Relay Team

Inter services JT Jodi Parsons


Exercise Transglobe

Exercise TRANSGLOBE, will be a major, Tri-Service Adventurous Sail

Training Exercise, open to all service personnel, Regular and Reserve,

from Jun 09 to Jul 10. The Joint Service Adventure Sail Training Centre

(JSASTC) will deploy three Challenge 67 Sail Training Craft (STCs)

from JSASTC Gosport on a year long circumnavigation of the globe,

planned to include participation in the Rolex Fastnet Race 2009, the

Rolex Sydney to Hobart Race in December 2009 and the Antigua

Race week in May 2010. All circumnavigation legs will be conducted

as AT exercises and will be either cruises in company or races in

the spirit of Corinthian competition with the emphasis on safety,

seamanship and teamwork. The Royal Navy, Army and Royal Air Force

will each have one STC and provide the crew for each leg.

For more information and application forms see DIN: 2007DIN06-

090 or contact Sqn Ldr S Jessett, RAFSA Rear Commodore (Offshore),

Mil: 95771 2919 Civil: 01522 720271 Ext 2919. Internal Email: WAD


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The future is looking good for RAF Basketball

The 2008 RAF Basketball season is already planned with the aim to

win all 3 trophies in the Inter Services hosted by the Army between

14-19 Apr 08. Mixed training camps where the men, women and

juniors can work and train together, have allowed ideas and plans

to fl ow easily between the coaches and players. Individuals who

are interested in playing for the RAF can attend one of the training

camps, so please contact the Team Manager WO Roy Fraser on 9491

56601 for more details.

RAFBBA training and fi xtures for 2007/8

13 Feb 08 RAF Cosford, all Squads

1 - 2 Mar 08 RAF Halton, all Squads

12 -30 Mar 08 USA Training Camp.

14 - 19 Apr 08 Inter Services, training at RAF Halton.

21 May 08 Training, Lincoln Area.

Jun 08 CC Air, Training dependant on Embarkation


The RAFBBA are always looking for players, offi cials and committee

members who have the drive and determination to lead RAF

Basketball into the future. If you would like to get involved with

RAF Basketball speak to your OIC Basketball on Stn or contact the

RAFBBA General Secretary, Flt Lt John Dunn OASC RAFC Cranwell

on 95751 8019. For competition contact the Competition Secretary

who is Martyn Godwin at RAF Coningsby, 95721 6295.

Monthly Meets for the RAF

Mountaineering Association (RAFMA)

Are you interested in mountaineering, rock-climbing, hill-walking,

mountain-biking or ski-mountaineering? If so, why not join the

RAFMA? We hold regular meets across the UK and organise

expeditions all over the world. We have members of all ages and all

abilities - there’s something for everyone. Whether your personal

goal is Munro-bagging, completing the Alpine 4000m peaks or

reaching the summit of Everest, the RAFMA can help you achieve it!

Membership of RAFMA is open to all serving members of the RAF,

Army and Royal Navy and dependants (over 18) of serving members.

Planned meets for the remainder of this season are as follows:

Date Area/Event Location Meet Co-ord Contact Details Notes

15 - 16 Feb Lake District Windermere Volunteer req’d TBD on website

ATC Hut (TBC) www.rafma.com

29 Feb - 6 Mar Scotland Kingussie & Volunteer req’d TBD on website

CIC Hut www.rafma.com

Mar 08 RAF Climbing Gloucester TBD TBD on website

Comp www.rafma.com

& in Unit SRO’s

18 - 19 Apr Yorkshire Old School Volunteer req’d TBD on website

House www.rafma.com

Chapel Le Dale

2 - 8 May Scotland Glen Clova Volunteer req’d TBD on website


6 Jun - 12 Jun Lake District Dunmail Raise Volunteer req’d TBD on website Summer Week


11 - 12 Jul North Wales Nuffi eld Centre Volunteer req’d TBD on website

JSMTC www.rafma.com


22 - 24 Aug Northumberland Wooler Volunteer req’d TBD on website Camping


For further details of RAFMA Meets, contact FS Stew Boyce, the

Meets Secretary at DCAE Cosford on Mil: 95561 7568 or by email

- COS-No 1 SoTT-238Rects FS. . For more information on RAFMA

in general, contact Flt Lt Simon Moore, the Publicity Member at RAF

Wyton on Mil: 95371 8115 or Flt Lt Percy Percival, the Membership

Secretary on BT: 02392 765461 or Mil: 9380 65461. www.rafma.


