Grass Valley News-January 31, 2013 - Camas School District

Grass Valley News-January 31, 2013 - Camas School District

January 31, 2013

Grass Valley

Elementary Presents:



Wednesday, February 27

Open House: 5:30-7:30 PM

K-2 nd Grade Concert:

6:00-6:30 PM

3 rd -5 th Grade Concert:

7:00-7:30 PM

Come and admire students’ work on display throughout

the school and hear them sing in concert. You can also

visit the fifth grade States Fair and the Book Fair. The best

part is watching the pride in the children’s faces as they

show off their accomplishments!

Grass Valley Elementary · 3000 Grass Valley Drive, Camas, WA 98607

(360) 833-5710 · Fax (360) 833-5711 ·


Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri

4 5

Staff Appreciation

6 7 8


11 12 13 14 15




Camas School

District Levy


18 19 20 21 22




100th Day of





25 26 27 28 February 1

Phone-a-Thon &







Book Fair

4 5 6 7 8

11 12 13 14 15

Tae Kwon Doe



Tae Kwon Doe



18 19 20 21

Tae Kwon Doe

Tae Kwon Doe


Fundraiser 3:45 &


Gen. PTA Meeting


7pm (Off. Elections)

25 26 27 28

March Birthdays


**Spring Break: April 1-5**


Coffee &

Conversation w/

Principal 9:10


(possible inclement

weather make-up day)

Author Visit


Movie Night

Skate Night

5-7 PM

The PTA’s Staff Appreciation Week is NEXT WEEK!

This year’s theme is “Surprises and Delights”

The mission during the week is to let our teachers and staff at Grass Valley know how

much we appreciate their hard work and dedication to our children. There will be

breakfast and lunches and sweet surprises all week. What can your kids do? Decorate

these paper cupcakes, add a special message for a staff member, and return to the

office asap! The artful thank-you creations will be displayed outside the staff room

during the week. On Thursday, February 7, students can choose to dress in their

teacher’s favorite color. Teachers will be informing their students of their favorite col-

or next week. Let’s make this a week the staff won’t forget!

Coffee & Conversation

with Principal Erdmann

Friday, February 8 @ 9:10 am

The topic of CAMPUS SAFETY will start our discussion; add to it anything else

on your mind. It's your chance to sit and relax with our principal and other

parents, enjoy some coffee or refreshments, and a moment's peace.

PLUS: "Coffee and Music To Go!"

Everyone present will be entered to win an

Starbucks coffee card & an iPod Shuffle!

(must be present to win)

The Scholastic Book Fair

is coming back

Tuesday, February 26 -

Friday, March 1

Plus: Online sales through March 17

We need your help!

Lots of volunteers are needed to

help during the Book Fair. Many

shifts are available and can be

custom made to fit anyone’s


To volunteer, please contact:

There were many giggles

as these fourth grade

students enjoyed

celebrating the 90th day

of school dressed as


MATH NIGHT was a Huge success!

THANK YOU to Mr. Watson for

bringing Kim Sutton to our

school. Families learned fun

math games and took home a neat

math packet which included cool

dice & a mini deck of cards!


Are you interested in becoming more involved? Do you know someone

who would make a great board member? The PTA Nominating

Committee is currently seeking nominations for next year’s PTA Board!

Elections will be held in March. Don’t forget to include yourself!

Please email your suggestions to:

Donations Requested for

Spring Silent Auction

The Grass Valley PTA is gearing up for the

SPRING SILENT AUCTION, in conjunction with

the Spring Carnival, taking place on Friday,

May 17, and needs your help! Do you have a

connection to a local business? Would you

be willing to donate or ask them to donate an

item for the event? If so, please contact: Beth

Currie at or

412.817.9050 for donation instructions and

information on how donors will be recognized

for their generosity.

Along with donations from businesses, staff will

donate "experience packages" (e.g., a trip to

the movies, pedicures, or pizza night out with

a teacher) and classrooms will donate

“themed” baskets. Further information will be

sent home in the near future on how you can

contribute to the classroom baskets.

To find a list of items already donated, go to

the PTA website or click HERE.

Thank you to

All OF our


We could not do all that we do for Grass

Valley without your help! Whether you

served as a chairperson or helped out with

an event, we appreciate everything that you

have done to help!

