Grass Valley News-April 12, 2013 - Camas School District

Grass Valley News-April 12, 2013 - Camas School District

Dear Families,

April 12, 2013

I am thrilled to announce that we have for the second year received a Washington

Achievement Award! This award is based on the Washington Achievement Index and

recognizes the top 5% of all elementary schools in the state based on many data

points. This year in addition to our award for Overall Excellence we have also

received special recognition in Science. Follow this link for details: http://

This award provides validation for the efforts of all of us to herd our Zebras toward solid

understanding of academic standards, strong habits of self-directed learners and

personal growth. Those of us who work with your children are honored to have your

trust and support.

And so it is with mixed feelings that I am retiring at the end of this school year. I know

how fortunate I have been to be part of the Camas School District and to work with an

outstanding staff. I will leave with great confidence in handing our school over to a new

principal, who will be met by highly collaborative teams and seventy-seven professionals

who know how to build a strong school and follow through with dedication every


I will miss your wonderful children who arrive each day happy to be with friends and

excited to be part of our learning community. I’m privileged to get to visit their classrooms

often and see them work so diligently to master math problems, write down their

ideas and read carefully. You instill important values in your children and we see proof

of that in their attitudes at school.

Thank you for your ongoing support—for volunteering, for contributing time and

resources to school projects and events, and for encouraging your children to do their

best each day.

Yours sincerely,

Patricia Erdmann,


Grass Valley Elementary · 3000 Grass Valley Drive, Camas, WA 98607

(360) 833-5710 · Fax (360) 833-5711 ·


Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri

15 16 17 PM-K 18 19

22 Earth Day 23 24 AM-K 25 26

Sun 4/21: CEF

Taste of Camas

& Iron Chef

29 30 1 PM-K 2 3

April Birthdays



Open House

5-7 PM

6 7 8 AM-K 9 10

MSP Testing:

3rd & 4th


MSP Testing:

4th grade

MSP Testing:

3rd & 4th


13 14 15 PM-K 16 17

20 21 22 AM-K 23 24

27 28 29 30 31


Memorial Day

MSP Testing:

4th & 5th


5th grade (orange)

MSP Testing &

2nd grade:

Goin’ Buggy Play

Fun Run pledge

sheets due

Qdoba Dine


2nd grade

field trip

GVE Kindergarten


9:15-11 AM


A Day in the Life

Transition Talk/


1st & 2nd grade

field trips &

5th grade (pink)

MSP Testing

5th grade (teal)

MSP Testing &

General PTA

Meeting 9:05 am

Earth Day

Fun Run &


Fun Run

pledge money


Coffee &

Conv. 9:10 AM &

Jazz Performance

@ Hilton


5th grade MSP


1st grade field trip,

5th grade (purple)

MSP Testing &

Carnival & Auction

5th grade field

trip &

May Birthdays


Grass Valley Elementary




Friday, April 19

This annual fundraiser is a fun event for all students! 100% of your donation goes

towards 30+programs and events that directly support your child’s education and

experiences at Grass Valley! From Art Discovery to the Annual Spring Carnival, field day

to field trips, birthday books to yearbooks, and movie nights to staff mini-grants, your

donations make it possible for our school to thrive.

The class who

raises the

most money

will win a

grand prize.

9:15 - 9:45 1st grade

9:45 - 10:00 4th grade

10:15 - 10:45 3rd grade

10:45 - 11:00 AM Kindergarten




A special picnic

lunch for the

entire class!



class with the most #

of students bringing

a water bottle to use

during the run will

win a grand prize.

Pledge sheets are going home today! Collect pledges and return to school

by Wednesday, April 17, prior to the Fun Run.

Students run during a 30 minute time slot. Feel free to come cheer your Zebra on!

11:00 - 11:30 2nd grade

11:30 - 12:00 5th grade

12:45 - 1:00 PM Kindergarten

3rd Annual Grass Valley

Carnival & Silent Auction

Click the links below to VOLUNTEER at

the event on Friday, May 17, or to

donate auction items.








Click HERE to see the current list of

auction donations!


Wednesday, May 8

from 8 am to 9 pm

155 NE 192 nd Ave.

Camas, WA 98607



We can use your help during the

Fun Run on Friday, April 19. From

marking laps to filling water

bottles or spritzing little Zebra

faces with water, join us for the

Fun Run.

Click HERE to sign-up.