RAF Adventure Centre Brecon

Why not pay a visit to the RAF Adventure Centre Brecon? It is

self catering accommodation situated at Cwmfforest, near Talgarth

which is in the Black Mountain area of the Brecon Beacons National

Park, Wales. The Brecon Beacons is the centre of excellence for

all types of activities, the diverse terrain offering something for

everybody. The centre is a stone built, 2 storey farm building which

accommodates up to 32 people. It consists of 3 dorms (6,8 & 10

beds), 2 bunk rooms (2 bed) and a 4 bed family room with en-suite

facilities. The centre is open to all RAF, MOD, Army, Royal Navy

personnel and their accompanying family/friends. There is a small

charge of £6pppn for the bunks and £8pppn in the family room. The

centre is ideal for AT, team building, family celebrations or just a

relaxing break. For further details and availability, please contact PEd

Admin, MOD St Athan on 01446 797272/GPTN: 95421 7272.

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Joint Service Ski Scheme

WHY. The recent review of Joint Service Adventurous Training

(JSAT), published in October 2006, concluded that downhill skiing

did not adequately meet all of the aims of adventurous training.

Consequently, the Joint Service Ski Scheme is being rewritten, with

the emphasis placed on ski touring. The RAF accepted the results

of the JSAT review and undertook to amend the Basic Winter

Training exercise in a way that would enable it to meet the aims

and objectives of adventurous training.

WHAT. The result is that the Basic Winter Training scheme will be

improved to align it more closely with ‘gold standard’ adventurous

training. This will mean a departure from downhill skiing as the

primary medium for delivering Adventurous Personal Development

Training. The new exercise, to be called Exercise SNOW EAGLE, will

be based on a ski-touring theme and will be conducted on alpine

touring skis, bindings and boots. The pistes will still be used for the

fi rst part of the exercise, with the progression to basic ski-touring

following as soon as possible. In other respects, SNOW EAGLE 2008

will have a similar look and feel to Basic Winter Training.

WHERE. Oberammergau is unsuitable for a ski touring exercise and

so we will relocate to Oberstdorf, 50 km further west. All students

and staff will be accommodated together in a hotel in Oberstdorf,

which will make the running of the exercise a little easier, and all

messing will be provided by the hotel. A further advantage is that

the hotel is a much shorter drive from the pistes and the start of

ski-touring routes, meaning less time spent travelling.

WHO. Although SNOW EAGLE is predominately aimed at novices

(those whose skiing experience ranges from zero to 5 days), skiers

of all standards are welcome to apply. The plan is to run at least

one intermediate course (minimum standard - basic parallel skiing

on red pistes) and one advanced course (minimum standard -

competent skier/ short radius turns on red+ piste)

during the season. All applicants should bear in mind

that the aim of the exercise is to go ski touring as

soon as they have proved themselves competent. Thus,

accomplished skiers will spend the minimum time on

the downhill piste (possibly just one day) before they

go touring and ultimately skiing off-piste; others may

take a little longer.

WHEN. For the 2008 season, 8 courses will be run:

1. 18 -27 Jan 08

2 . 25 Jan -3 Feb 08

3. 8-17 Feb 08

4. 29 Feb - 9 Mar 08

5. 7-16 Mar 08

6. 14-23 Mar 08

7. 21-30 Mar 08

8. 28 Mar -6 Apr 08

The majority of these courses will accommodate the novice; dates

for the intermediate and advanced courses will be confi rmed.

HOW MUCH. Now that you have an idea of the intended format

for SNOW EAGLE 2008, you will of course be interested in the cost!

We have yet to fi nalise the cost, but we are confi dent that it will

be signifi cantly less than in previous years. As previously, personal

contributions can be signifi cantly reduced where applicants possess

Sports Lottery tickets (5 max = £125.00).

HOW. Please look out for the updated Snow Eagle website (under

design) and posters, which provide final details of costs and

arrangements/application procedures.

CONTACT. Queries can be emailed to OIC Snow Eagle 2008, Flt Lt

Matt Larsson-Clifford, at PTC-FDTCC-OC.

Previously Advertised Events

This section of the ‘What’s On’ pages lists extant events, expeditions

and fi xtures that were previously advertised in RAF Active.

Event Date Contact RAF Active edition

Expedition 24 Apr - 5 May 08 Flt Lt Nick Smith 01935 705632 Summer 2007

Sky-Hi 2008 - email: smithn@whl.co.uk Autumn 2007

RAF Alpine Gliding.

MAKALU 2008 5 - 28 May 08 Major David Jones Summer 2007

Support Trek email:david@drjones49.freeserve.co.uk Autumn 2007

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