Celebrating Our PTA Volunteers!

Thank you for all the

Hours you spend

Attention you give

Needs that you tend

Knowledge you draw on

Your special touch

Offering assistance

Undaunted by much

Very attentive

On top of your tasks

Leaving nothing to change

Until the very last

No other parents

Take more time or


Entirely dedicated

Ready and alert, PTA

Salutes you!

P.B.S. Spotlight

Catching Zebras being

Safe, Responsible, and Respectable

Congratulations to Parker in Mrs. Hord’s

2 nd grade class, whose name was drawn

at the school-wide stripe drawing during

the January Assembly. Since second

grade has already had a chance to

choose from the book cart, he chose for

his class to have lunch together in their

classroom and watch a video.

Positive Behavior Support: A District-wide

behavior recognition program helping to

establish school-wide expectations and

to foster a positive school climate.


x 111,111,111


Alaska’s coastline, which measures

6,640 miles, is greater than the

coastline of all the other 49 U.S.

states combined.




February’s theme is The Art of Fresco.

Fresco is the Italian word for fresh, and

Art Fresco is the art of painting on

fresh (wet) plaster walls. Each student

will be given a wet plaster tile and

watercolor paints to create their

masterpiece. The paint, when mixed

with the fresh plaster, takes on a richer

color than it would on paper. Two famous

artists, Michelangelo and

Leonardo de Vinci, used this method of

painting in their work. It should be fun

and maybe a tad messy!!!

This amazing piece was created by GV

parent & artist Jane DeForest, while

demonstrating the Art Fresco method

to our Art Discovery parent teachers.

We are continually seeking pictures for

the yearbook and the school newsletter.

If you take pictures in the classroom or at

a school event, please forward them to:

Big Brothers Big Sisters

School Based Program at Grass Valley

Overview: Grass Valley will be teaming up with the mentoring organization, Big Brothers Big Sisters of

Clark County, to partner adult volunteers with 2 nd and 3 rd grade students. “Big” volunteers will visit the

school once a week to spend time with their “Little.” We will begin the partnership by having students eat

lunch one-on-one with their Bigs and, eventually, they may engage in other activities together, such as

recess or educational games. This program has been demonstrated to increase students’ academic

outcomes, attendance, and behavior.

What are the qualifications to volunteer as a Big? Adult volunteers must be over the age of 18 and

able to commit to spending 40 minutes to an hour one time per week with a child at school. Volunteers

will go through an interview process with Big Brothers Big Sisters and also go through a background

check and training.

What happens at the end of the school year? There are three options for how each partnership will

progress at the end of the school year. The Big might be willing to do some activities over the summer, in

which case the student will meet up with the Big for community outings. The partnership could also take

the summer off and resume at school next school year. There is also the possibility that the partnership

could end at the end of the school year.

How are partnerships determined? We are looking for Bigs who are interested in mentoring

students. Any interested person should contact Chrys Royall at the phone number or email below. Chrys

will help guide that person though the interview and background check process with BBBS. Once a Big

volunteer has been approved, Chrys and the 2 nd and 3 rd grade teachers will find a student (usually of the

same gender) who they feel will be a good match for the Big. Factors used to select students include the

student’s age, any recent changes in personal life or family, social or academic performance, and the

interests of the student. The student’s family will be contacted for permission, and the student will be

briefly interviewed by BBBS.

How can you help? We are hoping to recruit up to 10 interested Big volunteers to get our program

started. Please consider volunteering as a mentor or passing the word along to other people who you

know that might be interested. Contact Chrys Royall with questions or to express interest in volunteering.

Chrys Royall

Grass Valley Elementary Room 116

360-335-3000 x 79154

Get regular updates and reminders of all

Grass Valley events! Join the

Grass Valley PTA page on Facebook.

Have you ever checked

out the Grass Valley

Elementary Website?

Just click Ziggy to be


Simple Remedies Often Best for

Common Colds In Young Children

It’s late and your child is awake with a cough. What’s a tired parent to do? Over-the-counter cold

medications for children under age 2 were pulled from store shelves in 2008. Little proof existed that these

remedies did anything to ease the symptoms of children under age 6. In fact, studies have indicated that

some simple remedies can be helpful, and many can be found in your bathroom or kitchen cabinet. Following

are tips from the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) to help calm your young child’s cough and

cold symptoms so the whole house can sleep soundly.