MSP State Testing Dates

3rd Grade: May 7 & 9

4th Grade: May 2, 7, 9 & 14

5th Grade: May 10, 14, & 16

(pink group), 17 (purple group),

21 (orange group), & 23 (teal


Preview the menu at:

Purchase your favorite meal and 20% of the proceeds will be

donated to the Grass Valley PTA.

The Green Stripe


All year long, families have been collecting bottle caps to help Grass Valley

win a local competition through Sorelle Spa. Our students have been counting

and Mrs. Della Valle has been lugging caps to the recycle center. Can

you believe we have already collected an estimated 70,000 bottle caps? Yet,

that is not enough! Check your pockets, kitchen drawers, and under the car

seats! Every cap will make a difference in our friendly four-school competition.

What types of caps are accepted? Rigid plastic caps that twist on with

a threaded neck such as shampoo, beverage, and even detergent!

Click HERE to view the cap collection guide.

Any amount can be turned in.

Please count each cap and place them in a Ziploc bag with the total

number written on it.

Send them with your Zebra BY MONDAY, April 22!


We are so excited to celebrate Earth Day on Monday, April 22, we have made

it a two day event, beginning with the Fun Run on Friday, April 19. Classes may

also participate in various activities including: weeding the garden, nature

walks around the school wetlands area, making Earth Day flags, and conducting

classroom energy and trash audits. Feel free to contact your student’s

teacher to see if you can help on Friday, April 19 or Monday, April 22.


Columbia Springs “provides our community a unique setting where educational

experiences foster a greater awareness of the natural world, inspiring

stewardship.” During Earth Month, they are offering a number of activities for

families including a Family Wormshop, Annual Critter Count, and a Backyard

Composting workshop. Click HERE to check out their events calendar.


Grass Valley is part of the WA Green Schools (WAGA) program and in honor of

Earth Day, we can help their organization earn money. Now through April 22,

one of their sponsors, Brenthaven (a green company making laptop cases and

other accessories), is contributing $1 to WAGS for every Like they receive on

Facebook. Simply click HERE to be connected to the Brenthaven page and

click LIKE! By helping WAGS, we help Grass Valley continue to be green!


Grass Valley Elementary

Date: May 22

time: 9:15-11:00 AM

Helen Baller Elementary

Date: May 15

Time: 9:30-11:00 AM

Lacamas Heights Elementary

Date: May 15

Time: 9:30-11:00 AM

Prune Hill Elementary

Date: May 15

Time: 2:00-3:30 PM

Dorothy Fox Elementary

Date: May 22

Time: 4:00-6:00 PM

Papermaker Preschool - Enrollment for Fall 2013-14

Woodburn Elementary

Date: May 29

Time: 4:00-6:00 PM



The CHS Papermaker Preschool is open to children who are four years of age by August 31,

2013. The full-time preschool hours are 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Tuition is $690 per month,

pro-rated September through May, for full- full-time (nine-hour maximum/day) preschoolers.

Our integrated preschool follows the Camas School District Calendar. If you have any questions

regarding our program or would like to schedule a visit, please call the Career & Technical

Education Office at 833-7258.

If you would like to register your child, please call Shanna Nielson or Becky Stauffer at 833-

5410 to schedule a registration appointment. Registration materials are available online at under Parent Corner. Registration applications are also available for

pick up at the District Office, located at 841 NE 22nd Ave.

P.B.S. Spotlight

Catching Zebras being

Safe, Responsible, and Respectable

Congratulations to the April PBS stripe drawing

winner, Ashton A., from Mrs. Land’s 3rd grade class!

Since 3rd grade has already won a trip to the PBS

book cart, all 3rd graders will enjoy a special movie

time with friends! Additionally, Mrs. Land has

received the special parking spot for the month.

Positive Behavior Support: A District-wide behavior

recognition program helping to establish schoolwide

expectations and to foster a positive school


Don’t recall if you pre-ordered at Back to School

Night? Click HERE to see a list of pre-orders.

*Note: order forms will be sent home next week*

Provide Provide an an Item Item for for for Your Your Your Grade Grade’s Grade ’s Auction Auction Basket


Let’s raise some money!! Now through Fri. May 3 you can

help fill any number of themed baskets that will grace our

Annual Spring Auction & Carnival, Friday, May 17.

Choose your child’s grade, or – if you happen to have a

new item just laying around that fits another theme –

donate something for another grade.