Sweet dreams: Buckwheat honey was found to ease nighttime coughing and sleeplessness in children

ages 2 and older, according to a 2008 study. Honey can be fed safely to children over age 1, according to

the AAP Nutrition Handbook. The AAP does not recommend giving honey to infants under 12 months of

age because it could contain a bacterium that causes infant botulism. The AAP advises starting with ½ to 1

teaspoon as needed. If honey is not available, corn syrup may be used.

Saline solution: Saline solution offers a way to keep the tiniest noses clear. Babies can benefit from nasal

washes prior to nursing or bottle feeding. Make saline solution by combining ½ teaspoon of table salt

per 1 cup of warm tap water. Put two to three drops in the nostril and use a bulb syringe to suction it out.

Older children also can gargle saline solution to ease sore throats.

Vapor rubs: For children older than age 2, topical vapor rubs can help ease chest and nose congestion.

A 2010 study found that vapor rub containing camphor, menthol and eucalyptus oils relieves symptoms

and aids sleep in children with colds. Rubs never should be given by mouth or rubbed under the nose. Follow

instructions on the label and rub on the chest.

If all else fails: Consult your pediatrician if your child’s symptoms last longer than a week, he or she has

a mild fever for more than two to three days (call the pediatrician right away if your infant under 2 months

has a fever), your child has severe ear pain that does not go away or has a sore throat accompanied by

fever and swollen neck.

Trisha Korioth

AAP News Parent Plus

©2011 American Academy of Pediatrics


Have you submitted a recipe for the Future Chef’s Celebration yet?

The Nutrition Services Department of the Camas School District is hosting the seventh annual Future Chefs

Celebration! Any third or fourth grade student may submit a “Healthy Salad” recipe of their choice to their

teacher by February 6. Twenty finalists will be selected to participate at the event on Wednesday, March 13 at

Liberty Middle School. Students will prepare their recipes at this event with foodservice staff and also a

professional chef. There will be a reception for guests to sample the recipes and Judges will also be on hand

to vote for the grand prize winners.

Entry forms were sent home with each third and fourth grade student with complete details.

Additional copies are available in the office.

Questions? Please contact Sarah Winans, RD, CSD Nutrition Services Director at 360-335-3000, ext. 78235.

Camas Community Education


Classes starting soon at Grass Valley:

Success Through Chess: 2/5-3/26

Art Van Go: 2/7-3/14

Safe on My Own: 2/7 (at JDZ)

Junior Jazzercise: 2/20-3/27

Camas Community Library




The School Board approved a resolution on November 13, 2012,

asking Camas voters to support a four-year maintenance and

operations levy as well as a four-year technology levy to replace

the existing levies which expire at the end of 2013. The levies

will be on the February 12 ballot which was mailed to voters

homes on January 23.

For detailed information regarding the levies, click HERE!

Parent U is a new program through ESD 112, which is

offering a series of six evening web based seminars

(webinars) on the topic of Internet Safety that parents

can enjoy from the comfort of their own home. For more

information, go to or

click HERE.


Click on any link to be connected

Camas Education Foundation

Camas Parks & Recreation

Winter Newsletter & Programs:


Jack, Will & Rob Center


The 11 th Annual

Camas Educational Foundation


February 26-28, 2013

Join the fun and raise some funds for Camas

schools. The annual phone-a-thon gives middle

and high school students a chance to volunteer

their time to make scripted, professional calls to

Camas families to ask for donations.

Each year over 100 students and adults “man the

phones” for three nights at Zellerbach

Administrative Center to “dial in” support. This

year’s goal is to raise $18,000.

For the Kids

Will you support our cause? Please make a

pledge when our student volunteers call. A

pledge of any amount makes a difference. Credit

and debit cards are welcome and if we miss you,

please visit our website to donate by clicking on

the “Donate Now” tab.

CEF is a non-profit volunteer group of parents,

educators and community members dedicated to

supporting and enhancing the education of all

Camas students. CEF is registered 501c (3)


Learn more about CEF at

Want to Volunteer? Please contact us at…

Camas Educational Foundation

841 NE 22 nd Avenue

Camas, Washington 98607

(360) 335-3000 ext 79915

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