You are welcome to 1) send in an item, 2) email to let us know, or

3) sign up at

Have an idea for something not on the list? AWESOME. Send it on in!

5 th Grade – Sports

• Sports Bag/Backpack

• Sports paraphernalia

• Sport trading cards

4 th Grade – Games & Grooves

• iTunes gift card

• iPod shuffle

• Earbuds/Earphones

3 rd Grade – The Great Outdoors

• Camping accessories:

compass, lantern,

flashlights, bug repellant

2 nd Grade – Unplugged

• Board Games

• Card Games

• Activity Books

1 st Grade – Beach

• Beach Bag/Tote

• Towels

• Sunglasses

Kindergarten – Pets/Animals

• Dog Toys

• Cat Toys

• Books/magazines

• Orange cones or discs

• Nerf balls (any)

• Car/Wall charger

• Tee-shirt

• Accessories

• Campfire items:

marshmallows, chocolate,

graham crackers, skewers

• Art materials

• Books

• Legos

• Sunscreen/Aloe Vera

• Snorkel/goggles

• Dive Sticks

• Dog Food

• Cat Food

*All donations are tax deductible.*

• Sports equipment

• Whistle

• Stopwatch

• Gift cards for online

game subscription/points

• Skylanders

• Blankets

• Bug Catchers

• Fishing Pole/Tackle

• Littlest Pet Shop

• Puzzles

• Brain teasers

• Cooler

• Rafts/floats

• Beach Toys

• Dog Bed

• Grooming Items


The Camas Public Library is celebrating its 90 th birthday! As part of the

month-long celebration, the library is gathering members of the community

to come and “hug the library” on Wednesday, April 17, gathering at 2:30 pm

and hugging at 3:00 pm. Participants will surround the building, hold hands,

and give it a squeeze.

We need at least 100 men, women, and children for a successful hug! If you

would like to show your love and appreciation for the library, please RSVP

by calling 360.834.4692 or stop by the service desk and sign up.

For more information, contact Ellen Miles, Youth Services Librarian, at

360.834.4692 x4703 or

Above: Zebras enjoying a little Jazzercise!

Camas Community Education

Spring/Summer classes & camps


Camas Community Library


Camas Education Foundation

Community organizations

are beginning to announce

their Spring and Summer

programs and camps!

Check out the links below

to find out what’s being

offered for your kids in the

upcoming months.


Click on any link to be connected

Camas Parks & Recreation

Spring/Summer programs & camps


Camtown Youth Festival Art Contest

Entries due June 6: Entry form & details

Jack, Will & Rob Center







Chef Peter Echeverio

Returning Iron Chef

Cathy Sork– Dorothy Fox Principal

June Greene- Community Member

Scot Lakey – Hayes Freedom Student

Sunday, April 21, 2013 1:00-4:00 pm

Camas High School Commons

A fundraiser for Camas Educational Foundation

For more information, visit

Watch cooking teams in action and enjoy menu items from

Camas vendors. Join in food games and hands-on activities.

There will be fun things to do for young and old.

No Preregistration Required

Entry is $5-adults, $3 -students & free for children under 5

Activity tickets $1, good toward food, beverages, games and handson

activities. Some menu items and activities may be valued at 2 or

more tickets.

People’s Choice Judging $10, (limited availability)

Chef Tim McCusker

Challenger, Harvest Chef

Aaron Parman – Helen Baller Principal

Karen Kennedy - Community Member

Rachel Greene – CHS student

Cut Here -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Registration Form Mail to: Camas Community Ed. - 841 NE 22 nd Avenue, Camas, WA 98607 (360) 833.5544 or 833.5548

Students First Name: Last Name:

Parent’s name if student is under age 18:

Youth Info Only: Date of Birth: Gender: M F School: ______________________________ Grade:


City: State: Zip:

Home Phone: # Cell # Work #

Email Address:

Who will pick your child up from class:

Code Class Title Fee

Total Enclosed: $

has my permission to participate in this CCE activity. I understand the Community Education

program does not provide insurance. I certify that my child is physically and mentally able to participate in this activity. I, intending to be legally

bound, waive and release my rights and claims for damages I may accrue against any and all sponsors of this activity. I understand my child’s

image may be used for promotional purposes for CCE and/or the CSD.

Parent/Guardian Signature: Date:

Office Use Only: Check #: Receipt #:



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